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  • auraflora
    17.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I want to stop knowing everything i know.

    #dark academia #dead poets society #love#aesthetic#chaotic academia#dead poet#dead poetry#poetry#know#knowing#suffering#academia#light academia#soft academia#art academia#academia aesthetic#academia blog#academia core #excerpts from my mind #poem: excerpt #excerpts from my writing #excerpts from my journal #dorian.txt #the picture of dorian gray #dorian gray #excerpt from a story i'll never write #greek mythology #excerpt from a book i'll never write #excerpts from my life #excerpts of stories
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  • justanotherdeceasedpoet
    17.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    If Dead Poets Society was set in modern times Charlie would’ve at least once read Dr Seuss with a completely straight face at a meeting, no I will not be taking constructive criticism, I’m right.

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  • neilperrystoe
    17.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    my test of friendship is a three question test:

    1) ask if they have seen dead poets society

    2) ask if they like dead poets society

    3) ask if they think neil and todd were in love

    #dead poets society #dps#neil perry#todd anderson #neil and todd #if they haven’t seen it that is forgivable #they have to like it #and neil and todd were in love
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  • spicy-salamander-soup
    17.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    I’ve cried so much there is now snot in my mouth

    #dead poets society
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  • idkwhattoputformyusername
    17.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Enjoy this picture of Gale Hansen as... I don’t know what this is. A 70s dad?

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  • propaganda-for-poets
    17.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    ok hear me out

    chameron but it's this version of chameron

    #dylan kussman in the way of the gun uHHHHHH #i like men #anyways #🩹 jace posts #dead poets society #chameron#richard cameron#charlie dalton
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  • justarandompjofan
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Care to explain why

    A soley instrumental piece is rated Explicit? Like-???

    #dead poets society #dps #um... #I was half expecting for like #a bunch of curse words at the end
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  • spicy-salamander-soup
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just watched dead poets society for the first time and my head hurts from crying

    #dead poets society
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  • meticulouslym
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tumblr is Twitter for broken souls with a huge ass vocab.

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  • considerablecolors
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dead Poets Society Band AU


    Todd- Jordan Fisher

    Neil- Viveik Kalra

    Charlie- Alex Boniello

    Knox- Andrew Garfield

    Pitts- Lil Nas X

    Meeks- Justin H. Min

    Cameron- Cameron Monaghan

    #god this took me forever im never doing edits again #dead poets society #neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#steven meeks#gerard pitts#richard cameron #shoutout to tumblr for killing the quality. but the dps instagram account is still up #if u wanna see the posts in full quality ✌
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  • crushed-thoughts
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    There is no greater intimacy than eye contact

    One prolonged second which stretches into slow heart-pounding moments of pure hopefulness

    When eyes dance on each other, soaking up a vision they have been desperate to visualise

    Sweet beginnings, gentle openings and a future bright - all starting with eye contact

    #love #poets on tumblr #poems on tumblr #poet#poemsdaily #dead poets society #poetry#poetic
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  • n-ehpamoi
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A girl who I think I was in love with --    yes, think.      It was long ago and I was a younger         being, laugh if you wish -- This girl told me then, once I had opened unto her this writer in me, that if I should ever write a book to set upon the world, she had a name for me to use, if I'd rather not share with it my own.

    Maybe she was more aware of my own reticence to show myself to the masses, or rather expose my true self to even a small few than I was. Or, perhaps, the name had more truth and meaning to her, than I or she could know until we had both turned away and moved on. The first name, I think, was but a name -- but the last --         Revoquer.      

    Could she have known, who, to her, I would become? I, the one who takes?      and takes         and takes            and fucking takes? I, who revokes my love.      Takes your time like it’s         everything to me,            and whatever it means to you be damned. What I did, in time, to her.      and to her.         and to him. and the rest, too. Revoker.

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  • ironheist6
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Oh! the urge to become one with the cosmos"

    ~ Iron Heist
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  • afangirlfandom
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Y’all, Dead Poets Society is the Marauders!!! But with Narcissa Malfoy and a gay James, oh and the bisexual Sirius we already love

    Look, look, look!!!!






    Frank Longbottom

    Arthur Weasley


    Bonus: Marleen

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  • leoslander
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i love how i started as a dead poets society blog and now i’ve converted to dreamnap shitposting and shifting

    dps to dsmp pipeline ??

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  • justanotherdeceasedpoet
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hey is anyone trying to shift to Welton? I can’t be the only one, I need friends that are into shifting and dead poets society too!

    #shifting#reality shifting #shifting to dps #dead poets shifting #dead poets society #shifting to welton #shifting to dead poets society
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  • sarcasmic-skies
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    dead poets society is set in 1959….… a separate peace was published in 1959…… thinking……………

    #THE PARALLELS #n similarities among characters???? #neil and finny #gene and todd(?) #like HELLO?????? #a separate peace #gene forrester #both r set at new england boys’ prep schools n deal with conformity and expectations and teenage struggles and friendship #if finny and charlie ever met it would be chaos #dead poets society #dps#dead poets#dps fandom#neil perry#todd anderson#anderperry#charlie dalton
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  • adeadpoetssoftness
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • lxncelot
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “i’d sell you to satan without hesitation.”


    — as always, here’s some (un)necessary backstory that may or may not be important to the rest of the headcanons:

    — the overstreets are rich. this family has some serious cash - not quite as much as the daltons, but surpassing the pitts family by a considerable amount.

    this means that growing up, you get the best of everything. the best clothes, the best education, the best everything. your father doesn’t spoil you quite as much as knox (more on that later), but you live a pretty sweet life, friend.

    (but also keep in mind that old money + the conservative 50s = traditional gender roles enforced by the strict mr. overstreet.)

    — when mrs. overstreet was first expecting, i have no doubt that the family was hoping for a boy. after all, wHo’S gOiNg tO InHeRiT tHe LaW fIrM? A gIrL??? bLaSpHeMy!

    when you are born, mrs. overstreet is delighted. mr. overstreet... not so much.

    (and i mean, 50s dad did not really have to hide his disappointment back then. you know he had family friends *cough cough* the daltons *cough cough* who made backhanded comments about it.)

    however, mrs. overstreet is not a pushover, and she would give her husband a withering stare if she ever heard him express that opinion. sometimes she’d slap his chest, depending on the current company, and it would always end in an apology from mr. overstreet, at first a little insincere, but over the months, growing in honesty.

    — and because tradition is a thing™, i imagine your middle name is your grandfather’s name (passing down names, y’know - the important stuff) but mrs. overstreet wanted something just a little feminine, so you have two middle names.

    which, as my mother would say, is a strong name. the more names, the more power you command.

    (and the power you’re going to command.....)

    — you’re 14 months older than knox, which means you don’t remember being an only child, but by god are you going to bring it up at every opportunity.

    >> “it was so peaceful before you were born.”

    >> “you were an infant, (n/n).”

    >> “truly the last time i knew serenity.”

    — knox was born prematurely at 7 months, and in the early days, it was really uncertain if he was going to survive (NICUs really weren’t popular until the 60s, but there was some special care for pre-term babies in hospitals before them).

    but, like i said earlier, the overstreets have cash, and they paid whatever expense for the best doctors and the best care.

    — to ensure his survival, your parents gave him the strongest name they could think of, and ended up giving him at least three middle names to really strengthen his tie to this life. 

    (it’s definitely a joke between the two of you, now, your obnoxiously long names. knox has more than you, and whenever you pull the “i’m older” card, he pulls the “i have more names” card. it carries surprising weight.)

    ((but also, can you imagine the other poets finding out about knox having a behemoth of a name? i feel like they would tease him relentlessly, adding on more and more until it’s this outrageous inside joke.))

    — being a baby yourself, you don’t remember anything about this tumultuous time, but the aftershocks of him being premature are definitely felt for years to come.

    your parents constantly fretting over knox's fragility has always been incredibly annoying. knox scrapes his knee and it’s like the whole world stops for him. 

    if knox ever wants to do anything it’s always “take your sister with you!” and if anything remotely inconvenient happens, it’s always “(y/n)! how could you let this happen?”

    — it always seemed to you that knox was the one who got all of the worry and comfort, and all you got were his picked through left-overs. it pissed you off to no end, and as you got older, you resented knox for it. it’s your angsty phase, and god, as a 9 year old, did it hit hard.

    meanwhile, baby knox with his big doe eyes just wants a friend who isn’t bitter all the time. so what’s a sheltered kid to do? spend time with a family friend, of course! enter: the one and only, charlie dalton.

    — and you know mrs. overstreet is a competent woman who knows what’s going on, so she does her best to comfort you and explain why 

    but you’re angsty and experiencing your first case of injustice, and it’s never enough.

    (or at least it doesn’t feel that way.)

    — so, for knox’s next birthday, your mother gives him a bike - something just for him. she makes a big deal about it, too, that this bike is knox’s newfound independence - that because you don’t have a bike, you don’t have to go with him when he’s on it.

    naturally, knox uses his bike a lot (and turfs it a lot, too, because lawyer dad is Not a Good Teacher).

    (and now that he has a sweet ride (for an 8 year old, that is) he is riding all over the place - up and down the neighborhood, but also stretching his legs and figuring out the lay of the city.)

    so at the ripe age of nine, you are finally free from taking responsibility for your brother, and you have more time for just you.

    (this freedom is the best thing you’ve ever tasted. you have so much free time! so much independence! you suddenly get like,,, 10 different hobbies - each wildly different from the last and garnering many laughs from your mother - and slowly you shave down the number until you have 3 favorites.)

    — a vital part of any young girls life is her friend group, so let me take the moment to say that you are friends with ginny danbury - seeing as your fathers worked together - and it was through the many visits to her house that you met and became friends with chris noel.

    (i mean, if knox gets a squad, you deserve one too)

    i imagine chris, being the sweetheart that she is, is very different from you, but admires your bold personality. you definitely compliment each other at astronomical levels, because you both want to be more like the other.

    — but think of all the things you’d do together! writing in dream journals! picking out clothes! swapping makeup tips when your older, and piercing the other’s ears in ginny’s bathroom (because your moms want to wait until you’re older, but you, chris, and ginny want to do it now). watching rom coms! reading magazines! listening to ginny rave about music and dancing to the radio in her bedroom! going out for milkshakes and whispering about the cute waiters and waitresses! truly, it’s what you deserve.

    — and when knox gets an obnoxious crush on chris.... it’s more than you can bear. you absolutely hate it. i mean, could you imagine your loser little brother crushing on your bff? knox is getting beat over the head with a stick, because you are not having it.

    (and you know you have a lot of arguments like, “can’t i just have one thing to myself, knox?” / “chris isn’t a thing, (y/n), you can’t just ‘keep her’.” / “oh, because you’re the poster boy for women’s rights, huh? you’re the progressive one in the house?” / “shut up, (y/n).” / “”no, please, go ahead. tell me all about your progressive ideals.” / “...yeah, well... go to hell!” / “that’s not very progressive of you!”)

    — i should also mention that when you’re old enough, you attend henley hall. an all girls academy is exactly what you need after having to deal with your idiot brother, all the time.

    — no, but when you and knox are teenagers, you truly are a dynamic duo.

    — no doubt you have the Angel Daughter™ reputation, because let’s be real here, mrs. overstreet taught you how to smile and nod, but you’re actually a little rebellious, and cleverly sneak out of your house a lot to hang out with your friends at the nearby park and cinema, asking your dad innocently for money, and occasionally bribing knox to use his bike for easy transportation.

    you’re the cool sister, and knox has definitely learned how to sneak about from you. you probably know how to pick locks, and you definitely know where your parents hide extra money, so if knox ever has need for cash and some free time, he has to go to you.

    (“i’ll get you an extra twenty... but only if you convince dad to let me take an astronomy class.” / “you know he doesn’t think it’s important for you to take that!” / “i will die if i have to take another homemaking class.” / “suck it up. i have to take latin!” / “because you’re the future lawyer. now, do you want to go out or not?” / “....fine. one astronomy class.”)

    — but beyond practical knowledge (you also taught knox how to sew buttons on his shirts), knox goes to you for a lot of personal advice, and you’re actually pretty decent at it. at some point, he’ll make a snide remark about your propensity to get into other people’s business, and you get to threaten him <3.

    just sibling stuff.

    — i also imagine that knox is the romantic, and he probably discovered a love for poetry far before mr. keating came along.

    he was probably sick one day over a winter break or something, and because old habits die hard, mrs. overstreet sequestered him in his room, for fear that it might get worse. while knox bored, he decides to clean his room (he gets incredibly stir crazy and needs to do stuff with his hands) and he finds one of your poetry books that you left in his room a while ago. 

    — he decides to read it, and he adores the anthology. he reads the poems over and over. (honestly, it’s the only thing getting him through his nasty cold)

    later, when he’s finally getting better, your dad finds the poetry book in his room, and (because you know how 50s dads are) gives knox a look™. you take the fall for it, saying you were keeping knox company and left your book in his room.

    knox keeps a lot of poetry books in your room, now, and you get to roast him over his taste.

    >> “really? ‘she was an apparition of delight’ by wordsworth? that’s the poem you’ve annotated to death?”

    >> and knox pulls the book out of your hands, grumbling “yeah, well it wasn’t written about you.”

    >> “you wanna repeat that, lover boy?”

    — you two definitely tease each other and verbally spar a lot, but knox has a lot of respect for you, and as the older sibling, the desire to protect him at all costs is strong.

    being the daughter of the silver-tongued mrs. overstreet and no-nonsense lawyer mr. overstreet, you can destroy anyone in 5 exchanges, max.

    (knox is like,,,,,,, why don’t i have your eloquence??? your mastery of language??? he can’t form coherent sentences around people he admires, and it’s all because you took those genes. help him, please.)

    — at some point, knox teaches you how to throw a proper punch, because if you’re going to be this tart-tongued, you might as well know how to physically destroy someone, too.

    the entire scene is probably a laugh, though, because while knox has play fought before, has he ever really punched anyone? with visceral rage? it’s a learning curve for you both.

    (for maximum humor, charlie and neil are there and making the stupidest comments you’ve ever heard.)

    — also! this is very important: you definitely bonk some Respecting Women lessons into knox, and because of you (and your mother), he drinks his respecting women juice and does nOT do what canon!knox does.

    don’t get me wrong - he’s still incredibly annoying with his crush over chris, but he actually.......... respects her and doesn’t take advantage of her? *gasp*

    — also, i imagine that the first time the two of you got drunk was together, probably sneaking into your families’ liquor cabinet while your parents were at some fancy dinner.

    it was hilarious and you both woke up regretting your choices. your dad probably doesn’t know it ever happened, but your mom finds out (as mothers do) and at first, she’s laughing too hard at knox’s vow that he’ll never drink again to even reprimand you.

    — as always, the final headcanons are really disparate, but here’s some important things to note:

    — as the overstreets and daltons are family friends, you are also long time friends with charlie, and the two of you have such contrasting (yet somehow complimentary?) personalities, that you two are constantly bickering. it’s always just really annoying for knox anytime the two of you are in the same vicinity. you will just roast each other and knox is like,,,, can i please get attention?

    — you and knox are most definitely movie enthusiasts, and the two of you have always gone to see the latest films together. it’s the one time the two of you are together and everything’s completely quiet.

    your friends find it endearing that you take movies so seriously, but are also frightened at the ferocity of your shushing if they talk in the cinema.

    — after you watch a film, the two of you argue over the quality of it over dinner. mr. overstreet cannot stand your bickering, and so when you’re older, the two of you go out to a diner afterward and talk for hours.

    honestly, if this were a modern!au, you guys would probably have a podcast or something.

    — you also follow your favorite actors with a burning fascination and curiosity, and when the oscars are first televised in 1953, you and knox (and probably ginny and charlie) all watch it together and argue over who should have won what.

    — also, because knox is so laughably bad at talking to girls, you know you have given him so. much. advice. 

    you are supporting your local himbo, but is he supporting you?

    — at some point, your parents go out of town for a month in the summer, and can you imagine the horror? neither of you are particularly good at homemaking, you’re a terrible cook and forget to wash the dishes, and knox leaves his wet shower towels on the floor of the bathroom every. day.

    it’s hell month, honestly, and when pitts stops by for whatever reason, he takes one look around and is just like..... 😬😬 yikes, guys....

    — also, during the summers when you guys get to go the dalton beach house (because yeah, the daltons have a beach house, and yeah, they need to flex their superior wealth on their close friends), the two of you are obnoxious as hell. you’re going swimming in the middle of the night. you’re having dance parties at all odd hours of the night. your making friends in the tiny town nearby, and stealing hearts as you go. you’re chaotic; unhinged; and one could argue it’s because of the summer vibes, but we all know that’s a lie - it’s just because that’s your usual.

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  • nee-naw-nee-naw-beepbeep
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    went shopping, you can now call me your local classy cottage homo hobo and i'll come RUNNING

    #kasjjhasdjkasd im so pretty and handsome ALLLL THE TIME i kid you not #yea im kidding you #i dont look good 24/7 #most of the time though #actually yknow what i dont really care what i look like #but still im v v pretty #shit post#shirt post#mine#cottage core#dark academia #dead poets society #hobo#homosexual#bisexual#aromantic#demiromantic
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