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  • sillki
    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The reason everything went to shit is bc Wilbur felt insecure after someone started a fist fight over a dog in a Denny’s parking lot and didn’t listen when the 16yr old came out and paid everyone 50 bucks to leave

    #it’s true tho #that’s literally why the election and everything after it happened #like Jack wouldn’t be trying to kill Tommy if it weren’t for the election #Wilbur wouldn’t be dead #Tommy wouldn’t have hella trauma #maybe Dream would’ve been less of a dick #tubbo would still have 2nlifes #dream smp #tommyinnit dream smp #wilbur soot dream smp #wilbur dream smp #tommy dream smp #Wilbur soot#Wilbur
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  • cleopatraslibrary
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • mychaotics
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Im not going to talk about anything else for the next 3 years

    #help me #they look so fluffy #my beloveds #dream found dead in a ditch #or in his way to strangle wilbur #no in between #this is a big /j #in case that wasn't clear #mcyt#mcyttwt#wilbur soot#georgenotfound
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  • lilly-bearx3
    19.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    *Snaps on goggles*


    *takes a deep breathe*

    *Dives into Dream Smp lore*

    #tommyinnit#tommy mcyt #c!tommy #mcyt fandom#dream smp#i’m ready #Tommy is already my favorite what do I do- #wait he’s dead now???? #oh he’s back #Wilbur is ghost #techno what the fu-
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  • asexual-of-spades
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    -"do it Phil, kill me"

    those were some of the last words that I said to my father, he was cryig, holding a sword that was, oh so shiny

    I gave him that sword, a beautifull blue that reminded me of the same ocean were I met the mother of my son.

    he hesitated "You are my son!" he screamed as tears ran through his face, I have never seen him like this.

    the blood in my fingers didn´t matter anymore, it didn´t hurt.

    I begged for my heart to bloom out of my chest with such beautifull crimson spilling all over myself.


    I couldn´t really say what emotion he had, sadness? anger? maybe he was dissapointed, his eyes weren´t on me, but in his hands holding the blade.

    I still remember the days of my childhood where I broke something and he found out, I would never look at his face, with fear of his disappointment.

    But he would take my chin in his hands and made me look at him and always gave me a warm smile as he messed up my hair, he always knew what I needed, let it be silence, a hug, a smile, a shoulder to cry on, and in this case and end to my maddness.

    I Felt the blade go though my chest, It didn´t hurt as much as I expected, maybe was the adrenaline, or maybe was because how sharp the sword was, but as I watched him cry on me, and as I felt such a warm go though all of my body, the blood spilling out of my chest, the air refusing to stay in my lungs

    I laughed, I coughed blood, and slowly grabbed the blade that pierced thought my chest so hard that I cut myself and gave my father one last look.

    And by how he looked back at me I guess that the fact That I wasn´t showing any kind of regret really convinced him that I couldn´t be saved, and honestly?

    I wouldn´t have accepted it anyways.

    So, goodbye l´manburg, my forever unfinished simphony.

    #You are crazy man #a green man said we were the darkest place to ever be yet somehow it always seemed as light was on us #as if we were in some kind of theatre we sat in god knows were as a unkept puke stained fucking good for nothing asshole was out behind us #well we could say he was dead but even we don´t breath anymore #dream smp#smp wilbur#dsmp wilbur #wilbur dream smp #wilbur mcyt#mcyt philza#philza smp#philza minecraft
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  • bluelueblueblueblue-oh-no
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    “I'll tell you my sins, and you can sharpen your knife   Offer me that deathless death Good God, let me give you my life” 

    This took to much-- 

    (Sorry, I forgot I had to write down some things...)

    Did I create a religion? Indeed, and yes the “church” looks like a bird cage because birds (especially crows) and because is a cage-- 

    Also, yeah, Techno put paint in his hair to look “human”.

    ALSO, THIS IS A HEADCANON-- This is not into the canon lore-- This is me playing with the characters. 

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  • moss-cola
    17.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    “What was it like?”


    #OH NO HE’S DEAD??? gangnam style plays in the distance #u know how sometimes u start a doodle and ur like haha I’m having fun and then wake up 4 hours later with a painting #yeah. #anyway this was fun I’m having fun learning new painting techniques #art#my art#artist#digital art#fan art#moss’s art#dream smp#mcyt#tommyinnit#blood#phantommy#tommyinnit fanart#Wilbur soot
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  • jreamxd
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    tommy's newest mod video Minecraft, but the floor is lava is canon. george is having a dream about his (ex?)husband ninja asking for a divorce

    wilbur and tommy are also there

    #tommyinnit#wilbur soot#georgenotfound#ninja#ninja fortnite #god i hate this #but im right #dream smp#mcyt #you can pry groge and ninjas marriage from my cold dead hands #that is one of the funniest bits that server has ever had #dsmp
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  • honey-cow
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago


    #the real tragedy of this situation is that fundy cant even grind til he can kill his father cause ghostbur is already dead 😔 #c!fundy #c!fundy + c!wilbur #rebuild arc
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  • uraharapropoganda
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    'healing' or whatever

    more revivedbur cuz i love him

    #big man pissed cuz he got brought back from the dead LOL #my art#mcyt#dsmp#dream smp#wilbur soot#revivedbur#revivebur #excuse my inability to shade daytime things again #also my inability to draw backgrounds #i tried okAy
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  • oscarwildin
    16.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    the love that comes with confusion and that strange sort of churning in your stomach. or when you see the sky a dark, gloomy blue, but remember what is to come later on, with golden skies and a wistful breeze.

    or even to suddenly see the gold in eyes that had been sage green for so long.

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  • sunnytime54
    15.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Basically any DSMP member: “I’d rather lose my last canon life then lose my hottie privileges”

    #you guys see how atractive all the cannonly dead characters are!! #especially sapnap #George’s pretty boy privileges are built into the lore #Tommy was willing to die for that #tubbo was too #since techno can’t die unfortunately he wasn’t given the chance to have the privilege #schaltt#wilbur#Mexican Dream#dsmp#mcyt#dream smp#mcytblr#dsmpblr#tommyinnit#tubbo#ranboo#Technoblade#mcyt dream#Dream#sapnap#georgenotfound#Quackity#Karl#niki nihachu
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  • sunnytime54
    14.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Wilburs speech influenced Quackity actions and now Quackitys speech influenced Sam’s actions.... That why he tortured Ponk. His valentine it wasn’t just because of his paranoia after Tommy’s death. it was because he felt helpless, like there was nothing he could do. So he took Quackity’s advice. Torture and violence being the the only way to gain and keep power

    #love is dead and Quackity killed it #does it make any sense if I said Sam is now the Quackity to quackitys schlatt #Mabey wilbur was the villain even before he blew up Le’manberg #i guess skephalo is the only rep ship at this point #and Skeppy hasn’t even stressed in months! #dsmp#mcyt#dream smp#Quackity#awesamdude#wilbur#mcyt quackity#dsmp quackity#mcyt awesamdude#dsmp Sam#mcyt wilbur#vilbur#mcytblr#dsmpblr
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  • sk8rwillie
    14.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    alright, y’all remember the post i made about julie being a genderbent peter pan?

    here we go gang:

    julie is obviously peter pan (people got the story wrong but julie thinks it’s funny and goes with it)

    luke is tinkerbell i will die on this hill

    reggie, alex and willie are all lost boys

    julie and luke have been really close for a really long time and he’s 100% fallen in love with her and craves her attention and yes he knows he’s a tinker fairy but won’t let anyone call him tinkerbell or he’ll pout. julie only calls him that when he’s being dumb about something so a lot

    but when julie visits nick and brings him to neverland luke loses his goddamn mind. he will try and sabotage everything for nick: pokes holes in his blankets, steals his shoes, and just generally glares at him at any given point. nick genuinely thinks luke hates him and tells julie who just sighs and confronts luke about it. he denies it because if he admits it he’ll have to tell her why and he’s totally not head over heels for her no way alex

    so julie retaliates and pays more attention to nick than luke and he just pouts on julie’s shoulder and flies away to bother reggie instead. one time nick tries to kiss julie and luke sees red and tugs on his hair and kicking at his neck which mostly feels like a breeze for nick. julie stops him and says she’s not interested- boosting luke’s happiness immensely

    especially when he secretly finds willie and alex making out and gossips about it to julie. who both bet on how long it takes for them to slip up- about a day because alex is whipped af. only ending up making luke feel bitter because he knows he and julie can’t be happy like that :(

    #oops didn’t mean to make it sad #maybe #yes i was dead serious about this #tinkerbell!luke is very important to me okay? #captain hook or ig caleb doesn’t exist 😌 #my kids deserve better #julie and the phantoms #jatp#luke patterson#alex mercer#julie molina#reggie peters#willex#juke#willie jatp #willie wilbur williamson #peter pan au #julie and the himbos #netflixwewantjatp2
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  • whimsicalwhespir
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Your city gave me a- a traumatized child???

    #mcyt#mcyt fanart#wilbur soot #wilbur soot fanart #tommyinnit#tommyinnit fanart#dream smp #dream smp fanart #jubilee line #your city gave me asthma #dead tommyinnit #dead wilbur soot
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  • thesmpisonfire
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ok so

    Quackity lore! And, with it, we FINALLY got an answer we've been waiting for weeks now.

    Who was the hooded figure?

    After yesterday, it was practically confirmed it was Quackity who was chasing Fundy in his dream, wasn't it?

    But, oh, wait....

    There's 3 of them! Which one was following Fundy? Who are the other 2?

    One question was supposedly answered, but now we have other two to be solved.

    Setting the scenario here, the first part where we see the 3 hooded figures was right at the beginning, before we saw the flashbacks and technically even before we saw the present time

    One of the tease images was this one:

    Which we all immediately thought it was the Grim Reaper, turns out this was Quackity, or a representation of him

    Quackity was being represented as the Grim Reaper, or the Death itself.

    And Death is part of a bigger group that has 4 individuals:




    and War

    The four horsemen of the apocalypse, the ones that will bring the end of the world

    But, wait...

    There was only 3 of them, wasn't it?


    Here's the fourth

    Fundy wasn't chased by any of the 3, he was chased by the 4th.

    Fundy was chased by himself

    Fundy is the 4th horsemen

    This is what Fundy will become if he doesn't follow what the books, what his own conscience, warned about. This is what waits for him. A future self that he is scared and can't even recognize.

    Now, you look at me saying "Des, stop all this stretch. Anyway who are the other two horsemen then, you absolutely brain rotted clown?"

    First: ow, i roasted myself

    Now, the 2 other horsemen.

    You remember how I said we didnt even know if the first segment was set in present day? Yeah. Remember how, in the actual present segment of the stream, Quackity was alone riding Ossium? You see how all 3 horsemen have enchanted netherite swords, but Quackity only has a diamond sword during both past and present time?

    The horsemen aren't together yet.

    Quackity will get the revive book, and he will have the power to bring back the dead...

    Wilbur and Schlatt.

    Quackity is Death

    Wilbur is Conquest, he was the one conquering L'manberg and that fought for it. He was the one that had the self proclaimed right to explode it, because it was HIS. If he can't have it, no one can.

    Schlatt is Famine, he made Manburg starve by both shutting Niki's bakery down and letting the crops die to the point some of the inhabitants had to eat spider eyes, which are poisonous. He died sick due to only drinking and not eating at all

    And, the last one...

    Fundy is War.

    He was the one raised in it, that had an entire life surrounded by fighting and chaos. He went into a war against Sapnap due to his love (/p) for Niki. Wars are fought with passion, and Fundy certainly has it. He fights and fights, that's all he had ever done. Doomsday? He knew it wasn't a war, it was a massacre. Also, war is not only the blood bath. Its strategy, its planning. Fundy is a smart guy, planning ahead so he complete his objectives.

    Fundy's actions always are part of a domino effect that brings war. Even if its unrelated, its a important piece that starts the fall.

    Now, the air horns. Nuke alarms.

    A nuke is a war weapon. The power that it handles helps you conquest lands. When a nuke lands, it poisons the water and the land, bringing famine to the citizens.

    A nuke causes death.

    There's how the nuke connects to the 4 horsemen.

    The egg?

    Well, the 4 horsemen aren't the only ones that cause the apocalypse, they always have some company.

    Also, Quackity trying to destroy it only made it angry. It will be more aggressive. It was just the beginning of something bigger.

    Remember how Fundy dreamed about a desert, and a crater?

    The time is coming, and they'll slowly meet each other again.

    Wilbur, Schlatt, Fundy, Quackity

    Conquest, Famine, War, Death

    #if one day i dont start an analysis with 'ok so' is bc im fucken dead and someone stole my blog #dsmp analysis #Man this one is GOOD OK #dream smp#mcyt#fundy#wilbur soot#Quackity#Jschlatt #Well its more of a theory than analysis but shut up #It has some analysis ok??? #Also this theory gave me a good AU idea and i loved it so much #Anyway they are the 4 horsemen and the end is near #We love to see it
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  • bluelueblueblueblue-oh-no
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    This was supposed to be funny-

    (I just realized I wrote Quakity not Quackity, my castellano is going away, take my nationality--)

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  • pinkaxolotls
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    #am I sad abt karlnapity being dead? yes #am I happu wilbur is here now? Yes :] #**happy#liveblogging
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  • akvilenotfound
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    "guys if you know how to get rid of a child, can you tell me?"

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  • justcallmekami
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Tommy: OOHHH just killed the prince...feeling good

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