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  • Deadpool (2020) #1

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    First sitting on this piece yesterday 💖

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  • There has been a weird increase of bunny costume on Peter and Wade so I’m just adding my two cents. 🐰φ(゜▽゜*)♪

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  • The Agents Of Wakanda #6 - Cover by David Nakayama

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  • Not A Ghost - part 26

    A/N - Multi-part fic. Colossus x OC where OC has come home after being wrongfully imprisoned in the Icebox. Warnings for whole fic - references and flashbacks to harsh prison environment, including various types of abuse. Takes place shortly after events in Deadpool 2. Whole thing will end up on my AO3 eventually.

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    Rhonda’s heart stopped, then started slamming against her ribs like it would bust out. Panic surged inside her as her worst fear practically had its claws in her.

    Colossus closed his heavy hands around her shoulders and urged, “Rhonda, run. Find Dopinder, and get as far away from here as you can.”

    Tears started to bead up on her lashes, her jaw furiously ground to and fro. With a hard sniffle, she blinked a few times and said with bitter finality, “I’m not leaving you.”

    Both their faces set in hard furrows, Colossus nodded to his wife, “Stay close.”

    “You two are gonna make me sick,” the Juggernaut griped. “Are we gonna wholesale wreck these assholes, or what? You get your people out, I’ll get mine.”

    A deep breath. 

    One more. 

    Juggernaut took off first, running full tilt and brushing off a couple DMC officers like packing peanuts once he got closer to the gas pumps. Colossus ran next, with Rhonda on his heels. As soon as the steel Russian cleared the trucks, however, he was struck by something massive and metal. A horrible clash sounded and Rhonda shrank back.

    She rolled under a trailer and ran to climb into one of the truck cabs. Whatever idiot who drove this truck happened to leave the cab unlocked, and Rhonda fumbled around for a handgun, a knife, a rifle, a baseball bat - anything she could use. Her fingers had almost closed around a crowbar–

    A hand closed around Rhonda’s ankle and yanked her down from the cab. Her head knocked on the steel steps before she landed hard on the pavement. She tried not to scream, but the sound still came out in a strangled yelp. The looming figure wore so much riot gear he didn’t even have a face, just a black helmet, black mask, black gloves. On her back on the dirty asphalt, Rhonda kicked upward with both feet and hit him with a few hundred volts of go-fuck-yourself.

    The force threw him upward and back and he smacked into a shipping trailer with echoing clangs before landing only a few feet from Rhonda. He was motionless. Rhonda didn’t wait to see if he was dead or alive, she just ran. 

    Past the trucks, Colossus was now almost to the gas pumps, grappling with a large mechanical suit piloted by a DMC officer. His uniform was torn, and they had crashed into an abandoned car and crushed it. Colossus yelled over and over that he was part of X-Men, that he wasn’t there to hurt anyone, but the officer piloting the suit clearly wouldn’t stop until he had this giant mutant in a control collar. 

    Rhonda started to rush to help him, but something small whizzing past her ear made her pause and whip her head around to look behind her. A trio of officers were heading toward her. One shouted, “DMC! DOWN ON THE GROUND!” and clipped puffs sounded as he fired the small gun he held. He missed - just barely - and Rhonda realized they were shooting tranquilizer darts. She threw a bright green bolt of electricity at them, but it wasn’t strong enough to incapacitate them. Scrambling, she bolted for the gas pumps, looking for somewhere to hide or something to use as a weapon.

    There was a blue pickup truck hauling a small flatbed trailer carrying a pair of four wheelers. On the trailer was a bright red gas can. It wouldn’t hold more than a gallon, but then, Rhonda wouldn’t need that much. Sprinting, she snatched the can from the trailer and popped off the top. It was mostly full, which was good, but made it harder to throw. Rhonda spun in a circle to get some momentum, then launched the gas can at the officers chasing her. As it was in the air, some of the gasoline spilled from the spout, and it was all Rhonda needed.

    She sent a little spark.

    The gasoline ignited, and the red plastic can exploded. Flaming gasoline landed on and near the three officers. One screamed as they all dove to the ground to try to roll and put themselves out. Rhonda ducked low between two cars to think.

    The fight was forcing Rhonda and Colossus to drift further and further apart. She was close enough that she could hear Domino and Deadpool arguing between gunshots. She poked her head up just high enough to see Cable telekinetically throw five officers so they thumped hard against a shipping trailer. The three of them were handling the bulk of the force that had shown up, and they likely wouldn’t be able to help Colossus in time. 

    A crash rang out nearby, and Rhonda looked again to see the suit officer had thrown Colossus into another car, showering the ground with shattered windshield. He got to his feet, and with a terrible roar he charged at the giant mech suit–

    Something struck Rhonda in the back of the shoulder, then two more strikes to her kidney and spine. She cried out as agony laced through her. Turning, she saw an officer rushing at her, brandishing a rubber bullet rifle. 

    For a moment, everything was clear. Rhonda let this faceless officer close in and get within arm’s reach. He was big, but she had fought bigger. He was scary, but she had beaten scarier. Although he must have outweighed her by maybe a hundred pounds, it hardly took any effort to use his momentum against him. In a fraction of a second he was on his back and Rhonda was on top of him. She wrested away the rifle and hit him with the butt until he was unconscious. 

    Every inch of her back hurt, her head hurt, she was pouring sweat, and the painting on her arm was peeling off. Rhonda took a breath, and pushed herself back to her feet, snatching away the unconscious officer’s tranquilizer gun. And just because she was spiteful, she drove her heel into his face once before setting off again toward Colossus and the mechanical suit.

    Creeping as best as she could between parked cars at the gas pumps, Rhonda looked for her husband again. Still engaged with the mech suit, it had him in a chokehold. He kicked at its legs, but it was able to compensate and adjust its position to keep from losing its footing. Colossus didn’t look like the mech suit would kill him, but he couldn’t shake it off on his own either. 

    She couldn’t see Juggernaut anywhere, and Cable, Domino, and Deadpool were still tangled with the remaining officers. She had one idea, and she just hoped she could pull it off.

    Leaving the relative safety of the gas pumps, she bolted toward her husband. He was basically immobilized, and out of the corner of her eye Rhonda saw two more DMC officers closing in on him. She yelled in Russian, “[PIOTR, GIVE ME YOUR HAND!]” 

    He heard her and reached one arm out to his side. Leaping to close the last few feet of distance, Rhonda snatched his hand with both of hers and sent a powerful current through him, pouring everything she had. 

    The green-blue electricity blazed up his arm and through the metal of the mech suit, melting wiring and frying circuits. The mech finally lost balance and fell over, its pilot unconscious and steaming. Colossus too had been knocked down by the force, and Rhonda landed hard on her elbows and stomach. She pressed herself back to her knees, then her feet, dizzy, and tasting blood in her mouth from biting her lip or tongue. Colossus began to stir.

    “Well, lookie here, Reyes,” a man’s voice taunted. “Just when we thought we’d never find this one!”

    “I’ll be damned,” Reyes answered, “It’s motherfucking Guestbook.”

    By the time she remembered the two officers, it was too late. She tried to run, but stumbled, and they were on her. Rhonda fought tooth and nail. She punched and clawed with her bare hands, but the officers’ riot gear was too thick. She tried to send electrical charges to their hearts, but she was spent from everything else she’d done. 

    She fought hard, but it wasn’t enough.

    All too quickly, she found herself face down on the ground, arms pinned on either side of her. A knee dug into her already excruciating back. Her chin scraped on the concrete. Something cold and heavy and metal slid around her neck. Her stomach turned; bile rose in her throat with realization–


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    ✦ deadpool icons & headers

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  • Daredevil: Hang mistletoe but instead of kissing you have to fight whoever’s underneath it.

    Spider—man: Mistlefoe


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    fine deadpool crafts straight from deadpool

    #memes#surreal memes#meme#deadpool#dragon age #dragon age origins #bad jokes #not entirely sure why i made this #ea#marvel#xmen#video games#i#forgive me #i saw deadpool and origins in the same sentence and my brain envisioned this #im not sorry
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  • Deadpool (V1) #61 by Frank Tieri and Jim Calafiore

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  • Wolverine & Deadpool

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  • Major X #1 (2019)
    pencil by Rob Liefeld
    ink by Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona, & Dan Fraga
    color by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
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  • Absolute Carnage vs Deadpool #3

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  • This is a piece I made for my little brother
    He commissioned me wanting to draw him something dealing with his top favorite super heroes, with a twist of my own style.
    I couldn’t get the image out of my head from this one comic cover done by Dell'otto for Civil War ii. Plus I originally wanted to buy him the comic just because it was such a sick cover. So instead of buying it, I ended up using the pose and lighting for reference to this piece and gave it my own twist so it would give more meaning
    It was a challenge yet so much fun putting everything together for this outcome. I was stuck forever on how I wanted to make the background, and that one I give credit to the special, one and only, Brittasticjinx, in helping me finally figure it out.
    My lil bro is one of the most dearest person in my life and I wanted to show even a fracture of that through the hard work, creative thought, and time I put into this drawing
    Love you bro, and hope you love the piece too ♡

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  • Deadpool (2020) #1

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