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    28.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I think Dean would’ve had a sexuality crisis on the spot if he’d met & flirted w a female vessel Cas and then, let’s say, end of S4 Cas got a new male vessel (aka Jimmy) and he still found him hot if not more so

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  • soupyboysforlife
    28.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    What are you supposed to tell someone who asks what smut is? I’m sure as hell not about to tell them it’s porn.

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    28.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago


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  • addictsam
    28.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    AU where they never took that vampire case and dean lives. ok now imagine them going glasses shopping for sam 

    #supernatural#spn#winchesters#spn headcanons #deans in denial about his sight getting shitty but sams like nah its time
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  • suncaptor
    28.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    "don't do this" is clearly "don't die" not "don't be in love with me" like this isn't even like. Cas is in the process of dying in front of Dean. of course Dean would plead with him to stop. how could Dean ever respond to him if any response leads to his death.

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  • casmick-consequences
    28.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    cas has a new favorite catchphrase

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  • remyafterdark
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Taking a break from reblogging DCBB content to post some Suptober 2021 Art Prompt content. 😏 Suptober // Day 28 // Monster Mash 👹 Concept: I just thought it’d be fun to draw the boys pulling up to a monster-infested haunted house. ‘Tis the season, right? Suptober prompt provided by @winchester-reload​

    Close-ups + alt version w/ rain below! 

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  • morganiana
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    my dashboard mood is like: let's kill Sam and Jack by Dean

    @exbloodfreak @dharmanatural

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  • mountaindewmysteryflavor
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    gonna make a playlist of songs i’d play in the impala just to fuck with the winchesters and it’s a 50/50 toss-up whether it’d be hot girl rap or heavily cathartic indie rock 

    #im talking either ashnikko and megan thee stallion or like. bleachers and lovejoy #maybe a mix of both :D #spn#supernatural#dean winchester#sam winchester
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  • hobbitual-psychick-art-stuff
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Suptober 21 Day 28: Monster Mash

    Yeap, I decided to take this one literally. I’ve been doing a lot of research into fae folk for my fic “Don’t feed after midnight,” so it seemed appropriate to use a fairy as my monster (and much less ridiculous concept, than trying to use a potato masher to kill a werewolf.)

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  • dean-is-love
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    better quality of the transgender

    #dean winchester fanart #trans dean winchester #dean winchester#spn#supernatural#my post#my art
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  • lil-stark
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    forgiveness, love and the things in between

    from my diary // dr spencer reid ~ criminal minds // supernatural ~ "houses of the holy" // eleanor 'nellie' crain ~ "the bent-neck lady" // shirley jackson's "haunting of hill house" // dean winchester ~ supernatural // eleanor 'nellie' crain ~ "silence lay steadily"
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  • writerqueenff
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Red Riding Hood and Winchester

    Fandom: Supernatural

    Dean Winchester x You

    Summary: Retelling of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Dean Winchester is the wolf. Gabriel is the grandmother. Reader is Red Riding Hood.

    Two months ago you were in love with Castiel, the tall broad wood cutter. Your parents were thrilled that you wanted to marry him, but he was not interested at all. When your father made the official proposal to Castiel's parents, he refused. You were devastated. Now, you just received the news that he was engaged to another. And it wasn't just anyone, it was your sister. She never told you before that she was in love with him. She let you swoon over him and raise your hopes up… while she was screwing him. The betrayal was worse because it was her. You would have accepted he'd marry anyone else.

    Now you walk through the quiet woods. It’s like nature knows what you are feeling. Your mind screams utter chaos, but your face is stoic. You are on your way to your grandmother's cabin. She always knew how to calm you down. She always knew what to say. You expect this will not be the exception. White snow is a contrast to your red hood. Your grandmother made it for you when you were 16, and you've never stopped wearing it ever since.

    It's getting dark. You should not be in the woods right now. Your village has been stalked by a werewolf this past months. It hasn't killed anyone, but everyone is afraid to go into the woods past dawn. You don't care much. Your grandmother lives there, and she hasn't seen anything. Surely it's just superstition, or a wild wolf.

    Snow crushes as you step on it. The sound is comforting until you hear it, and it doesn't come from your boots. You stop. The sound stops a second too late. Someone is following you. You turn your head, but there is nothing there. You are alone, or so it seems. It's still a few miles until you reach the cabin. You take a deep breath and relate the sound to paranoia.

    You are mad, that's just your mind playing tricks. You start walking again and nothing follows. Before you left the village, you saw Castiel looking your way. You wished he would follow. Your mind is providing what you want. After Castiel rejected you, you did your best to forget him. You were doing pretty good, until today. You wish you…

    The sound is there again. This time, you don't stop. You turn around immediately, and what you see makes your blood freeze. There is a giant sandy wolf a few feet from you. For a few seconds, you just stare. But then you sprint running. In your sprint through the woods, your basket falls to the ground. You barely notice. You are nearly at your grandmother's when you notice that the wolf isn't following you. You take a chance to glance back; you are alone. Still, you don't stop until you're inside the cabin.

    "Grams, I'm here" you say. Your heart is still racing, but you don’t want to scare your grandmother. You have to calm down.

    "In the bed, darling" she murmurs. Her voice sounds weird. You approach and see her lying on her side, her back to you.

    "Grams, are you ok? You sound strange.”

    "I'm fine darling, just a little sleepy" She turns around, and you can't help to scream. In her face, there's a big wolf mask.

    "GRAMS!" You berate. She's always been quite the trickster. You are not surprised that she heard about the engagement and wanted to make you feel better. It worked.

    For the next two hours, you talk about anything and everything. She feeds you oatmeal and apples. When it's time to go back to your house, she offers you to stay, but you refuse. You didn't tell your parents that you were going out. They must be worried sick. She waves you goodbye, and it's already dark when you leave Grandma Gabriela's house.

    Your walk back to the village is surprisingly quiet. The only sounds are that of your steps. A wolf howls, but it's so far away you don't mind. Then your mind wanders back to the sandy furred wolf you saw. Werewolf, your mind supplies. You are not sure if it was a werewolf, but it was bigger than a common wolf. It had green eyes you’d seen before.

    You pass the tree where you remember you dropped the basket, but there's nothing there. You are about to wander around looking for it when you hear steps. You turn, expecting to see the wolf. In its stead, there's a tall, handsome man with your basket in hand. His piercing eyes stare at you, and you shudder at the intensity. Or maybe it's the cold.

    “Hi, I’m Dean,” he says gently but doesn’t step closer. As if trying not to scare you. “I thought this was yours,” he gestures to the basket.

    For a moment, you only stare at him. Of course, you know him! He is Dean Winchester, son of John, the blacksmith of your village. Problem is, he is supposed to be dead. You heard the news as soon as it happened a few months back. There was no body, but his father saw the blood and his torn out clothes. His mother had mourned, she still does. His brother isolated himself for days. Dean Winchester is supposed to be dead. Except, he isn’t. You watch him with wide eyes. He must notice you recognize him, because he comes to you quickly. You take a few steps back and he stops.

    “I- I’m not dead,” he says as if that explains everything.

    You still don’t say anything, too scared to know if what you are seeing is a hallucination or real. You don’t know what’s worse. Suddenly, seeing him like that, in front of you, reminds you of the time when you used to be in love with him. It was a long time ago, long before you even felt attracted to Castiel. You were a kid back then, he was your first love. Your first kiss too, but you were five, and he was eight, and later you stopped talking to each other. You remember that you cried when you heard the news that he was dead. That day, you locked yourself in your tiny room and mourned him. Now Dean Winchester is alive and looking at you so sweetly…

    But then, another realization strikes you. You remember seeing those green eyes, not back then when he used to be alive, but today. The wolf. You don’t know if werewolves read minds, because he seems to know what you are thinking.

    “I’m not going to hurt you,” he says. “I-I just wanted to give you your basket back.” He extends the item to you. You don’t take it. “Look, I get why you’re scared of me, but I’ve never hurt anyone.”

    He is right, the wolf has never killed, but people had seen him. Even if he didn’t mean it, he made panic spread fast. However, those green eyes seem to be telling the truth. So you comply. Carefully, you take the basket from him. He smiles at you, but you quickly step back.

    “If you wanted to give it to me, you could’ve just leave it here. I would’ve found it.” You murmur. His ears redden a little, you think it’s the cold, but perhaps it’s what you just said, because he sheepishly grins at you.

    “I know,” he answers. “I wanted to give it to you. I wanted to see you.” You think about what to say of his confession, but you don't need to, because he starts explaining. “I’ve seen you in the woods before, visiting your grandmother. I don’t think you’ve noticed me, but I have.”

    The fact that you were never aware of a sandy werewolf following you, it’s concerning, but not so much as the fact that you don’t seem to care much. Instead, you blush like a teenage girl. Was your love for Dean never gone? You were a kid, but now you are a woman.

    “I don’t expect anything from you,” he talks again. “I’ll just like to… walk you home, if that’s ok.” It doesn’t take long to make your decision. You take a step towards him and take his arm. He smiles at you.

    “You may walk me home.” You answer. And he does. It’s then that you realize your story with Dean Winchester is just beginning.

    I hope you like it! I will be writing more retellings in the future, let me know which one do you want next.

    Also, remember that from now on I will post first on my Ko-Fi. Content will be coming to Tumblr and AO3 four weeks after.

    #dean winchester x you #dean x you #dean x reader #fanfiction#fanfic#romance#dean winchester#reader insert#retelling #red riding hood #fairy tale au #alternate universe #dean x oc #dean winchester x reader #fluff#werewolf#love confessions#love#oneshot#one shot
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  • sunshine-zenith
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Because the numbers are different depending on what you mean”

    #dean winchester#supernatural #I just wanted to draw him in a Bat Dad shirt #also Yes I’m implying married deancas with the shopping cart paraphernalia and the ring #cy art#cy fanart
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  • trans-bennylafitte
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Whenever I see someone mention Deans boyfriend/husband , I’m always confused when there is a picture of Cas under the text. 😕

    This is what Benny looks like by the way, I know sometimes people get confused.❤️

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  • sammysmaddy
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Getting Out (Winchesters x Reader) - Part Six

    Summary: Being too young to remember life before the Croatoan Virus, all you've ever known was camp. You're itching to get out, even if it means killing infected, but a certain someone catches your attention in the process- and you catch some unwanted attention.

    Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader, Dean x OFC!Linda

    Warnings: Angst, noncon (rape), p in v, crying, alcohol, fluffyish, bondage

    W/C: 2,400+

    A/N: So, Dean is much different than I had originally planned him to be 😀 But it's alright lol


    Getting Out Masterlist

    Dean's POV

    "Fuck," Dean heard her whimper breathlessly as he felt himself inside of her as deep as he could go. Dean groaned loudly, his brain twisting her instinctual reaction into an exclaim of pleasure. That's all he ever wanted from her, he wanted to make her feel as good as she could make him feel.

    He didn't move, admiring how beautiful she looked- even with her eyes closed. And now that Dean was here, he wanted everything he could possibly get from her, he needed it. His hands softly trailed their way up her body, feeling her goosebumps prickling under his touch, and dragged her shirt along. She didn't move when he went to remove the shirt completely, didn't cry, didn't protest. Maybe she wants this Dean thought to himself, feeling comfortable enough to admit, only to himself, that he wasn't the biggest fan of taking her without consent either. Dean wanted for her to want this, has for a long time.

    He threw her bra on the floor as well, using his large hands to cup her breasts, loving how perfect she felt for him. His palms covered her nipples, knowing that they'd be hard by the time that he removed his hands. It didn't surprise Dean that he felt them rise instantaneously, pulling back and pinching each one between his fingers. He loved the way that her body was reacting to him. Maybe she wants this.

    "Want you to look at me," Dean whispered, looking at her face. To his surprise, she shut her eyes tighter, making Dean frown. He desperately needed for her to want this- for his sake. "Pretend I'm Sammy. Wanted this for a long time." He said just as soft. It hurt to talk about his little brother like this- while his cock was buried deep inside of the first girl he's loved since Jess. But Dean's need for her and the alarming amount of alcohol in his system ignored his conscience. "Look at me, please, Y/N." Dean continued, he wanted for her to watch as he gave her pleasure. He wanted for her to cum around him more than anything he'd ever wanted before.

    She opened her eyes timidly, red and watery, as she stared straight into Dean's. Dean felt a strange sense of pride, loving the feel of her- knowing that she was finally complying to his orders. But that wasn't what this was about, he wanted for her to trust him, to love him. He hovered over her, kissing her softly, and even though he got no reaction in return, he was basking in her aura.

    "Pretend I'm Sammy, pretend I'm him," Dean murmured again, resting his face on the side of hers. He wanted to hear every breath she took, every whimper she made, and he hoped that there'd even be a moan. He slowly dragged his cock out of her, appreciating how warm and wet she felt around him. Dean heard her gasp into his ear as he slid back into her, sending chills down his body.

    "Dean," She whimpered quietly as he thrusted his hips into her at a harsher pace than before.

    "Shh shh, I've got you, baby," Dean didn't look up to gauge her reaction, pretending that she was egging him on rather than complaining. His hand came up to clamp itself over her mouth, figuring that he wouldn't be able to hear her protests- or discern sounds of displeasure from pleasure. He could pretend that she wants this.

    The need to cum inside of her became stronger and Dean snapped his hips faster, dragging his cock out until only the tip was left and slamming back into her with purpose. Dean's plan had worked perfectly, her whimpers turned into moans inside of his mind, and everything seemed right until he had felt a tear fall on his hand. He pushed it off, thrusting into her at a surely pleasurable pace for the both of them, but then another tear came. Then another. And then Dean couldn't picture her sobs as moans anymore.

    He took his hand away from her mouth, hearing as her breath shuddered with each inhale, and he lifted himself off of her. Dean frowned slightly, going at a much slower pace than before, watching as the one person he loved looking at him with so much hatred and betrayal.

    "Just want to make you feel good," Dean told her and her eyebrows furrowed before she covered her chest with her arms.

    He didn't attempt to remove them, focusing on her face rather than her breasts, and brought his thumb down to her clit. He rubbed soft and slow circles, to match his pace, and watched as her brows furrowed even farther. Dean continued on, feeling as it felt easier to slide inside of her, watching as her lips slightly parted. Then he felt her thighs spasm on either side of his and how her body tried to jerk itself away, but he held her in place by keeping a hand on her hip. For the first time that night, Dean was certain that she had actually moaned, not just his imagination, and a small whimper followed as if to cover it up. She does want this.

    His thumb hadn't let up, but his thrusts had become more meaningful, staring contently as he watched her face twist and turn. Her thighs clenched around his, her cunt beginning to squeeze his cock in random pulses, and Dean's mouth stood agape as he felt his release bubbling in the bottom of his stomach. She whimpered loudly, her toes curling as her back arched, and Dean felt her clench extra hard around him. He slowly fucked into her, groaning in satisfaction that he had made her cum, cumming himself inside of her tight hole. Dean stayed inside of her, panting and in awe as he doubled over, laying against her chest. She cried under him, almost silently, and Dean used the hand that was on her hip to comb his fingers through her hair, nuzzling his face into her neck.

    "It's okay, Y/N. It will all be okay," He told her, feeling his entire body give up. Sleep was near, thanks to the activity and the copious amount of alcohol in his system.

    "Can I leave now?" She asked quietly, sniffling her way through her sentence.


    Dean hadn't meant to break down in front of Y/N like that. All the images of him being this tough leader, taking what he wanted without a care in the world, he feared that Y/N saw him for who he truly was. He had been in love with her, ever since the first hunt he had joined her on. He knew he couldn't give her special treatment but he also didn't mean to be as hard on her as he was. Dean had only confronted Y/N for the first time in the forest because he was jealous of his little brother. He knew from that point on that she was always going to see him as the bad guy and Dean had dug himself into a hole he wasn't sure he could get out of. He had hoped that maybe she would play back, not take him too seriously, but each occasion with her got progressively worse as the need to have her to himself grew.

    He had proposed the deal on a whim, not anticipating her reaction, and only making her hate him more. His initial hope was that she'd have sex with him, willingly. Dean was willing to take whatever he could get from her, sex or love- he had a hard time finding the difference. That's how it was with every girl, his love language was sex. He didn't care if they loved him or not, he loved the ability to make a girl feel good. It was a different story with Y/N though, he needed for her to love him.

    But he had gone too far last night. He never wanted for her to hate him as much as she did, he felt he had no choice- this was the only way he could have her. And as much as he didn't plan for last night, he planned even less on showing his soft side for her. If he were going to stick to this dark persona, really play off the act, he shouldn't have stopped being rough. He shouldn't have stopped calling her slut or do anything that might have aroused her but the truth was, Dean felt bad. He felt sorry for her and for himself, he loved her. And it might have been a mistake to show her how much he cared but he's dug an even deeper hole that he knows he can't get out of.

    Dean's cabin was the only cabin to have had a basement and luckily for him, he didn't pass out immediately after. He felt awful dragging her down there, using old cuffs and a dirty rope just to be sure that she couldn't leave. At least he was decent enough to have put some clothes on her. It's not that he didn't want her to live her life, that he didn't want her to ever see the light of day again- that was a bluff, just so she'd fuck him at least a little willingly- but he knew if this got out, he'd be a goner. If Sam didn't kill him, Cas would. And if Cas didn't kill him, the town would. And if he was dead, there was no way that anybody would survive. That was Dean's excuse. If no one found out, everybody would survive, and that was a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

    Now, all he has to do is explain to Sam what 'she had done' on her night at Dean's cabin. There was no way that Dean could let himself take the blame or let Y/N go, he finally had everything he had ever wanted.

    "Hey, Dean," Sam said, a little out of breath from jogging up to Dean, placing his hands on his hips. Dean felt his heart rate skyrocket, nervous that Sam would immediately find out, but he kept a straight face and turned toward him.

    "What, Sam? I've got shit to do," Dean said a little less gracefully than he had hoped. He didn't want to seem too mean today or too nice, Sam would know something was up. So, Dean tried his hardest to act like he normally would.

    "Can we talk about Y/N?" Sam asked and Dean forced out a low chuckle. Sam's tone held concern and Dean could tell that he had been on edge all night, his under-eye bags were a little darker today.

    "What about her? Been doing real good lately in the kitchen," Dean shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, finding it hard to make eye contact with Sam but covering it up by loading his gun.

    "Dean," Sam scolded, frowning at Dean's carelessness. "She hates it there, complains every day about it."

    "Well, we have to work if we want to survive. If complaining gets her through the day- I'm sorry, brother, but that's the way it has to be," Dean explained, hoping that Sam would drop it. He was having a hard time trying not to shake, finding it tedious loading his gun, something he did daily.

    "I just- she's been real upset lately and-" Sam sighed but Dean didn't want to hear any more about it.

    "Upset?" Dean asked in a scoff, shaking his head. "Upset that she's alive? Upset that I have a use for her? Upset that she's not out in the world all by herself?" Dean asked his rhetorical questions, hoping Sam would buy it- he had a tendency of listening to his older brother.

    "Dean, I'm just saying, maybe she's meant to be out here. With us. She's a good fighter and lord knows we need as much as we can get." Sam persisted and Dean's head throbbed. He didn't reply, hoping Sam would take his silence as a simple no. "What's it about, huh? She didn't even come home last night she was so upset." Sam asked and Dean turned his head to look at his little brother, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "What's the big lesson you're trying to teach her? You're acting like Dad."

    "Real cheap, Sammy. Dad kept us alive and if that's what you're referring to, then I'll take it as a compliment," Dean huffed, broadening his shoulders as if to shut Sam up.

    "Shut up, Dean. I just meant that you're being an asshole to her for no reason at all," Sam's face hardened in return, indicating that he was ready to fight Dean about Y/N. Dean had never seen him so passionate and hot-headed about anybody, he couldn't have Sam asking any more questions.

    "You wanna know why she didn't come home last night?" Dean chuckled, a small smirk accompanying. Sam's face softened, showing Dean genuine shock that he knew the answer and not even her own boyfriend did. "Asked for her job back. Came to my cabin, drunk off her face, willing to do anything." Dean hinted and Sam's mouth opened to speak, but nothing came out.

    "No, she's not like that," Sam said softly, confusion laced in his facial expressions. "You take that back, Dean." Sam towered over Dean, angry and being completely rational- even Dean could admit that.

    "Got on her knees and begged," Dean kept his face straight and Sam pivoted on his heel, walking away from the situation. "Where you going?"

    "Taking a walk, don't come after me," Sam shouted back, making his way into the forest. Dean felt relief, knowing that he wouldn't have to deal with Sam for a while- he could think about a way to explain to Sam that she wasn't coming back. Maybe she ran away after she didn't get what she wanted.

    Next Part

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    Do you ever write something and then think goddamn I’m GOOD because

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