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  • Dean: are you drunk?

    Sam, in tears: not all the gold fish smile back..

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  • Follower Giveaway

    I am close to 200 followers. Only 14 more and then there is the big TWO. So what’s special?

    I will write the story Conversations in the Dark - Cas x Reader most of my Cas girls and boys wished for.


    Verity - Dean x Reader. Dean is hit by a truth spell. He has to be honest every time he opens his mouth. Quite exhausting when he is secretly in love with you

    I will write it as soon as I have 200 followers. Sounds good to you? Well, I need your help if you don’t want to wait ages.

    How can you help? If you really want to have this story as soon as possible, you can help me to fill the 200 followers with sharing some of my Cas and Dean (and other) stories so that they gain more attention. Nobody of you has to do this. But I would be very grateful - and it benefits you because you get to read the story earlier.

    Thank you, guys. ❤️

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  • Am I the only one who thinks that the Winchesters are like the worst tails ever when following someone? Like driving directly behind the people you’re following, pulling into a random alley where you are the only 2 cars and then pulling 3 feet off to the side and hiding behind a regular sized trashcan is not inconspicuous at all…

    Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Summary: Dean must watch you leave. Will he finally regret his harsh behavior or fall back into old patterns?

    Pairing: AU!Dean x Plus!Size Reader

    Characters: Ofc’s, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ruby, Benny Lafitte, Gadreel

    Warnings: angst, voyeurism, mentions of nakedness, language, calling names, arranged marriage implied cheating, arguments, violence, a hint of fun

    A/N: Y/F/N = Your father’s name

    A/N2: Part 2/3 of Broken Word


    “Bitch, do you want to feel my foot up to your ass or will you stop staring at my friend,” Ruby spats, eyes narrowing she looks at a girl who cannot stop looking at you.

    “I was just wondering if that’s the girl people were talking about. The one Dean Winchester married to fake love and devotion,” the girl sneers, grinning at you, “while he was fucking me so good.”

    Before you can stop Ruby she jumps off her chair, grabs the fake hair of the chick with so much force she rips a few strands out before she slams the girl’s head into the salad she did not eat. 

    “There’s your answer, walking STD,” Ruby smirks now, seeing the fear in the other girls’ eyes. “You say another word about Y/N, her marriage or Dean Winchester and you are dead, literally.”

    “You can’t just threaten people,” one of the other girls becomes brave but Ruby will not have it. Her fist meets the girl’s nose and you must get up to drag the petite brunette off the third girl. 

    “Let me go Y/N,” your friend fights you, “I’ll scratch that bitch eyes out, rip the hair off her ugly head and feed her with the leftovers,” Ruby yells and you need all your strength to finally make her stop.

    Keep reading

    #Broken Heart #sequel to broken word #dean winchester #au dean winchester #au dean #au dean winchester x reader #au dean x reader #au dean x you #dean winchester x you #dean winchester fanfic #dean winchester fanfiction #angst #dean winchester SPN #dean winchester x reader #dean x you #dean x reader #Supernatural fanfic#Supernatural AU
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  • Dean: I’m crying, you made me cry

    Crowley: baby

    Dean: now is not the time for pet names

    Crowley: no, I’m calling you a baby. I’m insulting you.

    #dean winchester#crowley #incorrect supernatural quotes #incorrect spn quotes #spn#supernatural #do i ship this? #honestly i have no clue #i dont know anymore
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    • sam: cas are you taking the quiz?
    • cas: yes. dean, it's asking me weird things.
    • dean: *reading harry potter* yeah, that's how it figures out your house
    • cas: what is a 'slytherin'?
    • dean: evil, why?
    • cas:
    • dean:
    • sam:
    • cas: i am a slytherin. *looks towards window*
    • sam: i think you hurt his feelings
    #castiel #destiel is real #destiel is canon #destiel#supernatural sam#sam winchester #dean and sam #deancas#supernatural dean#casdean#dean winchester#slytherin #cas is a slytherin #dean is a hufflepuff #you hurt his feelings #sam ships it
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  • A/N: Hey, guys!!!  I wrote this up out of boredom at like midnight because I was watching Supernatural so if it’s not great I’m sorry but also not sorry this is what I wrote and I’m gonna be proud of it even if it sucks.  Anywho, besides the very contradictory sentence that is coming out of my mouth because it’s 12am again(why am I always writing at midnight?) and I’m tired so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I hope you guys like this now byeeee I need sleep to be able to continue my reading of developmental psych!!!


    Originally posted by purgatoryking

    You sat up in bed, not able to sleep, as your husband slept softly snoring to your side.  You turned to your side, facing him, as you traced the faint scars along his chest.  The ones that he had acquired whilst fighting the supernatural.  Yes, you heard correctly, your husband, Dean Winchester, fought the supernatural alongside his younger brother Sam.  

    You two had met while he was on one of his trips.  You knew of the supernatural due to your father and therefore of course knew who the Winchester brothers were.  

    Your father had brought them in since they were working a case together and you sat at the dining table, minding your business, till Dean came over.  “What’s a pretty face like you doing here?”  

    You scoffed as you replied, “Maybe I’m here because I live here…”  You pointedly stared into his eyes, “That’s my dad, try anything and I’ll break your hands pretty boy.”  

    Dean let out a low whistle as he held his hands up in mock surrender, “Yes ma’am.  What’s your name or does asking your name qualify as ‘trying something’?”  Chuckling under your breath you held your hand out, “Y/n Y/l/n.”  He took your hand and before he could reply you cut in, “I already know who you are.  The infamous Winchester brothers.  I’m assuming you’re Dean since the other one is tall and cute.”  

    Dean’s face flashed with mock hurt as he replied, “Are you implying that I’m not cute?”  

    You shook your head, “I’m implying that you’re not cute…but you are definitely handsome.” A smile spread across his face as his eyes glinted with something you couldn’t place.  There was something similar to interest along with a great big hole full of despair and loneliness.  

    “Hey, Dean, we gotta go.”  Sam said, walking over as his hair swept in front of his face.  He turned to you, “Oh, hey, y/n.  Wanna come with?”  

    You nodded, walking over to link arms casually, “Yup, I’m bored out of my mind.  What’s the deal?”  

    Sam smiled as he ruffled your hair, “We’re not sure yet, but the bodies had bite marks on them and were bled.”  You nodded, “Soooo, most likely vampire?”  He nodded, “Most likely but there’s just something that doesn’t add up.”  “Oh, there you go again, Sammy, rolling that brain again.  Sometimes things are just what they are there isn’t always something else.”  

    Dean was glancing between the two of you, and if it was physically possible his jaw would’ve been all the way on the ground.  “Wait, a damn second.” he strolled over, “You two know each other?”  

    You smiled brightly, “Yeah, we met a couple years ago when he was studying law.  I was friends with some of his friends and it’s like we just immediately knew we were both running from something.”  Sam nodded, “Been friends since…I thought you knew?”  

    Dean shook his head profusely, “The hell I didn’t if, I did I would’ve come here a lot more often.” 

     You laughed head falling back as you slapped Sam’s shoulders, “As if you would’ve even had a chance, Winchester.  You’re not my type, too full of it.”  You walked over, before stopping inches in front of his face, “I personally would take Sammy here over you any day.”  

    Dean scoffed as he pulled away, “Whatever…Come on let’s go and you, just don’t get in the way I don’t want to have to save you.”  Chuckling you replied, “Don’t worry.  I think I’ll be doing all the ass saving.”  

    And yes, you were indeed correct, you saved him from almost being gutted by vampires and Sam was correct the vampires had something fishy so you continued to follow the leads.  Since, then it was history and here you are now sitting in bed with the love of your life, Dean Winchester.  

    You continued tracing the scars then traced your finger up to his face, running your finger along his jaw as you watched his eyes flutter beneath his eyelids.  He looked so peaceful and almost angelic when he was sleeping compared to his constant state of worry during the day where monsters lurked.  

    You were shaken from your thoughts as Dean grabbed your wrist, voice still laced with sleep, “Bad dream?”  he asked, automatically pulled your body close to his, embracing you as if trying to protect you from all that was bad.  

    Holding his hand close to your heart you fiddled with your wedding ring, “I have to talk to you, Dean.”  

    He mumbled something incoherent as he leaned his head on your shoulder, “Should I be scared?” he placed a kiss along the nape of your nape, making his way up to your jaw.  “It’s serious, if that’s what you mean,” you replied, trying to hold your fears away.  “Uh oh what’d I do?  Is it because I ate all the pie, I said I was sorry.”  

    He seemed more awake now, but still groggy, as you turned around to face him, placing your hand on his jaw.  “We need to talk, Dean.”  

    This seemed to completely shake him from his sleepy state as he took your hand and kissed your knuckles.  “Seriously, sweetheart, you’re scaring me.  What’s wrong?”  His eyes stared into yours, looking for in an answer, from fright.  

    “I-I…”  Your voice shook as you took a deep breath in, “I’m pregnant, Dean.”  

    His eyes stared into yours for a long moment before he smiled wide, as he pulled you into a hug, sheets entangling between your bodies.  “You’re not messing with me, right?  Oh my god, and everything that’s holy, you’re serious?”  

    You nodded as he sat up in bed, “Y/n!  We’re having a baby!”  He shouted, as you slapped his chest, “shhhh you’re gonna wake the neighbors if you’re any louder.”  “I don’t care.  I’m so happy.”  He leaned down as he kissed your forehead, “I can’t believe this.  I’m going to have a baby with the love of my life.”  

    His reaction blew all your worries away, as you took his hand in yours, “Are you seriously happy?”  He frowned slightly, in confusion, “Why wouldn’t I be?”  

    He pushed your hair out of your face as he waited for you to continue, “I don’t know…I just…You know with all that’s going on you and Sam are still quite busy.  I-I don’t want to be another one of your worries.”  Then you took a deep breath, holding back tears as you prepared yourself, “I also don’t want to worry about you two everyday.  I know I can’t tell you to stop but…but I don’t want to see you walk out the door and never come back.  I don’t want to raise our kid to be afraid that their dad might not come home the next day.  I don’t want to live without you Dean.  No, I can’t live without you.”  

    His eyebrows creased in the middle as he opened his mouth then close it to think of an appropriate response, “You won’t have to have all these worries, honey.  I’ll always be here, even if I have to go to hell and back again, I’ll always be here.”  He kissed your cheeks before continuing, “I can’t live without you, either, so you have to promise to not go on dangerous cases too.  You’re not the only one who’s worried every day.  I worry every time you leave the house for a case, I know you’re a badass and you saved my life and everything but…I worry.”  You nodded, “So, fewer cases or at least less dangerous cases.  Is that the final agreement?”  Dean smiled, mockingly holding out his hand, “It’s a deal.”  “It’s a deal,” you replied, shaking it mockingly and giving a salute.  

    Suddenly, Dean’s eyes lit up with excitement, “I’ve gotta tell Sammy.  He’s gonna freak out!”  Then he finished, “We beat him to having a kid ha!”  

    Rolling your eyes you slapped his arm, “It’s not a competition you idiot.”  “Yeahhhh, but it kinda is,” he said.  “Ugh whatever, I’ll call Jody.  We know she’ll be so excited she’s probably going to take vacation days just to come to see us so we’re gonna have to prepare the spare bedrooms.”  Dean nodded, as he excitedly yelled on the phone, “Sammy!  Guess what?  You know what don’t guess I’m gonna tell you.  We’re having a baby!”  His conversation continued with Sam as he excitedly bantered with his brother. 

     It was good to see him like this, free from stress, happy and not being chased by monsters or in hell, you smiled softly to yourself as you thought, I love you, Winchester.  Even if he was a pain in the ass sometimes, he was your pain in the ass.

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  • J2 Wallpaper [6]


    used Polarr + Remini

    like or reblog if you save! ✿

    I worried about the quality at the first but i think it seems good to me rn 👼🏻

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  • Okay, imagine if Dean is the villain in the end of the series, like, he lost all his family and now he is alone in the world, using that lucky coin and searching to kill god and then when he finally finds Chuck he kills him and the whole world disappears…

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  • I’m watching Route 666 (1-13) and the name of his first love is Cassie. CASSIE. “First love” is the words of the plot summary of the episode not my words. but her name is CASSIE, come on! Now we got Cass, and maybe this is his true love?? gosh darn it. this show kills me.

    #maybe this is why his nickname is cass and not cas? #oh god now im making bad theories #send help#supernatural#castiel#destiel #supernatural season fifteen #supernatural theory#dean winchester#casdean#deancas#sam winchester
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    • Jack: *singing* I've never felt so certain, all my life I've been torn, but I'm here for a reason, could it be the reason I was born?
    • Dean: Jack, cease and desist
    • Jack: I have always been so different, Normal rules did not apply!
    • Dean: Seriously, stop
    • Jack: Is this the day? Are you the way? I finally find out why! Show yourself-
    • Jack: HERE I AM
    • Dean: I'VE COME SO FAR!
    • Dean: ALL OF MY LIFE
    • Sam and Cas: *facepalming*
    #spn crack #source: frozen 2 #for the lyrics lol #Supernatural#Jack Kline#Dean winchester
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  • image

    Detective!Dean x Victim!Reader

    Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Abuse, Mentions of Sexual Abuse/Assault, Mentions of Rape {Non-descriptive}

    Words: 2,454

    Escape MasterList

    Keep reading

    #Escape#dean winchester #dean winchester love #dean winchester fanfic #dean winchester fan #dean winchester fic #dean winchester fanfiction #dean winchester fluff #Dean love#dean fanfiction#dean fanfic#dean fic#dean fan#Supernatural fanfic#supernatural fanfiction#supernatural#supernatural love#supernatural fic #dean x reader #Dean Winchester x Reader
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  • 9.18 Meta Fiction 

    #supernatural #spn 9.18 #meta fiction#jensen ackles#dean winchester#misha collins#castiel #dean and castiel #i love this scene so much #dean's voice making cas smile #cas talking making dean smile #yeah i love them #my edit
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