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  • 12x11 gave us dean and rowena being friends…. but like, imagine your ex being besties with your mom to the point where she likes him better and doesnt hide it at all rip crowley ALL IM SAYING IS imagine supernatural being excellent

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  • [Sam and Gabriel part 3] (Final Part)

    Gabriel:*half way across a wide stretch of lawn,heading towards the beach,a row of swaying palm trees on either side of the lawn, the sound of waves crashing audible from where he is*

    Sam:Gabe! *running after him,coat flowing from the beach breeze* GABRIEL STOP!

    Gabriel:*stop,shouts back* You’re not going to convince me to stay,Sam! The party is almost over anyways..what’s the point?

    Sam:*speaks after a moment of silence,voice coming out shaky* This is.

    [The lights underneath the palm trees come on all at once creating a glow underneath the leaves,Gabriel turns in surprise to look at them,then turns around completely to look at Sam]

    Sam:*down on one knee* I know this isn’t much..and I know it’s kind of awkward to propose on my brothers wedding day. But I asked in advance and they said it was cool. *takes out a little blue box from his inside his back pocket* Gabriel..I realized that the real reason you think nobody could ever love you is because nobody’s given you reassurance that they will love you forever. But thank goodness, faith has chosen me to be the one who does it. *opens the box to reveal a small but elegant diamond ring* and if you let me..I’ll make sure to reassure you for the rest of my life. *looks up* Gabriel..will you marry me?

    Gabriel:*staring at Sam,speechless*

    Dean:*watching with Cas from underneath a palm tree* That dummy better say something fast or I’m going to kick him.

    Cas:Do you think if I shout it’ll help him?

    Dean:*takes a fork out from his front tuxedo pocket,eating some of his wedding cake* It’s worth a shot.

    Cas:*cups his hands around his mouth* SAY YES YOU FOOL!

    Gabriel:*finally finding his words,nods his head* yes. *tears running down his cheeks* Yes I’ll marry you,Sam!

    Sam:*quickly stands up and pulls his fiancé into a kiss*

    Gabriel:*standing on his tiptoes to reach his lips*

    Dean:*crying* My baby brother is getting married

    Cas:*recording it on his phone* Your baby brother is tonguing my big brother.

    Dean:*tears quickly dry up,sees what they’re doing*Ewwww..there are children nearby. *scoffs,covers Cas’ eyes*


    Dean:I think you should stop recording babe..and edit that video.

    **second part is pinned to my blog**

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  • Castiel is canonically pansexual. I know we like to call him gay but like he banged the ladies too.

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  • Just thinking about that time that Dean instantly knew John was possessed because he said, “I’m proud of you,” which Dean knew was wildly out of character.

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  • dean winchester painted :))) with :)))))) the csp :))))))))))) bee movie brush (which unfortunately got taken down) 

    #supernautral#fanart#dean winchester#spn#digital art#spn fanart#my art #only gonn apaint with this brush from now on :) #its cursed and i love it
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  • for @rambleoncas because as much as that last empty idea hurt me, i couldn’t leave it like that. inspired by this beautiful piece of art <3

    dean stumbles around in the empty, eyes puffy and his head cloudy from hours of crying. he’s not sure where he’s going but he does know what he’s looking for. deep down in his heart of hearts, he’s always been looking for him. for cas and for the love that cas has for him: the unconditional kind. the kind that absolutely terrifies him but also sets him free, knowing that he can mess up and things will still be okay. knowing that his mistakes won’t drive cas away; or so he hopes. at least, he hasn’t yet and he’s made more than a few mistakes along the way. he loves cas. he wants to love cas the way that cas loves him because he knows that cas deserves a helluva lot better than him. but he’ll try, he’ll try his best because that’s what love is. it’s sacrifice. one that dean is all too eager to make. cas deserves the world, and if he ever were to ask for it, dean would do almost anything to obtain it for him. he would. he would wander every foot of this forsaken land just to find—

    dean sees something. it sticks out of the darkness and yet, is consumed by it too. time seems to stop as dean approaches it, and he knows with every fiber of his being what it is. it’s not an it, it’s a he, and his name is castiel, the beautiful angel who has sacrificed everything for him. castiel, cas who loves him. sniffling softly, dean places his hand under cas’ chin, cupping it in his fingers. cas. cas cas cas. you’re here. you’re real. you’re actually here. without thinking, dean presses his lips to the place he knows cas’ would be, shutting his eyes just as a single tear falls down his face. cas, i love you. i love you. i’m sorry i didn’t tell you. i love you. you’re here with me. i love you…

    a splash of wetness slides onto dean’s fingers and dean opens his eyes slowly, not wanting to be met with cold, unforgiving nothingness. instead of the dark figure stands cas in its place, skin flushed and warm against his fingertips.

    “cas,” dean says reverently, voice hitching and eyes welling up with tears. “cas…”

    he presses his forehead to cas’ and breathes as a sob wracks itself from his mouth, shaking his whole body.

    “dean.” cas’ hands cup his cheeks, looking into his eyes with a soft sort of emotion that makes dean break a little more. he feels vulnerable and raw, but he feels safe with cas. safe and loved, as he’s been for so long. perhaps even always. dean’s arms wrap themselves around cas’ shoulders as he presses his head into the fabric of cas’ stupid, dorky trenchcoat. cas.

    “never leave me again,” he mumbles, squeezing his arms tighter around the angel like a child with their favorite toy. except cas is more than a toy, he will always be more. because cas is everything and dean cannot live with out him, just as the earth cannot live without the sun.

    two arms embrace him, bringing them impossibly closer to each other. “i’ll never leave. i’ll never leave you.”

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  • I’m really tired and reading a fic and it mentioned a “bottle of Jack” and for a second my mind thought something clicked together correctly and I in shock ‘realized’ that Dean named Jack after Jack Daniels until rational thoughts flooded back and I remembered Kelly named him and also Dean hated Jack at birth lol.

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  • image

    This is probably the second best fanfic I’ve ever read. It’s Dean/Benny of course but it’s just AMAZING. Check it out💞

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  • People who write fics where Sam knew Dean liked dudes since they were kids are so boring. Sam started figuring it out when he realized his microaggressions were hitting the nail a little too on the head. The whole siren ordeal was probably what really drive it home.

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  • just thinking about Sam going to law school and he’s halfway through his family law course when it hits him like a bat to the head that he and Dean were abused by John. And yeah ok, he’s considered it before, had moments in his psych courses of ‘i’ve experienced that’ but it’s not until he’s farther from his teens, not until he’s had some distance that he really gets it. 

    and he and Dean have been talking again, for a while now, and Sam will ask gentle, probing questions about their childhood. and he’s horrified but he can’t tell Dean because Dean’s not there, yet, couldn’t hear it, but now that Sam sees it he can’t stop seeing it. eventually, eventually he and Dean talk about it, really talk about it, and Dean’s like, you know what, wish we could sue him. not for money, just to make a point. 

    and Sam leans back, like, well, you couldn’t. statute of limitations hasn’t run out on me yet

    #supernatural#sam winchester#dean winchester #tw child abuse #cw child neglect #john winchester's a+ parenting #i just. like. i've had those realizations as an adult and it's #it's so weird. like this past year i've had one of those #like i've had the abuse ones before #but this year was the first year i really want 'oh hey i was homeless for a time as a teenager' #and like. sitting with that is weird.
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  • Ehsjdjd the way dean looks damn good in his glasses and then it cuts to sam in the car looking like a whole entire grandpa with his glasses fjskd lmfaoo

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  • I just had an epiphany…

    If I never knew you from Pocahontas, but it’s Destiel.

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  • Dean is like- in an elaborate love polygon

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  • image

    —Witch’s Canyon (Supernatural #2), by Jeffrey J. Marriotte

    I could honestly quote 6 pages here. but the gist is—sam is 8, dean is 12, and john is making them run an obstacle course on a farm he rented. dean has a real gun, sam finger guns. dean finished the course in 3 tries. but sam is small and skinny and he can’t get over a large gap.

    we know from the historian’s note that witch’s canyon takes place a week after a very supernatural christmas (spn 3x08). but this flashback is also set pretty close to the flashbacks in that episode.

    which means it’s sometime in 1992. we know from the episode that sam now knows about the supernatural. john must’ve found out that sam knows—because he’s immediately got him training with dean.


    it’s the italic that just. floors me. like it’s not even really subtext. the implication here is that john hits his kids. he gets scary angry. he’s scares dean. on sam’s behalf.

    john’s yelling and sam’s crying and dean is desperate to de-escalate the situation. why? because john is scary angry. and I don’t think sam knows what that implies. it’s hardly even subtext. john. hits. dean. and dean is terrified he’s going to hit sam.

    so what does he do? offers to get him a snickers bar. it’s so sweet and innocent and just tears at your heartstrings that a candybar is like. the height of luxury for these kids.

    and sam is immediately suspicious. they can’t afford that. dean can’t. at 8 yrs old sam understands how tight their food budget is—and a candybar is a rare and precious treat. but dean promises and I’m crying again. what is 12-yr-old dean gonna do in order to get that candybar? he’s gonna steal it. or worse.


    I am assuming the “truck” is meant to be the impala. but I don’t think dean really understands john yet. I mean he’s just a kid and he assumes that—because john magically has money and no job—that he’s stealing. I kinda don’t think so.

    john’s an ex-marine. he’s gonna have a rigid sense of right and wrong—at least for certain things. and I think law-abiding would be one of his more inflexible values.

    we actually see this in bad boys (spn 9x07) when dean is caught stealing peanut butter and bread. and what does john do? tells the police officer to let him rot in jail. he ends up in a local home for deliquent boys and it turns out to be really good for dean. but see the thing is. john didn’t know that. he just left him. for over a month.

    so yeah, dean steals that snickers. it’s probably not the first time either. and it definitely won’t be the last. and we have no idea how many times he’s caught—he probably has a juvie record of petty crimes that only gets worse as he gets older. moves from white bread sandwiches to the list in folson city blues (spn 2x07) that henriksen’s partner reads off. “mail fraud, credit card fraud, grave desecration, armed robbery, kidnapping, and, oh, three counts of first-degree murder.”

    in nightshifter (spn 2x12) henriksen refers to dean as a monster. and he draws reasonable conclusions. that dean is the way he is because of john.


    (side note: this is why I don’t seen dean becoming a police officer. for one, it’s too risky that his face will be known. for another, dean says acab. jody and donna being exceptions and not the rule.)

    because the thing is john’s negative reinforcement gets sam no where. it’s not until dean believes in him (moreso than the promise of a snickers) that get’s sam over the obstacle. and dean is estatic. he whoops with joy and congratulates sam. john, however:


    so yeah. maybe henriksen has a point. in many ways dean is who he is because of john. he has anger issues and he’s an alcoholic. but henriksen doesn’t see the whole picture. and it’s not even the supernatural factor.

    he doesn’t see dean actually worrying that he is a monster. that his life and its challenges and its terrors have turned him into john. an unfeeling, neglectful, vengeful man.

    but we also know dean had the opportunity to leave. to escape john and his scary anger and the paramilitary training and the petty theft and the empty stomach. but he wouldn’t leave sam. couldn’t leave sam. because if he left. if he walked away. then all of those horrible things that dean faced from john would fall on sam.

    dean isn’t a monster. a monster wouldn’t worry about feeding his little brother. about encouraging him. about protecting him. a monster would’ve walked away from the family business and never looked back. a monster wouldn’t apologize again and again and again. for every new mistake. mistakes he tries to fix.

    a monster wouldn’t worry that they’re a monster. a monster wouldn’t even know. john didn’t.

    #the show puts john on this sickening pedestal and I hate it #john winchester’s a+ parenting #also I headcanon that snickers become part of their sibling shorthand #dean gives sam a candybar whenever he needs encouragement #like maybe dean spotted his stanford applications #didn’t say anything but just left a snickers in his bag #spn witch’s canyon #jeffrey j mariotte #spn books 02 #spn 2x07#spn 2x12#spn 2x17#spn 3x08#dean winchester#sam winchester#spn 9x07
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  • what happens when an angel is born
      with a crack in his chassis?
    he wanders away from what’s holy
      looking to fix it
    what does he find when he goes
      too far down?
    a mechanic’s wayward son
      with a gun always in hand

    and then?
      the sparks fly.


    #pro tip: do not google what a broken chassis is and how it is fixed #ok. gonna go back to *checks metaphorical notes because i never made any real ones* #the 'process of preparing an accounting equation' #this is not something that should be read for the first time 2 days before the exam #thats another 'pro tip' for you #castiel#dean winchester#destiel#poetry#mine#blue writes#userpris#usershey#rambleoncas
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  • We know that J*hn would kick Dean out sometimes after he was 18, but before Sam left. We know that in J*hn’s journal he usually wrote an entry on the boy’s birthdays. One year he points out that Dean is not with him, but is instead in Arkansas. I am choosing, because I hate J*hn, to believe that this was because Dean was kicked out during that period, and was forced to celebrate his birthday alone, feeling rejected and lonely. This was perhaps the first birthday he spent alone.

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  • Where exactly did Dean think Castiel was when he was with Lisa for a year between seasons 5 & 6?

    #random spn thoughts #deancas#spn headcanon#spn#dean winchester #dude dies for you and then is ressurrected and you're just like peace? #literally the only person he knows at this point besides bobby #dean what is wrong with you tho? #castiel deserved better than dean maybe #dean meta #i have never seen a more complete triangle
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  • Just watched S10 E22 for the first time since the finale…. Rewatching with my roommate, who hasn’t seen it yet, so I’m not seeing it all consecutively atm. Is all of their scenes going to hurt this much? Like I’m watching the confession all over, but it’s so much harder because it’s so obviously there and I just can’t. The second the song started as Cas was confronting Dean…I was a wreck…I just can’t…

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