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  • Literally never over the fact that Dean Winchester bonds with every single teenage girl he meets, like here’s this guy who makes fun of his brother non-stop in seasons 1-3 for being “girly” (see: ”Sam Winchester cries his way through sex,” among others) and yet literally, l i t e r a l l y ever time Dean meets a struggling teenage girl (Krissy Chambers, Claire Novak, Marie from Fan Fiction), he immediately is like, I understand your pain and frustration, and treats them with respect and doesn’t demean them, yet still jokes around with them and has fun and lets them bully him, and obviously eldest daughter/female-coded Dean Winchester much, but I’m in physical agony thinking about Dean being this mentor for all these young girls and loving them, and you want me to believe that part of Dean’s happy ending didn’t involve him being a parent in some way? Get lost. 

    #supernatural#dean winchester#claire novak#krissy chambers#marie#teenage girls #dean WAS a teenage girl in his heart so he understands them #i'm watching the things we left behind and i'm so sad #dad!dean #mentor!dean #like the way it's originally conceived of/written you would swear that sam would fill this role/act this way #BUT IT'S DEAN #and it makes so much sense and it's so good
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  • Been watching supernatural and I had a dream last night where Sam, Dean, and Cas were hunting something- doesn’t really matter what- but when they got back from the hunt I decided to feed them, so I cooked them dinner and Sam and Dean were eating like normal people, but Cas grabbed an old piece of toast out of the dog bowl and ate it.

    I was like “Cas there is fresh bread if you want it” and he went 🤔, so I gave it to him and he tried it and went 🤔😬😐.I told him he could continue eating the dog bread if he wanted and he nodded and continued to do that.

    Sam and Dean didn’t acknowledge this at all, Apparently it was a normal thing.

    I wasn’t offended, it was pretty clear it was just a weird, personal preference.

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  • there is nothing. NOTHING!!!! that gives me stronger feelings than dean and cas just riding in the impala together. like in 14x09 when they drove their whole trip together with no music bc the tape deck was broken?? so they had to just drive and enjoy each other’s company?? dean in his element and cas by his side??? that concept is so SEXY!!!

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  • Quick question:

    Has the CW or the Spanish dub company released any kind of statement at all?

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  • image

    Day 2: Dean is Bisexual

    The colors on this one were fun!!

    #spndbcc #spndbcc day 2 #bi!dean #dean winchester#spn #spn fan art #saminzat's trash art
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  • its november 5th, 2021. i wake up, theres screaming in the streets, houses are on fire, i log into twitter to see what’s going on…

    jensen ackles released the un-cut version of 15x18.  

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  • I like the idea that sometimes Dean asks Cas to grab him a sandwich and instead of going to the gas station or just making one, Cas will teleport to really nice, random places on earth and get Dean a really good sandwich.

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  • So did Jensen really have a crush on Misha or is that just fan speculation?

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  • “you see. he has this weakness. he likes you.”

    “and after a rousing speech his true weakness is revealed. he is in love. with humanity.”

    “i will get rid of your human weakness…. just like i got rid of mine”

    proceeds to kill humanity

    #supernatural#Destiel#Dean Winchester#humanity #oops did i make the same tag twice. #Castiel #i started of real emotional how did i reach there.
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  • My favorite Supernatural episode is ‘Just My Imagination"

    source: pinterest.dk/

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  • I’m watching Shadowhunters, the wedding scene, how Alec goes to Magnus, catches his shirt and kisses him and I want this for Cas and Dean.

    I can’t even watch another show without thinking about Destiel - kill me pls

    (gif is not the wedding scene but I need this in Destiel pls)


    Originally posted by shadowhuntersseries

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  • I read an article about the “Rogue Spanish Dubber” that said it was “obviously a mistake” because Cas’s line “happiness isn’t in the having, it’s in just being, it’s in just saying it” proves that Cas didn’t need Dean to reciprocate, so Dean obviously wouldn’t be scripted to say “I love you too” afterwards.

    But what if those words weren’t a “self-realization” on Castiel’s part, but more—a piece of advice for Dean? If that’s the case, then Cas’s happiness wasn’t him speaking his truth and admitting his love—because he’s basically said all those things before (not as explicitly, but he’s summarized those sentiments). What if his happiness was actually hearing Dean accept love? It’d make sense right? After his long speech of all Dean’s accomplishments—telling Dean how he’s helped Cas become better. Telling him all the ways he actually gave Cas the ability to care. Castiel was trying to convince Dean that he is a good man, the best man … that’s what has driven Castiel since the beginning. He has been trying to convince Dean to love himself, that he deserves to be saved. So, what if everything we have speculated in the past is true—that they’ve had romantic interactions before. The level of comfort and intimacy we’ve seen between them over the seasons: the mix tape, the “he found it under my pillow” the face touching and deep talks, the married-style bickering … what if all that was showing us that they have been “together” but the only thing that hasn’t happened between the two is them stating that explicit and definitive “I love you”? Castiel knew that once he said it to Dean—in that moment where, not only are their lives were on the line, but the fate of the world was too; where saying it meant that he’d die, he knew Dean would have to believe him. And the very second Dean did believe him, Castiel would find true happiness, allowing The Empty to come in and take him away; but how would he know that Dean believed him? Dean would have to tell Cas he loved him back – he’d have to actually accept the angel’s love, accept all the good things about himself, accept that he’s worthy enough to be loved and to give love. And he would accept it, because every bone in his body wanted him to. Every muscle ached for those words to finally come out; but when they did, Dean realized the mistake he’d made. Accepting love means you can lose it, and his love was taken from him the very moment he let it in.

    Dean Winchester is saved – that’s always been Castiel’s happiness.

    Dean Winchester is lost – because Castiel was his happiness.

    #I don't know if this made sense #but I'm sad now #Destiel#Dean Winchester#Castiel#spn#15x18#The Truth#Despair
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  • sometimes i think about how dean spend one (1) weekend with lisa and only went back in season 3 bc he was dying and wanted to have sex with her again but she had a child and there was some Supernatural so that didn’t happen but then suddenly in season 5 when he’d about to say yes to michael he stops by and is like when i picture myself happy it’s with you :) then later just? moved in with her and ben and just started acting like a Normal Man for a year even tho he’s never been with someone for 2 months before?

    #im pretty sure #the only woman he loved before that was #cassie #the way this just doesn’t make sense to me now that i actually think about it #spn#dean winchester#lisa braeden#ben braeden
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    Made this to sum up my

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    #GODDAMMIT TUMBLR I HAVENT EVEN WATCHED A SINGLE EPISODE OF THIS SHOW #destial#spn#destiel#supernatural#dean winchester#castiel#adhd#adhd meme #castiel x dean #hyper fixation #dean x castiel
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  • i’ve only just now considered which one direction songs go with destiel and my mind has just…short-circuited

    #ah? why had i not thought of this #destiel#dean winchester#castiel#rebeccaspeaks
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  • fics with the dean smith family dynamic where ellen and bobby are his parents and jo is his sister are elite i love it so much

    #not fics about dean smith let me be clear #sam is also there but the MAIN focus here is erasing mary and john lmaoooo #anywayyy#spn#dean winchester
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  • hey i’m going wild over the fact that so much of who dean winchester is as a person can be explained by the fact that from the time he was, literally, four years old he saw himself as having to be both mother and father to his little brother but he only had extremely gendered conservative modelling for what the roles of mother and father looked like and especially terrible father modelling so he ended up tucking blankets around people’s shoulders and always making sure everyone around him was fed at the same time as he channelled all his emotion into the chamber of a gun and kept his family safe but never told them he loved them

    #supernatural#dean winchester #it's literally. i know female coded dean has become a bit of a fandom joke but what he is isn't female coded specifically #it's mother coded #it's just that he's also father-coded and it's bc he's been serving both roles his entire life #SPN#meta#mine
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