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    Ok this is inchoherent but I’m thinking like “some are born into fatherhood” and like John, “some achieve fatherhood” and then Cas, and finally “some have fatherhood thrust apon them” and like Dean. Does this make sense?

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    dean winchester 🤝 likes wearing womens underwear 🤝 pinocchio in shrek 2

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    🎉Happy Birthday Jack🎉!!!

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    yo it fucking kills me how hinata had been so determined to prove that he wasn't useless without kageyama. it absolutely destroys me. he works and works and works his goddamn ass off to be better, to get recognition, and after all he'd accomplished in such a short time, he'd still been insecure about that, at least until around s4 i think. it reminds me a bit of how castiel believes so vehemently that he's useless and worthless without dean. it's heartbreaking. maybe im projecting too much but idk. im just really happy that hinata's grown into himself, as a player and as a person, and proved to himself that yeah, he and kageyama together are invincible, but he's still a brilliant player on his own. whether it's one time or many, it absolutely sucks to hear that without someone else by your side, people see no worth in you. but now hinata sees worth in himself, with and without kageyama.

    #please accept this word vomit #haikyuu#hinata shouyou #my kagehina feels are on fire today huh #anti dean winchester #if only castiel pulled a hinata and realized how fucking awesome he is #i love my boys (hina kags and cas) #not dean fuck that guy
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    i love you so much. happy birthday jack, you deserve the world <3

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    Dean moodboard

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    Obligatory Jack Kline Birthday Fic

    Jack turns four, and makes a decision.

    There had been no big bash for his birthday- that wasn't his family's style. Dean had clapped him on the shoulder and promised him cake after dinner. Sam had given him a hug and a $100 gift card for the book store in town, with a promise to take him whenever he wanted. Castiel had given him a home made card and a promise to take him camping the same night as an upcoming meteor shower. There was also a set of Star Wars action figures that made Jack smile. There'd been a phone call from Jody and the girls, with Claire promising to take him on a "proper sloppy bar crawl" when they were together next. There'd been a flimsy attempt to hide cheap decorations as Dean urged him to take a walk. And it was exciting, but...

    Jack looks up when one of the children in the park he is in shrieks. It's a little boy and he's fallen off one of the climbing structures. Jack reaches out a hand instinctively, to fix, to heal, but there's no need because a large man with a deep voice and tight curls to match the boy's is already there, lifting the child to his feet, brushing the wood chips off his shirt. Barely a moment, and the boy is smiling again, rushing back onto the structure with his father at his back to support him. Jack settles back onto the bench. Making it to the top of this structure would be the biggest thing this boy has to accomplish today, maybe even this week. He has no need to worry about anything else.

    Deep inside him, Jack's hybrid grace moves, pulsing warmly. Shifting. Asking a question. Jack rests his hand against his stomach and casts his eyes over the park again. He notes that a couple of parents are giving him odd looks, remembers that he's too old to be hanging around a park with no child of his own.

    He's just turned four.

    Jack returns to the bunker, heading for the kitchen where he can smell Dean cooking. Sam and Castiel are there as well, and Jack stops in the doorway to think about how much he loves his dads. He loves Sam stealing tastes of food and narrowly avoiding a rap of Dean's spoon across his fingers. He loves Cas arranging the paper decorations Jack had deliberately not seen that morning around the room and on the table, probably bought from the dollar store. He loves Dean pretending he's annoyed by the hubbub. He loves how they all three turn to him with felicitations for the day, lightly scolding him for coming home early, before their modest celebration was ready for him.

    He knows that he loves his dads just as much as the little boy from the park loves his. He's content. He's just turned four.

    But his grace still moves within him and his heart still aches a little, so he asks the question:

    "If I was a normal... if I was four years old. Physically. Would... you still want me?"

    Dean makes a face that means Jack is confusing him with weird angel things.

    "What kind of question is that?"

    "Of course we would, Jack." Sam hurries to answer. He's translating for Dean as well, Jack thinks. Worried that Dean's abrasiveness would make Jack sad like he'd been when Castiel had been dead and Dean had hated him. He shouldn't worry so much.

    "I was prepared to raise you from an infant." Castiel intones. "There is no form you could take that would make me love you less. Would make any of us love you less."

    Jack takes this in. He looks at the colorful decorations, the chili brewing on the stove, the lopsided cake baking in the over. He looks at his dads and thinks of the park. He thinks about what life could be if climbing a plastic tower was the hardest thing he had to work at. If he did not have to hide from people he met that he had a talking teddy bear that he liked to sleep with, if he could play with other children. His grace swells within him.

    "Jack? You're kind of glowing, buddy." Dean's voice is cautious, and Jack tilts his head at him, then at Sam and Castiel.

    "Would... would it be okay if I was four years old now?"

    Sam and Dean look confused, but Castiel catches on immediately.

    "If that's what you want, Jack."

    "Could we still go camping?"

    "I would have to get a more appropriately sized sleeping bag." Cas frowns a moment. "And mind your bed time."

    "That's sounds awesome."

    Sam is the next to understand.

    "Jack... can you do that? I mean... what would that do to you?"

    "I would still remember you." Jack assures him as Dean makes a choked noise, coming to his own realization. "I would never let myself forget a moment of being your son. And I think I'd like to remember how to read." Reading is one of his favorite activities. "But with Chuck gone, not as many hunts come through and..." Jack shifts on his feet, surprised to feel the heat of tears building behind his eyes. "And I'd really like to be four years old. And for you to still be my dads. Please." He sniffs. "I know I had to be a grown up to start with. I know that it's selfish to ask you to take care of me. But it's my birthday and I really, really, want to be four years old. And then five years old, next year."

    To Jack's surprise, Dean is the first one to wrap his arms around him. Dean's gruff voice rumbles through him.

    "If that's what you want, Jack... you just give Sammy enough time to go get you some four-year-old essentials from the store. And then you do what you have to do."

    Jack turns four and makes a decision.

    He decides to grow up the slow way this time. He decides to be too short to reach the sink without a stool, too uncoordinated to write his name neatly. He decides to use a nightlight and learn to ride a bike and paint messy watercolors of Daddy, Papa, and Tatti in kindergarten. He decides to let Dean sing him old Zeppelin songs to make him sleep when he's cranky, to let Sam lift him on his shoulders to tower high above the world. He decides to curl up on Castiel's lap to read 'The Little Prince.' He decides to let Claire paint his nails and dress him like a doll and sneak him pieces of nougat.

    He decides to climb every tower in the playground.

    Jack is four years old. And he is happy.

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    The Therapist Chapter 9- I Got Your Back

    Pairings: Dean x Reader

    Series Summary: After past burdens start to heal through years of therapy and soul searching, you find the one who was made for you. Unfortunately some people aren't as happy about your progress as you are.

    Warnings: swearing probably, mentions of death, family death, sadness, slight fluff if you squint.

    A/N: I am so sorry this chapter was so damn long, I got carried away 😂

    It’s been a month since Dean proposed and it was the best time of your life. Things were finally turning around for you, the happiness was finally seeping in. You started getting back to work at the coffee shop which Donna was extremely happy about. Dean was proud of you and he wouldn’t let you forget it, everyday when he dropped you off at work he would kiss you like it was the first time his lips ever laid on yours before telling you how much you meant to him. There was no shadow of a doubt that this was the man who was made for you. He was earth's present for all the pain you’ve gone through.

    He knew you were happy, but he was scared and you could tell. He loved you so much that he constantly worried if you really were okay or if you were better at hiding it. You didn’t blame him for not trusting you after the past. The times where you just broke down and tried to hurt yourself or even tried to kill yourself. He didn’t want that to happen again, especially not when he can help it. You would tell him endlessly that he doesn’t need to hold in things that are bothering him just because he didn’t want to upset you, couples fight and you expected one to happen but he avoided it like you would break.

    There wasn’t much to argue about either way, Dean would have a hard day and sometimes shut down but he insisted it had nothing to do with you. The thing that bugged you was that even though he had a hard day and he wanted to talk about it, his first instinct was to check on you. You loved when he was being protective and wanting to make sure you were alright, but you hated that he couldn’t see he was just as worth it as you were. You loved and cared for him just as much, and you worried about him everyday.

    Dean booked the weekend off for the both of you to take a little trip to his friend’s cabin, there was supposed to be drinking and partying, an occasion to let loose for once. Honestly, you weren’t the party type but you were excited for Dean. He has only brought you to see his friends once and it didn’t go well, he deserved a fun night with no expectations or drama.

    You already started packing by the time Dean got home, he ran into the bedroom and tackled you to the bed almost immediately. “Dean!” You giggled. He chuckled as he rested his head on your chest, “It’s the weekend, I'm with my girl, I get to see my friends, everything is great.” He sighed in content. You couldn’t help but smile, this is exactly what you wanted to hear. Dean climbed off of you after a little while, bringing you in close for a deep kiss before helping you pack all the rest of the things.

    A few hours later after packing and eating a quick dinner, Dean was on the road. You sat in the passenger seat humming to your favorite songs while playing on your phone. “Hey Sweetheart, what are you doing over there? Texting your boyfriend?” He chuckled. You smiled at him as your eyes rolled. “Yeah actually, he says he is going to meet us at the cabin, he wants to have a threesome. Is that alright with you?” You joked. He couldn’t help the deep laugh that escaped his throat, “Fine, but he better show me some love too.” You laughed hard at his joke, causing him to watch your face as a smile erupted on his lips. “You're so cute, seriously though, what are you up to?” You put the phone down in your lap, a little nervous to tell him what you were looking into.

    “I was uh.. reading about this program they offer online, it’s to become a therapist, I don't know I guess I was thinking about it.”

    “Y-You.. You want to become a therapist?” He questioned, a hint of shock in his voice.

    You dropped your head as you felt a little embarrassed, you’ve never really thought about what you wanted to do but now that you had an idea, you thought it might be a little ridiculous. Dean’s hand came to yours as you nodded your head.

    “Sweetheart, I am so proud of you. Go for it, you would be an amazing therapist!”

    “How come you're always so damn supportive of me?”

    “Because you're my girl, and you have come a long way, and not a day goes by where I’m not impressed or proud of you. It’s easy to be supportive and proud of you when you fight so hard to make things alright for yourself and us.”

    His voice started to crack as he spoke, you dared to look over and saw a tear dropping from his eyes.

    “Dean.. why are you crying?”

    “I just… remember when we first met on that bridge? You were so close to ending your life. I kept thinking, what possibly could have pushed this girl so far that she feels the need to take her own life. You were the most gorgeous, cute and kind girl I’ve ever met and hearing that people treated you like garbage only made me feel the need to protect you more. Then I experienced all the things first hand, all the people trying to push you down and break you. Hell, I would have broken after everything you’ve been through, but you pushed through everything on your own, you got up and fought to make things right. You aren’t lost anymore, you're not broken, you're a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it, and that amazes me and scares me at the same time…”

    “Why does that scare you?”

    “Because… I keep thinking, what if when you realize how strong and amazing you are, you realize you can do better than me? I was there for you in really tough times, yes, but what happens when you don’t need me anymore?”

    “Dean… baby I am always going to need you, no matter what. Yes, I am becoming stronger and more independent but I would never be so independent that I wouldn’t need you in my life. You did more than be there for me in tough times, you saved my life, you held me when I cried, you helped me put the pieces back together, you fought so hard to protect me and you even tackled me to get a blade out of my hands, and then apologized for tackling me. Dean you are the most selfless, amazing, beautiful, funny and kindest soul I have ever seen, there is no replacing you. We did this together and we are going to finish this together.”


    “Really. I love you to death Dean.”

    “I-I love you so much sweetheart.”

    Dean drove quietly for the next few minutes, you could tell he was trying to shake off the emotions he just went through. You really hoped he believed you, you couldn't imagine a life without him beside you, fighting for you and with you. When you arrived at the cabin, Dean was hesitant to get out. You held his hand tight as you checked to see if he was alright. “I.. I’m sorry for all that emotional drama back there, I do believe you that we are in this together, my insecurities get to me sometimes that's all.” He whispered. You smiled and leaned in for a kiss. “I understand babe, just let me prove to you I’m not letting you go alright?” He grabbed your hand as he laid a kiss onto it, winking at you before kicking open the door and going around your side to open yours.

    When you approached the cabin, you could hear loud music and cheering and it made Dean even more excited. The door opened to reveal one of his friends you met for a second, but didn’t have the chance to introduce yourself. “Dean! Y/N! You made it, come in!” He waved at you to enter. He stopped at the door and pulled Dean in for a hug before doing the same thing with you. “We didn’t have a chance to properly meet, I’m Cass.” You smiled at him before he stole you away from Dean to introduce you to the rest of the crew. Cass walked you around the cabin introducing everybody who was there, you met Benny, Garth, Kevin and Gabriel. Everyone was super sweet and nice to you, they all pulled you in for hugs and told you embarrassing stories about your fiancé.

    Dean came to steal you while Benny was in the middle of a really embarrassing story about one of Dean’s hookups, one that you really wanted to hear. “Okay! Nope, I’m stealing my fiancé back now!” He shouted causing the boys to laugh. “No wait Dean I want to hear what happened!” You shouted, reaching for Benny’s hand. Dean chuckled as he grabbed your arms and swooped you over his shoulder. “Nope, you guys did enough here, I’m going to go get us some drinks and introduce Y/N to somebody.”

    He brought you to the door before finally setting you down, you laughed before noticing a taller man and woman standing not far from you. “Y/N, this is my brother Sam and his wife Jess.” He smiled. You put your hand out to shake it but Sam quickly engulfed you in a tight hug, along with Jess. “Man, no wonder Dean is always so happy, I would be too if I got a hug from everyone I knew” You laughed. Dean chuckled before escaping to the bar to get everyone a drink. “So Y/N, Dean told me a lot about you, I am so happy to finally meet you!” Sam almost shouted. You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Dean talked about you to others, you knew he loved you but you could only imagine his face when he spoke about you to his friends.

    An hour has passed and everybody was drunk, the music was blaring and Dean was on the dancefloor with Jess while you sat with Sam laughing. “How long have you guys been together?” Sam questioned.

    “About a year!”

    “Wow, he really must love you to pop the question that fast, he was never really a committed person.”

    “How long have you and Jess been together?”

    “About 7 years now, we met in college and got married about two years ago.”

    “Aw! That’s awesome, you both look very happy.”

    “We definitely are, relationships are hard because men are stubborn but if it’s worth it, you both can live in happiness for the rest of your lives.”

    You smiled before Dean rushed to your side, pulling you on the dance floor with him. You giggled as he spun you and held you in his arms. “I love you so much,” He whispered. You kissed his cheek as you pulled him closer. “I love you too babe.” Sam and Jess joined shortly after, along with all the boys. They all joined your dance party, screaming and shouting and becoming reckless. Jess and yourself escaped the room before you got injured, laughing at how ridiculous the boys were.

    You started walking around the cabin with Jess sharing your life stories, telling each other how you met the boys and your hardest moments. You felt like she was your best friend already even if you just met her a few hours ago. Your phone started ringing causing you to jump out of your skin, laughing with Jess who got scared too.


    “Hello, is this Y/N L/N?”

    “Yes.. who is this?”

    “This is St.Michael's Hospital, your mom was brought in an hour ago, she had a stroke and was brought in by.. Chelsea L/N. You were one of her emergency contacts, I’m assuming you're her daughter?”

    “Uh… yeah.”

    “Well, we did everything we could but your mom is in a coma, we don’t think she is going to survive long.. If you’d like to come say goodbye, now is the time.”

    You froze as you dropped the phone, Jess quickly helping you to sit down. You couldn’t believe what you just heard, your mom was in the hospital. Honestly, you dreamed about this moment wondering if you would care or not when karma bit her in the ass. You didn’t exactly know how you were feeling, but it certainly wasn't grief. It wasn’t sadness that your mom was passing away, it was more anger. You felt angry that she didn’t come to you and apologize for everything she’s done to you, she didn’t try to fix things with you. Part of you didn’t want to visit her to say goodbye, but part of you wanted closure. Dean would know what to do.

    Jess wrapped her arms around you, she felt how cold you’ve become and she was trying to provide any comfort she could. You were frozen, you couldn’t move or speak, you didn’t know how to feel. She tilted your head up to face hers as you mouthed Dean. Quickly, she ran inside to get him for you.

    Dean ran out a few moments later with Jess by his side. He crouched in front of you as Jess sat beside you, wrapping her arm around your back. “Y/N? Sweetheart?” Dean whispered, brushing a tear you didn’t realize came down.

    “My.. mom. She’s in the hospital. Stroke.” You whispered, your head was so clouded you didn’t know what emotions you were feeling. Dean offered you a sad smile as Jess leaned her head on your shoulder. Dean quickly explained the situation to Jess who tightened her grip on you like she wanted to protect you from everything bad and honestly it comforted you a lot.

    “Sweetheart, did you want to go say goodbye?” He questioned slowly, rubbing his hands on your shoulders. You shrugged your shoulders, you really didn’t know the answer to that, you needed somebody to tell you what to do.

    “Y/N, I know I don’t know everything about your situation but maybe going would be a good thing? You could tell her everything you have been feeling and confront her about it. She may not be able to respond but getting it off your chest may help.” Jess suggested. You nodded before looking back at Dean for an answer.

    “I think Jess is right, you should go say goodbye, let go of that pain.”

    You nodded before getting up slowly, Jess holding you up while Dean leaned in for a hug.

    “You guys can stay here, I will go.” You whispered.

    Dean’s eyebrows furrowed as he stared at you, obviously confused. “Y/N, I will come with you.”

    “No Dean, stay here. This is your weekend with your friends, I can’t ruin that for you, not when you have been looking forward to this for weeks.”


    “Please Dean? I want you there, don’t think I don’t. But this is your party, this is your break. I would feel incredibly guilty if you went with me. I will go and come back here tonight or tomorrow depending on what time I arrive, but please don’t let me ruin this for you. Please don’t make me feel guilty.”

    “Sweetheart, I will stay here if it helps you, I want nothing but to help you but is there any way you can take somebody with you? I can’t imagine how clouded your mind is right now and I’d feel safer if somebody drove you.”

    You looked over to Jess who smiled softly at you. “I can go with you if you’d like me to.”

    You nodded before Dean pulled you in for a tight hug. “Kick ass, if you change your mind about me coming, let me know and I’ll get a drive there okay?”

    Jess held your arm the entire way to the car, letting you in the seat before quickly going off to tell Sam that she would be back. She drove quickly but not too fast, she somehow knew you wanted this to be over with. Her hand came to hold yours for support, a little gesture that really helped calm your nerves. You barely knew her, but she was like your best friend already.

    Luckily for you, the hospital wasn’t too far from the cabin plus Jess was a fast driver. She pulled in to the visitors before she climbed out to walk in with you. She walked over to the front desk to check in, getting all the information and walking to the room number with you.

    The hallway felt long as you walked slowly, looking into all the rooms full of people who either just lost the one they loved or welcomed their new love into the world. At the end of the hall Chelsea was sitting in one of the plastic chairs with her head in her hands. You couldn’t help but scoff at her, it was the first time she seemed like she cared about anybody but herself. Her eyes shot up at you, but you avoided her gaze as you walked into the room. Jess let you have your space as she shut the door after you, telling you that if you needed her she was right there.

    Your mom was in the hospital bed hooked to a machine that monitored her heart and an IV drip so she wasn't in pain. You approached her slowly, taking a long, hard look. She looked like your mom but it was weird, it was like you were meeting her for the first time. You have never seen your mom’s face looked relaxed even when she was sleeping, she looked like a normal woman, not somebody who would treat her daughter like crap and look the other way.

    You sat on the chair beside the bed before clearing your throat. You really didn’t know what to say, but you hoped when you started, you’d figure it out.

    “Hey mom. It’s Y/N. I bet you didn’t think I would come eh? I didn’t think I was coming either.” You whispered, this was harder than you expected it to be.

    “Mom, all my life I looked up to you, I wanted to be you. After dad left, I saw how hard you worked for us but you changed. You looked at me like I was a mistake, like you resented me. Dad left you and I was the memory of him. I don’t blame you for looking at me differently, I blame you for taking it out on me. I was young, I did nothing to you, but you still resented me for dad leaving. You made my life living hell, all the times that I saw my little sister get praise after she stole my spotlight. Even when I had my own accomplishments, you didn’t care because it wasn’t Chelsea. Nothing I ever did was good enough, do you understand how damaged that made me? How destroyed I was? You almost killed me, many times. Hell, I even tried to take my life a couple times because of you. I deserved better, I deserved a better mom and a better sister. I.. I hate you. But I love you. You're my mom, I will always love you but I hate who you are and how you treated me. You never once apologized to me, never once tried to make it better or make me feel better, so for that, fuck you. What was this, a last attempt to make me feel like shit? Well guess what, you lose. I am going to be stronger, better and smarter after all this because I did everything on my own, I fixed myself no thanks to you. So goodbye mom, I love you and I hope you are happy where you are.”

    Tears were streaming down your face as you got up from the chair, making your way to Jess. She quickly stood and pulled you into a hug. Chelsea got up to say something but you quickly turned and rushed out. The drive back was filled with laughter, Jess kept trying to cheer you up and tell you ridiculous stories about Dean which gladly worked. You felt free, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. They were right, you needed to do that. "Thank you so much Jess for coming with me." You whispered. She smiled at you as she put her hand on yours. "Of course, I know I don't know you that much yet, but I am here for you."

    As soon as you guys arrived back, all the boys came running out. “Oh god, you're in for it now, be prepared.” Jess giggled. You were pulled out of the car by all the boys before they tackled you to the ground. You couldn’t help but laugh as they piled onto you to hug you.

    “Uh thanks guys, love the hug but I can’t breath!” You laughed loudly. Dean came to your rescue as he pulled you out and brushed you off. “We are very sorry for your loss Y/N.” Cass said, all the boys nodded as they gave you a quick hug. You smiled wide at each of them. “I can see why Dean loves you guys so much.” Dean’s eyes widened as you said that, knowing he was going to be in trouble now. All the boys laughed as they pulled him to the ground and jumped on him. “Awe! We love you too Dean-y Boy!” Dean shot you a look as you laughed, mouthing sorry.

    When he finally was released, he grabbed your hand and ran to the side of the water with you. You sat on the edge of the water beside him, his hand coming to grab yours. “So, are you alright?” He questioned. You nodded as you leaned your head on his shoulder. “You guys were right, I needed to do that. I told her everything I felt and it was like a weight was off my shoulders.” He smiled sadly, kissing your head. “Chelsea was there.” You whispered.

    “Oh god, did you talk to her?”

    “No, but she looked like she wanted to. I think she’s going to be mad at me that I didn’t say anything to her.”

    “Yeah, probably but you don’t owe her anything, she is a bitch.”

    “You got that right.”

    “I’m proud of you sweetheart, it takes a big person to do that after everything she put you through.”

    “Dean Winchester, did you just call me fat?” You gasped, placing your hand on your heart to seem offended. He nudged you before scoffing. “You are such a nerd, you know that?”

    “Yeah, but your marrying me anyways.”

    “You got that right. But seriously sweetheart I’m so proud of you.”

    “Thank you babe, I couldn’t have done it without you. I am worried about what Chelsea has planned after all that though.”

    “Oh don’t worry sweetheart, when that comes, we will deal with it like we always do, I got your back.”

    Thank you for Reading! Did you like it? Chapter 10 coming soon! Feedback fuels me; like, comment & REBLOG please and thank you <3

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    Random Supernatural Episode Gifs pt. 1/? : 12.04 "American Nightmare"

    Gifs randomized by season, then episode, then picking one scene to gif.

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    I was just texting a friend about a fic I’m writing and I tried to type “Cas is Dean’s husband” but I fucked it up and it actually said “Cas is Dean’s gun man” and that’s just-

    Who did this?

    Why has the C*W infiltrated my texts?

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    Hey cockles stans. Now that we know the cockles zoom announcement wasn't a fever dream, how we feeling? We excited? Ready for some flirting and goofy heart eyes? I can't wait. Our boys are gonna interact this weekend. Wow!

    Okay fellow cockles stans I need to talk to the hellers right quick. Y'all can go back to your excitement.

    Hellers! How are ya? Just want to talk for a sec. Sooooo....just wanna say that this upcoming zoom is for gish and not an spn panel. So there will be no deancas/destiel or talk of the finale or 15.18. I know a lot of y'all are going into this zoom with that idea. You're raising your hopes up only to be shattered cause I'm telling y'all right now, it's a 100% chance there will be no Dean and Cas talk.

    It's gonna be a good time Saturday. I just know they're gonna be loud!

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    Jack asked for a Minecraft cake for his birthday and Dean tried his best to deliver

    #HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY BABY BOOOOOOY #eileen took the picture bc she wanted a photo of all her boys together :^) #this was fucking hell and i am posting it sooo late but i don't care <3 #i’ll probably fix up some stuff in the morning but here it is for now #my art#supernatural#spn #jack's 4th birthday #jack kline#kid jack#dean winchester#cas winchester#sam winchester #team free will #destiel#deancas#dadstiel
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    Send me a song to write a fic? Dean x Reader or Jensen x Reader is what I’m feeling!

    #supernatural#supernatural imagine#dean winchester #dean winchester imagine #sam winchester #sam winchester imagine #dean x reader #imagine #sam x reader #jensen ackles imagine #jensen x reader
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    “Dean—hurry up. It’s gonna storm,” you said, digging in the bag of gear. You heard thunder rolling behind you. Another shovelful of dirt flew out of the grave and Dean’s voice followed it. “You know, if you wanted things to go faster you could actually get down in here and help.” You laughed softly. “I think you’re doing a great job. Just... do it faster...” Almost as if on cue there was a bright flash of lightning that illuminated the entire cemetery.  “Son of a—” you heard Dean grumble but a moment later it was followed by the telltale sound of the metal shovel cracking wood and you peered down over the edge with salt and lighter fluid in hand. “Got it?” you asked eagerly. “Got it,” he said, grinning up at you. You smiled at the dirt smeared across his nose. “Help me out and let’s get this bitch done.” You grabbed his hand and did your best to pull him out and onto his feet. You tossed a healthy amount of salt into the grave followed by the lighter fluid. Dean struck a book of matches and tossed it in, lighting the whole thing with a burst. You stood shoulder to shoulder, watching it burn, when the first raindrops hit you. “Come on. Let’s go before the sky opens up,” you said, nudging him gently.  But it was too late. By the time you were assured that the bones were thoroughly burned and had gathered up the gear, the sky cracked open with a blinding flash and buckets of freezing rain poured out. Your mouth dropped open in shock as the cold hit you and you were only vaguely aware of Dean grabbing the duffel bag from your shoulder and yelling for you to follow him back to the Impala. You raced through the cemetery, barely avoiding colliding with some of the headstones as the lightning flashed and plunged you into complete darkness. Your boots stomped through muddy quagmires from the downpour and you could feel the heavy weight of your soaked jeans and the way the cotton of your shirt was clinging to you. You finally arrived back at the Impala and Dean rushed to unlock it and you heaved the door open, slipping inside, soaking wet, your hair sticking to you and rivulets if water running down your skin, chest heaving as you were out of breath from the mad dash. You glanced over at Dean behind the wheel and he was of course equally soaked, but after a moment your stunned expressions melted into laughter and you ducked your head, looking down at your sopping clothes. “I told you to fucking dig faster!” you joked.  Dean laughed gruffly. “I told you to help,” he said, gravel thick in his voice. His eyes found the way your clothes were clinging to you and he gulped and tried hard to pull his eyes away even as he felt a flush in his chest. It was just then that you shivered, wrapping your arms around yourself tightly and Dean snapped out of his distracted mind. “Shit, sorry. Hang on.” He cranked the key in the ignition and flipped the temperature to the heat. Next he pulled his jacket off and held it out to you. “It’s dry on the inside at least. And comes pre-warmed for your comfort.” He gave you that irresistible, boyish half-smile and you felt the apples of your cheeks flush. You laughed lightly and accepted it gratefully. You were surrounded by the smell of him as you slipped it on and it was doing things to you... You felt his eyes on you again and you looked over. “What?” There was a queer expression on his face. He shrugged and the smile returned to his lips. “It looks good on you, even if I do hate to cover up the sight of you in that wet t-shirt,” he added with a cocky grin.  “Dean!” you scolded him, knowing for certain that now your whole face was probably red.  He laughed and put the car in gear. “I’m just being honest...” Prompt: Caught in a thunderstorm :)

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    Destiel love

    The looks 🥰

    #supernatural #supernatural final season #supernatural season 15 #supernatural season fifteen #spn final season #supernatural 15 years #dean winchester#winchesters #dean and cas #castiel forever#deancas#destiel #saving people hunting things #the family business #carry on my wayward son #there'll be peace when you are done #jensen ackles#misha collins #jensen and misha
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