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  • Back in black I hit the sack
    I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back
    Yes I am
    Let loose from the noose
    That’s kept me hanging about
    I kept looking at the sky cause it’s gettin’ me high
    Forget the hearse cause I’ll never die
    I got nine lives cat’s eyes
    Abusin’ every one of them and runnin’ wild

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  • realizing he bought 400$ worth of dry foods:


    Coming late seeing everyone took perishable, rice and pasta:




    buying the last packages of toilet paper and running before you’re attacked because apparently people do that now

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  • Some days especially, I relate to dean on a spiritual level.

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  • Overprotective (PG-13, Sam Winchester x Reader)


    Originally posted by welovehaehyuk

    Summary: “I’m not a damsel, Sam. I can take care of myself so drop the whole alpha, overprotective nonsense, okay?”

    Tag list: @geekgirl007


    Goddess give you strength.

    You loved Sam Winchester. Truly, you adored him. He was very sensitive, attentive to your every need. He let you vent when you were upset; he listened when you had a problem. He was the best boyfriend you could ask for.

    Aside from one thing—he was protective.

    At first, you found it sweet. He loved you so much that he wanted to keep you safe and given when he and Dean had been through, you didn’t feel right protesting. When he wasted all your salt forming lines on the apartment window, you held your tongue. When you found sigils neatly placed under your bed, you pretended like you hadn’t seen them.

    But this—this is where you drew the line.

    Sam and Dean were gearing up for a hunt that would take them to Florida. You hadn’t overheard much—something about suspicious heart attacks—but you decided that while the boys were away, you’d take a trip of your own. You’d been dying to reconnect with your old friend Casey, who’d recently gotten married and moved on state over. She’d been begging you to come for months but between your day job and seeing Sam on his odd schedule, you found yourself too busy to accept.

    “I’m going,” You narrowed your gaze at your boyfriend, daring him to challenge you, “I have the sigils in my car as well as the holy water you gave me. I will be fine.”

    Dean had wisely chosen to step out for last minute supplies, leaving you and Sam to argue in the bunker’s library.

    Sam sighed raggedly, running a hand through his hair, “I would just feel safer if you stayed here. When I get back, we could—”

    You folded your arms across your chest, seething, “So, what? I can’t travel without you there?”

    A spark of anger flashing in those soulful eyes you adored, “I didn’t say that.”

    “What are you saying, Sam?”

    “I’m worried about losing you!” Sam snapped suddenly, “You don’t understand how much danger you could be in. You’re my girlfriend and Dean and I have pissed off a whole bunch of creatures. If they knew—!”

    Ah, the superhero excuse. Hadn’t Lois Lane heard this speech once a month?

    “Sam,” you kept your voice calm, “I’m not a damsel. I can take care of myself so drop the whole alpha overprotective nonsense, okay?”

    But the look he wore cut you. Such sheer worry reflected in those eyes and the way his hand gripped yours tightly, afraid that he might never hold it again.

    You sighed, your visage softening, “I’m still going. I can’t just hide away from the world, Sam. I get you’re worried, but I need to still be me, okay?”

    Sam nodded slowly, “Yeah, okay. Sorry. I just panicked.”

    You wrapped your arms around his frame, nestling yourself against him, “I’ll come back to you. Just promise you’ll do the same.”

    He kissed the top of your head, “Always.”

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  • Run Buddies

    Summary: You had known the Winchesters for many years now, and had taken Sam up on his offer to join him on his early morning runs. This became a regular thing the two of you did, and you quite enjoyed it. Maybe a little too much… (takes place during season 10). 

    A/n: I was listening to I’m Still Standing by Elton John when I had this idea, so I recommend you listen to this while reading. 

    Warnings: None 

    Word Count: 1k (ish)


    You had met the Winchesters a few years ago, you had run into them trying to hunt the same shapeshifter. Since then you and the brothers have been inseparable. Which was good on your part because you had developed a bit of a crush on the tallest of the brothers. 

    Sam and you had seemed to bond over your love of research, books, and technology in general. But that you hadn’t seemed to get his attention through those. So the day Sam asked if you would like to join him on his morning runs, you agreed eagerly. You had also been looking to lose some weight and work on your endurance and speed because in this business you can never be too fast. 


    It’s been about six months since Sam and you had started running together every morning before Dean had woken up.

    “Hey Y/n,” Sam said as he stood in your doorway at 6 am. You had just finished tying your running shoes when looked up at Sam, already dressed and ready to go. “You almost ready to go?” he asks. 

    “Yep,” you respond. “Just let me get my headphones,” 

    “Alright, I’ll meet you out front,” he says before leaving your room. 

    You had never really been a music person but found that running with Sam was pretty uneventful, so you would bring your headphones and keep one in to have something to do during the lulls in the run. Sam does the same sometimes, and he had actually introduced you to one of his guilty pleasure artists, Elton John. So inevitably you got hooked onto his music too.  You sling your headphones around your neck, and head to meet Sam outside the bunker. 

    Once outside, you feel the brisk morning air hit your face. You take in a deep breath and start doing some pre-run stretches, trying to catch up to Sam who was already half-way through your pre-run routine. 

    “Let’s go, slowpoke,” he says jokingly. 

    “Hey, I’m not the one who was up and the ass-crack of dawn,” you retort playfully shoving his shoulder. He chuckles in response. You start your warm-up walk to the trail you and Sam had found a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to be pretty deserted, you had never run into another person, it was a place the just the two of you shared. 

    “How was your sleep last night?” Sam asked. You usually chat during your warm-ups. 

    “It was good, I had a weird dream that you and Dean were just character in a T.V. show about hunting monsters,” you start. Sam looks down at you and giggles. 

    “What?” you ask. 

    “Nothing,” he responds. 

    Once you and Sam make it to the trail you put in one earbud and start with a light jog. You and Sam typically stay at the same pace, but every once and a while you or him picks it up a little, and turn it into a bit of a race. You had maybe gotten ten minutes into your run when you sort of got lost in your music. I’m Still Standing but Elton John had just started, and this song for some reason really gets your blood pumping. So you started to pick up the pace a little. 

    “That’s how you wanna play it huh,” Sam says under his breath as he picks his pace a little faster than you. 

    And all of a sudden, the beat drops, and you’re gone. You got such a burst of adrenaline that you full-on sprinted past Sam. 

    “Y/n!” you hear Sam shout from behind you. But you keep going. You don’t look back until you had to stop to catch your breath. You rest your hands on your knees as you hear Sam approach, huffing, and puffing. 

    “Holy shit Y/n, where’d you get that kind of energy?” he asks through breaths. 

    “Elton,” you say. 

    You stand back upright and lock eyes with Sam, you are both still trying to catch your breath. You watch as his chest rises and falls with each breath, and without even thinking you reach up and grab his head, pulling his face down so your lips can meet his. After the initial shock of the unexpected kiss, he starts to lean into it and slowly snakes his hands around your waist to hold you closer to him.

    “Took you long enough,” Sam says after you finally let his face go. 

    You giggle in response, taking Sam’s hand you both walk back towards the bunker. 


    When you bunker Dean is sitting at the table map drinking coffee, he looks up to see you and Sam walking down the stairs, Sam’s arm is over your shoulder and you are leaning into his side. 

    “You two fuck?” Dean asks nonchalantly.

    “What gave you that impression?” Sam asks a bit taken aback. 

    “You two are all hot and sweaty looking,” he starts. “Thought it might have finally happened.” 

    As you walk by Dean you take the newspaper from the table and smack him over the head with it. You continue past Dean and headed towards the kitchen

    “Why don’t I make us some breakfast?” Sam asks trying to change the subject. 

    “Do a little more than make breakfast Sammy!” Dean shouts from down the hall. “You both need it!” 

    Sam gives Dean comments an eye roll as you both enter the kitchen. You grab the coffee pot and two mugs. Pouring both you and Sam a cup while he starts on pancakes. You hand Sam his cup and he takes a sip. 

    “Maybe Dean wasn’t so wrong about having more than breakfast,” you say while walking out of the kitchen. Sam just about chokes on his coffee. He watches as you walk towards the door of the kitchen, swaying your hips a little more than usual.

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  • “Now I know who you two are, have to say though, I heard that you,” he nodded at Sam. “Had died. But I guess it’s true what they say, no such thing as a dead Winchester.”

    “But you,” his yellow eyes pinned Johnny in place, making him curl more towards Sam. “You, I don’t know who you are.”

    “And just who the hell do you think you are.” Dean shot back, moving slightly in front of the rest of the group. Sam’s fingers twitched slightly at that but ultimately, she had her hands full with a shaking Gabriel and Johnny.

    The demon chuckled lowly. “The name Asmodeus, the last Prince of Hell.” Asmodeus told them, clasping his hands behind him as he stared at them each at a time. “Current King of Hell until our ruler returns to us.”

    Lucifer. He meant Lucifer.

    “And having Gabriel held hostage here? What’s the point in that?” Sam asked, tightening her grip on the archangel.

    Asmodeus chuckled at that, staring at Gabriel with an almost hungry look in his eyes. Gabriel whimpered slightly and Sam moved closer to him as best as she could.

    “That’s for me to know, and none of your business.” Asmodeus said smoothly. “Now!” he clapped his hands, the sound reverberating around the stone walls. “I think I’ve wasted enough of my time with this. Hand over the angel, and I’ll be gentle as the rest of you get shoved into prisons of your own.”

    Dean snorted and both he and Sam brought their blades up, tensing as the demons around Asmodeus moved to surround them. They were backed into a relative corner more or less, the only thing behind them was Gabriel’s prison, stone walls at the side of them, and the only possible exit was blocked by Asmodeus.

    A hand gripped at a bit of cloth on her arm, tugging it. She gave a small half glance towards Gabriel who met her eyes, then looked at the wall. A small light was the only hint she had before tugging Johnny out of the way as the rune Gabriel had activated and blew up the stone, making a dust cloud rush towards them as pieces fell to the ground.

    She didn’t bother to react or think, grabbing Gabriel and Johnny with her as Dean pulled out his gun, shooting at the demons to give them a bit more time.

    “Move, move, move!” Sam shouted at them, holding onto the both of them as she dragged them out, trying to remember the right way out. She could feel Johnny shaking in her grip and made a mental note to check on him later.

    Dean followed after them, still shooting. The bullets themselves weren’t that special, except for the fact that they each had a carving of a devils trap to pin each demon in place. But they only had a certain number of them, without thinking she mentally counted each bang and when she knew that Dean had run out, she let go of Johnny long enough to grab at her own gun, throwing it at her brother who easily caught it.

    They didn’t have much, especially not against a yellow eyed demon, and even the bullets that they did have would go only so far. They each had a blade but that was only good at close range and Sam had no desire to leave her brothers, sons or Gabriel’s side.

    “Enough!” was shouted out and with that a rush of power causing them to be pushed back, stumbling and barely remaining upright. Asmodeus came towards them, smoothing the front of his suit that had bullet holes.

    “I think that’s enough fun.” he told them. “It’s amusing, watching you Winchesters scurry around like a couple of ants. But I’ve had enough time for all respective parties,” his eyes were alight in yellow. “To go back where they belong.”

    Johnny was shaking beside her and she turned to look at him, at least grab his hand to comfort him, but then stopped when she saw why he was shaking. His eyes were covered in golden grace that was coursing around his body, coming off of him in almost pulsations. Gabriel was staring as well, wide eyed and in shock as he watched Johnny slowly look up towards the demons and Asmodeus.

    Johnny was gritting his teeth, the stone wall started to erode around him as he stepped forward. Slowly he brought his hand up, aiming towards the demons who seemed frozen in either fear or awe. A wave of power and grace erupted from him, cutting through the stone and floor, breaking everything that it touched as it rushed to the demons.

    They didn’t even have time to scream, they were completely obliterated the moment the pulse hit them. Asmodeus was the only one left standing however his skin and clothes started to burn, peeling back to show bone and muscle before he suddenly disappeared.

    And then, just like it had begun, it was over and Johnny let out a small gasp, slumping over slightly. Sam immediately let go of Gabriel and rushed to him, holding him up and not letting him fall as his legs buckled under him.

    “I got you, I got you kiddo.” she whispered to him, holding him up. His arms came up and gripped back at her tightly, burying his face in her shoulder. “I got you.”

    She looked at where the demons had been, it was completely clear now, only a hint of dust on the ground to hint at what had been there. She looked at Dean who came to Gabriel then, helping the archangel to stand and not fall to the ground either.

    “Alright, let’s get to the impala and get out of here.” Sam said. “Let’s get home.”

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  • Dean x daughter!reader

    Warnings: angst, fluff, minor panic attack, talk of past rejection and abuse, talk of sexuality, sadness, self-loathing

    Author’s note: So this fic hits really close to home. It’s really hard being gay. The day I was outed to my parents was honestly the worst day of my life. I hope that one day I can live without the fear. My dream is to be able to love freely without the burden of other peoples hatred. I hope this fic gives you some sort of help or escape. Don’t lose hope.

    When the bell wrings, James and you push through the throng of people to your lockers, and eventually push out of the glass double doors. James has been your best friend since you moved into the bunker with your dad and Sam. The two of you share everything, talk about the gritty stuff, the hardest stuff, the stuff that hurts the most. People tease you, say that you “should just kiss already.” but James and you look at each other and laugh. You’re both gay, so it’s kinda funny that people think you like each other. It’s like a special secret that the two of you share. It can be funny at times, but you both know that it also be especially difficult. Everyone just assuming that James and you like each other is the least of the hardships. You both know how much it can hurt.

    When James and you finally get out of the school you see your dad, Dean, waiting for you in his Impala. You turn to say good-bye to James and give him a quick kiss on the cheek before he walks away, waving good-bye and grinning. You run to the Impala and tumble in with your various bags and books.

    “Hey Dad,” you greet, giving him a smile.

    “Hey sweetheart.” he says. He’s quiet for a moment, before speaking again. “So whose lover boy over there?” he asks, gesturing to James walking down the sidewalk.

    You look at who he’s pointing to and scoff.

    “Dad, that’s James, he’s my best friend. I’ve told you about him before.” you answer. Dean just purses his lips and starts the car. You glance at him but look away quickly.

    You had wanted to tell him why James and you would never be a couple, but fear overwhelmed you. Before you had known that Dean was your dad, you had lived with your mom. It was devastating when your principle had told your mom about the girl you had been dating at the time. She didn’t take the news very well to say the least. She hadn’t allowed you to stay in the house, ignoring your anguished pleas. You couldn’t take that kind of rejection again, so you never told your dad or anyone else except for a few friends. 

    The drive home is mostly silent. and you rush to your room as soon as the car stops. You only come out when Sam calls dinner. You make your way to the kitchen and sit down at your designated spot across from your dad and to the left of Sam. You start to eat when Sam speaks up.

    “So Y/N I heard you got a boyfriend,” Sam teases.

    You blush and laugh awkwardly. This is uncomfortable.

    “Uh, yeah no. He’s not my boyfriend. My dad is just over reacting,” you say, giving a pointed look at Dean.

    Dean frowns at you. “Well if you weren’t all over each other when you said good-bye to him, maybe I wouldn’t have thought that.”

    “We were not all over each other, and we are not dating!” you yell, angry now.

    “Nice try kid, but I know when two teenagers like each other! I was one once too, ya’ know! And I don’t like the way he looks at you!” Dean shouts.

    “Well apparently you don’t know that much, because I don’t like him, because I’m gay!” you scream, the grip on your fork making your knuckles turn white.

    There’s dead silence. Both Sam and Dean are staring at you with shocked expressions. You can feel tears starting to burn in your eyes. The only sound is your chair scraping loudly against the floor as you leave.

    You don’t realize what a big mistake you’ve made until you’ve slammed your door closed. You slide down the oak door until you hit the floor, panic starting to set in. What had you just done? God you were so stupid. He’s gonna hate you. He’s gonna disown you, be disgusted by you. You crawl to your bed as tears start to roll down your cheeks. You curl under the covers and pull your blankets over your head as you sob. Its gonna happen all over again. You’re gonna lose everything again. Why can’t you just be normal? What’s wrong with you? Panic sets in and you try to take deep breaths. You hate being this way. You hate this part of you. You just want to be normal and not have to deal with this bullshit.

    Eventually there isn’t enough oxygen under the blankets and you’re forced to uncover your head. Your sobs die down to quiet sniffles, and the panic leaves you, only to be replaced by a miserable numb feeling. You stare at the wall, feeling sort of sick, until you hear a soft knock at the door. You sit up in bed, wrapping your arms around your knees. 

    “Come in,” you say, just loud enough to be heard through the solid door.

    The knob turns and your dad enters. You look away, waiting to hear the scalding words of disappointment, but Dean doesn’t say anything. Instead, he sits by you feet on the edge of the bed. Tears start falling down your face again. Finally, Dean speaks, “Y/N, look at me.”

    You shake your head and squeeze your eyes shut, wishing he would just cut to the chase, and tell you how disgusting you are, how ashamed he is of you, just like your mom had. He goes to touch your shoulder, but you flinch away, and he pulls his hand back.

    “Look at me,” he pleads again, but you refuse to meet his gaze.

    “I can leave,” you whisper. “If you want me to go I can. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. I’ll be fine.”

    You finally glance at him, and you see shock in his eyes.

    “What- sweetheart, why would I want you to leave?” he asks.

    “Because I disappointed you. I’m disgusting and horrible and I’ve let you down.” you answer, crying harder now.

    “Woah woah, kid, why would you think that? I don’t think you’re any of that. I’m not disappointed or ashamed of you at all, ever.” Dean implores.

    You look at him now. “You- you don’t hate me?” you question.

    Dean looks terrified that you could ever think that.

    “No sweetheart, no, of course not. I could never hate you.” he answers.


    “Never,” he repeats.

    Relief washes through you and you lean forward and wrap your arms around his shoulders and bury your face in his shirt, sobs racking your body. He wraps his arms around you and rubs your back soothingly as you cry.

    “It’s okay Sshh, it’s okay.” he whispers, trying to calm you down. Finally you stop crying and pull back to look at him. You see tears in his eyes as well. He speaks first.

    “Kid, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like that. I shouldn’t have just assumed you’re straight, and then been such an asshole to you about your friend at dinner.” he sighs and runs a hand down his face. “That was so wrong, and I’m so sorry sweetheart. I never want to hurt you like that again.”

    A couple tears fall down his face.

    “It doesn’t bother you?” you ask tentatively.

    He shakes his head. “No, of course not. Sweetheart, I don’t care who you like. It’s none of my business. It only makes me worry about you.”

    You look at him confused.

    “What I mean to say, is that I hate that you thought you had to hide from me, and that I never told you that I’ll love you no matter what. I want to be the best dad to you, but I messed up, big time.” he pauses to take a breath. ”It just makes me worried because you have to deal with so much shit that I’ll never understand, and that I won’t be able to protect you from. I wish I could make people stop being ignorant assholes, but I can’t, and that kills me kid. I just want you to be happy. I don’t want you to be afraid, especially of me. Nothing will change how much I love you. Nothing.” he says.

    You nod as tears once again pool in your eyes. You take a shaky breath.

    “I just got scared that you wouldn’t want me anymore. I’ve never told you this, but I came to live with you because my mom kicked me out when she found out that I was dating a girl. She said the worst things to me. She even hit me. And she threw me out. I was just so scared of that happening again.” you sniffle, wiping your nose on your sleeve.

    “That will never happen,” Dean says, looking you in the eye, tears trailing down his face. “Never. Understand?”

    You nod, and Dean pulls you in for another hug.

    “And your Uncle Sam, he feels the same way too. He feels so bad about what he said, and he wants to talk to you too. So don’t think that you will ever lose him either, alright?”

    You nod again. “Thank you Dad,” 

    “You don’t have to thank me. I’m the one who hurt you. I just want you to know how much I love you.”

    “Okay.” you whisper.

    You realize how tired you are, and how much your head hurts. The crying really took its toll. 

    “Can- can I get some water?” you ask.

    “Of course kid. I’ll be right back.” Dean says. 

    A minute later he’s back with a glass of water and some Tylenol.

    “Here you go kid.” he says, placing the Tylenol in your hand and the water on your nightstand.

    “Thanks.” you mumble. 

    You take the pills and gulp some water. You look at your dad.

    “I’m really tired Dad.” you breathe.

    “I know kid,” Dean says, squeezing your hand. “Get some rest. We’ll talk with Uncle Sam tomorrow?”

    You nod.

    “Okay. Goodnight Y/N.”

    “Goodnight Dad.”

    Dean pulls the covers all the way over you and leans down and kisses your forehead. Then he turns of the light and gently closes the door behind him. Feeling much less burdened, sleep quickly takes you. Sorrow no longer controls your heart, and instead love takes its place, as love should.

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  • So this episode…probably my favorite currently in season 15, but that is because as anyone who follows me would know by now my first love was always and will forever be Dukes of Hazzard and Dean calling himself Agent Dukes and him and Lee singing Waylon Jennings’ Good Ol’ Boys, which was the theme song for Dukes of Hazzard sent me over the moon. When that episode came out I was actually at…well let’s just call it a work retreat so I was with a bunch of people who work in the same field as me but I didn’t know any of them. Somehow I got the t.v. for the night an was able to watch the new episode and the moment I recognized the song I literally fell out of my chair in my excitement. Glad I’ll never see most of them again.

    Anyway, Dean is still in the rut from before and decides it would be a good idea to work a job. He finds one and sees Sam and Eileen are having a great time celebrating that she is alive again  and not wanting to ruin it Dean doesn’t even tell them he’s working a case. He just says he’s going on a drive and leaves to ‘clear his head’.

    Dean goes on a solo hunt, saying he didn’t want to ruin Sam and Eileen’s good time. While out he runs into Lee Webb, a long time friend of his who he thought was dead for the last 14 or so years. You can tell from the start the two were close as it’s one of the most excited Dean has ever looked during a reunion with someone. Dean is actually havign a great time, catching up with Lee, drinking with him and a hot bartender that’s coming onto Dean. He even gets to sing and get into a bar fight without getting thrown out. The fact that Dean can actually sing isn’t all that surprising either. Most of the time we’ve seen Dean singing in the series…actually all the times so far, he was trying to annoy people. He was messing with Sam most of the time an as a demon he was trying to be the biggest pain in the ass he could be. My little sister is actually a fantastic singer. She’s even won a few contests over the years growing up. Most people would never know though because we used to do karaoke regularly and she purposely always sang off key and loud and obnoxious because for her it was fun. Dean remarks that owning a bar like that, not having to hunt, it’s living the dream. It’s the very dream Michael shoved Dean in when he possessed him. However like all dreams, this one must also come to an end and that end starts when he finally finds the witness he came to talk to and has to refocus on the reason he’s there, the hunt. I found it kind of sad when Lee comments that he thought Dean would be onto bigger things by now than looking for missing persons because to Lee Dean was just that good and he couldn’t have Dean snooping around and Lee has no idea that Dean is doing all this to just take a break from having God as his enemy. He also asks how many lives does Dean think he’s saved without realizing that the answer is all of them. Every single person that is alive right now, at least 3 times over.

    Meanwhile Cas has returned to the bunker. Cas gets an idea that they might be able to find Chuck through the wound he and Sam share. I gotta say, after this Cas and Sam are not allowed to be in the bunker unsupervised by Dean. It’s like the Gadreel grace thing all over again. Dean isn’t there, they find something weird in Sam and they poke at it until it becomes a problem, then they have to fix it. Eillen is against it and Sam ends up getting knocked out. Unable to contact Dean, Cas decides to call Sergei. Since the shamen had royally screwed them over last time, resulting in Jack dying faster then he would have, Cas figures it’s best to have insurance on this.

    The next day things aren’t going much better. On Sam, Cas, and Sergei’s side we see Sergei had, to the surprise of no one at all, betrayed them and is now killing Sam but will save him if they give him a specific item from the bunker. Fortunately Cas had planned for this and forces Sergei to help them while leaving with nothing. We learn in this episode Cas really does just want to burn something to the ground and while all this is going on, Sam sees inside Chuck’s head at his memories.

    Dean is havign a worse day. He learns Lee was actually the bad guy and Lee kidnaps him to feed him to the Marid. Dean really didn’t need another reason to have trust issues in his life but sure, let’s throw that at him too. Dean learns that the hunt they did in Arizona really messed Lee up and Lee decided after that that they can’t win and should just enjoy the ride while they are there. He says he was using the monster to get riches and health and Dean reminds him the cost was the innocent to which Lee says there is no such thing. Dean manages to escape from his bonds, kill the monster, and go fight Lee. It is obviously torturing Dean to be betrayed by someone he trusted and be forced to kill someone he saw as a dear friend, but it’s also just as upsetting to learn that Lee had just given up like that. That not only had Lee given up but instead of helping others he was helping hurt them. I think that is part of why he turns around so much after this. He can’t go back to moping or worrying about shat Chuck is planning and what he isnt’ because real people are in danger and he has to do something.

    In the end, Sam tells them about seeing Chuck’s memories and after hearing the conversation with Amara, Sam realizes that Chuck is weak right now and he really does think they can win.

    One thing I forgot about entirely was Sergei says that in the bunker somewhere is the Key to Death’s library. I wonder with all this talk about God having a book in Death’s library now and Billie saying no one sees the library without her permission….are we going to decide that we don’t exactly trust Billie 100% and go to the library to look at God’s book and find how to freaking kill him or….

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  • - Carrie Fisher

    I just found this quote existed, love it.

    It also made me think of this  ⬇


    Then of course remember this ⬇

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  • “This show fucks with me, because even the car is hot as fuck.”

    - me five seconds ago, about supernatural

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  • @wingedcatninja

    I just had the 57th nap today and this popped up in a dream, so I made it a thing. Also, I’ve been thinking about starting to write for a long time, so this is me finally doing it :)

    Dean was far gone. Mindless. Levitating.

    In the past, whenever Y/N dominanted him, he always tensed. It was what he wanted, what he needed, but he still struggled with his cravings. He had to hold in the flashbacks and fight those damn hunter instincts. He would always loosen up of course, but he never gave in completely.

    But something happened today.

    Y/N played with his mind as expertly as she did with his body.

    He was stripped, not only physically.

    Y/N opened his insides and exposed them like that one bloody painting in the gallery that no one can stop looking at because even with all the emotion displayed, it still contains a mystery that only the ones intimate to it could understand.

    And now Y/N could see and understand every one of his vulnerabilities, every need that was never satiated enough (or at all). All of what makes Dean Winchester who he is, even the parts he tries to suppress.

    And despite the fact that the very essence of his soul was on a table for Y/N to admire (or mourn depending on what her focus was), Dean was able to sink into that subspace so deep, he lost the basic notion of his surroundings. Because at that point, it was way beyond just sex.

    So when she started talking, all he could do was absorb each word

    “I was thinking about something today. Have you ever heard that saying "Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power”?“

    Even though it was a question, he wasn’t given the permission to speak, so he didn’t.

    "Well, those chains won’t be coming off so soon baby boy, and I’ve got all the time in the world.”

    She takes his face into her hand and strokes his cheek. Loving, but authoritative.

    “So tell me Dean, are you ready to know what real power is?”

    “Yes Domina.”

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  • Is Destiel Canon Yet?

    3/31/20: No.

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  • Supernatural trying to die but not being able to and having to come back in the fall is the most on brand thing that could happen I mean it’s literally coming back from the supposed dead

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    The start of my Supernatural page! Of course had to start with dean ✍🏼🌻

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