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  • destielwrite
    23.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    it’s raining and dean slips, landing ass first on the floor. cas peers down at him, confused, he copies dean, laying down next to him. rain drenching them both.

    “cas, I fell, it was an accident. you didn’t have to do that- now you are all wet” dean explains, he laughs, shivering at the coldness of the pavement. his clothes clinging to him. “I figured it was an accident, I just didn’t want you to fall alone. That would be embarrassing” Cas says, he shrugs quickly zapping himself under a roof. Dean isn’t zapped though, he has to run towards the Angel, keeping steady so he won’t slip again. when he gets to cas, the trench coat is back to being dry, and dean is shaking in his boots. “Give me some of that Angel mojo here man, I’m going to get a cold” the hunter says whining, two fingers are pressed to his temple, he’s dry again.

    “Even if you do dean. I’ll be there to help. My angel mojo will take care of it.”

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  • impmakesart
    23.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Made for @pizzadragons Instagram DTIYS. This was super fun and calming to paint.

    Here is the original for you to check out! [x]

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  • proudheller
    23.06.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #its a deancas merman au #you cant tell me otherwise #luca#alberto#gulia#destiel#deancas #destiel merman au
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  • destielwrite
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    dean lifting weights in the bunker while cas watches. “you should work out more often cas, vessel or not…a little muscle won’t hurt” and the angel huffs standing up from a bench. he goes over to dean’s weight bar and puts a hand on it, barely putting pressure downwards. the hunter finds himself struggling to lift it against cas’s hand and gives up halfway. “I’m a celestial being, Dean. I won’t be taunted by a human who works out and goes to stuff his face with bacon cheese burgers.” dean rolls his eyes, wiping his face with a towel. he throws it at cas.

    “Alright, Alright…you just look wimpy”

    “I am not wimpy. I can assure you. You have seen me in battle.”

    “Cas, I’m just joking, lighten up man.”

    “Considering all things, you on the other hand have put on weight. Your stomach is an oval shape.”

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  • biwinchester
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ok guys guys guys listen to me

    i'm currently reading tell me about the dream by playedwright on ao3 for the first time

    i'm in chapter 7/11 and i am SAD causa it's nearly over but i'm also EXTREMELY HAPPY


    i'll probably read it all over again as soon as i finish it

    (unfortunately i couldn't find the author's @ so if anyone knows please let me know)

    #i mean i can't even begin to explain to you how much i love it #it's this SLOW slow burn #but it's also fluff #IT'S DESTIEL #AND CLAIRE IS THEIR DAUGHTER #IT'S POST SEASON 5 AU #IT'S PERFECT I PROMISE #also human cas #and it has their little family dynamic #it's great i love it #please read it #please please please #also my english is probably kinda weird rn #but it's my third language and i'm VERY tired so bear with me #destiel#supernatural#dean winchester#castiel#deancas#fic rambling#fic recommendation
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  • stillwinchester
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Destiel AU - toddler!jack, mechanic!dean

    Part 1

    Perfect Date

    Cas really didn't want to do this, but he had no choice. Jack has caught stomach flu, which made him vomit all the time. And now, he also had a fever. Cas was certainly sure it will be a very long night.

    He took his phone and picked Dean's number. He needed to cancel their date, no way that he could leave Jack with a babysitter right now. 

    Maybe it was even better? End this before it became something serious? They went out just a few times. First, Cas asked him out for a coffee, it was a nice afternoon. Dean called on the next day and invited him to the cinema. It was supposed to be their third time together, a real date with a dinner! But Cas felt that after his call they won't see each other again. Nobody liked dating with a single father who was busy all the time, it just scared people away.

    “Hey, Cas! You also can't wait our date?” asked Dean immediately after he picked up the phone. 

    “Hello, Dean. I'm afraid I need to cancel that. I'm really sorry, Jack is sick, and I can't leave him with a nanny.”

    There's a silence for a second, and then Dean gasps quietly: “Oh.” Of course, he's disappointed, why wouldn't he be? Cas screwed up their plans and wasted Dean's time.

    Cas was going to apologize to him again, but Dean spoke first.

    “How bad is it?” he asked, and it sounded like he really was worried.

    “He has a fever, and he vomits...” Cas closed his eyes, realizing what he just said. Why did he mention puking? He just buried his last chance to meet Dean again. You shouldn't speak about things like that for the beginning of the relationship, nobody wanted to listen to this! Shit! 

    “I hope he's gonna be okay soon. Do you need anything?” Cas felt something warm in his heart, and he almost believed that maybe it wasn't lost yet. Maybe, Dean cared. But it couldn't be truth, right? Dean was funny, smart, and - Cas had to admit that - very good-looking, he could find someone better than him.

    “No, thank you, Dean. And I'm sorry once again.”

    “That's okay. It's not your fault the kiddo is sick. We'll do it another time.” It was a polite answer, Dean didn't reject him, but Cas knew he just wanted to be nice. It didn't mean anything.

    “Of course. Good night, Dean.”


    Cas changed Jack's pajamas the third time this night. It was the last clean one. Fortunately, Jack had stopped vomiting a half an hour ago, and he even drank some water and ate a few crackers, what was a big success. Still, he looked so pale, and he didn't talk too much.

    They were lying on his bed, hugging and watching cartoons on Cas' phone until Jack fell asleep. Cas wiped his hair from his forehead and gave him a little kiss, leaving him alone for the moment. He needed coffee if he wanted to stay on his legs all night.

    He took only one sip before he heard knocking on the front door. Who the hell is knocking so late? Whoever it was, good he didn't use a doorbell, it could wake Jack up.

    “Dean? What are you doing here?” he asked surprised, seeing the other man on the corridor. His heart skipped a beat, and he had only one thought in his mind: He cares! It lasted about two seconds because then he thought that maybe Dean wanted to tell him 'goodbye'. He was a decent man, after all, he wouldn't only text. 

    Dean raised a left hand, where he had a plastic bag and showed a bouquet of roses which he had hidden behind his back.

    “I brought food. And meds. And flowers which I bought for you this morning,” he explained with a big smile like he was proud of himself that his plan worked pretty well. “You know, I didn't want to waste a reservation.”

    “Dean, we were supposed to go to this little restaurant which doesn't require reservations.” Cas rolled his eyes, knowing that Dean was just looking for some excuse. But inside he felt a big relief.

    “So, what? Should I return this?”

    “No,” Cas laughed and relaxed a little bit. He felt better now, oh God, he needed it so much. “Come in.”

    He stepped away and Dean came inside, following Cas.

    “Nice place,” said Dean, looking around.

    “Sorry for the mess,” apologized Cas and picked a few toys up to the floor.

    “He's sleeping now. Fever's gone.”

    “This is the mess? You'll change your mind when you see my apartment.” When? Not, if?  “And how's Jack?”

    “I bought a paracetamol for kids, strawberry flavor. I didn't know if you have it, umm, probably you have…” he laughed awkwardly and scratched his head. “Just in case, you know.”

    If Cas wasn't sure earlier that Dean cared, now he had an answer. He put his hand on Dean's arm and whispered: “Thank you, Dean.”

    They were just staring at each other for a long moment, smiling shyly. 

    “We should eat it before it's still warm. Where's the kitchen?” said Dean eventually, and Cas guides him to there.

    Dean washed his hands, meanwhile Cas took plates. They were eating, enjoying a small-talk and each other's company.

    “To be honest, I thought you were not going to speak to me again,” said Cas when they finished the dinner. Dean frowned, not understanding anything of this.

    “What? Why?”

    “Because I spoiled this evening. Because kid absorbs a lot of time...”

    “Cas, you're not just a father. You can have your own life, and you don't need to feel guilty about that. Things like that sometimes happen, you think I wasn't prepared for this when I gave you my number? I know you have your own duties, I know you're not available all the time, and that's okay... For me? It was a perfect date.”

    This time, Cas was the one who was confused. He tilted his head and squinted his eyes.


    “Really,” repeated Dean. “But it could be even better if you let me kiss you now.”

    Cas came closer, but Dean was the one who closed the gap. Dean's lips felt so good, and the butterflies in his stomach, which he was trying to ignore all evening, was preparing to fly straight into his heart.

    And Cas thought that indeed, it was a perfect date.

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  • licieoic
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    "Good Boy" - Digital Oil Painting

    Dean experiences Castiel's alpha-voice for the first time... it's not what he expected.

    Please see the pinned post at the top of my Tumblr for my links if you'd like to help support me in saving for a safe place to live!

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  • tlakhtwritesdestiel
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    Finally got around to finishing a ficlet that's been sitting in my google docs!
    Thanks to @perlukafarinn for the prompt: "I just had this idea of Cas wanting to adopt a kitten and instead coming home with the grumpiest, least friendly cat and being like 'he just needs some love!' while he's just at that moment sharpening his claws on the Impala's seats. Just Dean vs the grumpiest cat who he eventually learns to love bc ofc"

    Dean should have known better than to simply accept it as a romantic gesture. The fact that it’s so over-the-top, so perfectly tailored to Dean’s tastes, should have tipped him off right from the start. The homemade burgers, the craft beer he enjoys, the dozen or so candles, the Dirty Dancing DVD ready to play, the fragrant apple pie sitting on the windowsill—and then the other, other dessert (i.e. the reason Dean will from now on, forever and always, associate the line "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" with a particularly mind-blowing orgasm)—

    Yeah. He should have known.

    Because if there are three things Dean's husband knows will make him blissed-out enough to say yes to pretty much anything he asks, it's good food, good alcohol and good sex. Add a sprinkle of Swayze on top, and Dean’s a goner.

    It’s not until the movie is over and they’re enjoying a snuggle on the couch that Cas finally says the thing that makes Dean suspicious.

    "Dean?" Cas’s voice is just a little too innocent. "You asked me what I wanted for my birthday."

    Dean would kick himself for falling for Cas’s clever ruse, except… he’s feeling too blissed-out. It’s too late to resist now; whatever it is Cas has been plying him for, he just knows he’s going to give in. "Mmm," he hums back. "Why do I know I’m not going to like what you’re about to say?"

    Cas gives him the wounded look he has adopted as the final weapon in his arsenal against Dean. “You did ask me what I wanted,” he says, disappointment in his voice that is 100% calculated, for the precise reason that it never fails to tug at Dean’s heartstrings even when he knows what Cas is trying to do.

    “Yeah, yeah.” Dean sighs and cards a hand through his (sneaky, sneaky) husband’s already ruffled hair. “What is it you want, sweetheart?"

    “Well…” Cas's hesitation doesn't bode well for Dean. "You remember how we talked about adopting a cat?"

    Oh, no.

    "You mean you talked about adopting a cat."

    “If you want to get technical about it,” Cas huffs. “But Dean, you don’t even have to do anything. I will take care of feeding it and cleaning the litter box, and any vet visits. Other than that, cats mostly take care of themselves. And I…” Cas sighs. “I just miss it, having a cat around. If Miss Beatrice hadn’t passed away before I moved in with you, we would have had a cat right now.”

    Dean takes one look at the longing on Cas’s face and feels himself beginning to give in, like he knew he would. He’s never understood the idea of letting random carnivores live in your house (especially since he knows cats can be total assholes), but… as long as it will make his husband happy, he supposes it’s worth it. “Fine. On one condition.”

    Cas probably thought he was going to have to work a lot harder for it. “Of course. Anything,” he agrees quickly.

    And because Dean’s not planning on dealing with an asshole adult cat that has belonged to God knows who—

    “It has to be a kitten.”


    It’s not a kitten.

    Of course, Dean can’t be 100% sure about that yet, but the way Cas leaps out of the Impala like his ass is on fire, hand held up in the air long before it touches Dean’s chest in order to keep him from looking through Baby’s windows, kinda gives him a clue.

    "Dean, don't—"

    "Cas, let me see."

    "No, Dean, I need to tell you—it's… it's not the one I said I wanted to get when we looked at the website. It's—well, it's—"

    It’s a giant, gray monster of a cat, apparently, because that’s the sight that meets Dean the moment he pushes past Cas: the kind of cat that, if it were in an animated movie, would be the huge, hulking, terrifying alleycat (scar across its nose and everything) that all the other animals are afraid of. The cat seems to be in the middle of performing some kind of jailbreak, somehow making its way out of the carrier that Cas bought second-hand, and once it’s out it stretches its back, and it—it fucking starts sharpening its claws on Baby’s upholstery.

    “Cas!” Dean shouts, thunder in his voice as he gestures to the atrocity that is going on inside his car. Cas looks suitably panicked as he hurries to open the door and grab the monster by the scruff of its neck so he can get it back inside the carrier. Dean doesn’t miss the vicious hiss or the swipe of claws that leaves three bright red stripes on the back of Cas’s hand before he manages to close the carrier again.

    Cas straightens again, but his head remains bowed with guilt as he turns back to Dean.

    “What the hell?” Dean demands. “That’s not a kitten, Cas, it’s a frickin’ bobcat!” he says, and the angry yowl coming from the carrier just seems to confirm it.

    “He’s not a bobcat, he’s… a Maine Coon,” Cas says, shame-faced. “He wasn’t going to be adopted by anyone else, Dean. He would have been euthanized.”

    “Yeah, well, not our problem. It’s not your job to save every animal out there.”

    “No,” Cas says, his voice firm despite the guilt on his face. “Not every animal. But I can save him. The kittens in the shelter, Dean? They’re not in any danger of getting killed. They’re guaranteed to be adopted.”

    Dean drags a hand down his face, trying to erase the image of brand new puncture marks in Baby’s leather from his mind. He knows Cas is selfless and loves every living creature, and if he’s completely honest with himself, it’s one of the things he loves about him. It’s just… really inconvenient that it has led to Cas adopting a creature from Hell. “Is he going to be like that all the time?”

    A tentative smile pulls at one edge of Cas’s mouth; he must sense that Dean is on the verge of surrendering. "He’s just scared right now. Adopted cats often need to become accustomed to their new environment. He just needs a little time and some love.”

    “Right.” Dean doesn’t know if he’s ready to believe a word of what Cas is saying, but he can’t tell Cas to take the cat back to the shelter. It would crush him. “Well, are you going to bring the beast in, or what?”

    Cas breaks into a wide smile, and Dean just hopes he’s not going to regret this.


    “I think I’m going to call him Old Deuteronomy,” Cas says while they’re doing the dishes together.

    “Really, Cas. An Andrew Lloyd Webber reference? Stereotype much?” Dean teases.

    Cas simply raises an eyebrow at him. "Since when do you care about me fitting into gay stereotypes?”

    “I don’t.” Dean smiles and tugs on Cas's apron until he's rewarded with a kiss. “If you hadn’t noticed, I very much love your gay ass. Frills and all.”

    “Not as much as I love your bi ass.” A playful grin appears on Cas’s face, and he reaches around Dean with both hands to dip them into the back of his jeans. "Frills and all," he says as he lets his fingers slip inside the lace of Dean's panties.

    “Mm," Dean murmurs into another kiss. "I stand corrected." Cas does love his ass and Dean loves it when Cas loves his ass and really, the dishes don't have to be done right this moment, do they? "Hey, what do you say we leave this for later and—"

    Dean is interrupted by a loud crash and an unholy screech coming from the laundry room. Clearly, Cas isn't as good at cat-proofing as he thinks he is.

    Dean's hope of continuing what they started dies when Cas runs to the rescue and the cat bolts out the door as soon as Cas opens it. Their house isn't huge, but it still takes them three hours to find the damn animal, and trying to wrangle it back into the laundry room ends with Dean sporting more scratches than he cares to count.

    "I'm sorry," Cas says softly while he cleans Dean's scratches.

    "It's fine." It's really not, but Dean is trying not to take his annoyance out on Cas—although knowing that he's the one who brought the violent little asshole into their house makes it kinda difficult. Still, he's going to try to be more patient and give the cat time to settle in. For his husband’s sake. He may not love the cat, but he does love Cas.


    Even with the mindset that he's going to give the cat a chance, Dean can admit to himself that deep down, he doesn't actually expect or even want to like the vicious little lynx. Maybe that's self-contradictory, but Dean can be of two minds at the same time; he contains multitudes, as he’s sure Walt Whitman would say (if Whitman were alive and inclined to comment on Dean’s relationship with the demon cat).

    It turns out, however, that the cat also contains multitudes. Because one moment, Dean will be shouting and cursing in pain after his feet have strayed too close to the beast lying in wait underneath the stairs—and the next, the cat will creep up to Dean while he's working from home, claim the spot next to Dean's computer, fall asleep there and… generally look pretty cute for a giant, gray mop of fur. Until Dean moves around too much and earns an annoyed hiss and a swipe, of course, but he's slowly learning to avoid the claws coming at him.

    In fact, despite the cat’s cantankerous disposition, Dean grudgingly begins to appreciate it more as they settle into a routine. The furniture scratching is something he probably shouldn't endorse, but when it's Cas's ratty old recliner from his college days that keeps taking the brunt, well… Let's just say Cas is going to have to agree to replace it soon if he doesn't want a rusty spring poking him in the ass.

    And yeah, maybe Deut does steal Dean's Scooby boxers and hide them God knows where, but Dean can't stay mad when it leads to Cas buying him several pairs of new (sexier) underwear and they end up making up for Deut's earlier cockblocking.

    The icing on the cat cake, however, comes when Cas’s brother drops by.

    “Dean,” Michael says when Dean opens the door, with the same disdain in his voice as always. “Is Cas here?”

    Dean doesn’t know why the guy even bothers asking; he works at the same hospital as Cas, after all, and they both know he knows Cas’s schedule. As usual, he’s just here to try to catch Dean doing… whatever he thinks he could possibly catch Dean doing that would prove to Cas that he’s not worthy of being a part of their family. “No, he’s—”

    Michael pushes his way past Dean without waiting to hear the rest of the sentence. “That’s too bad. You don’t mind if I come in and wait for him, do you? His shift should be over soon.”

    Dean wonders if Michael can even hear himself revealing that he knows Cas is at work. In any case, Dean is done playing nice and indulging Michael’s intrusive whims. “Actually, I do mind. I’m in the middle of—”

    Dean stops talking when he hears the telltale sound of paws dashing across the hallway floor. It may not be loud, but he has become particularly attuned to the sound over the past few weeks, and he braces himself for the involuntary foot acupuncture that... never comes. Instead, a giant gray ball of fur whizzes past him, and then—for once—it's Michael and his fancy suit that get the honor of finding out what it feels like to be a pincushion, and no more than half a minute later, Michael is out the door with a bleeding ankle after having shouted abuse at both Dean and the cat.

    Being such an excellent guard cat deserves a reward, Dean figures, and almost as soon as Michael's car is out of the driveway, he grabs his own car keys and heads to the pet store. And once he gets back… it's time to be sneaky. It's too soon to admit to Cas that he’s actually taking a liking to the cat, so the Cat-Sip Milk goes behind the El Sol beer Cas hates while the new toys, cat treats and the calming pheromone spray go inside the cabinet where Dean keeps his work-related books and documents.

    Of course, the secrecy is only for when Cas is home, so between Dean watching Jackson Galaxy videos on cat behavior and taking the time to play with Deuteronomy, blinking slowly at him to communicate friendliness, and using treats to bond with him, it's no wonder it's only a matter of weeks before Cas returns home from work to find the two of them sleeping together on the couch, Deut curled up on Dean's chest.

    Dean wakes up to Cas shaking his shoulder and cautiously whispering "Dean?" as if expecting him to freak out at finding the napping feline on top of him.

    "Mmm." Dean's much too tired and too comfortable to lament the fact that the cat is out of the bag—so to speak—and he cards his fingers through Deut's fur, soft and tangle-free after Dean brushed it earlier. "Welcome home, sunshine. How was work?"

    Cas simply regards Dean as if he's lost all his marbles simultaneously and isn't even bothering to look for them. "Dean." Cas gestures helplessly toward the cat-on-chest situation Dean has going on. "What? How?"

    The next best thing to pretending he hasn't made friends with the cat is pretending there was never any animosity between them, which is what Dean chooses to do. "I don't know what you mean, Cas. You'll have to be more specific."

    Cas hitches a suspicious eyebrow. "Dean, you detest Old Deuteronomy."

    Dean hurries to cover Deut's ears with his hands—or pretend to, anyway, since he doesn't want to wake up the still occasionally grumpy cat. "Sshhh. What a filthy lie to say right in front of him.”

    “Dean.” Cas narrows his eyes at his husband and looks ready to question him, but upon opening his mouth to speak he seems to realize that trying to get a straight answer out of Dean is going to be an exercise in futility, and gives up with a sigh. “I take it I won’t have to appease you with caresses and lovemaking anymore?” he asks instead, as if he considers it a chore and as if they ever manage to keep their hands off each other anyway.

    Dean hums. “I’m sure I can think of something else to be annoyed about. Now get in here.” He scooches—as much as he can with the cat on top of him—toward the back of the couch, leaving enough space on the edge for Cas to lie down on his side, half-draped over Dean. Cas does so, carefully, looking slightly worried when the arm he curls around Dean’s waist nudges Deut, but Deut just blinks a couple of times and only looks the slightest bit disgruntled before falling straight back to sleep.

    “I love you,” Cas murmurs against Dean’s shoulder. “Even though you’re a ridiculous man who doesn’t know his own capacity for love.” Something about the way he says it leaves Dean with the distinct feeling that he’s been played.

    “Dude. You knew I’d…?”

    “That you would come to care for Old Deuteronomy, given enough time with him?” Dean can hear the smile in Cas’s voice. “Yes. It’s a nice bonus that the reverse turned out to be true as well.”

    Dean sighs, but he can’t feel too put-upon—not with Deut on his chest and Cas curled around him. “Come on, let’s get a catnap in before we get started on dinner,” he says. And then, once they’ve both closed their eyes to do just that, “I love you too, by the way, even though you’re a sneaky man who preys on his husband’s weaknesses.”

    “Strengths,” Cas corrects.

    At that moment, Deut decides he’s had enough of Dean petting him, and Dean receives a nip to his hand for it as the cat dashes off to God knows where. Dean's little yelp has Cas checking for his reaction, likely worried that the bite may have drawn Dean’s ire again, but Dean simply tugs his husband more firmly on top of him and places a kiss against Cas's temple. “It’s okay.” He smiles. “He just needs a little time and some love.”

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  • cafedestiel
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #destiel#deancas#destiel fanfic#destiel au #this series is very sweet
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  • destielwrite
    21.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    cas would never have soft hips, nice curves, slender fingers where the tips could graze dean’s lips while he slept. he had long lanky legs, a trench coat that’s a bit worn out, and rough hands that have taken many lives before. he could never live up to dean’s expectations, and dean knew that. but he still gave in, still gave the Angel hope. the faith laid pooled between kisses in the dark, hands grasping each other aimlessly for the heck of it, soft whispers that could only be heard by the two. and cas put his grace in dean’s words, he put the hunters promises in the time they spent together. it has gotten to the point where cas doesn’t listen in on dean’s thoughts anymore, because all he hears is confusion, sadness, rejection. instead he listens in to dean’s “I love you” that’s said into the empty space between them.

    because that’s all it could ever be

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  • profoundbondfortheages
    21.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I had to draw them to that scene in Dirty Dancing.

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  • cafedestiel
    21.06.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • winovaked
    20.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    mystery spot au where instead it’s sam watching dean die again and again it’s dean and cas watching each other die cos gabriel is a frustrated!shipper and is willing to do everything just for them to say i love you and sam just went with it because the majestic moose is tired of the staring contests in the impala ok

    ((alternatively when dean and cas start to *violently* makeout in a corner gabriel buttered some popcorn and sam surfed online for clorox for the sake of his holy eyes))

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  • charlie-fashion-montage
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    fascinated by a mary lives au for its long term plot implications and what it means for the dean sam dynamic BUT it comes at the cost of the completely insane deancas dynamic because unfortunately dean would be a somewhat more functional person

    #i think u could still come to deancas eventually #but like. would dean have sold his soul? #would cas have rescued him? #i dont think so #my posts #mary lives au
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  • sierraxnevada
    18.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    WHAT IF instead of making the Empty a villain, they used its hate for god to their advantage and teamed up.

    Like the Empty prides it’s self on the fact that not even god has power there (something god has tricked it into believing.) But by the end of the season, god is so fed up he doesn’t care about being consistent anymore (if he ever did). So he starts (accidentally) showing the Empty that it was never the exception. That would obviously piss it off, and make it relate to tfw.

    Now, while god still has power over/in the empty, he made it extremely powerful. God would also never think that the Empty would go against him, because “it doesn’t care”. So really, the Empty is tfw’s best ally in this fight.

    ALSO!! The empty would realize that Castiel was never the reason things got loud. That was also gods fault, because he was manipulating it for his narrative. They wouldn’t necessarily be friends, but the Empty is wouldn’t be out to get him any more, the whole “enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    #here. have some empty thoughts #I actually really like this idea #I think a Death/Billy should have had a similar ending. they should not have made her a villain #any one who wants to explore this more totally can. just tag me so I can read your thoughts/fics #sierras fan work ideas #supernatural#castiel#dean winchester#spn#castiel winchester#destiel#deancas#sam winchester#supernatural family #supernatural season 15 #supernatural au#canon divergence
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  • destielwrite
    18.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    dean gives cas a mixtape with his favorite songs, cas wants to do the same but cant pick any music for it. so he settles on a voice recorder, he goes around recording himself when he has free time throughout cases with the Winchester’s.

    “I have found a beehive. It looks fascinating. I’ve seen many eat their homes. It’s tempting, but I’d rather not destroy.”

    “Sam taught me how to play cards, it was fun. That’s until Dean became competitive. I’m starting to think that Sam is the more patient one.” You can hear a chair screech on the ground, and Dean’s ‘Son of a bitch!’

    “Dean’s mixtape is playing as I speak. I even learned some of the words. Ooh, it makes me wonder…Ooh, really makes me wonder.”

    “How do I stop this thing-“ In half of the recording, you can hear Dean’s muffled talking in the background. Cas obviously almost got caught and stuffed it in his trench coat to hide.

    “Jack got me some cheese fries today. They were a bit too much for me. I tasted nothing. When I was human I enjoyed peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.”

    “Dean concentrates a lot when he’s polishing his weapons. He doesn’t know I saw him kiss his grenade launcher, but I did. Humans are…questionable. I even went back when he went inside to see what was so enjoyable. I felt nothing when I pressed my lips to it.”

    “I’m in a store-“ In this audio you can hear background music and Sam’s laugh, “Sam is teasing me about my trench coat. I think Jimmy’s attire is fitting for my work. I can hide many things in a trench coat. For example, my angel blade.”

    “Dean ate my slice of pie. I repeat, Dean engulfed my piece of pie. I’m an Angel, and I have no tastebuds. Though I was going to stare at it and watch it waste away.”

    In the last recording, there’s birds chirping, it’s peaceful, “This is for you, Dean. I’m not that good with music. So I settled on this. I do hope you enjoy it, I worked hard on it. I’m unable to go back and listen to what I said. I’m not even sure if it’s recording. I do see the red button, so…it’s on. I googled it. I hope you listen to this as many times as you want. I enjoy life differently now-“ Cas stops talking and sighs loudly, clearing his throat he continues; “I like things that I didn’t before, I do things that I never thought of, and I’ve opened up my heart for the first time. Im glad I did. I opened it to you, I trusted you, because you showed me there’s nothing to be scared of.” Suddenly the loud roar of a car is heard, “I love you, Dean. I love Sam, Jack, the idea of humanity. You showed me that love is a wonderful feeling. I love the way you smile at us when we finish a case. I love the way you trust me with your life. The way you and Sam don’t give up on me. You fight for me. I have all that and more, because of you.”

    There’s a honk and Dean’s voice comes in, “Cas! Come on man, Sammy is waiting on us at the bar.” The audio is fuzzy but it’s clear that the Angel shoved the recorder in his coat pocket. A car door is slammed shut, Zeppelin playing softly.

    this isn’t goodbye dean winchester, this is a thank you.

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  • impossiblyfreshdonut
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    @ the spn fandom I need y’all to find me that deancas au where cas was a nurse or doctor or something and Dean was like a firefighter and it was all fan art and comics (no fics that I’m aware of) and other characters also worked at the hospital and I can’t fucking remember the artist please I’ll be forever grateful

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  • saintgabriels
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    midam deancas au where adam sells his soul to save his mom and michael saves him (only difference is there’s no unnecessary drama)

    #if au michael possessed adam like he did dean michael would start screaming #midam#deancas
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  • gayaliensyndrome
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sneak Peak for Winchester Organization

    He composed himself as he approached his mother’s door. He ran his hands down his torso to even out his shirt before he gave a quick knock on the door.

    “Come in, Dean.” His mother’s voice sounded a little exasperated, but Dean tried not to linger on it while he opened the door. “Close the door.” Dean did as she said and missed the man standing to the side of his mom’s desk. He turned around and stopped abruptly as he finally noticed the man. He was standing, staring at Dean with unwavering blue eyes. His trench coat was rumpled, and he stood out a little in his ill-fitting oxford and slacks. Dean tried not to fidget as he took in the man’s skewed tie. “Sit down.”

    Mary was sitting back in her chair. She was watching Dean with a keen eye which had him squirming even more between the both of them staring at him. Dean strode forward with more confidence than he felt and sat down in the seat.

    “Mar- Sir I don’t have my re – “

    “Dean.” Dean closed his mouth with a click as he took in his mother’s appearance. Her face softened as she took in his appearance. “Your shirt is backwards.” Dean looked down and saw the tag sticking out under his chin. He felt his ears burn as he tucked it back in, trying to avoid looking at the man who hadn’t removed his eyes from Dean since he entered the room.

    “Sorry.” Mary gave a small smile before she adjusted herself in her seat into a more relaxed stance.

    “Dean, this is Castiel.” She jumped right in. Her hand moving to motion to the man next to him. He cocked his head a little at Mary’s address. “He’s going to be your partner from now on.” Dean sat up straighter, looking finally at the man in the trench coat. Castiel, Dean supplanted in his head.

    “Why?” Dean looked back at Mary. He found looking at Castiel was hard for him, not only for his intimidating glance, but the way Dean’s eyes couldn’t get enough of the blue color of his eyes. Who had eyes that color anyway?

    “You are in no position to question me.” Mary said in a stern voice. It jostled him and he looked down at the desk for a moment as he composed himself. “I’m going to tell you something and you need to keep it entirely to yourself.” Dean looked back at Mary as she continued to speak. “You can’t even tell Sam.” She leant forward with a pointed look. One usually reserved for when she was scolding trainees about the proper protocol. He felt small under that look, something he hadn’t felt since he was living with his father jumping from motel to motel.

    “Okay.” His mother kept looking at him with the pointed glance.

    “Promise me, Dean.” Dean blinked, but otherwise kept his eyes on her.

    “I promise.” His mother leant back in her seat looking satisfied with his response.

    “Castiel is an angel.”

    #Destiel#deancas#dean winchester #dean x cas #new fic dropped babes #well is going to drop #If you have any questions feel free to send them my way #I have a good portion of this plotted out and about three chapters written #castiel#supernatural #au fic idea #Hunter!Dean #Angel!Castiel #But in an organized way #also Dead!John Winchester #Alive!Mary Winchester #because she deserves it #Mary Winchester#my fic #this will be posted to AO3 #eventually #I just need some feedback #no she doesn't make them call her sir #he has old habits
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  • destielwrite
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    a monster tricking dean into thinking that cas has come to save him, the winchester is on the brink of bleeding out into the floor, but sam finds him in time. he carries his brother out to the impala, dean is slowly losing consciousness, all he can say is “cas, you came to save me”

    the next morning he wakes up in the hospital, and expecting to see cas, he orders two coffee’s from the breakfast menu. sam wakes up in the chair next to his brothers bed & tries to go for the coffee but dean slaps his hand away, “No! That’s for cas, dude. Get your own.” so Sam has to explain how Dean was mind tricked last night, and that the angel wasn’t actually there.

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