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  • inkerstellar
    07.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Some rando on the Net: Snape, Bellatrix, Lucius were Nazis.

    Me: (remembering my past self and heavy cringe) The Nazis are real, Death Eaters are not, the Death Eaters had a kill count of barely a few hundreds, the Nazis killed millions, not comparing tragedies, but such comparisons always end up being too on-the-nose for real-life tragedies.

    the rando continues: Snape was the Stalin to Voldemort's Hitler

    Me: did you just compare a schoolteacher who was a dick at times, to a mass-murderer and dictator, and compare a noseless dude in a children's book to a person under whose Reich the genocide of more than a million people was carried out?

    the rando: yes. Oh, and by the way, Romione shippers are as bad as Holocaust deniers

    Me: Just when I thought we had reached rock bottom....

    #harry potter #bashing of comparisons between nazis and death eaters
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  • hadu-world-100
    07.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Lucius: We're gonna get a good ransom for you.

    Harry: Okay just don't call Sirius.

    Harry: Or Tonks.

    Harry: Or Mad-eye, Ron, Ginny, Bill, or Charlie.

    Harry: They'll blow up the whole place.

    Death Eaters: …

    Harry: They've been waiting to use the TNT they bought off the black market last Christmas.

    Lucius: How about I just let you go?

    Harry: Good choice.

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  • sandiapelona
    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    soul eater is so fucking cool watch it to be swag

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  • harryandginnydeservesbetter
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    *Goblet of fire*

    Harry: Hostage or not it's fun to be held sometimes


    Death eaters: 👁️👄👁️

    Okie bye I hate my humor-

    #harry potter #harry potter fandom #hermione granger#ron weasley#ginny weasley #harry deserves better #anti dumbledore #harry james potter #harry j potter #harry james potter incorrect quotes #auror harry#lord voldemort#death eaters #harry potter incorrect quotes
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  • hogwartspotionsteacher
    06.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Narcissa: "Lucius, we're breaking up."

    Lucius: "I'm pregnant."


    Narcissa: "I meant the signal."

    Lucius: "Sorry, I panicked."

    #incorrect quotes #incorrect death eater quotes #incorrect black family quotes #lucius malfoy #narcissa x lucius #lucissa#narcissa malfoy
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  • kim-sala-bim
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Harry Potter: Bellatrix wants Voldemort, both get killed

    Wallace & Gromit: Voldemort wants Bellatrix, she knocks him out and dumps him

    #helena bonham carter #harry potter#bellatrix lestrange#voldemort #tom marvolo riddle #tom riddle#death eaters#lord voldemort #wallace and gromit #curse of the wererabbit #lady tottington#victor quartermaine#ralph fiennes
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  • sebystann
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Honestly I feel so deprived by the lack of Regulus Black content. 😒

    If anyone knows of any r.a.b fics please provide them to me! I beg of you!! 🧎🏻‍♀️

    #regulus black #regulus black fanfiction #regulus x y/n #timothee chamalet #regulus black x y/n #regulus black x female reader #regulus black x reader #regulus black x you #the marauders#marauders era#death eaters#sirius black#james potter#remus lupin#peter pettigrew#lilly evans#hogwarts
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  • rodolphus-lestrangex
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I asked an AI to draw pictures of Bellatrix, Voldemort and Rodolphus. This is how they turned out:

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Lord Voldemort

    Rodolphus Lestrange

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  • realitybitesyouknowit
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fanfic: Who Dares Wins Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction


    A Harry Potter who grew up studying military tactics and strategy uses the attack on the Ministry as an opportunity to lay an ambush of his own - only to learn that his parents are still alive, as well as a twin brother whom Dumbledore calls the true boy-who-lived. And then, things get complicated. Military!Harry. A subversion of DZ2's Prodigal Son Challenge.

    Harry Potter, M, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 30, words: 172k+, favs: 7k+, follows: 10k+, updated: Nov 7 published: Jan 19, 2019, [Harry P., Susan B.] OC

    Last chapter read 30

    #harry potter#fanfiction#military harry#potter twins#longbottom twins#potters live #longbottom's live in hiding #mark ramsey is a bamf #harry/susan #Jamie and Trevor are naive as fuck #the light is so far up Dumblefucks ass its ridiculous #ron/hannah #a shit ton of death eaters die #House Potter calls Blood feud on house Gaunt and all that follow him #harry is lord Potter #James is a colossal dick #adults demanding respect undeservedly #good weasleys #ron is a good friend #hermione is a good friend #ginny is a good friend #the twins aren't bad just haven't had a chance to create their own opinions
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  • crybaby-writings
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    so, i had a bad night and couldn't get any sleep- so i decided to make a list of some of the anime characters i share a personality type with!

    my personality type is infp, and my enneagram is 6w5, which means sakumo and i have the exact same personality, it's identical! i find that pretty interesting

    gaara - naruto

    nagato - naruto

    utakata - naruto

    sakumo hatake - naruto

    tamaki amajiki - my hero academia

    eri - my hero academia

    rei todoroki - my hero academia

    mitsuri kanroji - demon slayer

    muichiro tokito - demon slayer

    mother spider demon - demon slayer

    junpei yoshino - jujutsu kaisen

    chifuyu matsuno - tokyo revengers

    kaneki ken - tokyo ghoul

    yamaguchi tadashi - haikyuu!!

    yuri katsuki - yuri!!! on ice

    naive t cell - cells at work

    kaidou shun - saiki k

    rumia uru - kakegurui

    rem - death note

    alluka zoldyck - hunter x hunter

    izuru kira - bleach

    snake - black butler

    umehito nekozawa - ouran highschool host club

    carona gorgon - soul eater

    #♤— ash tries #naruto#naruto shippuden #boku no hero academia #hunter x hunter #black butler#bleach #cells at work #demon slayer#jujutsu kaisen#tokyo revengers#tokyo ghoul#saiki k#kakegurui#death note#soul eater #ouran high school host club #haikyuu #yuri on ice #yuri!! on ice
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  • fattymadiy
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    frankenstein <3

    #anime icons#anime aesthetic#anime layouts#anime moodboard#action anime #maka soul eater #soul eater excalibur #soul eater #soul eater eruka #soul eater icons #soul evans#maka albarn#tsubaki #soul eater dtk #death the kid #elizabeth thompson#blackstar#frankenstein #soul eater moodboard #soul eater medusa #soul eater packs
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  • dramioneasks
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #unresolved fic search #anonymous#death eaters#war #character death: grangers #hurt and comfort #psychological trauma#smut #memory modification [hermione]
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  • green-fangirlism
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pov:you just sneek peaked again into the dsmp Fandom. Captions 1st panel:"what's up bitches!"

    2nd panel:"do I even want to know"

    #dream smp #It's all very cringe ik #The persona coming into the room is Nerine my oc #Whoever got the don't starve reference and the soul eater reference gets a cookie #Wanted to do more but couldn't find any in a short time #Something happened to quackity and slime right? #Tw dream smp #Spoilers#I guess#Dsmp tubbo#Dsmp ranboo#Dsmp foolish #Dsmp dream XD #Dsmp slimecicle#Dsmp quackity #Dunno what to do with his design #Never drew him #Meme #Discovered ranboo death and the quackity slime thing due to a Animatic #Arms to nite started playing while I was drawing the scene #Same song was in the Animatic with ranboo #Also a lemon demon song #Great
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  • hxuse-xf-black
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pansy: *slides picture across table*

    Pansy: I need you to stab this person in the leg.

    Draco: This is a photo of you.

    Pansy: Hannah wants me to try Zumba.

    #source: idk#source: unknown #source: ??? #pansy x hannah #pansy parkinson#hannah abbott#draco malfoy#incorrect quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #incorrect quotes harry potter #incorrect harry potter #harry potter incorrect quotes #incorrect slytherin quotes #incorrect slytherin#slytherin#death eater #incorrect death eater quotes #incorrect death eaters #death eaters #golden trio era #incorrect golden trio quotes #golden trio#silver trio
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  • dramioneasks
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Unforgivable - Lilian_Silver - E, WIP - Draco Malfoy was slowly growing detached from the mission of the Dark Lord, sneaking food to prisoners, and any other acts of defiance he could think of, just to feel some semblance of control over his life. Seeing Hermione Granger writhing on his drawing room floor, however, somehow became the last straw.

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  • mugglesthesedays
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    (Probably) unpopular headcanon about Bellatrix

    Growing up she was the most responsible of all of the sisters.  Maybe she didn’t see the error in her parents’ ways, but she did see how they hurt her sisters, and so she basically tried to take all the blame for everything and take all the beatings etc, to try and let Andromeda and Narcissa have the nest childhood they could.  It broke her when she had to go to hogwarts and leave them unattended for those many years before they were finally there, too.  She would do all the chores and be the one trying to “fix” the family.

    Because of this, when they were all finally out of the house, she found no interest in having children despite her being taught that it was a woman’s duty to her husband.  Instead, she felt she needed to be devoted to something that needed her as much as her sisters had, and through that she found Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

    She might not have been entirely sane back then, because who would be after seventeen years of being with Druella and Cygnus playing medieval dollhouse, but she was on a functioning level in her head when she knew where to quit, when to stop, how to hold herself together in front of people.

    When she first started her career as a Death Eater, she became very accustomed to using the killing curse instead of imperio or crucio because it was faster and more humane that way, and it maintained her humanity a little bit.  But then the day came where she was forced to use crucio.

    But when she was sent to the Longbottoms’ house, it broke her.  She looked in the window and saw such a happy family, laughing and holding their little baby as one read a book and the other clicked on the telly.

    She didn’t want to go inside there and ruin that.  She didn’t want to kill them.  She didn’t want that boy to grow up without that mother and father that so doted on him.

    But then she was roughly shoved into it, and she couldn’t kill them,  she just couldn’t, and she finally realized the only other option was to torture it out of them.  She figured Aurors like them could take it, right?  All they had to do was answer her questions, it wasn’t like they were weak people—they were bloody aurors.  But when she saw the light begin to fade from their eyes she turned to Rodolphus and tried to stop him, begging him to let them go because they have a child, for god’s sake let them go.

    But he wouldn’t, and he couldn’t let one of them grab their wands so he held Bellatrix by her neck until she kept going for Alice.  And when the pair finally cracked, she hated it.  She knew exactly what they’d been through and she couldn’t believe that after so many years of trying to fight that curse, she caused people to lose their minds from it.

    And when the lights flashed all around her, the brilliant white lights of the aurors, all she could do was look at her scene and cackle.

    If she’d’ve ve gone back home that night, perhaps she would’ve made it out sane still.  Mentally ill, but functioning.  Found a way out of Voldemort, devoted herself to something else, forged a relationship with her sisters again.

    But she went to Azkaban.  And she lived out fifteen long years dwelling in the fact of what she’d done to so many people, and it made her go mad.

    She was in the cell next to Sirius.  At first, she tried and tried and begged and pleaded for forgiveness, if only to have her cousin talk to her.  But she never even got a reply, and she deserved that, she supposed.

    After those fifteen years, she was gone.  All traces of the old Bellatrix, the responsible sister who had the ability to feel remorse and regret for her actions—she was gone.   And in the moment she saw Neville, on that fateful day in the department of mysteries, she meant it.  It didn’t show through her taunting tone, but a small part of her hoped and prayed they’d made it out okay.  But she knew they hadn’t.

    And that is how we were stuck with a monster.

    #bellatrix lestrange#bellatrix black #bellatrix lestrange headcanon #bellatrix Black headcanon #death eaters#voldemort #the black family #the black sisters
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  • sami-guinea-arts
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ‘‘They’ll never understand you like I do...’‘

    Dynastes featuring my friend’s Kidma OC Dante!

    #soul eater #soul eater oc #my art#for others#kidma #next gen oc #soul eater next gen #digital art #death the kid #maka albarn#lord death#shinigami
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  • newt-and-salamander
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    One scene I was always wondering about in CoG was that next-to-last one on the Hogwarts bridge. Because regarding the plot, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. For most of the characters, there is just no motivation to go there. Where is half of the magical law enforcement there, and even stranger, Nagini and Kama? Did they have nowhere to go and just said, Sure, we don’t know you, but a trip to Scotland sounds nice so we will come along? Did Newt tell everyone about the blood pact so that half of the ministry felt like they should watch him talk to Dumbledore? Travers' behavior rather seemed to indicate that he felt like he should have listened to Dumbledore, but that he didn’t really know the full story about the blood pact – because this would rather be another reason to mistrust Dumbledore, at least from a ministry perspective.

    As I said, this scene doesn’t make a lot of sense plot-wise. It does, however, from media specific point of view, as a way of storytelling unique to a film – and this is what this short analysis is about.

    For a film – and especially for CoG as a film with lots of characters and a complicated (if not confusing) storyline, it makes a lot of sense to show us all of the characters in one shot at the end. Thus, this scene is functioning as a kind of “doorstopper” for the plot. It shows: These are our protagonists, and this is where they stand – in the truest sense of the word. After this scene, the plot (temporarily) ends for most of the characters. This scene acts as a visual summary of the plot’s consequences, sorting the characters into groups:

    Yusuf and Nagini, who had been introduced as new characters and also still are kind of outsiders, are at the left edge of the image. Newt, Tina and Theseus form a much more intimate group, although Tina is pushed to the background a bit, while the Scamanders' bodies are turned toward each other – a sign of their newfound connection? Tina is visually really closely connected to the group (the colours of her and Newt’s coat seem to melt into each other), but she stands back a little – just like the focus of CoG never really seemed to be on her. Last but not least, Jacob looks rather confused and lonely in the background – his world has come apart at the seams, he has lost everything. The fact that he is not even able to see Hogwarts only underlines his disorientation, and also his otherness inside the group. (We can also see some anonymous Aurors and Torquil Travers in the background, but they are almost entirely hidden behind the main protagonists.)

    Newt, who then leaves the group and starts walking towards Dumbledore, is signaling that the plot will go on – through and with him as the moving spirit (and I hope I am right with this). His movement from the Paris group towards Dumbledore also connects the story lines, forecasting where the story will be going: In the next part, the focus will lie on Dumbledore (and his relationships to Newt, Grindelwald, the creation of the blood pact etc.) (I supppse). Therefore, this scene is not only a visual doorstopper, but also a sliding door – but not a see-through one. We don’t know what exactly is going to happen – but this scene opens the passage way to the next film.

    Whereas the scene doesn’t make too much sense for the plot, it is an important part of the specific medial logic of a visual narrative.

    [I’ve been plagiarizing myself with this post. Here is the original which is background information on a German fanfiction I've been writing: https://ravenclaws-eulchen.tumblr.com/post/669595576160124928/canonabweichung-hogwartsbr%C3%BCcken-szene]

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