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  • madreckdoesrandomstuff
    29.11.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    So I just found out that my great-grandmother, from my stepfather side of the family, is currently dying in the hospital.

    Apparently she has stomach cancer & her intestines also erupted.

    I was like "how tf does someone's intestines just fucking explode?" but didn't say anything.

    So first my great--great-grandmother, also from my stepfathers side, died of old age back in January & now my great-grandma.

    Wow. At least one died in her sleep, free of pain.

    My mom even heard my great-great-grandma screaming in her sleep once, crying out "No! No! It hurts!" in Spanish. She thought she was just having a nightmare.

    When I heard her say that, ik that it had something to do with either her stomach or intestines.

    Well fuck. I was never even really close to either of them, but for FUCKS SAKE—

    Strangely enough, I'm not too upset by it. Just mildly disturbed & confused as to how someone's intestines could erupt.

    #tw death mention #tw cancer mention #tw intestines mention?
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  • alexandriteobscura
    29.11.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    #;;ask response: ic mell #;;ask response: ic mell (verse: blood of the holy one) #;;ask response: with squiggles #anonymous #death mention tw
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  • shadow-maeda
    29.11.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    #tw death#tw medicine #tw meds mention
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  • dead-inside-demiboy
    29.11.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Wait, does anybody else remember how a while ago in Phil's stream Wilbur talked about how the dsmp members were giving him their characters Limbo

    And he said that the most angsty out of all of them by far was Ranboo's, and that "the viewers better hope he never dies"?


    #jaxon speaks#dream smp#ranboo #ranboo dream smp #wilbur soot#mcyt #tw death mention #dream smp spoilers
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  • bcssbitchs
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “ i can not live like this anymore. ” willaria

    “YEAH, YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE YOU DID WHAT YOU DID,” did it broke his heart? yes, it very much did and it always would, because.. at the end of the day, they could have been happy. at the end of the day, things could have been different between the two of them and they could have gotten that beach house that they so wanted and yet, that had never happened, because SHE HAD DECIDED THAT HE WASN’T ENOUGH FOR HER ANYMORE. and how could he ever be? he was the boy who had been replaced by everyone - his own mother included and so, of course that even the love of his life had given up on him. OF COURSE. “and before you left me. i mean, why should i be surprised, right? EVERYONE THINKS I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH. even my own mother.. she chose to be with the man who killed my dad, instead of me. why would you EVER be any different?” and it would hurt because he believed she would have been and yet, he couldn’t have been more wrong. RIGHT?


    #(john kramer was right. spiral. a symbol of evolution and progress. || william schenk) #tw; death mention #tw; mental health
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  • stitch1830
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #toph#toph beifong#lin#lin beifong#suyin beifong#aang#suki#sokka#zuko#katara#atla#lok#headcanons #cw mentions of death #my asks #thanks for the ask! #cherrychonk #pls the angst #my heart aches #we want the best for the beifongs and then we do this LOL #0_o
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  • bcssbitchs
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    " of course i noticed. i notice everything about you. " conrad & billie

    SHE SHOULD HAVE NEVER FELT THIS WAY. in fact, it was almost a cliche and billie wanted to slap herself for falling straight into it, because.. how could she not? she was in love with her childhood best friend’s husband and while she had never SHOWED IT, because it had never been more than a crush in the first place... right now, she was finding it almost impossible to not do something about it. and yes, even if nic was here - it still felt weird. in fact, they had mourned for four years - all of them and.. yes, she had almost even started to think that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE... SOMETHING COULD HAPPEN BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM. was that why watching him going off with marion had devastated her? yes, it was. “conrad, you...” she looked down at her hands for a moment, shaking her head a little. “you shouldn’t say things like that. YOU KNOW YOU SHOULDN’T. nic’s here, she’s back and.. you and i are just friends. it’s a long step from the fact we used to hate each other and yes, we should be HAPPY about that.” and yet, who was she reassuring? him or her? frankly, right now, billie couldn’t say she knew. @igcttabe

    #(we're all human. we all make mistakes. || billie sutton). #tw; death mention #tw; mental health #hehehe twinny I AM ALL ABOARD THIS SHIP #but then again conic 😓
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  • bcssbitchs
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “You’re glowing.” aria & angie

    “AM I?” she didn’t feel like it. in fact, the moment that aria had told her that she was coming by, angie had been stuck in bed because... frankly, it was one of these days in which she didn’t see herself coming out of it for anyone or anything. and did she feel.. LONELY? why, yes, she did and it was supposed to be normal, because she was going through a pregnancy alone and no, that wasn’t fun for anyone involved, in the first place. and the more she looked at that first ultrasound of the baby? the more she wished that she wouldn’t have to go through ALL of that alone, let alone have to tell her baby one day that she was all that they had. “frankly, i don’t feel like it. in fact, if you hadn’t showed up, i was fully planning on staying in bed, watching sad rom-coms - and eating a bunch of taco bell. JUST THAT.” she didn’t have the strength for much else and yet, knowing she wasn’t alone helped.


    #(fuck your cover. from now on.. you're going to learn how to be a team player || angie garza). #tw; death mention #tw; mental health #tw; pregnancy#BABIES 🥺🥺
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  • thequeerphoenix
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I remember the execution of my childhood

    She stood like a statue, waiting for the guillotine

    She had accepted her fate and stood alone

    No one would wait with her for death

    No one would go near the soon to be forgotten

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  • bcssbitchs
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ANGIE HAD NEVER EXPECTED THAT SHE WOULD GET TO SEE HIM AGAIN. in fact, she didn’t think that she wanted to, because it had been a one time thing and yes, that was all that it was EVER going to be, in the first place and yet.. err, she also didn’t know how to do this. she would have, normally, because it took a lot to break her out of her composure but then again, this was also the father of her daughter, who was also sick and because fate was clearly laughing at her right now - she couldn’t give faye the blood transfusion she needed. of fucking course that she couldn’t and so, here she was, because if there was a chance that HE could? she was going to make that happen. it as why she had lied to everyone at the station, it was why she had jeannie look up his address and told her best friend that she was chasing a lead, because.. she had to do this. and it was exactly why she was about to knock on his door, looking more embarrassed than she had in a.. huh, very long time. when he opened it? angie coughed, looking down at the ground for a moment. “HUH.. gabriel rojas? my name is angie garza, i am.. well, i was the captain of the south metro police in new york city. we met at the a bar one night and.. well, I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO YOU.”


    #(fuck your cover. from now on.. you're going to learn how to be a team player. || angie garza). #tw; death mention #tw; mental health #i couldn't wait hehe
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  • empanator
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi friends, my family is going through a loss right now. I’ve had a tough year, so me being on-and-off absent is not anything new, but I guess I like to say “hey I’m still here” once in a while during those breaks.

    I do have a headcanon request in my inbox that I started working on already, and I’ll still accept new requests, but I might prioritize PG-rated content until things smooth over. Goodness knows I’ve got several fics in progress that need to sit on the back burner for the time being.

    Anyway, have a great day/night wherever you are. Drink some water. Have a stretch. Take care. 💛

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  • spacewolvesatwarpedtour
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #tw death mention #space answers#sophiliated
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  • maiacroft
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Location: Grand Hall When: Friday night at the Welcome Dinner
    TWs: mention of assault, assault, violence, mention of death

    Maia was on edge, as her family learned that the entire school knew she went to juvie and that somehow they even knew that her mother had sent her. Keeping her head down once they mentioned it, but lifting her head only slightly to check Natalia's reaction, who was keeping her poise and her attention on the defaced mascot. However, it was clear in Natalia's eyes that she was horrified that this information was just shared with the entire program along with their parents and families. It wasn't quiet for long, as Camari seemed to be shocked by this revelation as well. Hearing her aunt speak up, her words directed towards Embry. "Em... is that true?" She asked, clear shock and disappointment in her voice. However, Embry didn't offer a response, he kept his head down not sure what to say in response. That was enough of a confirmation to Camari. "You allowed that woman to put my niece in juvie? For what?" Camari was clearly upset, however she didn't raise her voice.

    The use of words towards Natalia caused Emmett to react. "Watch how you speak about my mother. She put her in there because your niece is a delinquent who deserved to go to juvie... better yet jail." He snapped in return and Camari scoffed in reaction.

    "A delinquent? I'm impressed you know such big words." Camari responded before turning her attention to Natalia. "You send her to juvie for God knows what, meanwhile your son doesn't know how to respect his elders." She sneered.

    Natalia sat there, keeping her eyes on the mascot as they spoke, her chest heaving up and down as she felt anger surge through her. "She vandalized my home and was acting out. Maybe if her mother had raised her bett---" before she could even finish her sentence, she was cut off by Embry saying "Natalia..." warning her to not continue, however it was too late. Maia's eyes darted to Natalia in clear distaste at the mention of her mother, but remaining silent.

    "What?" Natalia said in defense to Embry as she saw the looks she got from both Camari and Alexis.

    "Her mother had just passed, and you think that her vandalizing your home had to do with how her mother raised her? Are you that clueless?" Camari challenged.

    "Clueless? I didn't see you jumping at the chance to take her in."

    Maia felt a lump grow in her throat at Natalia's words, not really knowing how to react to that. She was aware that she was unwanted, but it was something else for it to be discussed as she sat there, feeling like some kind of stray dog. "Natalia." Embry interjected once more, warning her in a stern voice.

    "If I knew that her father and you would be so incapable at caring for a child, I would have taken her in. But you seem to forget that legally she was his responsibility and he didn't seem to object that... unless there's something I'm unaware of Embry. Were you trying to abandon your only child unbeknown me?"

    "No, I wasn't." Embry immediately answered.

    "So, then how did you allow her to be put into juvie over something so trivial?" Camari answered.

    "Trivial?" Natalia cut in, bewildered by the adjective. "She embarrassed me during our gala, one with our clients. It was anything far from trivial. She clearly needed to reflect on what she had done."

    "I'm speaking to Embry." Camari said to Natalia, her eyes not leaving her brother.

    Embry sat quietly as Natalia huffed at the dismissal and just then Maia heard as the mascot began talking about Jackson and his secret, her mind leaving the conversation and suddenly feeling the urge to find Jackson immediately at the insinuation that was being made about his parents. Her concern taking over, feeling like her heart was going to burst out of her chest with worry for Jackson and without second though she rose up from her seat and began looking around the room to spot Jackson but before she could look any longer, she heard Natalia speaking to her.

    "Where are you going?" Natalia asked sternly. "Sit down." She ordered, there was still much to speak about.

    Maia disregarded what Natalia said, only looking at her for a moment before she stepped away from her seat.

    "Maia." Natalia warned her once more. "Sit down. I won't say it again." She repeated, however Maia didn't heed her warnings, instead she continued to look around the room and before she knew it, Emmett stood in front of her and grabbed her from her shoulders to stop her.

    "Are you fucking deaf? She said sit down." He said as he forcefully sat her back down.

    "Emmett, what the fuck?!" Alexis snapped at his sudden action while he took his seat again.

    "She wasn't listening." He defended as he fixed his jacket.

    "You don't fucking grab her!" Alexis retorted.

    "Alexis, mind your volume." Natalia said as she cleared her throat hoping people weren't paying attention, Alexis scoffing at her response.

    "Are you going to send him to juvie too? That could be classified as assault." Camari said indifferently.

    "I have to leave." Maia interjected before getting up again, ignoring Emmett's attempts, causing Emmett to stand back up again.

    Maia glared at Emmett before looking at Natalia. "What the fuck do you need me here for anyways? Huh? What? You guys are all talking for me anyways. Doesn't make a difference if I leave."

    "We need to figure out a plan, you going to juvie is already out, but telling people that I put you there... it's unnecessary. It's easy to at least get rid of that part."

    Maia let out a scoff of disbelief at her words. "You were the one who put me in there. You want me to cover for you? Why would I? What have you done for me so that I would owe you loyalty like that? Because of you, I had to see my fucking pictures from juvie blasted on a projector. And now you want me to save your pride? You're fucking delusional." Maia spat.

    "What has she done for you?! She gave you a life you could never even dream of! What an ingrate." Emmett said as he walked up to Maia once more. "How dare you speak to her like that." He said as she gently shoved her shoulder. "You belong in the streets, in the slum where you came from and my mother gave you a life of riches."

    "Emmett." Embry warned as Emmett shoved Maia.

    "You put your hands on her one more time young man and---" Camari was cut off by a SLAP, the sound of Maia's palm hitting the side of Emmett's face and just then, Embry leaped up to grab Emmett who looked like he was about to return the action.

    "Have you lost your mind? There are people here." Natalia scolded Maia.

    "He just shoved her Natalia, and your only looking at Maia? Are you serious?" Embry said aggravated.

    "This fucking bitch just hit me, let me go!" Emmett shouted as he tried to get out of Embry's grip and almost immediately, Embry dragged Emmett out of the main hall with Natalia following the two of them.

    Maia, Camari and Alexis watched as the others left and Camari got up to approach Maia to check up on her, however Maia was already scurrying off to find Jackson, not processing what had just occurred. Her main concern was to find Jackson ASAP.

    #(( ~ self para &. #(( ~ family weekend &. #tw: violence #tw: mention of assault #tw: assault #tw: mention of death
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  • bqstqnbruin
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #tw shooting mention #tw death mention
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  • awkwardthings6
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    wait hold on can we all just address the fact that everyone (EVERYONE) thought that tubbo would be the one to die first between longer lifespan ranboo hcs, us all thinking he had 3 lives, and tubbo not trying to protect his own life in the disc confrontation — and then we were wrong? we were so, so wrong.

    plz dsmp more lore do not give us another month(s) long break i need this storyline to be explored ok ok i have so much to write now

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  • rowanndoesntwrite
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #/rp #⤳ rwnn chts. #⤳ big sister dani :) <3. #cw death mention #cw caps
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  • infinitysgrace
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    You know what I lied before I'm not done talking about this actually because the more I think about it the more it doesn't make sense.

    Because after c!Sam kills c!Ranboo he says "I needed a reason- I had to get [Dream] to stay" and then the Dipsy kinnie was actually dead silent for a bit where he was just yelling at pigman to keep moving literally a second before that and actually fucking came back for a second even though all he did was fight ppl back so they could all leave? Like what???

    What exactly does he know that we don't?

    #dream smp#dsmp spoilers #ok NOW I'm done #ranboo death mention
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  • captainwaffles
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Please take me away from here

    Bring me to a place where I don’t have to go to school

    Face everyone and pretend to be fine

    Please take me to a place where I am free

    Bring me to a place where I can be called by a different name

    Where my worries are gone

    Please take me somewhere safe

    Bring me to a place I can breathe

    I don’t wanna die, I just can’t be here anymore

    And I don’t want to wait for college

    Or to move out to be me

    But I’m to scared to be me now

    Please Take me to a place where dragons fly

    Bring me to a place where the forest is lit with lanterns

    Where snow falls and the birds sing

    Please take me to a place I don’t have to romanticized

    Bring me to a place where I no longer feel broken

    But till then I’m stuck here

    #I’ve been writing stuff like this down lately but felt like typing and posting instead #so it’s been werid #captainwaffles #tw sui mention #tw death mention #idk#poetry
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  • etakeh
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Content warning: suicide, death

    Sometimes “OpSec” means not knowing who within the network has just died, because not only will people not say the name out loud, outside a small circle; but they weren’t using their real name anyway. 

    But whoever they were, I hope they got the peace they needed.

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  • thehumanerror
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    most days I sit and daydream about slitting my wrists just to watch myself bleed out until my vision fades into nothingness and I’ll finally be able to sleep peacefully. 

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