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  • angcrmanagcmcnt
    28.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    @gatebound​​ was so very quiet.

    It wasn’t too unusual, with what had happened. 

    She’d held this same bunched-up piece of cloth many times before. Usually, it was used on herself after some unfortunate encounter that didn’t quite turn in her favor. It was already stained; there was no ire held in that regard, and even if it had been clean before now she wouldn’t have been mad.

    Strange, perhaps, given her name. 

    But then again, that was the difference between Wrath and Anger: while she was a runner, he was a fighter. Though she threatened harm upon many before, those were just that: threats. There was seldom a time where she would actually make good on them, whereas with Wrath   

    Well. The results of his threats laid barely a yard away, the stench of death not not quite unfamiliar to Anger, but not a regular scent either. 

    She’s careful as she turns his hand over, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she tries to get a particularly difficult spot of crimson cleared away. But then Wrath speaks and Anger’s movements abruptly stop. Lips press into a line as she tries to find what to say. He looks so far away, despite sitting right there beside her.

    Finally the little homunculus speaks after a long bout of silence, gentle strokes of the cloth resuming as she leans down; her eyes were trying to meet his.

    “ It’s never really easy. Th’look you got in your eyes right now proves it. ”

    #don't think just run.{ic.} #you would be angry too.{main v.} #never surrender ; let's stick together.{Wrath ; 03 ; gatebound.} #some things never change.{threads.} #gatebound#tw blood #tw death mention #ask to tag
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  • insearchofmadness
    28.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Who would’ve known the sun could be filled with so much sadness and rage, craving innocence she lost in her younger days, life will never go her way

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  • rabbiteartrans
    28.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    My gran doesn't have long and i dont know what to do

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  • debelltio
    28.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    This only pertains to the post-Scarif AU. But Orson did go back to Eadu after the dust had settled. Galen’s corpse had been placed to rest at a nearby morgue. Wordlessly, he took the body back to Coruscant and buried him next to Lyra’s.

    #﹝ 𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞 » anima ﹞ #(( unless ofc y'all want to hear the 'Galen survived' AU I have planned )) #death tw
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  • agcnt1ne
    28.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    @cupid-complex​ continued from here

          “ Oh god. ” Wesley’s breath hitched in his throat, his eye flicking to the door, “ Gun-- get me my gun, GET ME MY GUN! ” A loud cry, of pure desperation from Agent One. A need to fight back against the man that left him so vulnerable-- yet, Wesley hadn’t even waited a goddamn second. Watching BJ falter with the strap, it looked to be with all the adrenaline, the Welshman had a bit more strength left in him.

          His arm yanked up with just enough force to actually snap the strap, as if he really were like his partner, and with a few frantic stumbles around the theatre, he snatched up a pistol and aimed it, taking off the silencer, waiting. Waiting. Right at the door.

            He’d aim for that fucking dog first.

          Then he’d aim for him. He’d fucking do it. He’d fucking do it. Never again. He’s dealt with this before. Greta already took one of his FUCKING legs back in Tanganyika, he won’t let himself get fucking MAULED TO DEATH.

          “ O-OPEN THE DOOR, YOU FUCKING KRAUT! I DARE YOU! I FUCKING DARE YOU! ” Wesley practically cried out in defiance-- yet, in a strange turn of events, despite Wesley’s pure panic, he... actually shuffled in front of the both of them.

          Looked to be Agent One was determined to protect his allies. Even if he were... nearly goddamn dead.

    #[ 𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚆𝚘𝚕𝚏𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚒𝚗. | ic / in character. ] #[ 𝙸 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚝 𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚔. | main verse / Nothing Good Left. ] #[ 𝙸'𝚖 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙸 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚜𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚊; 𝚙𝚊𝚕. | B.J Blazkowicz. ] #[ 𝙷𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚍𝚒𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎! | Cune. ] #[ 𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚝𝚊 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚑𝚞𝚗𝚐𝚛𝚢. 𝙸 𝚍𝚒𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚑 𝚝𝚘 𝚐𝚘 𝚝𝚘 𝚠𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎. | Rudi Jäger. ] #[ 𝚌𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚛𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜. | crossover. ] #torture tw#panic tw #animal death mention tw #nazi tw #//wesley having the chance to kill rudi brings Dopamine and Serotonin
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  • pchuaymee
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hetalia Headcanon: Thailand

    Ekkarat and his usual cloth in the holiday

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  • kainhurst
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’m so tired of being alive. I can’t stand myself. I’m sad and anxious and pathetic all the time. There’s no point in trying. It would be so much easier for everyone - myself included - if I just gave up. And yet, I am terrified of my own mortality. I don’t know what to do. I feel so trapped.

    #tw #tw sui mention #tw sucidal ideation #tw suicude #tw death mention
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  • defiantsuggestions
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I've seen a few blogs here and there where the blogger in question is genuinely helpful, gives good advice, talks positively about their loved ones, and overall keeps to themself and doesn't start any drama.

    These blogs in question, there is no reason to assume that the owner of that blog is abusive or in any way ill intentioned. They're just living their lives and enjoying tumblr like the rest of us.

    But then they'll post something about how they struggle with low empathy. Or they'll post something about struggles they face due to their NPD. Little vent posts in the same way I would post about my struggles with trauma and anxiety.

    And they get sent death threats for it. They get messages telling them they're monsters and deserve to suffer. I look through their notes and I see blatant hate, thrown in their face by people who think they're inhuman for having a disorder.

    No harmful action from them in sight, no reason to believe they've hurt anyone. They aren't being judged by their actions or choices. There is no reason to assume these bloggers are abusive, but because of their diagnosis, which they come to tumblr to talk about because it's their blog and their way of venting, people flock to them and tell them they deserve to die.

    I've seen them get messages like, "you don't REALLY have loved ones. You're incapable of affection and nothing you say will convince me you're not pretending."

    And that's just? So upsetting? So utterly unnerving to me?

    You know our abusers would say those things to us, right?

    "You're pretending to be sick to manipulate me," when we really are sick and on the verge of passing out.

    Or, "you broke that plate on purpose to spite me because you didn't get your way earlier," when it really was an accident.

    Telling us that our pain is fake, or that our mistakes were just to piss them off, calling us oversensitive and dramatic when we beg them to stop hurting us.

    And when you say, "maybe we shouldn't label people as abusive due to their mental health," people call you an abuse sympathizer.

    Look at my blog for ten seconds! I hate abuse, I get angry and rant constantly about how much abusers suck, and how everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions, and there's no excuse for traumatizing someone, but suddenly I'm an abuse sympathizer for saying "there is no disorder that makes someone abusive and maybe you shouldn't demonize mental illness?"

    If your abuser happened to have NPD and you were abused by them, yeah, that sucks, and I would never excuse that. Your abuse was awful and it shouldn't have happened and you deserved better.

    But that doesn't mean every person with NPD or low empathy is the same as your abuser. One of my abusers had depression and anxiety disorders, and those disorders influenced how they abused me heavily, but that doesn't mean everyone with depression and anxiety are abusers!

    Every one of my abusers had trauma from their own shitty childhoods. Should I blame everyone who has trauma for what my abusers did? No. It would be cruel, and ableist, and hypocritical of me to do so.

    It bothers me because I'm watching these people get attacked in a lot of the same ways our abusers attacked us.

    And a lot of people with NPD have it because they themselves were abused and are trying to heal from it.

    Abuse is an action. It isn't a disorder, it is a choice.

    Merely existing in a space while having a disorder does not make one abusive.

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  • angeloncewas
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • uncreativelex
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I am so mentally unwell and genuinely becoming more and more depressed as the 2 weeks have gone on

    this experiment to see if my Zoloft dosage was only a placebo has proven to me I am on it for a damn reason

    I have never felt more awful than I have lately

    I really hate having thoughts about self-harm and death day in and day out

    I feel so genuinely hopeless and lost and no one has really bothered to check in on me so I just feel...alone

    I'm gonna start taking my zoloft again tomorrow

    #tw self-harm #tw self harm #self harm#death#suicide#tw suicude#suicidal ideation#zoloft#depression#mental health#mental illness #i really dont want to think about how #i have a box cutter in my room #and it would be so easy to relieve some stress #i just want to disappear for a while #i want to just be numb #i hate feeling #i hate it here
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  • horrormaestro
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    @daerknss​        …        random  line  of  dialogue

                            ❛   i  want  to  turn  the  clock      𝒃𝒂𝒄𝒌      to      𝒃𝒆𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆 . . .    ❜        her  voice  is  soft ,  verging  on  a  whisper.   she  wants  to  go  back  and      stop      her  father  from  taking  his  life.  she  wants  to  be  able  to  make  him  see  it  wasn’t  the  right  way  out.  she  even  wants  to  have  the  ability  to  go  back      beyond      her  years  to  know  her  uncle  as  more  than  a  spirit.        doesn’t  this  family  deserve   at  least   that?

    #/  i  have  a  lot  of  thoughts  about  this  ok #/  so  you  got  a  much  longer  one  than  everyone  else  and  i'm  not  sorry #daerknss #𝐢𝐜.     𝙷𝙾𝚁𝚁𝙾𝚁𝙼𝙰𝙴𝚂𝚃𝚁𝙾   …   ﹕   answered. #𝐢𝐜.     𝙷𝙾𝚁𝚁𝙾𝚁𝙼𝙰𝙴𝚂𝚃𝚁𝙾   …   ﹕   interactions. #𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐩.     …     jack torrance   ✧   daerknss. #𝐚𝐫𝐜.     𝙷𝙾𝚁𝚁𝙾𝚁𝙼𝙰𝙴𝚂𝚃𝚁𝙾   …   〔   𝟎𝟎𝟏   〕   ﹕   main. #suicide tw#death tw
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  • insolent-mushroom
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #for context me and fangs watched a show called dr death #and the entire time we just wanted to punch that guy #and then he got beat up by a guy with a bat #and we got so excited that fangs made it into a gif #tw hitting#hitting tw
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  • belphies-cuhm-sluht
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #obey me #obey me swd #obey me shall we date #obey me! #obey me! swd #obey me! shall we date #om! swd #om! shall we date #obey me headcanons #obey me imagines #obey me scenarios #tw death of a loved one #trigger warning #obey me lucifer #obey me mammon #obey me leviathan #obey me asmodeus #obey me beelzebub #obey me belphegor #lucifer avatar of pride #mammon avatar of greed #leviathan avatar of envy #asmodeus avatar of lust #satan avatar of wrath #obey me satan #beelzebub avatar of gluttony #belphegor avatar of sloth
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  • princesssakurasylveon
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #devil may cry #So I did end up working on Chapter Two lmao #sylvie writes #nero x kyrie #tw violence #tw death mention #royalty/fairy tale au #hope ya'll enjoy!
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  • hellion-writes
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    You’ll Be Okay (Bakusquad x reader)

    Summary: Death is hard on everyone, so you try your best to comfort the people that deserve comfort the most

    Characters: Katsuki Bakugo, Mina Ashido, Eijiro Kirishima, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari, Shouta Aizawa, Midnight (mentioned), Kyoka Jiro (mentioned), Minoru Mineta (mentioned)

    Pronouns used: they/them

    Word count: 8,256 (unedited)

    Warnings: blood, death, violence, war, severe injury, electrocution (this fic gets pretty dark), spoilers for Chapter 296 in the manga

    (A/N): oh my god this fic is a monster in both word count and angst. Sero is very ooc, but I wrote him to the best of my ability

           。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

    Smoke and ash waltzed in perfect harmony in the air, mingling and intertwining with the grace of professionally trained dancers in their prime. The sun, once bright and casting brilliant rays of light upon the surrounding buildings, was hidden behind the dark cloud of beautiful carnage. Nobody was sure if it had been replaced by the moon or if it had just started it’s descent; their concept of time had been marred by the chaos that had fallen upon them suddenly. 

    The wailing of sirens pierced the silence as ambulances and helicopters hovered around the scene. Qualified medics and volunteers wielding healing quirks stormed out of vans looking to scavenge what they could, but they were greatly outnumbered by the amount of casualties littering the once pristine sidewalks and lawns of the infamous UA school. 

    The bodies of pro heroes, villains, students, and civilians alike were scattered haphazardly across the floor. Some unfortunate souls were left writhing and whimpering for somebody to help them, but they knew, whether it be consciously or subconsciously, that nobody was likely to come before they would meet their ultimate demise. Enemies conversed, strangers comforted each other, and friends hugged as they all drifted away slowly, finding comfort in each other before meeting what they knew was coming for them. Muffled screams were heard from under the rubble, those lost souls piling onto the already gargantuan list of casualties. 

    As you lay on the ground with warm blood pooling around you and your burn wounds still smouldering resulting from an unfortunate run-in with Dabi, everything was quiet. 

    Soot gently peppered your face and found its way into your heaving lungs, but you could hardly feel it. You couldn’t really feel anything despite your severe, life-threatening wounds. You knew you should at the very least be worried, but you felt as if you were piled under mounds of blankets surrounded by your friends watching the cheesy rom-coms Mina insisted were ‘to die for’. 

    “We are not going to watch some shitty rom-com, Raccoon Eyes. If anything, we should watch something… thrilling, not this sappy shit,” Bakugo complained from his spot sandwiched between Kirishima and Sero. 

    “C’mon man, it might be good,” Kirishima chuckled and slung an arm around the ash blond’s shoulders.

    “Yeah,” Kaminari snickered from his place on the floor, “you never know, it could be like one of those mangas I caught you reading.” 

    “FOR THE LAST TIME, PIKACHU. I WAS HOLDING THAT FOR A FRIEND,” Bakugo snapped, moving his feet to kick at Kaminari. The latter merely started to cackle before rolling out of reach. Sero, despite the laughter, held him on the couch by putting an arm across his chest along with Kirishima. Not that Bakugo would get up, Mina laying across your laps prevented him from doing so. 

    “Wow, Bakugo with a friend other than us!” You gasped, “a miracle has happened in these dorms today!” 

    “Shut it, dumbass, before I blast you out of the damn atmosphere,” he spat out before placing a crackling hand on your bare shoulder. You could feel the small sparks leaving his hand, the small stings kissing your skin. It didn’t hurt, Bakugo would never physically hurt those close to him, but it was enough to make you jolt away.

    Mina shifted her head on your lap to be propped up on an elbow, smirking at him. “Oh a ‘friend’ you say… What's her name?”

    “I do not have a girlfriend, Raccoon Eyes.” 

    “Bro you should’ve told me! Is she hot? Does she have an identical twin sister by chance?” Kaminari, despite the danger of getting kicked being great, moved back to his place leaning against the couch wrapped in a blanket and started to relentlessly poke Bakugo’s knee. 

    “We most likely wouldn’t know her, guys,” Sero playfully scoffed. “She probably goes to a different school.” 

    “I will launch you dumbasses to the MOON!” Bakugo yelled, a light pink blush dusting his cheeks. 

    “Awe, you’re blushing, Bakugo!” Mina cooed, bringing attention to the blond’s face. The blush darkened more at the attention as he glared harder at all of you. Sero moved to squish his cheeks in his hand and move Bakugo’s head over so he could inspect it. Once he caught sight of a blush, he laughed and let go of his face, but not before lightly slapping his cheek playfully. 

    “You are!” Sero laughed.

    “AM NOT.”

    Laughter boomed in the empty dorms for several minutes with the occasional empty threat coming from Bakugo. That didn’t have the effect he thought it would have, as you all would laugh harder with each word that escaped his mouth. 

    After a while, the laughter died down as Mina snatched the remote out of Kaminari’s hands and started the movie she wanted to watch. The movie wasn’t even that bad, sure it was more cheesy than Aoyama’s diet, but the plot was decent. The jokes, though bad, were laughable because they were so cringy. A few tears were even shed by a certain blond laying on the floor because of the ‘tear jerking’ love confession. 

    By the time the credits were rolling on the fourth movie you watched, everybody was asleep with the exception of you. Kirishima’s head had found its place on your shoulder, Kaminari’s feet had somehow managed to entangle themselves with yours underneath his blanket, Bakugo’s head was leaning backwards with a hand resting in the large bowl of popcorn on his lap, small snores left Mina’s slightly parted lips as she murmured something unintelligible, and Sero had his head propped up on an elbow resting on the arm of the couch. 

    Warmth surrounded you on every side as you squinted at the bright screen. Everything was quiet with the exception of the upbeat bells of the outro music. Drowsily, you ran your fingers through Mina’s dense hair and leaned your head onto Kirishima’s before letting yourself drift off to sleep. 

    Those times had been so simple, you had been merely an ambitious first year with stars in their eyes. The red flags that sprouted in hero society from both villains and heroes alike were blissfully ignored by you. The many signs of the start of the war you found yourself in today could’ve been seen even by a blind man, but you ignored them; instead, you had been distracted from the polished corruption by becoming a hero and rising to glory while saving lives. This was the largest onslaught of villains the world has seen, the multiple battles being classified as a war against hero society. 

    Though you would never admit it out loud, you could understand where some of the villains were coming from. Hero society snubs those with ‘villainous’ quirks, ostracizing them and pushing them to the edge of society where only the misfits linger. Some were goodhearted, wanting nothing more than to help people, but they had been pushed over the edge and succumbed to cruelty. 

    Some heroes were corrupt, only seeing civilians as pawns leading them to fame and great riches. This was the reason why small-time criminals ran rampant in the streets for so long; if there was no immediate or immense payback, heroes would turn a blind eye to them. It is rare nowadays to find a hero that truly cares about the people whose lives they were saving on a daily basis. Stain, while his execution had been wrong, was right with his ideologies in the end. At the time, you had only seen him as a crazy man that was blinded. Now, after seeing the carnage of this war and being exposed to heroes, you realized that you were the blind one. 

    Even as your hopes were crushed, your ambition had stuck with you. You wanted to steer the hero network in Japan away from the showboating and selfish glory grabbing towards a more welcoming and accepting society. You had planned to do this by exposing many heroes’ hidden intentions with the help of local vigilantes and working your way into the Heroes Association, but it looks like you couldn’t do that anymore. It was the end, wasn’t it? 

    Truth be told, you always expected your last moments to be painful, your every gasp of air making your free nerve endings spasm as you tried and failed to claw your way back to living. However, it was peaceful despite the destruction surrounding you. You couldn’t hear the suffering around you, or the sirens, or even the screaming; everything was quiet. 

    Your eyelids were growing heavier and heavier by the second, feeling as if they were being drug downwards by heavy weights that not even All Might in his prime years could lift. You knew that there was no weaseling your way out of this; just as there was no helping Midnight, Native, or some of your classmates, there was no helping you. 

    A shrill scream cut through the silence, catching you off guard. You forced your eyes to crack open, blurred pinks, blacks, reds, and yellows surrounded you. Hands touched and hovered over your body, horrified gasps and sobs leaving their mouths at the sight of your wounds. You wouldn’t blame them, you were sure you looked like a mixture of burnt and diced meat. 

    Slowly but surely, the blurred figures became recognizable. It was your friends; the very same people that were with you since the beginning, and it seems that they’d be with you in the, well in your end. 

    “What’s up?” You asked them, your voice shaking with the massive effort it took you to talk. A gloved hand gently flicked what little skin was left unburnt on your forehead, Bakugo’s ruby red eyes glaring down at you before flicking away. 

    “‘What’s up’? How could you be so… so fucking stupid?!” 

    You chuckled before breaking into a coughing fit, your lungs spasming with the exertion. Your head was gently, yet urgently lifted onto someone’s lap before something warm splattered down your lips and onto your chin. After your coughing fit, you attempted to lift your hand to your face to see just what you coughed up only to have a hand hold yours down.

    Your eyes flicked around the group, taking in their expressions. Mina’s face was directly above you as her hands gently held your head down on her lap and wiped away the slick dribbling down your chin, looking at you with tears pricking the corners of her eyes. Bakugo was avoiding looking at you, his expression steely and focusing on your wounds. Sero’s helmet was on, making it hard to gauge his expression, but judging by his shaking as he pressed down on your deepest wounds, he was distraught. Kirishima was nowhere in sight. Though you could tell that they’re all clearly very distressed, Kaminari’s expression puzzled you the most; his electric yellow eyes peering down inquisitively at you with what you could only make out as regret and guilt.

    “Guys, I’ve got Eraserhead!” Kirishima’s voice pierced the area, footsteps approaching rapidly. Kirishima slid into your line of sight before he attempted to give you a smile, the corners of his mouth set firmly and his eyes horrified. Aizawa quickly followed suit, coming into view with his goggles around his neck. His expression was what it usually was when you were in his class last year, stoic as ever. Though, you could see a hint of worry deep within his eyes. 

    “Why the hell didn’t you get a healer?” Sero snapped at Kirishima, his masked head snapping up to look at the red head. You could just picture him glaring daggers at the poor boy. 

    “They were all busy and Aizawa Sensei was just… there! I didn’t know-” 

    “Stop arguing,” Aizawa snapped, his quirk activating and silencing the two. “Your friend is actively bleeding out, so pull yourselves together.” They both curtly nodded, glancing at each other. “Good. Cellophane, use your tape to seal some wounds closed until we can get them to a hospital. Dynamight, hold the edges together while Cellophane tapes. Chargebolt, Red Riot, keep (H/n) from moving. Pinky, keep them calm,” Aizawa ordered them before helping hold your upper body down with his hands and scarf. 

    As soon as you felt the edges of your gashes being pushed together, the pain hit you all at once. Your body instinctively attempted to jolt away from them, only to be stopped by the three men holding you down. Tears started to dribble out of your eyes as you grit your teeth to avoid screaming, the salty tears stinging the burn wounds on your face. 

    “It’s okay, (L/n). It’s- it’s okay. You’ll be okay, just keep breathing. When this is over, we can have another movie night!” Mina attempted to comfort you, her voice cracking and maintaining a forced sense of hope. 

    “We all know that won’t happen, Mina,” you gritted out between sharp intakes of breath and pained grunts. “I’m dying, we all know this.” It seems that this prompted them to work faster, tape being stuck to your body at a much quicker rate.

    “You’re not dying! You’re- you’re not,” Kirishima shouted at you, his voice desperate and wobbling. 

    “You’ll be fine without me. You’ll go on to become pro heroes in the top ten, having agencies of your own.” 

    “You’re going to make it out of here, (L/n),” Aizawa told you before he lifted you into his arms effortlessly. A pained yelp left your lips as you felt your wounds being jostled around and your already burnt skin being tugged and ripped from the tape. 

    He ran through the battlefield, jumping over debris and bodies along the way. You could hear people hot on his trail. There was not a doubt in your mind that it was your friends. Eventually he came to a stop in front of a giant makeshift tent, groaning and urgent voices coming from inside. 

    The next few moments happened in a blur, doctors bustling around you and hands touching your wounds. The smell of death ran rampant in the tent, the weeping making it evident that everybody present had just lost a loved one. The entire time, you could feel yourself drifting further away. 

    Eventually, everything came to a stop. The doctors and nurses, having deemed you too far gone to be saved, moved onto the next unfortunate soul that found themselves here. A volunteer broke the news to your friends and Aizawa outside of the tent; judging by the crying and yelling, some of them weren’t taking it well. 

    Slowly, they were escorted inside, coming in one by one. 

    Surprisingly, Bakugo was the first one to step inside. Like on the outside, he wasn’t looking at you; his eyes were trained on his feet as a volunteer led him towards you. Sitting down on the chair next to your bed, you clasped his hands and stared at them. A makeshift curtain was hung up around your bed blocking any prying eyes and giving you privacy in your final moments. 

    “Bakugo, it’s nice to see you,” when he didn’t look at you, you reached out to put a gentle hand on his clasped ones. “Bakugo, please look at me.” 

    When he did, he was stoic. Not a single emotion was present on his face, but the rest of his body gave away his emotions. He was rigid, not relaxed and carefree like he usually was. So, you gave him the best smile you could muster; it hurt and tugged at the charred skin on your cheeks, but it was worth it. 

    “It'll be okay, really. Dynamight will be the top pro hero in Japan one day. I can see the headlines now,” you chuckled before raising a shaky hand to make a small grandiose swipe through the air above you. “‘Pro hero Dynamight exterminates all villain organizations, looks great doing it’.”

    He tore his eyes away from you, instead looking at your hand falling back to its place on your bed almost limply, “this is nowhere near okay,” his voice was distant, nowhere near the usual gruffness or loud volume.

    You dropped your smile and looked at him earnestly, putting your finger under his chin and guiding his head over to look at you. “...Do you remember that one day when we dragged you to the amusement park?” 

    His eyebrows furrowed, “what’s that have to do with-”

    “You acted like you hated every second of it, being broody as usual and threatening us more,” you chuckled. “We made you go on the biggest rollercoasters and you were actually having fun laughing at us being scared shitless. Do you still have that picture of us on the ride? You know, the one where you’re smiling at Kaminari screaming?”

    “...Yes, I do. And then we got kicked out because Pikachu short circuited when we were in the middle of a loop,” the corners of his mouth twitched as his eyes softened, his hand moving to gently hold yours. 

    “Exactly, we were stuck upside down for two hours before we could get down. Aizawa was so mad at us when we returned past curfew.” 

    “Why are you telling me this? I… don’t understand.” 

    “Woah, Bakugo, the second smartest in Class 3-A not understanding something? Shocking,” you whispered, a shit-eating grin splitting your cheeks. 

    “How are you joking around at a time like this, dumbass,” he glared at you slightly, his tone sounding much more like himself. 

    “And there’s the Bakugo I know,” you laughed before breaking into a coughing fit. Moving your head to the opposite side of the bed, you coughed into the crook of your arm, blood quickly splattering on your ripped up hero costume. Behind you, Bakugo rubbed your back in small circles until you calmed down again. 

    Silence enveloped the both of you before he broke it, “I still don’t understand, (y/n).” 

    A sigh left you, sounding crackled as the air escaped your battered lungs, “I just want to see you. Not the sad you, not the emotionless you, but you. Well, the side that you only show your friends.”

    “What about the story? That happened two years ago, so why are you bringing it up?” 

    “That was just my favorite memory with you, Katsuki. I think it was the first time I saw that you cared about us. God, you were such a hardass in the first year,” you laughed. 

    “I was, wasn’t I?” A similar laugh escaped him, a mixture of amusement and sadness filling the air.  

    “Bakugo Katsuki?” The nurse’s soft voice broke through the laughter. A sad smile was on her face, her head poking through the curtain. “I’m sorry, but your time is up.”

    “What? No, I’m not leaving. They-” 

    “Bakugo, the others need to see me, too. I know it’s hard, but don’t put everything on hold just because I’m gone,” you squeezed his hand before letting it go. 

    He was silent for a moment before he stood up and hesitantly walked over to the nurse. Just before he was about to walk out of the makeshift room, he stopped and looked at you. Tears were pricking the corners of his eyes, his bottom lip sucked into his mouth slightly to prevent it from wobbling. 

    “It’s okay, Bakugo,” you smiled at him once more. You were smiling a lot today, weren’t you? “Go, I’ll be fine. One more thing, and listen to me carefully. Don’t hold everything in. You’ve well earned your right to grieve, and don’t you ever be ashamed of what you feel.” 

    His eyes flashed with slight surprise before he nodded slightly and let the nurse escort him out. 

    The next to come in was Mina. Like outside, she was crying, the tears that streaked down her grime covered cheeks making clean paths in their wake. When she sat down in the chair Bakugo sat in minutes before, she immediately clung to your arm and buried her face in the crook of your neck. 

    To the best of your ability, you rubbed her back and played with the ends of her hair. You whispered reassurances in her ear, telling her that it was okay to cry and that it was a natural part of grieving. 

    Eventually, she pulled away and wiped at her tears with the back of her hand. She kept her hand on your arm, her fingers softly grasping it. With each movement of her fingers, the material of your costume brushed against your wounds, making pain erupt in the area. 

    “I know I’m irresistible, but could you please move your hand? I’m just a tad burnt.” 

    You watched as her eyes widened before she quickly let your arm go, her hands awkwardly hovering over your form. “Shoot, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize-”

    “You’re fine, Mina. Here,” you moved to grasp both of her hands in yours. “We can hold hands!” You glanced down at her hands in yours before you snickered to yourself, “this reminds me of when you did all of our nails before a mission one time. You told us- you… told us… wait, what did you tell us again?” 

    “I said that the last thing the villains should see before they get their lights knocked out is some good nail art,” she said with a small smile.

    “And it was the best damn nail art their sorry asses have ever seen in their lives! Seriously, I was in love with the design you gave mine; it fit with my quirk so well. Do you remember when Mineta made fun of the boys having their nails painted and you told him that their nails looked better than anything he’s ever tried to pull off?” 

    “And when he said that he could pull my clothes off, Aizawa Sensei was walking past. That was the fastest Mineta’s ever ran,” she giggled. Her smile was bright, which was exactly what you were looking for. 

    “It’s a wonder how he didn’t get expelled before second year. I mean, how did he even get through all the shit that was thrown at us in the first year?” 

    “I have no idea how he managed to stay until second year, (Y/n)... Oh my god, do you remember when we had to teach everyone how to dance for the festival?” 

    “Yes!” You coughed slightly after a laugh that was too intense, waving off Mina when she tried to help you. “Midoryia was just so stiff, and don’t even get me started on Mr. Roboto!” 

    “Iida was trying his best!”

    “I know, and he actually was pretty good at his dance. It’s a wonder how his joints didn’t hurt after moving so stiffly.” 

    “(Y/n)...” Her laughter abruptly stopped before she looked back at your intertwined hands. 


    “I don’t want you to go. I don’t...” She trailed off as her voice cracked. Even with her eyes screwed shut and lips pursed, tears still managed to escape. So you gave her the time she needed, rubbing the tops of her knuckles with your thumbs to help calm her down. She gulped before attempting to speak once more, “We won’t be able to do any of that anymore. We won’t be able to do anything anymore with you-” a sob cut her off, preventing her from saying what she desperately hoped was just a cruel joke. 

    “You can still do all of that stuff, Mina.”

    “It won’t be the same! Nothing will ever be the same without you here with me!” She shouted at you, her voice hoarse with the crying and yelling she did earlier.

    “And I understand that, but you can still do all of that with the others. Don’t let my death hold you back from doing what you love to do. Find other people, move on from me.” 

    “But they’re not you…”

    “And no one is,” you gently reminded her, “it’ll be different with someone else, yes, but you can’t keep holding onto me. It’s not healthy and I want you to thrive; you have to let me go.” 


    “Ah, no buts. Promise me that you’ll be okay.” 

    “It’s going to be so hard…”

    “It’ll be rough at first, but I promise everything will soon be smoothed over and you’ll be happy again. You’re strong, you can overcome this.”

    “I… I promise, (y/n). I won’t let you down.” 

    “Mina Ashido?” The nurse once again poked her head in, looking more tired since the last time you saw her. Mina’s grip on your hands tightened impossibly as her eyes shot open, darting between you and the nurse. She was desperate, terrified of letting go. 

    You merely squeezed her hands reassuringly and gave her a smile, “you’ll be okay, Mina. You have to let me go.” 

    Her breath hitched before she shakily brought one of your hands to her mouth, placing a lingering kiss on the back of your hand, “I’ll never forget you.”

    You smiled at her, “I know.” 

    She was led away in a swift instant, the nurse wrapping an arm around her shoulders and rubbing her back as she led her out. 

    Kirishima was the next person to come to you. His state was similar to Mina’s except it looked like he was smaller than usual, as if he had shrunk in on himself. A nervous, yet sad expression was imprinted on his face as he sat next to you. If you looked closely, you could see small beads of dried blood on his lower lip; whether he got it from the battle or from biting it from a nervous habit he couldn’t shake, you didn’t know. 

    “Hey Kiri,” you greeted him softly. “How’s your arm? I know you hurt it last week during the mission.” 

    “It’s fine,” he mumbled, slowly stretching out his arm, “just stiff. Everything on me is stiff nowadays.” 

    “That’s why you have to be careful with using your quirk,” you scolded him lightly, “one day your joints are going to lock in place and not pop back out.” 

    “Says the one that overused their quirk in the first year just to prove that you could knock yourself out on command to Bakugo,” he smiled weakly. 

    “And I proved it to that arrogant son of a bitch! Though, Recovery Girl’s scolding after I woke up almost made it not worth it,” you playfully shuddered. 

    “I remember listening to that outside of the room,” he laughed. “I thought that getting scolded by Recovery Girl for that long and living to tell the tale was the manliest thing anybody could’ve done.”

    A comfortable silence enveloped the both of you before Kirishima sighed and buried his face in his hands, “what am I supposed to do when you’re gone?” 

    “It’s simple: you grieve for as long as you need to. You cry, and then you move on.” 

    He stared at you in disbelief, his lips parting slightly showing off his pointed teeth. Slowly, his mouth contoured into a tight frown and the tears that were already spilling out of his eyes increased tenfold. You pulled him into a hug from your position laying down on the bed and let him cry. 

    “What am I going to do without you?” He cried into your shoulder. 

    “You’re going to go on and become a-”

    “But I can’t! We promised each other that we’d do it together and own a joint agency. I can’t do it without you, I just can’t,” he argued with you before pulling away and burrowing his face in his hands once more, his elbows resting on his knees.  

    “Of course you can, and do you want to know why?” 

    “But what if I’m not good enough? What if I fail?”

    “You won’t fail, I’m confident you won’t. You never asked me why,” you pointed out with a smirk. When he made no movements, you grabbed each of his wrists and pulled them away from his face. You looked at him expectantly, making him furrow his brows, “why?”

    “You’re your own person, Kiri, and that’s the best person you can ever be. Never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise; and if they do, fuck em.”

    “I- I don’t know what to say,” he whispered, red eyes boring into your own.

    “You don’t have to say anything, Eijiro. Just don’t regress back into who you were in middle school. You’ve grown so much since then, and I’m proud of you. Not many people could accomplish that, but it was honestly no surprise that you did.”

    “Why do you say that?” He tilted his head slightly, some of the dirt and debris that had entrapped itself within his roots falling out onto his legs and the floor. 

    “You can do anything you put your mind to.” He merely stared at you, hands wrung in front of him unsurely. He still looked small, nowhere near the confident and fun-loving man you knew him as. 

    Noticing that your little speech, though it had helped brighten his spirits slightly, didn’t have the full effect on him that you wanted it to, you put your hand on his bicep with a weak grin. “Who are you?” You whispered excitedly. 

    “I’m Eijiro Kirishima?” He looked at you as if you had grown two heads. For the first time that night, there was no trace of the sadness that had imprinted itself on his face; instead, it was replaced by sheer confusion. 

    “You can do better than that. Who are you,” you raised your voice slightly, now a hoarse murmur. 

    “Eijiro Kirishima,” he said more confidently, perking up slightly. 

    “Who. Are. You?” 

    “I’m Eijiro Kirishima, pro hero Red Riot,” a wide, toothy smile stretched across his face as he sat more confidently. His demeanor was almost the complete opposite of what it was when he first walked in; with his head held high, back straightened, fists clenched excitedly, and a self-assured shine in his eye, he was the confident, positive man that you knew. 

    “Damn right you are. You’re Eijiro-Motherfucking-Kirishima, a.k.a the Sturdy Hero: Red Riot: the manliest man to ever man manly. Never forget that,” you trailed off as your hand fell from his arm. 

    The curtain rustled, drawing both your attention towards it. Lo and behold, it was the nurse. Her face was forcibly expressionless with hints of distress, “Eijiro Kirishima?”

    He looked at you in silent question, asking you if he should follow the nurse out of the tent. With a small smile and a shaky pat on the shoulder, you nodded and watched as he slowly stood and walked out of the curtain. 

    The next in was Sero, dried tear stains streaking down his face. His hair was incredibly disheveled from being inside of his helmet for hours on end, sticking up in odd places and matted down slightly. While he was walking over to your bed, a smile was plastered on his face. It was so obviously fake, but you didn’t have the heart to point it out. 

    “Hey dude! How’re you holding up?”

    You faltered slightly before you matched his energy, “I’m doing decent, despite the circumstances.” 

    “That’s good, you got yourself a… nice little set up here. It’s homey,” he said, looking around the room. 

    “You really don’t have to put on an act, it’s depressing here. Everyone in this tent is dying, but I’m really in no place to complain,” you snorted. “I won’t have anything to complain about soon.” 

    “Of course you won’t have anything to complain about soon. When you get discharged, we’re going to throw the biggest party UA’s ever seen.” He threw his head back and laughed, “even the teachers are gonna be there.” 

    You felt a pang of sorrow hit you as you realized that he hadn't fully processed that you weren’t going to be leaving this bed alive. “Oh, Sero… as fun as that sounds, I’m not going to be able to go to that party.” 

    “Why- ooohhh,” he cut himself off, realization flashing across his face, “because you’ll still be healing! Don’t worry, there’ll be other parties you’ll be able to go to. Those,” he gestured to your face and stitched up arms, “by the way, are going to be some sick scars.” 

    “Hanta, you aren’t getting it. They’re not going to scar and I’m not leaving this battle with you. I’m dying.”

    “No, you aren’t,” he insisted, his voice growing more and more urgent as he carried on. “You’re just injured; you’re going to recover and get the agency that you always dreamed of. You’re going to- you’re…” It was then that he stopped himself from speaking, cutting himself off abruptly and looking around the room. Eventually, his eyes landed on you, scanning your bandaged form and watching you struggle to breathe. 

    “You are dying, aren’t you?” His voice was soft, barely heard over the muffled weeping coming from outside of the curtain. His eyes flickered to different parts of your face, as if he expected you to deny your death; but who were you to deny the inevitable? 

    “I am,” you nodded to the best of your ability. You watched as his eyes welled up with tears before they steadily dripped down his cheeks. 

    Slowly shaking his head, he kept his eyes trained on you, “no, that can’t be right. Have they tried Recovery Girl? She’s the best healer out there, she’ll have you up and about in no time,” he abruptly stood up, but froze when you put your hand on his forearm. 

    “I’m positive not even Recovery Girl would be able to fix this. There’s nothing we can do except to just… wait it out.” 

    “We can’t just let you die, there has to be another way! Oh,” his face lit up with hope, crushing your heart further than it already has been. “We can get Eri! She’s getting better and better at her quirk every day, she can just reverse the wounds and you’ll be okay!” 

    “Her quirk is still too unstable. And plus she’s a child, Hanta. This,” you gestured around the area, “is traumatizing enough for even the most hardened heroes, let alone a young girl. She’s already been through too much, she shouldn’t have to see this.” 

    “This… this isn’t fair! You shouldn’t have to die. You have so much more in life to accomplish and everything’s just being ripped away from you!” He cried out, looking at you horrified. His eyes wouldn’t stop shifting from wound to wound, growing more distraught by the second. 

    “It is fair though; I’ve had my time, and in my opinion, I think I was the best person I could’ve chosen to be. I feel like I’ve lived to my fullest potential, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

    “But you have so much more left to experience; you could even change the world with what you could do!” He stared at you incredulously, not believing the words coming out of your mouth. 

    “I’ve made my peace with it. Though, there is one thing I wish I could have changed, now that I think about it… Hanta, can you promise me something?” You looked at him in question. 

    “Of course,” he nodded vigorously, “anything.” 

    “There’s a book under my bed at my parent’s house, my personal journal. You see, I did have aspirations for later in life, but the second this war started and more people started dying, I started to have my doubts that I’d be able to make it. Hell, I’m surprised that I’ve even lived this long… Get that book, read through it. I had plans, and I’m confident that you can carry them out. Get Mina, Bakugo, Kiri, Kaminari, Shinsou, hell even Aizawa on your side. It’ll be hard to pull off, but it’s doable. Do you think you can carry out what I have written? You don’t even have to do all of it, just enough to change the minds of the arrogant.” 

    Without hesitation, he once again nodded with determination overtaking all expression on his face, “yes, I’m confident I can. Mark my words, (Y/n), I’ll see to it that your wish is carried out.”

    “Thank you, Sero,” you felt tears prick your eyes at the thought of a brighter future for all of society. “I can’t thank you enough.” 

    Despite his tears, he gave you another blinding smile, “of course, anything for my best friend.” 

    “Hanta Sero?” For the umpteenth time that night, the nurse poked her head through the curtain, her face puffy and blotched. 

    He pulled you into a hug, both of you burying your faces in the other’s shoulder, savoring these last few seconds you had together. Giving him one last weak squeeze, you let him go and gave him another smile, “thank you.” 

    His smile remained on his face before he left the room wiping at his tears. When he was nearly out of your sight, you thought you could see his smile completely drop and hear him begin to sob. 

    Kaminari’s head poked through the curtain next. The second his eyes fell on you, he completely froze. Though his face was expressionless, guilt was still lingering in his eyes. Bags hung heavy underneath his eyes, making his vibrant eyes ever more apparent. 

    “Kaminari, you-” you were cut off by him walking to your bed in a hurry. Well, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that he was in a hurry; at this point you were just barely holding on to life. 

    As he sat down, you couldn’t help but frown at his shaking hands. Since he was using his quirk more often and pushing himself to his limit in missions, he was never found without a tremor in his hands. It was a side effect of his quirk, the aftershocks were going to stay with him for the rest of his life. 

    “Hello,” you softly greeted through raspy breaths.

    “Hi,” he responded in a low voice. Much like Bakugo, he refused to look at you. He kept his eyes shadowed by his fringe, normally neon yellow locks dirtied and dulled by grime. He was silent for a moment, so you gave him some time to process this. 

    Though, you weren’t expecting the next thing that would come out of his mouth. 

    “Can you keep a secret?” 

    Eyebrows furrowed and pure confusion clouding your tone, you slowly nodded and huffed in amusement, “I mean I am dying, so go ahead. After all, ‘two can keep a secret if one of them is dead’,” you sang, looking at him with a small smile. 

    He chuckled before looking at you with a bittersweet smile, “quoting Pretty Little Liars of all things on your deathbed, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you… That’s,” he sighed wistfully, “that’s why I’m sorry.” 

    “Why are you sorry? There’s nothing for you to be sorry about.”

    “You had so much going for you in the first year- you all did- and I just ruined it all for you,” a laugh filled with melancholy left him. “Jiro, Ojiro, Tokoyami… and now you. You all had such bright futures, now they’re just snuffed out.”  

    “None of our deaths are your fault, you couldn’t have known what was going to happen.”

    “That’s the thing, I knew all along. I just… I didn’t know that it’d happen to you or Jiro. The other two were predictable, but you and Jiro? That was a complete surprise, you both were always so resilient.”

    “What are you saying, Denki?” You asked, wary of his answer. With each word that left his mouth, the more alarm bells rang in your head. His carefree tone that usually calmed you down sent chills down your spine and, for the first time that night, you felt scared. You knew exactly what he was insinuating, how could you not? The UA Traitor had been a popular theory circulating around UA. Though, nobody expected air-headed, fun-loving Denki Kaminari to be the traitor; it was always Hagakure, Aoyama, Monoma, or even Nezu, the seemingly obvious people. 

    You wanted him to deny your suspicions, to say that he was just joking around; though, he’s never joked about his dead friends. You remembered when Jiro first died, he seemed depressed for a couple of months, not the person you or your friends knew. Was any of that genuine? You had put all of your trust within him for three years now, and you were starting to regret that. 

    “I’m saying that I’m the UA Traitor, (Y/n); I always have been.”

    “Denki, how could you? Why would you ever do this? You know what the League of Villains’ true intentions are,” you couldn’t help the angry, betrayed tone that overtook your voice; he was the reason why hundreds were dead and thousands more permanently disfigured. “I- I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

    When he looked away from you, unadulterated, flaming hot anger burned in your veins. “Fucking look at me, Denki Kaminari. You’re going to tell me exactly why you did this, and you’re going to own up to it instead of hiding like a damned coward.”  

    “I’m not a coward, I’m just playing my cards right; and it seems that I’ve got you all played like a fiddle. If you really want to know why I’m ‘such a big, bad villain’,” he mocked your voice and shook his hands in the air slightly, “it’s because hero society is just stuck in it’s arrogant, blinded ways. I’m just doing what I think is right, it’s for the better of the world. I’m a part of something so much bigger than myself, isn’t that amazing, (Y/n)?”

    “I know where you’re coming from, trust me I do, but there’s different ways of achieving change. You could’ve worked in the Hero’s Commission-”

    “And be their slave for the rest of my life? No thanks, I’d rather not be some mutt’s chew toy. And besides,” he smirked at you, “where’s the fun in being a goody-two shoes? Things get done so much faster with a more… hands on approach.” 

    It felt as if you were completely entrapped in ice with nowhere to run as a predator slowly stalked towards you; you were cornered with the harsh reality of what you could’ve turned out to be if you were just a tad bit more radical with your beliefs. 


    “There is no ‘still’,” he raised his voice to a barely contained shout before gritting his teeth and leaning in to whisper in your ear, “face it: this way, less people die at the hands of selfish heroes. We’ve already achieved so much with the most corrupt dipping out when things got too complicated for their simple minds. It doesn’t matter how many die, what matters is that we make society better.” 

    “Some heroes are corrupt, but not all of them are-” you were cut off by him roughly gripping the sides of your face, fingers digging into your cheeks and squishing the sides of your lips. Pain erupted in your face as nearby stitches tore at the seams and Kaminari’s hand crackled with electricity. He was giving you a warning; he could bring much more harm to you than a couple of ripped stitches. 

    “You put the tiniest drop of cyanide into the punch bowl and the whole batch is ruined. Think about it, when was the first time we had to face villains? The first time we had to fend for ourselves while the heroes just let it go under their noses?” He loosened his hand and raised an eyebrow at you. 

    “Th-the USJ Incident…” you stuttered out a response, eyes carefully watching his face trying to gauge if you said the right thing or not. To your relief, he smiled. It was nowhere near the smiles he would give you, goofy and kind. This one was sadistic, full of sick pleasure. 

    “Good, you remember. We were just kids, (L/n); we were barely out of middle school and we were just thrust into cruelty. That was when Shigaraki came to me, giving me a chance to make everything better.”

    “You should’ve said no to him!” You squeaked slightly when he squeezed your cheeks impossibly tight between his fingers and gave you a warning shock. 

    “Where are your manners? You don’t interrupt someone when they’re talking; it’s rude.” He chided you, making sure that you heard every word that came out of his mouth. “Do you understand me, or do I need to tell you again?” 

    When you nodded the best you could, he smiled. “Good. Now, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh, right; Shigaraki. I was a kid that just saw his teacher get the shit beat out of him and watched his peers… his friends almost get killed. That’s traumatic, enough to change how someone sees the world. Shigaraki was kind enough to help open my eyes. Without him, I’d be nowhere where I am today. Do you have any questions?” 

    He once again let up on his hold, enough for you to open your mouth, “was anything about you the last few years real or was it just a ploy to kill us all? Did you ever actually care about any of us?” 

    His expression turned thoughtful, his grip fully dropping from your face. His bloodied hand moved to stroke his chin and the other tapped random rhythms on the arm of the chair. After a while, he looked back at you, “I did; you, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, Jiro, and even fucking Bakugo. I never wanted to get attached to any of you, and yet here I am, feeling sorry about what happened to you. I think your death will be the saddest out of all. You never made fun of me when I short circuited or when I didn’t understand something in class; you were patient with me, and I… that’s what I’ll miss the most from you. You were the closest to me, which is why I don’t want to be the one to do this… But I have to, it’s either I make it quick or you get sliced up by Toga or incinerated by Dabi. Though, it already looks like you’ve encountered both of them today,” he trailed a finger along the edge of a particularly long gash and whistled low. “Don’t worry, it’ll be less painful than anything anyone could do… I’ll make sure of it.” 

    He lifted a pointer finger in the air. In an instant, it sparked to life with brilliant, sparking lightning. It was intense, you could feel the crackle of electricity in the air without him even touching you. Trillions of volts concentrated in his single finger, a single touch alone would be more than enough to instantly kill someone; it would be overkill. 

    “Please don’t do this, you can turn back-”

    “Where’s that ‘you’ll be okay’ or ‘I’m already dying’ now? So quick to turn off the switch,” he tutted, moving his finger to hover over your racing heart. “You won’t feel any pain, trust me. Do you have any last requests? I feel like I should give you that chance since you were so good to me these past years.” 

    Your mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. You truly didn’t know what you wanted, did you want comfort? Did you want to leave this cruel world with scathing words that would ruin the air of peace you tried to install in your friends as a last little ‘thank you’ to them? 

    As you came closer and closer to swan diving off the steep precipice that was dying, you could feel fear gripping your heart. You could see the corners of your vision darken, whether it was because the fire inside of you was finally diminishing into cold ash or because of the man in front of you making your mind spin in circles, you didn’t know. Either way, you were dying and there was nothing you could do about it. 

    Kaminari, seeing your internal distress, moved a hand to stroke the side of your face gently, “aw, c’mon now,” he smiled at you. “It’ll be over in the blink of an eye; there’s no need to be scared.” 

    The realization hit you like a freight train: you didn’t want to die. Not laying down on a beaten up mattress surrounded by already dying people. Not with the stench of decay and death lingering in the air and embedding themselves in your nostrils. Not without at least a friend by your side gently easing you into the land of the dead. 

    “Denki,” you whispered through the lump that had formed in your throat. 

    “Yeah,” he whispered back, looking at you in curiosity. 

    “Can you hug me as I go?” A tear slipped down your cheek.  

    His eyes softened and he gave you a miniscule smile; though it was a shred of what he was before today, there was a small shine of his previous self. “Of course,” he murmured, bending over to wrap his arms around your torso and lift your upper body off from the mattress. 

    It was more comforting than you thought it would be. Though it wasn’t the warm, suffocating group hugs you would get, this was the best you were going to get. 

    “Are you ready?”

    With a deep breath, you buried your face into his shoulder and scrunched up your face, preparing for what’s to come next. “I don’t want to die, Denki.” 

    “You’ll be okay,” he murmured in your ear comfortingly before digging his fingers into your ribs.

           。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

    (A/N): yes, the reader’s last request is from UA season 2, it just fit really well with what was going to happen.

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    If I didn't go into recovery, i would be dead by now. Full stop, game over. Idk exactly how, maybe the heart attack i was bound for from my fainting episodes, maybe finally shooting myself, maybe passing out in my car (which would really suck since i love that truck more than i love myself). No matter what, my days were numbered. And honestly, if i have a heart attack from being a fat bitch at 65, who cares? That's a lot better than dying in high school

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    I was trying to sleep because I have work tomorrow and I need to wake up and make my breakfast and lunch but then I randomly thought "okay but what really happens when our current physical bodies are no longer viable? Then what?" So now I'm just laying here like 🙃🙃🙃

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