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  • Alil’ Grocery Shopping with my other mini me


    📽️ By @hecdagreat
    With 🌶️🌶️🌶️ concept by @mellymel164 & dubbed Genius by Mum lol @carmandujar007

    #AndujarProductions (at Chelsea, Manhattan)

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  • I can’t decide if I want to be a Stingray merman because their fins look like angel wings or like a cape


    or an angelfish because there so pretty and majestic ? 

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  • Animal agency and free will
    Pictured: A simple earthworm and Daniel Dennett.
    Do animals make their own decisions? However small an input they have, are they free? Or are they just collections of cells—organisms—operating together according to external physical laws?
    For, you see, we are animals too; and if we believe in free will, we ought to be able to establish signs of agency in them—that is, if we believe in evolution—because we share similar origins.
    One particularly influential theory belongs to Daniel Dennett. Dennett grants animals agency if they are able to act on intentions. As per his ‘Intentional stance’, if an animal (an intentional system) possesses the ability to act on mental activities, such as beliefs and desires, it has intentions which can be treated independently from the physical laws that govern its behaviours.
    It doesn’t matter that these intentions can be wedded to the deterministic predictions of physical sciences. Dennett purportedly finds what free-will theorists are seeking: freely born, subjective intentions, which can’t be deprived by predictions. From the minds of lowly entities, such as clams and earthworms, to the cognitively advanced minds of orangutans and Asian elephants, who show semblances of self-awareness, agency is graduated and ranges with the sophistication of intention.
    The crazy thing, though, is that Dennett doesn’t require consciousness, though it can certainly affect what kinds of intentions animals have. Thus Dennett can’t even rule out thermostats and other inanimate objects which ‘act’ on ‘considerations’ of their surroundings! Moreover, animals (and objects?), like us, can face one physically possible future and still be treated as responsible agents for whatever transpires.
    Is Dennett too ambitious? His account is certainly popular amongst determinists.

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  • The question right now is do I do college work or do I watch my laptop or do I go and play just dance because no one is home hmmmmmm

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  • can’t decide if i want the rose tattoo next or the skull tattoo i designed inspired by panic! at the disco 🤔

    #decisions#tattoos #panic! at the disco #rose#rose tattoo#help #panic at the disco tattoo
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  • Intuitive Music Download For The Collective🧘🏾‍♀️

    Take off my shirt loosen the buttons

    And undo my skirt

    Stare at myself in the mirror

    Pick me apart piece by piece.

    Sorrow decrease

    Pressure release

    I put in work

    Did more than called upon, more than deserved

    When it was over, did i wind up hurt? (yes)

    But it taught me before a decision ask this question first

    Who am i living for?

    Ooh yeah

    Is this my limit?

    Can i endure some more

    Chances i’m Giving.

    Question existing

    Who am i living for? ooohh

    Is this my limit?

    Can’t I endure some more

    Chances I’m Giving.

    Question existing.

    Take off my cool show them that under here

    I’m just like you

    Do the mistakes I make make me a fool

    Or a human with flaws

    Admit that I lost

    Round of applause

    Take the abuse

    Sometimes it feels like they want me to lose

    It’s entertainment

    Is That An Excuse?(noo)

    But the question that lingers whether win or lose

    Who am I living for? (oh)

    Is this my limit?

    Can I endure some more?

    Chances I’m giving.

    Question existing

    Who am I living for? ooohh

    Is this my limit

    Can I endure some more?

    Chances I’m giving.

    Question existing.

    Dear diary,

    It’s Robyn.

    Entertaining is something I do for a living.

    It’s not who I am.

    I like to think that I’m normal.

    I laugh.

    I get mad.

    I hurt.

    I think I suck sometimes.

    But when you’re in the spot light everything seems good.

    (Oooh Yeah) Sometimes I feel like I have it

    Worst cuz I always have to keep my guard up.

    I dont know who to trust.

    I dont know who wants to date me for who i am.

    Or who wants to be my friend for who I REALLY am.

    Who am I living for? (oh)

    Is this my limit?

    Can I endure some more

    Chances I’m giving.

    Question existing.

    Who am I living for? ooohh

    Is this my limit?

    Can’t I endure some more

    Chances I’m giving.

    Question existing

    Source: Musixmatch

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  • reminder: you do not owe anyone anything

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  • It’s just me, my thoughts and stupid decisions these days.

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  • I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know what to do. But I do know what I want.

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  • been thinking of deleting my account hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  • image
    #Should You Poke it With a Stick? #flowchart#decisions
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  • Qualcuno sta schiacciando l'acceleratore della mia vita ma io non so ancora bene come o dove guidare… Andrò a schiantarmi…di nuovo… Cazzo

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  • I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. - Stephen Covey


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  • I’ve been thinking of changing my name recently. I recently came out as a lesbian and I don’t hate my old name I just want to break free from the person my parents think I am and make myself something I am and get a name I relate to and choose for myself. I would very much expericiate opinion since I can’t decide anything…Here is my list:

    The name and definition is on top and then the reason I like the name is under it

    • Ruby: Deep red, precious stone. The name of a song and a book character that are very important to me.
    • Guinevere: Fair, white, Smooth. I don’t know much of the character, but I like the name.
    • Persephone: Bringer of destruction. She is also the Goddess of spring, vegetation and queen of the underworld which I love
    • Artemis: Safe. She is also Godess of the hunt and protector of young girls
    • Atlas: To carry. To carry all I need in life.
    • Ophelia: Help. which I desperately need. And I like the name.
    • Poet: One who writes Verse. I love to write and I like the potential of the name.
    • Novel: New, strange, Rare. It also obviously is what you can call a chapter book. I love to read and I would like to be able to think of my life a a story, in which I am the hero.
    • Cosette: Victorious. I like to think of myself as victorious in my own battles of becoming who I am.
    • Gio: God’s gracious gift. I am a devoted Christian and I would love to have a name that represents that God still loves me and accepts my sexuality.
    • Eloise: Healthy and wise. I would like to be both mentally someday.
    • Loretta: Sweet bay tree, which is symbolic of honor and victory. I would like to embody both traits one day

    More names may be added.

    Here’s a pic of me:

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