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  • Whoever sent this ad, i dont even wear glasses pls dont promote them on my acc :).

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  • Anyone else’s recommendations literally just this

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  • it is truly bully butter week

    #y’all are just kicking me while im down huh #no dick no husband no headpats no NOTHIN #and my bridal party bullies me #and my officiator bullies me #and my CHILD bullies me #when will this pain end 💔 #this is punishment at this point #i don’t even have it in me to brat anymore #im just 💔💔💔💔💔 #at this point I’ve accepted it #truly nothing can get worse #deep sigh #im going to fill the void in my heart #and ignore the one between my legs #and distract myself with the venue #continue bullying me ive accepted it at this point 💔💔💔 #bullying teasing it’s all the same now 💔 #💭🧈
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  • #fuck #first of all kiri #which daddy #let’s start there #but like none of you gave me permission #but if you mean Daddy™️ #Supreme Overlord Of This Pussy™️ #Fat Dick Daddy Deku™️ #then no i did not bc im not allowed to talk to him 😔 #sigh im being good okay i promise #for fucks sake #deep sigh#🧈answers #💛.eijiro #f in the chat guys
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  • i’m still all scattered from yesterday, i can’t focus on anything…but i did get some housekeeping done!

    got rid of one of the prompt pages, updated the master list to look cleaner and have only necessary info, added tags on the sidebar, and added a chapter fic page!

    actually writing has just been really, really hard today. it’s like i get radio static every time i even think about starting and i haven’t had the energy to try pushing through to see what happens. i think i could if i tried but…i’m having a hard time

    #raptortext #i know i shouldn't push myself too hard to do anything but weh #what else am i supposed to do to get my mind off stuff? #crochet lets me think too much #deep sigh
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  • image


    #deep sigh #people slide into dms with NO game like go awaaaaaaaaaay #i would think he was a bot if he. didn’t LICH RALLY go to my school #chitchat
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  • gender (derogatory)

    #how it feels to circle female @ the drs office #deep sigh#gender#nonbinary
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  • staying up very late having an extremely manic connection with other humans

    #deep sigh #this is ideal #i have missed such a frantic rush #everything is new and wild and yet the nostalgia is ripe and sweet and heavy #like we have been friends for years though we just met tonight #what a wonderful accident of coincidences and crossing pathways #hello i have worms in my brain i am going insane
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  • Hey, sorry for all the delays in fanfiction update:

    Husband has been in home office since november and probably has to stay until march, that messes with my cats, it messes with my head and I just don’t want anymore, I literally can’t go anywhere else than home and so my usual writing time doesn’t feel comfortable bc I prefer to be ALONE while writing. 

    So I had a lot of trouble getting to actually write on my stuff (especially because husband often talks during home office, either to me or his coworkers/customers, so I get distracted). 

    I also accepted some writing projects and there is a slight regret, but I will do them now, it just pushes my WIPs to the back. 

    So please, be patient with me. I have at least one thing ready that I only need to read through after I got it from my beta to keep you over. 

    #about my writing #I just want for home office to be over #but that won't happen soon #germany failed spectacularly in the pandemic #deep sigh #gimme that vaccine already
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  • Being unemployed sucks cause I can’t buy weed to smoke until my brain stops working and alcohol is gross so I can’t become an alcoholic

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  • Once again wanting to try new things but not in a position to be able to do so

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  • To feel so much and to have so much to say but at the same time, you’re just unable to express like you used to.

    You can’t write down anything and you’re not inspired to draw or paint anything.

    The only thing that is slightly helping you is just your music, and even this is not quite right.

    You try and keep yourself busy, to be around people and to be “normal” but in reality you’re literally losing it.

    You’re simply putting a “pause” and when you’re alone, or even around those who are just so fed up with your complaints you try and keep it for a bit longer; “ it might not happen tonight” you think to yourself but then it does, cause it always does, and you find yourself here, trying to explain it but not wanting to at the same time, cause those who get it, simply gets it.


    Declining since December…

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  • Do some ppl really hate Danneel that much?? 🙄 I saw some very disturbing posts. Full blogs dedicated just to hate her like whattt??

    I thought this fandom is more like a family but ppl keep making me doubt it..

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  • who’s nimi’ - @tsuhika 2021

    #:)#nice <333333 #another one bites the dust #deep sigh #i can now rest well at nigjt know ive bloxked another anti #anti-nimi#<3#oyasumi goodnight
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    one more time @bakugo-k

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  • Quand merci Pôle Emploi et leurs idées à la noix, j’ai rendez-vous le 4 février avec une “psychologue du travail” parce qu’apparemment je ne sais pas ce que je veux dans la vie. Quand merci Martine, mais je sais ce que je veux et je sais qu’actuellement ce n’est pas possible, donc arrête de vouloir me forcer à entrer dans une case pour tes statistiques du mois. 

    When thanks to the job center and their crazy ideas, I have an appointment on February 4th with an “ work psychologist ” because apparently I don’t know what I want in life. When, thank you Martine, but I know what I want and I know that currently it is not possible, so stop trying to force me to enter a box for your statistics of the month.

    #non je ne veux pas passer le capes #tu m'emmerdes martine #elle ne s'appelle pas martine mais pour les besoins d'anonymat #fuck off#i'm annoyed #i'm fed up #job center #i know what i want #but right now it's complicated #hell no #je dis non aux psy #ma conseillère me prend pour une débile la moitié du temps #je sais quel métier je veux faire merci #covid #je sais que j'ai un diplôme de lettres mais pitié ça me tue cette affaire là #lucifer#tom ellis#deep sigh#eye roll #leave me alooooone #je me débrouille sans toi madame #why why why #ne fais pas semblant de m'aider #c'est pire
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  • Chocolate chip cookies on hot summer days. She loved that. I love that. Rolling down hills, and imagining faraway stories in Paris. That’s who were.

    Used to play dress-up, she in her blue shorts, me in my black overalls. Laughing. Just kids we were.

    Her piercing laugh.

    ‘Best friend’, she calls me. 'Best friend.’ She held onto the words like a promise. And a promise she almost fulfilled. Almost.

    Times change.

    So does she.

    Her laugh like that of a harpy.

    'Best friend.’

    A long lost promise.

    Chocolate chip cookies on hot summer days. But I am alone.

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  • I wonder what goes on in Mike Pence’s head. I won’t pretend my heart’s breaking for him because if you make your bed with nazis, be prepared to lie in it. But, if my co-worker’s shenanigans had his disciples close to murdering me I would throw them under the bus so fast. Then again, I would never tie my fate to someone who ran on calling entire populations rapists and terrorists.

    Still, is hating abortion worth all this? 

    #i feel it's not personally #but I'm built different #fuck mike pence #fuck donald trump #capital building#america #u.s. politics #deep sigh
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