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  • thealertng
    27.01.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Bisi Kolawole, Fayose’s candidate defeats Oni, wins Ekiti PDP governorship primary

    Bisi Kolawole, Fayose’s candidate defeats Oni, wins Ekiti PDP governorship primary

    Bisi Kolawole, a former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti state has won the governorship primary of the party. Kolawole polled 671 votes to defeat other candidates such as former governor Segun Oni and former governorship candidate Professor Kolapo Olusola. Oni scored 330 votes, while Olusola got 93 votes, according to the Chairman, Electoral Committee of the party,…

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  • eulerami-art
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    The things we do for art refs

    #lol #evidence bags 9/10 times aint clear like tv #that really defeats the purpose
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  • ablednt
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I am slowly going insane/neg

    #vent tw#covid tw #ask to tag #istg i feel like im going to die here #someone traveled to fuckin disney land and came back sick af and im the ONLY ONE who is even TRYING to find a self test kit and do something #everyone else is planning other trips and saying 'we're vaccinated we can't get it' and leaving it at that #and i feel so fuckign defeated bc they'll never listen to me it doesn't matter whats going on or what threat looms over us #we can be in the middle of natural disasters and crises and when i try to take shit seriously they blame my psychosis #i've got asthma I cant fuckign catch covid not to mention i almost got a full card of things ppl who died of covid had lmfao #im just. so scared #and I fucking hate it here I hate how fucking careless they are I want to move away I want to live with practical ppl
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  • old-memoria
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ok this is weird and lengthy so ignore this if you want to (I just felt like sharing)

    I’ve been practicing tarot for a while, clearly I’m not an expert, but my deck has been giving me credible and accurate answers for my inquiries unless I get anxious and ask the same question over and over again, also I’m an intuitive person by nature, so tarot works great for me. I used tarot cards to “talk” to Brian Jones. Note: I’m not a carivoyant, a medium or something. It’s just a tarot spread and I was shocked how accurately it reflects the theory that Brian’s death was not a misadventure

    So one of my questions was “how did you die?” I got:

    I was astounded, to be honest. My interpretation:

    Ace of Cups – a very nice card by itself, but when you’re interpreting a spread you should look at the whole picture. It means romance, peace & love, joy, celebrations, parties etc. Cups in tarot represent emotions, relationships and feelings, the element of this suit is water (think of the water signs and their qualities in astrology). Sometimes cards are just that straightforward and in this case I feel like it directly indicates water (death by drowning). However, since Ace of Cups also strands for parties, socializing and celebrations, it could also mean that he died during a party which is true as we all know

    7 of swords – I hate this card, a really nasty one. It represents deceit, betrayal, theft, scheming or conspiring against someone, dishonesty and manipulation. Basically, lies and treachery of all sorts

    7 of wands – this one is quite controversial. Generally, it means self-defense and resisting to something. Usually it applies to some mental rather than physical actions (proving your point in an argument, standing up for your beliefs etc), but once again we should look at the context of a reading. Also, the card can be aggressive, but it’s never an aggressor. You have to use force and be assertive to defend yourself and fight the obstacles.

    10 of swords – I pulled the last card for clarification, to provide more information and sum up the whole reading. The reason why it’s not that difficult to memorize what all the 78 cards mean is that the images are quite self-explanatory. You can get what’s the main idea of the card just by looking at it, and 10 of swords is a great example. It represents painful and inevitable ending, collapse, loss, hitting rock bottom, a major disaster, destruction etc. It’s always combined with suffering and grief. It also means backstabbing (the man in the picture is literally stabbed in the back with 10 swords) and betrayal. Combined with 7 of wands can mean defeat, failure to defend yourself + remember that 7 of swords card, dishonesty and betrayal appear once again, but now it’s done

    So... clearly not a misadventure

    #we get a party (or water) > conspiracy/ betrayal > self defense > defeat (literally death in the given context) #anyway if you have your own opinion on how to interpret this spread please share!! #the rolling stones #brian jones#60s music#classic rock#60s
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  • upcomingnewscom
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Ashleigh Barty defeats Madison Keys to reach the Australian Open final

    Ashleigh Barty defeats Madison Keys to reach the Australian Open final

    The 25-year-old ran to the Australian Open Final on Thursday after crushing American Madison Keys 6-1 6-3 in simply over an hour on the court docket. Barty has but to drop a set at the event and Australia now anticipates a primary Australian Open singles champion since 1978. “It’s just unreal,” Barty mentioned after the recreation. “As Australians, we are delighted to be a Grand Slam nation, and…

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    #Ashleigh Barty defeats Madison Keys to advance to Australian Open final - CNN #tennis
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  • violentshine
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    im planning on writing a story based on the canon clans but with my own ocs (same clans, diff characters) & i was wondering if it would be better to release it with the allegiances and the prologue or those two plus chapter 1

    would the prologue be enough on it's own to draw ppl in or should i include the first chapter ?

    #idk if this can really be answered if it doesnt actually include the prologue but i assume that would just defeat the purpose of me asking #but idk if this question can be answered because u dont know what the prologue is about...idk #i dont want to spend too much time in one sitting on this story #since i have other stuff i need to do #but i also want to get it out there for ppl to see & gain interest in yk
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  • futurefind
    27.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    //Any muse: does something stupid Mara: POINTS AND LAFFS
    #mun babbles // #inspired by tree god being defeated by literal tree in form of FALLING OUT OF IT............... #but like. her general attitude tbh #giant snort-snrrrrrrrrrk n general cackling at her suffering #at least unless / until theres HeavyTM emotions n shit involved or w/e but like ghsdghsd yk #(all of this as of shes not a dumb of ass herself who solos ruin mobs for breakfast to gut them for parts n study dsghgsh) #(n also just. generally being feral. even if Sa is the one who finds it CompellingTM a la childe)
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  • books-are-my-life-stuff
    27.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Now I have more reasons to EX my team members!

    #personal#pokemon masters #playing n battle theme as he defeated cobalion to smithereens feels so different #in a good way #really love this addition
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  • omgcpausandstuff
    27.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    How SMH would react if you gave them a magic sword and told them they were destined to defeat the Dark Lord

    X axis is if they prefer force or diplomacy

    Y axis is how important completing their quest is to them

    #omgcp #jack is just your basic fantasy protagonist #holster's book is titled adam birkholtz beats up everyone #lardo is just normal about it like it's her day job she's not that invested in #bitty is like 'me? defeat the dark lord? surely there must be a mistake?' and then avoids the main quest as much as he can #shitty is feral and capable of incredible violence but he loves to hear himself talk way too much to not at least try it #he puts all his points in speech and beats the final boss that way #he also gets hives at the thought that he is destined for anything #ransom wants to get a good grade on being a hero something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve #chowder and nursey understand that defeating evil is important its just that that place over there looks interesting #dex is relatively on task and its not so much that he wants to fight people he's just not that good at diplomacy
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  • ratproblem
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    you guys are so nice i hope you know i appreciate all the interactions and replies from mutuals even if we dont really talk directly much

    #also i want to clarify when i was talking about potential flaws i was more thinking about how every person in the world has #at least some kind of negative traits #would be interesting to know what stands out about me to other eople #from my friends in mt server i got that i overthink and can be self defeating but i already knew that #syd also said im a hater #like its my fault :rolling_eyes:
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  • smoochme
    27.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    going to a flower shop to buy flowers only to find the worker there so lovely you give them flowers instead and leave

    #defeated #txt.mine
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  • calditos
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    "based on your likes!" that's my mutual you dumb bitch tell me something i don’t know

    #half of them are so far off i mean genuinely weird or random posts while the other half are from ppl i already follow #like doesn't that defeat the point of recommendations..... #txt
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  • scenebots
    26.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    watching the entirety of tloz playthroughs in the timeline chronological order at 2x speed is doing something to my brain i think

    #like yes i could read a plot summary on the wiki for each game but i wanna see for myself #but ooohhh my god it really is just dungeon after dungeon after dungeon then like a tidbit of dialogue/lore #and then back in the dungeon you go #i could hum the music from the different games but the timing would be way off #started with skyward sword so i can understand minish cap so i can understand oot so i can understand the 3 different timelines #so i cna understand botw #also ive formed my own theory on which timeline botw is part of but im not sharing it until ive seen everything #immmm aattt link to the past #so 1st of the defeated timeline. and im doing defeated/child hero/adult hero in order #so i still have. lots to go <3 #but im glad i got through oot its a really cool game that explains why botw is Like That. the choices they had and stuff. #putting myself thru this bcuz of my botw special interest. normalcore. #angel.txt
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  • mishkatelwarriorgoddess
    26.01.2022 - 15 hours ago


    Pairing: Bucky X Reader

    Word Count: 799

    Warnings: angst, sadness, feelings of worthlessness hinted at

    A/N: After I read @shurisneakers Reform, this song came to mind. Reform just reminds me that we all need that 1 person in our lives who will be there for us, when we need their help but don’t know how to ask for it, and won’t judge us for being who we are. Thank you for being who you are Ari; kind, wonderful, and beautiful.

    Breathe in. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Let it go. You could almost hear your therapist’s voice telling you that everything would be okay. Yeah, things are NOT okay. Not by a long-shot.

    You felt him behind you more than you heard or saw him. He had become somewhat of a fixture around you lately. Not that having the former Winter Soldier as your best friend was bad. In fact, it was pretty awesome. Although he would never admit it.

    “What’s wrong Doll?” he whispered as he gently turned you around. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

    “The voices, they’re just -” you took in a short breath, “I’ve tried everything I can think of and they just won’t be quiet.” You played with the hem of the shirt you’d ‘borrowed’ from him a few weeks ago as you shrugged.

    He gently put his hands, one warm and one cool, on either side of your face and started to tilt it to look at you. You wiggled out of his hands and just hung your head while you felt the white hot tears stream down your face.

    “Why can’t I just be normal?” you whispered. You weren’t sure that he had heard you, until he crushed you to his chest.

    “Why would you want that Doll?” you felt it more than heard it. His chest rumbled, even when he was being quiet. It seemed like even though his voice understood how to be quiet, the rest of him had trouble with it sometimes. You felt him kiss the top of your head.

    You finally decided to sneak a look at him through your lashes. You could see the worry etched on his face, it was heartbreaking. It just made you feel even worse. Here was an Adonis of a man that was holding and comforting YOU, when he surely had better things to be doing on a crisp, clear, late Spring evening.

    “Why do you even care, Bucky?” you sniffled.

    He looked at you like you’d landed a punch to his gut. He took your hand and walked backward until he sat on the edge of your bed and you were standing between his legs. He placed his hands on either side of your hips, and you used his shoulders to help ground you.

    “There’s this song that I know. It talks about how words don’t mean anything. I bet you might know it.” He has that wonderful smirk on his face, where only one side of his mouth is turned up and he’s acting kind of shy. It’s one of the things you love about him. He knows exactly how to get through to you, and he’s always happy to be there for you.

    “I might. Do you know who sings it?” and he starts to hum the tune for you. You give him a slight laugh. “Yeah, I know it. Give me a sec. FRIDAY, play Beautiful by Christina Agulera.”

    “Gladly miss.” And you begin to hear the piano playing. You start to hum along with the music.

    Every day is so wonderful

    Then suddenly it's hard to breathe

    Now and then I get insecure

    From all the pain

    I'm so ashamed

    I am beautiful no matter what they say

    Words can't bring me down

    I am beautiful in every single way

    Yes, words can't bring me down, oh no

    So don't you bring me down today....

    You just feel strong arms around your waist and feel Bucky nuzzling into your hair. “Keep singing Doll. You got this.” he whispers. You squeeze his arms and continue singing.

    You finish the song turned around in his arms. “So don’t you bring us down, today.” You look up at him, as he rests his forehead on yours. You realize that your breathing in his breath, and your breath shakes for a minute.

    “You okay? I thought…”

    “No, Buck.” You shake your head a little. “I’m much better. Thanks to you that is.” You raise up on your toes and kiss his forehead. “Actually I’m perfectly imperfect right now. And I’ve got you to thank for that reminder.”

    “We gotta have each other’s back. Just like when I have my moments, you’re gonna have some. Just remember that I’m here. Okay?” He flashes those cerulean blues at you through those eyelashes that you’ve always envied as he cups your face and kisses you.

    It was gentle and sweet. It was everything you needed right now, and held so much promise for later when you were both having a good day.

    You whimpered slightly when he broke contact and leaned his head against yours again. “Okay?”

    “Yeah, I’m okay.”

    Tags: @dean-winchester-is-a-warrior @dailyreverie @shurisneakers @msmarvelwrites

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  • blutoshrine
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Popeye demolishes the massive muscle bruiser in ‘PUPPET LOVE’

    #Bluto #Bluto vs Popeye #Bluto Popeye Fight #Popeye Defeats Bluto #Popeye Cartoon#Puppet Love
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  • discovering-my-own-self
    26.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I’ve struggled endlessly to find a job that fits my mental health needs and I just feel like an utter failure. I still haven’t had the means to see a doctor. I still have no way of working a job that requires standing due to physical complications. I still have nothing to show for anything I’ve worked hard to do in the last 5 years. I feel like I’m letting my husband down every single day even though he tells me I’m not. I just feel so helpless.

    #mental health awareness #mental disorders#autism#adhd#depression#social anxiety#sailor moon#soft aesthetic#i'm sad#i’m lost #i feel defeated #please send good vibes
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  • watchingroger
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #Roger Allam #NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES #beloved#deerly beloved #sad defeated owl #<3
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  • asphodaelus
    26.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    "Before creation, there must be destruction. If my soul stand in the way, then i'll toss it aside. Yes, I have no choice but to move forward."

    "Time flows constantly, it doesn’t care about the people who are struggling."

    “What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?"

    - Lelouch Lamperouge.

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  • drabbleitout
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I shaved my undercut to the SCALP in a compulsive "I wonder what would happen if... oh, this is fun" moment. Which is all fun and games until it's below freezing out!

    #honestly I wasn't thinking #I was just having fun #kinda defeats the purpose because I'm wearing hoods/sock hats all the time #dio rambles#personal#non writing
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  • 33service
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Australian Open: Daniil Medvedev fights back from the brink of defeat to set up Stefanos Tsitsipas showdown | Tennis News

    Australian Open: Daniil Medvedev fights back from the brink of defeat to set up Stefanos Tsitsipas showdown | Tennis News

    Daniil Medvedev battles back from two sets down and saves a match point against Canada’s Felix Auger-Aliassime to reach his fifth Grand Slam semi-final at the Australian Open; Stefanos Tsitsipas produces his best performance of the tournament to defeat Jannik Sinner in straight sets Last Updated: 26/01/22 2:11pm Daniil Medvedev saved a match point and recovered from two sets down to defeat…

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