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  • haneulbulge
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me & you when?.. I wanna travel your skin with my tongue..the pleasure between your legs lemme be that owner of it

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  • duckingcrow
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    heard you like my thicc they/them ass. Would you use it before or after fucking my throat ?

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  • minxs-smut-galore
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Shackled Ride (Dwayne Pride x FemReader)

    You had accompanied Dwayne to a meeting, deciding that sitting on your ass wasn't good enough. Though you were the type to give him space, you couldn't resist the opportunity to spend time with him. You never considered yourself attached but deep down inside you, you knew that you craved his attention. Who wouldn't? You two had spent every moment that you could together. You had figured that it may cause a burnout, but it made the two of you even closer than what you had been. You sat on his lap, straddling him. You were worn out from last night, the pain in your thighs making your whole body throb and small whines come from your throat. You did this because of the pain, but your small tortured whines and whimpers made his cock stiff. If you moved slightly, you could feel him throb below you. Nobody was in the meeting room yet, so you two could probably sneak in some foreplay. The people who would walk in the room would smell your arousal and the stench of cum.

    "Why don't you move your legs baby?" He said, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. He grabbed onto your left thigh and moved it to where you were straddling one of his thighs. "Yeah, there you go. Pretty girl." He muttered, kissing your nose. "We're gonna try something new." He told you, placing his hands on your hips and slowly moving them back in forth. A spike of pleasure shot through your body as you let out a small whimper. "Good girl. That's it. Just keep riding my thigh baby. Just like that." He kept praising you, giving you small words of encouragement. He wanted to be gentle with you, he knew that even though you liked the pain, it was still a process healing. You were so small compared to him and he could easily push your body too far. Dwayne usually wasn't a big softie, but he made sure that you were well taken care of after such a rough night. He had been nice enough to bring you some painkillers and check up on you throughout the day.

    You kept moving your hips, throwing your head back and biting your lip, occasionally letting out a small moan or whine. You heard the sound of footsteps approaching the door and you were quick to slow down. "I don't think so, slut. Keep those hips moving." You stared at him, wide eyed, until you slowly picked your pace back up with the assistance of his hands. This was exhausting. He draped his coat over your shoulders to hide your ass from the men who were about to walk in. You heard the door knob turn and hid your face in Dwayne's neck, letting out a large moan as he bounced his knee. The footsteps stopped, and you could feel the stares of the men on you and Dwayne. You whined in his ear softly, trying to get him to understand the humiliation you were going through. "What are you staring at? Sit down. We have a meeting to get done." He said, almost as if he was agitated that they were questioning the situation. The tension in the air was as thick as ice.

    They went over small details, whimpering and moaning more as you got closer to your orgasm. You could feel the sensation building up in your stomach. You softly whispered in his ear, "Please, sir. I need to cum." While the others were talking. He turned his head to you and grinned. "Cum then, you greedy slut. Making a mess on your daddy's thigh. Come on then." You sped up, the burning sensation intensifying and with him flexing his thigh, you came. You let out a string of loud whimpers and moans as your eyes rolled back into your head. If you knew that riding Dwayne's thigh felt this good, you would have done it much sooner. You had completely forgot that you had an audience that could hear everything. "Thank you, sir." You muttered, kissing below his jawline and mewling, resting your head on his shoulder before staring back with wide eyes as you realized that there were people. You went to open your mouth to apologize, but Dwayne was quick to shove two fingers in your mouth to shut you up. "That's my good girl."

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  • infatui
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #;answers #tldr; most of the smut i write reflects what i like ashdfkasjdf #lots of praise to get me all soft n sweet n when i'm down in that headspace just a sprinkle of degradation to rly get me all melty <333 #this might have been tmi but it's okay i literally write p-word on this site
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  • chasingfictions
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    guys does anyone have the fox news clip where they played spuffy scenes 2 talk about the corruption of america's youth bc.... i Need To See It ... for spiritual reasons i need 2 see this clip

    #not to be 2014 on main but that's MY otp degrading the innocence of the american youth!!!! #that's MY otp corrupting christian values and creating the sex-fueled hellscape liberals want #<3333
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  • cherryblossumlipgloss
    04.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    We're having fun tonightttt!!!

    #breed my hole #butt plug#dd/lg#degraded #fuck my throat #kinky thoughts #lick her pussy #so fuckable
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  • fragilepixiewhxre
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    thinkin bout a hot couple decidin to keep me s a pet n giving me a new name 💖

    want them to keep me edging n dum so they can condition me into their perfect lil fucktoy 🥰

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  • rav-rav
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    but just imagine me humping your tight, because you won't let me do it in any other way

    How dumb pretty little thing I would be, moaning and begging

    can I come, please, sir, I need it so bad, I'm your dumb puppy, can I please come, please pleaseee

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  • slipknot-junkie
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    When I see you after a long hard day, I expect you to be waiting at home naked and ready to have all my anger taken out on you

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  • taylormadoff
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Drunk. Send help

    #used and degraded #use me sir #use me like a toy #share my wife #share my girlfriend #big titts and ass pics #spank my bum #daddys brat #punish me daddy #little girl#older male
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  • hopeless-romantics-blog-space
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Rough sex is amazing, but hold me like I'm the most fragile thing in the world, fuck me slow and passionate, and make me look into your eyes when you make me cum...

    ...I'll be yours forever

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  • slipknot-junkie
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Trust me enough to be sensitive with me.. i love to see you cry you dumb little bitch

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  • slipknot-junkie
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Tell me how much of a whore you are for daddy, I wanna hear the neediness in your pretty little voice

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  • meiansmistress
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    day 3: rough sex | tsukishima kei

    tsukishima kei x fem!reader, 1.1k, nsfw (18+, mdni) requested by @hisvillainess warnings: rough sex (obv), hair pulling, lack of prep, degradation (reader is called a whore twice)

    Asellus' 2022 Follower's Event Masterpost

    Tsukishima knows it’s not your fault. His weekend work trip was absolute shit: the museum they visited was a disaster, a kid from a group threw up on the shoes you bought him for his birthday last year, and his boss kept him way later than promised because of his penchant for getting shitfaced at the worst times. The final straw is when he walks into the apartment to the smell of dinner, and you only pop your head out of the kitchen, smile and welcome him home, then disappear inside again.

    Anger spikes in his gut at the dismissal. You can’t even come out and greet him? Can’t even give him a kiss or welcome him home with a hug? You know what a crappy weekend he had because he told you all about it over text messages, so where is his comfort?

    He throws his bag down, not caring that it slams against the wall, jerking at the knot on his tie. The two drinks he had at dinner course through his veins, spiking a heat that can’t be quenched. He’ll show you that you should have paid attention to him, using the way he knows you both love.

    “Kei! Here, try—”

    The saucy spoon in your hand gets thrown into the sink, and you’re haphazardly pushed against it with barely a movement. You squeak, catching yourself before you can fall over, giving him the perfect opportunity to jerk your hips back until you’re perpendicular to the sink.

    “H-hey, Kei!”

    “Shut up,” he spits, clawing at your pants until you’re naked from the waist down and your breasts are pressed up against the side of the sink. “I know you fucking want it.”

    “The sauce,” you try to breathe, but he won’t let you. His body presses tight against your side, spitting in his hand then wandering down your backside to your cunt to cup it from behind. You gasp when he massages then forces a finger inside. You aren’t very wet but that doesn’t stop him from thrusting anyway, another finger finding your clit to rub harsh circles.

    “Slow down,” you whine, but your hips are already moving back against the quick thrusts of his hand as he adds another finger.

    “That’s not what a whore like you wants,” he growls, cock already hard and pressing against his work slacks. God, he can’t wait to fuck you and remind you who you belong to, three days of aggression ready to be thrust into your tight pussy. “You’ll take anything I give you because you’re so fucking desperate.”

    “No.” Your whiny whimper betrays you, just like your circling hips as you grind back into him and the feeling of his fingers all over your cunt.

    “Liar,” he sneers, ripping his now wet fingers from you to move behind you. He quickly undoes his slacks and pulls his clothes down enough to pull out his cock, covering it with his spit before lining it up with your entrance. “I’ll show you what whores get when they lie.”

    Usually he gives you time to adjust to his long length, but not this time. When you finally take all of him, he starts slamming into you, fingers gripping your hips hard enough to make you gasp. It’s rough—rougher than he normally is, that’s for sure, but by the way you scratch at the metal of the sink and moan, you like it. Tsukishima trails one hand up your back, fingers digging into the back of your hair and jerking until you’re arching off the counter. It allows him to hit deeper, and you cry out, one hand coming back to grope for his thigh.

    “You’re so fucking needy,” he laughs, heavy and breathless as he pants. “I shouldn’t even let you cum. I don’t think you deserve it.”

    “I do!” You immediately answer, practically sobbing with how hard and deep he’s hitting you, the sound of your nails on the sink and his skin slapping against yours ringing in the kitchen. “Please let me, I’ll be good, I promise.”

    “Hm,” is all he answers, tugging your hair one more time to keep you upright. With the other he snakes down to your cunt again, finding your clit and pressing down. You jerk against him, thighs trembling with both the pleasure and effort to keep the position, and based on the way you clench around him, you’re about to blow. He’s right there with you, cock pulsing and balls tightening as he continues to fuck you into the counter, tugging your hair over and over until your moans are all he can hear.

    There’s a sharp gasp of his name and you’re tumbling, crying out as your orgasm hits hard. You squeeze him so tightly that he grunts, fucking you through it until you’re boneless against the counter. He lets go of your hair then, grabbing onto your hips so he can chase his own orgasm. When it hits, the sound he makes is a mix of a grunt and groan, thrusting a few times until he stills completely, emptying himself into you.

    You fight to catch your breath, whimpering when he pulls from you and some of his cum drips onto the tiled floor. His flaccid cock is covered in your mixed juices, and when you turn around, there’s a happy flush on your cheeks but a playful annoyed scowl on your lips.

    “You could have kissed me first.”

    “That’s what I should say to you,” he grumbles, grabbing a few paper towels to clean himself up when he realizes the stove is still on. “Oh, shit.”

    “My sauce!” You cry indignantly, smacking his shoulder as the pan still bubbles even without the heat on. “If it’s burnt, you’re buying dinner.”

    “Whatever. Just clean up.”

    “Don’t you want a kiss first?” You grin, puckering your lips for him and shimmying closer. “Since you were so annoyed you didn’t get any attention earlier.”

    “That’s not it,” he argues, but it’s half-hearted because he knows you saw right through him. After so long together, you always do. You always know how he’s feeling, even if his communication isn’t the best and he uses other means to get his feelings out.

    “I missed you, Kei,” you giggle as you lean forward to kiss him. He kisses you once, twice, three times like your usual ritual, and then you’re pushing at his shoulders. “Now go clean up before you ruin the rest of dinner.”

    He grumbles about unfair treatment on his way to the bathroom, pretending he isn’t trying to hide his smile the whole way there.

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  • babypedrito
    03.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #mdni#nsft#cw: degradation#anon #mean!maxie #maxwell lord x reader #maxwell lord smut #maxwell lord #maxwell lord blurb #maxwell lord headcanon #pedro pascal
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