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  • queenangst
    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    it's not that i don't enjoy writing (or reading) heavy or dark angst. whump is one of my favorite genres. i can enjoy a good, unhappy ending.

    but i think it's just really grounding and satisfying to write and read stories where characters who are struggling or characters who have been hurt just have someone reach out their hand and help them. stories about comfort and kindness and friendship and hope. i think we could always use a little bit more.

    #also for angst #angst is fun!! i delight in it #but sometimes more longform ones need me to be in a certain headspace or mindset #it also has sort of... an energy investment toll i feel? #in the sense that with like hc you know there will be payoff and #sometimes w heavy angst its just like.. i really have to commit to it and it can be tiring #youll notice me writing a lot more hc and i think its partly because #thats just what i really. want. #tbt the exhaustion that came after reading a 2 fic series where there was payoff after slogging thru #so much emotional conflict but it wasnt enough to be satisfying #i never tire reading hc #NOT to say angst is bad!!! or anything #ive just been very appreciative of writing and reading more comfort heavy/soft fics as of late #clearly seeing my recent posts and fics LOL #ely talks #you know what i mean. like im tired a lot just want some good comfort
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  • lil-artist-blog-fandoms-ocs
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    *Munches on a broken glass*

    #that's me#mun talks #i'm thinking about a relationship between Dark and Sweet #and GOD there's a LOT of angst in here #delightful angst
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  • redxriiot
    28.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Kiri getting caught up in a love triangle involving Todoroki and Bakugou is honestly the funniest fucking thing to me

    #//I know; I know; 'UGH; love triangles' #//But tell me it wouldn't be hilarious #//Especially if they end up polyam bc THEN THERE IS NO ESCAPE(lovingly) #;mun has spoken #//Don't care for angst here; just Katsuki and Sho being little shits to each other while Ei grows increasingly exasperated in 'em #//It'd be like that meme of parent with the babies on the lil' kid leashes; and they're gonna make it EVERYONE'S problem #//Or the 'Can I have a waffle? Can I PLEASE have a waffle-' bc tdbk Rivalry™ #//I just LOVE ships where they just don't fucking get along(yet do); and adding someone who loves them both being Done™ is Excellent #//Honestly; I just read a delightful lil' tdkr(bk) fc; and it NAILED the dynamic I love for this trio #//Ironically; I think Kacchan was the best part of the whole fic lmao
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  • mellaithwen
    22.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Spoilers for 4x13 (and the 4x14 promo/sneak peak) Sometime later, sometime after, Buck tries to compose himself before going to see Christopher.

    Buck keeps his head bowed against the scalding spray of the shower. He doesn’t have long—Bobby promised he’d only give him a ride over to Eddie’s house under the explicit condition that he shower, and try to eat something first. The protein bar he’d grabbed and inhaled had tasted like chalk, but Bobby had insisted, and Buck’s not dumb enough to think that he can drive himself anywhere in his current state.

    His hand’s are still shaking. They have been for hours now. He’s got one of them pressed against the white tile of the stall to keep him upright in the face of his exhaustion, while the other’s buried deep in his scalp, fingernails digging into the blonde strands to keep him from drifting. From remembering.

    Because every time he closes his eyes he can see it—the exact moment the bullet had slammed into Eddie’s back, spraying Buck’s face with blood. The way his body had stumbled forward from the force of the blow, and Buck’s haunted by the confusion he’d seen reflected in Eddie’s eyes…the horror as realisation had set in.

    He can still hear the bang, echoing in the street, reverberating around in his skull—loud and terrifying, followed by the uncertain silence, a beat, a moment of eerie calm between them—only to be chased away by a cacophony of chaos, screaming, shouting, panic.


    He tugs at his hair again, leaning into the painful sting as he desperately tries to pull himself free from the memories—blinking at the spray that’s blurring his vision.

    With his eyes cast downwards, he can see that the water’s turned pink as it swirls around his bare feet on its way to circling the drain. He thought he’d gotten rid of all the blood at the hospital—when he’d changed shirts, when he’d thrown up, when he’d scrubbed his hands clean with a kind of anguished ferocity that might have broken the skin if Hen hadn’t interrupted him and told him to stop. To breathe.

    He thought he’d gotten it all, but there must have been remnants left in his hair still, because the water’s not running clear like it should be, and he can feel the panic building inside of him all over again. The anxiety that’s thrumming underneath the surface of his skin and spreading through his body like a wildfire, because Eddie’s in the hospital. Eddie’s in surgery, and someone has to tell Chris, and Buck’s adamant that it has to be him, but that doesn’t make the tight feeling in his chest any easier to deal with.

    He swallows back the bile in his throat, and fights the urge to be sick for the millionth time that day. He slams his fist against the tile instead. It’s not hard enough to break the skin on his knuckles or even make a dent in the wall, but it packs enough of a punch to reverberate through his wrist for a second, and he gasps at the pain—inhaling the water from the shower and flinching at the sudden burn in his sinuses as he chokes.

    “Fuck,” he whispers in the lonely stall, breath hitching as he leans his forehead against the tile and shudders, desperately trying to collect himself.  “Fuck.”

    “Buck? You doing okay in there?” Bobby’s voice drifts over to him, sounding distant from the other side of the changing rooms, but his concern’s no less evident.

    Buck takes a deep breath, and another, and another—grits his teeth as he tries to pull himself together, because he doesn’t have time for this, he doesn’t have time to break. Eddie needs him, Christopher needs him, and he won’t let them down. He can’t. Not again.


    “I’m good.” He says to Bobby.

    He lies.


    (also over at ao3/mellaithwen)


    #Evan Buckley#911 fox#911 spoilers#911 fic#fanfic #evan buckley fic #911 fanfic#911 finale#angst#my fic#eddie diaz#bobby nash #buck x eddie #(I wrote it with ship goggles on so i feel like i should tag? idk...) #evan buckley is not okay #these BOYS and their TRAUMA jesus christ #these violent delights have violent ends #tw: shooting#tw: blood#tw: anxiety#buddie#buddie fic
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  • hiddensteel
    12.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    @fatalelity  |  starter call  !

            ❝  my... my father         ❞        the tightness in her throat prevented her from saying more. she’d been sitting in the hospital room for what felt like an eternity. a nurse had looked her over and given her some medication - sansa wasn’t sure if it was for pain or to calm her down; she’d been in quite a PANIC when they’d arrived. since then she hadn’t seen anyone until this women had walked in. no one had told her anything about her father. but sansa knew the t e r r i b l e truth, even if she didn’t want to accept it. she’d been right beside him when it had happened; she’d heard the shot, seen the blood, some of which still stained her clothes and hands.          ❝  HE’S DEAD, isn’t he? ❞

    #fatalelity #( i'm sorry for the angst ) #╰     ❄      ‘  ic   ⁞   there  is  a  little  bit  of  wolf  in  me  too  ’ #╰     ❄      ‘  verse   ⁞   these  violent  delights  have  violent  ends  ’
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  • pierremichelofavignon
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    happy sunday everyone! today i offer you angst


    The Empire interrogates Nicky.

    #if you thought yesterday's chapter of the princess bride au was bad. i am delighted to inform you that this is worse! #neon writes #the old guard #nicolo di genova #(in this chapter) #i made star wars worse! #it's okay he'll be.... fine.... probably.... maybe.... #userhegel#usersimo#swquser#moonlightandromache#usertriz#userlyde #we'll get back to the others next chapter. today is for nicky angst
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  • stardancerluv
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Unlikely Delights

    Part 4

    Summary: a few weeks later with some reflection...

    With the sunlight pouring into his room, Dan woke up. He could feel your softness as you were still curled up to his side. Your breath was warm and comforting. Yet he struggled.

    In the recesses of his heart were the locked boxes where he kept the ghosts of his horrible time at the Overlook. He wondered if he would ever share that part of his dark past. There was also the place where the ghosts of his own making resided.

    He was not proud of the Dan who had been a drunk. In those days he was a desperate man. He had been a man who sought out easy thrills, bar fights and the next bottle of liquid fire.

    He was now clear of mind and drive. He helped those he could at the hospice, while he also kept a close eye on his niece. All those years after the passing of his mother, the roots that only a family could bring were in his life again and they brought him great comfort. However, as he gazed down at you he wondered if he deserved the gift of companionship being with you could give.

    Three weeks of being together and he was still amazed how wonderful it felt as your body would crash into a hug after running over to him or how your fingers interlaced. You were all he had ever wanted in his life, someone sweet and kind. He wanted to believe that he finally deserved to have someone like you.

    It stirred his heart when he discovered that you had felt his shining. Never in his sleep had his shining gone and shared with another. He had never built walls around his passions. So he only hoped that the walls he had long ago built around his past would not fall and wash over you. He did not want to see what that kind of pain would do to you.

    Glancing over at his clock, he had never been more happy to have today off from the hospice. Closing his eyes he tried to decide if the two of you should sleep a little longer and begin enjoying the day, before the two of you would drive out and he would finally introduce you to his family. As he tried to decide what to do, he pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head.


    In the end with a towel around his hips, he brushing his teeth after his shower. He had decided to let you sleep in. You deserved it. Working hard at the store and at school, he could see your exhaustion hanging around you like a shadow.

    While you slept, he grabbed the muffins he knew you loved and some tea. Winter was beginning to crawl into Frazier. Despite turning the heat up, his apartment remained coolish.

    Throwing his head back, he gargled with some water and spit it into the sink. He made a big toothy grin before making a silly blah face which easily turned into a smile as your energy buzzed and bounced off him just before he even felt your arms. He lifted an arm and moved so he wrapped it around you. “Morning, sleeping beauty.” His eyes met yours in the mirror.

    “Good morning.” You said sweetly.

    He bent down and gave you a kiss.

    You made a soft sound. “Minty fresh.”


    He was fluffing one of his pillows when he heard his door squeak open. He smiled. “How do you manage to look precious and incredibly sexy in my robe at the same time?” Going over to you he gently pulled on the belt.

    Your cheeks flushed a deep pink at his words, he loved having that effect on you. Your hands moving even deeper into the pockets. The longer he stood in front of you, the more he felt the twists of nervousness tie and untie within you. Without even thinking, he scooped you up which resulted in a delicious squeal from you.

    “Dan... Dan, what are you doing?”

    He brought you over to his super comfy chair. You were breathless and looking amazing as he knelt before you. “Honey, are you really that nervous meeting my family?”

    @blondekel77 @thebeckyjolene @blackberries45 @sithonis @mrskenobi19 @hollow-r-us @shantellorraine

    #femi!reader #ewan mcgregor #ewan mcgregor imagine #ewan mcgregor fluff #ewan mcgregor pov #ewan mcgrwgor fanfiction #dan torrance #dan torrance imagine #dan torrance fluff #dan torrance pov #dan torrance angst #dan torrance x yn #dan torrance x you #dan torrance x reader #unlikely delights#part 4
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  • safetayy
    24.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Send Amphibia Stuffs

    ALRIGHT my inbox is open! I'm still gonna try drawing the last ideas I got for the Amphibi-Babies AU so go ahead!! Go crazy!! I'll try answer all that I can.

    #amphibia #spare grime? spare grime content anyone? :< #ask me anything! i guess :P #if it's amphibibabies id be delighted!! #if it's angst it'll take me some time #yeah safe posts stuff
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  • cluelesslesbian
    24.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Day 7: Paladin (but make it pretty)

    The hand could be anyones idk I mainly use my own hand as reference so I think that's why it looks a bit feminine?? Also it was originally just pure white but I think one (or more??) of my shading layers made it have a blue-gray tint

    .... I'm a sucker for Langst oh man I HAD to end this challenge drawing even more of what I like! Tho it's cheating because it defeats the POINT of "Lance Pretty Clothes Week" if u can't see his clothes but ahsdl I just couldnt get the armour right

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  • gay-ghosts-committing-crimes
    23.04.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #tw emoji#tw swearing #blue heart nonny :3 #i will answer for my crimes.... or willie i? #alex#alex mercer#sunset curve#jatp angst #oh the SWEET delight of angst #jatp #felony visually consumes jatp #julie and the phantoms #julie and the himbos #bobby wilson#bobby/trevor wilson#bobby #bobby bobbert bobberlicious the third #luke#luke patterson#reggie#reggie peters
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  • theemperorsfeather
    22.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I heard some heavy truck sounds outside so after several minutes I took a look and saw my neighbors getting a delivery of several yards of compost. It has completely filled their parking spot, and overflowed, being a small mountain about twice the size of their smallish SUV-type vehicle.

    This has been replaced by the sounds of a shovel scraping along the pavement, and it's a sweet sound, the sound of compost being shoveled, and I don't have to do any of it.

    #angst and woe #never thought this would bring me such delight #but hoo boy! that is A Lot of compost #Have fun!! #:D :D :D #i once ordered 2 or maybe 3 cubic yards (years ago in another place) #and i was so. sore. after moving it all into the yard #(to say nothing about my short-lived time doing actual paid landscaping work)
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  • stardancerluv
    15.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Unlikely Delights

    Part 3a

    Summary: The shadow of the past is not far away. Though kisses cartwheel into more.

    Warning: Kissing, fingering female receiving

    Once in the car Dan turned to look at you. “I- I wasn’t sure if you wanted to stay.” You watched as he pressed his lips together looking out of the windshield. “I didn’t mean to take you away from your friends.” He finally looked over at you.

    “Dan!” Leaning over, you were still bubbly from the kisses the two of you shared. You desperately wanted to feel more of them.

    “You sure?”

    “You were perfect.” You cupped his cheek, loving how scruffy the shadow of growth felt under your fingers. You caressed it gently. “Do you think we could head back to your place?” You bit your bottom lip, butterflies replaced the bubbles. You were never this forward. “I think I left something there.”

    A glint of something flickered in his eyes as they met yours. You couldn’t read them but the smile that spread across his face made you happy. “Sure. We can head back.”

    “Great.” Sitting back, he started the car and soon you were off heading back to his place. Nothing could calm the butterflies in you. So with your heart racing, you sat there in his flannel, incredibly comfy and loving that the sleeves were too long.

    You could still feel his lips, taste him and you wanted more. Absently you licked your lips. When you got back to his apartment, you honestly didn’t know what you were going to do.

    An image of shimmying out of your jeans and remaining in his flannel, your cami and panties kind of excited you. But could you do that? A knot of wanting grew inside of you. Could you be that bold? After all these months, you two had finally kissed. Wasn’t that what you did when you make out? You took some of your clothing off? Before Dan, you only had two boyfriends. You looked out the window, resting your chin on your hand as the world went by.


    He knew very well that you didn’t leave anything at his place. He could feel that by just a glimmer of his shining and it tickled him. The kisses were already making his heart thud heavily in his chest. Something about you made things feel sharper, clearer even, he could not explain it.

    Though as happy as he was, a cloud of reality floated over. In the back of his mind Billy’s words came for a visit, “Just be careful... Don’t let her be the reason why you get back on the bus.” He gritted his teeth, he was not the man he had been getting off that bus.

    Heck, he wasn’t the man a year ago. He was in a much better place. As he slid you a look, when your eyes met he felt something and it made him smile.


    With a shiver of the crisp night air, the two of you practically ran as silently as you could up to his apartment.

    “I’ll turn the heat up little.” He said as he turned the key in the door. “My room can get a little chilly.”

    “Ok!” Taking a deep breath. You could do this.

    Once he disappeared into a closet with the blanket he had brought for the two of you. You quickly pulled off your shoes and shimmied out of your jeans like you had wanted to do. You glanced and went over to his bed. Your heart felt like it would full on burst. Looking down, your fingers shaking, you undid the few buttons you had fastened.


    As he put the blanket back up on the shelf, your energy was as brilliant as a summer’s day. It was almost blinding. Was this what it was like with someone as exuberant and as colorful as you? As he gently grazed your emotions, he lost his breath. He could barely turn the heat on high. He shed his jacket and tossed it on the chair nearby.

    “Y/N,” He called out in a voice smoother than he thought he’d be capable of. “Did you find what you were looking for?” His voice trailed off. Seeing you laying there, he stopped. “Y/N.” He walked over.

    Your gentle curves, the way you were flushed. He was lost for words, he swallowed hard.

    “Hi Dan.” You tucked some hair behind your ear. “I wanted to pick up where we were before my friends showed up.”

    He only could gesture at the beauty that was your body. Your clothes certainly had hidden you.

    You smiled. “If it wasn’t winter. Maybe we could have gone skinny dipping.” Delight and sprinklings of mischief sparkled in your eyes. You went from leaning on your elbows to leaning on your hands. Excitement knotted in the pit of his stomach. You projected such a wonderful scene of the dark water swirling around the two of you as you floated, hands just barely touching but your lips meeting as they were while sitting on the boulder. It made his heart beat even harder. Your imagination was a marvel.

    He went over, he didn’t want to say what he was going to say but he wanted to be responsible. As he saw how fresh and young you were, there was also a part of him that wondered if he deserved you.

    Sitting down, he left some space between the two of you. You really stole his breath.

    “Y/N, I know we kissed down there by the lake.”

    Twisting you wrapped a gentle arm around him. “Dan, I know what I want. You’re a good man.”

    “I wasn’t always good.” He felt you inhale, but then you drew closer and your arm tightened.

    “You are now.” He finally rested a hand on the other side of you. “Everyone deserves second chances. Don’t let the past interfere with our present.”

    Your words cut him to the quick. You were right. Billy had given him a chance and look at him now.

    “You’re right.” He whispered.

    “I am.”


    After he slipped out of his boots he laid beside you. Resting on his elbow, he gently bent down and kissed you. While his other arm held you. The kisses where soft and gentle.

    “Dan, let me.” You whispered against his lips.

    “Anything you want.” He whispered back.

    Sitting up, you finally shrugged out of his flannel, gently placing it on the floor beside his bed. You watched as he did the same with his own flannel.

    When you laid back down, you pulled him closer. Enjoying how his body felt against your own as you kissed. A soft sound came from you as his hand drifted just barely under your cami. You had imagined his touch for so long.


    Your courage and your desire for him gripped you. You certainly were surprised by your own drive. The kissing, the feel of his tongue with yours made you want more. As you kissed, you found his hand and brought it gently between your legs, which pressed against his hand.

    Dan pulled back looking at you. His eyes searching yours. His hair ruffled from your fingers being entwined in the soft strands most of the night.

    He gently moved his fingers against the soft fabric of your panties. “Y/N.” He whispered. “Are you sure? We don’t have to tonight.”

    You gently moved against his fingers. “Dan, please I need to feel you.”

    “Ok, but you tell me when you want me to stop.”

    You nodded.

    His hand slipped just under the soft fabric. A soft sound came from you.

    “You are so wonderfully soft.” He whispered close to your lips, as you met the deep blue pools of his eyes.

    You held onto him, but you also clutched at his blanket.

    His fingers moved over you, caressing you, making you feel amazing as little bursts of pleasure came over you.

    “Dan, you make me feel so good.” You managed to breathe.

    A smile came over him that you had never seen, but you liked it. It was almost as if he was owning what he did. That he loved having this effect on you and it only intensified what you were feeling.

    “I like knowing that I do this to you. I like that I can get you this excited.”

    You gasped, your moans turning to whimpers as you writhed under him.

    His eyes grew darker. “Will you cum for me? From only my fingers, darling?”

    You nodded. “Yes, please.” You practically begged.

    “Give yourself up to it then.” He encouraged.

    You were so close, you grabbed him. A pang of worry hit you. “Don’t stop Dan, don’t-” You shook under him.

    “I won’t.”

    “But kiss me, kiss me.” You begged.

    He kissed you, his fingers didn’t stop. You arched, you held onto him hard while everything just burst forth in a brilliance, you moaned into the kiss as you came hard. You shook, holding onto him tighter before finally, breathless you wilted and let him go.

    He smiled down at you as his fingers slowed. Which just barely relaxed you. He gently grazed your nose with his sweetly. “Feeling good, darling?”

    “Yes, yes.” You whispered breathless, closing your eyes.

    You felt as he held you close then. As if you had been doing it for ages, you easily curled right up.

    A little later you jostled back and looked at him. You smiled, seeing that his eyes were gently closed.

    “Dan, I... I...”

    He shook his head before opening his eyes slowly. “Tonight belonged to you. Sleep now, I’ll hold you.”

    You sighed. “Ok.” Closing your eyes, you rested your head against his chest.

    @blackberries45 @hollow-r-us @mrskenobi19 @i-cant-hear-you16 @thebeckyjolene @blondekel77

    #femi!reader #ewan mcgregor #ewan mcgregor imagine #ewan mcgregor fanfiction #ewan mcgregor fluff #ewan mcgregor angst #dan torrance #dan torrance imagine #dan torrance fluff #dan torrance angst #dan torrance fanfiction #dan torrance x yn #dan torrance x you #dan torrance x reader #dan torrance smut #dr sleep#unlikely delights #dr sleep imagine #dr sleep fanfiction #dr sleep fluff #dr sleep angst
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  • en-amours
    12.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    safe & sound.

    ↣ jay park x reader; angst, royalty au, prince!jay, knight!mc.

    the prince should be accustomed to this—always finding himself at the brink of losing so beloved, so dear, come dusk or dawn—yet here he is, falling apart and unable to let go.

    warnings: mentions of war, mentions/implications of death
    notes: requested by @enha-woodzies! hehe sorry it took so long, ate tee :’) i’m not sure angst is my strong suit, but i hope this is okay? hshsjdjjd but thank you so much for being patient with me <33 hope you enjoy! also pls excuse any inaccuracies in this, it’s my second time writing a royalty au and it is ,,, difficult wow (props to those who manage to write vv long au fics, u guys are incredible ^-^)

    ♡ — taglist: @yoshinung @kyungminbf @stargirlstories @lovelycharm05 @honeyju @sunooflowerss @ghjasksdk

    wordcount: 0.9k

    Jay watches the world fall apart before him, hundreds of footfalls akin to crashing raindrops against windowpanes, the clang of armory and weapons apparent even though he stands miles away from the commotion. Through the frosted glass by the halls, he glimpses a trail of bright orange lights dotting the path from the castle gates cleaving through the middle of the sleeping village, flickering lanterns held by knights and squires and archers mounted on horses to answer the King’s cry for assistance, all unknowing of what the dawn may hold but facing the night with their chins held high, anyway.

    The seasons are giving way to war, Jay knows that; he’s spent countless hours inside map rooms and cabinets discussing all possible strategies for battle with the kingdom’s most brandished military advisers and skilled commanders, laid out plans that were to be executed should certain events occur—he has approached everything exactly how an heir is supposed to: calmly, rationally, without a smidgen of doubt, unflinching at the jagged edges of the truth.

    But to watch you leave, the gravity of it feels heavier than the crown.

    Finally, the prince looks at you, but he does not face you. Jay stares at the reflection of your visage on the window, afraid that once he turns around the fact that you’re leaving might become unbearable. He’d given you not a single glance nor word during the meeting earlier—what, with royal advisors and other members of the family flocking around, panic and urgency creating a buzz around the cabinet room—but he couldn’t gaze at you the same: he couldn’t bring himself to accept the possibility that the space you occupied would remain empty after the fighting, that he wouldn’t be able to glimpse your stifled half-smiles and discreet scoffs at pompous nobles, leaning near him to share whispers, if only the universe was so kind as to spare us from this wretched life.

    Alas, he’d always reply, with all the complacence a boy at fourteen could bear, we’ve always known that the cosmos weren’t in our favor.

    Alas, his fist tightens; he turns slowly, sweeps his gaze over your face, your eyes, your lips. Eighteen is so young, but you’re both weathered and weary, having seen so much of the darkness when you should’ve been basking in the light. “Commander L/N.”

    You put your hand to your chest as you incline your head in a bow, forcing yourself not to shake. “Rest assured, Your Highness, we will not allow this country to be reduced to ashes.”

    At the cost of setting yourself on fire.

    You exhale quietly. You turn, ready to head towards chaos. Jay’s hand shoots up, wraps his fingers around your wrist, and his touch burns.

    “Stay. Please.”

    You freeze in place. Jay’s hold trembles slightly. “Your Highness, if it is a matter of concern over your security, you have been informed that Sir Heeseung is to remain here—”

    “Y/N,” he croaks, and your gaze snaps to him, eyes quivering. He doesn’t even know what’s taken over him, but his whisper curls itself around your throat and clouds your mind with a heavy fog: his grip is loose, helpless that he knows he can’t stop you, but he tries. “Let me come with you.”

    “You know we cannot do that,” you counter, tone softening. “The Queen needs you. Riki needs you. This kingdom needs you—”

    “I need you.” He pinches his eyes shut, like convincing himself that this is naught but a dream. His words hang in the air. He promised once that he would defy everything, everything, even the stars, just to stay by your side. He loves you. By god, he loves you, but fate is cruel.

    Fate tells him he cannot choose you.

    He feels something skim against his cheek, and it’s only when he opens his eyes again does he realize he’s weeping. You come closer, gentle hands brushing away moonlit tears, and you abhor seeing him like this. You want to tell him yes, you will stay. To cease his pain, you would stay. But when you feel him grasp your hands, you remind yourself, again and again: for Jay. For the people. For the kingdom. For the kingdom. For the people. For Jay.

    The war might leave you in shambles, and tomorrow appears bleak and blurry, but to let yourself be shattered in exchange for a tomorrow where everything and everyone you love is safe and sound, it is worth it. They are always worth it.

    So you hold him closer (he’s warm, like sweet summer days, foreheads touching; you’ll miss this), please, just a little longer. “You’ll always have me, love. No matter how many times we are torn apart,” you place a palm over his heart, thump thump thump, “I will always remain here. Ergo dum me diligis.”

    So long as you love me.

    Jay pulls away, kisses your knuckles softly. “Always, my heart. Always.”

    You plant a kiss on the edge of his lips, and Jay cradles your cheek (you’re gentle, a spring breeze across lush heathers; he’ll miss this). He feels you murmur a goodbye against his skin. Just as suddenly as he felt your embrace, Jay is once again left in the cold, watching your figure disappear into the darkness like a wandering ghost.

    A gust of wind blows towards him. In a few hours’ time, he and his mother would be appointed to possibly more duties than he’s ever handled his whole life, fight battles of his own, but now, he lets the sky hear his plead:

    Come back to me.

    #enhypennetwork#enhypenwriters#enhypen#jay park #jay park x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen angst#enhypen drabbles #jay park angst #jay park scenarios #jay park imagines #enhypen jay #prince enha teasers coming out just when i was struggling w/ the moodboard :’D my saviors #hope you all enjoyed !! #(also if you get the ‘these violent delights’ reference i will love u forever) #(but if u don’t it’s okay bc i’ll love you either way <33)
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  • dionideatta
    02.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    OK so I know everyone and their grandmother wants a chayenzo kiss this weekend (myself included) but I just want to say that I actually really enjoy the slow burn and the mutual pining they've got going on, so if they decide to torture us for a few more weeks I will not mind so much

    #not to jinx it or anything #but i love the angst #i will nevertheless be over the moon if they give us a kiss this weekend #slow burn pining and all its merits aside it would be simply delightful #anyways#chayenzo#vincenzo#kdrama#tvn vincenzo#vincenzo kdrama
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  • gay-ghosts-committing-crimes
    31.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    hey guys,,,, thinking about making my tags vv into a fic,,, yea or nay?

    (from this post by @bi-reginald that says:  “ im not ready to find out about willies backstory. he,,,,,,he had a family. what was it like when he died? were they close? had he told them he was gay? did he have any siblings or was it just him? “ )

    #did they mourn him? was he their perfect son? #did they know he was queer before he died? did HE? #how long before his mother could drive again without thinking of what it must have felt like to slam on the breaks and then hear the thud #and feel the thump of hitting her boy #she wasn't even the one to do it but the guilt she feels might as well be the same #how long before his father could pass by the place he died without clenching his jaw and looking away. eye burning with unshed tears #his younger sister refuses to learn how to drive and his older brother just nods and gives her a hug because she lost her big brother #and he lost his baby brother #and how do process that?? how do you move on??? #was willie the type of brother to grab someone and rub his knuckles over their head? was he the quiet kid who shared his toys? #when his older brother was being 'mean' did he scheme ways to pull pranks on him to make his little sister feel included?? #did he have a tradition with his mom of doing the dishes together while listening to the radio and dancing? #God. how many nights did she cry herself to sleep after doing dishes alone in silence? #did his dad buy him his first skateboard?? did he call him 'sport' and 'buddy' when he kept falling and getting scrapes as he learned how??? #his little sister stole his worn old stuffed animal that he had 'grown out of' and she cried into it at night when she couldn't stop herself #from thinking about how he always helped with her nightmares #his older brother cries when he hears the news and at the funeral but it doesn't hit him until it's his graduation night #and he cant sneak into his room to talk with willie about everything or nothing or how the future will be and his fears and hopes and dreams #because willie isn't there #and he'll never be there to listen again. and he'll never be there when his older brother needs advice on something #or when he wants to talk about a pretty girl that he's crushing on. because willie might not have been big into girls but he always listened #he always listened and now he wouldn't ever be there to listen again #his older brother sobs that night #how many times did his father go up to his room and knock on the door to call him to dinner before remembering there wouldn't be a response? #how many times did he have to lean against his doorway and squeeze his eyes shut and swallow hard because this might have been the 60th time #he forgot. but it never gets easier to remember #because how do you let someone go?? how do you let him go? how do you move on from that? #you don't. you can't.

    #jatp #felony visually consumes jatp #julie and the phantoms #willie #willie wilbur williamson #willie nolastname#jatp angst #i can be a little bit of an evil angst gremlin. as a treat #oh the SWEET delight of angst #haha have some angst :)) <3
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  • gay-ghosts-committing-crimes
    29.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    There’s a letter somewhere, crumpled up and smoothed over and folded a million times. It’s covered in the words of a heartbroken boy who doesn’t exist anymore, and hidden by a man who doesn’t know who he is. There’s a letter somewhere, and it’s never getting sent. 

    There’s no one to send it to.


    “there are words i wanted to say

    i love you guys. please come back. i miss you. 

    i don’t know if i should start out a letter like that but... it’s not like you’ll read it, so.. this is for me.

    it wasn’t just singing to me. what we did? it was more than that.

    it was the way luke always hyped us up, even when he was having a hard time (i don’t know i ever told you how much it meant, that you let us see you hurting after you left home). you made me feel like you always had my back, whether it be to keep me in line or to keep my sprits up.

    it was the way you always had a smile, reggie. i know we teased you a lot (for good reason, i mean, you tried fixing an amp in the RAIN-) but sometimes i think you were the most emotionally intelligent of all of us. Granted, we are were a bunch of teenage boys, so that’s not the hardest thing to be the best at but... it was always nice to be able to smile (even if your jokes WERE badly timed)

    and alex... it was the way you mothered us, even if you refuse to think of yourself as the mom friend (you literally made sure we drank enough water during the summer practices??) you’re sarcastic and think you’re all mean but you care a lot. you’ve always cared a lot.

    you guys were my family. my home.

    i’m sorry for not saying it when i had the chance.

    i’m sorry for not dying with you.

    i’m sorry for

    ~bobby wilson”

    #bobby wilson#bobby/trevor wilson#bobby #we love bobby angst #trevor wilson#trevor #i can be a little bit of an evil angst gremlin. as a treat #jatp angst #oh the SWEET delight of angst #jatp #felony visually consumes jatp #julie and the phantoms #julie and the himbos #felony writes shit #felony's figments
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  • stingslikeabee
    29.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #Balthier#blthiers#exclamatory starters#replied #gosh I love my Monday mornings with a cup of coffee #and this delightful angst #I hope I have successfully returned it to you XD #v: FFXII
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  • talldecafcappuccino
    26.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Apologies for the Superstore finale spam. It was just so shockingly damn good.

    #superstore #it did an Office #it took a turn into sitcom purgatory where the mains leave and the shows goes too long #but then it was suddenly cut short by the pandemic #where they fixed it all and the angst of the show main leave actually made the show better in the end?? #because when she came back! #she!! #and he!!! #and they!?!? #anyway. #it was delightful and I love all those weirdos
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  • cheekykitsune
    09.03.2021 - 3 monts ago


    Here’s the second scenario for Adiran! I would have posted sooner but I had to make the whole header image thingy for the first one I posted and it took time.

    So, hope you enjoy it!


    Cheeky Kitsune 🦊💋


     Adiran wiggled his fingers, staring down at them while sitting in the middle of the large backyard he called his own; a pleasantly warm breeze brushing over his still-sensitive skin, blowing the chill of the gentle mist from the nearby sprinkler onto him and snapping him out of his daydream.

     He couldn’t possibly stop the large grin that spread over his tanned, chubby cheeks; a shout of triumph spilling free, attracting the attention of his parents who quickly rushed outside from their places in the house. Their chores left forgotten.

     “Sweetie, what happened?” He turned his head at the sound of his mother’s soft voice, the grin never leaving his lips; how could it when he knew what a big deal it was, to shift at his age. For his family, the average was thirteen, his dad would always tell him how hard it was to visualize the first shift; Adiran never understood it.

     They were shape-shifters, not like the ancient families that could choose any form, the ones he was told stories about, but still an old magic that ran through his veins; it should be as easy as breathing. That’s what he had always thought, always believed and insisted upon, even with his parents ruffling his hair and humouring him as any adult would a child.

     But now he could prove he was right.


     “I shifted! I can do it, just like you guys!”


     They stared down at him in disbelief for a few moments, the only sound the quiet rustling of leaves in the trees that stood proudly in the backyard, a strange sight so close to the city but appreciated by their own kind. Nature was comfort for them, not the modern jungle their family had to grow used to.

     “You can? Why don’t you show us then” His father smiled down at him, a subtle proudness shining in his eyes while Adiran looked back down at his hands, wiggling his fingers once more; he could still feel it, the way it felt to shift for the first time. The sudden rush, the new smells and though he hadn’t been able to get far before he hit the ground and shifted back, he knew he could do it again.

     “It’s okay if it’s not like you guys, right?” Adiran looked up at them earnestly, eyes wide with a child-like worry; while he was proud, he could tell he wasn’t like them. His mother, though never showing him, had told him about her alternate form; how she had first discovered her shifted form was a rabbit.

     His father hadn’t actually told him yet, instead promising to show him once Adiran himself could shift; an incentive for him to try and shift early, though he hadn’t needed the incentive, it came to him naturally. Without effort.

     “What? Of course it’s okay, sweetie, everyone is different. That’s what makes us special” His mother kneeled down carefully, running her fingers through his hair slowly, easing any worries that might have popped up in his head; the way only a mother could.

     Giving a quick nod, Adiran leaned over, his bones cracking loudly, his body shuddering with the change, a brief flash of pain and discomfort before the sound of his parent’s reactions reached his over-sensitive ears.

     However, instead of the proud praises he was expecting, there was only disappointment and a stinging pain when his mother slapped his muzzle harshly; causing him to fall back onto his butt with a loud yelp, his ears flicked back in alarm. Adiran didn’t understand, they were supposed to be happy, to be smiling; he wasn’t supposed to be getting screamed at, they weren’t meant to be telling him off and hitting his nose like he was a disobedient pet.


     “Change back! Right now, change back Adiran!”


     The shift never came, his heart pounded and each time he tried to back away, his tail tucked up between his legs; he would only hit the ground, not used to having to move with four legs instead of two.

     Despite his vulnerability, he couldn’t shift back; no matter how much he wanted to. It simply wasn’t happening.

     Everything was moving too fast; he couldn’t keep up. It wasn’t fair.


    ~  ~  ~ ~  ~




     You went quiet at the dark look that Adiran shot you, his shoulders slumped while he sat on the edge of the large king-sized bed that he generously let you share with him; it didn’t matter if you were his partner. There were still some nights he would sleep on the couch, or even leave for the night; run wild in his other form until streaks of dawn began to flood the dense forest that the two of you resided in.

     “You asked me why I’m alone, that’s why. People. They’re disgusting” He turned his head away, his voice a low, deep growl of pent up rage; the thoughts, the memories always dragged out the ugliest side of him. He knew it and he hated it, it was something he wanted to move past and yet he couldn’t, constantly haunted by the memories of his childhood.

     “I’d rather be alone, out here…than be forced to pretend to be something I’m not, back there…” He trailed off, rolling his shoulders slowly before reaching back, his large hand landing on your thigh, giving it a surprisingly firm squeeze, though why you weren’t sure; it was hard to tell if it was for you or for him.


     “What else?”


     You blinked in confusion, lifting your gaze from the hand on your thigh to his molten eyes, a sudden hot flush running through your entire body; the intensity of his eyes always seemed to leave you a mess. He didn’t really have to touch you, just a look was enough.

     It reminded you of how you met.


     “…What else do you wanna know? It’s not a subject I enjoy, get your questions out now, (Name).”

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