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  • dreamerkingtv
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    By Belos this can’t be happening

    #the owl house #dell clawthorne#gwendolyn clawthorne#lilith clawthorne #didn't know which scene in the show to pick for this joke and i hope this works
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  • dreamerkingtv
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dana in her AMA: Bird-themed things are generally a Clawthorne thing...

    Belos, Hunter and the entire Emperor's Coven: hehe birb theme go brrrr

    #the owl house #toh theory#(kinda)#emperor belos#toh hunter #the golden guard #eda clawthorne#edalyn clawthorne#lilith clawthorne#gwendolyn clawthorne#dell clawthorne #like if it was a background character with a bird theme it wouldn't matter but the emperor's coven is important so it has to be intentional #gg's mask straight up looks like an owl #and all the scouts are dressed like plague doctors
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  • beautiful-nature1201
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Eda and Lilith similarities

    1. Both got roasted by Luz

    "Cards the paper rectangles that old people think are fun!"

    "The real mystery is how Lilith can be both so smart and yet so wrong at the same time. Academics am I right?"

    2. Both are hard-working, powerful and physically strong

    3. Both care a lot for people that are close to them

    4. Both don't respect each others opinion

    5. Both cope with childish behaviour, recklessness and apple blood


    1. Being adult figures in children's lifes

    Eda is an only parent of someone from another species and a temporary guardian to someone from another dimension, which in her world means their future is questionable and one has food allergies. She isn't a perfect one and is not nice towards kids that don't live in her house.

    Lilith is an almost child murderer and is jealous of a sixteen year old. She trauma projected on her nephew. But she also saved King's life twice and Luz's ones.

    2. Powers

    As a wild witch the owl lady learned in every way, even from school by sneaking in classes. My guess is that this made learning extremely fun for her. This made it possible for her to continue to learn even as an adult.

    She also learns through experimentation which means before she learned the basics, she almost got herself killed a lot of times. I'm assuming that she survived thanks to Lilith.

    As a cult member, she is someone who never questioned authority, this comes from the fact that she was neglected as a child and needed validation.

    At first this helped, cause both she and Eda are alive. But the school in the boiling isles took away her curiosity and joining the coven didn't help.

    I believe both sisters had the same amount of talent and hunger for power but the enjoyment was the deciding factor. And this factor was a big one.

    3. Showing care

    Thanks to running away from the system, the criminal made an emotionally supportive system around her.

    She is very mature. The show hasn't yet explained where she learned all this. Best guess for now is Raine, but were both of them that smart at such a young age.

    She is selfless, but she also knows how not to be self-sacrificing. That's pretty rare, though to be fair it's not the perfect balance.

    There are a lot of mistakes she has made though, but I think all of them can be fixed if she learns to open up, cause her other mistakes always happen when she's too scared or is trying to feel more.

    The cop is easily in the top two most immature people in the show. (Fighting for the first spot with Hunter.)

    I guess thirty years of isolation with someone, that used the fact that his system had influenced her to be very vulnerable to manipulation, does stuff to a person.

    She's either self-sacrificing or ruining someone else's life, usually both. Considering her main motivation is caring, this is painful to watch.

    The most mature we've seen her so far, obviously it's after she left the coven, was her acknowledgment of Hooty's efforts and more impressively her not using the fact she's better at glyphs than Eda to make fun of her.

    Problem is she overworked herself while having a new curse.

    Then s2ep4 happened and she trauma projected on a child, I'm expecting she's nowhere close to realising that was a bad idea.

    She also left Hooty after telling him "Are you my mother, cause that's an awful lot of judgement?" without apologizing.

    Luckily she's writing supportive letters, so it didn't hit him that much.

    Her decision to leave had me facepalm. She just left a person, that has been dealing with the complexities of her being in the coven for thirty years and is easily the only thing that kept her sane and her new friend for someone that for one day acknowledged her existence.

    Plus by the way they talked about the father he hasn't visited her at all.

    We've already seen the negative effects from this choice on Eda and Hooty, can't wait for hers.

    I refuse to believe that this is gonna end well, cause it's possible but it's gonna be luck. And the lesson from this will be "Parents with good intentions change in a day." And trust me when I tell you that is far from the truth.

    My parents have been changing, but so freaking slowly it hurts. Fairly they were more flawed and now a bit better than Gwen but still the change has been taking place my whole childhood and until now I've either been refused help or gotten stuck with a bad mental health professional.

    Only now am I getting actual help. I'm expecting a speed run after sixteen years of unintentional parental abuse but it's not gonna happen in a day and it's foolish to believe so.

    Also we didn't see her watching King's video on her sister's account. Which has to mean something. Why did they show everyone but her?

    4. Respecting others

    Eda was the favourite child or at the very least she got a lot of attention for being younger. Also I refuse to believe that her parents did anything about her "breaking the classroom" behaviour.

    But she respects a lot of people's opinions. Whether it's a bard with stage fright, a child from unknown species or a teen from another dimension. She's gotten close to all three of them. And they have all shaped her point of view (except for Raine but fairly enough we know nothing about their relationship with her).

    So what about her complete "I don't care about Lilith's point of view."

    Well it's not just her. It's a huge hatred towards "Belos is a saint." She grew up in this system, she had this opinion at one point herself. She isn't hearing anything new from her.

    She doesn't have a right to laugh at her but she has a right to refuse to talk about it with someone that refuses to go beyond "It's just the right thing."

    Talking about that, it took Eda almost dieing for this stubbornness to shake. No one could tell her Belos is wrong.

    On top of that she lived (and "lives" but that's kinda debatable) with huge amounts of fear from both Belos and thanks to his gaslighting, Eda and was working a job that asked of her to be a workoholic.

    This makes her emotionally exhausted which makes it hard for her to question stuff. How do you do that when you can barely think?

    Eda worked on her laughing in the beginning of season 2 but I'm not sure how she'll act now. Because after Raine seemingly died, she acted awful towards Hunter. She needs ways of handling her trauma outside of making fun of people.

    Lilith did too. Firstly, she commited treason and she was also quite open to King being the king of demons.

    Now, it was idiotic to believe in it. She's shaking between Belos is always right and wild magic is always right. She needs middle ground.

    What's funny is Eda has found the middle ground that works for herself. She's reading books from the local library and is known for being a wild witch.

    Because she's scared of hurting others she isolated herself and that gave the wrong impression to the fandom.

    She's the one that believes in the healing and potions covens, not her mom.

    5. Recklessness

    Eda has a one-sided grudge against a twelve year old. I will never shut up about this.

    When she was young she broke everything in sight. But now at the very least she's not breaking her own house.

    I think it's a bit better.

    For before I think it was ignorance, because she was a child. But now it's her coping. She knows better than this.

    Everything the ex coven head does is without thinking, even Eda's rescue.

    She can't go beyond "Well she is my sister and we had a good past with each other."

    "And how can you prove that she hasn't changed?"

    "Well, she saved my life and I actually played a game with her."

    If she can say the last sentence, ignore me but I don't know if she can.

    Honestly I just wanted to compare the good and bad, but I ended up saying Lilith didn't have a life. And honestly she didn't. She wasn't a positive in anyone's life including her own. She was doing her best to become a robot. She doesn't have opinions or ideas of her own that she respects.

    Eda said the words "It's my power, kid and before you showed I spend my whole life wasting it." Eda wasted her powers by isolating herself from people, but she didn't waste her mind. Lilith wasted both.

    Her importance in Eda's childhood is the only positive, because she didn't respect herself. Her thirty years in the coven was straight up waste. Nothing positive to both her and others happened, after an action of hers in that period and that's just sad.

    It's not too late for her obviously. It's never too late for people that want to change. She was already living. She had a new friend. She was restoring her relationship with Eda. She was begining to have her own opinions... AND THEN SHE JUST LEFT.

    I know this is good writing, because everyone goes through their ups and downs. Plus Lilith's biggest fears recently came to life.

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  • gravityfallsrockz
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Owl House redheads

    #disney#owl house#toh #toh tiny nose #tiny nose#dell clawthorne#toh dell #the owl house #the owl house dell #lilith clawthorne #the owl house lilith #toh lilith#edalyn clawthorne #eda the owl lady #toh eda #the owl house eda #hair#redhead#red hair #the gang's all here
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  • marzeephan
    06.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dell is best papa, I have proves and no doubts

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  • dreamerkingtv
    06.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    So like, with the theories about the Wittebanes being related to the Clawthornes, consider: what if Belos and Hunter are descendants of one brother, while the Clawthornes are descendants of the other. Or like, maybe Belos is a descendant of Philip and Hunter is a Grimwalker of the brother, and the Clawthornes are actual descendants of the brother.

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  • milfeclipsa
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Since we didn't see Gwendolyn do it, I headcanon that Dell, their dad, is the one that's just feral, and will just eat small creatures whole. And his daughters learned it from him.

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  • gravityfallsrockz
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Owl House family photo

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  • thecaillic
    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    #the wild thornberrys #the owl house #nigel thornberry#dell clawthorne #cj watches owl house
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  • drabbles-of-writing
    02.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I realize there are a few other parents but I already did a post on them [1, 2, 3, 4, 6]

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  • sidecharactersdomatter
    02.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Took me a while to realize that Lilith and King are the only Clawthornes that don’t have ‘D’ in their first name.

    I’m surprised that no one’s thought up the theory of “Which Coven did Dell join?” during this whole hiatus

    #the owl house #toh #save the owl house #more the owl house #the owl house season 4 #king clawthorne#lilith clawthore#eda clawthorne#gwendolyn clawthorne#dell clawthorne
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  • sepublic
    31.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I want to bring to attention Gwen’s exact words when she tells Luz about the previous human;

    “You’re not the only human to have lived in Bonesborough.”

    We know that Philip entered the Demon Realm at Eclipse Lake, located at the Knee, which is a good distance from the Right Arm. So what Gwen heard doesn’t necessarily contradict the existence of Philip’s brother;

    It’s possible the Wittebane brothers got separated, and/or split up to cover more ground in their travels, especially since they were already settlers. Maybe an accident split them apart, and each thought the other dead before they moved on?

    Alternatively, perhaps there was a falling-out that led to them deliberately splitting up. Philip wanted to make a portal to go home, but his brother presumably settled down and had kids, resulting in his descendant Dell Clawthorne, who bears quite a resemblance to him.

    Then again, Gwen mentions that her great-grandmother told her of this human; If the other brother married into the family, surely she’d have known about him too? Unless rumors and hearsay led to confusion, with people believing there was only one human, and Philip and his brother got mistaken for each other; Especially if they never bothered to clarify or mention their own relations.

    And we can presume the Clawthornes have been living in Bonesborough since the Wittebanes, hence the Portal being buried not too far from their homestead. But who knows, maybe Philip or his brother (on a visit) buried the portal there, and THEN the family moved and happened to settle close by, by fate? Or even to look for evidence of Philip?

    For all we know, Philip might’ve been under the impression that his brother hadn’t gone with him to the Demon Realm? Historical documents from OUR world noted the disappearance of both siblings. But it’s possible that the witch the Wittebane brothers met had sent Philip through Eclipse Lake, and then took his brother with them another way!

    Alternatively, Titan’s Blood rifts may be unpredictable? Given their unreliable nature, perhaps going through one can take you to any one location in the Demon Realm, and rifts don’t match with specific locations? So going through the Connecticut rift would’ve sent Philip to Eclipse Lake, while his brother emerged from another source of Titan’s Blood elsewhere; Especially if they entered the rift at different times?

    This could also contribute to the disconnect, as well as Philip living in Bonesborough only for his brother to not... But again, we have to consider that the brother likely married into the Clawthornes, so mentioning only one human is weird unless they were mistaken for one another. Maybe Philip’s brother disguised himself as a witch, adding to the theories about why Belos’ ears look a little off?

    Not to mention, siblings can also just be Like That. Hence why Philip doesn’t mention his brother, because they don’t NEED a tragedy like Eda and Lilith’s to be Like That.

    #the owl house #the owl house Philip #Philip wittebane #the owl house dell #dell clawthorne#speculation
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  • galactic-bi-cat
    24.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I like to think that Eda got inspired from Luz to finally visit her family and to fix and strengthen their bond after all those years of being estranged from them

    (unlike Luz's case, this one ain't angsty, but it is awkward as hell)

    I do not make comics often and it shows lol

    #the owl house #eda the owl lady #edalyn clawthorne#harpy eda#toh#lilith clawthorne#gwendolyn clawthorne#dell clawthorne #eda the harpy lady #the owl house eda #eda clawthorne #the owl house lilith #the owl house comic #my art #the owl house fanart
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  • pumpkinpastyy
    24.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    raeda week - day 2

    wedding // love song

    "an awkward proposal"

    A WEEK AGO, RAINE AND EDA GOT ENGAGED. It was not one of those uber romantic, sweet proposals that you see in movies- It was awkward and clumsy. Very awkward and clumsy.

    It all started on a date like any other date. They were watching the sunset together, and Raine was feeling around in their back pocket for the ring. They fumbled with it and pulled it out.

    “Hey, Raine?” Eda said abruptly, startling Raine. The ring box slipped from between their fingers and landed a foot in front of them. They turned pale.

    “Hey Eda! Look over there!” They said, pointing at the sky behind them. Eda whipped her head around to see what they were pointing at.

    “I don’t see-” Raine snatched the box back and sighed.

    “Raine, what is that?” Eda said, noticing the little ring box in their hand.

    Code red. Abort mission.

    “Is that the time?” Raine checked their watch. “I should be going.”


    Raine chuckled nervously.

    “It’s- It’s a…” They sighed, not being able to think of an excuse, they answered honestly. “It’s a ring box…”

    “A… ring box.” Eda repeated, still in shock.

    Here goes. “We’ve been mating for a while, I mean dating! Dating! And I just thought, you’d maybe want to…” They took a deep breath. “Marry me?”

    Eda froze. Raine meant everything to her. They were always just there when she needed someone to lean on, and it felt nice knowing that someone cared about her. Lilith joined the Emperor’s Coven, her mom only came around to try and heal her curse, and her dad- Lets just say, neither made an effort to patch things up after the incident. But Raine was there when she needed it. They didn’t leave her like everyone else.

    And she was not going to let them go.


    “Wait, really? I thought after that horrible proposal…” Their voice trailed off.

    “Raine, why would I say no? I know I’m not the best at saying ‘I love you’, believe me, I know… But- Okay, this is going to sound really cheesy- It would make me the happiest person in the world to spend the rest of my life with you.” Eda finished, red as her crimson dress.

    “Awww, is the owl lady blushing?” Eda’s confession gave them newfound confidence. Eda stuck her tongue out at them. Raine gave her a little peck on the lips. “You know you love me.”

    “Do I?”

    “Do you?”

    “Yes. Yes, I do.”

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  • fixations-untold
    23.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Practicing my digital skills by doodling a redraw of a TOH screenshot

    Reblogs appreciated

    #the owl house #dell clawthorne#screenshot redraw #artists on tumblr #pretty sure I flubbed the colors
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  • kprapture
    23.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Luz by the end of the series is ALSO gonna be like:

    These are my found siblings and my future child’s Godparents Willow and Gus, my future in-laws Emira and Edric, my house demon Uncle Hooty, my witch Uncle Bump, my witch Aunt Lilith, my demon Aunt Tiny Nose, my witch Grandparents Gwendolyn and Dell, My Palisman Godmother Bat Queen, and my adopted surrogate siblings Amber, Katya, and Derwin!

    #wasn’t expecting a part 2 #but many people mentioned characters I forgot #so here you go! #glad people loved the first one #the owl house #luz noceda#willow#gus#emira blight#edric blight#hooty#principle bump#lilith#tiny nose#gwendolyn clawthorne#dell clawthorne#bat queen#amber#toh amber#katya#derwin
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  • gravityfallsrockz
    23.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Male characters of The Owl House with long hair

    #disney #the owl house #owl house#toh#dell clawthorne#toh dell #the owl house dell #the owl house philip #toh philip#philip whittebane#principal bump#toh bump #the owl house belos #toh belos#emperor belos#hair#long hair#male#boys #the gang's all here
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