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    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy Mother's Day to Della Duck.

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    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Happy Mother’s Day to Best Mom Della Duck ❤️💙💚

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    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    drew one year ago for international mother’s day

    #ducktales#ducktales 2017#ducktales reboot#dt17#ducktales fanart#della duck #101 dalmatian street #crossover#mothers day #yeah im so funny #my art skill is still awful #any 101ds fans here
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    09.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    happy mothers day!! have some older art I made of della and her boys :]

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    09.05.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #ducktales#della duck#fan art #happy mother's day 2021
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    09.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Donald ended up never really taking the kids to see Grandma Elvira, so they didn’t really learn farm work until Della eventually took them.

    She was quite shocked when they didn’t know how to do any of the things that she considered common knowledge.

    Also, the kids are afraid of cows. Because they have horns. (Of course, give them a Chimera or even a Minotaur and they’re cool as a cucumber, but a cow? No Siree Bob, they hate that)

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  • khionkhrayon
    09.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Happy Mother's Day to all!


    #animator survival days #ducktales 2017#louie duck#fan art#dewey duck#ducktales fanart#huey duck#della duck#ducktales#dt17 #ducktales mothers day #happy mothers day
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    09.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    this is rlly ugly and messy anyway. im buying a sword for defending della

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    09.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Since it's mother's day reblog if you appreciate your mom <3

    #happy mother's day 2021 #mother#mom#mother's day #happy mother's day #ducktales#ducktales 2017#della duck #huey dewey and louie #yes#i do #i love my mom #so much#mommy#<3333
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  • popculturebuffet
    09.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Ducktales Season 2 Arcs Prologue: Donald Duck: Family Ties aka 80 is Prachtig (Comissioned by WeirdKev27) With the Weirdest Special Guest in Duck History

    Hello all you happy people! And welcome to a super special mother’s day special! This is twofold> The first is as a prelude to my look at Ducktales three season 2 arcs, as paid for my friend of the blog weirdkev27, i’l be looking at Della’s only major comics apperance in the classic disney comics canon.

    The other.. is this one was kinda hard to find. Kev could not find it and my attempts did no better. See the problemw as for some reason this story ahs NEVER Been translated in english. Keep in mind, as you can tell by the cover date, this came out in 2014. 7 years ago. The problem with that is that IDW frequently does reprings, currently with walt disney comcis and stories and did so for years and years before that in Donald and Scoroge’s ongoings. SO it BOGGLES The mind that a story this huge containing the lost tale of a character we never saw elsewhere was left out. But then again Disney might have said no and given this is the company that though shunting i’ts ongoing to a small publishing company that had no digital presence and somehow descheduled a vital season finale and as of this writing has not resecheudled it, i’m not suprised. Annoyed, but not suprised. 

    So I figured with a story this big it’d be easy to find a translation. Right? Right?

    Yeah I couldn’t find anything despite googling, checking tags on tumblr, whatever I tried didn’t work and the only option left, sifting through EVERY SINGLE POST tagged Della Duck, would be too time consuming and poteitinally fruitless. So I put out a post asking you fine people to find me a translation of it. 

    Annnnd then I gave up and didn’t put the review on my schedule because after a few week’s i’d heard nothing and expected I wouldn’t ever get to review this one. Which bummed me out as it not only feels necessary to do for Della’s big arc, but also is a big story. One I WANTED to read and share with all of you.

    Well as you can tell by the fact this review exists, I got very lucky and earlier this week, a kind fan found me a translation. This review WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE without @rosieisla  

    Thanks to her, I found a copy, a scalation by @fethrybestduck​ , with assitance from @rei-pinto and @sarroora . IF any of you guys want a review your more than welcome to it. And Rosie is getting one, as I both offered one up and even if I hadn’t would’ve because i’m so damn greatful. So you’ll be getting a review of Don rosa’s “Island on the Edge of Time” next week as she gave me two choices for her reward and that’s the one I went with. As for the translation itself YOU CAN FIND THAT HERE. 

    So yeah while I had to do some shuffling thanks to some hard working folks, a new fan/friend, and pure damn luck that that person came in just in time, I humbly present under the cut what happened to the ORIGINAL Della Duck. I have not read this so I will be reading this as I write, on purpos. While I have heard what happened ot della otherwise this will be a suprise for the most part. I have looked at the first two pages but that is it. So join me won’t you?

    We open in the Keaton family living room as Mallory shows off a camo tank top to the family. Alex quips “is the revolution tonight” and Mallory quicks back “Yeah and we’re coming to get YOU alex”... I mean if anyone’s going to be first against the wall it’s going to be Alex Keaton. It’s just hard sitcom science. 

    So Mallory talks about how she’s wearing this because it’s a big turn on for her new boyfriend Nick.. in front of her parents. 

    So they talk about how they haven’t met him and I just realized i’m talking about my favorite episode of the SITCOM Family Ties instead of the comic Family Ties. Seriously though if you have Paramount+ watch Family Ties. It has a young Micheal J Fox, Micheal Grossman from Termors, and Justine Bateman. It’s cheesy as you’d expect for the time but also realy good> it’s one of my go to comfort sitcoms and I lost it when it was removed from Amazon Prime and it’s one of my faviorte things about having paramount+. For the record other comfort sitcoms include Letterkenny, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Recreation, Designing Women,  Rosanne and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

    So we open with a flashback. Donald is a sailor working in a storm with some Sailor Dude. Before these two can get started living out “The Lighthouse” Donald hears a cry for help.. which the captain thinks is a mermaid.  It’s Daisy, who Donald rescues explaning how thier relationship started to what turns out to be the Nephews. And he and Daisy never had any sort of personal problems. Nope no sir. 

    The boys ask about how Donald met Scrooge..,.. you.. you guys were there for that... I know I reviewed the story a few months ago. You were in it. And yes they DO explain it in a bit as the boys having apparently been too young to remember, but it just comes off as a sily excuse to have a flashback about bear mountain. 

    So then some weirdo comes to the door and asks to take Donald’s pulse... your guess is as good as mine. We do then get the flasback but it’s.. oddly diffrent. Scrooge dind’t deliberatly bring the bears in like he does here, and Donald easily beats them versus the screwup in the actual comic. 

    But I do love this, making a gag out of Donald’s own self serving and trumped up memory of hte event. IT’s good stuff. 

    So the weirdo comes back and asks to see donald tounge...

    And we find the boys impatient as they want to hear about someone else, someone far closer.. Donald fails to get the hint, guessing Gladstone, The Boys THemselves and the Alps before finally revealing they want to knwo about their mom. Whelp get ready for an issues long mystery full if intirgue and...

    Or we could get answers right the hell away because this Donald isn’ so hung up on his past that he won’t talk about it when confronted and the boys aren’t scared to confront him over it for whatever reason. 

    The story does take on Don Rosa’s trait of having the stories take place in the 50′s. As such the comic dosen’t brush over the fact it wasn’t a normal thing at the time and that in this universe Della was the FIRST woman to cross the ocean by plane. It’s something I love: Della being a trailblazer for women, even if it’s just a small detail. She also lands a burning plane instead of evacuating it, scoffing at questions from the guys. Really her personality here.. isn’t at all diffrent from what Ducktales would do, Ducktales simply made it more three dimensional as we’ll see over the next few months. 

    This is also showcased as Donald gets to how the boys got there: Donald returned from a long voyage to find Della with the baby triplets on his doorstep happy to see him and needing a babysitter since she went to fly a rocket of her own deisgn tommorow.  Yeah the story is that SIMILAR, Ducktales simply added a ton more drama. Here she simply left them there, Donald knew and while put out dealing with threee troublemakers gladly did so.. and when the boys asked hwat happened next he points otu the obvious: their stil lhere. She never came back and given the experimental fuel used no one knows what happened. Given Donald’s playing with events earlier the boys don’t buy it, so they go to SCrooges. In a nice meta twist Carl Barks EXISTS in this universe, as do his comcis, and Donald and the Boys take htem home with them to pour over them. I love everything about this, from giving the duck master a tribute in this anverary issue to just being really funny and creative: given Scrooge’s love of money of course he’d try with comics evne if he thought they were daft since they were a bit industry at the time still, and would keep making them once they became hits.  So the weirdo returns again and this time donald’s ready to throttle him.. and things somehow get MORE meta s the guy reveals the reason behind his antics..

     And you know his insane theory: that by being in a comic it keeps htem alive. I do love this weird meta joke though: that our heroes are in comics therefore are immortal. The guy wants to run it as a book and cut Donald in and he and hte boys agree, convincing scrooge to help for a chunk of the profits. 

    So Donald and The BOys do an informerical for it.. though frankly I think they should’ve got this guy

    So we get some scenes of our some random dopes visitng various side characters: A musician visits horrace to harass him wiht a saxaphone, a sentence I’m proud i’m getting paid to write, a guy visits gyro about his smart phone and gyro talks about 3d glasses. Those aren’t VERY funny.. but the ones after are, with Scrooge talking a guy into collecting rent for him, one hapless dope robbing with the beagles and one trying to take a selfie with the big bad wolf who clearly dosen’t know what the internet is. Cheer up man neither did Johny Laurence. It happens. 

    But betweeen the first two we get.. look no amount of buildup is going to prepare you for this. 

    Yeah... PINOCCHIO is part of this universe now. Out of nowhere. And look the mice from cinderlla ARE on Grandma’s farm, yes really.. but that at least came out of the film’s popularity and the two could be brushed off as the duckverse versions of the mice. And it’s not like talking anthromoporhic mice was a STRETCH. This.. this is pure insanity. So in this writer’s eye Pinocchio’s villiage is not only part of this universe but also stuck in time but not the 50′s like donalds but the old timey time of whenever the hell pincochio takes place. I just... I don’t know waht to say. The fox theif guy also shows up having bene unpigged to try and steal from the lady. and picnochio is not a real boy again destpie having become one, so I have no eartlhy clue when in canon this take splace. Did he kick a puppy and the blue fairy turn him back for his hubris? Did the original die or go off to college or whatever and Gepetto make a repalcement? Are they stuck in some horrifying time loop for all etnerity? I want answers dammit!

    Naturally for donald this backfires though and at a big dinner celebrating, everyone demand stheir money back.. we also get... this

    Yeah no. No no fuck all of this. It was 2014 when this comic was published. While I get this wasn’t america, I mean.. it’s just common sense to know these depctions are racist right? Even in the netherlands, it’s just... wow. I may of found why this sstoyr hasn’t been reprinted.

    So Donald is broke and pissed off... story of his life really... and runs into gyro who explains the professor’s theroy isn’t entirely bollocks. WIth the theroy of relaitivty an astronaut in space is younger than someone on earth> Donald demands proof and Gyro pulls out his tablet.. weird... and finds a ship and contacts an astronaut.. and let’s face it.. you all know where this is going...

    It turns out due to said time space weirdness, Della dosen’t consider the boys might be hers, and thinks her baby boys are waiting for her at home, and the boys don’t correct her on it. She’s only 15 minutes through her hour long trip and will be back then.

    As for why the boys hid their ids ... while her not knowing them and being in space is tearjerking this is well...

    I GET their trying to be sweet.. but my GOD does the boys look like monsters. They don’t want to tell hteir mom, so she’ll COME HOME and be back WITH HER CHILDREN, because “we like staying with our uncle who barely scrapes by suppoting us. “ 

    I simply think the writers idnd’t think through implications. I don’t blame this on the translation or anything it’s just a WEAK reason for her not to come back. It did, according to the tumblr I got this translation from, apparently take years to get della approved at all.. but you could do BETTER than this that didn’t make dthe boys so awful as sons. How’s she going to feel when she comes back when their fucking 20? or 30? having missed their whole lives and missed scrooge’s funeral?! This last line is the most aggrivating line i’ve read in a duck comic book since

    So yeah i’ve seen WORSE, but this is still just story runing baffling. Donald gets out of his debt somehow, Loopity Goopity says it’s because of reading comics and we get one last group shot.. and this comic was already what the fuck enough as is without it but man on man does it up the what the fuck by a factor of ten. 

    So yeah the finale banquet is clusterfuck of some wonderuflly weird shit even beyodnd house of mouse. The fijrst page is normal enough apart from the sterotype and the other sterotypes taken off splash mountain. But the second page... holy shit. We have Dumbo and Geenie apparnelty being buds, some sort of stork guy next to a bar in a dress, Glomgold and Grandma Duck are apparnelty fucking now, diasy tries to comfort the kids after their misdeeds sink in, roboin hood’s crew shows up even though ti’s modern day, magica and amdam mim are at hing, and peter pan creeiply looks at the triplets who hav ea nice loo. All in all a glorious glcusterfuck. .. and Jose is there iwthout panchito. I do not know why. 

    Final Thoughts: As you could probably tell.. I don’t think much of this one. The Della Scenes are great, making her feel as fleshed out as characters with 80 years on her, and giving a valid reason she’s missing. 

    THe rest though.. it’s a meta plot that’s just not that funny. The Meta stuff is CLEVER.. but the actual jokes just aren’t funny enough. But most importantly.. i’ts just weirdly focused on THIS instead of Della. It would’ve been more fitting to have Donald and The Boys get help from the various side characters to contact Della. There’s a good VERSION of this story somewher.e. but it’s buried under a doofy comedy plot and pinchochi being real. Which isf ine for house of mouse and I get they were tributing the various strips and comics based on the movies.. but it just comes off as fucking weird and dosen’t fit in a donald duck tribute. It’s also VERY weird Mickey didn’t get his own sectoin but horace did. 

    The story IS mildly so bad it’s good... but ultimately i’ts just way longer than it needed to be and not nearly as great as it should’ve been.... i’m still proud to have read it and happy it got translated so I could, and I do feel it’ll help my retrospective, and i’m happy you all can now know about and read this weird piece of DIsney History. 

    Next Time on The Retrospective: It begins properly as Louie tries to get the family to take a friggin break  leading to charades, a game stacked in favor of the rich that isn’t life itself, and gyro nearly getting killed by a society of tiny people due ot his own hubris. Game on!

    If you liked this review follow me for more and consider joining my patreon. You can find it HERE AT THIS LINK. I have exclusive darkwing duck and scott pilgrim reviews for your eager eyes and will have a Proud Family review, the winner of a contest, in the next month or two. And if you pitch in you can help me hit some duck based stretch goals: at 20 i’ll review darkwing duck once a month, both season 2 mini series from ducktales 87, and the danny phantom movie the ultimate enemy.. tha’ts not duck related but you’ll like it. And at 25 i’ll do some more disney stuff with the recess, proud family and kim possible movies. So join today if you can and i’ll see you at the next rainobw. Thank you for reading. 

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  • waveypedia
    09.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    A Day in the Life of Gyro Gearloose



    Gyro arrives at the lab at six A.M. on the dot, two hours before call time. The lab is empty, for once. He slips through the elevator doors and darts around the lab, putting on coffee (even though he’s already had two cups at home), and arranging his papers.

    At last, he settles down at his desk, fully prepared to get a good amount of work done before Fenton and Manny bustle in with their noise and cheer that used to bother Gyro oh so much.

    He’s excited to have the lab to himself, for once. Even Lil’ Bulb is still charging, as it’s too early for him too.

    Gyro lifts his pencil, ready to write… and lowers it, unable to think of a concrete idea.

    He struggles to put words and calculations on paper, and only gets a couple steps in before he inevitably loses focus again.

    “This is ridiculous,” Gyro spits at the empty air, startling a sleepy Lil’ Bulb out of his slumber. “I am Doctor Gyro Gearloose. I do not lose focus.”

    Missing the rest of your team? Lil’ Bulb flashed at him in Morse code.

    It’s a testament to how far Gyro’s come since Fenton’s original hiring that he only crosses his arms indignantly and mutters a quiet “Maybe.” 

    It’s not physically possible, but Gyro knows Lil’ Bulb is smirking, somehow.

    He busies himself by bustling around the lab, taking inventory of mundane machines and ordinary tools. The lab is still uncharacteristically silent, but at least with Gyro’s manually manufactured noise it’s somewhat bearable.

    Fenton, bless him and his errant punctuality, arrives a blissful seven minutes early. 

    “Good morning, Dr. Gearloose!” he chirps, dropping his bag on the floor with a thud that would’ve made the Gyro of a year ago scoff, but today’s Gyro just sighs in relief. “How are you today?”

    “Unproductive,” Gyro grumbles. He’s reluctant to admit the supposed cause of his unproductivity, but knowing Fenton it’ll come out sooner or later.

    Fenton hums in response. “Sorry about that. Hopefully you’ll escape your funk! In my experience, a refreshing walk always clears my head!”

    Gyro snorts. “I’m not going outside, Doctor Intern.”

    “I’ll get you out there someday,” Fenton replies, not swayed in the slightest.

    “Whatever you say,” Gyro says, waving him off and turning back to his workstation. Fenton’s presence in the lab is noisy, which used to bother Gyro to no avail. Now, it seems, he can’t focus without it.

    “Huey’s coming later today,” Fenton calls over as he makes coffee. “He has a promising project he’s presenting.”

    Gyro snorts goodnaturedly. “You make it sound like a school assignment.”

    Fenton shrugs. “Huey’s words, not mine. Besides, I think that format works well for him. It does for me, too.”

    Gyro snorts in lieu of a reply. He actively chooses not to tell Fenton it works for him as well.

    As their conversation fades out, Gyro settles down at his desk. With his coworkers’ chatter floating around him, he slides easily into a focused headspace. In fifteen minutes, he’s made more progress than he had in the hour before his coworkers arrived.

    While Gyro tinkers with a gadget, he’s vaguely aware of Fenton getting up and crossing to Manny’s desk. Usually he’d pay more attention, but he’s busy cursing ridiculously small screws.

    “Dr. Gearloose,” Fenton calls. It only half registers, and Gyro hums in response, waving a hand dismissively.

    “Dr. Gearloose,” Fenton says, a little more insistently this time.

    Gyro starts. He blinks down at his project, which is nearly completed. “What do you want, Doctor Intern?”

    Fenton quirks a brow. “Can you look this over?”

    “We’re having trouble with it,” Manny clops via Morse Code. “Could use an extra eye. Or four.”

    Gyro rolls his eyes behind his aforementioned glasses. “What are you, six? I’ve never heard that used outside the elementary school playground.” But he acquiesces, crossing the lab and settling his hands on his hips as he eyes the gizmo Manny’s been working with. 

    “It’s the double-sided shrink ray,” Manny says, pushing it towards Gyro with his hooves. 

    “We were able to activate the shrinking command upon request, but it’s unstable,” Fenton says, carding a hand through his swoopy hair. “The beta waves are successfully translating into gamma rays, but some of the neutrons are glitching.”

    Gyro pushes closer to the table. “Let me see.”

    “That’s why we called you over,” Manny clops, but steps back. Fenton chuckles softly, making Gyro roll his eyes.

    He picks up the device and squints at it, examining it from all angles. After a little while of tinkering, he drags a nearby chair over. Fenton drops a cup of coffee next to him, but he barely notices it.

    The lab falls back into its quiet - but not silent - rhythm while Gyro works. It’s comforting.

    During the second dissection attempt, Gyro lets out a small “Aha!” and tweaks a few wires. Triumphantly, he leaps out of his chair and holds the device out to Manny, puffing out his chest. “That should do it!”

    Manny twists the device sideways and fires. Simultaneously, an apple and a pile of paperwork shrink into almost-nothingness.

    “You did it!” Fenton’s grin splits his face in two. “Thank you, Dr. Gearloose!”

    Gyro still finds it difficult to meet Fenton’s gaze when he’s so openly enthusiastic and supportive, even now. He settles for glaring at the coffee maker behind him, pointedly not looking at Manny either, even though he’s laughing. “Of course. It was nothing.”

    Fenton’s smile softens, but it’s no less genuine. “Well, we still appreciate it.”

    Gyro crosses back to his desk. “Well. It was nice to actually get some work done.”

    Fenton frowns, dropping his pencil to focus on Gyro. “What do you mean?”

    Gyro drops his gaze, gritting his teeth. “Well… maybe… I’ve unfortunately gotten used to your incessant, needless background noise,” he finishes in a rush, scowling. “It was too quiet this morning.”

    Fenton beams back at him. “Aww, Dr. Gearloose! That’s so sweet!”

    “It is merely an observation,” Gyro grits out. 

    “Admit it, “ Manny says. “You love us.”

    Gyro only huffs in response. 

    “Well, it’s nice to work with you too,” Fenton says, still smiling widely. Gyro would say his grin is too wide, but for some reason it doesn’t quite bother him like it used to.

    He’s grown fond of it. He’s grown fond of them all.


    There are three constants in life. Change. Death. Gyro Gearloose’s inability to leave the underground lab for long periods of time.

    Della texts him just often enough to be a nuisance, but not often enough for him to justify blocking her (it would result with a very angry Della in his lab, a volatile variable he’d rather not contend with, especially when Fenton, Launchpad, and Scrooge fulfill that dangerous category as well. He knows this from experience.). The familiar buzz of Gyro’s phone, once startling from disuse, is now a surprisingly comforting constant of the background noise in the lab. Gyro’s a scientist working under Scrooge McDuck, with Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera and Manny the Headless Manhorse in his lab - he has to be able to tune out the white noise. 

    You. Me. Coffee. Della texts. She leaves no room for argument, which frustrates Gyro to no end even though he’s the exact same way. He sighs, tucks his phone under a towering pile of papers, and resolves to ignore her until the time she’s set for their gathering has passed.

    But Della cannot be swayed that easily. Nothing can stop Della Duck.

    At five minutes to their set meeting time, the elevator doors open with a ding. All of the lab’s primary occupants are present, but Gyro is too buried in his work to notice.

    He does, however, notice the next noise. It’s impossible to ignore.

    “Heeeeyyy, G-Man!!!” Della chortles, all exuberance and energy. She’s next to Gyro’s desk before he can say “Blathering Blatherskite!” (Hey, it was his catchphrase before it was Fenton’s!). She slams her hands on his desk, sending papers flying. Gyro squawks in protest, but Della ignores him.

    Della shoves her face in his personal space, grinning like a maniac. Gyro maintains his death glare for a moment longer before slumping into his chair, dropping his head into his arms.

    “I’m not going for coffee with you,” Gyro groans. “I have enough on my plate right now,”

    “Enough of that,” Della nags, smacking his shoulder lightly. Gyro just groans in response. “You prooomiiised!”

    Gyro’s head snaps up. “I did nothing of that sort,” he hisses, low and dangerous. “I didn’t even reply!”

    Della smirks triumphantly. “But you did see it,” she says, tugging on Gyro’s perfectly pressed shirt. “So you were ignoring me! Now you have to go.”

    “Of course I was ignoring you,” Gyro replies matter-of-factly. “I hate you.”

    Della grins at him. “C’mooooon, you looooove me. Now let’s get going!”

    Gyro turns pleading eyes back towards his crew. “Tell her! Tell her we have work to do!”

    Fenton smiles at him apologetically. “Dr. Gearloose, you worked really hard today and got a lot done. You deserve a break!”

    “Yeah,” Manny clops. “Also, I’m kind of tired of hearing your inhuman screeches whenever something goes mildly wrong. No offense.”

    At that, Gyro treats his coworkers to one of said inhuman screeches. None of them enjoyed it very much, it seems.

    Which is how Fenton, Manny, and Lil’ Bulb (betrayal!) ended up bodily shoving Gyro into the elevator with Della dragging him by the shirt and pressing the buttons for him, Gyro glowering furiously all the way.

    “You’ll regret this!” he vowed, shaking his fist. “You will rue the day! The great Dr. Gyro Gearloose will never forget this act of betrayal!”

    “Aw, you care!” Della says flatly as she opens the elevator door. “Now c’mon, let’s get some coffee in you that’s not from your lab machine. You look like you need it.”

    By the time they’ve arrived at Della’s fancy coffee shop across town, ordered, and gotten their drinks, Gyro has calmed down considerably. Nursing two coffees that will be sure to give Gyro a heart attack someday, he settles in across from Della on the patio. Outside the thin fence separating the restaurant from the sidewalk, passerby flit along on their way through the city. Downtown Duckburg is usually far too crowded and populated for Gyro’s taste, but today, separated from the hustle and bustle of the crowd and sated by the infuriatingly good (if ridiculously expensive) coffee, it is… palatable. Almost enjoyable, although there’s no way he’s telling Della that.

    Della grins at him like she can read his mind. (Did Mr. McDuck mention anything about a mind-reading artifact last time he stopped by the lab? Or did the Narration 3000 reach her hands? He could’ve sworn he sold it for scrap metal…)

    “So.” Della sets down her coffee on the table and leans forward with her head resting on her hands. “Gy-man. Nerd. Mr. Mad Scientist. Bearer of Bad Taste.”

    Gyro frowns. “Excuse me? Bad taste? I’ll have you know that black licorice is objectively the finest taste in existence. You have bad taste.”

    “That’s where you’re wrong, buddy,” Della says, lazy and lethargic, smirking like she just won a presidential debate.

    Gyro huffs and crosses his arms, turning sideways in his seat to face away from Della as much as he can. She cackles. 

    “You’re a dummy,” Della says, smiling fondly.

    “I’m a world-renowned scientific genius,” Gyro replies, rolling his eyes.

    Della snorts. “I know. You’re still a dummy.”

    “Impossible.” Gyro wants to say more, but Della laughs and laughs. They dance easily between insults and compliments, toeing the line between teasing and hurt. Their arguments continue, sometimes flitting dangerously towards genuine. They both revel in the fact that an average eavesdropper wouldn’t be able to tell if they’re friends or not.

    Sometimes Gyro himself can’t tell if they’re friendly or not. But he knows for certain they’re friends, at least.

    Before he knows it, his coffee cup is empty.


    After Della returns to the mansion for Dewey’s flight lesson (a phrase that made Gyro want to flee into an underground bunker for a year) Gyro heads back to the lab and vows to actually get something done for the rest of the day.

    Unfortunately, in his life, things rarely go the way he wants them to.

    Even with Huey in the lab (why did Fenton agree to work with him once a week anyway? Why did Gyro agree?) and Manny, a surprising force of calm, out for lunch, they make it an entire hour without incident. Before things inevitably go wrong.

    The first sign of trouble is the explosion that rocks the Money Bin.

    It takes all of them by surprise. Gyro and Huey scramble to save their projects while Fenton calls for the Gizmosuit. With the Gizmosuit’s enhanced strength, Gizmoduck shoves aside debris and forces open the elevator doors only to find a supervillain already there.

    To their credit, the supervillain, a broad-shouldered orange lizard with medieval-style armor, seems just as surprised as Fenton. 

    They narrow their eyes at Gizmoduck behind their mask and drop into a fighting stance, their fists raised and their weight centered beneath them. “I don’t know how you predicted that I, the Liliputan Lizard, would raid Scrooge McDuck’s coveted lab. But now that you’re here, we will have a battle for the ages!”

    While the villain monologues, Gizmoduck’s head snaps around to stare at Gyro and Huey. He can feel Fenton’s piercing gaze through the impenetrable visor. 

    “Get to safety!” Fenton hisses through his teeth, flapping a frantic, dismissive hand. 

    “But-” Huey steps forward, raising something he’s holding, but Gizmoduck just shakes his head and turns back around, readying for the villain’s attack.

    The force of their gadget knocks Gizmoduck into one of the side tables. Taking advantage of the chaos, Gyro snags Huey’s arm and hightails it into an all-too-familiar closet.

    “Dr. Gearloose!” Huey yelps, stumbling along at his heels. “Wait!”

    “Blathering blatherskite,” Gyro scowls, peering frustratedly through the tiny gap in the closet door. “I’ll never get anything done at this rate. They’re going to ruin all my projects!”

    “Dr. Gearloose,” Huey snaps, tugging at Gyro’s sleeve insistently.

    Gyro spins around. “What, kid.”

    Huey clutches whatever he grabbed close to his chest and peers up at Gyro with wide eyes. “We have to go out there and help! I have-”

    “No way,” Gyro says, cutting him off. “That would mean too many variables. I’m not about to see another project crushed to bits because you want to get in the way.” He glares out into the fray, fists clenched. “Although I have half a mind to go out there and punch that guy for messing with my work.”

    Huey presses up onto his tiptoes to peer around him. “But I can make a difference,” he insists, impassioned. “Look.” 

    Huey holds up his object, and Gyro reluctantly turns away from the fight to examine it. He pushes his glasses up on his beak to get a better look.

    A short, stiff antenna pokes out from a small rectangular box with a big red button in the middle. As far as gadgets go, it doesn’t look very impressive - but looks can be deceiving.

    Gyro adjusts his glasses. “Did you make this?”

    “Fenton helped,” Huey confirms bashfully. “It discharges electricity, in both large bursts and streamlined blasts. Theoretically, it can reprogram circuits and switches, although I haven’t had any chances to test it out yet.”

    “Just my luck,” Gyro grumbles, dragging a hand down his face. So that’s what they’ve been working on. “Well, I’ll tell you a secret, kid. I test all my inventions to the nines, and they all seem to blow up in my face. It’s worth a shot. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, anyway.”

    “Not all of them,” Huey says, smiling in a way that’s far too knowing for a twelve-year-old boy. He steps in front of the doors, readying the remote.

    Gyro reaches for the unlock button he’d painstakingly installed after one too many times of getting stuck in this closet.

    Huey steps around Gyro to peer through the gap. “If we cross behind these tables here and Manny’s desk, we’ll have a clear shot at the elevator. I can use my remote on it.”

    He glances up at Gyro, eyes wide. “Is that good?”

    Despite himself, Gyro’s beak quirks up. “Yeah. Let’s get these jokers out of my lab.”

    Huey’s face lights up. Gyro snaps his head away, unwilling to let the sappy moment go on for any longer, and punches the unlock button with far more force than necessary. 

    They duck out of the closet (with an undignified sigh of relief from Gyro) and behind the worktables. Almost unconsciously, Gyro scampers just ahead to slip closer to the tables, keeping his body between Huey and the fight. (With the tables between him and the fight, of course.) 

    Within seconds, they clear the worktables and duck behind Manny’s desk. Huey steps out, angling his remote to the most precise degree. He’s got a clear shot - but he’s also out in the open.

    Gyro’s fingertips hover just over the hem of Huey’s sleeve, not quite holding on. But if anything happens, he’ll pull Huey back to safety.


    At that moment, Fenton dives towards them to avoid an oncoming attack. Gyro can tell the moment he sets eyes on the pair - his jaw tenses and his shoulders flick back. In the back of his mind, Gyro wonders if it’s even noticeable to others. The supervillain certainly doesn’t seem to notice. 

    Does he really know Fenton so well he can read the nuances in his body language?

    It feels nice.

    The softness blossoming in Gyro’s chest is unfortunately overridden with adrenaline and fear, and he barely registers it. Gyro gives Fenton a tiny nod towards Huey, who waves his remote.

    Gyro can see Fenton grapple with the situation internally, before eventually giving up and turning to distract the Liliputan Lizard. He grabs them by their shoulders and spins them, hauling the villain so his back is to Gyro and Huey. 

    Gyro nods begrudgingly. Smart.

    With the window Fenton’s given them, Huey lunges forward and blasts a stream of electricity at the elevator. It dings, and the floor numbers at the top whir and whir. They don’t settle.

    The Liliputan Lizard’s head snaps up. “Huh?”

    Huey frowns, deep in thought. Gyro doesn’t mirror his cliché thinking pose, but they’re both pondering the same dilemma: What now?

    A fresh surge of adrenaline pumps through Gyro’s veins, and, on impulse, he jumps out and does something twelve months ago he wouldn’t even have considered.

    “My lab is filled with dangerous, votile inventions,” Gyro snaps, intentionally drawing out his words with more annoyance than he feels. He steps out from behind the desk, away from the elevator. “You just messed up my project! You’ve doomed us all!”

    He points an accusing finger at the supervillain and wills it not to shake. “Don’t you see what you’ve done?!”

    The Liliputan Lizard shoves Gizmoduck away (no easy feat) and strides towards Gyro, slow and confident. His tail lashes behind him, knocking a vial of bubbling fluid to the floor, but they don’t even flinch. Gyro drops his hands at his side and clenches them into fists.

    “Ah, Gyro Gearloose,” the villain says, smirking. “I almost forgot the reason I came here in the first place. Thank you for reminding me.”

    “It’s Doctor Gyro Gearloose, actually,” Gyro intones, holding up a finger. “And what is that oh-so-important reason? Surely it cannot be more important than my projects. Which, may I remind you, you’ve ruined!”

    The Liliputan Lizard is close enough to touch now. They stop an arm’s length away from Gyro and settle into a wide second position with their weight centered. It’s a position of power. 

    “The double-sided shrink ray,” the villain drawls. “Hand it over.”

    Gyro narrows his eyes. “And why should I do that?”

    “Well, I’ll trash your precious lab, for one,” the Liliputan Lizard says, gesturing lazily to the already trashed-lab. Gyro growls. “More than I already have, of course.”

    Gyro takes an unwilling step back, his feet moving of their own accord. Something hard brushes against his back. His hands hesitantly fall on the edge of Manny’s desk.

    “So what’ll it be, Dr. Gearloose?” The Liliputan Lizard mocks, stepping forward into Gyro’s personal space again. He snarls. 

    Gyro chances a glance behind him. On Manny’s desk, glinting underneath the overhead lights, lies the famed double-sided shrink ray.

    Oh, if only he hadn’t given it to Manny for the finishing touches today. Today, of all days!

    Gyro chances a glance back at the scene before him. Fenton’s still on the ground, and Gyro staunchly refuses to acknowledge Huey in case the villain will see him.

    Is it worth it?

    Gyro’s fingers graze the corners of it.

    “Hey!” A bolt of electricity, sparking blue, arcs into the villain’s side. They double over, revealing Huey behind them. “Leave Dr. Gearloose alone!”

    Fenton rises to his feet just in time and cracks his knuckles. “All right. Playtime’s over.”

    The Liliputan Lizard whirls around, snarling, as Gyro twists and steps sideways. “Like you can stop me! I’m getting this shrink ray, like it or nooooooooooooooooooooot!”

    Tinny screeches pierce Gyro’s ears, but it’s the most damage he takes. The once-mighty Liliputan Lizard stands tiny on the lab floor, joined by Manny’s desk lamp.

    Slowly, Gyro lowers the shrink ray. “Stay out of my lab,” he snaps, sharp and biting as always, but with a rather uncharacteristically dark undertone. “Stay away from us.”

    Gizmoduck scoops the tiny figure up in his gloved hands, muffling any protests. “I’ll get him out of your feathers, Dr. Gearloose!” he says with the awkward, stiffly polite manner they use to protect Fenton’s identity.

    Gyro nods once sharply as Gizmoduck leaves. All of his adrenaline leaves him in a rush, and he sinks heavily into the nearest chair (which happens to be Manny’s, but he’s out for lunch and Gyro can’t bring himself to care).

    “Dr. Gearloose!” Huey scampers over to him, eyes wide. “Are you okay?” He bustles around to Gyro’s side, not waiting for a reply. “The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook advises to rest after stress.

    Gyro takes a deep breath. “Yeah, well, I did have a quiet day planned. Mostly.”

    “With your track record, that’s highly inaccurate,” Huey snorts, raising an eyebrow. 

    “I’ve had enough excitement for one day,” Gyro grumbles. “All my excitement was planned for later, thank you very much. I’ll take a quiet rest of the day.”


    Except things are never quiet in McDuck Industries’ Research and Development.

    It’s a surprise when the elevator dings, signifying an arrival, but the figure that emerges is no surprise at all.

    The elevator is still in pieces and sparking with remnants of Huey’s electrical blast, but that’s never stopped Scrooge McDuck. In fact, he probably finds the challenge appealing.

    “Gyro, my boy!” Scrooge says, spreading his arms open wide. “

    “Mr. McDuck,” Gyro acknowledges his boss with a nod. “What do you need? Progress checks?”

    “No, no, nothing like that.” Scrooge saunters over to Gyro’s desk, glancing around the lab. He smiles to himself, the kind of smile only a secret brings, like a joke just before the punchline.

    “I thought you could accompany me out, eh?” Scrooge says, light and lilting. “I’ll let you choose where we go~”

    “I sense a conspiracy,” Gyro grumbles, dropping his chin. He levels a fierce glare at Fenton, who hides a triumphant giggle behind his hand.

    Scrooge tugs on Gyro’s arm, gentle but forceful. “Come on. It’ll do you good, laddie!”

    “I already had one spontaneous outing today,” Gyro grumbles. “With your niece.”

    Scrooge only beams brighter. “Ah, good lass!”

    With a little more poking and prodding, Gyro begrudgingly allows Scrooge to drag him out the door and into his car. True to his word, Scrooge lets Gyro choose where they go. For a while he drives around aimlessly, with the intent of wasting time until Scrooge gets bored and lets them go back. But before Gyro can see his plan to fruition, he spots somewhere he’d actually like to go.

    “Ah, the library. Good choice, lad!” Scrooge praises as they step out of the car. “All the wee lads and lassies prefer that blasted telly to good, old-fashioned books.”

    Gyro frowns at Scrooge. “I’m not one of your kids.”

    Scrooge just snorts and brushes past him, leaving Gyro to run in his footsteps.

    When Gyro catches up to Scrooge, he finds the older duck humming to himself in front of a displayed stack of books about Inducknesia. Planning for a new adventure, probably. Gyro laments the lack of science books in the front and starts to head to the back in his search.

    “Excuse me,” a familiar voice pipes up. “This book will likely interest you, Dr. Gearloose.”

    Curious. Of course everyone should know the name of Dr. Gyro Gearloose, acclaimed inventor and mad scientist, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Yet.

    So just who is this mysterious stranger?

    Gyro whirls around to find a familiar-looking child, holding a thick leather-bound book patiently out to him. He squints at her.

    “Violet Sabrewing,” she supplies helpfully after a minute of dead silence. 

    “Ah.” Gyro nods awkwardly at her. Isn’t she one of Pink Niece’s friends?

    Scrooge wanders over, likely to check that Gyro hasn’t somehow set the building on fire in the five minutes he’s been gone. His gaze lights up at the sight of Violet. God, all the Duck-McDucks are weak for children. “Ah, Violet! What brings you to the library today?”

    “Hello, Mr. McDuck,” Violet says politely. “I’m looking for references on micronanite portal technology.” 

    “Ah, micronanite portal technology!” Scrooge says blusteringly, grinning wide to hide his confusion. Gyro snorts.

    Violet’s smile flattens. “You have no idea what that means, do you?”

    “I’m afraid not,” Scrooge confesses abashedly. 

    “It uses miniscule robotic parts to create wormholes in time and space,” Gyro jumps in flatly, earning him a nod of approval from Violet. Gyro tries not to sneer, since Mr. McDuck would likely chastise him for it. He doesn’t need approval from a child.

    Even if it is a very, very smart child. Who’s working with micronanites, which Gyro didn’t get to study until he was working under Dr. Akita. Who’s also friends with the Niblings.

    Scrooge chuckles softly. “Thank you, Gyro.”

    Gyro nods sharply.

    Scrooge turns his attention back to Violet. “That sounds… interesting! I look forward to seeing your adventure with this technology,” he says kindly. “

    As they converse, Gyro wanders away to peruse the library. Every so often, he passes by Scrooge and Violet, deep in conversation.

    Eventually, Violet leaves, and Scrooge finds Gyro flipping through a book of scientific theoreticals. “I’d say it’s about time we left, eh, laddie?”

    “Finally,” Gyro mutters, but he makes them stop to check the book out. Scrooge smirks knowingly at him.

    On the drive back, Scrooge prattles on about his latest adventure. The constant socialization is zapping Gyro’s energy exponentially by the minute, but Scrooge seems content to fill the silence himself.

    It’s only when they’re walking into the Money Bin does Gyro finally initiate conversation.

    “You have a weakness for children,” Gyro tells Scrooge flatly as he walks into the elevator. “You should spend more time humoring them instead of me.”

    Scrooge smirks at him. “Really,” he says teasingly. Gyro feels like he’s somehow fighting a losing battle, although he has no recollection of entering any kind of argument. “Aren’t I, though?”

    “I’m not a child,” Gyro tells him again.

    “Neither are Donald and Della,” Scrooge responds immediately.

    Oh. Oh.

    Quick as a flash, Gyro spins away from Scrooge, pressing a fist to his beak. Behind him, Scrooge laughs heartily.

    After he’s composed himself, Gyro steps away from the episode. Scrooge pats him on the back, harder than he usually does. Gyro stands there frozen for a moment, hesitant, before giving into his instincts and pulling Scrooge into a tight, impulsive hug.

    Scrooge lets out a grunt and coughs dramatically, but he hugs Gyro back just as tightly.

    Just then, the elevator doors open with a ding and out steps Gyro’s favorite person in the whole world. 

    “Hi, Dr. Gearloose!” Boyd chirps. “I went down to the lab to see Huey, but he just went home, and Dr. Fenton said you’d be up here!”

    Gyro smiles fondly and turns away from Scrooge. “I was just about to head down there, but now I guess I don’t need to.”

    Boyd takes Gyro’s hand as they leave. Gyro smiles down at it, soft and loving. Lil’ Bulb hops from Boyd’s shoulder to Gyro’s, and he keeps carefully still as Lil’ Bulb clambers across his head to perch on his favorite shoulder.

    As they pass, Gyro turns to say goodbye to Scrooge, who looks like the cat that caught the canary. Gyro raises a questioning eyebrow.

    Scrooge’s triumphant smirk turns into an all-out, unabashed grin. “Where do you think you got it from, lad?”

    Gyro looks at Boyd blissfully clinging to his hand and Lil’ Bulb contentedly perched on his shoulder, and chokes.


    Within minutes, Boyd and Lil’ Bulb are safely packed away into Gyro’s rickety car and on the road. Gyro slides in one of his cassette tapes Boyd likes, one of the eighties soft rock tracks his dad gave him. Lil’ Bulb perches on the dashboard, fiddling with the volume dials. They coast through the streets of Duckberg with Boyd’s bright chatter and electric guitar notes floating through the car.

    Gyro relaxes at the wheel, slumping back in his chair and exhaling gently. He’s often the personification of road rage. It feels odd to not white-knuckle the steering wheel today. But when Boyd came back into his life, and subsequently into his car, he has made a conscious effort to not let frustration get the better of him. At least, not when he’s driving a two thousand pound death machine with a child inside (robotic child or no). 

    But to Gyro’s delighted surprise, he’s found that Boyd’s mere presence calms him more than any of Donald’s breathing exercises or Dickie’s yoga classes. When he’s with Boyd, he loses tension he didn’t even realize he had.

    After a quick drive, Gyro pulls into an offshoot of the Duckburg Mall. Boyd’s out of the car before Gyro’s fully parked, making the chicken roll his eyes and grumble under his breath. When he’s ready, he steps out of the car with the full intention to admonish Boyd. But one look at his excited face and the way he bounces eagerly on his toes, and all feelings of frustration vanish.

    On Gyro’s shoulder, Lil Bulb cackles via Morse code. Gyro pointedly does not look at his other son as he takes Boyd’s hand and lets him lead them to their destination.

    “Huey and I come here all the time,” Boyd babbles as they cross the parking lot. “We always get the Sugar-Free Butter Pecan, because Huey doesn’t do well with sugar.”

    Gyro ruffles where Boyd’s head feathers would be. It’s metal, but warm to the touch, just like Boyd. “You can have sugar, though.”

    “Yeah,” Boyd replies, unperturbed. “But I like the routine.”

    Gyro nods in understanding. They reach the ice cream shop and peer up at the menu. “Do you want to get that today?”

    “Hmm.” Boyd puts a finger to his chin, contemplating. After a moment, he brightens like a lightbulb - somehow more than the actual lightbulb on Gyro’s shoulder. “I think I’ll try something new today! I’m not with Huey, after all.”

    Gyro hums in agreement and examines the menu himself. They order and choose a small table outside the restaurant, overlooking the parking lot.

    “Did you have a good day?” Boyd asks, digging in with his spoon.

    Gyro thinks about how his day started crappy and unproductive, but immediately flipped when Fenton and Manny came into the lab. He thinks about how Della’s impromptu visit, for all of his frustration at the break in routine, provided a much needed excuse to see his friend. He thinks about his terror and fury when a supervillain entered the lab, and the rush of adrenalinic joy helping Gizmoduck gave him. He thinks about his quiet afternoon out with Mr. McDuck, and how he’d missed researching in libraries as well as hands-on in labs. He thinks about how the people he cares about shaped his day. 

    He turns his gaze towards Boyd and Lil’ Bulb, who fit perfectly into that category.

    “Yeah,” he says, smiling softly. “I did.”

    Behind Boyd, the sun is setting, with pinks and purples blossoming across the tangerine sky and seemingly setting the clouds ablaze. The grapefruit-orange light of the setting sun makes Boyd and Lil’ Bulb shine. Gyro’s heart clenches and aches, but it’s with love.

    Boyd beams back at him. “I’m glad.”

    “You’re my favorite person,” Boyd says, tilting his head back to gaze unflinchingly into Gyro’s eyes. Although the self-deprecating side of Gyro vehemently denies the sentiment, but somehow his words ring with a truth Gyro can’t deny. He may not believe in himself, but Boyd does wholeheartedly.

    Gyro splutters and coughs, still unused to open affection after all this time. After a minute of struggling to cope, he settles on setting his ice cream down so he won’t squeeze the cone so hard it cracks. (It’s happened before, but it was fueled by anger, as many things are in Gyro’s life.)

    Boyd reaches up to take Gyro’s free hand. “You don’t have to say anything. I know this is hard for you. But I want you to know how I feel.”

    Gyro bites the inside of his beak and rubs his thumb over Boyd’s hand. “I… I wish it wasn’t,” he whispers, surprising even himself with the rare display of vulnerability. 

    Boyd scoots his chair over next to Gyro’s and leans against him. Gyro exhales, feeling a knot of tension leave his chest, and leans back. 

    Lil’ Bulb, already perched on Gyro’s shoulder, scampers over his head to settle on Boyd’s shoulder. He rests his head against Gyro’s shoulder, settling directly between them.

    Gyro squeezes Boyd’s hand tighter. Boyd squeezes back.

    “You are loved,” Boyd says. 

    Gyro smiles. “I know.”

    “Thank you.”


    this is my piece for the Gyro Gearloose zine run by @georgiarose and glo.draws! I had a wonderful time working on this zine, and there are so many amazing pieces in it! It’s free to download, and we’re asking for donations to the Crisis Text Line in lieu of payment. I highly recommend checking out the entire zine!

    For this piece, I wanted to explore the variety of relationships Gyro has with the people around him. he’s such a fun character and i love writing for him so much!

    both the micronanites and huey's gadget are references to existing tech in disney animation (which i probably spent too much time researching to represent accurately akfghak). cookies if you can guess them!

    thank you to @mrpinniped for the beta and to the entire Gyro Zine server for the lovely encouragement and feedback!

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    happy mother's day!!!

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    Okay I feel awful that I still haven't finished the next chapter but it's slowly being worked on, I just keep only wanting to write before sleeping and uh writing at like 3 am very not possible cuz word hard IRHEISJS so uh in the meanwhile have this snipit I already had written ^^''

    I'll try and get it done soon because goodness I wanna keep going with the story but I rlly just up and got stuck on this chapter I guess haha

    #ramble post#ducktales #i just had this guilt come upon me outta nowhere as i realised its probablh been like. almost a year #which is very depressing #i also really need to draw more ducktales #turns out doing a comic takes a lot of your time jdjsbsjs #ducktales 2017#della duck#winnie vanderquack #the vanderquack twin au #ducktales: echo in the mirror #randy's writing #i promise im not giving up on ducktales i still love the show #im just preoccupied hfidhsh #i dont remember if ive previously shown this bit ik i have to my close friends #but idk publicly #hopefully not jdhshsh
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    Where are you now, that yesterday has come and gone and closed its doors?

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    Friend: Yeah, he asked me out, but I said no.

    Della, in relief: Really? ... Wait, why?

    Friend: It's just that Kit's not my type.

    Della: "Not your type"? *scoffs* You mean smart, loving, kind, funny, adventurous, trust worthy, handsome, good kisser- What, none of these things are on your list?!

    Friends: Okay, fine! If that's so important to you, I'll give him a chance.

    Della: Yeah!


    Della: Wait, NO!

    #delkit#ducktales#incorrect quotes#based on#friends #it's just a quote tho #they have nothing to do with this couple #della duck#kit cloudkicker
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