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  • melien
    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Delphi and their cat, Bubba! 😸

    #sims#ts3#sims 3#extra goodies#delphine liu #bubba the cat #I just... wanted to take a pic of delphi with a cat #lol
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  • poisonfireleafs
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Contestant #9: Delphine ‘Delphi’ Liu by @melien

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  • melien
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Delphine Liu for @poisonfireleafs Dawn’s BC

    Photographer’s Eye / Friendly / Good Sense of Humor / Workaholic / Cat Person

    Delphine, or Delphi as most people call them, has always loved animals, especially cats. Growing up with a bunch of cats at home, they have decided to take up a noble job of cat rescuer when they were in their teens. Later, they went to college and worked hard to become a cat veterinarian. Of course, this job has its ups and downs, but Delphi loves it, and this is all that matters.

    In their rare free time, Delphi enjoys photography and tries to maintain their blog, where they post cat photos and beautiful nature snapshots. They also like hanging out with their friends and having fun, be it a party, a concert, or a simple intimate outing with the closest ones.

    Due to the demanding nature of their job and often having to stay up late hours to help a kitty in need, Delphi doesn't have much time for relationships. However, recently, they decided to take a break from work and enter the BC. Dawn seems like an exciting person and Delphi would love to know her better. Will their pursuit of love be successful?

    Delphi identifies as nonbinary. Their preferred pronouns are they/them; occasionally, they don't mind being addressed by she/her pronouns.

    TOU: Don’t claim them as your own or reupload, don’t change their genetics and face features. You can change anything else in their look (hairstyle, makeup, clothes, your own defaults etc.)

    Private download.

    CC: hair / eyebrows (Aaliyah) / eyelashes / nose shine #2 / blush #8 / lipstick #11 / earrings / nose septum piercing

    #sims#ts3#sims 3#my sims #my bc contestants #poisonfireleafs#delphine liu #I'm actually in love? #if they don't win I'll definitely have to use them for something in my game
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  • sisilafami
    07.01.2021 - 5 monts ago



    Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red Polo G - The Goat Los and Nutty - Panagnl4e Vol. 2 Preservation - Eastern Medicine, Western Illness Sada Baby - Skuba Sada 2 (Deluxe) Medhane - Cold Water $ilkMoney - Attack Of The Future... / G.T.F.O.M.D Akai Solo - Eleventh Wind Roc Marciano - Mt. Marci Chief Keef - Ferrari Musik Rio Da Yung Og - City On My Back Armand Hammer - Shrines Max_B - Charly Tony Shhnow & 10kdunkin - Rp's & Plan B's Shawny Binladen - Merry Wickmas Babyface Ray - For You Tae Dawg - Ooze God / Dawgprint 2 Lil Baby - My Turn (Deluxe) TisaKorean - Wasteland Lil Uzi Vert - Luv vs The World 2 R.A.P. Ferreira - Purple Moonlight Pages Ka - Descendants of Cain 03 Greedo - Load It Up Vol. 01 TyFontaine - 1800 / Virtual World Moor Mother & billy woods - BRASS Boldy James - The Price Of Tea In China (Deluxe) Mad Moon - Mad Space Smino - She already decided mixtape G Herbo - PTSD B Side WTM Scoob - A Beautiful Drug / Don't Be Proud / I Went to Plu2o Young Nudy - Anyways KanKan - B4 AMGs & SRTs Drakeo the Ruler - We Know the Truth (Deluxe) Tree - The Blue Tape Yak Gotti - Gotti Outta Here KrispyLife Kidd & Ysr Gramz - Kid N Play CeeFineAss - Welcome to My City H31R - ve·loc·i·ty Baby Smoove - Hardwood Classic Lucki - Almost There Bandgang Lonnie Bands & Bandgang Javar - The Scamily Damedot - Mafia Lord (Chapter I)


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    Amplify20 (info @ amplify2020.blogspot.com) :

    Michael Pisaro-Liu - Tai Pi Bryan Eubanks - Qualia-Cosmos English - Democracy Keith Rowe - an assemblage - construct for 45 voices / GF SUC TARAB - 41 containers Vanessa Rossetto - perhaps at some time you have acted in a play- even if it was when you were a child Bonnie Jones - An Hour is a Sea Joe Foster - Since I Don't Know When Michael Rosenstein - Outer Cape Sojourn Lionel Marchetti - L'ignorance Kevin Drumm - Q Manja Ristić - Out Of Thin Air Benedict Drew - Music for crawling inside a costume Marc Baron - Elle a traversé deux fois la même rivière Shira Legmann - The Ganges Heather Frasch - The sound of objects helps me remember Zhu Wenbo - Open Reinier van Houdt - friction sleep maze (22 april 2020) / horizon without traveler (22 may 2020) Moniek Darge - Quarantine Butterfly Ivan Palacký - Sanctuary


    Choi Joonyong & Jin Sangtae - Hole In My Head Olli Aarni - Mustikoita ja kissankelloja Linda Catlin Smith - Meadow Naomi Pinnock - Lines and Spaces Dominique Lemaître - De l’espace trouver la fin et le milieu Manuel Pessôa de Lima - Realejo Sarah Hughes - I love this city and its outlying lands Philip Sulidae - Tupik Paolo Coteni - Nel Corso Del Tempo Lil Jurg Frey Live 5-2-2020 / Live 5-14-2020 Delphine Dora - L'inattingible Greg Stuart - Colluvium Du Yun - A Cockroach's Tarantella Clara Ianotta - Earthing Timothy McCormack - Karst Lucy Liyou - Welfare YIN YUE- An Amateur Compilation

    Digital Beats:

    DJ Diaki - Balani fou DJ MC - DA LEGENDARY HIT FACTORY Equiknoxx - Equiknoxx Music in 2020 Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg - jac DJ Lycox - Kizas do Ly NÍDIA - Badjuda Sukulbembe FELIX - Oito ou Oitenta

    Nice forms:

    Elysia Crampton - ORCORARA 2010 Joanne Robertson - Painting Stupid Girls Lorenzo Senni - Scacco Matto Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Dylan Henner - The Invention of the Human Brannten Schnure - Ei, wir tun dir nichts zuleide! Space Afrika - hybtwibt Autechre - PLUS James Ferraro - Neurogeist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman - Yek 2 Mark Fell & Will Guthrie - Infoldings Merula - Sleep Eiko Ishibashi - Hyakki Yagyō Various - Kulør 006 Employee - Hold Music Vol. 1

    Techno / House?:

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    Moor Mother - Circuit City Nick Malkin - A Typical Night in the Pit Lemon Quartet - Crestless Moor Mother and Olof Melander - ANTHOLOGIA 01 Jon Hassell - Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two) Moor Mother - Clepsydra


    Charli XCX - How i'm feeling now LISACHRIS - uchushimin meat computer - virtual house arrest FROMTHEHEART - things happen- it's ok! EM Records - S.D.S -零- (Subscription Double Suicide -Zero-)

    New Old:

    Foul Play - Origins Roland Kayn - Requiem Pour Patrice Lumumba George Lewis - Rainbow Family Henning Christiansen - Op.201 L´Essere Umano Erravando La Voca Errabando Adult Fantasies - Towers of Silence Notchnoi Prospekt - Курорты Кавказа (Health Resorts of the Caucasus) Charles Curtis - Performances & Recordings 1998-2018

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  • 27930films
    25.09.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2021 - Submission

    The escape 2019 |VOST English (French subs, English subs or no subs) | Fiction, experimental | 17’ | 4K https://vimeo.com/332678910 password: sunrise Synopsis Three airport employees face the camera to recount the details of their daily work. Their environment seems to disintegrate as they tell their stories. Presentation text The escape presents a series of anecdotes highlighting the emotional work of an employee in a disturbing, intense, contradictory and transformative place: an airport. The dialogues in the film are based on interviews with 15 employees at Geneva airport in 2018. I personally worked there as an agent for 3 years. The film tells the story of a work experience from a behind-the-scenes perspective. The fictional part of this short film is developed in the abandoned Tempelhof airport in Berlin. The heterotopia of the airport is chosen to tell a social experience of three employees, based on real stories reinterpreted by actors, while developing an imaginary and emancipating path for the main character, who tries to escape her condition. The escape merges a documentary and fictional approach. Biography Camille Dumond (France, 1988) is an interdisciplinary artist working in Geneva. She graduated from HEAD-Geneva after studying at the ESBANM (Nantes) and HKB (Leipzig). Since 2017, she has been making films on the edge of visual arts and cinema. Her stories develop from particular spaces whose rules reproduce a societal form (an airport, a roof, a public park, a gallery, a private garden), depicting individuals and their becoming as a group. In her short fiction projects, dialogues are based on field interviews or existing writings, which are then reenacted with actors. Camille Dumond's visual practice also takes the form of installations and objects thought out before or after her films, constituting a form of extension outside of a figurative system. In 2020, she had a solo show at the Cube-independent art room (Rabat), and at La Becque (Tour-de-Peilz) where the first issue of her series Entretiens pour un film, published by Clinamen, was launched. Her films were shown the same year on the platforms of Cherish (Geneva) and Nobudge (New York), as well as at the Art Madrid'20 and artgenève fairs. In 2021, she will exhibit at the FRAC in Nantes (France), at the Saint-Flour biennial (France), in Zürich and in Basel (CH). Filmography _ Eye archive group (Technopark Tanger), 2020 | Moroccan Arabic | Documentary essay {online version} | 37 ‘ | HD _ The escape , 2019 | English | Fiction, experimental | 17’ | 4K _ Six balls and the Maze, 2018 | French/English | Experimental | 33’ | HD _ Haro, 2018 | French/English | Fiction, experimental | 23’ | 4K _ Ajardeck, 2017 | French | Fiction, experimental | 15’ | 4K _ People’s Park, 2017 | French | Fiction, experimental | 8’ | 4K Solo shows 2020 Eye archive, Le Cube - independant art room, Rabat, Morocco. 2019 Haro + readings, Quark, Geneva, CH. So long lives this and this gives life to thee, Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva, CH.* 2018 6 Balls and the Maze, Forde art space, Geneva,CH.* 2017 Gezi, Hit art space, Geneva, CH. Gorrh Etherrwork, BIG, Independant space biennale, Geneva, CH.* Firewalk, Glassbox, Paris, France.* 2016 Infinite Lawns, Hit art space, Geneva, CH. 2015 Pharcyde, Quark prize solo, Geneva, CH. Group shows (Selection) 2021_DEREK JARMAN: LES ARCHIVES, La Becque artist residency, curated by Elias Carella, La Becque, CH. 2021_Exhibition on paper, curated by The Isle, Basel, CH. 2021_Videocity, curated by Andrea Domesle, Basel, CH. 2021_Bildfenster” Kino HOUDINI 2020, curated by Gabrielle Schaad & Michael Bodenmann, Zurich, CH. 2021_St Flour Biennale, Chemin d’art, curated by Christian Garcelon, Saint-Flour, France. 2020_Art Genève 2020, Collection des nouvelles acquisitions du FMAC, Palexpo, Geneva, CH. 2019_Swiss art awards, Art Basel, Basel, CH. 2019_Séances matérialistes, le patio, Marseille. 2018_La Lampada vol. II, commissariat Axaxaxa, Circuit, Lausanne, CH. 2018_La Lampada vol. I, Brasserie Atlas, curated by Axaxaxa. Brussels, Belgium. 2017_Club Andalouse, Rue Saint-Martin, curated by Marie de Gaulejac, Paris, France. 2017_Art, Research, Work, SARN Conference, curated by SARN, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich, CH. 2017_Narratives of a Near Future, Cur. by Charlotte Laubard, Geneva shcool of Art and Design, Geneva, CH. 2016_Labor ø Labor, Live TV & performance program, curated by Benjamin Valenza, Triangle France, Marseille, France. 2016_Motion, LiveInYourHead, cur. UQAM, Montréal & HEAD, Geneva, CH. 2016_LIVING ROOM, projet collaboratif de performance, CCA Chateau Ujazdowski, AIR Laboratory, Warsaw, Poland. Screenings *Screenings within a personnal show Eye archive group (Technopark Tanger) • Le Cube - Independant art room, Rabat, Morocco. (2020)* • Dabateatr, Tangier. (2020) The Escape • Almusibli Panorama, 5th Floor, Geneva Contemporary art center of Geneva CAC, Geneva, CH. • Cherish TV, online curation by M. Almusibli, J. Bantone, T. Liu Le Lann, S. Serpas, week #3. (2020) • Souvenirs from earth, permanent online broadcast of the collection. (2020) • No budge, curatorial online platform. (2020) • Videonight, Le Cube - independant art room, Rabat, Morocco. (2020) • Carte blanche with Delphine Jeanneret, Randa Maroufi, Pilvi Takala, Vanessa Safavi, Spoutnik cinema, Geneva. (2019) • Studios Wedding, FCAC residency, Berlin. (2019) • Swiss art awards, Hall 3, Basel. (2019)* 6 balls and the Maze • Super Dakota gallery, Brussels, Belgium. (2019) • Forde, Geneva. (2018)* Haro • Haro + readings, Espace Quark, Geneva. (2019)* • Portmanteau Rotary Plate, Halle Nord Capsule 2.48, Geneva. (2018) Ajardeck • Entretiens pour un film, Walden-duplex, Geneva. (2018) • Labzone REM, cur. RELAX/Chiarenza, HEAD-Geneva. (2018) • Point contemporain, online EMMA PROGRAMMA, Season #1. (2018) People’s Park • Proyección Comisariados Internacionales, Stand proyector, ART MADRID´20, Madrid (2020). • Aeirial: group screening curated by GHOST, Microscope gallery, Brooklyn, New-York (2018). • Hit art space, Geneva (2016)*

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