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  • 3-idiotbaby
    09.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    why did it never occur to me until now that spamton is black and white because gaster is using/has used him as a vessel 🧍‍♀️

    #not to tag a post with a fandom but. #deltarune#spamton
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  • the-meme-monarch
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    the last level is called ‘big shot’ 🧍

    #HELLO DELTARUNE FANDOM. CAN I INTRODUCE YOU TO ANOTHER GAME I LIKE. #the art gallery #chulip#deltarune #i said id post four chulip arts today but here’s a specil fifth one ♥️
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  • th3geo
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I did the Art vs Artist challenge~ With my avatar because yes (?)

    First the "Personal Edition"! A lot of Deltarune fanarts of the adds & spam (?)

    And second the "Commission Edition"~

    Thanks for all the trust commission me! I'm doing my best with each commission request I got, every single of them are made with a lot of love and also commissions help me a lot in the day to day here. Again, thanks for everything <3

    Carrd & Commission Info

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  • shimii26
    08.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    A Darkner’s Furry Friend: Chapter 1

    A dense fog hung low to the ground of Cyber City, the advertising lights glowed bright in the darkness above, neon yellow, blue, and green colors piercing through the night. The roads were cluttered with massive amounts of traffic, constant honking and beeping of Darkners trying to get home after a long day of work. Citizens roamed the sidewalks, all occupied with their phones, or with their friends, texting and discussing their lives and plans for the future. Trash collecting trucks were making their rounds for the week, visiting each alleyway to retrieve the waste from the dumpsters, some overflowing, some picked quite cleanly. Either way, all of it was being collected and sent away, including one dumpster that is habited by a certain broken down Darkner.

    This Darkner, before their fall from stardom, was known as the number one salesman of Cyber City, achieving unheard of sales numbers as if from out of nowhere. He wore some snazzy pink and yellow shades, a bright white sweater, a black trenchcoat, and some blinding green trousers. His hair, once white, was slicked back and colored black to better emphasize his professional appearance. He boasted about his future plans, big cars, big commercials, Big! Big! Bigger and better than ever!... but that all came crashing down one day when he no longer was receiving help from his mysterious “friend” on the phone, Mike. His home was taken away, his furniture stolen by the Queen’s staff, his life going down the toilet. All in one night, he went from living the high life as a successful businessman, to a homeless, unwanted, poor excuse of a Darkner. Abandoned by his Addison coworkers, abandoned by the Queen, abandoned by Mike; he was alone. Very alone… His name was Spamton G. Spamton.

    It was Monday, Monday meant trash day in his district, so he made sure to wake up early in the night so he could climb out of the dumpster and allow the trash to be taken away. Despite having a rough sleep that night, he had to force himself to wake up early, or else risk being injured from being thrown away. Hearing the truck approaching, he slowly lifts his head up, rubbing his eyes and reaching for his pink and yellow shades that were resting on the opposite side of the dumpster. He let out a soft groan as he sat up more, rubbing his temples.

    Another headache, as usual.

    He took hold of his grimy and torn blanket, as well as his stain ridden pillow in one hand, and in the other, was a small knapsack of everything he’s collected for survival over the decades; a couple bottles of water, a few revive mints, some matches, a map that he drew of Cyber City’s trash locations, a photo of the Addisons posing with him, a blunt screwdriver, and his empty wallet in case he found some stray dark dollars on the street. Not much to his name anymore. Normally he would have a few dark candies and an occasional heart donut to stave off any hunger for a while until he found some real food, but he had no such luck this week. With his possessions in hand, he struggles to open the lid of the dumpster. Not having a consistent flow of meals has drained his overall strength, even making lifting the dumpster lid difficult. Eventually he manages to fling it open, and slowly stepping down onto the cold pavement below. He groggily stands adjacent to his “home”, leaning his head against the pillow as he waits for the truck to arrive. A couple minutes go by, and finally the truck appears, ready to pick up the garbage for the day. A Darkner city worker peeks his head out from the truck window; Spark, Spamton knew him decently well, even during his days of glory. He was one of the only Darkners that would speak to him on a weekly basis whenever he worked the early morning shifts, and here and there would offer Spamton a quick snack or a couple dark dollars if he needed the help. But today… he had nothing for him.

    “Hey Spamton, looking the same as usual, you sleep well!?” Spark asked loudly as it was hard to hear him over the truck engine.

    Spamton hung his head down and shook his head.

    “I DIDN’T SLEEP…” he muttered. “I COULDN’T FIND [Lunch near me]… AGAIN…SLEEP WAS IMPOSSIBLE…”

    “aww, sorry to hear that!” Spark replied, “Wish I had something to give you today, but I was running late! I’ll make it up to you next week, okay!?”

    Spamton nodded, and watched as Spark pulled some levers, the truck lifting the dumpster up and emptying the contents into itself. He slowly lowered the dumpster back down, making a loud slam as it touched the ground. Spark turned back to say goodbye to Spamton, and he noticed that a small puddle of tears was building next to his feet… Spamton was crying. Spark felt guilty and wanted to go comfort him, but he was on the clock, and running late.

    “H-Hey, chin up little dude! I’m sure things will get better soon! Tell you what, how about I bring you a little surprise as well next week!?” Spark proposed.

    No response, he just kept crying.

    “...Well okay, see you next Monday, I guess!...” Spark replied, pulling the stick shift to propel the truck forward, leaving Spamton once again… alone.

    The alleyway was silent once more, Spamton standing in the foggy dark, his possessions stained with tears. He was exhausted, so exhausted… He just wanted to curl up and sleep the rest of the night away. After some deep breaths, he soon stopped crying and wiped away the tears on his face. With a quick heave, Spamton lifted the dumpster lid and crawled in, making sure to shut the lid afterwards to prevent any cold drafts coming in. He placed his possessions back down in the now vacant dumpster interior, and dragged his blanket and pillow behind him as he shuffled to the opposite side. He placed the pillow down in one of the corners, and slowly spun, his blanket encasing him like a poorly wrapped burrito. It didn’t offer much warmth, but it was all he had to shield himself from the cold floor of his “home”. He lets his head fall onto the pillow, not taking much care to position himself, and almost misses it entirely. He lets out a soft sigh as his eyes slowly begin to close, the darkness of the dumpster consuming him. He just needed a bit more rest before the sun came up, just a couple more hours…


    His eyes shot open. Great. Just when he was about to get borderline comfortable again.

    It had been three days since Spamton ate something of true significance, and even then it was just a half eaten plate of spaghetti code. Anything else he was able to scavenge in that time, CD bagel parts, a java cookie, and even two whole bowls of giga salads (which are pretty much just lettuce) barely filled the starving void in the Darkner’s stomach. He let out a groan and sat up, rubbing his poor belly, trying to find any sort of relief from it’s agonizing demands. It’s not like he could go searching for something to eat in one of the other nearby dumpsters, it was Monday, they were all emptied out. Rarely anyone ate out on Mondays, and anyone who did never threw anything away anyway. Parties on Fridays and weekends were the best time to scavenge, but even this weekend it seemed quiet. But now it was no longer quiet, especially since the dumpster was emptied out, any noise made in them echoed intensely. He winced from the pain.



    He hated having to hear himself slowly wasting away and not being able to do anything about it. Knowing that it wouldn’t completely prevent him from hearing it, he covered his ears with his pillow with one hand, leaning one side against the dumpster wall, and rubbed his stomach with the other hand.

    “PLEASE, FOR THE [Love of God] JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME SLEEP…” he begged, trying not to choke up more tears.

    But there was no stopping it, his stomach ached too much to not start crying from the pain. He just wanted it to end, his endless hunger, his cold shivering, his miserable existence. He was tired of living like a rat, living in the scum of his world… but what could he do? No job, no sales, nothing to eat, nowhere to go… all he could do was cry…

    “P-PLEASE… H-HELP… A-ANYONE…” he whimpered, slowly sliding back down onto his pillow, shutting his eyes.

    . . .

    He was scared of dying alone.

    . . .

    Faint light began to shine through the small crack between the lid of the dumpster, right into Spamton’s eyes. Morning, finally. He was relieved he managed to get a bit more sleep, even if it was just another hour. But he was far from feeling refreshed, his body still ached from hunger and exhaustion. Regardless of how he felt, he had to get up and look for supplies, he couldn’t sit around and let himself starve. He sat up and cracked the bones in his neck, they were stiff from the way he slept. He shuffled over to the other side of the dumpster and picked up his knapsack, rummaging through it and pulled his screwdriver out.

    ‘Just in case…’ he thought, there would definitely be tasques in the alleyways, hunting the maus that lived on the streets. A little protection wouldn’t hurt.

    He also pulled out his hand drawn map of Cyber City’s trash locations to better help his search. He swung the knapsack onto his shoulders and pushed the lid of the dumpster open with a quick heave. This time he was able to get it open quicker thanks to the added sleep, but it still wasn’t easy. He stepped down onto the pavement and began to make his rounds to every trash can location he knew. Despite knowing they were guaranteed to all be empty, he hoped that one of the restaurants nearby would be waiting for the trash collection to pick up their trash so that they could throw away a batch of expired baked goods. Whatever he could find, he would eat, he didn’t care at this point, he was desperate. At last, his first stop, a bakery that sells hundreds of CD bagels a day, God the air smelled so good…


    Of course.

    He sighed, taking a quick seat behind the building, rubbing his belly to try and stop the noise.

    “QUIET, WE CAN’T BE [Caught red-handed], OKAY?” he whispered.

    This seemed to have calmed it for now. He sits back up and looks over to the dumpster. He could tell that the truck had already been by to pick up the garbage from the position change of the bin, but he still wanted to take a look in case the bakery immediately threw out yesterday’s batch. He stepped up onto the lids and flung one open, peering into it. Nothing…

    But wait, what’s that? He hopped in to get a closer look. What luck! It was a CD bagel stuck in the corner! It must’ve been too stuck to be tossed out with everything else, but how it ended up there wasn’t a concern, he was so elated to finally have something to eat! He ran over to it and picked it up, the bagel was slightly sticky, must’ve been in here for a day or two. Drool began to fill the Darkner’s mouth as his body was practically begging him to begin eating it right away. But as he was about to take a bite, he heard a familiar sound…

    A meow. Oh no… There was a tasque nearby, scouting the area for maus to eat. He softly gasped and slowly backed himself into one of the dumpster walls, trying to stay hidden and quiet. As long as he didn’t make a sound, the tasque wouldn’t know he was there. He didn’t want to have to resort to fighting the tasque, but he clutched the screwdriver he held tighter.

    Another meow. It sounded closer. He held his breath, standing as still as he could be. Despite not having a soul, he felt a pounding in his chest from the panic of being discovered.


    No! No, not now! He tensed up as the sound of his stomach echoed through the dumpster and out into the open air. The tasque hissed and leaped into the dumpster, staring right at Spamton. It’s fur sticking straight up and it’s tail flickering back and forth. Spamton swallowed hard and chuckled nervously at the tasque.

    “HEH HEH, H-HEY THERE [Little fella]! P-PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME [Do it], I-I DON’T WANT ANY [I’m in trouble], OKAY?” he stuttered, slowly reaching up for the edge of the dumpster.

    Suddenly the tasque leapt forward and Spamton quickly dodged, the creature slamming it’s face into the dumpster wall. He scrambled out and made a break for it, the tasque quickly regained its composure and began it’s chase after him. It was clear there was no way he’d be able to outrun this animal, but he had hoped he could slow it down enough for it to lose interest in him. Along his getaway, he knocked trash cans and traffic cones over, trying to slow it down. But this only drove the creature’s hunting instincts higher and higher, getting ever so closer to snagging him. Suddenly, Spamton’s foot was caught on the sidewalk groove, and he tumbled across the pavement, picking up some scrapes and bruises along the way. The screwdriver he was holding bounced away, gone. No way to protect himself now. The tasque slowly approached, baring its teeth at him, hissing. Closer. Closer. He shut his eyes and curled up, it was the only thing he could do. He was too exhausted to run, nothing to fight back with. It was the end for him…

    . . .

    “IT’S MINE, GO AWAY!” someone shouted.

    Who was that? Spamton didn’t dare look. But he could hear the screeching of two tasques fighting… or atleast, one tasque fighting. The other one didn’t sound familiar at all, nothing like the sounds of a regular tasque. But he couldn’t be curious now, all he could do was stay in his curled position until it was all over. Exchanges of hissing was the last thing he heard from the two creatures's confrontation, and the sound of one scurrying away. But which one left? He was still too scared to look. Suddenly, he felt a large claw slide under his backside. God, it felt awful. They were big, too big. Whatever this creature was, it was probably three times bigger than that tasque, five times, ten!? He felt himself be lifted up into the air, he unintentionally shivered, he was so scared. He felt another claw touch his hair, twisting it, playing with it. A jolt of adrenaline surged through his back, and a high pitched squeak escaped his mouth as his body tensed up harder. The claw stopped playing with his hair and he felt it move to his side, it began to uncurl him. He was too tired to resist, but he kept his eyes tightly shut. He felt a sharp gaze look over his broken body, it didn’t feel good.

    “Hrmm, you’re a little too small for me to eat. Oh well.” the voice proclaims as it spins him around.

    …That comment broke him. Of course he didn’t want to be eaten, but the fact that he was so much worse than garbage, even to the point where he was considered not even worth being eaten? He felt like a true failure. His eyes began to water. Oh god, don’t start crying again. But it was too late, he burst into silent tears, they were overflowing out of his eyes. It was pathetic.

    “...Whoa whoa, hey, dude. What are you crying for? I’m letting you go, aren’t you happy, huh!?” the voice barked.

    Tears, more tears. They won’t stop. They just keep coming and coming without an end in sight. He felt himself be placed in the palm of the creature’s hand. A claw stroked his cheek, trying to wipe away some of the tears.

    “...Hey, don’t cry, okay? You’re fine, I didn’t hurt you, right? C’mon, pull yourself together.” the voice spoke, a bit softer this time.

    He took a few deep breaths and managed to stop himself crying, or at least he had run out of tears. He wiped his face with his sleeve, and debated opening his eyes to see who was holding him. He might as well see who it is, they even told him that they didn’t want to eat him, so he’s no longer in danger. Slowly but surely, his eyes flicker open and adjust to the light. To his surprise, it was a lightner… Well, kind of, it was still some kind of animal creature, but not exactly like an animal, or a true lightner. It’s body was covered with a thick green fur, it’s ears lined with white puffy fur, the inside parts a darker purple. It had a tail too, it had two canine teeth sticking out of its mouth. Lots of puffy white fur lined its chest, almost in the shape of a heart. It looked like it would be plush to the touch. His body began to relax and untense, feeling a bit safer in the lightner’s hand.

    “There, that’s better, hmm? Now I can see what your face looks like.” they said, “What are you doing out here all alone? These streets are dangerous for someone your size.”

    Spamton twiddled his fingers, he felt unease as the lightner awaited a response. He felt a lump in his throat, it was hard for him to answer them.

    “I-I DON’T HAVE [Accommodations]... I LIVE [Alone on a late night] OUT HERE…” he replied, his head slowly bowing in shame. “I WAS JUST TRYING TO GET SOMETHING TO [Good eats here], BUT I WAS [High speed chase] BY THAT TASQUE…”

    “Oh, I see. Are you hungry? I could maybe buy you something to eat.” the lightner asked.


     His face suddenly burned a bright red in embarrassment. He quickly looked up to see the lightner staring at him with a new face. She had a smug grin. A grin!? WHY!? What about that would make her happy!? He curled back up, holding his stomach tightly, trying not to expose himself anymore to her gaze.

    “I-I’M FINE, REALLY! I’M NOT [I’m starving hungry], I SWEAR!” he squeaked, hiding his face in his hands.

    The lightner chuckled.

    “Heh, don’t be embarrassed. I used to be in your exact position long ago. I lived on the streets as a kitten, but managed to earn enough money to get myself my own place.” they exclaimed, “Tell you what? How about I buy us some lunch? We’ll bring it back to my place and you can tell me more about yourself.”

    Lunch? Was it already noon? He had lost track of time and didn’t realize how long he spent just looking for breakfast. And he didn’t even get to eat it. Spamton was unsure how much he could trust this lightner, but at this point, he was so desperate to get any food in his stomach that he was willing to take any offer.

    “Y-YOU’VE [Got a deal]...” he replied and nodded, still hiding his face a bit.

    “Alright cool, let’s get going. I don’t think you’ll be able to follow behind me quick enough, so I'll just carry you there. Plus, you’re probably too tired to make the trip on foot.” they said, smiling warmly, “By the way, I don't believe we've exchanged names.”

    “I’M SPAM-SPAMTON G. SPAMTON.” he answered.

    “Heh, cool name, my name is Shimii Smeef, but you can just call me Shimii.” Shimii told him. “Now try to take it easy, I don’t want you crying in my paws again.” she teased.

    Spamton nodded and sat back in the palm of her paw. His eyes slightly drooped from exhaustion, but was still able to watch their trip towards the Queen’s castle. In the back of his mind he was worried about whether or not he’d be allowed to show his face anywhere near the castle, but at this point, decided to trust that Shimii knew what she was doing. Her walking pattern was quite lulling, consistent, and precise. It was practically sleep inducing, and soon Spamton found himself asleep in her paws. Shimii chuckled seeing him passed out in her grasp, and continued her walk towards the castle. She knew deep down, that there was something special about this broken Darkner, and she was dying to know more about him and his story. But first things first; getting the two of them something to eat.

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  • catboyrightsuwu
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ralsei when

    #deltarune#ralsei#deltarune fanart #fun fact: ive never played or watched anyone play the games #i just #got absorbed into the fandom #because of my friend #:pensive:
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  • crayonfic
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rouxls Kaard with a regressed reader

    🖍️ sfw only / no l1ttlespace interaction please!🖍️

    I think he'd know what age regression is, so you wouldn't have to explain a lot if you asked him to be a carer or keep an eye on you

    has a lot of toys, some because of lancer some from puzzle ideas that he'd be willing to let you play with

    although if you regress around him after awhile he'd start buying extra things for you based on what you like

    if you like puzzle games he'll set them up for you, or would be willing to play the puzzle games you have if you do

    would be willing to try the things you like when you regress in general, even if he doesn't understand it

    most likely has no idea what your species eats, but will do his best to cook for you anyway (or make an instant meal/take you out)

    very good at handling outbursts or trauma reactions, after awhile he might pick out what you're triggers are and help you avoid and manage them

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  • gamethesoldier
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Doodle Deltarune AU doodle  -------------- (Combat) Au: LovedRune @underlove-official Au: Chara timeline @lilybug-02 Au: corrupted route @retr0scum

    (Chara is hard to draw--- REEEEEEEEEEEEE ) (Oh and LovedRune kris i dont know what he sword look like so i draw like that lmao) (and i ship them.) (aftergrave ep.5 will coming soon :D )

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  • spamtonplushie
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    y'all ever just headcanon two characters as being siblings and then you see other people shipping those two and you're like. oh. alrighty then

    #this is directed at no like fandom or singular person in particular #but it's happened to me within the deltarune fandom and the cookie run fandom #mainly the choco cookies and the addisons/spamton #i mean i don't dislike anyone who ships the addisons and spamton bc like i get it. it's a nice ship when you don't hc them as siblings #like i do #and i can personally get behind the headcanon that the addisons are actually a species it makes sense #hell even i hc them all as being a species #but the ones we see in-game are all siblings imo #the choco cookies being shipped however? #i'm uh#more judgemental #the more attached i am to a headcanon the more i'm against anything that contradicts it #i mean i keep it to myself bc i don't wanna be an asshole but still yk #aubrey rambles
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  • humunanunga
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Deltarune enjoyers saw one stray strand of hair over Spamton’s face on one piece of Fangamer merch and immediately latched onto that from henceforth for all fanart of his time in the spotlight. And to be fair, that one stray strand is so important. Essential, even.

    #babygirl i've got brain chemistry scientists haven't even discovered yet #deltarune is a mad scientist and we are its petri dish #spamton#deltarune#deltarune fandom#musings #what is the mean of lid
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  • nocturnalgemstones
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Could just be me but I find it very...tone deaf, when a fic writer writes a fic where a trans character experiences trans based discrimination and tags their fic 'transphobia'...when said trans character is one that was nonbinary in canon but changed to be binary trans by the fic author.

    I know when people write fics like these they're usually working through some of their own feelings and just projecting onto the character but like. Sir?? Ma'am?? You are the transphobia. You do realize that, right?

    There's just something about reading a character lamenting the fact that no one sees them as the gender they really are when the fic author themselves erased their nonbinary gender and replaced it with a binary one (or gave them a gender if the character was genderless) that irritates me. It's so ironic that it's not even funny.

    (I should note that the criticism doesn't apply to people writing nonbinary characters as multigender or genderfluid. Or as a nonbinary man or woman.)

    #noctgem speaks#fandom exorsexism #i am look at you deltarune fandom #and the undertale fandom #noctgem speaks on exorsexism #vent #also this does not mean 'don't tags your fics with transphobia' #just. #think about what you're doing for ONE second #fandom transphobia
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  • dingbats-dust-n-darkness
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    just accidentally referred to Noelle as “the Angel of Music” in my head

    #i'd say i don't know what to do with this but clearly the obvious answer is Phantom of the Opera AU #I think Noelle as Christine would make Queen Erik #(same arc of wanting to control the heroine but realizing at the end that they need to let her go) #although perhaps resident Creepy Outcast Basement Guy spamton would be the more logical choice #but if spamton is the phantom then kris should be christine #susie obviously is raoul no matter who our christine is--only question is if she's playing the role platonically or romantically #i think swatch would be madame giry #ralsei is meg #i feel like berdly would be carlotta??? #and if spamton=erik then queen of course runs the opera house #(tasque manager can be the other...manager if you need someone for her to bounce off of) #oncilla speaks#deltarune#noelle#other fandoms #the phantom of the opera
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  • mrfandomgage
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ralsei: So Her original name was Frisk?

    Gage: Yeah, but it's also an early writing when I was... Frankly, less edgy, more cringe

    Ralsei: Well, you said you fixed that right? You made her story

    Gage: I did, and I did

    Ralsei: Why exactly is she a kid? Couldn't this have worked just as well if she were a teenager or even an adult?

    Gage: Yes, but she represents some of the most pure innocence I could think of. A little joyous girl, predisposed to wanting to make others happy and be useful to others, no matter how cruel the world was around her. A dream.

    Ralsei: Oh, that sounds really... Nice. What happened?

    Gage: She was pouring with underlying rage and an absolute hatred for life because life was torturous, unappreciative, wanted her dead for existing. Wishing to die but can't, separating herself from others, trying to... well, that's personal to her. All I needed left was to give her an outlet for when everything truly fell apart. A Nightmarish idea, for a true terror

    Ralsei: Can you stop talking like that? I get you're trying to piece the bits of herself for the explanation, but it can be a little... confusing

    Gage: Right. Anyway. How are your writings?

    Ralsei: I think you were helpful in some points, and I wrote this!

    Gage, Reading: ... ... ...

    Ralsei: ... Uh... is everything alright?

    Gage: I'm not a fast reader...

    Ralsei: Oh, ok, I'm sorry...

    Gage: ... ... It's good. You seem to like heroic adventures, and everyone seems realistic in a fantastical sense. I just have a question. Why do you write people you know in your reality into fiction?

    Ralsei: Well, I really like everyone. They're all great already, I just want to make more of them in personal stories

    Susie, kicking the door open: Hey nerds! What are you guys talking about?

    Ralsei: we were talking about writing, like Night Terror, and my own work.

    Susie: Nice, nice, but also, you promised you'd work out with me and Kris today

    Ralsei: Oh right! Thanks for reminding me!

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  • starleo
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    As I get older, I’m quite interesting when I interact with fandom realted stuff.

    I still write fanfics and ship characters sometimes (but not always).

    Nowadays I’m always the type of person to look for a young fictional characters and say:

    “This…this is the child I want to adopt and protect with my life”.

    #avtar the last airbender #steven universe #legend of zelda #the owl house #amphibia#deltarune#ramblings#fandom talk#fyi
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  • deltaruneconfessions
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    #if scc was sexyman'd it'd be over for the fandom #deltarune confession#ask#anon#mod spamton#deltarune #sweet cap'n cakes
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  • jetzflare25
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    The UT/DR fandom really needs to stop bringing up the player every time a character is blamed for something and start recognizing the characters as actual characters with reasons behind their actions. Actually look at what the characters did and what factors pushed them to do it instead of just going "You made them do it, you just don't want to take responsibility for your actions."

    The problem is not with accountability, it's with acknowledging certain character's actions, including the in-universe entity that represents the player. Which is why it's wrong to depict Frisk as "good" and Chara as "bad", because Frisk has the full range of actions in Undertale and is fully responsible for killing up to 100 monsters, actively seeking them out until there's no one left.

    And if you consider Frisk separate from the player, then there's nothing that we know about Frisk's actual personality, aside from maybe that they're scared of that one monster in the True Lab but not Omega Flowey, or that on the genocide route they just ignore everyone when they talk and just walk forward. Or is that Chara? When is it Frisk and when is it Chara?

    Chara did not kill those 100 monsters. But they did kill the remaining ones after Sans, and "erased this pointless world." And they start encouraging the route - not forcing, but encouraging it - after you get to Snowdin.

    Saying Kris did the Weird Route isn't "dodging accountability." At best it is misunderstanding Kris's situation, and even that's not necessarily true. If Kris is separate from the player, then the player is choosing violence and Kris is a victim of the possession. If Kris's character IS chosen by the player (which isn't disproven by their separately established characterization), then calling Kris innocent is "dodging accountability." Because Kris is the player character, just like Frisk. However, from this view, Kris still has their reasons for their action, and isn't a cold, unfeeling m-slur demon, any more than Undyne, Chara, or Flowey.

    #undertale#undertale fandom#frisk#chara#utdr#deltarune#deltarune fandom#kris dreemurr #deltarune chapter 2 #deltarune spoilers #deltarune ch 2 #deltarune ch 2 spoilers #yes i said monster is a slur #for those saying im wrong please condider
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  • gamethesoldier
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Doodle Comic Au ( Long ) (Deltarune chara timeline Side story) -------------- Au: deltarune Chara timeline @lilybug-02​  --------------

    -------------- AfterGrave Side Story. --------------

    --------------------------- Bonus --------------------------- ( WOW!! WE DRAW VERY ALOT!! HAHA!! ITS SO FUN HOPE WE CAN DRAW IT MORE ABOUT CROSSOVER!! I LOVE IT!!! ) a.

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  • deltarune-au-domain
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    I made a few discord Servers for Deltarune sprite emotes for Nitro users. I don't have Nitro (cuz I'm poor) but for those of you who do, enjoy! We currently have Ralsei, Susie, and Kris servers. Please behave.

    #deltarune#delta rune #deltarune chapter 2 #delta rune spoilers #deltarune art#deltarune fandom
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  • 1980s-slasher-film
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Being willing to misgender trans characters shows me you’d be willing to misgender irl trans people, too

    If you can’t even use the correct pronouns for a video game or anime character why would you use them for a real person

    I’m not going to trust you

    #yes it is that serious #lgbt#lgbtq#lgbtqia#transgender#trans#nonbinary#nby#transphobia#transphobia tw #deltarune fandom listen up
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