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  • neitherlightnordark
    05.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    [I.D. 1: Noelle, sketched in red against black, in a Shop of her own; she has shorter, sparkling hair, she's wearing big round glasses, and her irises and pupil are white. Her shop has snowglobes, melting video game cartridges, and a set of teeth visible on the back shelves, and it's snowing inside. The SOUL is scrolling through options on the righr side. Noelle says in the Shop textbox underneath her, "Hey! Welcome to my shop. Don't stay too long, you have people to meet..." End I.D. 1.]

    [I.D. 2: Noelle, now closing her eyes and lowering her eyebrows in amusement; she says, "I see you shivering! Don't worry, door's always open for guests." End I.D. 2.]

    [I.D. 3.: Noelle's expression goes blank; her glasses go completely white. She says, "Susie... she... she's still here?" End I.D.]

    #noelle#deltarune#safeutdr#snowgrave#au #so like. the parallels between snowgrave noelle and seam are pretty cool #also i have a headcanon that noelle's eyes stay white after she casted snowgrave!
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  • neapolitandemon
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    i think spamton, jevil and seam are all divorced from each other but jevil and seam are still madly in love amd forgot about spamton completely

    #deltarune #why? idk im sick of that white porcelain freak (spamton) #spamton#jevil#seam #zzt.txt
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  • president-average
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Let's talk about SP! Deltachange (SP Now stands for Still Personality)

    Like Deltaswap but no



    Susie and Kris swap places

    Noelle and Berdly swap places

    Toriel and Asgore swap with Susie's parents and same with Berdly and Noelle

    Catti and Jock swap with MK and Snowdy

    Flowey is Temmie Susie's dad, as he takes Asgore place, will run a plushie store and the most popular plushie will be Tems Even tough, the flowers in the back would be the same because Because why the fuck would Susie's mom carry Tem plushies in her weeding Tems are just a plushie, they're not real or alive

    Alphys and Sans will change places

    Undyne and Papyrus would change places (You couldn't see Papyrus because he's busy lol)

    Mettaton swaps with Napstablook and Mad Dummy with Dummy


    Lancer swaps with Ralsei

    Rouxls swaps with King

    Jevil swaps with Seam


    Queen swaps with Spamton

    Addisons swap with Sweet Cap'n K K One of them doesn't fight and probably is the one doing the music

    Tasq manager swaps with Swatch

    Tasques swap with the Swatchlings


    Kris is a goat monster, Susie is a human

    Lancer proclaims to be the bad boy and Ralsei tries to get you into the good side to fight Rouxls

    The prophecy is the same, Rouxls lied to Lancer so he would bring the lightners to the castle and he could kill them, Ralsei says the real prophecy at the end

    Lancer tells Kris that they are terrible at being bad and they say "yeah... I will no longer suck at being bad... Because I will be a hero instead!" and joins Ralsei

    They just want to go againts Susie, but at some point also gets her on their side to fight for the right reasons

    You can't force Kris to fight, they will act until the almost end where they agree to listen Susie, even tough they choose the funny acts (Kris is confirmed to dislike genocide, so they would act)

    Kris and Ralsei are best friends here, meanwhile Susie doesn't consider Ralsei her friend

    Lancer feelings toward Susie are platonic, he sees her as a sister

    Rouxls and King are married and that's why Rouxls had that power over Lancer, he's legally his dad

    Well he was, they divorced by chapter 2 lmao

    King is serious, but not an abuser, Rouxls is selfish in a dangerous way more than a funny one

    Seam is insane in a chill way, meanwhile Jevil mental deterioration is more obvious

    King makes decent puzzles (he doesn't like them and they are mediocre)

    Susie shows more hesitation when you take bad choices

    You can make Lancer act

    Pacifist and Genocide don't swap, you still get pacifist from acting


    Berdly has a crush on Kris (Not confirmed if they likes him back)

    If you tell Berdly that Kris likes moss (Or that they're nice), Berdly would give Kris a box with moss in ch 2

    The cyberworld is more chaotic

    Queen acts like a drunk infected computer

    Sweet Cap'n K K don't talk about Queen (They call her that to make it short)

    Sweet is the one selling the ring (here is a different thing, idk what)

    Addisons music is more like the city one, city's music is more chaotic and theirs is more sophisticated

    Spamton is the king and it's always after Berdly to turn his face into a robot one

    Berdly also runs from him

    Noelle is not after Spamton, he keeps her by her side but sends her to do stuff She does it for Berdly's safety

    Queen NEO form is similar to her robot but more small


    That's everything my head can think of lmao

    Anyways, I will go to watch Krerdly

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  • themochimadeoftaro
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    A small practice of lineart + shadows with Seam.

    They're really fun to draw! :)

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  • unluckyprime
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    i think seam should work at a build a bear in castle town and I also think lancer should go clothes shopping with his girboss girldad ❤️

    and also i think rouxls works there 🤩

    #if this makes zero sense I’m so sorry I think it’s a lot funnier for me #IM the target audience #rouxls needs something to do now that kings in jail and queens doing girldad stuff with lancer #anyway i hope this was at least a lil funny I was in a silly goofy mood #digital art#deltarune #deltarune chapter 2 #rouxls kaard#lancer#lancer deltarune#seam deltarune#queen deltarune #build a bear #comics #back at it again with the pixel brush and bonus panel: the lazy unluckyprime staples
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  • victorthecollector
    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    My fucked up little meow meows

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  • victorthecollector
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I love them so much you guys have no idea

    #seavil#seavil fanart#seam deltarune#jevil#jevil deltarune#DELTARUNE#DELTARUNE fanart #old gays in love is a 10/10 ship dynamic #don’t ask me how Seam’s anatomy works cause I don’t know either #my art#fanart#ship art#hand holding#pencil sketch#traditional art#safe utdr
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  • neitherlightnordark
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    [I.D.: A pencil sketch of Seam from the chest up, all afluffed with arms folded and head partially hidden in the shopkeeper's ruff; Seam's eyes are drooping, as though Seam is sleeping. End I.D.]

    hrmmmmmble zzzzz

    #seam#safeutdr#deltarune #can't believe seam deltarune killed gender
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  • makerofmadness
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    List of characters Seam has divorced:



    *Rouxls Kaard



    *Blue Addison

    *Tasque Manager

    *Jigsaw Joe

    *Mr. Society



    *Possibly more

    Seam Files For Divorce: The Saga

    Coming soon

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  • absolutely-zero-regrets
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #hell yeah of course you can ask more than once! #every time they’re like ‘man I should visit’ they’re like ‘nah it’s been too long it would be awkward’ #and of course with more and more time they’re just like. ‘ah shit’ #the cycle just continues #zero answers#deltarune#seam#jevil #he’s mentioned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #my phrasing is probably wack but I keep coming back to this and I figured I may as well just post lmao
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  • softichill
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Seam. Seam. Seam. Seam. Sea

    #Cricket chirping#Deltarune#seam#deltarune seam#seam deltarune #I need a plush of this cat stat #I'm tempted to make one myself bc like. I have a Very specific version of plush Seam in my head #But fabric is expensive :C
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