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    Keep your eyes open Christmas Eve 'cause I may be posting a fic...

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    A Little Bit of Love, Ch. 5: Like Coffee and Crofters

    Prev - Like Coffee and Crofters - Next - Masterpost - [ AO3 ]

    Rated T - CW: mild swearing, mild innuendo (oh, hello there, Remus. yes, Roman got the joke, too), kissing, mostly a big ball of fluff


    The next morning, Roman flung open his door with a flourish, a bright grin stretched across his face and a song prancing through his mind. He stretched with a majestic yawn and stepped out into the hallway. The moment he left his room, though, he stopped short, the happy hum dying on his lips. Instead of the quiet puttering or murmured words of the other early risers in the kitchen downstairs—and sometimes even the sounds of sizzling bacon or eggs—he was greeted by… silence. He twisted, looking over his shoulder to check the window in his room. He blinked at the bright Mindscape sunshine pouring through his open curtains. His brow furrowed.

    It was definitely morning.

    Frowning, he gave himself a little pinch. He was definitely awake. He looked up and down the hall and other than the somewhat-expected shifting around of their rooms to accommodate Lucas' orange door—Logan's dark blue door was no longer next to his and instead had moved down to the end of the hall—nothing seemed amiss. Roman paused, staring at the doors. Remus' room was now directly next to his own, without Logan's serving as a buffer between them. They would need to improve their soundproofing. He wrinkled his nose in anticipation of some of his brother's more adventurous creations. They would need to improve their smell-proofing, as well.

    Shaking his head, Roman returned to his current problem. No-one else seemed to be awake. He knew some of the others had gone to sleep rather late last night, and, as usual, no-one ever expected Virgil to emerge from his room before ten, at least not willingly. Roman was almost never the first Side to wake. On a typical morning, Logan was always up and about before he was. Roman had recently come to learn that Janus tended to rise early, as well, preparing a large mug of tea before hiding in the corner of the common room, sipping slowly, until finally he sauntering back to the kitchen for a refill, caffeinated and ready to chat and charm and churr his way through the day.

    Shrugging, Roman crept downstairs. Perhaps the others were all catching up on sleep after the strain of the past few days. As he got closer to the kitchen, though, the bubbly sound of the coffee maker completing its cycle and the rich smell of freshly brewed grounds wafted toward him, softening the worry line between his eyebrows. He skipped down the last of the steps, dashing into the kitchen to see who was awake.

    He grinned when he saw the plain black shirt. Of course Logan was awake. Clearly tired, but dressed and out of his room, bright and early, just as Roman expected him to be.

    Roman chuckled at the exhausted Side as he slouched over the kitchen table, head cradled on his arms, his thick, black rectangular frames askew. A half-filled water glass sat next to his elbow. "Good morning, Specs." He patted the Logical Side's shoulder as he passed on his way to fetch a mug. "Late night?"

    "Good morning, Roman." A tired mumble emerged from beneath his folded arms. “However... While you are factually correct that I, too, wear eyeglasses, I presume by the overly familiar nickname that you mistook me for Logan.” Lucas straightened, revealing his orange and indigo striped tie.

    "Oh, shit," Roman swore softly. "Sorry, Lucas, I… yeah." He held up the coffee pot as a peace offering and Lucas nodded with a small smile. Roman took down two mugs, speaking over his shoulder. “So, uh, does that whole ‘exhausted brainiac’ look you have going on there just come naturally or were you not practicing what Logan preaches last night?”

    "Had trouble sleeping." He stared blearily at a scratch on the table while Roman made their coffees, looking up with a murmured 'thanks' when he handed him a steaming mug.

    Roman slid into the seat opposite his, watching the newest Side as he stirred his drink. “Wanna talk about it?”

    “It’s nothing important,” Lucas said, shaking his head.

    “Okay, now you’re really doing your best Logan impression,” Roman laughed lightly. He took a sip of his coffee, hesitating, before finally blurting out, “Up late thinking about Habib?”

    Lucas slammed down his mug and Roman swallowed back his surprised yelp as the ceramic hit the table with a loud crack, sloshing coffee over the lip. “Wha—How did you—”

    He feigned a casual shrug and passed Lucas a paper napkin to mop up the spill. “Remus has been worried about you. He told me what happened on your ship. I’m sorry.” Lucas grit his teeth as he scrubbed at the table, finally throwing the napkin in the trash and rising from his seat. “Wait," Roman called after him. "Don't kill him yet. You know my brother can’t keep a secret to save his life.”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Crossing his arms, Lucas chuckled darkly as he looked up toward the stairs. “He can keep a bloody secret when he wants to.” He turned back toward Roman and spread out his hands, gesturing over himself. “Remus has known about me for nearly twenty years. You’ve known about me for twenty hours.”

    Roman huffed out a small laugh, raising his mug in salute. “You’ve got a point, there." He looked closely at Lucas and gnawed at his lip before finally venturing, "Maybe… maybe Remus had a good reason for sharing this secret with me.”

    Lucas glared at Roman as he sank back into his seat. “He told you everything, didn’t he?” Roman shrugged lightly, looking away. Lucas sighed and took a long pull of his coffee.

    "I wish he would just let this damned idea die," Lucas muttered, staring down at his cup.

    Chuckling, Roman slid into a seat closer to him. "Now when have you ever known my brother to simply let go of an idea?"

    Lucas shook his head. "That man's like a dog with a bone.” He rolled his eyes at Roman’s little smirk. “Don’t ever tell him I said that.” Lucas sighed. "He's not going to let this drop, is he?"

    "Nope, he's not." Roman finished his coffee and stood to refill it. "Besides," Roman grinned over his shoulder at the newest Side, "I think it might even work."


    The warm glow of the Mindscape’s late morning sun filtered softly through the sheer curtains in Logan’s room. Sunlight danced over the walls and Janus soaked up the radiant heat from the sun and from his loves, his entire universe, finally together in his arms.

    Slowly, he opened his eyes and realized he was not the first to wake that morning. Janus blinked happily, looking up into Logan’s small smile. “Good morning,” he rasped in a gravelly voice.

    Logan’s smile broadened, “Good morning.” A gentle warmth spread through Janus’ chest when he swore he saw Logan’s eyes twinkle. “You're really here,” he whispered.

    “Yes, my dear Logan,” he reached out and twirled his fingers through Logan’s hair. “And there's nowhere else I'd rather be.”

    Logan’s fingertips trailed down his hand and Janus gasped. Logan snatched his hand back, eyes wide. “I’m sorry—Did I hurt you?”

    Janus felt a flush travel from his chest to his hairline, “No,” he cleared his throat, “Ah, no… rather it’s….”

    Logan narrowed his eyes, his smile turning into a smirk. “Do you find tactile stimulation of your scales… pleasurable?”

    Janus looked away. “Wh—when you touch them like that… ah…" He risked a glance and saw Logan smiling back at him. "Yes.”

    Remus shifted on the other side of Logan and nudged him. He mumbled sleepily, propping himself up and resting his chin on Logan's shoulder. “Oh, Lo Lo, just wait ‘til you—” he whispered in Logan’s ear, winking at Janus. Logan’s breath hitched, eyes wide, then his blush matched the Protective Side’s.

    “I… I look forward to that, ah, experience.”

    Janus’ eyes widened as Remus stretched and sat up against the padded headboard, smiling wickedly at the pair, eyebrows dancing. “Muse, what did you—” Logan interrupted his question with a soft kiss, then cupped his cheek, oh-so-lightly brushing his thumb over the galaxy of scales shining across his cheekbone. Janus gasped against his mouth and Logan took the opportunity to deepen their kiss.

    His eyes fell closed and he was floating, anchored only by Logan’s careful caresses across his skin, and the soft, sweet, energizing heat of his mouth.

    "Hmm…" he groaned when they finally broke away. "With a wake up like that, who would ever need coffee?"

    Logan chuckled, starting to wiggle out from between the two Sides. "Now that you mention it, judging by the angle of the sun, I'd say we are more than overdue to join the others for—"

    "Oh, Lo Lo… don't go yet." Logan laughed as Remus pulled him back into bed, flipping the Logical Side on top of him. "I haven't gotten the chance to properly say good morning to you yet." He smiled up at him, tracing a line from his temple to his jaw. "You're stunning in the morning."

    Logan blushed and looked away. "It's merely because I am without my glasses."

    "Oh!" Remus exclaimed, grinning at Janus when he passed them over from the bedside table. He watched Logan set the frames properly on his face. Remus bit his lower lip and held Logan's face between his hands. "You look even better now," he whispered and pulled him closer for a kiss. Remus wrapped his arms around the Logical Sides' shoulders, drawing him closer until Logan rest his full weight on his chest. Remus tightened his embrace and hummed happily.

    "I trust you two will be fine while I shower?" Janus said with a little chuckle as he slipped out of the bed.

    Remus broke away from their kiss and pouted at Janus. “Alone?”

    "Yes,” he said with a laugh, coming around to the other side of the bed, kissing each of their foreheads. “Another time, Muse,” he whispered against Remus’ ear. “There's no need to rush." He left a little line of kisses along his lobe and down his neck before he straightened.

    ”The last thing I would want to do is disrupt your routine. If you two are accustomed to—”

    Logan shivered as Janus gently drew a hand through his hair, brushing scaled fingers against his scalp and the back of neck. "Another time," he purred, meeting Logan's eyes.

    He nodded, a little breathless at the promises in Janus' gaze.

    “Fine, Jannie...” Remus mumbled with an exaggerated sigh as Janus closed the door behind him. His grin broke through as he winked at Logan. “I guess we’ll just have to find some other way to pass the time….”

    The Logical Side’s cheeks burned and his mouth twitched against his stern expression. “I suppose we could always start a game of chess or a puzz—” The rest of his suggestions were lost in the crush of Remus’ lips against his own.

    Logan let out a muffled laugh as Remus rolled him onto his back. The Creative Side propped himself up on one elbow, smiling down at him. Logan melted from the heat in his eyes. "Hmm… this works, too..." he murmured before pulling Remus back down into another kiss.


    Roman and Lucas were sitting next to each other, heads tilted together in a quiet conversation, when Patton bounded down the stairs.

    "Good morning, Kiddos!" he sang as he entered the room. "Oh… wow," Patton squinted at the relatively underpopulated room. "Is everyone else still asleep?" He checked the time on the little oven clock, frowning. "Do you think we should check on them?"

    Roman rose with a grin and a bear hug for the Paternal Side. "I'm certain they'll all be down soon, Padre. Nothing to worry about." He gestured at the mostly empty kitchen and and clasped his hands together. "Since everyone else is still in bed… Can we make breakfast together?” He nodded toward Lucas. “Are you in?”

    Lucas stood with a small shrug. “It’s certainly one way for me to become better acclimated to this kitchen. It took me fifteen minutes to find the coffee filters this morning."

    “Oh, well," Patton glanced at Roman, who nodded encouragingly. "Tha-that’s great! Um, Lucas… is there something you would really like for breakfast?”

    He laughed. “I suppose hardtack and marmalade is not on offer?”

    Patton poked around in the cabinet next to the stove. “Hm, afraid not. We can do toast and Crofters,” he suggested.

    “Oh! And cheesy eggs!” Roman added excitedly, tugging open the door to the refrigerator and retrieving a large carton of eggs and a bowl of shredded cheese.

    Patton raised an eyebrow. “Now, Kiddo, I know that cheese wasn’t already shredded in the fridge like that.”

    Roman winked at Lucas. “Patton really likes to do things the hard way in the kitchen.” He turned to Patton. “C’mon, Padre, the shredding was just a teensy conjure. The cheese was already in there….”

    Narrowing his eyes and smiling, Patton shook his head then shrugged. “Alright then. Lucas, would you take down the big cast iron skillet?”

    “Ah, sure, I’d be happy to,” Lucas blinked in surprise at the apparent sincerity in Patton and Roman’s stated desire to include him in their cooking. He passed over the pan. “Here you go.”

    “Thanks, Kiddo,” Patton cheered before pouring a little oil in the pan and heating it on a burner.

    Roman flashed Lucas a little grin over the Paternal Side’s shoulder, mouthing, “He called you Kiddo!”

    Movement behind Lucas caught Roman’s attention and his face bloomed in a soft smile. Lucas began to turn when Roman murmured, “Good morning, my Dark and Stormy Knight.”

    Patton, surrounded by dozens of little half-egg shells looked up, “Oh, good morning, Virgil! Did you sleep well?” He yelped, his attention drawn back by an ominous sizzle as part of an egg white slipped onto the burner.

    “Patton, may I help you?” Lucas asked, eyeing the smoke curling from the side of the pan.

    “Um, no thank you, I’ve—” The tendril of smoke grew and there was a sudden flicker of flame under the pan. “You know what? Yes, please!” he squeaked, backing away from the stove.

    Lucas turned off the knob and grabbed the lid to the pan. He slid the pan off the burner and slapped the lid over the flames that leapt up. He turned over his shoulder, “Is there a—”

    “Stand back, Luc,” Virgil ordered in a low version of his Tempest voice, aiming the nozzle of a bright red fire extinguisher at the flames. Patton yanked away the pan of eggs and Lucas backed up, nodding at Virgil.

    Virgil shot a few quick blasts of the white powder over the burner and the flame was soon extinguished.

    “Thanks, Virge!” Patton cheered, pecking the now blushing Side on the cheek. He grinned up at Lucas. “And thank you, Lucas. Can I…?” Patton opened his arms, a sheepish smile pulling up one corner of his mouth.

    Nodding, Lucas carefully hugged the Paternal Side. Patton sighed, still smiling, and pulled back, tilting his head at the sticky white powder and scorch marks on the stove. “Okay, then. Take two? But first, we need to clean up this mess.”

    Roman winked and snapped it away. “Mess? What mess? Lucas, do you know anything about a mess?” He turned to Virgil, eyes wide. “Virgil?” Virgil shrugged in response, smiling at Patton.

    Laughing, Lucas shook his head. “I know nothing of any mess.” He gestured at the sparkling stove top. “Everything looks pristine to me.”

    Patton tried to glare at the three smirking Sides but couldn't hold back his own laugh. “Okay, eggs coming up.” He looked at the spatula in his hand. “Lucas? Would you take care of the eggs and I’ll tackle the toast?”

    Bowing his head, Lucas accepted the spatula. “It would be my pleasure.”

    “Oooh, did somebody say 'pleasure?'” Remus cackled as he flew down the stairs, head-first. He crashed to the floor with a manic laugh and jumped to his feet.

    Logan ran down the stairs after him, taking the steps three at a time. “Remus! Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine, Pocket Protector!” Remus grinned, a trail of blood tricking down his neck.

    Eyes wide, Logan shouted, "No, you're not, you're bleeding!"

    Remus waved his hand and the blood was gone. He shrugged, fingers splayed in jazz hands. "Object impermanence," he sang, winking at the Logical Side.

    Scowling, Logan examined the back of the Creative Side's neck for several minutes. Remus made faces at Virgil and Lucas as they finished preparing breakfast and set the table. But he didn't try to stop Logan's careful prodding. Finally, Logan sighed with a little shake of his head. “Why did you jump off the top of the staircase like that, anyway?”

    “I was just trying to get a head start downstairs." He rolled his eyes and spoke in a loud stage whisper. "It would have looked pretty suspicious if the three of us all came downstairs together.” He waggled his eyebrows at Logan and Janus as he slid into his seat. "I wasn’t sure if we were telling everyone yet or if we were on the down low like Ro and Virge."

    The ensuing silence was broken by the clatter of Roman's fork falling against his plate. Virgil's cheeks matched Roman's sash and he pulled his hood low over his head.

    Logan adjusted his glasses, hiding his own blush. “The operative word, of course, being ‘were?’”

    Leaning over Logan to flip Virgil's hood away from his face, Remus grinned, “Aw, c’mon, Virge, we all knew. You two are lousy at hiding your feelings.”

    Roman grumbled, “Yeah, you’re one to talk!”

    Remus briefly pressed his hand against his heart.“I don’t try to hide anything I'm feeling. In fact,” he winked as he straightened his posture, removing his elbows from the table and lowering his hands. “I bet you can guess what I'm feeling right now...."

    The human half of his face tinged pink, Janus carefully lifted Remus' hand from his lap and kissed his knuckles. "I don't believe anyone needs to guess, Muse," he murmured with a small smile as he clasped their hands together, resting both on the table.

    "L… not that I'm not happy for you, but..." Virgil drawled over the edge of his coffee cup. "Are you sure you're not, uh—”

    ”Getting in over his head?" Remus chirped, blinking innocently at Virgil with a shoulder shimmy. Lucas choked on his coffee and Roman tried not to laugh as he patted his back.. "Biting off more than he can chew? In for a rough ri—"

    Virgil shook his head, eyes squeezed shut against Remus' imagery. ”Thank you for making my point, Re..."

    Remus laughed, winking at Logan and leaning his head against Janus' shoulder. "I don't know... I think Lo's gonna to be just fine. After all, he didn't move my hand from his thigh." Logan shrugged, blushing lightly, and took another bite of his toast.

    "Your hand wasn't on my thigh, Muse."

    Logan's eyes widened and flicked over to Janus. Janus smiled at him and Logan's blush grew as he gulped his coffee. Virgil quietly retrieved the coffee pot and topped off his mug.

    "You're gonna need it," he whispered.

    Remus shrugged with a grin. "I know my audience."

    Patton cleared this throat and looked around the table, everywhere but at the Sides sitting directly in front of him. “Um... So, uh, what’s everyone up to today?”

    All eyes again turned to Logan. “Oh,” a small smile tugged at one corner of his mouth. Remus quietly conjured Logan’s small calendar and a pencil into his lap. Logan squeezed his knee and smiled. “Thomas is having a relatively quiet day today," he said, flipping to that day's schedule. "He has a rehearsal for Terrence's play at four o'clock and is getting together with Nico at eight.” He blinked down at the schedule. “That leaves us free for most of the day."

    Remus stared at Lucas. “And Ro, Lucas, and I are headed to the Imagination for a few hours.” He took one last bite of his eggs, to which he'd added conjured jalapeño and pickle chips, then grinned at Lucas.

    “We are?” Lucas and Roman said together and exchanged a look.

    “Yep!” He finished Logan's coffee with a little grateful smile.

    “Re, I don’t know… Thomas has his rehearsal this afternoon and I—”

    “Then we’d better stop flapping our gums—oh, that’s an idea." Remus turned to Janus, bouncing in his seat "Hey, Jannie, remember when I—”

    “Remus? We’re at breakfast.”

    “Right, we should hurry up and get going.”

    Lucas crossed his arms, frowning. “Remus, you know I already have plans to—”

    “Cancel ‘em.” Remus grew serious. “This is important.” He stared into Lucas’ eyes, the air between them thick with unspoken words. Virgil tensed, inching closer to Patton on his right, waiting for one of the powder kegs at the table to explode. “Luc, we hafta try," Remus said softly.

    Lucas deflated. “Fine,” he growled, shaking his head and slamming back the last of his coffee. He brought his dishes to the kitchen, muttering under his breath the entire way.

    “Perfect!” Remus shouted before planting a kiss first on Logan's mouth and then Janus'. He catapulted himself over the table and grabbed Roman’s hand, yanking him away.

    Roman yelped as Remus dragged him up the stairs. “Wait! Stop...” Roman protested. “We left a mess!”

    “No time to lose if you wanna be there for Thomas's rehearsal!” Remus snapped his fingers over his shoulder and his and Roman’s plates disappeared, followed by a small clink in the cabinet.

    “But that’s cheating!”

    “That’s why I don’t do it all the time,” he sang as he pushed Roman toward the stairs. “C’mon, chop, chop!”

    Roman poked his head around the edge of the banister as Remus continued to urge him along. “Hey, Emo—late lunch?”

    Hiding his grin—and his blush—behind his coffee cup, Virgil muttered, “You’re on, Princey.”

    The remaining four Sides listened as Roman’s door creaked open and then slammed shut, swallowing the mostly-lighthearted bickering between the three typically more volatile Sides.

    “Should we be concerned over whatever scheme Remus has cooked up?” Virgil asked. He gnawed at his thumbnail, flinching when a heavy thud shook the ceiling light.

    “Nothing broke!” Remus’ muffled shout filtered through the closed door.

    Patton rubbed Virgil’s shoulder. “Didn’t they soundproof their rooms?”

    “That's after the soundproofing," Logan said, shaking his head with a wry smile. "To answer your question, Virgil, no. I do not believe Remus would do anything to put either Roman or Lucas in actual danger."

    Virgil crossed his arms, frowning. "Besides," Janus said. "Roman is far more sensible than he's given credit for. And his objection to Remus' plan seemed to be centered on the timing, not the activity itself."

    "You're defending Roman now?" Virgil smirked. "Alright where's the real Janus?"

    Patton chuckled, his voice a little higher than usual. The remaining Sides finished their breakfast in near silence, broken only by two more ominous bangs from upstairs and a few murmured words between Logan and Janus. Virgil had another cup of coffee, stirring in extra sugar and milk. Patton periodically snuck glances across the table toward Logan, but would look away as soon as Logan made eye contact.

    Finally, Patton stood, picking up his dishes and the empty serving tray from the table. "So, uh, Kid—uh, Logan… Are you still up for…" He tilted his head toward the stairs.

    Rising from his seat, Logan nodded. "Yes, certainly." He peered down at Janus as he pressed a kiss against his palm, the scales on his jaw tickling his wrist.

    "Let me know if you need anything." He looked up, including Patton in his gaze. "Either of you. You two go on… I'll tidy up here."

    "I'll help," Virgil added. He shrugged lightly when Janus' head whipped over in his direction, a surprised smile tugging at his lips. "It's only fair." He scowled. "Don't think I didn't notice you'd cleaned up when I came down for water in the middle of the night."

    Janus hid an amused smile behind his tea cup. "What makes you think it was me?"

    Smirking, Virgil shook his head. "The yellow dish towel was hanging on the cabinet. Patton likes the one with the kittens—"

    Mimicking the tiny paws of the dishwashing cats on his favorite kitchen towel, Patton cooed. "Their little paws are so cute!"

    Virgil chuckled at the interruption. "And Logan insists paper towels are more sanitary."

    Logan looked up from where he stood in front of the sink, drying his hands with a paper towel. Adjusting his glasses, he shrugged, "Accurate."

    Janus and Virgil watched Patton and Logan make their way upstairs. It was suddenly very quiet in the common room. Janus adjusted his capelet and Virgil tapped the back of his heel against his chair leg, gnawing at his lip. Finally he looked at Janus from the corner of his eye, his mouth twitching with a tiny smirk. “So… you and Logan.” Virgil furrowed his brow. “And Remus.”

    Janus hummed as he stood and moved to the sink where he tugged long kitchen gloves over his own yellow ones. “So… you and Roman.” He met Virgil’s glare with a smile and a cocked eyebrow. “Glass houses, Virgil. Glass houses….”

    Virgil narrowed his eyes and huffed, bringing the remaining dirty dishes to the kitchen. “You know what I’ll do to you or Remus if you do anything to hurt him, right?”

    Janus smirked, beginning to scrub the dirty egg pan. “You might need to get in line for that. If it ever came down to it.” He stared pointedly at Virgil. “Which it wouldn’t.” His smile melted away. “You know me, Virgil. While I can hardly be called the most… forthcoming Side, I’d go to hell and back for any of you.”

    Eyes focused on his task of arranging their dishes in the dishwasher, Virgil nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, I do know that now.” They worked together in silence to return order to the kitchen and dining area.

    When they were done, Virgil flung himself onto the couch, pulling out his phone and scrolling through his playlists. Instead of taking his one of his usual spots along the backrest or in one of the corners of the couch, though, Virgil sprawled near the middle, leaving space on either side. Janus stood by the counter for a few moments, watching from a distance. He smiled. Virgil used the same trick when he was younger when he wanted company but felt too anxious to simply ask for it.

    Wordlessly, Janus glided into the living room and sat down, leaving just a few inches of space between them. After a moment, Virgil leaned his head lightly against Janus’ arm. Glancing over at Janus, he turned up the volume on his phone and started an old Green Day playlist.

    They sat together like that for several songs. Finally, Virgil spoke. “Why didn’t you just tell me, Jan?” He craned his neck to look him in the eye. “I know you’re all about the hiding and the scheming but maybe let the rest of us in on it and we can, you know… help you?” Virgil sighed, leaning more heavily against Janus’ shoulder. “I can keep secrets with the best of them. No”—he covered his own mouth with his hand and made muffled sounds—”required.”

    Janus looked down at Virgil’s head resting against him. “You know, Virgil, it doesn't seem all that long ago that you were one of the secrets I was keeping.” The Anxious Side kept his gaze directed on his phone, but he wasn’t actually using it and before long, the screen timed out and went dark. Janus shrugged. “I suppose in the future, though, I’m going to need to try to take you up on that from time to time.”

    Janus carefully let his hand fall on the cushion next to Virgil’s. Virgil smirked and laced their fingers together. “Still as touchy-feely as ever, huh, Jan?” Virgil laughed gently at his blushy smile. “Wanna watch something?”

    Janus rolled his eyes but his smile grew. “Perhapsss… but only becaussse it meansss that much to you.” Virgil laughed harder and leaned his whole back against Janus, pulling the Protective Side’s arm up over his shoulders and across his chest. Stretching, he reached for the remote and passed it to Janus.

    “Here, Jan, I’ll even let you pick, since it is such an imposition.”


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    no one asked for it but

    ✨ understand my ships in five minutes ✨ + the template i used if anyone else wants to do it

    ft. my personal favorites; prinxiety, logicality, demus, and intrological

    #alto shitposts #understand my ship in 5 minutes #sanders sides#thomas sanders#prinxiety#logicality#demus#intrological #i dont talk enough about intrological but i love it sm
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    Hug All Your Friends (And Let Them Know) Pt 1 of 2

    Relationships: Platonic Dukceit, Background Platonic Roman & Virgil & Remus, Very Background Royality, Very Background Queerplatonic Analogical
    Featuring; Autistic Remus, Non-Binary Janus (he/they/xe pronouns), Non-SAM Aromantic Remus
    TW: Aphobia (Internal and External), Sexual Mentions, Explicit Language, Somewhat Disturbing Language/Imagery/Metaphors, Fear of Abandonment, Slightly Unreliable Narrator, Attempting to Force Oneself into a Relationship One Doesn’t Want
    AO3 Link
    Summary: With all of his friends paired up into couples, Remus worries that Janus will expect them to be a couple in some way. Scared to lose his best friend, Remus tries to seduce Janus. After all, isn’t that what Janus wants?

    Remus had a problem. Not a little problem either. Remus had a major, gigantic, megadick sized problem.

    Because if Nerdy Wolverine and Virgin Nightmare were an item, and Daddio and Bromano were sucking face, then what did that mean for himself and Janus? Because Janus was Remus’s best friend, and god dammit xe deserved some sappy, romance-y relationship with kisses and horizontal tango and all that saccharine, icky shit. And with everyone else in the friend group getting coupled, wasn’t it just a matter of time before Janus expected more?

    It was no secret that Roman and Virgil had spa days together, but it was much less well known that Remus frequently joined them. That was something Remus preferred to keep between Roman, Virgil, and himself. He had only grudgingly let Janus learn of the little secret in a moment of weakness that he would have much preferred to avoid.

    Although, if anyone had to know, at least it was Janus. That duplicitous dork would never begrudge Remus self-care, and honestly never seemed to truly judge Remus for anything. This lack of judgement always surprised Remus because in anyone else’s opinion, including Remus’s own, Remus had a lot to be judged for.

    Spa days were nearly always held at Roman’s house, while Patton was at work. Roman always had the largest array of nail polishes and face masks, and Patton’s job as a vet often kept him away in the afternoons, so Roman’s house had always been the obvious choice.

    “Remus, are you even listening to me?” Roman squawked, interrupting Remus from his thoughts. Apparently Remus waited a bit too long to answer because Roman threw his hands up in the air with a wounded cry. “My own brother, ignoring me in my own house! How could you Ree! I trusted you! And now-“

    “Jesus Princey, do you have any chill?” Virgil complained, having nearly been smacked in the face by Roman’s gesticulations. “He was just asking you what colors you want your nails,” Virgil clarified, rolling his eyes at Roman’s dramatics.

    “Neon green!” announced Remus gleefully shaking his hands out at the wrist. “And I want a mini middle finger silhouette on each of my actual middle fingers! Oh and I want the anarchy symbol on all the others, but only on my left hand. I want the other hand to say ‘fuck’ in all caps with an exclamation mark at the end!”

    “Of course you do,” said Virgil with an attempt at an exasperated eye roll, although the effect was fairly mitigated by his fond smile.

    “Damn fucking right with a cherry on top!” shouted Remus, never one to be able to control his volume.

    “Alright, alright,” soothed Roman. “I won’t be able to paint them if you keep stimming so much. Can you use your chewlery instead?”

    Remus considered for a moment, weighing his desire to continue to wave his hands around against the basic human need for anarchy nails.

    “Yeah, I can use my chewlery,” he finally decided, picking up his squid shaped chewy pendant and firmly sticking it in his mouth.

    Roman got out the neon green nail polish that he reserved also specifically for Remus, and grabbed his hand, applying a thin layer to his pinky nail. Remus did his best to keep his hands still. Drying nail polish on his fingers was not a good texture. He’d even rather touch-

    “So,” said Virgil conversationally, interrupting Remus’s thoughts. “How’s Janus doing?”

    “Oh yeah! Speaking of Janus,” Roman spoke before Remus could reply. “Have you guys, you know, talked about your feelings yet?”

    “What?” said Remus, genuinely confused.

    “Well you like xem right? Like you’re always talking about him,” explained Roman.

    “Of course I like him, Pissy,” said Remus, a little offended that Roman would dare question his friendship with Janus. “They are my best friend!”

    “Ouch,” muttered Virgil, more joking than actually hurt. “But I don’t think that’s what Roman meant. I think he was talking about romantic feelings. I mean, everyone’s paired up but you two, so we’ve been a little curious.”

    “Oh,” said Remus, feeling as though his blood had been replaced by half solidified scrambled eggs.

    “Wait, what is your sexuality anyway?” Virgil asked. “I’ve seen you flirt with nearly everyone, but I’m not sure if you’ve ever told me about a single date.”

    “Why, Virgil? Are you trying to get in my pants?” Remus responded, a rather pitiful attempt at distraction.

    “Ew!” Virgil and Roman shouted in unison, proving Remus’s distraction highly effective.

    “We are not talking about that,” declared Roman.

    “Yeah, I think it's time for a topic change,” shuddered Virgil.

    After that, talk quickly dissolved into friendly bickering, but, unknown to Virgil and Roman, the damage had already been done. Because they were right weren’t they? Everyone else had paired up. It was only a matter of time before Janus expected the same. Or worse, Janus would grow bored of waiting and move on without him.

    And that would not be good at all.

    Alone in his room, Remus wiggled his newly painted fingers in an attempt to wring the physical discomfort of his thoughts from his mind.

    It didn’t really work.

    He couldn’t let Janus forget about him, just because his stupid brain couldn’t feel attracted to him. Janus was his best friend. He put up with all Remus’s disturbing infodumps, even when the topic was gross. Xe comforted Remus when the intrusive thoughts became too much to handle, even listening to him vent about them. Even when the intrusive thoughts were about Janus himself, Janus cared for Remus in a way that no one else could ever bring themselves to.

    Janus deserved everything they wanted and more, and Remus wouldn’t deny them it! He couldn’t! Not when Janus was so perfect and so kind to him and so deserving of everything xe could ever want!

    He could be whatever Janus needed! He wasn’t chickenshit! If Janus wanted a partner or a (ick) lover, then that is what Remus would be!

    Remus was always one to grab life by the scrotum, and he wasn’t going to stop doing that just because he might personally be uncomfortable with his own actions! He wouldn’t be weak like that. He could prove to Janus just how worth being around he was, even if he had to step over all his boundaries to do so.

    With clarity too shrouded by his fear of abandonment, Remus made a plan.

    #my writing#sanders sides #a different kind of love #Remus sanders#autistic Remus #autistic Remus sanders #non sam aro remus #nonbinary janus #sanders sides au #Janus sanders#sympathetic remus#sympathetic janus #sanders sides fanfiction #sanders sides fanfic #sanders sides fic #platonic dukeceit#platonic demus
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  • vladikkotorinevladik
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    A little sneak peak for a collab

    Thats how the sketching process goes

    (I promise he won’t be naked when I’m done with sketching)

    #sanders sides#ts janus#dukeceit#demus#collab sneakpeak #ask to tag #This will be dukeceit #and I will not be showing Remus bc I love how his doodle turned out #Janus looks like he had a good night (sleep) #I might fix it #for the collab I’m doing the line art
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  • therealmoshar
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Having a bad day? Solution; Draw your favorite character also having a bad day.

    #it actually worked for me #lol. i love this sonovabitch snake #sorry jan-baby <3 #gonna add roman tmrw its 1am gonna sleep now #ts#brooke's art#ts fanart#sanders sides#janus sanders#patton sanders#remus sanders#virgil sanders#moceit#ts moceit #dukexiety too? its meant to be platonic but ehhh #nahh #omg i forgor #logan sanders #logan my beloved #edit; omg i meant DEMUS my dumbass AHAHAA #...yeah still meant to be platonic ^u^b
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  • scenecipriano
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    A Funny Story

    Description: How they met really was a funny story...

    Characters: Patton, Remus, Roman, Janus Logan (Mentioned), Virgil (Mentioned)

    Relationships: Intruality, Past Logicality, Analogical (Mentioned), Brotherly Demus, Intruality are Roman’s parents. 

    TW: Arson, Cheating in relationships, Implied Unsympathetic Logan and Virgil


    Patton hums as he stirs a cookie mixture, it was just him and his eight-year-old son Roman at home, his husband had gone out to get what he likes to call ‘cookie juice’, Patton always thought that was an odd way to refer to milk.

    “Hey, dad? How did you and papa meet?” Roman asks, startling his father in the process.

    Patton turns to look at him, a playful scowl on his face as he points the cookie batter-covered spoon at the boy.

    “What did I tell you about sneaking up on your old man? And what’s got you wondering about that kiddo?”

    A mischievous grin forms on Roman’s face as he shrugs.

    “Not to! And cause when I was at school we had story time and Mr. Thomas let everyone tell a story. I told the one about the dragon witch that papa always tells! But then Remy, that’s Mr. Emile’s son, told the story of how his papa met his baba and everyone thought it was funny! I can’t let him be funnier than me dad, it would be a crime!”

    Patton snorts in amusement as he pushes his cookie batter aside, taking a seat at the kitchen table. He gestures for Roman to join him.

    “What makes you think, mine and your papa’s first meeting was funny?”

    “Because papa is silly? I’ve even heard you tell others when they’ve asked that it was a ‘funny story’! I wanna know, please?” Roman musters up his best puppy eyes.

    Patton rolls his eyes fondly as he ruffles his son’s dark auburn hair.

    “All right…”

    10 Years Earlier

    Patton should have known it wasn’t going to last. His friend Andy tried to warn him about Logan Pimbrook the very first day Patton gushed over him. Of course, Patton didn’t listen, too caught up in his fantasies of what it would be like to date the Logan Pimbrook. He was Valley High’s star pupil, Logan was going places and snuffed anyone who even looked at him, but he had chosen Patton.

    Now, Patton found himself crying on a park bench, on Valentine’s Day of all days. He and Logan had been dating since Patton was sixteen and the latter had been seventeen. Six years later and Patton finds his boyfriend half-naked in their shared apartment with Virgil Storm of all people.

    Patton wasn’t one to ever really put down people, but Virgil Storm had built up a reputation in school and even during college, but he never thought that Virgil would go after Logan.

    “Well, isn’t this a sight for sore eyes! Literally, you look like shit, cupcake what’s the matter?”

    Patton looks up, letting out a pitiful sniffle. Standing in front of him was a man who looked to be at least a foot or two taller than him. His skin was fair, his face angular and a ratty-looking mustache stood out among his features. The man had his dark brown hair tied up into a messy bun, a grey-streaked piece of hair framed his face perfectly.

    If you were to compare him to Patton, you would say they were opposites. The man opted for black and green colors with bits of mesh and ripped jeans, whereas Patton was all about pastels and pretty skirts.

    “Hello? Earth to cutie on the bench, are ya broken? Is it because of my devilish good looks?” The man teases.

    That earned him a wet laugh from Patton, causing the man to grin brightly at him before taking a seat next to Patton on the bench.

    “I-I um… I’m Patton and… N-No I’m not okay…”

    “I’m Remus, sorry for saying you look like shit I legit have no fucking filter, but anyway what’s wrong buttercup? Come on talk to the stranger in the park, promise I’m not a murderer.”

    Patton couldn’t help but laugh again, he was sure that if Andy was here he would be trying his hardest to get him away from Remus.

    “I-It’s nothing really...just… something stupid…” Patton mumbles.

    “Well, good thing I like stupid! Come on, no need to be sad on the big V-Day!”

    A smile tugs at Patton’s face as he shakily wipes his tears away, he takes a deep breath and turns to face Remus completely.

    “I… I just found out that my boyfriend of six years has been cheating on me… a-and he chose to do it with the… the possible worst person in the world!”

    Remus crosses one of his legs over the other, leaning against his knee as he props his head up with his hands.

    “Got names? I love when some piping hot tea is spilled! And talking about it may help ya, my little brother Janus is always spewing on about talking your feelings out.”

    Patton turns fully around on the bench, pulling his legs up and into a crisscross position as he does.

    “You may not know him but… my boyfriend Logan Pimbrook, decided to… to cheat on me with Virgil freaking Storm! Can you believe-”

    “Wait, wait wait wait! Virgil Storm? Tall, lanky, pale motherfucker with black eyeshadow and wears a patched hoodie thinking he’s Sally from fucking Nightmare Before Christmas? That Virgil Storm?” Remus interrupts.

    Patton blinks owlishly as he nods slowly.


    “He dated my brother a few years back, convinced him to sleep with him then proceeded to post pictures all around their school. My brother had to be homeschooled after because of all the bullying.”

    Patton stares at Remus for a moment before freezing.

    “You’re Janus Doherty’s brother, that’s why he left? I… I had no idea… I saw the pictures and took as many as I could down but it was too late. I had no idea that Virgil did that to him.”

    A dark look passes over Remus’s face, Patton knew that the look wasn’t pointed toward him.

    “Well, Patton seems like we have a mutual enemy! You said he fucked your boyfriend right?”

    Patton nods, squeaking when he’s suddenly pulled up from the bench.

    “Do you think this Logan will be out by now?”

    “M-Maybe? Why?”

    “Good, let’s go.”

    Patton wasn’t sure what Remus was exactly planning, or why he wanted to go to his and Logan’s shared apartment. He asked him multiple times, only to be given a wide grin and a cryptic answer of ‘Just wait.’

    Now at the apartment, Patton fidgets nervously. It was only a mere hours ago that he was here, walking in on his boyfriend and Virgil on the couch of all places.

    “Is your name on the lease of this place?” Remus asks suddenly.

    “Um… No, Logan insisted that he would take care of everything why- Remus!”

    Patton watches as Remus picks up Logan’s MacBook, slamming the computer on the ground with enough force that they could hear the screen crack.

    “What are you doing!?”

    “What’s it look like? Destroying his shit, he slept with one of the sleaziest people in Florida, he deserves everything he fucking gets. Now, do you want to cut up the couch or should I? I don’t mind doing all the damage!”

    Patton knew this was wrong, it was petty. Was he really that angry at Logan that he would go as far as destroying the other man’s things?

    “Oh, this bitch.”

    Patton shakes his head and looks at Remus, he was holding a digital camera in his hands. Patton recognized it as the one that Logan always carried with him, never letting anyone touch it.


    He moves to Remus’s side, looking at the camera. There were multiple pictures of Logan posing with Virgil, some just as recent as a few weeks ago and some going as far back to when he and Logan first started dating.

    “Make that two fucking sleaze bags.”

    Patton wasn’t sure what really came over him, maybe it was hurt, or maybe it was the unbridled anger that filled his heart, but the next thing he or Remus knew was him snatching the camera and throwing it onto the floor as hard as he could.

    The little thing exploded into pieces, each of them sliding across the hardwood floor. Silence floods the room before being broken by Remus’s loud laughter.

    “That’s what I’m talking about!! I’m gonna go ruin that bitches clothes!”

    Patton clenches his fists as he’s left alone in the living room, he marches over to the kitchen, grabbing a knife from the knife block. He stalks back over to the couch and begins to rip into the leather.

    Stuffing came out and flew above his head the more Patton ripped and stabbed at the couch.

    ‘ How many times… HOW MANY TIMES!?’

    Patton stops his attack on the couch, his hands trembling as he drops the knife. A choked sob leaves him as he slumps down in front of the ruined appliance.

    “Should we burn these or- Patton?” Remus calls as he walks back into the living room, dropping a pile of Logan’s clothes as he makes his way over to Patton.

    “I-I gave… I-I gave him six years of my life… a-and he’s been cheating on me since day one! I’m s-so stupid!”

    Patton buries his face in his hands as sobs crash through him. He feels Remus wrap his arms around him.

    “You’re not stupid, he is for stringing you along. Now, get up, dry those tears. We’re not crying over an asshole like him or Virgil Storm.”

    Remus helps Patton stand, slowly pulling his hands away from the crying man’s face as he wipes his tears away.

    “L-let’s fucking burn those boring-ass clothes.”

    Present Time

    “Really, it was a poor lapse of judgment on our part, but I can’t say I really regret it…” Patton finishes as he looks at his son.

    Roman sat staring at him wide-eyed.

    “You and papa set someone’s house on fire!?”

    “Yes, they did and if it wasn’t for me setting them up with an alibi they would have ended up in prison.”

    Patton and Roman turn, seeing Janus standing on the kitchen threshold, grocery bags held in his hands as he flashes the two of them a look of amusement.

    “Uncle Jan! Did you go to the store with papa?”

    Janus sets the bags down just in time to catch his nephew as Roman threw himself into the man’s arms.

    “No, but I came right when he was unloading the car. Now, why were you two talking about arson?”

    “Arson!? Not without me, I hope!”

    Patton couldn’t help but smile when he hears his husband’s voice, his smile brightens when Remus pushes himself into the kitchen.

    “Dad was telling me how you two burned some mean guy’s house down!”

    Remus gives Patton a questioning look.

    “He needed a funny story for his next storytime session at school,” Patton says innocently.

    Remus grins and walks over to his husband, planting a kiss in the center of his forehead, earning them a chorus of ews from Janus and Roman.

    “It is a pretty funny story huh?”

    #sanders sides#patton sanders#remus sanders#roman sanders#janus sanders #virgil sanders mentioned #logan sanders mentioned #implied unsympathetic logan and virgil #past logicality#intruality#analogical mentioned#brotherly demus #intruality as roman's parents #tw arson #tw cheating in a relationship #chaotic intruality my beloved #note: no apartment buildings were harmed in the making of this fic #they just did some extensive damage to that bitches apartment
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  • simon-s-sketchbook
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Little scribble that turned into something more

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  • trickster-tabby
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Sides' pet names for each other because. Idk I'm still half asleep and I'm s of t

    Also includes whether they're together or not

    All the ones that are insults are in an affectionate way

    Putting them under the cut because I did it for everyone so there's a lot


    Logan: Firefly (married)

    Janus: Snakey (dating)

    Virgil: Kitten (friends with benefits)

    Roman: Bitch (platonic)

    Remus: Dumbass (platonic)


    Roman: Darling (married)

    Logan: Baby Blue (QPR)

    Janus: Dipshit (found brothers)

    Patton: n/a (friends with benefits)

    Remus: Just Some Guy (platonic)


    Remus: Baby (married)

    Patton: Hon (dating)

    Virgil: Bitch Boy (found brothers)

    Logan: Sweetheart (platonic, mostly)

    Roman: Princess/Princette (dating)


    Patton: Starlight (married)

    Remus: Starlight (dating)

    Virgil: Angel/Angie (QPR)

    Roman: Roro (platonic)

    Janus: Jannie (platonic, mostly)


    Virgil: Angel, Kitty (married)

    Janus: Jan-Jan (dating)

    Logan: Just A Little Guy (platonic)

    Patton: Knife Boy (platonic)

    Remus: My Beloathed (siblings)


    Janus: Scaley (married)

    Logan: Firefly (dating)

    Virgil: Horny(because... He has horns) (platonic)

    Patton: Knife Boy (platonic)

    Roman: Whore (siblings)

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  • thecrowslullaby
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    There has ben a consistent lack of loceit on my blog so it was time to step up and do sth about it, least people start to suspect my brain rot has ceased, and we cannot have that.

    bonus demus+logince because somebody has corrupted me

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  • anxiousgaypanicking
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #demus#demus smut #not safe for sanders #nsfs#ts janus#ts remus #sanders sides smut #dukeceit smut#dukeceit
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  • vladikkotorinevladik
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Let me just

    Spoon feed you Dukeceit kissing

    #sanders sides#ts janus#janus sanders#dukeceit#demus#ts remus#remus sanders #ask to tag #I love this one #let me break it down for you #Janus is leading the kiss - the way he’s reaching for Remus #how his neck is a bit extended - again he’s reaching for Remus #and Remus isn’t moving #(the way is head “sunk’’ back but he’s not actually moving away) #I love analyzing my own drawings #I dont like that Remus looks too tall (disproportionally so)
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  • theworldisonfireandimgay
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ok hear me out

    Janus is half snake, and most snakes smell by flicking their tongues.

    Remus is allergic to soap and barely bathes.

    Janus is probably one of the only sides who can be around Remus for long periods of time because of his unique way of smelling.

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  • imnotgrimimjustagrumpyreaper
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Janus and Remus are honestly just like: they're best friends, they're married, they're roommates, they're dating, they're madly in love, they tolerate each each other because they have no one else, they still go on date nights after 40 years, they sleep in separate beds, its them against the world and the world will never win-

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  • eliemo
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    me: I have so many fics to finish i cant start any new projects

    the incredibly sexy enemies to lovers Demus au complete with sexual tension and angst sitting in my brain:

    me: 👀

    #i am considering #but i need to update pirate au and truth hurts #and i have 4 one shots opened and unfinished right now #sanders sides#fanfiction#demus
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  • loganofthenorth
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Original post: https://princey-daisy.tumblr.com/post/667220433081368576/i-made-a-shipping-web-just-because-feel-free-to

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  • hissceit
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    hello hello!!! its been uhh a hot minute since ive been active here or posted anything ,, but ive been working on this fic for a long while now and while its nowhere near finished, i decided to bite the bullet and post the first chapter anyway and hope for the best haha

    its about janus and remus raising a new side together, and he gets kidnapped by the dragon witch, and they (plus the other sides) go on a mission to rescue him! im hoping to have a delightful bit of character development, relationship mending, and storybuilding all mish-mashed into this fic, and i would really love it if you could come along for the ride!!

    fic can be read here, hope you enjoy!

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  • vladikkotorinevladik
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Allow me to make Remus’ skirt look dukeceit and gay

    Many snakes have disposable fangs

    Remus has weird teeth as a necklace, they’re sharp and thin, a bit curly

    #sanders sides#dukeceit#demus#teeth #ask to tag #I’m going to make everything dukeceit #it doesnt even need to be romantic #i just love those two are partners (romantic? crime? doesn’t matter)
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