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    16.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    My Hero Academia



    •I was thinking about Midoriya when the thought “What would his death be like if he died!” So I got to thinking and imagine if he dies after defeating All for One and Shigaraki

    •We know for a fact that Izuku Midoriya is the #1 hero but what if he wasn’t, I looked back on the the first couple episodes on season 1 and he was bullied like what if the line “Just pray you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!” Turned him into a villain. Like I know the show is about him being the #1 hero and how he achieved that but I wonder what he would be like as a villain

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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Birthday wishes 🎂❤️🧡


    Happy birthday to our precious sunshine boy!! (And also Tetsutetsu! 🥺) I really hope they're receiving all the love they deserve ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    You can find more of my art on my Instagram! 🥺🤲🏻💛

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    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ♡ — Not Saying “I Love You” Back

    featuring :: Izuku Miydoria, Denki Kaminari

    genre :: fluff? smau

    warnings :: none 😶‍🌫️

    want to read more of my work? here’s my masterlist

    a/n :: did you know that when you do that it is so cool because that means this thing and I got this idea from a tik tok anyways reblog’s are appreciated

    (n/n) means nickname

    © infxrity don’t steal my work Tris and Bambi are watching

    Tag List - @kabieroun @nikey-thee-shue @animated-moon @sweetlilymammamia @escapenightmare @devilgirlcrybabiey @maixcore @p-ol @beezebub @sscarchiyo @animebae100 @pyobeul @tejxswini @nishikina

    #「 𖤣𖥧 」 library #mha x reader #bnha x reader #bnha fluff#bnha smau#izuku midoriya#izuku fluff #izuku x reader #Izuku smau#denki kaminari#denki fluff #denki x reader #denki smau #denki x y/n
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    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Denki Kaminari x F!reader: Shut up Pikachu

    Notes: This is from the one-shot I made in my Quotev account, if you mind, please support me here:) I love writing Haikyuu,MHA blogs,one-shots,fanfics but I barely get any support:) Thank you for stopping by! _____________________________________________ Another afternoon, the class was just dismissed. You grabbed your bag and stood up from the chair, as your chaotic group of friends showed up, none other than Bakugang. Kaminari rushed over you and wrapped his arms around your shoulder, as the other buddies came rushing to you. "Y/N-channnnnnnnnnnnnnn"- Kaminari whined.-"EXAM IS NEXT WEEK WHAT AM I GONNA DOOO?!" Just as you expected, the blondie whined crying at you, making you laugh "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AAAAA"-The blondie sniffled, gripping tighter to you, making you blush "Denki-kun, space...."-You whispered,  as he let go of you with a hint of red "AA I'M SO SORRY Y/N-CHAN"-He screamed "Stop shouting oh my god...."-You mentally facepalmed "Oh...yes-. But Y/N-chan! Will you help me study pretty please!!? I'm worried!"-Kaminari looked up with puppy eyes "Dang this cute dude"-You mentally blushed and thought "Say, would you like to visit my house to study? We can have a sleepover as well since I live alone-" "REALLY?! THANK-"- Denki shouted as you smacked his back "Volume"-You facepalmed "O-ow, right."-He grinned, rubbing his back.- "Damn, why does she have to hit me, THIS MAKES ME EVEN CRAZIER ABOUT HER"-The blonde blushed "You can visit tomorrow, after class, make sure to bring clothes and stuff you need."-You smiled -NEXT DAY-

    "Class dismissed"-Mr. Aizawa stepped out "Alright Pikachu."-You grabbed your bag, standing beside Denki-"Let's go" "Stop calling me Pikachu!"-He muttered "I think Pikachu's cute, besides, no one will ever receive any nicknames from me, but you~"-You grinned "R-really?"-He looked up, having the biggest and cutest smile on his face ever, pink flushing cheeks "Yeah..."-You lowered my volume, secretly sending a death glare to Kirishima and Mina smirking behind "Let's go then!"-You turned around, sudden mood change, walking back to your home. 

    You guys arrived at your house, you unlocked the door, and you both entered your room "You're house is pretty small and nice! You never told me why you live alone though..."-Denki curiously asked "Ah, family conflicts, you know, like Torodoki-kun and his father before. My aunt bought me this house to stay."-You said, shrugging normally. "Ow, that's deep, anyways let's study!"

    The blonde was surprisingly stupid, he received countless smacks from you, but just laugh it off. Little do you know, he wants to stay like that forever and loves how you hit him. "BOKE! It should be Passive form! You should really learn more English!!"-You hit him again (but lightly, of course, we don't want to hurt the cute boi), he laughed, and both of you lie on the floor, burst out of laughter. You stayed on the floor for a while, relaxing. You couldn't help but sneak some glares from the blondie, but he captured you looking in his yellow, bright orbs. You guys locked each other eyes together for a while and suddenly blushing. "A-ah it's 9:30 already, let me get some extra futon. I'll sleep on the floor."-You cut the awkward situation, clearing your throats "You would catch a cold if you sleep on the floor! I can't let you sleep like that!"- Denki sweatdropped "I can't treat my guess like that!"-You convinced him "What do you say if...we sleep...together?"- The blonde took all his courage and muttered, blushing heavily, even though he's very good at flirting with girls but this is probably his first time staying at a girl's house "Are you sure?'-You asked again, concerned and still can't believe you're actually sleeping with your crush. "Y-yeah!"-He grinned sheepishly. 

    You both sat on your bed, neither of you have the guts to lie down first, but you were cold, so you snuggled under your blanket "S-so cold...."-You shivered, you said, reaching out and turned off the light, turning on your sleep light. Suddenly from behind, you felt a warm arm wrapping around you. Definitely Denki, he has never done this with a girl he flirted with before though. He buried his face on your shoulder, as you can feel his face heat up from your shoulder. It's so warm... "D-denki-kun?"-You blushed so heavily like a tomato "Any warmer?"-He muttered, as you smiled and turn around to see his face. You wrapped your hand around him and snuggled your face in his chest "Yeah, you're so warm..."-You smiled, look in his gold eyes "I can't believe I'm actually cuddling with my crush, haha"-Denki smiled sheepishly-"Y/N-chan...I like you, like A LOT. Will you be my....girlfriend?" "Oh? I thought you flirt with many pretty girls~ Why'd you choose me then?"-You teased "You're different! And I won't flirt with any other girls from now on! Please say yes-"-He flustered "Oh shut up Pikachu, we obviously know I'm madly in love with you, so it's a yes"- You grinned, pecking his cheek, as his face heat up -" I love you." "I love you as well Y/N"-You slowly fall asleep

    #denki kaminari#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #oneshot#fanfic#bakusquad#romance #denki x female reader #denki x y/n #denki x you #denki x reader #mha x reader #mha x you #mha x yn
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    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ► 𝗪𝗵𝘆 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗯𝗻𝗵𝗮 𝗯𝗼𝘆𝘀 𝗯𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗲 𝘂𝗽.

    A/n: Uk the deal besties. Boggers falling angst. Prepare some tissues. Suggestive in Katsuki's

    ►JJK version ►m.list ►Dilftober

    Katsuki: Asked you to give him a tit job and stole all your bras. Not just that, he lied about it saying he's chest is just so big and you're just jelaous.

    Izuku: Writes every single thing in his diary. He said he just wanted to know you better, but when you opened it, it literally said "10 pm, they went to pee. I could hear it falling like the rain pours down on a rooftop."

    Kirishima: Goes hard (the other one. Get your mind out of the gutter) sometimes when he cooks in excitement. He was stirmrring the souo and didn't realise. You had a broken tooth when you ate the soup with tiny broken stones in it.

    Denki: Tried to swat a bee for you but ended up hitting you with the frying pan.

    Shoto: He was brushing your hair like you asked to and and accidentally lit them on fire.

    Dabi: Let's just say you are tired of stepping on his used staples lying around the house. You'd rather not have a boyfriend than bruised feet 24/7.

    Shigaraki: Man he kept asking for your hand and you assumed it was going to be romantic asf but the next thing he said was "I am so excited for the moment these hands will go on me. I'll place the near my arms."

    Taglist: @unabashednightmarepizza @loveliestmolly @half-baked-biscuit @katsukichu @smoothy-ve @lillina @your-girl-mj @sebbyzoldyck @tetsunormous @dukina @acethecard @koifish69 @deartoru @tamewkii @psycho-nightrose @kyanyakya @httptamaki @remington-cloves @hanmasin

    #bnha x reader #bnha headcanons #mha x reader #bnha x gn!reader #bakugou x reader #izuku x reader #shoto x reader #kirishima x reader #denki x reader #kaminari x reader #dabi x reader #shigaraki x reader #katsuki x reader #eijirou x reader #midoriya x reader #touya x reader #tomura x reader #bnha crack
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  • electricbisexualdisaster
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    manga panels are SO FUN to edit >:D have a kami with his hair up, i'm still not over the fact that he canonically uses hairclips- didn't think zappy mc flirtface could get any more loveable but here we are

    #denki#kaminari#kaminari denki#mha#bnha#manga panel#manga edit#manga aesthetic #manga panel coloring #chargebolt #my hero academia #boku no hero academia
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  • kaminari-denki-anon
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Not me ready to go help a friend kick some kids asses for her younger brother- little shits are mean-

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    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    HERO, TOO!! ✨🎧

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  • shippingcrumbs
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #bakugo katsuki#kaminari denki #kaminari x bakugo #bakugo x kaminari #kamibaku#bakukami
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  • random-mha-thoughts
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Out to Sea | MHA Pirate!AU

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Kaminari Denki, Sero Hanta, Ashido Mina, Jirou Kyouka 
    Genre: Adventure, Pirate!AU 
    Inspiration: Wellerman Song by Nathan Evans 
    Word count: 1,682 
    Tags: @rintomoj​ @yuki-osaki​ @yamichxn​​ @lonelyfangirl453​ @cyanide9602​ @liviitehe​ @bigkoalafications​ 
    A/n: Sooo long time no see... I'm not quite back to a regular posting schedule at the moment. PA school was making me very stressed and depressed™ for the past year and my first rotation was ROUGH, but I'm less S&D™ where I am now and that got the good ol' writing wheels turning again. I wanted to write this bc that Wellerman song has been stuck in my head and I figured it's October, everyone's writing fun stuff for kinktober Halloween so I hope this is something fun that you all enjoy.  It's a bit different than what I'm used to and there aren't any ships (wait a second lol I mean like relationships), but it was fun to write.

    Life on the high seas has its perks. The fresh smell of sea water, the welcoming chilled breeze of the ocean, the calm rocking that lulls you to sleep, all bound together with a simple, mundane life spent with a group of good friends.


    "Damnit, Kaminari, what happened to you?"

    The new honey-blond recruit's face is a lot paler than usual when he raises it above the bow rail, small bits of discolored acid stuck to the corner of his lip. "Bro," he moans sickly, "You know I get easily seasick..."

    At least, those things were perks to some people.

    "Hey, you signed up for this," his red-headed companion shrugs nonchalantly, handing him the rag hanging from the waistband of his loose-fitting red pants. The cloth would've fallen off his hips if it wasn't for the black belt so graciously given by his employer. The gold buckle matches the single golden hoop hanging off his earlobe. "You knew what you were getting yourself into."

    Kaminari ignores the rag, his shaky arm reaching up to wipe his mouth with the hem of his white and yellow striped shirt. "I thought I coulda controlled it. I was doing well, I don't know what happened. Maybe I ate something."

    Living on a ship with limited supplies and even more limited room to breathe has its drawbacks. Being restricted to rationing non perishable foodstuff, most of which is some kind of canned or dried. There's not much in the way of privacy with sharing living quarters among the entire crew. Not to mention certain smells that become too overwhelming after a while, forcing you to stumble on deck for fresh air. Some would even argue that having nothing to stare at but the open sea can get boring. Or maddening. Or just plain sickening.

    "Weren't you the one who was helping Mina cook dinner last night?" Sero chimes in, carrying a bucket of water and a mop towards the nauseous boy. "None of us got sick but you, dude."

    "It all probably became a little too much for him." Midoriya stands up from sitting on a crate nearby. "Probably nervous about his first trip out to sea. It's been a little more than a week that we've been out here, it's understandable that Kaminari isn't used to this lifestyle yet. Try chewing some ginger, it should help a little!"

    "Just ginger?" Sero chuckles. "I woulda thought you'd have some miracle drug for him, Doc."

    The boy blushes sheepishly at the nickname. Being the most educated gains you some informal titles. "I do, but I think he should toughen up as much as he can first." It was the first time the new recruit's vomited the whole trip, even after all the nightly drinking. That means he's doing well.

    Jirou slides down from the top deck to join the rest, shaking her head. "Captain Bakugo says we should turn back home, we've been at sea for too long without any luck and we need to restock." She eyes Denki, who's knees have buckled and is now leaning his back on the wall. "What's up with him?"

    "Tossed his cookies overboard," Sero quips.

    She clicks her tongue once in sympathy. "Poor kid."

    "Come on, we'll bring home the biggest whale and we'll make a huge fortune!" Kirishima pounds his fists together in hype. "Bakugou knows what he's doing!"

    "Ah yes, Captain Bakugou's biggest fanboy." Ashido shows up out of nowhere to slap Kirishima on the back.

    Todoroki trails behind her with a tray, probably returning from checking over supplies. Him and Midoriya hold the next highest positions under Bakugou's company, handling the logistics and planning of the trip. They're welcome - but still slightly awkward - additions to the team of loud misfits.

    "I brought drinks! Figured everyone's spirits needed lifting!" the pink-clad cook announces excitedly. She passes out wooden mugs full of beer mixed with whatever rainwater they managed to collect from the storm a few days ago. Kaminari declines with a pained groan.

    Once everyone has their drinks, Ashido holds hers high. "Here's to the best crew! I wouldn't wanna ride out in the middle of nowhere with anyone else!"

    "Here's to hoping Kaminari's stomach toughens up for the rest of the trip," Sero mockingly raises his mug to the newcomer, who’s still gathering his bearings.

    "Here's to hoping we bring another bounty on our way home!" Jirou toasts.

    "I doubt we'll find anything soon," Todoroki mumbles to himself.

    "Don't say that," Midoriya responds sheepishly.

    "Here here!" the rest of the crew cheers.



    "What was that Todoroki said?!" Sero screams from the other side of the deck, steering the sails.

    "He just had to jinx us!" Kaminari whines before cutting himself off to avoid seawater getting in his mouth. Jirou has to grab the back of his shirt to steady him, her other hand grasping the agonizingly taut rope.

    "Where is she?!"

    Bakugou finally steps out onto the deck above us. His red unofficial captain's jacket that's tied around his waist lashes in the wind, his arms folded across his chest and head held high in a powerful and stubborn posture.

    "Captain! The whale thrashed its tail and crashed into the ship!" Midoriya reports with a salute from out deck. "We've captured her, but she's so stubborn we can't lead her back to shore!"

    As the freckled boy gives his brief, Bakugo slides down from the upper deck and peers over the edge where Kaminari and Jirou are holding onto the weighted rope for dear life. "Stupid hair! Where're the harpoons, damnit!"

    "Right here, Captain!" Kirishima kicks the door open, wielding a set of steel, dangerously spiked arrows.

    "About freaking time!" The honey-blond boy adjusts his grip on the rope as it slips out of his hands, wincing against the nasty burn it's leaving on his bare palms. "Hurry up already!"

    "Bakugou! You can't-" Midoriya starts to protest.

    Todoroki appears and dares to whirl Bakugou around by the shoulder. "This is a bad idea. You know towing a deadweight whale is going to put more strain on the ship, not to mention it'll be stale by the time it reaches shore."

    Bakugou growls, shoving the hand off him and glaring into Todoroki's singular eye that's uncovered by his eye patch. "Who'scaptain of this ship, Pretty Boy? Besides, I'm not gonna kill her, just wound her enough so she's not thrashing all over the place! Hand me one of those things!"

    Kirishima throws one of the harpoons to the Captain, both of them eying over the bow.

    "You're just going to anger it even more!" Todoroki screams.

    "You gotta show'er who's boss!" Kirishima whoops excitedly.

    "Aim for the flanks, don't get her tail," Bakugou guides, raising the weapon behind his shoulder as he readies his throw.

    "Aye, sir!" Kirishima positions himself the same way, both of their eyes trained on the large creature.

    The whale had sensed the impeding danger and sank under the sea to hide, shrieking as it descends into the watery depths.


    The harpoons fly with incredible speed, glinting under the clear sky like missiles towards their target. As they submerge under, another pained shriek tears through the blustering wind. Suddenly, the rope slips away from Kaminari and Jirou, Kirishima and Midoriya run to grab the section in front of them, the boat rocking side to side as the whale knocks into us as it thrashes.

    "Hold on tight, extras!" Bakugou barks, "Don't let her get away! We're taking this whale home with us if it's the last thing we do!"

    "Yes, Captain!"

    "Another fortune awaits us when we get her back home!"

    "Yes, Captain!" everyone choruses again, a certain cabin boy a little more hysterical in the face of all the excitement.

    Under the guidance of Bakugou, the whale eventually calms down enough to cruise through the sea. The crew ties ropes through the metal oar holes at the side to stabilize them enough to let go. Jirou and Sero make sure they're still on track to get home as the whale half-pulls the ship towards the shore.

    Later under the clear starry night, the crew lights up the deck with torches and drunken songs and toasts of victory.

    "Here's to more rum!" Ashido grins cheekily.

    "More money!" Sero whoops.

    "More tea..." Todoroki mumbles quietly to himself in the corner with Midoriya.

    "I just wanna go home," Kaminari whines, drowning himself in more beer as the rest of the crew laughs at him and continues their song.


    "As far as I've heard, the fight's still on/The line's not cut, and the whale's not gone/The Wellerman makes his regular call/To encourage the captain, crew and all," Eijirou sings, rhythmically banging on his chair arm.

    The rest of his friends follow his lead in the chorus, tapping out the same beat, "Soon may the Wellerman come/To bring us sugar and tea and rum/One day, when the tonguing is done/We'll take our leave and go!"

    Everyone ceases their percussion, the night now still. "Soon may the Wellerman come/To bring us sugar and tea and rum/One day, when the tonguing is done/We'll take our leave and go!"

    Cheers and drunken whoops erupt from everyone's lips, glasses clinking from around the fire pit.

    "That's a pretty catchy song, Kiri," Mina gulps her drinks down.

    "Where'd you learn that from?" Kyouka continues tapping her finger lightly to the beat.

    The sharp-toothed boy beams and shrugs. "My grandpa used to sing it all the time when I was younger. I think it's much better to sing with a bunch of drunken friends though!"

    "I 100% agree, bro!" Denki messily clinks his beer bottle with Hanta's.

    Katsuki growls, "You guys just love every excuse to make noise, don't you?"

    Izuku walks up to him with his signature shy smile. "Ah, they're just having fun, Kacchan."

    "It was pretty cool how they all sang the chorus so well together," Shouto chimes in.

    "We should sing it again!" Hanta shoots up and stomps the rhythm out again.


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    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #thank youu for requesting darling!!! hope u like it 🧸💖😵✋🏻 #— moodboards.♡ #kaminari denki
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  • weebaboobs
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Boys Night

    Aka: The boys of MHA take a bet on who can make their gf (you) cum faster


    No toys

    Everyone gets to watch on Zoom

    Minors DNI — Rating: NSFW

    All characters are in their third year at U.A. and are therefore assumed to be 18+

    Izuku Midoriya

    Feels bad for asking you to do this and is really nervous because he’s never done something like this before

    Doesn’t think he’ll be very good compared to the others

    Is self conscious about his ability to finger you well so he uses his mouth instead

    Likes it when you pet his hair as he eats you out

    Will accidentally cum in his shorts when you climax

    “A-are you sure Puppy? We don’t have to…”

    “Of course we do Izu!” You cup his face in your hands, brushing your thumbs over his freckles. “Let’s show those guys how great you are”. You place a gentle kiss on his nose. “Besides, you know how much I love it when you eat me out!”

    He flushes at your words and threads his fingers in yours, leaning into your palm. “Okay, but just this once.”


    “F-fuck ‘zuku” you moan as he suckles your swollen clit, flicking his tongue against the tip. It’s been a few minutes already, and you’re incredibly close to cumming.

    He’s got you on your back, his face between your legs. You’ve got one hand in his hair, gently tugging at the roots when he hits the right spot. Your other hand grasps at your breast, massaging it over your bra.

    You weren’t planning on undressing, but pleas of “awe, c’mon Midoriya! Let us have a show!” from the boys on his laptop persuaded you otherwise.

    “It’s okay Izu, I won’t show them everything” you promised as you unbuttoned your blouse, letting it hang open.

    Deku’s laptop is angled so that the guys can mostly see you and watch your reactions, but his face buried in your pussy is just visible in the lower left side of the screen.

    He slips his tongue inside your tight hole as he brings his thumb up to rub circles over your clit. You hear him moan, “cum for me Puppy” against your folds, just loud enough for you to hear.

    You let go, placing both hands on his head and holding him down, helping him lap up your juices now spilling around his mouth, “yes Deku!”

    The sound of his hero name on your lips pushes him over the edge as well, and he cums in his shorts. His ears grow red with embarrassment, and he’s eternally grateful that his lower half is off-screen.

    As you come down from your climax you hear Kaminari shout, “and Midoriya sets the bar at 5 minutes, 13 seconds!”

    The guys whoop and holler through the screen:

    “Damn Midoriya, get some!”

    “Goddamn, I didn’t know you had that in you bro!”

    Bakugou, of course, is scowling. He wholeheartedly expected him to fail.

    You look in the camera, “hey, Katsuki” and run your middle finger through your folds, collecting your juices before sucking them off your finger, pulling it out of your mouth with a *pop* and flipping him off.

    You shut off the camera and turn to Izuku, who looks like he’s about to have a heart attack, sweat rolling down his pale face, “I CANT BELIVE YOU JUST DID THAT TO KACCHAN! HES GONNA KILL YOU!”

    You laugh, pulling him into your chest, “Don’t worry Izu, I can take him.”


    Shoto Todoroki

    Isn’t really sure why they’re making bets on this

    Struggles to figure out how to work Zoom

    Sweet boy peppers your thighs and stomach with kisses the whole time

    Knows you love it when he uses his quirks for temperature play !!

    Ice dildo !!

    Is surprised when you scream his name as you cum

    Will want to cuddle afterwards

    Your boyfriend walks into your room, a very focused look on his face, and asks, “Y/N, do you think I can make you cum faster than the other guys can make their girlfriends cum?”

    You’re used to his dense and blunt nature, which means he often asks odd questions out of the blue, but this was new. “I’m sure you can, but why do you want to know Sho?”

    “My peers are making bets on who can do it faster.”

    “Well, what are they saying about you?” You move over to sit next to him on your bed, holding his hand in yours. You know he just needs to talk through things when he gets hyper-fixated like this.

    “Kirishima and Midoriya are supportive. But the others keep asking me how many times you’ve screamed my name. I’m not really sure why they want to know that though, because you never yell at me.”

    You laugh to yourself, loving his innocence. “Do you wanna show ‘em?” You place his hand against your crotch, showing him that you’re already wet for him.


    You’re sitting on your couch with Shoto on his knees before you, still wearing your school uniform from earlier that day. With one hand you’re holding the crotch of your panties aside to give him better access, and with the other you hold Shoto’s phone since he couldn’t figure out how to set it up.

    The camera’s focused on his fingers in your pussy, but you make sure to zoom out from time to time to allow the guys to see how much you’re enjoying him.

    He places soft kisses along your inner thighs as he strokes a frosty finger against your clit, savoring the hiss you let escape your lips at his touch. You love when he uses his quirks on you.

    “Sh-Sho, do that thing, p-please” you moan, knowing it’ll help you get off quicker.

    His eyes light up as he shifts, placing his left hand on your lower stomach, and teasing your entrance with his right.

    His left hand begins to heat up as he places pressure on your womb. He looks you in the eyes and mouths, “ready?” as he begins to circle his middle finger around your dripping hole.

    You nod your head, biting your bottom lip in anticipation. He places a chaste kiss against your clit, offering a little more stimulation, as he inserts his finger to the knuckle.

    That’s when you feel it: the cold stretch of an ice dildo he creates inside of you. You know it’s technically against the rules, but boosting Shoto’s confidence is much more important to you than some dumb bet.

    You throw your head back, moaning loudly in ecstasy. You adjust the camera so they can see your fucked-out face and not the massive icicle Shoto’s thrusting in and out of your cunt.

    “Whoa, what the hell’s Icy Hot doing down there?” Bakugou barks, suddenly feeling his cock strain against the crotch of his pants.

    “I don’t care what it is, I wanna see Y/N’s ‘O’ face!” Kaminari chimes in, Sero chuckling with him.

    The contrast of Shoto’s heat soothing your womb with the stinging chill of the dildo scraping against your walls has you right in the verge of orgasm.

    It’s when he takes your swollen clit in his moth, sucking and lapping at the bud, groaning in response to your cute noises, that you come undone, shaking under his touch.

    You look in the camera leans as you scream, “Shoto! Yes! Ah fuck yes Sho!” And cum around his ice cold fingers.

    His head snaps up to look at you, his eyes wide and in shock. You’ve never cum that violently before. Suddenly he understands what the guys were joking about earlier.

    He withdraws his finger, ice dildo now melted, and replaces it with warm digits from his other half. He knows just the right temperature to soothe your sensitive pussy, helping you come down from your high.

    Kaminari clears his throat, obviously recovering himself, “Alright, sorry Midoriya but Todoroki beat you by 20 seconds!”

    You pull Shoto up to your face, kissing him on the lips, “congrats love! See? I knew you could do it”.

    He grabs the camera from you, holding it inches away from his face, “Goodbye everyone, thank you for your support.” You stifle a laugh as he turns off the phone, cutting off everyone’s protests.

    He wraps his arms around your waist and lays the two of you on the couch. He rests his head against your chest, allowing you to play with his hair as he sighs under your touch.


    Denki Kaminari

    Is wayyy to excited to show you off

    Talks a big game before starting

    Would rapid-fire finger you from behind

    Quirk use !!

    Knows how to make you squirt and makes sure it gets on the camera lens !!

    Won’t stop telling you he loves you afterwords

    “Hot damn! Look at that tight ass you guys!” You’re on your hands and knees, ass wiggling in the air for the camera.

    You didn’t need any convincing to let Denki show off how well he can make you cum. The two of you are always doing risqué shit like this.

    He palms your ass with one hand, holding his phone in the other. He slaps both sides, leaving red hand prints behind.

    “Get on with it already, Duracell.” Bakugou barks, growing impatient.

    Denki groans, “You can’t rush this man!”

    “That’s the whole point bro!” Sero teases.

    “Alright alright, but look at this first. Ay Princess, let me show em that sweet cunt of yours I get to fuck every night.”

    You happily grab your ass cheeks and spread them apart for the camera. Denki takes his index and middle finger, delicately spreading apart your freshly shaven folds. Your pretty pink pussy pulsates around nothing, begging to be played with.

    “Fuck her good bro,” Kirishima chimes in, “like a man!”

    “Watch me.” He sets the phone on a little bench just at the edge of the bed. From this angle, the guys can perfectly see your dripping pussy and abused ass, and Denki’s expert hands.


    He’s got three fingers buried to the knuckle in your pussy. He grabs onto your pony tail, pulling your head back towards him for more leverage as he rapidly pumps in and out of you.

    He’s moving so fast the guys can barely see what he’s doing, but whatever it is they can tell it’s working.

    Your moans echo through your room as you scream his name over and over again, begging him to make you cum.

    “God, yES Denki, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” You can hear little grunts and coughs coming from his phone as the guys try to stifle how turned on they are.

    “Oh fuck baby I’m gonna cum! Make me cum please!” You whine.

    “Wanna squirt for me Princess? Show these guys how fucking slutty you are for me, how good I fuck you?”

    “Yes -fuck- you know I love it when you make me squirt all over you!” Kaminari gives the camera a sly wink as he turns on his quirk, sending small jolts of electricity through his fingers and into your bladder, stimulating your orgasm and making you spray everywhere.

    Your legs tremble as you release, soaking Denki’s hand, the sheets, and even getting some on the camera lens.

    You’re fucked out, but can hear one of the guys say, “Holy shit I wish my girl did that.” You smile, knowing your boyfriend is over the moon right now.

    He spins you around, pulling you into a sloppy, overly-excited kiss.

    “God I fucking love you Y/N” he praises between kisses, barely pausing to take a breath.

    “I love you” *bites at your lips*

    “I love you” *kisses one nipple*

    “I love you” *sucks on the other nipple*

    “Kami, baby, I get it!” You laugh, petting his hair to try and get him to calm down.

    “For fucks sake, take that mushy shit elsewhere!” Bakugou spits.

    Sero quickly chimes in, “Your time was 3 minutes 37 seconds bro! Good job!” Before Bakugou ends the meeting.

    “Think you can go again Princess?” He asks excitedly, “I’m dying to get in that pussy!”


    Hanta Sero

    Guided masturbation

    Uses a mirror

    Never once touches you himself

    Has you call him “Sir”

    Will make you moan Denki’s name when you cum just to fuck with him

    “Watch and learn boys,” Sero muses, “I guarantee you’ve never made a girl cum like this.” He snickers, obviously confident in his skills.

    You two are on the floor. You’re sitting fully naked between his legs, head and back propped up on his torso. His feet are pulling your ankles further apart, making sure your pussy is highly visible.

    You’re sitting in front of a large mirror, with a full view of both of you. Sero has the camera facing the mirror so that the guys are looking at you in its reflection.

    He lightly cascades the back of his fingers down your neck, tucking your hair behind your ear and sending chills down your spine and into your core. You crane your head to one side, resting it against his other shoulder. It’s evident how utterly in love you are with him.

    “Touch yourself.” He mewls into your ear, lips just grazing against it.

    You move your delicate hand to your pussy, already throbbing with anticipation. You gently stroke your fingers up and down your labia, slightly pulling back your lips to reveal the tightest cunt they’ve ever seen.

    “Don’t touch your clit until I say so.”

    “Yes sir” you obey. He sends goosebumps down your arms as he lightly strokes his finger tips along your skin. You can feel his cock pressing against the small of your back, and you know that giving him control over your orgasm makes him feral.

    “You’re such a good girl” he praises, “fuck yourself with those pretty fingers of yours”. He presses his lips against your neck, tasting the salty sheen of sweat that now coats it.

    You insert two fingers, curling them just the way you like. Your mouth hangs open as your breathing picks up pace.

    “Enjoying yourself, babydoll?” He nibbles your ear, making eye contact through the mirror, “do you want more?”

    “Y-yes sir, please” you breathe, sucking on your lower lip to muffle a moan.

    He draws his other hand up your torso, lightly dancing his fingers across your supple skin until he reaches your neck, methodically wrapping his fingers around your throat and applying just enough pressure to make you look at him through the mirror.

    “Touch your clit” he demands as he places soft kisses along your jaw line. His tongue reaches between his lips to lick up the side of your mouth, catching your upper lip along the way. He grabs your jaw to tilt your head up to his.

    You drag your fingers and your slick up to your clit, now swollen and throbbing, and start drawing tight circles around it. You watch in the mirror as a trail of your juices begins to drip down your ass and pool on the floor.

    Your breath hitches as you pick up the pace, and Sero captures your mouth in his to keep you quiet. His lips are soft and powerful against yours. His tongue pushes past your lips to graze against your own, the taste of him further clouding your senses.

    You envelop his tongue between your lips, lightly sucking on the muscle as you bring yourself closer to orgasm.

    Sero can feel you start to squirm beneath him, so he pushes your legs open even more and pulls back to whisper in your ear so only you can hear, “I want you to moan Kaminari’s name when you cum. Make him hear it. If you do, I’ll let you cum on my cock next.”

    His words alone push you over the edge, falling fast towards your climax.

    “Ah, f-fuck! Denki, god yes!” You moan, loud enough for all the guys to hear you cumming undone to the sound of Denki’s name.

    You hear Kaminari choke and sputter through the phone, and feel Sero smile behind you, chuckling to himself. Denki was already on the edge of his seat, practically taking notes. When he heard his name come out of your mouth he just about came himself.

    Sero releases his hold on your jaw and brings his hand down to your pussy, overstimulating your clit as he addresses the group, “so boys? What do ya think?”

    You’re squirming beneath him, little whimpers and cry’s leaving your mouth as you desperately grab onto his wrists, willing him to let your sensitive pussy rest.

    “Holy shit bro, I think that was the manliest thing I’ve ever seen!” Kirishima is in awe, already thinking about how he’s gonna try that out on you.

    “Kaminari, what’s my time?” Sero sneers, anxiously waiting to hear the fluster in Denki’s voice.

    “It uh,” he starts, clearing his throat, “I-it’s 2 minutes and 54 seconds” he stammers. His cheeks are bright red and his hair looks a little disheveled through the camera.

    “Good job babydoll! Wanna show em how well you can suck dick next?” He offers, only half joking. But before you can reply Bakugou once again ends the meeting to Kaminari’s extreme disappointment.

    “Hey,” he turns your face to look at him again, “it’s their loss!”


    Eijiro Kirishima

    Has massive fingers and likes to use them to stretch you open

    Reaches so deep he can brush against your cervix

    Is biting and marking you the whole time

    Will pay special attention to your nipples

    Makes you cum so hard you tell him you love him for the first time in front of everyone

    Makes sure to fuck you properly afterwards

    You two have only been dating for a few months now, but fuck the sex is so good.

    When Kirishima tells you about the bet, your core tightens and you feel moisture pool between your legs at the though if having him split you open in front of all his friends.

    His friends who you know ogle after you when you’re around, making you want to show off for Kiri even more. You’ll straddle his lap, facing outwards, and let the guys sneak peeks at your panties. But you swiftly remind them who you belong to as you throw an arm around his broad shoulders, placing kisses along his jaw line.

    You drive him crazy with how forward you are with him in public, turning him on to kinks he didn’t even know he had. He loves you for it, but hasn’t found the right time to say it yet.


    You’re straddling his thick thigh in stockings and a bralette, whimpering as you rock your hips back and fourth against his leg. Your pussy is dripping onto his skin, making the friction even more tantalizing.

    The tip of his cock is peeking out from the hem of his boxer briefs, leaking pre. His hands are roaming your body, roughly grabbing at your ass and spreading your cheeks so the guys can see your cute little ass hole on display.

    “Hnng Kiri baby, I wanna cum please” you beg, rubbing your fingers over the tip of his cock, making him hiss under his breath.

    “Awe are you already close Pebble?” You whimper a “mhm” in response, giving him those puppy dog eyes he can’t resist.

    “Okay baby I’ll let you cum now.”

    He takes two of his massive fingers and sticks them in your mouth. You know what to do by now, this is your favorite game to play with him. You suckle his fingers seductively, still playing with his cock. “Cover them well baby girl, don’t wanna hurt ya” he coos under your touch.

    He pulls his fingers back and brings them down to play with your tight hole, asking for entrance. He scissors your opening a few times, helping you accommodate the stretch.

    After hearing your moans in response, he decides you’re ready and plunges his fingers inside, finding your sweet spot instantly. He curls his thick fingers over and over again, bringing you closer to your orgasm with each movement.

    Just when he thinks you’ve had enough, he decides to try something new and goes a little deeper, finding the rough edge of your cervix and lightly flicking his finger across it.

    The sensation takes you by surprise, he’s never been this deep before. You gasp loudly, cupping your hand over your mouth. He quickly pulls it away, “no no, let me hear you Pebble, let them know how it feels!”

    You cry out as he continues massaging the deepest parts of you, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through your core. You try to stammer out how good it feels, but words escape you.

    He knows how badly you want to cum and takes pity on you, using his other hand to rub your clit through your orgasm.

    Your vision goes in and out as you cum on his fingers, pussy dripping down his hand. You’re whining and mumbling incoherently into his neck, until he hears you pant “I love you”.

    “W-what?” He asks, fingers frozen within you from shock. You whine, wanting him to continue, “B-baby I love you, p-please keep going”.

    “Holy fuck Y/N”, your words bring him close to his own orgasm. He wasn’t expecting you to say it first. “I-I think I love you too…”

    You’re panting as you come down, “I know you do babe, we’ll talk about it later” and you bring him into a kiss.

    “Damn Kirishima, what’s she do to you!?” Sero whistles. He obviously caught on to his change in demeanor.

    “Sorry guys, we gotta go!” Kiri exclaims, happily hopping to his feet and grabbing the camera to shut it off. He couldn’t be more elated right now.

    “Dude don’t you wanna know what your score- … aaand he’s gone.” Denki laughs, “well he beat all of us. 2 minutes 30 seconds exactly. What a man!”

    Once the camera’s off he picks you up off his lap, arms crossed under your ass and spins you around to throw you on the bed.

    You giggle, “Hey! Eij!” He climbs on top of you, holding your face in his.

    “Y/N, I love you.”

    “I know you do baby. I love you too” you pull him into a passionate kiss and can feel his raging hard on rut against you.

    “Oh yeah, let’s take care of this!”


    Katsuki Bakugou

    Thinks he’s won before he starts

    Straddles you across his lap, pussy facing outwards towards the camera

    Stares into the camera lens the entire time, a smug grin on his face

    Makes you call him “Daddy”

    Has trained you to cum on demand

    Will fuck you dumb afterwards “as a reward”

    Bakugou doesn’t ask, he demands. So when he said he was gonna get you off in front of his friends tonight, you happily replied “okay daddy!”

    So here you are, splayed out on his lap, legs spread so far apart they’re wrapped around the outside of his thighs. Katsuki’s laptop is propped up in front of you, giving his friends a full frontal look at your naked body, and allowing you to see all of their reactions.

    Your tits are already abused, and your torso’s covered in bike marks in different stages of healing. One look at you and anyone can tell you’re Bakugou’s slut. But you don’t mind. You’d do anything for him.

    “Do it again Katsuki!“ Sero’s begs, “god she’s so fucking pretty when she squeals like that.“ Denki nods his head in agreement, eyes glued to the screen. You can see the lust in their eyes, and you know Katsuki is just itching to show them what they’re missing out on.

    Bakugou reaches around your hip, slapping your clit for the third time, making you whimper, a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through your core

    “D-daddy please…” you whine, knowing he loves it when you beg like this.

    “Please what?” He snaps, punctuating it with another harsh slap.

    “Nng, p-please make me cum for you!” you pant. You can feel moisture dripping from between your legs, which are now starting to tremble.

    “Goddamn Bakugou,” Kirishima starts, “can you see how fucking wet she is you guys!?”

    But what everyone can’t see, is the fat cock that’s been lodged in your ass since the meeting began, hitting a sweet spot so deep inside no one but Katsuki could ever find it.

    You squirm on his lap, willing some sort of friction to bring you closer to the edge. He ruts his hips just enough to make you moan.

    Bakugou spits on his hand and reaches around again to draw slow tantalizing circles on your clit. “Mm, daddy, yes” you moan, bracing yourself on his wrists.

    “Should I make her cum boys?” He taunts to the camera, as if he’s challenging anyone to tell him no.

    “Hell yeah man, I think she’s more than ready!” Kirishima cheers him on.

    “You have permission.”

    Like the good girl you are, you let your orgasm wash over you. Wave after wave of pleasure coursing through your core as he continues rubbing your clit, helping you through your climax.

    “Holy shit guys!“ Denki announces, “Bakugou won with two minutes ten seconds, and he didn’t even penetrate her!“

    “Damn right I fucking won, none of you extras could even compare to my skills.” You roll your eyes, he’s showing off again.

    “Now watch as I fuck her stupid. It’s really something when she starts babbling my name.”



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    Aizawa: [explaining the training route] Right here, subway stop. We’re going to go into the subways-

    Kaminari: [raises hand, grinning] Like sandwich Subways? Or…? [trying not to laugh]

    Aizawa: Like-

    Bakugou: Really, Dunceface?! Laughing at your own joke?!

    Sero: Did you just say ‘Subway sandwiches hur-hur-hur’?

    Class 1A: [laughing]


    Aizawa: This is going well already.

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    songs that remind me of HAVING A SESH WITH BAKUSQUAD


    Passionfruit - Kill Bill: The Rapper, Rav

    8TEEN - Khalid

    Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner

    HOLIDAY - Lil Nas X

    CITY OF ANGELS - 24kGoldn

    Drip - Tiny Meat Gang

    Cha Cha - Freddie Dredd

    NO FUN - Joji

    blah blah blah - ceo@business.net, Crosby, lentra

    Cyber Sex - Doja Cat

    What’s My Name? - Rihanna, Drake

    In The Party - Flo Milli

    Please Be A Hit - Tiny Meat Gang

    iSpy - KYLE, Lil Yachty

    Tunnel of Love (Remix) - ilyTOMMY, Savage Ga$p

    Carolina - Harry Styles

    G-Shit - Tiny Meat Gang

    The Boys Are Back In Town - Yung Gravy

    Beautiful Girl - Cunninlynguists

    Peach Jam - 88rising, Joji, BlocBoy JB

    Make It Right - Nessly, Joji

    Ain’t Shit - Doja Cat

    Flashing Lights - Kanye West, Dwele

    Borderline - Tame Impala

    Bound 2 - Kanye West

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    All might


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