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  • We are a dental clinic located in Tiong Bahru that specialises in cosmetic dentistry services such as dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, teeth whitening, braces, orthodontics & root canal treatment. At Vivid Dental, we give you the best possible treatment at affordable prices. For more information call us at +65 6227 7708

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  • We are a dental clinic located in Tiong Bahru that specialises in cosmetic dentistry services such as dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, teeth whitening, braces, orthodontics & root canal treatment. At Vivid Dental, we pride ourselves to give you the best possible treatment at affordable prices. For more information or Booking an appointment call us at +65 6227 7708.

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  • getting dental surgery. worst femboy friday EVER </3

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  • Story time:

    So one time when I was like 8, I was walking my friend home wth my mother after she had been over at our house.

    As we were walking down the street (our street is a relatively quiet street with very few cars), this older guy pulls over in his car.

    As he is pulling over, he kinda called out to get our attention, and then we turned towards him.

    After he had our attention, he looked at my mom and then looked at me. He then proceeded to explain to my mother that when I was older, I would need major dental and jaw surgery. He told my mother how most dentists don’t diagnose it early enough, but to ask my dentist about it further because I would “definitely” need all of this surgery and stuff.

    Now, this really freaked my mother out because my older cousin had been undergoing all of the steps for major dental and jaw surgery, and my younger brother had already been informed that he would need braces when he was older.

    Fast forward a few years in the future and I am living my best life, with no braces, no surgery, and pretty much perfect teeth ✌️

    So moral of the story: never trust random old guys that pull over in their cars to tell you that your teeth are horrible and that you will need major dental surgery.

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  • ugh my surgery is on friday

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  • it shouldn’t be too bad, i swear
    just close your eyes and count to ten
    i won’t tell you when it’s coming
    i’ll reach in with my shears and then

    pluck you like a flower
    he loves me, loves me not
    i tend my brutal carmine garden
    just as a loving gardener ought

    i pull and prune with expert hand
    take one then two then three
    but then i cannot help myself
    and take some more aside for me

    oh, lovely wounded harvest
    our fun is sadly through
    you’ll adjust in no time, darling
    just be careful when you chew

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  • Wisdom teeth are out!!! Its been 8 hours since I went under and the good drugs seem to have mostly worn off, so I’m fairly coherent. My mouth hurts, but not too bad! I can feel my whole face, and the swelling isn’t nearly as bad as it seemed when my whole face was numb :)

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  • #evevrybody send me funny asks on the 21st because ill have just had dental surgery
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  • image

    One minute you’re letting Pink Pearl play with your phone, the next your search history is trashed and Tubtube recommends only toy unboxings and absurdist source filmmaker nonsense

    #[ooc]#[Headcanon] #I could see peep watching unboxings of things that like--she has no idea what they are #but the idea of watching it mysteriously emerge #pearl is like why is my gf watching a human unpackage dental surgery equipment #I just wanted to know what was in the box
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  • image

    This was me Friday morning post wisdom teeth extraction. I was a sad chipmunk.

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  • 16.5 years old kitty cat dental work

    My 16.5 year old cat just had her very first dental work done on Jan 29, 2020. It was a very difficult decision to make because the vet warned me the possible risks and it was not an absolutely necessary procedure. However, I know my cat needs dental work. Her breath stinks, she has a lot of tartar on her molars and she complains when she eats dry food. Another vet already told me that years ago when she was ~12, but I didn’t have the money and I didn’t trust the vet enough.

    Now that she’s 16 and healthy according to her blood work and her general state, and I have enough money to afford the dental work, I decided it would be a good thing to do on a long term. She might live to 20+ and it would be riskier to undergo the surgery at that time. I did excessive researched online, reading people’s experiences and I even watched a full feline dental work video on YouTube to educate myself. I hesitated till the day before the surgery, but I decided there would be more pros than cons (apart from the big con of losing her).

    I brought her in on Jan 29. @ 12pm, signed all the paperwork and talked all my concerns to the vet tech who assured me that they will keep me updated throughout the process. The clinic called me around 1:30pm telling me that instead of 2-3 teeth extractions, it would be 11 😱😱!!! Apparently there’s a lot of bone loss and she even has a slightly fractured lower jaw!! I asked if there was a more conservative option and extract less teeth, but they told me that it was already the conservative decision. I gave them my consent with a heavy heart. I immediately did more researches online and with all the bad experiences I read, I decided to call them back and get more info about increased level of risks and anesthesia time, etc. I was super surprised that when I called them back 30min later, the vet tech told me that they were almost all done with the extractions and will soon wake my kitty up from anesthesia! Sure enough, in about 30min, they did call me back saying everything went really well and my baby is awake!

    I went back to pick her up at 6:30pm and got all my post-op instructions and her buprenorphine pain meds. The tech warned me that the cat may be disoriented when she gets home and might not have an appetite for tonight. She also showed me the X-rays which were pretty interesting to learn. When I got out of the room with the vet tech, I bumped into the vet who admitted to me that he was slightly worried doing that surgery because of my cat’s age and the risks with anesthesia. But in the end it all went well and he even showed me a video of her fractured jaw. They didn’t suture the fracture because it was minor and asymptomatic, and he said the bones will probably fuse back together.

    When I got home, my cat immediately became more active and wants to get out of her cage. She was so excited to get out that she did walk funny tilting to the left side for a few steps haha. It happened 2x that she kinda fell to the side while walking, and once as she was looking up at me 😂. But after those 3 “drunk” incidents, she didn’t have trouble walking straight. Also, the moment she got home, she wanted FOOD!!! She literally ate nonstop for 30min, and I mean that! I couldnt take her head out of her bowl so she can take a little break! She ate super messy too, dug her paw into the food and splashing it everywhere like a messy baby! I guess she was too high on the drugs 😂. After that massive feast, she still wanted food. She ate on-off for another hour and finally calmed down. However, she didn’t sleep until 1am (when I had to sleep). Her eyes were wide open, pupils dilated (due to anesthesia), and she didn’t close her eyes for a second. The next day, she was a lot more normal. She enjoyed the sun and ate like a champ. The 2nd day post-op was pretty normal too according to my mom who “cat-sat” her. However, I did notice that her ears are flatter since day 2 post-op as if she’s afraid or angry, but she’s not. She would still purr loudly as I stroke her head and show me her “cute moves”. Day 3 post-op (today) is still the same, flat low ears, apart from that she’s eating normally and pretty happy in general 😕. Today is her last day on her pain meds so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

    I am super grateful of the whole vet team and the good skills of the vet ❤️. He did have a great review online and it is well deserved. I followed him from the clinic where he worked at to the brand now clinic he opened himself. I have seen many other vet before him and I loved his work ethics since day 1. He is honest, patient, doesn’t push unnecessary procedures and he listens.

    I will give another update in 2 weeks after her post-op follow-up 😊

    *** update on Feb 23 ***

    My baby’s doing really well 😺. On her 2 weeks post-op visit, the vet tech said she had to be on soft food for another week because she had 11 teeth pulled out and there’s lots of stitches in her mouth, but the wounds healed very well, no any signs of inflammation. The sutures were still very present, but apparently they can take up to a month to fully dissolve. I followed the instructions and she’s not had any problems eating dry food since the day I introduced her back to it! I started softly brushing her teeth yesterday because it’s important to maintain her beautiful white teeth now, ain’t it! Haha. There are still some sutures in her mouth today, but it seems like most of them are gone!

    The biggest change I noticed is that her breath is fresh now! When I give her kitty kisses, she doesn’t smell like a stinky cat anymore :) Another change is that her tongue would stick out quite frequently. She used to have a tiny bit of her tongue out because she only has one bottom incisor left and I guess there’s nothing to block her tongue from sticking out. But now since one of the lower canine got extracted, her tongue would stick out quite a lot (well at least visibly, not to the point a dog would) and even when I pull or play with her tongue, she would just let it hang out lol. Last night and tonight, she even adventures outside! She has wanted to go out for about a year now, but she had never gotten any further than the front door, but she actually stepped out and even went down the stairs today!! She is also having more energy at night and wants me to play with her. I guess her body doesn’t have to fight with the constant toothache anymore and she has energy to do other things!

    Overall I’m super happy that I made the decision of doing the dental work. I’m sharing this hoping my experience would help other pet owners to make their decision because it’s not easy and we don’t always get the best advice from some less honest vets.

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  • so i’m there, in the dental chair and I’m anxious. I’m waiting for the doctor and I have my headphones on, trying to zone out to music to calm myself because. you know. anxiety. shaking and heart racing and all that jazz.

    So I’m very focused on my music.and the dentist and the dental assistant come in. I don’t see them, my eyes are closed.

    I don’t hear them, listening to music.

    the dentist says something, and I SCREECH. scare the dental assistant, make the dr jump. other patients want to leave bc now it’s a horror story.

    #personal#my story#dental surgery #its funny because its embarrassing #just anxiety things #embarrassing story #at least now I'm a little less of a wise ass #*ba dum tss*
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  •     So something fucking stupid happened in my life again and I’ve got nowhere to talk about it. So let’s have a character rundown!

    Me: Has had over ten dental surgeries, very concerned about everything mouth related. 

    Dentist: Gives me more red flags than my ex boyfriend.

    Surgeon: Gift from the gods. If I broke my jaw while deepthroating him I would still sputter a thank you.

        Back in August I noticed a hard lump on the top of my mouth, after having a conniption I got my mum to book me a dentist appointment (cause I’m not responsible enough to do it myself). Got expensive cat-scan, had to pay another 60$ to get it rushed.

        October I had a dentist appointment, was told I miss my result appointment a month earlier. Yeah, they forgot to call me to tell me they booked me an appointment. 

        So earlier this week was my appointment, I sat in a examine room on my phone for twenty minutes before dentist arrived. Dentist had my x-ray and informed me the lump was INFECTED AND NEEDED TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY, oh and same with all four of my wisdom teeth. But hey kid, stay put I gotta go do something surgeon should be here in a moment.

        So then a man who could have been carved by the romans waltzed in, but at that moment I was freaking out too much to think of much else. He asks me basic questions “Does it hurt?”, “How long have you had this?”, “Does it feel hard or soft?”. Then he feels the lump and seems very calm about it. He then informs me it’s nothing and since I take good care of my teeth I probably won’t ever need it out. The only way I would need it removed was if it got infected. BUT BITCH JUST TOLD ME IT WAS INFECTED!?

        Dentist comes in and asks when they can book me in for surgery. Surgeon gives an exasperated “There’s no need for surgery”. Dentist then tries to backtrack and pushes it off as a “Oh, I must have just read the x-ray wrong”. This whole visit costs 100$, BUT IT DIDN’T END HERE!

        Two days later I get an email asking me to review and leave a comment about my last appointment. With coffee in hand, I let the floodgates open and ended with saying how ‘untrustworthy and money hungry’ the practice was. I got back to stressing about college, life, and pretty much anything, but then I get a phone call. DENTIST FUCKING CALLED MY HOUSE!

        Dentist tries to explain to me that he was not a specialist in the issue I had and how he “Never saw that before so was unable to read the x-ray correctly”. Like bitch then why the fuck you even talk to me? I explained to him that I was miffed because if he can’t even read an x-ray what other parts of my mouth has he screwed up on?! 

        But apparently it’s fair that I had this misunderstanding but I have no right to be angry about it. He then talked over me about how my concerns shouldn’t be concerns and he is not to blame for me not understanding something. I hung up the phone pissed, TO WHICH HE CALLED AGAIN TO MAKE SURE I MEANT TO HANG UP THE PHONE.

        So I’ve canceled all future appointments and have now made appointments with another dental practice. Life is too strange for me.

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  • The Third molars or the Wisdom teeth are the teeth farthest away in the dental arches and for some people they might not even develop throughout the life time. They are four in number, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw with one on each of the left and the right side. It is also possible for a person to have more than four wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth removal is quite painful in some of the cases.

    For many, the wisdom teeth aren’t visible because they have become impacted the gums and not normally erupted through them. To verify if the tooth has impacted the tissue ones needs to verify it by a radiography. A panoramic radiography is usually the preferred X-ray to help assess the angle of eruption and state of development of the tooth. In early adulthood, between the ages of 19 to 25, one can either visualize the growth of wisdom tooth or they can feel the effect and pain before visualizing it.

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  • I’ve got a surgical assessment tomorrow with a possible dental procedure tomorrow and I’m fricken bricking it 😩 if there was a time that I could melt into nothingness now would be good

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  • Omg my mouth hurts so bad I wanna vomit and shoot myself this is the worst pain I’ve ever felt

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