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  • is there a chat for alcholists?? i would be happy if so. tumblr make it seem like a racial slur

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  • #MyHollyburn @HollyburnPpty Unaffordable rent, particularly during a crisis where millions have lost their income, quickly affects other areas of life very quickly. The economic fallout, the drain of price gouging in real estate, is painfully obvious. I have had to cease furthering my university studies during this crisis. The university is slow to grasp the gravity of many student’s difficulties, as loans are so common, no one thinks twice about whether a student can afford to study under any circumstances. But with 75% of my Emergency Benefit going directly to my multi-billion dollar landlord Hollyburn Properties, there is no way I can pay for anything other than my bills and groceries.

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  • Ti-ai dorit un mare zmeu, te-ai mintit ca-nalta zmeie 

    Cu copiii tai in parc, cu tine noaptea pe alee 

    Ca de cand te-am agatat, te-ai agatat de o idee 

    Ca visai la unicorni sa-ti picteze curcubeie

    Carla’s Dreams | Deliric - Dependent

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  • o great i get $0 in the virus stimulus thing

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    #iubire #citate de dragoste #citate despre iubire #citate despre viata #citate de iubire #citate#sentimente#gânduri#dependent#viata mea#viata #lectii de viata #how i feel #greu#lacrimi#persoane#fericit
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  • Deptasz i skaczesz po mnie, a potem wracasz z płaczem, bo ktoś cię potraktował, jak ty mnie. A ja? A ja ci kurwa pomagam po to, żeby historia się powtórzyła.


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  • not having a stable income or enough savings is so terrifying

    if i’m supposed to pay so much for studying why can’t the place to stay at be free?

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  • Borderline Personality Disorder and FP

    (Favorite Person) 

    When you have borderline personality disorder, your favorite person is the person that you are emotionally dependent on. There is a constant fear that this person is going to leave your life and you devote the majority of your time and day to the needs of this person.

    • Feeling a surge or jealousy when the favorite person spends time with another person or compliments another person.
    • Changing your thoughts or opinions to match your favorite person’s thoughts or opinions.
    • Switching between idealizing the favorite person and devaluing the favorite person, in the matter of seconds.
    • Mentally creating a fantastical world where you are connected to the favorite person, though it may not be realistic.
    • Needing a constant supply of attention from the favorite person and going through what feels like withdrawal, when your favorite person isn’t there.

    Having a favorite person is intense, especially when you have borderline personality disorder.


    My Personal Story- Favorite Person 

    I had a very traumatic birth, my mother was in Labor for a little over 48 hours. My head was crushed and there was a lot of pressure on my brain for a long time. Once i was delivered, It wasn’t even 24 hours before I started to not be able to breathe. The Doctors have told me that this is one of the main reasons why I have severe mental problems, as well as why I am so close to my mother. I endured severe trauma when I was still connected to my mom. People often don’t believe that my mother is my favorite person, or even my greatest friend. My entire life she was my safe haven. It was very rare that I would let anyone else hold me when I was little because I wanted to be in her arms always. I often got overwhelming amounts of anxiety when I was away from her. She was a leader in my girl scouts, she was apart of almost every activity in School. I would freeze up and panic when she was not around. To this day (I am 23 years old) I have a hard time being away from her for a long time. I have gotten better, I am able to stay at a friends house for a night or work late at night and not see her for a few days. But this doesn’t make it easy- just because I am trying hard to stand on my own. I often get anxiety attacks when I am hanging out with my boyfriend for a whole day and it hits me ‘I have to go home.. Please.’ I am 23 and I know it is time for me to move out and to do grown up things- but that is also the scariest thought. To learn to survive the day to day life without having here there almost everyday. My counselor is working with me on how to gradually let go- not as in letting go to her as my friend and my mother. Yet, letting go as being my FP and learning to cope and have a healthy relationship with her.  

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  • image

    I am numbed

    From your sentience

    I am dead

    From your being

    I am alive

    From your mortality

    I am blank

    From your sonnet

    I am vulnerable

    From your strength

    I wish I’d never met you

    So I wouldn’t have to share my soul

    With an insipid stimulation.

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  • Hi becomes friends

    Friend becomes more

    More becomes trust

    Trust becomes reliance

    Reliance becomes dependent

    Dependent becomes need

    Need becomes addiction

    Addiction becomes pain

    Pain becomes lose

    Lose becomes emptiness

    Emptiness becomes rain

    Rain becomes rainbow

    Rainbow becomes hope

    Hope becomes today 

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  • Independently Dependent

    Being independent goes to my very core. It is the way I was raised and my admiration and respect of others tends to stray toward strong, independent people. But somewhere along the line while growing up to be independent, I twisted around what it meant to be dependent.  

    When looking up the meaning of dependent, you find words like, “requiring of someone” “support” “relies on another”. And usually the word money is attached. For myself I began to incorrectly replace the word dependent with desperate. And I did NOT want to be a desperate woman! Whether that was desperate for money, attention, acclaim, a relationship, marriage…you get the picture. I never, ever wanted desperate and my name to be in the same sentence, preferably not even the same zip code.  

    And the longer I was single, the more I became independent. The more I became independent, the more I became self-sufficient. The more I became self-sufficient, the more I despised dependency aka: desperation in myself. The more I despised any whiff of desperation, the more I pushed myself to be independent. The more I pushed myself to be independent, the more I became self-sufficient, and so on and so on.

    The result: I pushed the caring hands of people even farther away.

    So, when I met my now husband at the age of 35, I literally oozed the attitude of “I’m independent and don’t need help with anything thank you VERY much!” It took a while for him to scale those walls. In all honesty, he is still taking down those walls, brick by brick.

    Part of the way those bricks fall is when he shows me that having someone care for me has nothing to do with desperation. That, in fact, desperation has very little to do with dependence if dependence is done with an attitude of humble gratefulness.

    This has allowed me a number of small and large pleasures.

    I am able to fully enjoy the fact that he puts his arm around me every Sunday during the sermon. Instead of feeling stifled, I feel loved.

    I am able to fully enjoy the fact that he will NOT remove his coat before kissing me hello upon coming home. Instead of feeling disrupted, I feel loved.

    I am able to fully enjoy the fact he often calls from work on his break during our busy days, because he knows we won’t see much of each other that day. Instead of feeling inconvenienced, I feel loved.

    I am able to fully enjoy the fact he wants me to text him once I arrive at work because he wants to know I made it safely. Instead of feeling suffocated, I feel loved.

    None of this, defines desperate. All of it, only increases my love for him and those around me. In it, I realized that dependence doesn’t equal desperate. Through it, I found dependence can instead be a shared sense of caring for humanity if I allow it.

    And with it, ‘independently dependent’ becomes a reality.  

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  • #legend isn’t like that so depends #horus answers asks #divergentblades
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  • some movement/layout practice for @aprildrawing day one!

    #april drawing challenge #undertale#undertale comic#chara#asriel#mine #prompt was ''comic'' #idk how many of these i'm gonna try to do #it depends on how my wrist holds up #but like #i can't just NOT do the comic challenge #mixed feelings about this but i'm not gonna risk hurting my wrist by redoing it #so here
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  • nasty formatting cuz I’m on mobile BUT a ship idea for Tara someone who is such a bitch. Such an irritating person. Probably party pisses her off with flirting? Because she hates that especially and UST is always a good thing in my book.

    BASICALLY this person is the one who makes Tara have her Dom Awakening please PLEASE just let her be truly h*rny in an honest way she has only ever felt it fleetingly I just-

    #like this or IM me if ur feeling this k thx bai #tbt#or#tbd #depending how I feel in the morning dhdbbd
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