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  • deadravenclaw
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Derek: I'm on my way, do you need anything?

    Spencer: A good childhood

    Derek: I am no longer on my way

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  • jemily21
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Emily: guess what number I am thinking of

    Morgan: 420?

    Emily: No. that’s really immature of you

    Someone else guess and, please, take it seriously

    JJ: 69

    Emily: Yeah, it was 69

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  • jemily21
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Emily: I am this close to falling in love JJ

    Garcia: …

    Garica: your fingertips are touching

    Emily: exactly

    Emily: please help

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  • jemily21
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Morgan: we might have gotten into a bar room brawl while doing the interviews

    Rossi: predictable

    Morgan: one of them punched a homophob gang member

    Rossi: Emily?

    Morgan: JJ,actually

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  • jemily21
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    JJ: good morning

    Emily: good morning

    Spencer: good morning

    Morgan: you all sound like robots, try spicing things up a little


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  • super-sexy-agent-hotchner
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i have a headcannon where my oc gets very sick or sm on her first case with the bau and she ends up getting hopspitalized.

    so hotch ends up driving her home from the airport bc she’s on some pretty powerful pain meds and reid ends up going with them bc he lives near oc’s apartment and she sleepily tells hotch he’s “a dilf af” and hotch doesnt know what that means bc “he’s not in young enough to be in the loop about internet things” and neither does reid bc lets face it he wouldn’t.

    then the next day at work together reid asks oc what it means infront of everyone like “hey @oc you said the other day hotch is a dilf, what does that mean” and she doesn’t remember anything about it but she does think hotch is a dilf so she ends up playing dumb like 🧐

    and everyone else hears reid say that so morgan is like “oooooo hehheh 😈” and garcia and jj tease her and she continues to play dumb and then emily says something about the pain meds making people speak the truth when they’re high and “insert doctor reid quote about people on meds when they confess stuff”

    and then oc goes “aww fuck last time this happened i got my wisdom teeth removed and accidentally came out to my mum when i was high on the laughing gas” and she just claps her mouth with her hand all shocked like 🤭

    then hotch walks in like “whats everyone talking about” and morgan asks him if oc said anything the other day on the way back from the airport and hotch is like “she said i’m a dilf but idk what that means and im not sure i care” and everyone just is like 😯😏

    and then garcia is like oh it means “dad i’d like to- f” and oc just sees red and is like “feed some delicious cookies, here i made you and the group some” (she genuinely did this bc she likes to buy peoples affection with edible homemade goods)

    and everyone forgets about it except for reid who ends up asking garcia what it really means bc context clues tell him the f in dilf isnt feed and she tells him

    then on the next case reid and oc have a stakeout together and he ends up talking to her about it so now they have this little secret and he ends up wing-manning her in the sweetest ways to hook her up with hotch

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  • moonshine-evelyn
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    *while watching criminal minds*

    Me: *sees that the next episode is named after a character*


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  • naomireid
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."— Helen Keller (02.05)

    Reblog or credit if you use!

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  • sparklinspence
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Thank God For Tile Floor

    Pairing: Morgan x Reid x Hotchner

    Warnings: threesome, peepee boy spencer, humiliation, daddy kink, sir kink, impact play, cross dressing, bottom spencer, top derek, top aaron

    word count: 1.8k

    At first he didn't notice that Hotch had started bringing him slightly more coffee than usual, but after the third cup he suspected something was up. He didn't mind though, if his daddy was going to let him have more he wouldn't bring it up and maybe ruin his chance at having more caffeine, perhaps daddy even forgot he’d had two cups already. Then Derek brought him a smoothie from the place across the street that Spencer loved. It was mango and pineapple, sweet and yummy. Spencer really knew something was up though when at dinner time with his two boyfriends, a glass of water was placed in front of him. They knew Spencer didn't like to drink water if he didn't have to and the only time the boys would get him this big of a glass of water is when they were going to make him hold…

    Spencer looked at the two men who just smirked. They could see the wheels in the young genius’ brain turning as he realized what they were up to and it just fueled their own need to torture him.

    “Take a sip, Spencer” Aaron said as he raised his fork to his mouth and took a bite of the chicken he cut a piece off. Now this could go a few ways. One, spencer could say no and get a good fucking as well as the brat beaten out of him or two, he could drink it like a good boy and get rewarded with an ass that isn’t sore for days after. Number one it is he thought to himself.

    “No.” Spencer said hesitantly. Hotch raised his eyebrows.


    All Spencer could do was nod, he may be able to be a brat to Morgan but Hotch was different. Hotch was more stern and definitely doesn't let him off the hook as easily as Derek does. It surprised him when all Hotch did was point to Spencer's food with his fork, gesturing for him to continue eating. The rest of the dinner was spent with the three of them in silence, occasionally the two older men exchanging a few words while ignoring Spencer until they all finished the food. When they all finished Aaron got up and grabbed the cleared off plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Derek got up and patted Spencer on the shoulder as he made his way to the sofa

    “Come on baby, come sit on my lap” Derek says as he sits on the plush sofa and pats his knee. Spencer hesitantly made his way back over to Derek and sat on his lap, wiggling around slightly to get comfortable. It didn't take even a second before Derek grabbed hold of the boy's waist tightly and grabbed his chin, pressing on his jaw and forcing him to keep his mouth open while Aaron made his way over to Spencer with the full glass of water. Spencer squirmed and whined the closer Hotch got but Derek's muscular and strong arms were able to hold Spencer down against his own chest while the water was poured into his mouth and down his throat until it was all gone. Spencer could feel his skirt riding up his hips as he struggled and knew his panties were exposed to the others. He felt embarrassed but he knew that if he attempted to cover himself up that he would get swatted.

    “Good boy, Spence. You’re getting a little tummy now, is that all the liquid in there?” Morgan chuckled and placed his hand over Spencer's bloated belly. He whined in response. Much to Spencer's despair Hotch got up and grabbed the remote to turn on the television. He watched with wide and nervous eyes, noticing the shit-eating grin that spread over his daddy’s face when he made his way back to the sofa and sat next to him.

    After not even fifteen minutes Spencer was unable to sit still, his bladder was full and starting to hurt. He had to go so bad but he knew there was no point in asking, Derek's arms were still tightly wrapped around him and Hotch's hand was gripping his thigh in a way to remind Spencer that he had no control over either of them. Maybe he could slip out of his arms and make a run for it? It was unlikely though and not worth the punishment he would endure. The two men knew that their sub was struggling, it wasn’t hard to tell with the amount of squirming he was doing but it was starting to become hard to focus on the movie playing.

    “Spencer, sit still. I’m trying to watch the show” Derek said sternly only to receive a ‘hmph’ and more wiggling.

    “Spencer, listen and don’t be rude” Hotch commented without taking his eyes off the screen.

    “No!” That was the last straw for hotch. He took Spencer off of Dereks lap and laid him over the side of the couch, flipped his skirt up over his ass and pulled his panties down just enough to leave him bare. Spencer felt a harsh slap to his behind and he jolted forward which caused the arm rest to jab into his bladder. He felt himself leak slightly and thanked past Hotch's decision making skills for deciding to buy a leather couch and no carpet. His hope that Hotch didn’t notice his accident was successful but Morgan’s was not.

    “Dirty, dirty, boy” he tsked and grabbed Reid by the hair, forcing him to make eye contact with him.

    “Sir please, i need to go so bad” Spencer pleaded and used his best puppy dog eyes he could muster up. Usually they worked on Derek but Spencer was a brat this evening, he didn’t deserve mercy. Not yet at least.

    “Then go.” He heard from Hotch who stood behind him before another slap was sent to his upper thigh. Spencer attempted to get up but was pinned back down easily by the two. He looked up at Derek confused before realization spread over his face. They wanted him to piss himself. In his desperate attempt to not have an accident Hotch sent another 5 slaps in a row to his ass and that’s what set him off. He could hear and feel the stream of urine begin as well as soak the front of his panties while starting to trickle down his leg shortly after.

    “Daddy!” sniffle “sir..” His eyes began to well up with tears and he wanted to hide his face. He was ashamed but even more ashamed of how hard he was getting from this. This didn’t go unnoticed by the two dominant men either. With a quick glance exchange to each other they both sent simultaneous slaps to different parts of the man’s body. A yelp and moan escaped him while he felt the tears stream down his face.

    “Look at you, such a messy boy” Derek teased and cradled Spencer's face in his hand, placing his thumb in the boy's mouth, letting him suck to soothe himself from the pain in his behind as well as face.

    “Wanna suck sir?” Questioned Morgan, Spencer replied with an enthusiastic nod and let go of his thumb.

    “While you suck sir, daddy is gonna fuck you okay?” Spencer pushed his ass out in response and blushed furiously. He was desperate but the embarrassment had disappeared after his actions earlier. He was sticky and felt gross but he couldn’t care less, all that was on his mind was cock. Hotch reached his hands between Spencer's cheeks and rubbed at his hole before wordlessly asking Derek to pass him the lube. They had done this enough times to know what certain looks to each other meant. Drizzling a decent amount of lube on him, Hotch fingered at Spencer's opening and began to open him up. One finger became two, which soon became three and quickly Spencer was opened enough to have Hotch's Cock slide into him with minimal resistance. Aaron pulled his pants down to his ankles along with his underwear, lining his cock up before pushing in and bottoming out. Spencer’s mind was already fuzzy; he was so overwhelmed but in a great way. He was becoming impatient though and his neediness took over his better judgement.

    “Daddy move!” He demanded only to earn the harshest of all slaps to his behind.

    “What did you say?”

    “I-Sorry daddy…” he muttered and resisted the urge to reach to his ass and soothe the pain away.

    When Hotch finally built up a decently hard and fast paced thrusting rhythm, Derek positioned himself in front of Spencers awaiting mouth, pulling his cock out before slapping it against his cheek to tease the poor boy. Spencer whined and tried to put his mouth around it but it just earned a demeaning chuckle from both of the more dominant men. Finally Derek gave mercy and put his large, thick cock into the boy's mouth. Spencer gratefully sucked him into his mouth and closed his eyes, taking him in deeper and deeper as fast as he could while occasionally gagging on accident. He couldn’t help how excited he was, he loved sucking his dominants' cocks and showing them how much pleasure he could give. A fist was tangled in his long messy brown hair and Hotch's hand grabbed his hip, slamming him onto his cock. The boy was in so much pleasure and his cock twitched against his previously bloated tummy.

    “You’re just like a little bunny, bouncing on daddy’s cock like this… You gonna come for daddy, Bunny?” All Spencer could do was nod when his mouth was full of cock and brain was mush.

    “Good boy, cum for us” That was all it took for Spencer to clench his hole around the man’s cock and spurt cum from his tip, into the front of his panties. The pink lace was a mess and certainly would disgust Spencer if he wasn’t just a brain full of horny at that moment. Derek could feel Spencer's throat constricting around him and felt the same familiar feeling as Spencer before cumming down his throat. Spencer became determined at this point to get hotch to fill him up, breed him, claim him. He fucked himself into hotch despite the overwhelming sensitivity until Hotch followed his other lover's previous actions, painting Spencer's insides white and pushing his cum in deep with his last few thrusts before pulling out.

    “Hey hotch…” Derek smirked and looked up at him.


    “Not it to clean up the piss” He chuckled, causing a fucked out and blushy Spencer to whine and hide his face.

    “It was your guys’ fault!” He defended himself.

    “We know sweetheart, don’t worry your pretty little head. you did amazing for us” Hotch complimented as Derek stroked his hands through Spencer's hair comfortingly.


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    (if you’ve added yourself to my tag list but haven’t been tagged it’s because i don’t know your age, please reach out to me and let me know:)

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  • ohdarnittumbleweed
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Morgan when he realizes he left Reid at the Dairy Queen hours ago

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  • raegan-reid
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Emily: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.

    Derek: Emily, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.

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  • raegan-reid
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Hotch: *Screams*

    Emily: *Screams louder to establish dominance*

    Spencer: Should we do something?

    Derek: No, I want to see who wins.

    #criminal minds#cm quotes#cm #criminal minds quotes #incorrect criminal minds #incorrect cm#incorrect bau#incorrect quotes #incorrect emily prentiss #incorrect aaron hotchner #incorrect derek morgan #incorrect spencer reid #emily prentiss#aaron hotchner#spencer reid#derek morgan #ssa emily prentiss #ssa derek morgan #ssa aaron hotchner #dr spencer reid #dr reid#ssa #supervisory special agent #fbi#bau#fbi bau #federal bureau of investigation #behavioral analysis unit
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  • bagelbitefiend
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Reid talking to Morgan with his head laid on the desk: and then I called him Dad

    Hotch on the phone with Rossi, trying not to cry: and then he called me DAD

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  • the-sara-voe
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Chapter 11: Promise


    Simmons places a glass in front of Byun, a club soda with vodka, although there is more ice than drink in the glass. Her body had become one with the seat, the first sign of exhaustion she has exhibited in days. Tilting her head up, she gives him a thankful smile, slowly lifting her arm to her drink. 

    “All those energy drinks are gonna kill you one day”, Matt started, sipping on his Old fashioned.

    Sena lets out an uncomfortable hum, saying, “don’t talk about it”.

    “Oh, she’s finally crashing”? Luke piped, hovering over her seat.

    She squeezes her eyes shut and raises a finger at him. “Don’t make me punch you”, Sena whines.

    A mouth full of chuckles, Luke goes to find an empty seat to sleep in, leaving Matt to supervise the youngin. Given what Reid shared with him, and the tension line down her forehead, she is still not doing well.

    “You wanna talk”? He asked, swirling his glass.


    “You sure”?

    “I already went through this with Doc”.

    “Something tells me it’s another thing”, he adds, dragging out the sip from his cocktail.

    Her eyes flick open, chilled and dark, but sunken in the middle. Like a lawyer who knows they are losing but they’re too far in. It is more shameful to fold on your own accord than for someone to do it for you. There is a comfort in someone taking her pity.

    Soothed but still preoccupied, she leans forward and picks an ice cube from the glass, placing it in her mouth. Through the crunching, she says, “It’s just screwed up”.

    Simmons, his drink now empty, pours the remaining ice into her glass. Heaviness on his shoulders, and the corners of his mouth trying to be hopeful, he says, “Yeah, I know”.


    On the front end of the plane, Emily surveys her teammates every few seconds. Luke occasionally has snores fall from his mouth. Sena and Matt carry their conversation in hushed voices. Spencer is lost in his book until he has an interesting tangent to share with Rossi, who is lost in thought.

    “You’re staring at them”, Hotch teased, peering up from his paperwork.

    She scoffs, “Oh like you haven’t done the same”, laughing a bit.

    Hotch nods, testing the ink in his pen, “You know you can always visit. They’ll miss you, they'll want you to stop by”, he reassures.

    “I know”, she says, “Shouldn’t I be reassuring you? You’re the one who is going back to work after, what, five years”?

    “Four, but I have experience with this. And you are more than qualified for Director, you’ll do great”.

    Prentiss relaxes a little more into her seat, “Thanks. You getting used to the new jet”?

    “I will say, the seats in the old one were more comfortable”.

    “You got that right”.

    Hotch turned in his seat, glancing back at Reid and Dave, “For some reason, I expected them to look the same as I left, and you. I know I have seen you guys outside of work but, this is just a weird adjustment”.

    “It’s a good weird, right”?

    He gave a reassuring look, “It’s a good weird”.

    A pleasant lull drapes between the two before Emily shifts her eyes back to Rossi, who is still looking out the window.

    Still fixating on the files in his lap, Hotchner mumbles, “What is he doing”?

    Her expression feigns innocence as she asks, “What do you mean”?

    “I mean you’ve kept looking at Dave every five seconds since I got here, and he is spacing out a lot”.

    Prentiss’s gaze falls on the dead air, nibbling on her fingernails before she spoke, “Can you do me a favor”?

    His voice becomes thick with concern, “Yeah, what is it”? He said as he puts his paperwork on the seat beside him.

    Emily folds her hands together, and brings them to her lips, trying to find the right words. “You know how he gets in his moods? Just secretive and...independent”?

    “I am familiar”.

    “He is focussing on this case, and he’s not talking to anyone about it. I’ve tried to pry but he won’t budge and-”

    “You want me to give you updates when you leave”?

    “Yes! But no. I just think you may be better equipped to handle this than me”.

    Aaron leans back into the chair, reaching back for his forms, “I can try”, he said, his pen tracing through the lines, “I’m sure he has his reasons, it could also be another Galen situation for him”.

    “No Hotch, it’s different. I think it involves Stephen”.

    The scribbles on the paper cease and he glances to meet her eyes, “Is Stephen and his family safe”?

    “To my knowledge. Do you know what case it could be”?

    “No. But I’ll figure it out”.

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  • matthewgraygublershoe
    23.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    morgan: and for your information, reid, i don't have an ego. my facebook photo is a landscape

    #incorrect criminal minds #derek morgan#spencer reid#moreid#source: community #this is one of my favourite community quotes bfjhgnjt #community
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  • canon-but-like-gayer
    23.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Spencer: “So, what do you have?”

    Penelope: “you know what I love about social media?”

    Derek: “Cat pictures, but we’re on a time crunch here baby girl.”

    Penelope: “Well, yes. But the other thing I love about social media is that anyone over the age of fourteen doesn’t know how to use them the privacy settings. Now if you look back at what she posted on January 3rd…”

    #criminal minds #behavioural analysis unit #fbi#spencer reid#derek moragn#penelope garcia#it’s morcreid#morceid#social media #incorrect criminal minds #inccorect quotes #incorrect penlope garcia #incorrect spencer reid #incorrect derek morgan #cbs cm#cm#cm fandom
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  • lilacprentiss
    23.10.2021 - 16 hours ago


    like/reblog if you use/save

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  • q-a-a-m
    23.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Yknow, throughout criminal minds I think the acting skills decrease.

    Not from the main characters (Reid, Morgan etc..) but mainly from the victims of the episodes. In my opinion it's like they're scared to fulfils the role.

    You can see in the earlier episodes the parents of victims really feel like actual parents, they cry out, shout and retaliate against the police. But from what I remember later on it's like they all just didn’t seem to care anymore. 

    It may have something to do with how the show gained popularity and the so these other actors possibly didn’t want to over act in case they would embarrass themselves in front of these (now) well known actors; but it almost downgrades the entire episode in of itself. You have these amazing profilers that are doing everything in their power to get this persons child home/find their murderer and these parents are just like “i- i just cant believe this is happening *sheds a single tear*” in every episode past Season 6 or something. 

    I mean i may be misremembering this completely but the whole show in the first few seasons are the best (mainly because i love Gideon and was really sad when Mandy Patinkin left the show) but after some point i felt they lost ideas about cases to have the characters do, so they kept repeating stuff over a broad set of time or kept bringing back older unsubs to add a little bit of spice to the next couple episodes. And in the later seasons it was more the story behind all the cases that was being progressed because they reached a limit to what they could do until they have something happen to the teams personal life which would alter their performance on a case. 

    Overall i feel like they just didn’t really care/think it mattered how the victims family were in the couple minutes they took up in the 40 minute episodes.  Like it would just go over the viewers head.

    #criminal minds#Agent Prentiss#Agent Hotchner#agent reid#Agent Morgan#agent jareau#agent greenaway#emily prentiss#aaron hotchner#spencer reid #dr spencer reid #doctor spencer reid #derek morgan#Jenifer Jareau#elle greenaway#analysis #this is just my opinion #i havent watched the show in a hot minute so i apologise if im just completely off #but this is what ive remembered about it #and it always kind of annoyed me #not just in this show but any other mainstream shows
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  • morceid
    23.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    derek little guy collective

    #pluto's brain rot #criminal minds#derek morgan
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  • morceid
    23.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    this is literally the bau

    #derek bottom right #jj bottom left #emily middle #penny middle left #spencer middle right #gideon top right #hotch top middle #fuck that other cookie #pluto's brain rot #criminal minds#spencer reid#derek morgan#penelope garcia#emily prentiss#jennifer jareau#aaron hotchner#jason gideon
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