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    this is a terrible drabble inspired by a not so sfw conversation I had with @tobias-hankel in our lovely groupchat. I hope you enjoy what little it has to offer.

    Rating: M

    Pairing: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid

    Tags: Religious Imagery & Symbolism, Vague Descriptions of Sex, Bad Poetic Prose, Probably Blasphemy and/or Sacrilege

    Summary: As Spencer accepted the gift that was his holy communion, the dark hand of his God raked through his curls, blessing him with silent, unspoken salvation. How could he ever want for more, when Derek was all he ever needed?

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    Spencer had never been a religious man. Growing up, religion was taught as a historical perspective rather than a way of life. He was taught the Bible, informed heavily of Christianity, simply because it was the most practiced religion in America, but it had not become a forced belief system as it had for many other young children. Spencer was raised in an exploratory fashion; his father never had much of a care for religion and his mother had taught him the definition of agnosticism when he was only four.

    As he grew, consuming knowledge from the expanding universe around him, he began to identify with that very term. He could express the most difficult equations of Collatz Conjecture and explain the chemical reactions involving the transfer of electric charge across the electrified interface between electronic and ionic conductors in electrochemistry. But one thing that could never be understood on the plane of human reason was the existence nor nonexistence of a God or higher entity. Despite all that a man as brilliant as Spencer knew, one thing he could never hope to grasp was the concept of faith.

    Faith was subjective. It simply could not exist without an individual’s decision to make it be, meaning that religion itself was based on the very philosophy of believing in the unknown, particularly that which could never be known. And as many times as Spencer pondered the often introspective nature of religion, he found that there was no resonance within him for a belief system that was built upon the sense of the hopelessness of human beings. How diminishing it was, to fear the possibility of inadequacy.

    His work brought him into the depths of the darkest parts of humanity. He had seen the works of evil, the Christian ideal of Satan in the flesh, but never once did he attribute it to religious misguidings. Mental instability was the true enemy, but on more than one occasion he heard others place the blame on a lack of faith. But with or without faith, in clearheadedness or insanity, all people contained evil inside of them.

    Except for one.

    Derek Morgan was a force to be reckoned with. His eyes held tumultuous storms of long harvested trauma, but the weight of his smile could bring a man to his knees. Spencer felt reverence towards the man ever since they first met, and ultimately, he was blinded by it. But he knew that Derek’s lingering gaze meant more than just an act of friendliness, because no man could face another and shower him with compliments of his beauty without feeling the slightest sense of desire.

    They fell into place eventually. To Spencer, it seemed to be a miracle that Derek had become his. Science could not prove the very bindings of their beings, and for the very first time, Spencer placed his faith in the unseen. His devotion for Derek became a leading part of his life, but unlike the disparaging tones of god-centered faiths, he felt immaculate.

    As their lips joined in holy matrimony, their hands slid together as two pieces of matched creation, and Spencer moaned a hymn deep in his throat. Blasphemy ran through his veins, but the sheer grace that fell upon him in times like these kept his doubts in the darkest recesses of his mind. How could he ever think that Derek didn’t love him? No matter if he turned away, like a shepherd guides his sheep, Derek would bring him back to the welcoming embrace of his loving arms.

    Spencer smiled at Derek, sliding down to his knees on the floor in front of him. He knelt before him, and if he didn’t believe in God before he did now, because before him was a deity of a man whose praises he would sing for the rest of his life. He hooked his slender fingers into the waistband of Derek’s boxers, and as he slid them down his dark, muscular thighs, the sight that beheld him was far holier than any heaven he could envision. With much passion, Spencer took his Christ into his mouth and he sacrificed himself entirely to the will of his God.

    The groan above him sounded like the voice of an angel, and as Spencer accepted the gift that was his holy communion, the dark hand of his God raked through his curls, blessing him with silent, unspoken salvation. How could he ever want for more, when Derek was all he ever needed?

    Derek grew close, and as he reached his tender deliverance, Spencer was baptized with the essence of his Lord. He was showered with soft spoken praises, and soon enough, he was guided onto the bed and worshipped thoroughly, the love of his God washing over him in bountiful waves of pleasure. The breath that passed his lips was inspired by his love alone, and as Derek parted the sea of his legs, his fingers coated in holy water played him like a harp.

    Spencer was blessed with the lips of his God, pressing upon the tender skin of his breast. Derek smoothed his hands down the curve of his sides and ribs, and from the dust he was materialized. Those lips traveled up to his own mouth to deliver unto him the breath of life, and as Derek entered him, he bathed in salvation. He moaned the psalms, whispering creeds for his Lord and welcoming him into his soul.

    He spoke in tongues as the Holy Spirit came over him. Within him, Derek plucked the forbidden fruit, and Spencer’s back lifted off of the bed as the serpent claimed his holy soul.

    For just a brief moment in the afterglow of prayer, Spencer felt a sense of doubt wash over him, but as Derek’s lips met his once more and words of love soaked into his skin, that doubt quickly dissipated.

    If this is what it meant to be a sinner, Spencer didn’t ever want to be holy again.

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    I'm watching Criminal Minds for the first time and just got finished that episode in season 5. I'm not okay y'all. I was NOT prepared.

    #Criminal Minds#Spencer Reid#aaron hotchner#penelope garcia#unsub#derek morgan #hope y'all like my meme it was birthed from my suffering #meme#mine #I want to hug all of them real tight #shove them towards therapy too while I'm at it
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    So, I know I mainly do reader inserts but I've shared my slash stuff in the past on this blog, and I wanted to share an idea I came up with when watching Buffy and Criminal Minds with a friend. There are some Major Spoilers for Criminal Minds here and some minor spoilers for Buffy. I'm only on season 2 right now, so this is all very early Buffy characters, nothing for later, but I will add to this when I get there. I hope you like it! And I'm not stopping with the reader inserts! I just had this idea and I had to discuss it with my friend who knows more about Buffy than me and write it down XD

    Buffy: Trans Spencer Reid because like, a double subversion just like buffy herself. He lived in Las Vegas with his Mother, Diana Reid, since his father left them when he was a kid. He grew up with his Watcher, Jason Gideon, train him to be the slayer. Spencer goes to school at a normal pace because Gideon doesn't want him to be too far away from the vampire nest that's sprung up and won't go away in Las Vegas. Gideon treats him like a son until he starts getting bullied at school and comes out as a trans man, pulling away and ignoring him, using him like a weapon. After Gideon died in front of Spencer, he resolves to never become the slayer. 

    Willow: Penelope Garcia. Everyone loves her and she's definitely gay, and she's a whiz with computers. Her home life is nothing special. With two absent parents she practically raised herself with her best friend, Derek Morgan, there to watch over her. She finds out Vampires are real, that Spencer is the slayer, and that he's killed people, no- vampires before all in the same minute. 

    Xander: Derek Morgan. I love him, but he's also a TOTAL ladies man and doesn't always know the right thing to say. Grew up in a loving home with his mother and two sisters, but was sexually abused by the local football coach and no one believed him, causing a rift between him and his family. He grew up with Penelope, and while they flirt a lot, they never have any romantic feelings towards one another. He also finds out about Spencer with Penelope, hiding behind a bookcase in the library. 

    Merrick: Jason Gideon. Spencer's first water, he comes from the watchers council, a very conservative group of men taught to train the slayers as they arise. He pretended to love Spencer as a father to get the young boy to trust him, but as time goes on, he drops that facade and backs away, leaving Spencer practically alone. He died in front of Spencer without so much as a goodbye, blaming him for his death, almost permanently breaking Spencer. 

    Angel: Aaron Hotchner. That one's obvious. He's broody and doesn't get along with anyone but he has a good heart and soul, wanting to right the wrongs he may have committed in the past. He also doesn't want to enter into a relationship with Spencer, despite the pull they have to each other, because of how much older he is, and how much power he has over the boy, but when Spencer reveals he's the slayer, they're on the same playing field. 

    Giles: David Rossi. But like, a super rich Giles who publishes a lot of books for the watchers and for non-supernatural people. Also he's a such a good dad. He wants to understand Spencer, and will listen when he has problems, even if Spencer is hesitant to open up because of what happened with his previous watcher. He accepts that Spencer is trans and actually does a lot of research on it to help the boy open up more. When Spencer met him, he was conflicted because he wanted to fanboy about ahow he's read every single one of Rossi's books, supernatural or not, but he's also conflicted because his last watcher left him, just like his father, and he doesn't want that to happen again. 

    Kendra: Elle. People either love her or hate her and she leaves way too early. She's from Italy, having been taken by her watcher when she first showed the signs of being a slayer. She has a hard time interacting with people and more often than not rude and quick to anger because of it. 

    Joyce Summers: Diana Reid. She supports her son fully and even with her illness she never gets her son's name or pronouns wrong. She's back on medication and doing better than she previously was, but Spencer sometimes still has to take care of her if she has an unexpected episode, causing him to have to forgo his slayerage if his mom needs help. She doesn't know he's the slayer and thinks that him sneaking out (because let's be real, even with slayer powers, that boy has two left feet and would not be stealthy at all) to see friends that he now seems to have, a big step up from Vegas. She moved to Sunnydale for her son, because she would do anything to make him happy and comfortable with himself. 

    Principal Snyder: Erin Strauss. She's a huge hardass on all of them but Hotch and Spencer specifically. She doesn't know about Spencer until later when he starts destroying things at school, and she hates him. Having access to his records, he knows that Spencer is not his legal name, and knows that he's trans. While she never uses his Deadname, she does pay extra special attention to him, for all the wrong reasons. Also, she knows way more about the supernatural world than she lets on. 

    Cordelia: JJ, but it's another subversion. She's the gorgeous blonde haired popular girl and everyone thinks she's a bitch but she's actually really really nice if she trusts you. It's hard for her to trust however, so she's curt and rude at first when the Scoobies save her, and she's traumatized from being almost killed multiple times, but when she finds out what Spencer is and that the supernatural is real, she opens up and lets them in, dropping her tough girl facade, showing that she's one of the nicest people ever. It's all a defense mechanism, and she never wanted to be popular in the first place, she was just inducted into the group because she's always been gorgeous. 

    Oz: Kevin Lynch. He loves Penelope and gets along with her so well. He's also super nice and considerate and nerdy, and can't you see Kevin playing guitar in a band? Also, werewolf Kevin is an amazing concept that I think is a perfect contradiction to his normal behavior, just like with Oz's. 


    MY FRIEND HAD THE AMAZING IDEA THAT HALEY IS DARLA AND I LOVE THAT! Like, Hotch comes to town because some big event is happening and he has to let the slayer know except, uh oh, he doesn't know who that is because the slayer is a girl and the only one who feels like they could be the slayer is a young teenaged boy named Spencer who's definitely not a girl. But he knows that Rossi is the Slayers watcher and Spencer hangs out a lot around him so he tells Spencer what's coming, and because of this big event, his ex, the one who sired him, Haley Brooks comes to town to terrorize him and bring upon this big event. I wanted Haley to still be the sire because how I imagined it was, Haley pretended to be in love with Hotch to get him to do what she wanted, but when she changed him, he realized what she was doing, the demon in him realized, and so he pretended not to, and just started hating her for it, and saw how she didn't love him, and used him.

    #Criminal Minds#Aaron Hotchner#Spencer Reid#Derek Morgan#Penelope Garcia#David Rossi#Jason Gideon#Jennifer Jareau #Buffy the Vamipre Slayer #Criminal Minds AU #Hotchreid#Heid #Because Early seasons Buffy/Angel is amazing
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    Genesis- Chapter 14

    Warnings: Smut, me crying, Cute Henry, Genesis and Spence

    “I don’t wanna leave you on the night of Halloween.” Genesis whined at the team especially to her brother who shook her head.

    “Well it was either that or throw drugs in your locker and fire you.” Penelope Garcia piped up making the Brunette’s eyes wide

    “Let’s face it, Reign…you’re a workaholic and we just convinced you to lead a normal life.” Derek laughed as the girl rose her eyebrows.

    “Define normal.” Derek just sipped on his coffee and walked away with a smirk.

    “Hey…” a new voice popped up making genesis smile at the familiarity and ran into the Man’s arms.

    “Did you do it?” she hugged him tighter when she received a nod in response “I am so so proud of you.” she whispered, pulling back, James Barnes dipped his head pecking the woman’s lips.

    “Whoa, hey, brother still here.” spencer Reid pulled back the girl with a protective scowl, the room filled with laughter at the scene before them.

    Just then JJ entered the room with a smile “alright everybody I have an announcement to make, as I’m sure some of you are aware Henry was a little nervous going trick or treating this year but he’s decided to anyway.” she announced making everyone smile.

    “What changed his mind?” Derek questioned.

    “The BAU did.” she clarified “I told him he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real and which ones are not.” the teamed beamed at her explanation.

    “So he wants to be a profiler.” Aaron asked with a rare and beautiful smile.

    “Ah! He wants to be his favorite profiler.” she moved aside to reveal Henry dressed up as his godfather making the room give out sounds of delight and his godparents immediately rushing to him.

    James watched as Genesis styles the child’s hair as spencer complimented him, she quickly lifted the child up on her hips and snatched spencer’s id from him attaching to the Henry’s cardigan “oh he’s official” they smiled.

    Emily Prentiss was more focused on the look of adoration on James and moved towards him as Genesis and the others conversed among themselves “that’s cute.” she commented breaking him out of his daze “you love her.” she continued making the man nod “and you know I’ll shoot you multiple times if I find out that you hurt her.” James nodded gulping as her face turned into an innocent one “good, please take care of her, she deserves it.” Emily pleaded as the man gave her his word.

    “hey Nes!” he called out to her and nodded towards the door indicating it was time to leave after hundreds of hugs and kisses and promises the couple headed back to her apartment.“So where are you guys headed?” Derek asked as Genesis took a deep dramatic breath. “Home.” she nodded receiving funny looks from her team mates and boyfriend.She laughed at them

    “it was pretty funny, couple of weeks in Louisiana and then Brooklyn.”

    James turned her around when she closed the door behind her, not giving enough time to even turn on the lights “can I kiss you?” he asked and immediately pressed his lips to hers after receiving a meek ‘yes’ from her, the once slow and innocent kiss turned into a lust filled hungry one “you sure? I don’t wanna hurt you” He mumbled against her mouth.

    “I want this, I want you, you can never hurt me” she cupped face, he quickly pushed her back against the door while her hand fumbled over the wall to find the switch.

    A shatter rang through the place when the light turned on, the couple laughed the broken vase on the floor as a result of turning on the lights “I hated that vase anyways.” she muttered with a small chuckle.

    “Jump.” he whispered in her ear which she happily obliged to, turning into a moaning and panting mess when he attacked her neck with kissed, nibbles and bites.

    “oh my god Bucky!” she gasped when his kisses hit her sweet spot, she could fell his smirk on her skin, he pulled back and kissed her lips again, angling their faces and tongues, He moaned into her mouth when her fingers tangled into his short brunette locks , sending shivers down her spine and wetness gather in her panties.

    They quickly moved to her bedroom as he dropped her on the bed, hovering on top of her his “too much clothing.” he groaned in a deep voice making her let out an involuntary moan, he rushed to remove her shirt and pants, leaving her in her innerwear.

    “So. Fucking. Beautiful” he praised making the heat rush to her cheeks.

    “Too much clothing.” she spoke up undoing his pants when his hands stopped her.

    “No, tonight is all about you.” he said sternly and immediately discarded his clothing and moved up to unclasp her bra.

    His tongue glided all the way from her neck, to the valley between her breasts, nipping it and kissing it making her whine, to her stomach, caressing her hips when he finally came to the destination he so desperately wanted.

    He now faced her throbbing slit, he could see how wet she was, he looked up at her, asking for consent and when he received a nod he removed her underwear without skipping a beat, diving into her pussy, eating her out like a starved man.

    His vibranium arm went to her stomach holding her down while she whined and moaned from above him, writhing with pleasure. She tangled her fingers in his hair pushing him deeper between her legs eliciting a moan from him the vibration making her moan his name out loud.

    His tongue swirled around her clit with such skill she arched her back moaning louder than ever.

    “Bucky Barnes, fuck me right now before I kill you.” she panted out, him giving her a boyish smirk he moved up kissing her lips and asked for a condom, she moved towards her bedside table pulling one out which he immediately accepted and rolled it on.

    He almost laughed when she angrily whined as he teased her with his tip rubbing up and down her slit, his dog tags dangling over her, she hissed in arousal when the cold metal rubbed her skin, she quickly grabbed his ass and pushed him into her, both of them letting out a moan at the contact, and he gave her the time to adjust to him, moving slowly when she nodded in approval.

    His once slow thrusts became fast and hungry, as the room filled with grunts, moans and the sounds of skin contact. He pinned her arms above her securing it with his metal arm smirking as she gasped at his action. The two were desperate for a release.

    “Bucky.” she gasped feeling the knot in her stomach.

    “me too, come for me doll.” as if those words were magic she moaned his name louder as her walls clenched around him in pleasure when she came, making him moan out at the sensation as he felt himself spilling into the condom.

    The two panted out of breath as they rode down their highs, the man rolled off of her to the side, discarding the condom. He rolled over, facing her, his left hand making its way to her cheek, gently rubbing it. “You were amazing love.” her heart fluttered at the nickname as she gave him a smile

    “This is everything I dreamed of and more.” she smiled at him. She moved up and placed a chaste kiss to his lips. She moved her body so she could lay her head on his chest and he instinctively moved so he could hold her.

    “I’ll be right here when you wake up.” he whispered kissing her head “Genesis?” he called out to her, she tilted her head to she could meet his cerulean orbs “I love you.” he mumbled making her laugh.

    “I love you too” he grinned wider admiring her naked body on top of his, her hand clutching on to his dog tags, like it did the first time the fell sleep together. He brushed her short brown hair and lightly kissed it before he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

    The morning sun spilled into the room, Genesis was the first to wake up as she groaned at the light contacting her eyes, her hands letting go of the dog tags she was holding. It took her a minute to realize she was laying on the chest of James Barnes, the thoughts of last night flooded her mind, a smile gracing her lips. She looked over to the clock reading the time, she moved her hand up, running her fingers through his short brunet locks making him shift in his place, his eyes fluttered open immediately squinting his eyes trying to adjust to the light. It wasn’t long before his eyes met with her own doe orbs. “Good morning.” she whispered moving up to kiss his lips.

    “Good morning Nes” he spoke in the same tone into her lips.

    “we,” she stood up, walking to her closet as James watched her move around the room naked, adorning a smile of admiration and love on his face while she picked out her outfits “have to catch a flight in two hours.” she turned around facing him, screwing her face together “what?” she laughed he just shook his head smiling wider.

    “It’s a pretty good sight before me.” she scoffed at his response and threw a shirt at him.

    “so whipped.” she pointed her finger at him, he pouted as she moved into the bathroom to ready herself for the day “I never said you couldn’t join me sergeant.” she poked her head out which made the ex-assassin almost run into the bathroom much to her amusement.

    “Boys!” she laughed as AJ and Cass ran up to the couple, pretending to knock them down as James hovered around them with the cake pretending to throw it on them.

    A shrill scream sounded through the area making the couple snap their head towards captain America with a surprised look, he almost fell over making his way to the two and poked Genesis’ neck whose hand flew up to the place with a confused look “hickey…” he stuttered looking between the two “oh my god.” he repeated making the couple furrow their eyebrows in amusement while the moved and sat on the table with the Mother and children.

    “Sarah, your brother is being a bother.” Genesis complained making the woman laugh.

    “Join the club.” she scoffed looking at her brother who still had his mouth open.

    “Yes, Samuel we’re dating now.” she deadpanned closing his mouth for him.

    “Jesus, finally.” he breathed out making everyone laugh at his antics.

    Genesis’ POV:

    I was talking to the people Sarah introduced to me and glanced at Bucky, as if he felt me looking he turned around giving me a warm smile which made my heart melt, he immediately jogged over to me making me roll my eyes when his arms circled my waist pulling me against his waist.

    “hi.” he whispered in my ears as I leaned my head back on his shoulders, Sarah smirked at me before walking to Sam who I saw was repeatedly hitting her pointing towards us. What a child.

    “I am working.” I stated looking at his pout which made me hit him lightly. I scoffed when he let out a sound of hurt “oh so you can fall 200 meters and not handle a slap…that’s right, I have the video.” I smirked referring to the video I got when the two were in Munich. Thank you Samuel Thomas Wilson. He groaned as he reached out to get the food from me. I slapped his hand away.

    “Wow you’re a violent lady” he whined and I innocently smiled in satisfaction.

    “Stop being a dramatic piece of shit.”

    “Okay you’re gonna be like this even if were dating?” I nodded vigorously.

    He turned me around grabbing my cheeks and pulling my lips to his, Sarah came over and grabbed my spatula shooing us away, Bucky gladly took the opportunity to take me to the dance floor and his hands found my waist and mine fount his neck as we swayed around laughing our feet dancing to the music playing in the background.

    After a while I ran to the place everyone were taking picture with Sam and I waited for my turn and jumped on his back, the two of us laughing as the picture was taken, I took multiple pictures, both of us looking like total idiots in every single one of them.

    I looked at Bucky who stood beside be balancing the kids hanging to his vibranium arm while he dramatized his stories. He was truly happy, I could see it, and I believe everyone could. He deserved it more than anyone.

    It felt peaceful, my legs were dipped in the water when Sam walked over “for the first time in a very long time, I don’t have to fight my way through.” I spoke as he sat next to me.

    “I can see that, I’ve never seen you this loosened up.” I laughed at his comment.

    “Me neither.” I nodded he threw his arms around my shoulder.

    “I’m happy for you Gen, truly.” I nodded leaning onto him.

    “And I’m so proud of you Sam, truly.” I smiled at him and stood up, pulling him up and hugged him.

    “Thank you Gen.” he smiled softly “hey, food’s being served.” he noticed making me snap my neck towards him.

    “Gah! Finally!” I threw my head back, he laughed and threw his arms around me again, the two of us walking over to everyone.

    It was beautiful, the fairy lights swimming on top of us as me and James swayed to the music, not like the goofy dance before but just us in each other’s embrace when I looked up in realization, he furrowed his brows in concern “what?”

    “You’re my home” I muttered to him, a smile slowly growing, his expressions matched mine

    “And you’re mine, always and there’s no one else I’d rather be with.” he proclaimed pulling me closer as we swayed to the slow music playing, letting ourselves to relax.

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    Genesis- Chapter 13

    Warnings: blood, character death, violence.

    A/N: look at Samuel...a literal angel

    “Nessy, I think it’s time you take a break.” The girl looked up from her file looking at the source of the voice “From fighting…” He explained further making her tilt her head in confusion. It had been a week since she arrived back to Quantico, there was one case in that week which was pretty short so they were back and writing their reports on it.

    “Nessy, you’ve been going from one fight to another since you found out you existed, now you’re here in the FBI hunting Serial killers. I think you should take a break.” Genesis closed her file and looked at him taking a deep breath knowing deep down Spencer Reid was right. “You know I’m right because you’re being hyper non-verbal about It.” he chuckled at her.

    “I was thinking about it too.” she admitted “but I don’t want to leave you.” Spencer Reid got up gaining the attention of the other agents’ attention.

    “You worry too much about me.” he laughed crouching in front of her “I’m a big boy now, I’ll be fine as long as I hear your voice every day.” he assured her.

    The team listened intently to the conversation knowing where it was going to end

    “But how is it fair to you guys?” she frowned when Emily Prentiss joined in.

    “If we keep you here…how is it fair to you?” Genesis snorted at this “I’m really doing this?” she breathed out.

    “Babe, it’s 2023 it’s not like we’ll never see each other” JJ spoke up slinging her hand on her shoulders.

    “I agree Reign, it’s time you took a break for yourself, focus on you.” making the group flinch and look at the Unit chief.

    Genesis was just about to reply when she felt her phone vibrate, she dug into her pocket and fetched out her phone, immediately answering it seeing that the caller was Sam Wilson, the team watched her as her expression changed to a serious one. “I’ll be there” she assured and hung up.

    “One last fight?” she smiled sheepishly at her team.

    Genesis’ POV:

    I immediately flew over the city, following Sam’s coordinates, I was just over the Bridge when I saw Sam pummel to the ground with a burning chopper heading towards the civilians, I joined my arms sending a golden force field freezing the chopper and pushing it into the water.

    “Nice suit!” I laughed, landing on the ground, I liked it, that doesn’t mean I won’t make fun of it.

    “Don’t you dare.” he warned, knowing where I was headed throwing a comm towards me which I caught with ease.

    “I didn’t say anything, take a compliment Wilson.” I pouted as we took off in different directions.

    “Nice of you to join Nes!” James yelled blocking a man who tried attacking him with a metal pole, I rolled my eyes, pulling my wings in and throwing the man away with my powers.

    “You’re welcome” I huffed out before the man punched me making me lose my balance.

    “James go!” I yelled at him noticing Karli burning the truck, he looked at me for a second before running towards the fire. “Son of a bitch.” I cursed breaking my hands free from his grasp and throwing force at him, knocking him out.

    “Genesis! Contain the fire.” James yelled, repeatedly punching the door, and I did that. I could feel my powers drain from the fire absorbing it. I hate fires.

    “Hurry up!” I yelled at him.

    Oh shit.

    I heard Walker call out for Karli and I turned to look at him fighting the flag smashers.

    The shield? Did he make that on his own? He definitely learnt that from a DIY Halloween video.

    “Reign! Why are you laughing?”


    James and I moved away the fire when we saw Walker getting his ass whopped by them, James ran in leading the bad guy away from killing walker.

    “Bucky!” I ran towards the ledge where he fell to see him landing on his feet, I sighed in relief which immediately went for a toss when I felt my hand being restrained away from each other. I couldn’t use my powers. I screamed in pain when they lunged at me multiple kicks to my ribs.

    Fucking Super Soldiers.

    I could feel myself lose conscious with a blow to my head, before I knew it I felt the wind hit my back. Everything went black.

    3rd Person’s POV:

    “Genesis!” James Barnes caught the Girl who fell down the bridge and quickly laid her on his lap desperately trying to wake her up

    “Nes! Genesis wake up, hey open your eyes baby. Genesis! Come on” he tried patting her cheeks before cupping it “Nes! Doll come on, you can’t do this now!” he pleaded his eyes slowly filled with tears.

    He looked up to see a man holding an Iron bars, he Laid the girl down and moved away from her, in turn leading the fight away from her. The brunet called for her while fighting against the enhanced man.

    The crowd watched as a truck hung on the ledge, brink of destruction, John walker made the choice of saving the people in the truck than fight. James Barnes watched in terror hoping John walker would pull through. The soldier flinched when the truck fell forwards and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw a purple force surrounded the truck holding it in place, following the trail of purple, his blue eyes met Genesis’s now purple ones while she struggled to stand holding up her joined hands.

    She collapsed, seeing Captain America had it under control. James ran to her as they sat on the ground, she leaned back laying her head on his chest “I’ve got you.”

    “I think I should do more cardio.” she panted making the man holding his laugh.

    The pair scurried to their feet when they saw the Flag-smashers surround them.

    “You of all people bought into that bullshit?” Karli scoffed in disbelief.

    “I'm trying something different. Maybe you should do the same” Sam spoke confidently.

    The group slightly panicked when the area filled with gas making them blind to sight “This way.” Sam guided them through the smoke leading them underground.

    “Hey, Baby. We're underground. We entered the tunnel on William. Heading south.” Genesis spoke into her comm walking alongside them.

    “Looks like they split up. Here” Sam stopped pointing to the right, John walker ran in making them feel wary

    “I got it.” Genesis and James spoke at the same time, they looked at each other and smiled. Sam rolled his eyes.

    “Seriously? Now?”

    “Wait Sam! I’ll come with.” she brunette called out to him.

    “Gen, I want to deal with Karli on my own, I’ll be fine, go” he nodded assuring me.

    “Stay safe cap.” she mockingly saluted him running off to where James and John were.

    Genesis’ POV:

    I took out the phone that I picked from one of the flag smashers and set a rendezvous point. I turned to look at the two men who looked at me with a confused expression.

    “Agent Reign with the FBI, sending you coordinates, I need a SWAT team to trap the targets.” I spoke into my phone.

    “Sleight of hand.” I laughed explaining how I picked the phone and dug into my pocket to throw James his keys, he searched his pockets while I laughed.

    “Damn Genesis.” he grunted lowly. I stopped in my tracks, blinking a several times at him.

    Son of a bitch, he smirked walking to the meeting point.

    “"Mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice"” Walker quoted I rolled my eyes and pulled out the phone showing it to the flag smashers.

    “It's a great app.” I nodded with a smile and thanked the officers who surrounded them and walked away.

    “Lincoln, really?” James looked at walker.

    “Great man. Great quote.” He shrugged.

    “Not when you say it.”

    We waited for Sam to arrive, I sat there cleaning my wounds when I saw the cameras go off I looked up to see Sam carrying someone in his arms.



    I looked down, I couldn’t see her. She tried so much, she died fighting and right now if her fight went to waste, it would be a shame to humanity.

    I looked up to see James standing next to me, his hands fell on my back slightly caressing it.

    Karli Morgenthau was kid who deserved better. So much better.

    I turned my head towards Sam when I heard him talk to the senator about how wrong they were and encouraging them to take the right decision and fight.

    As much as I love teasing Sam, words couldn’t explain how proud I was of him and with the looks of it, James was too. This was Sam Wilson, my best friend, speaking his mind so effortlessly made me smile till my cheeks hurt.

    There was no one worthy enough to take Stevie’s Mantle than Sam, he was giving that shield a meaning, a new, better meaning.

    I smirked, just ‘cause he was cap now doesn’t mean I won’t tease him , I pulled out my phone typing out ‘cute cat videos’ and pretended to be invested in it.

    “Sorry, I was, uh, I was texting and so, all I heard was, um, "a Black guy in stars and stripes".” James commented pointing at his phone while I showed mine to the men, them laughing at my antics.

    “Nice job, Cap.” I complimented.


    “Sharon?” Sam looked at her, she was trying to tend to her bullet wound.

    “Blocking my light.” She mumbled.

    “We gotta get you to a hospital.” Sam commented, I rolled my eyes, as if.

    “She's not gonna listen.” I said at the same time as James making me chuckle.

    “It's not the worst thing that's happened to me all week.”

    “Told you.”

    “Uh, Cap?” a man came running towards us making me smirk.

    “I think he's talking to you.”

    “all right, I’m gonna get out of here” Sharon stated and left before I could or any of us could argue with his, she left reminding me of my promise.

    “Hey Sam?” I looked at him while he was getting ready to leave.

    He groaned and turned towards me “just say it.” I laughed at what was coming

    “You look like a pimp.” I laughed harder as he flew away flipping me off.

    Genesis’ POV:

    That left me alone with James “Genesis, you know we have to talk.” I sighed looking at him. I don’t.

    “Or I can ignore my problems until it goes away.” I suggested walking away before I felt his cold vibranium hand hold on my wrist pulling me back.

    “Not this time.” he mumbled softly. His hands moved from my wrists to my waist, I inhaled deeply when he leaned his forehead on mine. “You meant it?” he asked me.

    “Yeah, every word” I breathed out not knowing what else to say.

    “And I mean every word when I say Genesis Reign, I love you.” my eyes widened at his words. He laughed “no need to be this surprised.”

    “You’re not mad?” I stuttered out. If he loved me and I pretended like I hated him. Didn’t that hurt him?

    “You had your reason…now that I know the reason, I forgive you” he assured me, a smile slowly broke into my face.

    “You love me?” I asked bewildered. The man I’ve been in love with…loves me back.

    James Buchanan Barnes loves me.

    “Like love love me?” I stumbled over my words, he threw his head back laughing.

    “Genesis reign, I fucking love you, and nothing will change it.” he proclaimed sternly, I closed my eyes taking it in.

    I took a deep breath and started to speak “James Buchanan Barnes, I love you too.” he chuckled before he went silent.

    “Can I kiss you?” he questioned after a minute if taking in our words.

    “Please do.” I whispered, before I knew it his lips crashed on to mine. My eyes fluttered close due to the pressure I felt on my lips. I kissed back tilting my head to give him better angle, I pulled back for a second before kissing him again. He cupped my cheek brushing the skin making me sigh into the kiss I could feel my heart beating loud with each passing minute, I was so going to collapse. All I could think of was how his lips felt on mine.

    We pulled back, panting for air. I threw my arm around his neck bringing him closer to me while his went around my waist.

    “You won’t let go right? He spoke into my hair. He kissed my hair, I shook my head with a chuckle.

    “Not a chance.”

    “You sure you don’t need me?” I asked him holding onto his vibranium arm, he told me about how he was going to tell Yori the Winter Soldier was to one to murder his son.

    “I’m sure, I’ll be okay” he assured kissing my head, I was heading to Virginia to say my goodbyes, and it was time to take a break, live the civilian life…well till the world ends…again.

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  • gublersgoblin
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Derek: have you ever broken a bone?

    Emily: yeah, but it wasn't mine

    Derek: what.

    #incorrect criminal minds #incorrect criminal minds quotes #criminal minds fandom #criminal minds#incorrect cm#cm #incorrect derek morgan #derek morgan #incorrect emily prentiss #emily prentiss
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  • acid-rain1
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Al rewatches Criminal Minds | 8x12 - My favorite boys. 
    #criminal minds#cm#aaron hotchner#derek morgan#david rossi#spencer reid#thomas gibson#shemar moore#joe mantegna #matthew gray gubler #season 8#poor reid #they never let my baby be happy #actually on season 10 but late on my posts ops
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  • ambivalent-mess
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sometimes reading the posts under the criminal minds tag make me laugh out loud like come on guys calm down it’s not that serious

    let people have their headcannons

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  • sideblogforcrimpy
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Anyone got a gif/gifset of Morgan when he was like 'Let me guess; she don't know nothin' about nothin' and snapped his fingers? It is my favourite and also I love Derek Morgan and that is my favourite (from season eight episode eleven about seven minutes and fifty seconds-ish in?

    #I love him pls #at work when it is applicable (which is astoundingly common) it plays in my head #Derek Morgan#Criminal Minds
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  • x-reader-theater
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    My inbox is still open! Also, if you want to add emojis to your asks to identify yourselves anonymously, and even ask for sequels to things, go for it! You don't have to though! If you have just normal requests, that works too! I will also write readers of specific religions and races, as long as they're not cis women! I will write for trans women, trans men, Non-Binary people, cis men, gender fluid people, and any sort of gender queer and gender non-conforming reader, as well as for gender neutral readers. All my gender neutral readers are truly gender neutral and do not mention any sort of female or male anatomy or feminine or masculine features.

    #criminal minds reader insert #spencer reid x reader #aaron hotchner x reader #derek morgan x reader #david rossi x reader
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    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    01x09 | DERAILED

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  • emmyraebird
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Also Kevin lynch is a little bitch and Garcia deserved better

    #criminal minds#penelope garcia#derek morgan#morcia #Kevin was just a shitty cop out for Garcia’s character development
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  • emmyraebird
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Here’s what I hate the most about heterosexual couples in TV shows

    I RARELY hate either characters, what I hate is that they tend to be pushed together on the basis that they make sense together in the most conventional ways and it makes their relationship sooooo boring and honestly tends to bring out the worst characteristics of their character.

    And, like the thing is, that doesn’t mean I hate the idea of heterosexual relationships (although can we please just let characters be queer? Please?) I just hate when there done purely for aesthetic purposes or under the guise of “they’re basically the boy/girl counterparts” and so they’re “perfect” for each other (Garcia/Lynch, i.e) especially when there very OBVIOUS alternatives that would be much more fun to write and watch.

    Idk if this makes sense but it’s upsetting and i want to talk about more.

    And yes, this is a call out to the CM writers who didn’t make morcia a thing but thought Jeid was a good idea

    #criminal minds #I’m not even a Morcia shopper necessarily #but they make so much more sense canonically #morcia#spencer reid#derek morgan#penelope garcia#jj #and jeid was just a bad idea #like jj and will we’re actually fine? #why would they ruin that
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    02.11 | SEX, BIRTH, DEATH
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    Definitely something that Prentiss and Morgan would do in between cases.

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  • user59164830360
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Hotch: If you have a problem with how I run this team. Don't tell them about it tell me.

    Strauss: I have a problem-

    Hotch interrupting her: I don't care. Go away.

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    i made more fake insta posts because i felt sad

    part 1

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    My Wattpad :)

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    gotta get my daily dose of kissing penelope on both cheeks AND her nose real quick brb

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    “i   told   you   i’d   be   busy   this   week   ,   it’s   just   the   job   .”
    #feeling fbi agent .. sorta like derek morgan if anyones seen criminal minds !! #indie rp #love my son #c: carter #he lost his father at a young age . can be a bit cocky . but he has a heart of gold . kind of reserved . doesnt like people who seem like - #theyre hiding things #he often expects people to trust him
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