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  • haunted-hijinxer
    28.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Heya @insane-control-room I got you for the art exchange this year!!

    I hope you like these boys pulling some pranks around the studio, Sammy may have been slow to warm up to it, but now the student has become the master...

    After all, what's a bath without a little soap?

    #I had a lot of fun with their designs!! #Kinda went crazy with the color to see what would happen #Generally pretty happy with it I think! #I do appreciate me some silly fellow shennanigans #secret satan 2021 #thren post#thren art
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  • runawaymarbles
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    you know what? fuck you *rasterizes you*

    #guess who can't be resized NOW #guess who's not a VECTOR ANYMORE #YEAH #BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOO MANY ANCHOR POINTS AND KEEP FREEZING ME UP #design shennanigans #fuck this fuck you meme #op
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    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #ah shit bj got in the meatsuit #<- thats my tag for this now
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  • sarenhale
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #unfortunately i dont think the read more thing works on asks so people are gonna have a color of the sky moment but! that is their problem #and not mine #AHAHHAHA #i love this characters style ty for sharing them :) #answered#ffxiv#long post
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  • thecornwall
    25.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Cornwall’s Random Card of the Day #3: Oblivion Ring

    I swear I’m not rigging these. Oblivion Ring is a sweet little card originally from Lorwyn (Shown here in its less awesome Shards of Alara Form). It was one of many cards designed at the time to push white, which was languishing since...well forever at that point. I’ll probably talk about some of the other cards which were part of this push but today I’m talking about Oblivion Ring.

    See, in earlier magic, there was a black card called Faceless Butcher, which exiled a creature until it left the field, since it was a nightmare beast, so like, as soon as it dies you realise it was never really there and the effect of it goes away (except for the damage it caused or the creatures it killed along the way). Well this type of mechanic wasn’t used much in black, since it gets straight-up removal anyway, but the boys at WotC were wondering how to make white better, and hit upon this mechanic as being right up its alley.

    Oblivion Ring was one of what was to become a staple type of card for the colour: removable removal, ie: cards which removed cards but could be undone and give it back later if the opponent could get rid of THEM. This led to white going from only ever killing enchantments and artifacts (okay, and also mass creature kill like Wrath of God) to being one of, if not the, strongest removal colour or all. And what a difference that makes!

    Oblivion Ring isn’t likely to be reprinted in a real set anytime soon, and its all because of a neat little interaction of its two abilities. A normie (like me, frankly), will see these abilities as only really working in tandem, taking away, then giving back later, but if you remove Oblivion Ring from the field in response to its first ability, its second ability will trigger first, give back nothing, and whatever the first ability targeted will be gone forever. WotC almost certainly knew about this interaction but decided it would be harmless to leave in, but have since changed their minds about it. Cards like this nowadays read “exile another nonland permanent as long as this card is on the field” or something like that, to avoid this kind of not-really-cheating-but-try-telling-that-to-a-new-player shennanigans.

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  • bad-luthien-headcanons
    18.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Thuringwethil: Messanger to Sauron, Woman of Secret Shadows, and Bringer of Blood Moons

    For @tolkienvillainsweek Day 2: Corrupted Ainur. I'm a day late, but hey, "Creatures and Minions of Evil" works too.

    Art notes: The biggest tragedy is that you can't properly appreciate how sparkly everything is. I used silver gel pen for the highlights on her skin, hair, jewelry, and horns, and glitter gel pens in her eyes, sash, choker, and halo-thing. She's SHINY. Otherwise I used mechanical and watercolor pencil. I did all the little veins in her wings by following the imperfections/fuzzy bits in the paper so that I didn't have to freehand so many tiny organic shapes and it took forever but I'm super happy with them. They look so nasty! You may notice I cheated with the left one. This is because I spent over an hour making the joints look realistic on the right, and refused to try and figure out how they would look half-folded. I do not regret it.

    As for her actual design: Another victim of my boobless lady Maiar agenda. She got horns to match with her brother (see below) and I figured it upped the Spooky. I gave her wrinkles and a pug-y nose as a nod to wrinkle-faced bats, she got a widow's peak and silent-film eyebrows as a nod to ~classic~ vampires, and a vaguely Victorian(?) style choker, again for the Vibes. I gave her an undercut because she's gay and deserves it. I decided her wings attached to a tail (most bats' wings attach to their legs but that wasn't happening) but that meant that her entire back had to be bared, and I wanted her clothes to be elegant but practical. So she got a low-cut halter-jumpsuit. It's blue because there were already lots of reds and I liked the contrast. Belts also couldn't work normally, but she's a messenger and had to have a place to carry scrolls at the least, so I improvised. She also has pockets. The pics don't show it well, but her black undershirt-thing is pleated (another nod to old-timey fashion a la corsets). The sash was developed because a normal one wouldn't work, and I liked the idea of off-the-shoulder sleeves, so I combined them.

    Headcanons + Closeups under the cut

    I've decided she's Tilion's sister, which I came up with after seeing the headcanon that Sauron and Melian are siblings and thinking "Oh! Yeah maiar can have familial relationships!" and then I realized I already mentally pictured them as looking really similar and had given Tilion some bat traits when I drew him, and then I realized there are bats that drink nectar (like from flowers, like from TELPERION'S FLOWER which Tilion really wanted to fly) which fit well with the headcanon that Thuringwethil isn't actually a vampire bat. So they're siblings now, and still somehow on good terms, and blood moons (see what I did there) are caused when Tilion wants a break and hands over his boat to his sister. I refuse to bury my gays, so she isn't killed during the Silm Quest shennanigans.

    I like to think that while they have an aggregate of different bat diets (fruit, nectar, bugs, and blood) Tilion is actually the more vampiric of the two, having ridden in Orome's hunt, while Thuringwethil originally served Vana before forcibly changing her diet to match her corruption. This is funny to me, since I headcanon that Arien was originally made to serve Melkor before he fell and she turned to Vana, and that both she and Thuringwethil are lesbians who definitely had (have? enemies and lovers?) some kind of begrudging interest in each other. Fun fact, blood moons are lunar eclipses, where the moon is in the earth's shadow hidden from the sun, so lunar eclipses are Tilion taking a break and letting his evil sister steer while Arien can't see and yell at him for it.

    Thuringwethil doesn't join Morgoth because she's loyal to him or his cause, but because he's the only other option apart from the Valar who she decides are cringe. As a result she isn't super committed to Being Evil, but all the monstrosities she commits are because she happens to feel like it at the moment and doesn't really care about consequences for people that she hasn't designated as "hers". She's pretty social and knows all the best gossip, but also ranges from indifference to hatred of pretty much everyone she interacts with, so she isn't much of a people person. This actually makes her great at her job as messenger, because she'll deliver all relevant info and put in effort to get more in return, but won't dawdle or get fancy with it. She knows her job and she does it well, and expects the same kind of efficiency and competence in return. There are very few Incarnates she feels are worth paying attention to or having an opinion on- they are collectively "good for causing suffering to" and not much else.

    As far as her opinions on Maiar go, she's one of Sauron's primary advisors (as much as he has them) as well as his messenger, so she works closely with Tevildo and Thu. She dislikes both of them. She's developed a tolerance for her boss's... eccentricities, but she legitimately respects him as well (more than Morgoth- not that she'd say that). There's also a mutual agreement between Sauron and his "counsel" that they will never bring up Incident Nightingale unless absolutely critical. She has no opinions on Gothmog and his crew besides thinking they're brutes without a subtle bone in their bodies, and similar thoughts on the werewolves (although they do vaguely amuse her). She still loves her brother- although she finds him stupid, irritating, and incompetent, Arien is attractive the bane of her existence, she is jealous of despises Ilmare, and in her mind Eonwe's only respectable feat is managing to subdue Sauron- otherwise he's a featherbrained bootlicker with more power than competency and the personality of congealing glue (who's certainly not worthy of Tilion's affections.)

    She avoids capture during the War of Wrath and pretty much just hangs out causing isolated problems for people during the 2nd age, leaving Sauron free to enact his plans- although she does visit every now and then during the last days of Numenor. The last time she's really active is during the War of the Ring, before Sauron loses and she cuts her losses to go be spooky in some discrete forest out east.

    And finally: the closeups.

    #tolkienvillainsweek#tolkien#silmarillion#art#my art#thuringwethil#cw gore #? better safe than sorry #her wings made my mom shudder and she isnt super squeamish so
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  • boxofbonesfic
    04.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Pattycakes (Chapter 1)

    Title: Pattycakes

    Summary: Like they say, it really does just take one time... Patricia Hodgins knows that better than anyone. She’s got even worse luck when it comes to her child’s father: Billionaire playboy Thor Odinson. He’s selfish and manipulative; and Patty’s not sure which outcome frightens her more—killing him or letting him worm his way into her heart.

    Pairing: Thor x Black OFC 

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Manipulation, Possessive behavior, Mildly dubious consent, Breeding Kink, Age Difference (significant but not extreme), Stalking (light stalking though lol), Past Relationships, Class drama, Dad!Thor, Character improvement 

    A/N: Hey folks! This is one of my ongoing fics, so I figured it would find a good home here. Definitely the lightest thing I’m writing right now, but who doesn’t love a bit of fluff, right? I hope you’ll all enjoy reading this fic as much as I enjoy writing it 🙏🏾 Character improvement and empathy are really big themes here, as well! I have seven chapters of 16 posted, so this one is a ride! 

    This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! 😘

    Chapter 1: “Only Once” 

    “Patty. Earth to Patty, you in there?” Wanda’s snapping fingers appeared in front of Patricia’s face, and she jumped back with a shrill, surprised squeak. Patty felt her cheeks heat as her friends laughed at her shock. She couldn’t blame them—she’d zoned out, staring unseeingly at traffic as they waited in line. She took a few steps forward into the space that had cleared up in front of her, and the irritated murmurs further down the line quieted. 

      “Sorry. I spaced. Moving up.” 

      “We noticed,” Wanda replied, laughing. Patricia watched as her friend dug around inside her purse for first a cigarette, and then a lighter. “It’s gonna be worth the wait, I promise.” 

      Behind her, America snorted. “Yeah, whatever. That’s what you said about Two-Five-Three, and the music was wack as fuck .”

      “What, so I’m not entitled to one flop? Look at this line and then tell me I’m just talking shit,” She snapped back, exhaling smoke from her nostrils. Her red lipstick had left a perfect ring on the filter, leaving smudges on her pale fingers as she talked. “Besides, what else were you guys going to do tonight? Play yahtzee?” 

      “I’m offended you’d suggest that,” Patty replied, sniffing. “This is an Uno house, goddamn you.” She poked her friend in the shoulder accusingly. “This blasphemy? I won’t hear it.” 

      They were only a few bodies away from the front of the line, which Patricia was grateful for. It was true that Wanda usually had an eye for the best, most interesting venues in the city, but waiting in line to get inside was never particularly fun. Patricia shifted from foot to foot, her borrowed heels clacking on the pavement. Wanda had insisted on them, of course. 

      The man-killers, Patricia thought amusedly, snickering. She glanced down at them, and wiggled her toes. They were about four inches too high for her, but they looked amazing, the gladiator style leather wrapping halfway up her calf. She wrapped a lock of her kinky black hair around her finger before releasing it—the braidout that she’d planned had come out perfectly, her thick coils framing her face neatly. 


      Music boomed loudly in ears as they were ushered inside by the large bouncer, shedding their coats at the door. The base was so deep that her chest vibrated with it, and suddenly she didn’t regret donning the skimpy, milkmaid style dress that America had talked her into buying just weeks before. The air inside was thick and heavy, and the club was packed with bodies. She could see now why there had been so many people in line, including them. The lighting was tinted lavender, and several chandeliers of differing lengths hung from the arched, vaulted cielling. The building clearly used to be some sort of church that had been converted into a nightclub, and they’d kept some of the more religious ostentation, like the stained glass windows. 

      One of her friends tapped her shoulder, and Patty turned to face them. 

      “Bar,” Wanda mouthed, pointing behind her. The bar was on the far side of the massive room, near some very sleek looking booths. Patricia picked her way across the dance floor after her friends, joining them at the bar. People were in constant motion around them, jostling them as they waited for the bartender’s attention. The music wasn’t quite so loud over here, and they could hear one another if they were practically shouting. 

      “Shots?” America asked, and Patricia gave her the thumbs up. They were here to celebrate after all, and she was feeling ready to let loose. America had a propensity for tequila, which Patty normally avoided. A particularly nasty memory from sophomore year served as a reminder not to imbibe too much of that particular poison—but tonight, she was going to disregard that warning. Just for a little while, anyway. 

      When their drinks finally came, Patty linked arms with her two friends at the elbow, each of them holding a shot glass to another girl’s lips. 

      “What are we toasting?” Wanda asked, grinning at them. “I’m accepting suggestions.”

      “Being fucking done with school?” America raised an eyebrow sarcastically. “No greater joy than never having to write another goddamn paper. Or log onto j-stor ever again.”

      “Not finding jobs,” Patricia supplied dryly, remembering just how lacking her job search had been going prior to and now after graduation. Can’t forget that frickin’ gem. “Oh wait, no. Working retail for the next six years while I try desperately to break into my field.” 

      “That’s… way too realistic Pat,” America replied dryly, snickering. 

      With that, they tipped the shot glasses up, swallowing down the burning liquid. Patricia sputtered, clearing her throat as she set her glass back down on the bar face down. It had been a little over week since graduation, and none of them really had the faintest idea what came next. America had a job offer in Philly—some programming thing, but she hadn’t given them her notice yet, or clued any of them in on whether or not she’d be taking it. And Wanda was content to freelance until some graphic design company or other picked her up. 

      Like her friends, Patricia hadn’t really picked a direction. The Museum of Natural History still hadn’t gotten back to her about her application, though her professor had said he’d put in a good word for her. She still had her job at the clothing store, where she’d coincidentally met America and by way of her, Wanda—so it wasn’t as though she couldn’t tread water for a little while. 

      It was a rather strange feeling, a little like standing on the edge of a cliff. There were so many options, so many routes forward… But also a sheer fucking drop, and spiky, painful death if she so much as stumbled on her way down. 

      America pressed another shot into Patricia’s hands, distracting her from her thoughts. She threw it back, closing her eyes and wrinkling her nose as she drank it all down in one swallow. She coughed a little before reaching for one of the lime slices the bartender had prepared for them, along with a dash of salt on the tip of her finger. As she licked it, her gaze drifted up the bar idly, only for ice to run down her spine as she locked eyes with someone. 

      His bright blue eyes wrinkled at the corners as he grinned at her, exposing perfectly straight, white teeth. Patty’s eyes widened. Oh fuck. Without thinking, she stepped aside rapidly, blocking eye contact with Wanda’s head awkwardly. She must have looked stricken, because Wanda stared at her, her expression confused. 

      “Patty what’s the problem? What’s up?” She turned this way and that, craning her neck as Patricia tried to stop her. 

      “Nothing, oh christ , Wanda! Seriously, nothing—” Her cheeks were hot. It was already embarrassing having hidden, but when Wanda suddenly snapped back to attention, a sly smile on her face, Patricia felt her mortification double. 

      “I see you’ve spotted your first kill of the night,” She replied coyly, twirling a lock of her hair. America was laughing behind her, and for the life of her, Patricia couldn’t calm the burning in her cheeks. He was handsome—blonde, chiseled features, a playful smile on his lips. She clapped a hand to her forehead. “Ooh, and he’s a little older, too. I always knew you liked them… mature.” 

      “My what ?” She snapped. “We’ve been here like ten minutes.” Patricia hoped the disdain in her voice was more convincing than it felt. She’d reacted like a little kid—and she still was, hiding behind Wanda so that the handsome stranger couldn’t get another good look at her face. In part because of her own frustration at her shy reaction, and mainly because it couldn’t have been her that he was looking at. Patricia took a deep breath and straightened her back. 

      “He’s totally looking at you.” America murmured, digging her elbow into Patty’s sternum. She refused to look for a moment, steeling herself. How embarrassing would it be if he was making eyes at some girl behind her? She peeked around Wanda’s smiling face, and he was leaned against the bar, his chin on his hand as he chuckled. He raised a drink to his lips before putting it down to waggle his fingers at her. Patricia gulped. 

      “Oh shit he is .” She replied through clenched teeth as she smiled back. “Oh fuck.”  He really was looking at her. As she’d poked her head around Wanda’s, their eyes had met again. He’d hidden his face with his hand and then peeked around it, still grinning cheekily at her. Patricia wasn’t sure whether to feel mortified or laugh out loud—obviously he’d seen her shennanigans and found them amusing. 

      Patricia grabbed Wanda’s shot, ignoring the latter’s loud complaint and downed it. “Hey! Those are seven bucks a piece, Patty!” She shrilled, slapping at her hand. “You better venmo me tomorrow.” 

      “Yeah, we’ll subtract last girl’s night from it,” Patricia quipped, enjoying the embarrassed flush that flooded her friend’s cheeks. Wanda held her hands up—a truce. Patricia accepted it with a giggle and a nod. “‘Merica, is he still…?” Patricia asked nervously. She’d turned to face the bar, so that he wouldn’t be in her field of vision. It helped that she was flanked on either side by friends who could scope out the scene for her, rather than her having to risk another embarrassing moment. 

      “A hundred percent. He’s a pretty one, Patty. You’ve got good taste, I always said that.” 

      “How would you know? I thought you said I was your type,” Patricia feigned offense at her friend, who sniggered, slapping her bare shoulder lightly. 

      “I’ve still got eyes. I don’t have to like avocados to know how to make guacamole.” America waggled her eyebrows suggestively, and Patricia snorted. 

      “Yeah, we all know how much you like to smash.” Wanda quipped, signaling to the bartender. America tried to look upset, but the three of them devolved into tipsy giggles before too long. When the bartender finally made his way over to them, he was already holding a drink. He motioned to Patricia, who eyed it suspiciously. 

      “Dark and stormy. Courtesy of the gentleman in the red shirt.” Her stomach tightened nervously, though she accepted the drink with careful fingers. He pointed across the bar to the face Patricia already knew—the blond. 

      He waved again, the cocky tilt of his chin sparking both attraction and irritation in Patricia’s mind. Should I go over? Should I say anything? Surely it would be rude to at least not say “thank you”, wouldn’t it? Patty had never been a big one for clubs—it was much more Wanda’s scene than hers, but it was fun to dress up, to drink and let loose, to dance. But there was a social etiquette involved that she didn’t quite grasp a hundred percent. As she stood there waffling, her choice was made for her. The man stood, his massive bulk rising gracefully from the barstool as he made his way toward them. 

      Wanda, ever gracious, practically spat out her drink. “Oh shit, your kill’s coming over.” 

      “Stop calling him that, he’s not my anything . He bought me a drink after I hid from him like a ten year old.” Patty’s cheeks were still burning, and she took a swallow of the drink he’d sent over. Damn it, it was good. He was tall, and had a foot on her easily, with wavy blond hair swept back into a loose knot at the base of his head. The red button up he wore was rolled up at the cuff, and tucked into his well tailored dress pants. Patricia realized she was eyeing him hungrily, and tore her gaze away, pretending to make conversation with her friends as he approached. 

      “I see you got my drink.” His voice was deep, and somehow easy to hear over the thumping baseline behind them. 

      “It’s all you, girl.” America whispered, squeezing her arm as she and Wanda slipped away. 

      “Yeah, text us if you get into any trouble. Not good trouble. Bad trouble.” Wanda winked at her, grinning as Patricia sputtered. 

      “I-um. Yeah. Thank you for that,” She replied lamely, cursing her awkwardness. “It’s good.” 

      “I’m sorry if I weirded you out, or anything,” he replied, chuckling. The corners of his eyes crinkled as he smiled at her disarmingly. “I couldn’t help but notice a pretty girl.” 

      In spite of herself, Patricia snorted. “I think there are a lot of pretty girls here. Did they get drinks too?” She asked, regretting the snarky words as soon as they left her lips. He laughed though, shrugging his massive shoulders. 

      “I don’t think I could afford it, honestly,” He joked easily. His laughter was a pleasant baritone, vibrating in Patty’s chest as they spoke. He leaned over her, his bright blue eyes interestedly studying her face. “But something tells me I made a good call.” He winked at her, before draining the rest of his own glass. “I’m Thor.” He held out a massive hand for her to shake. Patricia found herself smiling. 

      “Thor? I’m Patricia. Patty.” She corrected, shaking her head. “That’s some name.” She said, taking another swallow of her dark and stormy. 

      “Tell me about it. When your dad’s name is Odin, you’ve only got but so many options for your kids.” He leaned back against the bar, and Patricia could feel his gaze on her like a physical weight. God I’m terrible at small talk. 

      “I’m pretty sure my parents just drew names out of a hat if it makes you feel better,” Patty replied, patting his large hand in mock sympathy. “I was almost Phyllis.” She drained her glass, before setting it on the bartop. 

      “Thank God you weren’t.” He said smoothly. “Can I get you another drink, Patricia?” 

      Patty was already feeling the lightheaded dizziness setting in from her first three shots, and she knew she was something of a lightweight. She could practically hear Wanda’s sarcastic tone from here. How many drinks does it take to get Patty hammered? Four. One for her, and three for you while you wait on her to finish the first one. 

      “I think I’m good for now,” Patty shook her head, though she tried to smile appreciatively at him. “I was actually thinking maybe I’d go dance.” Patricia was just making conversation—trying to cover up the nervousness she felt. She’d spent the majority of her time at school knuckling down and studying, much to the chagrin of her friends. Maybe if I’d gone to more parties I wouldn’t be standing here grinning like an idiot, running out of things to say. 

      “Now that’s an idea,” He moved closer, sliding a warm hand around her waist. Patricia started at the contact, a little gasp escaping her lips. “Mind if I join you?” His eyes glittered in the low light, and he tugged her a little closer, his large palm splaying almost the entire distance from her waist to the curve of her hip. Oh fuck yes.

      “Sure! I mean yeah.” He followed her towards the dance floor, his hand loose around her own. Patricia caught a glimpse of America and Wanda pumping their fists and flashing her thumbs up as she passed. They were always urging her to loosen up, to live a little, so she was sure they were pleased to see her cutting loose a bit. 

      Behind her, she could feel Thor’s body pressing closer to her own as they navigated the dance floor, looking for space. He was so tall, she had to tilt her head up to look him in the eyes as the music pulsed around them. He was liberal with his hands, though Patty found she didn’t really mind the feel of his hands roaming, and they didn’t stray too far. 

      As the music changed from electro-pop to hip hop, he spun her, pressing his front to her back and placing a searing kiss on the side of her throat. “I knew you would be a good dancer,” He murmured, his lips just brushing the shell of her ear as he spoke. Patricia couldn’t help the shudder that traveled down her spine at the heat of his words. 

      He was touching her so eagerly, his hands hungry for any inch of exposed flesh he could get away with fondling. It was a heady feeling, having a man like that so worked up over her. 

      “I like to think so.” She wasn’t sure where she found the confidence—probably the alcohol sitting warmly in her belly—but Patricia ground the soft curve of her ass against him, and both felt and heard him groan softly, his hands tightening around her hips. His fingers flexed against her briefly, before he released her. 

      “You can do that any time you feel like it. No need to ask permission.” He laughed as he spoke, but Patricia could tell he wasn’t really joking. The sturdy, possessive grip on her body betrayed that. They danced together for a few more songs, the crowd ebbing and flowing around them like the tide. Before too long, Thor’s smooth lips were pressed against the curve of her ear again, his breath drawing goosebumps up to the surface of her skin. 

      “I was thinking maybe you might come back to my place for a night cap. If you want.” His tone was flippant, but there was real interest in it. Before she could stop herself, Patricia found herself nodding. 

      “Why not?” The words fell from her lips unchecked. “Let me just let my friends know… Come together, leave together and all that.” Patty reached into her purse, digging for her phone. As it turned out, she’d missed three texts from them in the group-chat already, one signifying that Wanda had already left with someone, and that America was chatting up some girl at the bar. 

      P: Going home with Thor. Call the cops if I don’t come home :P

      W: Fuck 12! If you go missing we’re going Saw on that motherfucker. Love ya!

      “Got permission?” He drawled, and Patricia’s cheeks colored. 

      “Just trying to be responsible.” She groused, and he held his hands up in apology. 

      “No, I get it. I promise I’ll return you in one piece.” The cocky grin from earlier was back on his full lips, and he ran his tongue across his canines teasingly. “Or as many pieces as you’d like.” 

      His mouth was on hers before they’d even made it all the way out of the club, pressing her against the stone exterior of the building as they waited for a cab. His hands were hot and insistent, skirting the hem of her dress as he palmed her thigh. They felt searing hot against her flesh in the frigid night air, and a throaty moan escaped Patricia’s lips unbidden. 

      “Is this included in the nightcap or is this a specialty service?” She asked breathily, and he growled against her throat in response, before sucking the flesh at the juncture between her neck and shoulder into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth. 

      “Definitely specialty.” 

      “Uh, sir? The valet…. he um, he has your car.” The timid voice of one of the parking assistants made Patricia’s face burn as she abruptly remembered that they were in public —though this didn’t seem to stop Thor, whose hands would not be deterred. He didn’t even turn from Patty, who could feel herself dying of mortification over and over again with each passing second. He stuck his hand out impatiently without looking. 

      “Keys.” The valet dropped them into his hand and raced away, while Thor continued peppering kisses on Patricia’s bruised throat. “Fuck. I don’t want to stop touching you,” He admitted hotly, the words a growl. Patricia’s head was swimming with heady pleasure. She wasn’t sure what she wanted, every thought was underscored by the hot need he’d lit inside of her. 

      She was embarrassed, she wanted him to stop—and at the same moment, she didn’t. She was enjoying his attention, the raw need he was touching her with. Before Patricia had to make a decision, one was made for her, as Thor pulled away, his eyes cloudy and pupils dark. 

      “Let’s go.” 


      His apartment was nice— nice being the most extreme understatement I could possibly make.   When he’d steered her towards his car, she’d caught the look of enjoyment that had crossed his face at the shock that colored her features—after all, it was her first time seeing a Jaguar in person. She was sure he’d gotten the same look when they’d exited the elevator into his penthouse suite.

      Thor kicked his shoes off in the entryway, motioning for Patricia to follow after him. The foyer was narrow, but opened up into a massive living and dining room, with floor to ceiling windows that made Patty just a little nervous, though the view was… amazing. 

      She found herself padding across the hardwood floors to get a better look. The penthouse apartment overlooked Central Park, and the noise and activity on all the sidewalks melded together to create a storybook photo of lights against the inky dark sky. 

      “Best view in the city,” Thor said softly, his arms closing about her from behind. She hadn’t noticed him sneaking up on her. Patricia nodded. 

      “I’ve never seen it like this.” It was true—she’d grown up here, worked here, gone to school here—but she’d never seen the city from above before—not like this. With one hand, he produced a wine glass, filled just over halfway. Patricia took it gingerly, careful not to spill any. She had a feeling his clothes probably cost about half her rent, and she didn’t much feel like shelling out to replace them. 

      “Then let’s make it better. You want to see the balcony?” He asked, giving her hip one last affectionate squeeze before moving away. He’s so graceful for such a big guy, Patricia thought absently as she followed him across the living room. He opened the sliding door for her, stepping out of the way so she could step outside. It was chilly and windy this high up, but he had been right—it was even better outside. 

      Patricia was grateful when he positioned his warm body behind hers, leaning over her. She wasn’t much into wine, but whatever he’d picked was fruity and sweet, easy to drink. 

      “Wow.” Good one, Patty. A real fucking wordsmith. “It’s amazing. I’m kind of jealous you get to see this every day.” His apartment was easily four or five times the size of her own—and that was just the first floor. Patricia had spied a set of stairs leading up, and she had a feeling there was far more apartment than she’d seen. 

      “It’s definitely one of the perks of living here,” He purred. “You want me to give you a tour?” His breath was hot on the back of her neck, and Patricia had a feeling the tour was going to end abruptly at the bedroom. The thought send another shiver down her back, but this time it wasn’t because of the cold. It was hard not to feel out of her element. An attractive, older guy had taken an interest in her—more than anyone she could think of in the past six months. 

      “I’d love one.” 

      He led her back inside, pointing at the kitchen and living room. Another door led to an office, and a bathroom. Thor made a beeline for the stairs, ushering Patricia up ahead of him. “I won’t look, I promise.” He replied cheekily when she smoothed the back of her skirt down. Thor, for his part didn’t seem bothered by the age difference, grinning up at her wolfishly when she peeked down at him. 

      “That was a very good lie,” Patty replied snarkily, and he chuckled. “It didn’t sound rehearsed at all.” 

      “I’m willing to wait for the main course. Don’t want to spoil my dinner.” 

      Heat flooded the apex of her thighs, but to her credit, Patricia kept it together, her steps steady. There were three bedrooms up here, but he didn’t bother showing her two of them, leading her straight to his room. The floors were all hardwood, and he had an absolutely massive bed— an alaskan king, maybe? — set against the left wall. There was a desk, a small sofa with a coffee table in front of it. The wine glass Patricia was carrying was abruptly plucked from her fingers and placed on the dresser as they entered. 

      Thor spun her around, a soft “oh” escaping her lips just before he crushed her body to his own, his mouth descending hungrily onto hers. His kiss was bruising and needy, and he greedily sucked down any noise she made, worrying her plump bottom lip with his teeth. It was a harsher kiss than the ones he’d given her before, and different from the fumbling of college boys that she’d reluctantly grown used to. He pulled away panting, a satisfied smirk gracing his features as he took in her swollen lips, and ruddy cheeks. 

      “This is a good look for you.” His tone was smarmy as he ran his thumb across her bottom lip appreciatively. She opened her mouth, sucking the digit into her mouth. He groaned loudly, his head falling back briefly before he snapped back to attention. “Again.” Patty swallowed thickly, the movement forcing his thumb against the roof of her mouth as her tongue moved beneath it. She’d never been ordered around like that by anyone—and she didn’t want to like it, but she’d acquiesced almost instantly, and the answering groan made her knees shake just a little. 

      “Good girl.” 

      The husky, growled words sent heat rushing from the top of her head down to the tips of her fingers and toes, and she couldn’t help the moan of pleasure that escaped her at his praise. The self assured smirk on his handsome face grew wider at this, and he lifted her, his hands cupping her ass as he did so.

      “Hey—” He didn’t bother with the propriety any more; openly fondling and squeezing her without preamble. Instinctively, Patty wrapped her thighs around his waist, locking her knees on either side of his torso. He hushed her with a stern look; her mouth snapped shut, the complaint dying in the face of his disapproval. She wanted more than anything for this to continue, for him to keep touching her. 

      He walked backwards toward the bed, sitting heavily on the edge as his knees touched it. Thor’s hands were everywhere—in fact it seemed like he had more than two—up her dress, pulling at her thong, cupping her breasts through the fabric of her dress. It was maddening; like her body was an instrument and he was an expert, playing every note perfectly. He ran his thick finger up the seam of her panties, his eyes locked onto her face. 

      “So wet, babes.” He clucked his tongue. “Wet and messy.” The tip of his finger found its way underneath the edge of her panties, stroking the clean shaven lips of her pussy. Patricia bit her lip and looked away, embarrassed. His gaze bored into her, exciting her and making her nervous all at the same time. She could still feel his eyes on her, even as her own fluttered shut and he slipped just inside her. 

      “Fuck!” Patricia’s voice sounded hoarse and needy even to her own ears, and it scared her. “I-I—”

      “You want more, don’t you baby?” Gentle—but still commanding, a demand for an answer. His gaze turned expectant, and Patricia scrambled to answer. 


      Patricia didn’t consider herself virginal—she’d had sex before, and she’d found pleasure at her own hands more than once—but nothing had ever been like this before. She’d come to detest male bragging, and the cock sure attitudes of her peers, but this was...different. Thor wasn’t just bragging. 

      He was making promises, and he intended to keep them. 

      He sank a single finger inside, curling it. Patricia’s hips moved of their own accord, her legs tightening around his waist as she jerked in his arms, a sharp cry coming from her. Oh fuck, fuck fuck— Thor’s other hand was kneading her ass as he slowly pumped his finger in and out of her clenching warmth. He grunted appreciatively. 

      “Yes, baby. Oh yes . Come on.” Patricia’s head fell forward against him, the stubble of his beard rubbing against her forehead. He was egging her on in that low baritone, making it hard to think and shit it felt so good not to. His thumb found her clit, rubbing at it in slow, deliberate circles. The action sent shockwaves through her body, her pussy clenching rhythmically around his finger as Patricia’s hands found his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin. 

      She’d never been particularly vocal before—in fact, the last guy she’d slept with had accused her of being frigid—but it didn’t seem like Thor felt similarly. He teased every sound out of her with ease, adding a second finger to the first and groaning at her tightness. 

      “You are fucking tight , you know that?” His voice was low, menacing. He scissored his fingers inside her, and Patricia keened. “You are going to feel so goddamn perfect.” His words were strangely predatory and cold, though there was a smile on his face. Patricia pushed away the strange, used feeling it left in her gut, focusing instead on the hot coil of pleasure tightening at her core. His fingers moved expertly through her slick folds, drawing garbled pleas and gibberish from her parted lips as she writhed in his lap. 

      “Thor,” She whined, her hips still moving against his hand without her express permission. He pressed his lips against her forehead, and leaned away, his hand still moving steadily. “Please.” Patricia could feel him, hot and heavy pressed against her through his pants. 

      “You can do better, I think.” His thumb pressed more insistently against her clit, and Patricia felt her body jerk, and her knees tremble, loosening around him. “You want to cum, baby? Tell me that’s what you want.” The sobbed request fell from her lips before Patty could stop them.

      “I wanna cum!” She cried, pressing herself against him as she writhed. It felt like she was on fire, her nerve endings singing with pleasure. When he didn’t speed up, or give any indication that he’d heard her, Patricia began to struggle, whining. “Please, Thor!” He chuckled, as though her efforts were nothing more than amusing. He was so much bigger than her, and stronger too. It didn’t take much for him to hold her in place with a stern hand. 

      “So demanding.” He crooked his fingers inside of her again, still flicking at her clit with his thumb. “I give the orders here, baby.” He stilled for a moment, and Patricia let out another breathy whine. “But I do want to feel that tight pussy suck at my fingers before I sink my cock in it, so I think I’ll allow it.” Thor sounded like he was debating himself rather than addressing her, and for once she was glad for it, because Patricia couldn’t think of any words to answer him with. Her mind was blissfully blank, her hips moving steadily against his hand as he brought her closer and closer to sweet oblivion. 

      Tension built steadily in her belly, pulling taut as he murmured obscenities against her hair. What he planned on doing with her, how hard he was going to fuck her, how perfect and tight and sweet she was going to be wrapped around him—and then Patricia saw white, her body convulsing as she came apart in his arms. Her mind was mush, and it took her a few moments to realize that the slurred, garbled words she was hearing were coming from her own mouth. 

      “Thank you… Thank you… So good…” Patty was still trembling, her legs unable to support her as he placed her gently on the bed. Thor rose to his feet, tearing at his shirt with impatient hands, his eyes dark and hungry as they took in her shaking body. Her dress was all rucked up around her hips, her lacy black thong pushed to the side. As conscious thought returned to Patricia’s head, she began to feel embarrassed—ashamed, even. How must she look? Her soaked pussy on full display for a man she barely knew. 

      Thor didn’t give her any more time to contemplate her current situation as he fell on her again, his impatient hands pulling at her dress as he leaned down to press his mouth to hers again. He trailed kisses down the sied of her jaw and returned to her throat as he grunted with frustration.

      “Is there a zipper on this thing? Or how the fuck do we get this off, babes? I’m dying here.” 

      “Hah. Yeah, one sec.” The zipper was hidden in the ruching of the dress, and Patricia sat up, forcing him back. She turned around, indicating with her finger where it was. It took him a few tries, but he got it down, unhooking the little eyelet at the top. She’d forgone a bra—it wasn’t like she had a whole lot of cleavage to speak of, she was barely a C cup. But Thor didn’t seem disappointed as he cupped her in his hands, rolling her nipples between his thick fingers as the dress slid down about her waist. 

      “So much better. Let’s take this off.” He pushed the sleeves down her arms, and pulled the dress down her legs eagerly. Patricia thought she’d turn over onto her back, but Thor held her hips, stopping her. “No.”

      “But I—”

      “No. Stay like this. You’ve got a great ass, you know that?” He mused, tugging on the fabric of her thong with one finger as he caressed the curve of her hip with a gentle hand. “Fuck, you’re a cute little thing. How old are you, babes?” He asked, and Patricia caught the sound of a zipper over the rustling of the sheets underneath them. 

    “T-Twenty four.”

      My birthday was two months ago.

      He didn’t respond, but she felt the push of warm flesh against her ass, hot and hard. Oh my fuck, he’s huge! A needy little whimper wormed its way out of her throat, and Patricia heard him chuckle as he parted her with two fingers. He spread her wetness through her folds with a careful hand, groaning as the head of him throbbed against her. 

      Thor leaned down, his hair brushing against her back as he went. It must have come loose from his bun , she thought fleetingly. 

      “Stay still.”

      He’d barely imparted the command before she felt the length of his cock slide against her, and Patricia fought the urge to jerk away in surprise. He pressed against her opening, and she felt herself stretching to accommodate him. A high pitched whine escaped her as her head fell forward onto the mattress. Thor was unperturbed and continued pressing inside her, murmured curses falling from his lips. 

      “So fucking tight, fuck, fuck fuck —”  

      Patricia had never felt this full. Not with people, not with toys, her own fingers; nothing compared to this. She was glad the weight of his body was pressing her into the bed, his hands the only thing keeping her hips up, because her eyes were rolled up into the back of her head and her mouth was wide open. 

      There was so much of him, and when she finally felt his hips against her own, Patricia was panting loudly, her pussy clenching wildly around him. Then his hand was in her hair pulling her up and against his body, the other circling her waist to keep her up. It felt like an even tighter fit in this position, and the fullness at the apex of her thighs bordered on discomfort. Patricia whined, shifting against him. Thor drew out slowly, before snapping his hips against her, forcing his cock back inside. 

      The angle forced her to stare down the line of her own body, watching as his girth disappeared into her pussy over and over. It felt so good, and her hips moved on their own, falling in line with the pace he’d already set. The hand at her waist traveled up to her breasts, squeezing them roughly as he pulled one of her nipples taut. 

      “Ah! Stop!” Patricia whined, frowning up at him. He licked his lips. 

      “But when I do this—” He tugged again, “you squeeze me so. Fucking. Tight.” He punctuated each word with a hard snap of his hips. It hurt, but… It still felt good, and when he soothed it with gentle strokes after, she felt herself tighten again just the same. His cock slipped out of her, and Patty whined at its absence, craning her neck to see his face. “Turn over, Patricia.” 

      Patricia turned over onto her back, her cheeks hot as their eyes met. His hair was loose and wild around his face, which was ruddy and glistened with sweat. He growled at her, grabbing her thigh with one large hand and pushed it up. He fisted his cock in one hand, pumping it a few times before he pushed into her again, groaning. 

      “You are a fucking gem,” He said, his gaze both lusty and appreciative as he appraised her briefly before sinking in once more. His head lolled back and Patricia mewled. 

      She’d never been able to orgasm more than one time in a row, and almost never with any of the other partners she’d had. But now, Patricia felt that coil tightening again, white hot pleasure shooting up her spine. Thor’s huge hands were bruisingly tight around her hips, pulling her hard against him as he moved above her. 

      “I want you to cum on this cock, baby.” His voice was wild and guttural. “Now.” She wasn’t sure if it was the strength of his command, or the feel of his cock pushing against that rough patch inside her, but her eyes rolled back and Patricia’s body shook. Colors exploded behind her closed eyelids, and her hands scrabbled for purchase against his arms, shoulders, torso as she came hard around him. 

      Thor’s hips met hers roughly as he fucked her straight through it, her nails digging into his skin. He groaned, holding her in place as heat flooded her insides, his forehead dropping to hers as he panted. Patty could still feel him throbbing. She was panting too, her hair a mess around her face as his sweaty weight pressed her into the sheets. 

      After a moment, he heaved a huge sigh, and gingerly removed his still semi-hard cock from her pulsing center, and laid down beside her on the bed. Patty wasn’t sure what to do, but he solved that problem for her by tugging her body against his own. 

      “You can stay the night if you want.” 

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    comic is inspired by @/cookieelemon! nutty and flippy design is from her as well :D please check her out!

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    Caged Heart - Chapter 4

    Warnings: All the freaking fluff in the world; Henry is super sweet; Surprises; Talk about The Witcher; Dirty jokes; Innuendos; Adult situations; Masturbation (both receiving); Love declaration; Thigh riding; Oral sex (both receiving); A famous author appears, it's not named (because he has a tumblr and I don't want to make it uncomfortable fo him) but two of his characters are mentioned; Face Sitting; A few rounds of protected sex (Always use protection); Dirty talk. Lots of romance; Kal shennanigans.
    Word Count:13.907 (Loooooong as hell. But enjoyable, I hope)

    A/N: I woke up thinking about this the other day, maybe I dreamed about it, but I don't remember (Update: this is true, but 'the other day' it's like a century ago 😳). Since Henry practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, I believe this is quite possible. I do watch UFC regularly (my mum and grandma love it), but I'm not an expert whatsoever, so I apologize if something I despicted here is completely wrong. Please, feel free to tell me, so I can correct it.

    For those that are curious THESE are the shorts the company makes and Henry will be using to fight. They are inspired on the ones men used on the 70's. THIS is the video I mentioned (It's ok to watch it first and then read the story, or viceversa. Doesn't affect). Also, there is a moment in which our heroes use some fancy dresses. I recommend to read the story, before looking at them, to avoid spoliers. Those wonderful cosumes are THIS ONE and THIS ONE

    All pics and the vid used, are from the internet. Credit to the owners.

    I'm truly sorry it took me so long, I just kept adding stuff and it seemed to never end. I hope the lenght and content, somehow compensate the wait.

    Tag List: @henchry - @princess-of-riviaa - @captainsyverson - @madbaddic7ed - @littlefreya - @demivampirew - @oh-for-fic-sake - @operationcavill - @modernmorticiaa - @magdelen69 - @fishcustardandclintbarton - @viking-raider - @luna-aestas - @pixie1484 - @connieisland - @mylittlepartofthegalaxy - @agniavateira - @summersong69 - @thelastsock @toomanyfandomsshreya - @henrythickcavill - @thetaoofzoe - @beck07990 - @luclittlepond - @lharrietg - @doozywoozy - @palaiasaurus64 @wolvesandhoundshowltogether - @jimmypagesandbrianmayshair - @weallhaveadestiny - @radaofrivia - @cavillsim - @omgkatinka - @kebabgirl67 - @nashibirne

    Previous chapters: (1) (2) (3)


    Chapter 4 - Try Your Best

    The chosen outfit for the day, laid over your perfectly made bed. You examined it, and decided that it would be good enough. A simple summer dress - that didn't need the use of a bra - and matching flats.

    "I'll pick you up at 10."

    Henry's text came late in the night, after you two chatted for like two hours, but he forgot to tell you the time to get ready for your date.

    The infamous third date you were so eagerly waiting for.

    "Right. What are we doing? I need to know to pick my outfits correctly... 😉"

    The entire week you tried to pry some information from him, but the bastard was a sealed grave. No even the smallest of the details came out of him, except for what you already knew: It would be a whole weekend date at his place.

    "Well... Whatever you're comfy in. I mean, you are not having it on for long."

    Now we're talking, you thought, bitting your lip, and since you knew he liked it, you snapped a pic of the lower half of your face, cropped it for showing only your mouth, and sent it to him.

    "Is it that a promise, Champ? Because, I'm already getting excited..."

    He sent you back one selfie of his own. An animation in which he attempted to wink.

    "You'll have fun. That's a promise... 😋"

    And with that, you say your good nights and both went to sleep. Or at least you tried to.

    Come the signalled hour next morning, you were completely ready, and waiting for Henry, while staring at your phone. He knocked and called at your name, making you jump.

    "Coming, Hen." You said struggling to fit your phone on the little purse that hung from your shoulder, full of the important things and useful if he planned to go somewhere else, grabbing your backpack with some clothes and toiletries, and a big tray with some of your best home made dishes for Henry to enjoy. Since the plan was staying in his house for a whole weekend, you wanted to do something to share with him.

    You went out, after checking everything was properly closed and turned off, and were received by something you weren't expecting to see. Henry was leaning against the biggest motorbike you've ever seen, with his helmet tucked under his arm, and a second one resting peacefully on top of the leather seat.

    "Hello, gorgeous. Wanna take a ride?" He said, approaching you with a big smile on his face. "You look amazing..." He added later, eyeing the tray and smelling it a bit. You huffed and he focused his attention on you. "Oh! Hi, love. Nice to see you! How are you?"

    "You are a twat..." You told him, but could help the smile that painted on your lips. "Yep. Your twat..." And he kissed you, deeply, needy, almost like if he haven't seen you in ages. "Ready to go?" Henry asked, pressing his forehead against yours, and sighing. You just nodded, still surprised by how his kisses kept leaving you speechless, even when they were pretty innocent; and hoping it would never stop happening.

    "I was counting on you bringing your car..." You pointed out. "That's what I packed it on a tray and not a variety of tuppers. I guess you'll have to drive slowly. I mean... if you want to eat my delicatessen." Winking at him, you moved to the motorcycle and rubbed your fingertips over the leather of the seat. "It's gorgeous. Didn't know you were into metal horses..."

    "I am. This one's my favourite. And... I always plan ahead." Henry announced, he grabbed the food and put it inside the compartment at the end of the seat. "I knew you were going to do something, or need more space, so I installed this beauty." He emphasized the 'I installed' part, making you playfully roll your eyes. He leaned to bite your earlobe before speaking. "Don't worry one bit, love. I'll be tasting your delicatessen just fine."

    You bit your lower lip, seeking for his mouth to share another kiss, but he just turned to lock the thing, leaving you pouting - and clenching - at nothing. Once everything was in place, Henry turned to you. "Would you let us, me and my noble mare, to take you on an adventure?"

    "Oh! So, it's a lady... And does she have a name?" You asked, sounding halfway between amused and a bit curious. "Roach. You'll see why when we get to my lair..." He said before you could ask him about the unusual name. Henry helped you to get your helmet on. "Safety first. Always use protection, love." He said smiling at your face. He sat, put his helmet on, helped you to get behind him, and wrapped your arms around his middle. He liked playing with fire, but the poor thing wasn't aware that he was dealing with the fucking Avatar.

    You rubbed your hands at his toned stomach, and then moved down to the bulge on his thin trousers. "Don't start things you can't finish, Champ..." And you squeezed him hard until he growled. As usual, he was commando, because 'pants are for the weak', so it didn't take long for it to start awaking from its slumber. That's when you retreated and pressed your cheek on his back, innocently. "You'll pay for that, love." He pretty much grunted, and kick-started the bike; which you used as an excuse to press yourself even more against him.

    The trip wasn't that long, although when you saw him heading to the Kensington area, your mind started to wonder what in the nine circles of hell were you doing there. Your answer came faster than expected when he stopped in front of a house and - without killing the engine - opened the garage door with the little remote control. "Welcome to my house, love." Henry said, once you were inside, and free of the confinement of your helmets. "I'd wish you feel like it's your own. You know... Mi casa, tu casa..." He added, while taking the food out and showing you the way inside, blushing a bit because of his little Spanish.

    "It's very beautiful." You replied. It was the only thing you managed to say, since your brain was still in shock. Your boyfriend was rich, and you were finding out, just now. Henry sensed your uneasiness immediately, the fucker was so used to being observant in order to be a good fighter, that not even the smallest things escaped him.

    "Yes. It's an amazing place to live. But... I need your help with something. If that's ok?" He said leaving his keys on a little plate in the kitchen. He went to the refrigerator to put the tray in, and went back at you taking his boots off. You did the same with your shoes, and accepted the pair of slippers he offered you. "Sure, what do you need?"

    You looked at your feet and realized the top of them said "Thing 2" written on white letters over the soft black fabric. "These are really nice..." But your words died down when you saw Henry's, which sported a similar design. Only his pair said "Thing 1".

    "I'm older..." He announced simply, and getting at safe distance, he added "...and taller." Before running away to the backyard laughing like crazy. You launched yourself in his direction, only to be trapped by his massive arms, right when you crossed the French doors, leading outside. "I missed you." Henry whispered in your ear, while lifting you off the floor easily, and walking to the closet garden chair. "I missed your perfume, and your warmth." He said, kissing your neck. He sat and let you straddled his hips, with your back pressed against his chest. "I, certainly, missed these two." Big hands moved up from your arms slowly, until they reached your breasts. He squeezed them gently, cupping each, and playing a bit with the hardened buds through the fabric. "And, of course," He flipped you, so now the straddling was face to face. "I was in despair, for not being able to do this." His fingers digged on your bum cheeks, and massaged them at the same time he trapped your lips between his. His tongue graced your mouth softly, asking for permission, while his groin started to make you notice its presence form the inside of his sweats. One of your hands flew to his head, to press it against your face, and the other made quick work with the knot on his waistband.

    "I missed you, too, Champ." The words left your swollen lips, during a little pause to get some air when your hand was already inside Henry's sweats, stroking him slowly. He lifted his hips to allow you to pull them down and let his manhood free to be loved. "Fuck, that feels so good." His voice was strangled, and a few octaves lower than normal. He had other women, and certainly jerked off plenty of times before, but there was something different when you pleasured him. It felt a hundred times better, and everything, from the way he looked at you, to his entire body language, was the living proof that.

    Henry trusted you, as much as you trusted him, and none of you were afraid of being your true selves around each other. This weekend was the perfect opportunity for you two to finally get together in body and soul.

    His right hand caressed your thigh, and immediately got under the hem of your dress, while the left was still firmly placed at your bum. He stroked you over your pants a few times, and feeling how soaked they were, he moved them away and slowly entered you with one thick finger. His thumb imitated the pace of your hand, that worked his cock up and down relentlessly. "Oh, God..." You said, grabbing his shoulder with your free hand. He attacked your neck, while pumping in and out of you; to be able to hear you moaning his name. "You enjoy it like this, my sweet?" He asked, when your back arched and your fingers squeezed him hard.

    "Yes, yes... Right there!" Your broken voice was barely audible, and even though your brain was completely taken by pleasure, your concentration never faltered, and a few more pumps later, Henry's essence decorated his vest top and your dress, with long white ribbons. He pulled up your dress to look at your riding his hand, right when you felt your peak approaching and you started to move your hips matching his rhythm. He noticed you going a bit deeper with every stroke, so he accelerated too, rubbing the magic spot inside you thoroughly, besides moving his free hand to your sensitive bud; and a few seconds later, you came hard, screaming his name, and wetting everything at close range.

    "Jesus! I'm..." You interrupted your words closing your eyes in shame after looking at the mess your juices made on his top. "I've never... Fuck. I'm sorry." Henry smiled, pressed you down for a kiss, and caressed your thighs softly. "I'm sorry, too." He whispered, taking his top off. And used it to clean up your thighs a bit. You were confused and embarrased, but didn't stop him when he pulled down the zipper of your dress to peel it from your body. "I planned to make you squirt... but all over my face." He pressed you down on him, purring at the skin on skin contact, and gracing your back with his thick, rough fingertips. "I have to make you do it again, I suppose..."

    Nobody made your body react the way Henry did, and every familiar trick he did or new thing he tried, always felt magical. "You are more than welcomed to." You replied. "But, although it was more than marvelous, I seriously doubt this was the favour you were about to ask me earlier..."

    Henry chuckled and gave you a few more kisses. "It was a fabulous way to reconnect. On that, I agree. But you are right, It's not what I was meaning to ask." He confirmed, standing up and taking you to the kitchen. "Give me a moment to free the bear, and I'll be back." Added later, fixing your pants, and tugging himself inside his sweats once again. That's when you realized you didn't ask for Kal, and felt terrible. "God, I was so distracted I didn't... Shit. I'm the worst girlfriend in the world." You said, coming down the counter and following Henry to the other part of the house.

    "Of course not, love. In any case, I'm the worst dog's human ever. I let him sleep in the living room with the door closed... So I could have you all for me for a few minutes." He replied, turning and kissing your head. "It was worth it."

    The door opened and you found Kal deeply asleep on his bed. "Oi, Bear. We're home!" Henry said giggling, and the massive ball of hair woke up suddenly, standing up in guard. He was about to bark, when he saw you, and his entire demeanour changed. He ran as fast as he could, barely greeting his human, who looked at him in pain, and immediately went to jump around you for cuddles. "See? He loves you more than he loves me." Henry whined and went away.

    "Hello, Kal bear! How are you, boy? You miss me?" He was panting, with his bottom up, the front of his body smashed on the floor and had a massive grin decorating his face.

    You were still playing with him by the time Henry came back, carrying a pair of glasses and something to drink. He changed his stained trousers for a pair of running shorts, and brought you a light robe, for you to take off your soaked underwear, too. "I need your advice with something." He finally said, activating his massive PC screen and pulling the chair a bit back. He sat, and turned around to give you a bit of privacy to change, enjoying the reflection of your naked body on his dark wallpaper.

    "There is no need to be that mysterious, Hen. What do you need me to help you with?" You got to him, while putting your knickers in one of the robe's pockets. "Shopping." He replied simply, and opened the web site of his favourite furniture megastore. "I'd love to go and try all the things in person, but I think it is safer if we just do it from here."

    You looked at him baffled. "You want me to help you redecorate your house?" The second the question left your mouth you felt like an idiot. Of course he wanted that, he just said it.

    "Well... I..." He hesitated for a second, but decided to keep talking. "I thought it would be a good idea. I'd wanted you to help me make this a home... I thought it'd be romantic. Fuck, I'm sorry. I'm..." This time it was you the one who interrupted his words. You darted yourself towards him and kissed his mouth fervently. "I fucking love you so much, Henry." You said hugging him tight. He returned the affection, sighing in relief. "You told me about your love for making Sims houses, and I'm more than willing to be one of your dolls." He finally said laughing.

    "I can't believe you remembered that! Ok, let me get a chair, and we'll get right to it." You were over the moon. Interior design was one of your biggest hobbies, and also, after hours of Sims playing, a cultivated talent.

    "No, no. My queen has her throne, right here, ready for her." He whispered in a dirty tone and pulled you at his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist, and slowly tugging at the edge of the robe, to uncover your shoulder and be able to kiss you softly while you moved around the options. He caressed your stomach, and nibbled at your shoulder and neck during the whole process, making himself hard just with the perfume of your skin. You asked him things about the style of decoration for each room, and picked a few options for him to choose, but he was not paying attention to any of that. A couple of hours later, the cart was full of things. Mainly, lamps, little rugs, pictures and painting copies, a few duvets, a gazillion pillows of all colours and sizes and some plants. Henry made the purchase and then pulled at you to turn around and kiss him a bit.

    "Thank you, my love. I'm so happy on how this would look like tomorrow. I love you like crazy." Henry whispered against your throat, and you couldn't help yourself. "I love you, too. But my services are not cheap. Boyfriend or not."

    "Oh! I'm sorry, miss." He replied, patting his legs. "Don't have my wallet with me..." He pulled a fake mask of worry, and stood up to carry you to the couch. "There is another way I can cover my debt?"

    "Yes, sir. There is always another way..." You pushed at him to sit, and then, after lifting your robe a bit, you sat on top of his right thigh.

    "Gooooood, that feels amazing." He hissed when your soaked centre came in contact with his leg. Letting a choked cry escape your throat, and moving your hips, you started to chase your peak immediately. His hands made quick work with the knot of your robe, so in a few moments, your breasts were bouncing right in front of his face. You wrapped his hands around your tits, and put one of yours on his lips. He smirked, and started to suck at your digits at the same pace you moved on top of him.

    "Show me how much you like this, Champ." You encouraged him, starting to accelerate your pace. The feeling of his hard muscles working you so deliciously, and the scratch of his thick hair on your soft skin were making you insane. You took your fingers out of his mouth and raked them on his scalp. "Fuck, you are so hot..." Henry moaned, and his free hand flew inside his shorts. He started to massage himself under the fabric, pushing up his hips up fast and hard.

    "I said... show me." You repeated, and kissed him hard, sneaking your tongue on his open lips, making him grunt loudly. You pulled his hair, to make him tilt his head, and went directly for his Adam's apple, making him moan as he never done it before. Henry pulled his hard manhood out of his shorts, and smeared a bit of the juices that were coating his thigh around it. "This is what you do to me... This and so much more." He said and crying your name, he spent himself on his stomach, once again. He was panting like a beast after the biggest hunt of its life. You were seconds away to reach the heavens, too, and he knew it. With his hands on your hips to help you keep the pace, he flexed under you, and clamped his lips on one of your nipples. You came undone a second later, literally roaring his name; your body shook and convulsed on top of his, for a few more seconds, completely spent.

    "That was so fucking hot, love." Henry said pressing you to him. You felt like floating on a massive candy cloud, but at the same time, exhausted, and sweaty as fuck. "If I knew this was the payment, I would have offered my services way sooner..." You laughed and pulled yourself from him, to sit at his side. You looked at his cum covered belly, and he focused his attention on your glistening mound; and almost if it was rehearsed, you dragged a finger on each other's bodies to collect some of your essences. Henry smiled and licked his fingers, moaning softly at your taste. "Ummm... So sweet." You did the same. "Ah, so salty." And both laughed for a while, before deciding it was a good idea to get a shower and then have lunch.

    Henry washed first, and went to get the tray of food, you two shared at the coffee table in the living room. He was barefoot, and only wearing black boxers, because why would he bother with more clothes. "Hello, there." He said when you entered the living room. You were also barefoot, only wearing your pants and one of his tees, which on you, seemed like a short dress. He looked at you up and down, asking you to twirl around to show him the total look, by turning his finger.

    You laughed and danced a bit for him, who was mesmerized, enjoying the view with shining eyes. He was madly in love, and not afraid to let it show. You stopped and let your body fall on the floor, next to him, ready to dive right in the food, when you saw it.

    Right above his PC desk was a massive picture of a man. His long white hair and the brown scar vertically crossing the left side of his face made him look menacing, but on those golden eyes of him you saw kindness, pain and a lot of love. A medieval sort of armour covered his chest and behind his back a pair of swords with different hilts rested, crossed, against his shoulders. A pendant with a wolf's head, decorated his chest. At the bottom of the pic, on a very elegant calligraphy you read:

    Geralt of Rivia ~ The White Wolf

    "Who's that?" You asked, as clearly as you could, with a mouthful, trying not to spit it all; and pointing at the picture. You felt a bit ashamed you didn't notice it before, although in your defense, your attention was focused on Henry's lips gracing your skin.

    "First things, first: this food is so damn good, love. Completely amazing." He replied, moaning at the taste of your preparations. You thanked him, and kissed his cheek. "Now, back to the bloke, over there. That's Geralt of Rivia, my favourite fictional character of all times." Henry responded with a massive grin on his face. You knew him quite well already, and when you saw the little twinkle on his eyes, you knew you touched a particularly soft spot inside his heart. You nodded, and encouraged him to talk to you about it in more detail.

    "Geralt is the main character of The Witcher. I knew about it because I played the different games many times." You remembered how important PC games were for him and his family, since his dad used them as a form of getting all his five boys to do something together with him, that didn't involve ending up covered in bruises. "But it turned out - I discovered this not really long ago - that those games were based on a book saga of a Polish author called Andrej Sapkowsky." He made a pause to get up and pick one volume from the massive bookcase he had there. "Come here, love. Let me show you a bit of this universe..." He said pulling you to rest your back on his chest, while he read you one of the stories of the first book. It was about Geralt looking for a sorceress that was the only one capable of healing his magically wounded friend, Jaskier, the bard.

    You were incredibly immersed in the story, and didn't notice that Henry stopped reading and was simply telling the words almost from memory. His voice took you to a completely different place and time; to that dark land full of terrors and pain, but also with so much love. He told you about the complicated relationship between the Witcher and his sorceress Yennefer, how important it was to take care of his adoptive daughter Ciri for him, and even how he adored and cared about Jaskier and his beloved mare, Roach.

    "And that's why you took the name, isn't it?" You asked suddenly, making Henry stop his narration. "You are a bit of an outsider, too. A massive nerd, but way too fit. Incredibly smart, but also too handsome. People think you are a savage because of your work, when in reality you cry with sad movies. But what makes you very similar to him, above all, is that you love. Unconditionally. And you are loved back by a tight group of people, too. The important people."

    Henry had one of his arms wrapped around you, and when you fell silent he tightened his grip. "Yes. Well, I actually had a golden chance when Dani found out Superman was already taken." He laughed and looked down at you. "That's also why my mare is called Roach." You nodded, looking at the book, and then to the pic again. "You did that with your hand when you entered the cage." You pointed out, trying to imitate the gesture. "Oh! you noticed?" He asked, baffled. "That's called Quen, it's a spell sign Geralt uses to generate a protection shield on himself, and somtimes over other people." Henry blushed a bit, feeling embarrased for being so obsessed with that universe. "I believe it gives me luck."

    "I think is very cute." You replied, still trying to make it, and causing him to smile, although he kept looking down. "I've seen your other fights." That made him stare into your eyes, surprised. "And your opponents made all kinds of rituals. Cross signs; jumping on one leg; circle the cage a couple of times; little dances. This is no different. It makes you feel good and safe, there is nothing wrong with that." You caressed his chest and let him think on it. The big hand that was holding the book, dropped it immediately, and flew to caress your cheek. "I love you." He whispered staring directly into your eyes, and then he kissed you. It was soft, slow and more communicative than a thousand words. And was, also, interrupted by someone smashing the doorbell like if their life depended on it.

    Henry groaned, and very unwillingly, he untangled from you to see who dared to break his special moment. But when he checked, his entire face lit up and he made quick work with the lock and key with one hand, while putting his mask on with the other.

    "Oi! Mate! It's been so long!" He exclaimed, greeting the person at the door with a fistbump. You couldn't get what they answered, but a few laughs and silly jokes later, Henry came back to the living room holding a box with your brand's logo at the sides. "That was my mate, Gary. He works for the post office, and it was long since I saw him last." Henry left the box on top of the table and looked down, studying your reactions. "You've got the mail on your underwear?" You asked, surprised. "Well... I kind of work only wearing my pants... So technically, I'm in my office uniform." He said laughing at your face. "Speaking of which..."

    "That's... what I think it is?" You asked shyly. He just nodded with that 'The lightbulb on my head lit' smirk he did when he got creative, plastered on his lips. "I just had an idea. Stay right there." He said and literally ran to his room, to come back only a moment before, carrying a massive folding screen. It looked like it was made of light plastic and shielded him completely, until he put a big lamp behind it; moving it around until the light drew his whole form against the screen. Then he turned it off, receiving a loud booing as a response. He drew the curtains, activated the Bluetooth speakers and switched the light on again. 'You can leave your hat on' started and you laughed like crazy.

    "Oi, Kim! You forgot something!" You shouted, and Henry's head appeared from a side. "It's all part of the show, you impatient woman!" He growled with a frown, and started all over again.

    The intro of the song was just for him to mock strippers' sexy dance, while taking off his pants. You lick your lips, waiting for him to come out, but before showing himself, he wrapped a tiny towel around his waist. He approached you, grabbed the box, and turned around again; all under a torrent of wolf whistles, and phrases that made him blush furiously. The music went down slowly until it faded away. "I'll show you the new shorts, and I want you to pick the one I'll use next. Understood?" His voices sounded demanding, and you couldn't resist it.

    "Aye, aye, Captain!" It was your response, and immediately went to sit up a bit more straight, to enjoy the whole show, and keep your pulsing centre under control. Suddenly, classic runaway show music from the early 00's started to play, and Henry began dancing away. This time he took off the towel, throwing it to you, and got the first shorts on.

    He came out, swinging his hips with the music and smiling like a poster boy, once he stood in front of you he turned and flexed his thighs to show you how little to the imagination they left. The first was completely black, and hugged his form deliciously, highlighting his beautiful bubble buttocks and the outline of his manhood, with his last name written sideways over the left side, on white letters. You clapped and threw kisses at him. He returned to his makeshift changing room, and you were able to see him twitch every now and then, especially when you said a few of your favourites - almost too - dirty things. The second was dark blue. CAVILL was written in bright red on top of his bum, and made you look at it to know his name. It looked so freaking good on him, that you were really close to choose it, before seeing all the rest. But then, you remembered how many women enjoyed the fights, and then you went super jealous all of the sudden.

    "That's only for me. Understood? Show me the next..." Your hard tone made him smirk. He came a bit closer and made you get on your feet, so he could reach your ear a bit more easily. "I'm only yours. Completely. Never doubt that." Then he pulled you down to sit on the couch and went to put the next one. Now he was half hard for sure, and the grunt he made when he fixed himself on the new pair, made you mouth water. He turned the light off again, and took a few seconds before coming out sporting a pair of white shorts that had his name written vertically in gold letters on his right side. "That pair is definitely not the one you should use..." You said giggling. "Unless you want to kill every person that is attracted to men. On a five kilometers radius."

    Henry got serious, and looked down. He found out his hard member fighting against the fabric. "This is your fault." He whispered. "You dirty tongue made me lose my mind. Now come here and fix this..."

    "Oh!! My Champ wants payback, now? Well... Only if he catches me first..." And just like that you ran to the kitchen to hide in the backyard. Henry gave you a few seconds of advantage, but the moment you put your bare feet on the grass, you felt him taking you from behind and sweeping you in the air. It never stopped to amaze you how strong he was. A few moments later you were perched on his shoulder, and heading back to the living room. Clearly that was his favourite spot in the house. Henry was wearing the animal print shorts he showed you once, and a devilish smile on his face. He threw you on the couch, and got on top of you immediately. "Don't start something you can't finish, beautiful..." He growled in your ear, spreading your legs with one of his knees, and finding his natural spot right in the middle, claiming it as what it was: HIS.

    Both of your arms, where pinned over your head by one of his hands, while the other, rummaged your belly, pulling the fabric of your t-shirt, while his lips took more than good care of your neck. You moaned loudly when he stroked that special spot under your jaw, encouraging him to go further. He pretty much yanked your t-shirt up, and went down, sucking at your breasts like a starving man, making his little pants encompass with your pleasure whimpers. His hands clamped around your middle, while his lips went down to your stomach, and since he was distracted, you pushed him to the floor and straddle his hips, in one swift movement. "You've no idea what you're dealing with, Champ."

    His pupils were blown, making his eyes pretty much completely black. You trailed kisses down his neck, then on his hairy chest, laughing at how his dark little curls tickled your nose, and kept going down until you reached his navel. Henry looked at you, coming dangerously close to his manhood, that was pretty much about to explode. The front of his pants was already wet with the precum he was leaking, but when you were about to pull down the garment, he stopped you.

    "You first, love." He trusted himself only to say that, and quickly he flipped you both, before you came out of your stupor and didn't give him the chance. He nuzzled the tip of his nose on your inner left thigh, and took a deep breath. "I've been dreaming to taste you since we first met." He finally added, asking for your permission and making his best puppy eyes. "Well, if you put it like that..." You replied, caressing his face. "I cannot bear in my heart, to break yours." And before you stopped talking, he was already working on taking your knickers off.

    But the universe had other plans.

    Kal appeared out of nothing, running like crazy and barking loudly. He came to Henry's side and didn't obey when he tried to shush him away. "I believe you should listen to the bear, Hen." You told him, to soothe his annoyance. He stood up, and tossing a murderous glare to his beloved bear, went to see what was happening. You put your pants and his shirt on again, even though one was soaked and the other a bit disheveled, and followed Henry, to see if all was ok. You found them at the garage. Henry was standing there looking down at an overexcited Kal, that jumped up and down and ran back and forth to the door. "I've no idea what you want, Bear." He finally said with a sigh. "You know I love you more than anything in the world, Pig. But next time you cut me off like that... Ugh I was so close, so close..." And then he laughed softly. "I sound like a mad man, aren't I?"

    You came out of your hiding spot and hugged him from behind. "Nah, you are frustrated, that's all." You kissed the centre of his back, and pulled away to get you phone. The thing rang twice before you picked the call. "He wants to go for a walk, by the way." You told Henry, and Kal whined something that sounded an awful lot like a 'fucking finally'. Moments later, you were trapped on a video call with your uncle, and Henry was dressed to get the Bear for a little turn around the block. "I'll be back quickly. I promised." He whispered.

    "Hello Henry. Nice to see you, too." Your uncle shouted, making him go beet red and become a babbling mess. Henry apologized profusely, justifying his lack of manners with no wanting to interrupt, when in reality he wasn't sure how much you told your family about him, and didn't want to expose you. "Yeah, sure. Don't worry, I'll give her back in a few minutes." Your uncle replied between giggles.

    And he was right. Not longer than fifteen minutes later, you were alone in Henry's house, after helping your uncle with a simple tasks he didn't know how to do on his computer; you guide him and once you finish explaining, he rushed to cut the call for you to 'have your fun with the hunk'. You picked your cellphone and went to YouTube to look for videos of that Witcher game to be what got your boyfriend so hooked. And after a few minutes of watching some play through clips, you found something that sparked a little idea inside your mind.

    Immediately you went to procure what you needed it to make that living room as much as Yennefer's house as you could.

    After some crazy running around the house - mostly because you didn't know where the things actually were - you had it all together. Looking down at the elements piling at your feet, you let a sigh escape. You had an idea and enough creativity to make it through, the only problem was the time, since Henry went out with Kal more than half an hour ago, and since he was kind of eager to be able to, finally, get inside your pants; you imagined it wouldn't take him much longer to return. "Right... Let's do this. And pray to all the Gods above, he likes it."

    Setting the whole thing took you less time than you thought, which gave you the chance to rewatch the vid and try to remember her lines correctly. Mere instants after you lighted the last candle, Henry opened the door and let Kal free. "Love! We're back!" He shouted, and had to hold his ground when he saw you running at him. You jumped and clung at his chest like a koala, peppering kisses all over his face. It didn't take long until the things got heated up and he turned you both to press your body against the hard surface of the door.

    While he was busy loving your collarbone, you took the kitchen towel you brought with the food and ripped it apart with your hands, making a lot of noise. "Damn! I tore a hole in my dress... Wait a minute, I must mend it." You said, wiggling your way out of his embrace. "What are you talking ab... You are not even wearing a dress." He was confused as hell. "Also... you know to sew?"

    "Please, I'll enchant a needle..." You retorted, and you let him standing there, for the few milliseconds it took him to realize what you were doing. "No way... It can't be... Fuuuuuck." He whispered in surprise. He took his tee off and ran behind you. What he saw made his jaw drop to the floor, and his groin stir awake like it never did before. You were standing next to a little table, trying to "fix" your broken "dress" only wearing a lovely pair of black pants and a lace bra.

    He grabbed you from behind, pressed you to him smelling your perfume, and then turned you around, sweeped the things off the desk and sat you there, getting comfy between your legs. You smiled a little, trying to not break character fascinated with him going along with the scene. He tried to kiss you.

    "Wait." You said.

    "For what?" Henry replied in a hoarse voice. He was really good at this, and made you grow unbelievably wet.

    "We must talk to Crach." You pushed him away a bit, cursing on the inside.

    "Why? You think he misses us? Because I missed you." And he, just like Geralt, proceeded to kiss your neck and shoulder for a bit, until he felt you were, like Yennefer, looking to a particular spot in the room. Henry turned around, knowing what it supposed to happen, but what he saw made his heart soar and grow so big, it was about to burst from his chest. "Oh, no..." He said, and tried to frown, but in reality he wanted to scream 'Oh, Fuck Yes!'

    "I missed you, too." You kissed his neck and jumping down the desk, you held his hand and took him to the centre of the room.

    There, the big black couch you were having fun earlier, was now transformed on a pristine white unicorn. Getting the advantage of it being ginormous, you covered the back with one of Henry's white sheets, and simulated the legs using your hair ties. A pillow made the head, and white kitchen rag, twisted on itself gave shape to the horn, just like two floor mops imitated the mane.

    Henry discarded his sweats in a second, and sat at the end of it, not being able to completely wrap his mind on what was happening; except for the fact that he was sure that he chose the absolutely best woman in the world to spend the rest of his life with. He helped you to climb up and get comfortable.

    "When are you gonna... finally burn this piece of junk?" He inquired, almost choking on his own words, when you took your bra off in one swift pull, that actually looked like magic; and while caressing your soft thighs.

    "My heart couldn't take it." You pretty much moaned, opening youself for him. "So many memories..." He smiled and bent to kiss your pelvic bones, ripping your pants with his teeth and fingers. If his sorceress wanted to play, he'll play 'till the end. "Damnit, Henry..." You emphasized on his name. "Do you have any idea how much they cost?"

    "Come here. We gotta hurry. Crach's waiting." He finally said, and pulled you to him, trapping your lips on a heated kiss. A kiss that said so many things, it overwhelmed you completely. "Is that so?" You tried to keep in character, but Henry decided he had enough.

    "You know what? Fuck Crach. I'm taking my time with you, love..." He pushed you down to rest your head on the pillow and kissed your jaw, your neck, and then dedicated all his caring to your breasts. Sucking and nibbling your nipples, one at a time, he massaged them both equally, just as he rubbed his toned hairy navel against your centre.

    A few moments later, and by the time you were already squirming like a fish out of water, he kept his journey down. Henry licked your skin, taking care of tongue fuck your belly button a couple of times, all while keeping eye contact and his thumbs circling your stiff bundles; until he finally reached your navel.

    He moaned loudly after taking a deep breath, making you melt against the white surface. "Your perfume is amazing, love." He said, kissing your inner thighs, and liking the arousal that was pooling in your apex, in such big amounts, it started leaking to the sheet and your legs. "And that taste..." He licked a long strip from the bottom to the top, spreading your legs as much as you were able. Henry played with your bundle of nerves, circling his tongue around it slowly, and humming some melody that made your entire body vibrate with pleasure.

    "Hen... Please..." He managed to let out between soft moans and pleasured whimpers. He smirked again, not letting you go, and rubbing two fingers in your pearl, he plunged his wet tongue inside you, making you see stars. Feeling you getting closer to your peak, he licked his way up again, trapping your clit between his teeth, and entering you with one finger, but quickly, he made them two. You couldn't help yourself, and shamelessly pressed your centre to his face, tangling your fingers on his growing hair. Henry was enjoying himself so much, he accelerated his pace, taking you to ecstasy almost immediately. Your orgasm was so strong and lasting, that your body didn't stopped trembling, even after he pulled out, with a massive grin on his face, completely covered on the remains of your pleasure, he couldn't take on him. "I knew you could do it again, my love."

    You opened your eyes and saw his face, chest hair, and the back of the "unicorn" totally drenched. Clearly, Henry wouldn't be happy if he was able to make you squirt at least twice from now on, so you better get used to it.

    "T'was..." You could barely speak.

    "The most magical thing in the world." He said pulling at your limped body, to hold you on a tight embrace. "Thank you so much, love." Henry was at the verge of tears. He didn't know how, but you managed to make one of his deepest sexual fantasies splendidly real, and it was perfect.

    "I was never..." You started to say and he pulled away to look at you, confused. "I was never eaten out, before in my life..." You finished your sentence and hid your face on his chest. "It was amazing. Thank you, Hen." You finally mumbled, when he kissed your hair. "Well, I love to do it. So, as long as you enjoy it, I'm always willing to go downtown, ok?" He replied, smiling to himself, until he felt your hand caressing his hard manhood. "Then, I believe I should repay you..."

    "Oh, no. Love, there's no nee..." But you shushed him with a kiss, in which you could taste yourself. "I'm not asking you." And just like that, you pushed him down. His back landed on the body of the sofa, with a loud thud and a nervous laugh filled your ears. "Relax, babe. I'll take care of you..." Each one of your words were coronated by a kiss that got you lower and lower.

    "Gosh, that feels..." He couldn't finish the rest of the sentence, since his words turned into moans quite quickly. You massaged him slowly at first, only using your hands to tease him a bit. But, when the first drops of precum started to leak, you couldn't resist anymore. You pulled the foreskin back a bit, and pressed your lips at his tip. He was so sensitive, even that little thing made him twitch. His eyes were closed, both arms spread, grabbing the back and the arm rest of the couch so hard his knuckles were almost completely white; and his throat full of deep growls, desperate to grace your ears.

    "Are you having fun, Champ?" The question came out on a tone that was a bit more sultry than you intended, but Henry seemed to like it, because he opened his eyes, looked down, and caressed your cheek. "You've no idea, love. Those lips are heav... Jesus Christ!"

    You smiled dragging the wet tip of your tongue on the slit of his head, back and forth, and pumping him at the same pace. Henry went mad, unconsciously bucking his hips up to get deeper into your mouth. "Oh, don't be impatient, honey. I'm having fun here." And with those words, you took as much of him as you could, still working him with your hands. One on his length, the other, cupping and stroking his balls. His head rubbed the back of your throat and you gagged, but kept going like if nothing happened, because hearing him moan so desperately and loud, encouraged you to go further and further; imagining how beautifully he will sound being completely sheathed inside of you. That little thought made your mouth water, increasing his pleasure, to the point in which he wasn't able to form a coherent phrase. "I'm clo...oh, shit. So close." He fought his foggy state of mind to warn you, which made you fall even more in love with him.

    "Where?" You asked him, releasing his manhood from your lips, but not stoping your ministrations completely. "Up... To... You." He replied, thrusting in your moving hand with every word. "Good." And down you went again, squeezing him faster and harder, while sucking at his head as if it was your favourite lollypop. A string of choked cries escaped Henry's lips right when his hot seed coated your mouth, several times. His entire body shook for a few moments, as he laid down speechless and with his eyes shut. You crawled up and rested your hot sweaty body on top of his, that was on a pretty much similar state.

    Henry was panting hard, completely robbed of his words, but with an expression of pure bliss that made him glow. You two laid there in silence, for a few moments, chest to chest, caressing each other's skin softly. He was about to say something, right when a very loud alarm went off on his phone. Sadly, the little scandal machine, was abandoned at the front door, so, although reluctantly, Henry got up and went to turn it off, before all three of you ended up being crazy.

    "Well, I'm glad I set this with a two hours window. I wasn't sure about what we would be doing at the time..." He said, coming back to you and taking his place at the couch. "When you said 'you'll have fun' you meant this, aren't you?" You asked him, turning around and arching your back to stretch it a bit. Henry looked up and down at your body, and bit his lip. "Honestly? I meant innocent fun, but hoped for a more sinful one." He said, trailing a finger down the valley of your breasts. "That was fantastic. I truly enjoyed your care. YOU are fantastic." He added bending down to kiss you, tasting himself on you. "It was my first blowjob, too. I'm happy you liked it."

    Henry looked at you in awe. "Really? Fuck..." He was mesmerized. "So, your other guys..."

    "They weren't wiling to give, so I deemed it was only fair they didn't get to recieve." You shrugged and sat up next to Henry. He smiled and went for another kiss. It didn't take long for things to get heated up once again. You were absolutely hungry for each other, on a borderline animalistic way. Henry separated for a second. "We should get another shower and be ready. I have a surprise for you." He said and stood up inviting you to follow his lead. "Ok. You go first?" You questioned looking for your discarded clothes, once you were also on your feet. "Yes. But maybe I finished all the hot water by myself..." He teased, showing you the way, to look at your bum while you walked by.

    "Yeah... I imagine how hard is for you to reach your back with that much muscle..." If he thought you wouldn't play his game, he was truly mistaken. He woke up some sort of insatiable minx inside of you, even without actually be inside of you. "If only someone could help you..." You turned around and winked at him. Henry made two long strides, took you from your middle and put you on his shoulder, softly slapping you backside, to head straight to the bathroom. Fourty five minutes later, and under barely warm water, you were rinsing your shampoo, after helping Henry with his.

    The actual shower didn't take long, but he was a bit too engaged on letting you know that teasing him so shamelessly, had its consequences, and therefore you ended up cumming on his fingers one more time. And waisting all the hot water in the process. You both came out from behind the crystal screen, and started to dry quickly. "If I ask you something... Would you answer me with honesty?" You inquired, wrapping the towel on your body to take care of your hair.

    "Of course, love. I'm always honest." Henry replied blinking fast, clearly confused, and probably a bit scared, too.

    "Why didn't we make love yet? Properly, I mean." You weren't someone that enjoyed to beat around the bush, and he knew it. Henry sighed and took you by the hand, he made you sit on his bed and pulled two hangers covered in protective bags from his massive walk-in-closet.

    "I've been waiting for the perfect moment, because I want to make it perfect for you." He said, letting the clothes rest next to you on the bed. "Earlier today, when the bear wanted to go out, I was only one second away to say fuck it, and actually fuck you, right there." He added, kneeling in front of you. "But I'm glad he interrupted us, because what I found out when I came back, made me be completely sure that you are the one I want for the long run." He stood up again, but this time to sit next to you. "I was utterly enthralled with what you did. You care about me in a way nobody did before, you listen, you observe, you make me feel loved and protected. I feel safe with you." He said, looking into your eyes and tearing up a bit. "The whole sexy stuff was amazing, of course. And I'm game to repeat that as much as you want it." That made you laugh, and his heart went racing. "I don't want to make love to the woman of my life on my living room's floor. Not the first time, at least. You deserve so much more."

    He kissed you softly and smiled. "We are going to make it so many times, you will forget your name. Because that's pretty much the only thing I can think about." He kissed you, and pulled you against his body. "I promise you that." He pressed you to him and hugged you close. "But we have a meeting with someone first, my little star."

    You sighed and presseed yourself, thigter against his body. "Ok. I'm not going to ruin your plans. Mostly, because I want you for the rest of my life, too, and I'll never heard the end of it, if I do." You said, giving up, and making him smile. "I need to change, so I see you downstairs." Standing up from his lap, you picked the bag that had your name and went away to the guests room.

    "Where are you going? You can dress here..." He shouted. "Of course not. You are only seeing me naked again, by the time your 'perfect moment' comes. Not before." You retorted, and shut the door trying not to listen to his protests.

    When you took your towel away, surrounded by the protection of the closed room, you realized that you didn't only left Henry back on his bedroom, you also forgot to take a pair of knickers with you. "Well, commando it is." You told yourself, not even considering coming back. The bag was metal grey and didn't revealed a hint of its content, although you knew it was a dress. Killing all suspense, you opened it up and almost fell on you bum. The bastard had called you his "star" and that was the reason behind it.

    In front of you, sprawled on the bed, an absolutely perfect replica of Yvaine’s blue and black dress was staring right back at you. On the hanger, a little message, scribbled on Henry's handwriting said "Shine bright, my Queen."

    You put it on as fast as possible and went downstairs to meet your boyfriend, to find him sitting nonchalantly, with his feet on the coffee table, clad from head to toe on a full Tristan outfit, sword and all.

    You two will, definitely, make love tonight.

    "My lady..." He said seeing you coming down the stairs and grabbing your hand to help you get the last steps. Your smile was so big it took up your whole face, lighting up his. "I'm getting you liked it..." He said walking you slowly to a very confy chair situated in front of his computer. "...And, hopefully, I'm allowed to look at your beautiful form once again, thanks to it." That was whispered on your ear, making you all bothered and hot. "We'll see about that." Those were the only words you managed to let out without stuttering. Henry laughed, and activated the screen.

    Your eyes flew from the handsome face of your boyfriend, to the people sitting on a lovely pair of comfy leather chairs. One of the two guys was a journalist, and the other, your favourite author; and responsable of the cretion of the characters you two were dressed up like. "I can't believe this..." You murmured, gobsmacked. "I tried to get a ticket. It was impossible. How...?"

    "You have to thank Dani. She is the one with the contacts." He said, kissing your head and pulling another chair to seat next to you. "For the costumes, too." He added, taking your hand and pumping up the volume a bit, so you wouldn't miss any part of the interview.

    "Thank you, Hen. I love you."

    "I love you, too, darling." Henry whispered, and took seat next to you, carrying a big bowl of snacks and two full glasses for you to enjoy the streaming properly. Almost an hour later, the interview was finished, and the last person invited to ask questions to the author, was getting their answers. You were so excited, smiling from ear to ear, completely fascinated knowing the news about his upcoming projects, and the future adaptations to the screen of his already published ones. The streaming was about to end, when you turned to Henry, kissed him and thanked him, once more for that amazing surprise.

    "There's nothing I won't do for you." He said, pressing his forehead to yours. "But, that was only half of the thing." Henry announced and invited you to turn around. He activated the camera and handed you a pair of very fancy looking headphones. You were incredibly confused, until the very face of the man you admired so much appeared on the screen. Looking at Henry, then at the other guy, and back at your boyfriend, you muttered a very noticiable 'It can't be possi...' "Hello, Yvaine. Nice to meet you. Again." He said amused, shifting his attention between you and Henry. "You, too, Tristan."

    Henry replied to him starting some small chat that gave you enough time to restart your brain. Something along the lines of he wanting to be Humphrey, because the blonde mustache would look amazing on him, that made the other man laugh. When Henry noticed you were back on planet Earth, he said his goodbyes and let you enjoy your one on one chat with your favourite author, while he made dinner.

    During the twenty minutes the whole thing lasted, you managed to ask about his inspiration, his work method and the way he faced challenges like writer's block. It was one of the richest, most amazing conversations you had ever participated on, and you had to thank your fantastic boyfriend for it. You cut the call, and when turned around Henry was waiting for you, standing on the middle of a very empty living room. He put some music on, and pulled you to him so you can slow dance for a bit.

    Sadly, it lasted less than he intended, since, Kal decided that he wanted to waltz, too; stepping on your dress and making you kiss the floor, with a very heavy Henry falling on top of you. Of course, everything ended up in giggles and fun, all three of you tangled on top of the soft rug.

    Dinner was amazing. Henry really enjoyed cooking, and if it happens to be useful for him to pamper his girlfriend, he never missed a chance. "This is so good, Hen! I need the recipe!" You said after the first bite, and a couple of little happy moans.

    "It's mum's creation... You'll have to ask her. Nobody else in the family it's allowed to share it." Henry replied, smiling. He didn't say it out loud, but he was super excited for the next fight, because you were finally meeting his family, and announcing the relationship to everyone.

    After having to wrestle for your right to wash the dishes, because he insisted he was the host so it was his job; you ended up cuddling on the couch, that was still covered by the white sheet, although it didn't look like the unicorn anymore - thanks to henry's reactions to your ministrations - laughing at the exquisitely made cosplays you were wearing. "Oh, no. This one's yours. Dani found them online, and I bought both. We can use them next Halloween, if you want." Henry assured you, after you asked him what time you have to return the dress. "Really? That's amazing! Thank you, Hen." You squealed, making him laugh, and using the opportunity to french kiss him.

    Instinctively Henry pulled you to him, trying to make you straddle his lap, but the structure of your dress didn't allow you to be comfortable. "There is one way this is gonna work." You said, getting up and walking straight to the stairs. "It's completely up to you." Without turning around, you started to climb up.

    Half way, you noticed how almost all the lights were getting progressively out and, suddenly, Henry's heat enveloped your body completely. "Wait for me love..." He whispered in your ear, and kissed your neck sucking a fairly visible love mark at the side of it. He carried you bridal style to his bedroom, and only let you down when the door was closed securely. Kal had the backyard if he had the call of the nature. He ditched the riding boot downstairs, just like the coat and his belt, being covered only by the trousers, a white shirt and a waistcoat that was already opened. You peeled the top half of his body first, taking time to caress every inch of skin with your fingers and lips. Then the trousers came down, revealing his full naked form. He was completely hard already, showing how desperate he was for you. Turning around, you let him pull down the zipper of the dress, and take it off of you. Henry sighed when he found out you were wearing nothing underneath.

    He pressed you against his chest for a moment, on a tight hug that could be super sweet, if his manhood wasn't drilling a hole on your lower back. "I love you more that anything in the fucking universe. I've never felt like this before, and here and now I promise to always make you happy, take care of you the way you need me to, and protect you from any harm." Henry spoke slowly, like if he was trying for you to commit to memory every single one of his word.

    "I love you like crazy, too, Hen." You replied, trying to turn to face him, but he didn't let you. "Everything I love in a man, and thousand things more, I found them on you. I'd love to spent my life with you, if you want me." Your eyes were starting to water a bit. It was the first time you made that kind of love declaration, and it felt so nice, you wanted to cry. Henry nodded against you head. "I do want you. So fucking much." He murmured, and then, his hands started to roam all over your body. One clasped itself on your breast, while the other caressed your belly, not stopping its journey down, until he cupped your mound completely. He moaned when he felt your wetness pooling between his fingers, and you jolted back at his touch, rubbing your bum against him.

    "You are the most beautiful woman on the world... And just like I promised, I intend to ravish you like nobody else did before. Would you like that, love?" He inquired, kissing your collarbone and chest, without removing his hand from your slit. Your hips, by now, moved on its own accord, seeking for more friction.

    "Yes, yes... I'd love... Ah! I'd love that... Champ." And that's all you needed to say. He turned you around and gently pushed you to lay on the bed, taking his place between your legs immediately. You've no idea, but everytime you called him that, the only thing he could think about, was making you scream his name, several times in a row.

    Henry kissed your lips passionately, turning them hot and puffed, and probably two shades darker than they naturally were. Your hands were everywhere, his head, his back, even squeezing his deliciously round buttocks. There was no words left to speak, the room was full with sounds of pleasure and love; you moaned and he grunted in reply; and when he did it, you whimpered loudly. But laugher was easy to be heard above anything else; specially when he moved his leg up to make himself a bit more comfortable and you realized he was still wearing his socks.

    "Take them off, Henry!" You pretty much squealed in his face, he was so enthralled playing with your nipples, he didn't notice at first. "What...? Oh shit! Sorry!" He said, contorting to reach them, but giving his size and the position he was in, it was impossible. Once he saw you laughing, he relaxed. "Care to give me a hand?" He asked, lifting his feet for you to grabbed them easily.

    "I'll give you two..." You said, in between giggles, pulling your body up and removing the black garments from his feet, not noticing how your centre got right at his face level. Henry flipped you both on an instant, making you land on his chest. "And now, to repay your kindness, my Queen..." He announced and pushed you further ahead. "I offer my services." He licked one long stripe from your entrance to your bundle of pleasure, with his wide tongue. You moaned wantonly, and grabbed the headboard in order to not lose balance.

    "Are you... Fuck... You sure? I've never... I could suffocate... God, that feels so good." Your mouth and your brain were at war, your hips started to rock softly, against Henry's tongue, and he laughed, making your core vibrate violently. "Trust me, love. You'd like this."

    You replied with a loud moan, lowering yourself a bit more on his face. His hands were at your hips, helping you set the pace, but a few moments later, they went all the way up, to cup your breasts. He separated for a moment. "That's it. Now I want you to fuck yourself on my tongue." You felt your body burn in flames, and felt him rub your sweet spot with the tip of his long, fat tongue, making you arch your back and scream in pleasure. His nose, rubbed up and down your bundle of nerves, making every sensation twice as amazing.

    He had you reaching your peak even faster than he did on the couch, and you felt him lauging under you trembling body, when you closed your thighs around his head unconsciously. He kissed your overstimulated mound, and help you slide down to lay on top of his body. You were literally speechless. You've never imagine that could feel so damn good, and apparently it was written all over your face, because Henry couldn't stopp smiling, while looking down at you. He whipped his face bit with the back of his hand, licking the remaining of your pleasure he gathered, and then kissed you deeply.

    "I... That felt..." You tried to say, but your mouth was dry. "Magical." Henry finished for you. "I love to do that to you. Your taste is unbelievable."

    "I love you, Hen. I love you so much." You said, a bit clearer now, moving your hand over his chest, toward his hard, pulsating member, that was standing proud, and waiting for its turn. "I love you, too. Can I show you how much?" He asked, and coronated his inquiry with a low grunt, when he felt you wrapping around his manhood. "I'm all yours..." Quickly came your reply, and just as fast he flipped you both once more, pressing your body against the mattress with his delicious weight, kissing you fervently. He reached his bedside table, and pull at the drawer. Inside, beside of personal belongings that were normal to find on a man's drawer, there was a box. A big, empty box. "What the... Oh, shit." He said, breaking the kiss. "Fuuuuuuuuck me..."

    "I'm trying." You said amused. "For almost a month... What is it? You want to stop?... Did I do something wrong?" You started to worry, but Henry hushed you with a quick peck on your lips.

    "I know. Nothing bad. No. Absolutely not. You are too good at everything to do it wrong." He enumerated, answering to all your preocupations, one by one. "I just left them downstairs..." He added with a frustrated sigh, and immediately stood up. Right then you realized what he meant. "You keep your condoms downstairs? Isn't that a tad bit unpractical?" You ask half way between being truly concerned by his organizational skills, and trying to repress a fit of giggles.

    "I normally store them there." Henry signalled the box inside the drawer. "But, earlier... I noticed they were all... Expired." He finished and quickly went to get the ones he bought that same afternoon. You laid there, now getting why it took him so long to be back with the bear and smiled at his cuteness. Henry was there again, no more than thirty seconds later, with a plastic bag he emptied inside the box. There was at least twenty little packages, and you promised yourself to make him use them all before Monday.

    Just thinking on having him inside you so many times, made you grow wet instantly. "Give me that." You asked him for the one he kept between his fingers. "Leave that drawer open, and kneel here, please." You pated the mattress next to you, and opened the plastic foil.

    "Yes, my queen." He did as you told. "Hands behind your head." He complied with a smile. You two had the same filthy mind, and he loved it. You kissed his stomach, and slowly went down until your lips graced his navel. You bit him softly at the spot right a top of his base, and then licked his length, from there to the tip. He squirmed, and wanted to touch you, but stopped half way, when he saw you were looking up. You licked at him playfully, taking your time to enjoy the precum that came out almost immediately after you started.

    Henry grabbed the pillows around him, forgetting your request, but you were to occupied to care. "Fuck... Love that's amazing!" He whispered, with his eyes closed. "But... I want to feel you."

    You didn't need to hear more. Pulling at the foreskin, you gave a little lick at his tip, and then place the condom on him; rolling it down with both of your hands. He pulled you to him, pressing his whole body against yours, and pushed you down to lay comfortably on top of you. Henry kissed your lips, jaw, neck and collarbone, trailing his wet tongue over your heated skin, as he checked if you were ready. Felling you drenched, made him impossibly hard, he was sure no other woman he had, was so aroused of just taking care of him as you did, and that excited him ten times more.

    "Ready?" He asked between short breaths, massaging your bundle of pleasure with his tip, coating himself with your essence. "Make love with me, Champ. Properly." Your words trembled with need and anticipation, but above all, flooded with love.

    He entered you slowly, stretching your canal making himself home inside of you to never leave. It took him a few moments to sheath completely, and when his sack rubbed against your bum, he stood still as a statue, giving you the chance to get used to him. "Are you alright, love?" He asked kissing your face.

    "I'm ok... Move, please." You replied as clearly as you could, and then, you lost your mind. All you heard were his moans and growls; all you felt was his skin on yours, and his manhood taking up all the space within you; all you smelled was his musky scent filling your nose. For a moment your entire world was reduced to that man and the beautiful, otherworldly sensations he was giving to you.

    "You feel so good, love. So good." He kept repeating, everytime he drew back, and slammed himself in again, hitting your magic spot over and over and turning you into a moaning mess. Your hands were everywhere, raking his back, caressing his hair, trying to feel all at once. "I'm close, Hen." You weren't sure how, but you managed to said, and felt him twitch inside you. He was right there, too. Your hands flew to his bum and squeezed him hard, making him go deeper and moan uncontrollably. "So tight... So delicious..." He murmured, making a superhuman effor to control himself. Your pleasure was always first for him. "Give it to me, my love."

    And you complied. Going through a tropical monsoon, a tsunami and a tornado, all at once, your body shook, stood still, and spasmed once again, when your multiple releases hit you on what it seemed a never ending chain of miracles, and made you forget the planet was still turning. Henry helped you ride your high, still chasing his, but not letting that to distract him of you. Your inner walls contracted so hard when the last one arrived, you triggered his pleasure, in a way he never felt before. Even with the plastic barrier, you felt the heat of his seed burning your most intimate corner, and decided that it was your new favourite sensation.

    Henry fell heavy on top of you, sweaty and exhausted, but so madly in love. He rolled over a few seconds later, in order to avoid crushing you, and pulled out, swiftly taking care of the condom. "I was sure you'll be fucking perfect." He said, taking your limp body close to his, and caressing your back in little circles. "But this was way better than I thought..." He let his words hanging, fully taken by bliss. You were so tired and sated, all you could muster was an almost silent afirmative humming.


    You woke up - according to your phone's watch - an hour and a half later, almost completely sprawled on top of your boyfriend, who was sleeping like a massive, and very hairy, log. The first thing you saw, was his peaceful face, and since you didn't want to disturb him, decided to let tiredness to win you over once more. But when you moved to get more comfortable, your core went to smash itself on his semihard manhood.

    Temptation was too strong, and you were just too weak. Reaching out, you grabbed another condom and broke the package right next to Henry's ear. He opened his eyes, and keeping eye contact he nodded. When you enveloped him with your hand and started to pump him, he kissed you deeply. "Is it ok if I..." You wanted to ask him, but he was to desperate to let you finish. "Yes, yes. Whatever you wanna do, I'm totally up to it." And then he kept kissing you, all hungry lips and clashing teeth, letting go all the pent up desire he was holding for so long. He was eager to show you, to make you feel, at least a little part of what you produced on him.

    You coaxed him to hardness with your hands, and when he was ready, it was your mouth's turn. The plastic was positioned and rolled down a tiny bit. You encased your lips on his tip, and finished the work as much as you could, pressing your tongue against his veiny side while your fingers quickly finished the rest. Henry melted into a pool of soft moans, that went quite loud, when you dragged your teeth all the way up, before releasing him with a pop sound. That sensation alone sent him to the edge, and distracted him enough to not notice that you were climbing on top of him.

    Absolutely sure of your arousal being heavy enough, you went down in one quick move, burying him inside you as deep as he could go, and making you both scream at top of your lungs. "Goodness me..." Henry said, on a choked cry, and overwhelmed by the hot wetness encasing him, he pushed you to him, and hid his face between your breasts, making you jump a bit and squeeze him hard. You rolled your hips once, and you felt it immediately.

    Henry just exploded inside of you, grunting and trembling. Smiling, you move a bit faster, and tried to prolongue his pleasure as much as you could. After you felt the last of his shots smashed the protection inside you, he mumbled something against your skin.

    "I'm so fucking sorry, love." He repeated, after you pushed him back a bit. He was completely red, with his eyes closed in pure shame. "I swear it never happened before. Well... Not since my first time. And it will never happen again. I promise. I'm so sorry." He seemed to be on the verge of tears. You smiled and kissed him. "Stop apologizing, you twit. I was counting on it."

    "What...? But what about you?" He asked in total confusion, clearly he wasn't used to left a woman unsatisfied, and that made you proud of your man. "You made me cum in your face, Henry. twice. Also, I wanted to make you enjoy for once, not caring about anything else. That makes ME enjoy." Finally he smiled back at you, and his eyes sparked.

    "Oh, boy... I'm fucked. Aren't I?" You said and he let out a full chest vibrating laugh, which made you bounce on his hips, since you were still joined. He wasn't even starting to get soft.

    "Yes, you are." He said, and pulled you up, tossing you softly onto the bed. He changed the used prophylactic for a new one, and as easy as you were a stuffed teddy bear, he put you on your side and got comfortable, spooning you. He didn't say anything, his lips when to your neck and shoulder, one hand to pinch your left nipple, and the other tripped all the length of your body painfully slowly, until it reached your drenched mound.

    Henry slipped his fingers up and down your slit, gathering some of your nectar, and quickly slurped it off, moaning at your ear, and rubbing himself between you bumm cheeks. "Intoxicating..." Immediately he went back to his previous spot, but now, he pulled your leg up his hip, opening you to him. "Now, my sweet..." He whispered on that low tone he knew you loved so much. "I want you to do exactly the same you did on my face." And he entered you slowly, making you feel every inch of his impressive manhood. "So fucking tight..." He mumbled, more to himself than to you. "So perfect." And then stood still.

    You were in charge of your pleasure now, and not really wanting to hold anymore, you rolled your hips, making him hit your sweet spot over and over again. "Tell me what you want me to do. I'm yours to order." Henry's voice resonated on your chest, and went straight to your core, making you tingle all over. "Dance with me, Champ." You replied, taking his hand and made him rub you, while your other, looked for his hips to pushed him even deeper on you. "With utmost pleasure."


    Sunday morning finally came, and found you still tangled on each other. Next to the bed, the trash can was half full with the remains of your adventures, and semi covered by the sheets you had to change around round four, because they were completely covered on sweat and - mostly - your essence. Those you were using at the time, were pretty much ruined, too.

    Henry woke up first, mainly because he was used to be up really early during the week; and even feeling really sore, he went out for a walk around the block with Kal, while the coffee machine did its job. By the time you woke up, he was back next to you, with a massive bed tray full of tasty things and a the loveliest smile on his face.

    "Good morning, my sweet. Did you sleep well?" He asked on an innocent tone. You laughed and looked at the time. "Good morning, Champ. Yes, it was a glorious night." You pushed yourself up, kissed him, and went immediately for the food; letting a few grunts escape. You were destroyed, but so bloody happy. "I recieved the things we buoght a few moments ago, so when you're ready, we can ´Sims´´ the house all the rest of the day.

    And you did. Only stopped at midday to get some lunch on a very small restaurant a few blocks away, who's owner was Henry's friend. You insisted on walk there, but you were so sore, henry tough it was better to take Roach. Of couse, he teased you all day about it, bragging about being a man of his word; until you remind him that your pussy owned him like no other, and he stopped mocking you.

    Once everything was ready, you two watched a movie on the newly decorated living room, and you gathered your stuff to get back home, after all, coming Monday you have to go to work again.

    "Where's your bag?" You asked him, when everything was ready.

    "My bag?" Henry asked, surprising you with how much you confused him. "Yes, your bag. You know, with things to leave there. So you and Kal stay tonight. Personal things..." You explained, and he looked at you like if you suddenly grew a third arm. "You want us to stay with you tonight?"

    "Yes, of course. I already have a toothbrush, shampoo, aftershave, ready for you. Kal has a bed, and some toys... I mean, if you want, of course." He stayed the night at your place already, and even if your house was homely and cosy, it wasn't like his mews, and you were growing a bit concerned at his reaction. But he erased all worries on an instant, smiling from ear to ear.

    "Five minutes. Tops. Bear! Get ready, we are going home!" He shouted to the Bear, that started to jump up and down as happy as his humans. You laughed, and sat on the couch to wait for him, but before the estimated time he was already back, gym bag on one hand, Kal's lead on the other.

    "You are home, silly." You said kissing him, and slapping his firm bum. "No. not if you are not around." He replied, kissing you back and heading to the garage. This time you were taking the car. "Besides, I really want us to give your bed some proper use."

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