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    I am reprehensible

    My subconscious rules

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    Originally posted by naattaliaaa

    Characters: Alex, Professor Hunt, Addison Sinclair, random other students

    Rating: Teen +

    Notes:  Desire - @choicesfebruarychallenge

    This is an AU where Alex is a student at Hollywood U and dating Professor Hunt. This takes place a few days after Part Four of The First Time series.

    The First Time [AU] 

    – – –
    Her heart fluttered faster as Alex entered Hunt’s class for the first time since spending that perfect night together. Her body warmed as the memories flooded back over her. She quickly took a seat beside Addison before Hunt noticed she had joined the back of the lecture hall. 

    “Umm? Is something wrong?” Addison questioned nervously at Alex’s unusual behavior. 

    “No,” Alex blushed as she watched Hunt prepare for class, her eyes undressing him before her brain had time to stop her. “Why would you say that?”

    “Honestly, you’re acting kind of suspicious,” Addison dropped her voice. “Usually you’re all–‘oh Hunt, you’re so handsome! Perhaps I need some tutoring. Kiss me after class!”

    The warmth in Alex’s cheeks burned brighter under Addison’s teasing. “I’m sure I’ve never said those last two things…at least not as far as you know”

    “Miss Sinclair, if you please,” Hunt grumbled, turning toward them.

    “Sorry, Professor,” Addison offered. 

    She watched as Hunt’s eyes settled on Alex’s for the first time. His eyes widened in delight for a moment before quickly turning away trying to hide the smile growing on his face. Addison watched the desire build as Alex couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Her flush face was broken with a blissful smile that seemed to have calmed her. 

    “O.M.G!” Addison clapped her hands over her mouth. “Sorry again, Professor!”

    Hunt mumbled something but didn’t turn back to them as he busied himself with a set of notes.

    “Did you… hook up with Hunt?” Addison questioned, her eyes big, begging for information. 

    “Shh,” Alex hushed her. She looked around to see if anyone had heard, but everyone was on their phones or listening to music, waiting for class to start.

    “You did! Why is this the first I am hearing about it? And, I’m barely hearing it now! How dare you keep this from me. Tell me everything! How was it? How was he? Does he still look like the modeling pictures? Oh! Did you get him to model for you?” Addison rambled, question after question as Alex sank further into her seat, burying her face in her hands. “You’re no fun at all!”

    “Addison!” Alex pressed. “Stop! Please?”

    Hunt called the class to attention. He scowled once at Addison’s continued blabber, but for possibly the first time ever, didn’t call her out on it. A hint of a smile curling in the corner of his mouth soon replaced his frown. His eyes were brighter as he introduced the class to their next assignment.

    “Is it just me or does Hunt seem happier today?” A student in front of them whispered.

    “Maybe he got laid,” another student suggested. “Clearly, he could use it.”

    “Ugh! Could you just imagine what he’s like? Yum!” The first student pondered.

    “Whoever they are, they’re so lucky!” the second student agreed. “He may be a grinch, but he’s a specimen.” 

    Addison elbowed Alex as they eavesdropped on the conversation. 

    Alex tried to focus on the lesson, but between Addison’s insistent questioning, the conversation continuing in front of her, and her own body desiring and craving to be near Hunt while being forced to be apart, Alex couldn’t suppress the giggle rising in her. She wasn’t sure she had ever been so happy but also uncomfortable. She held her stomach as her soft giggle turned into a full laugh. What was her life right now?

    Addison joined in, laughing with Alex, in hopes of protecting her secret.

    “Miss Spencer! Miss Sinclair! My office after class!” Hunt disciplined, narrowing his focus on Addison.

    “Yes, professor,” the girls agreed. 

    “Now if you are quite finished wasting my valuable time, I would like to continue,” Hunt hissed. “Open to page 493 in your film criticism guide. I want a five-page reaction to the review.”

    “Thanks,” Alex whispered, opening her book to the page directed. 

    “I accept repayment in juicy details,” Addison winked. “The more explicit the better.”

    “So much for Hunt getting laid. Looks like he’s already back to his old self. Can you believe he’s having us write a five-page reaction to a two-page review?” One of the students in front of them complained.

    Alex held her book right in front of her as she read the assignment, glancing up over the edge, every so often just to catch a glimpse of him. Thoughts of him filled her mind, she could hardly focus on the task at hand. Hunt seemed to be having a similar struggle as his gaze continued to fall on her more often than usual; each time his lips started to curl up as their gaze met. They definitely had to work on this if they ever hoped to keep their secret.

    - - -
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    wc: 723

    taglist for the series: none yet!! let me know by sending an ask or pm!!



    You sighed to yourself as you sat in your bedroom, attempting to finish the rest of your upcoming assignments before the deadlines of each of the allotted times as you grew frustrated, finding it harder to concentrate this time around. It was only a few hours ago where you hung out with Wooyoung at the diner that you both would always go to whenever you both had down time, away from both worlds and focused on each other’s presence.

    It didn’t take long for you to notice that your mind always went to him, whenever you two often met up since you always managed to find him during the best timings at the company. The only downfall was that whenever you thought about him, you thought about your soulmate bond, in which consisted of throwing up flower petals whenever you thought about someone else. Since then, you realized that the only way to stop throwing up those flower petals was to tell him your feelings, even if they weren’t reciprocated.

    But you never found the time or courage within yourself to bring up the information to him, because you feared that it would put more harm on your friendship more.

    Throughout the duration that you spent spacing out from thinking about Wooyoung, you didn’t realize the fact that there were already flower petals that were lightly scattered in front of your desk, not knowing that you managed to cough it up earlier. It hit you then that your feelings for him were starting to get serious, if you couldn’t even feel yourself coughing up flower petals at this rate and you were getting scared about what could happen in the mere future if continued to wait.

    “Hey Y/N, you still working?”

    You broke out of your small trance to the sound of Lia’s voice and her small knocks against the bedroom door as you cleared your throat shortly before tossing out the flower petals outside the window. Letting out a small ‘yeah’, the door opens as Lia walked into the bedroom while giving you a confused look as you leaned awkwardly on your bedroom window’s ledge.

    “You got me food? Best roommate award goes to Lia.” You chuckled nervously and watched as Lia walked over towards where you were standing only to give you a small glare and placing the plate of food on the desk.

    “Y/N, you can’t keep hiding the flower petals and avoid the topic forever with him…” She starts off shaking her head at you while sighing to herself as she looks between you and the ground beneath you both where the pale cherry blossom petals were spread on the grass, “How bad was it this time?”

    “I didn’t even feel them this time around…”

    Lia looks at you shocked as she was speechless, not knowing what else to say, however you definitely knew that it was bad before she was able to physically say it. You mentally wanted to hide away and forget about the feelings that you contained for your best friend. However, you didn’t want to because of all the memories you both created that made your heart flutter and warm from how happier you felt whenever you were with him.

    It was like you were almost smitten because of him.

    “I know it’s bad, but I was gonna tell him today!” You attempted to defend yourself while putting your hands up in a surrendering motion as Lia continues to give you a look with her arms crossed, “I was just distracted…”

    Loosening up your position, Lia sighs quietly shaking her head at you once more and glances at the picture that was on the desk before looking back at you as she stood beside where you stood at the window ledge, attempting to help you reason it out.

    “I know, but this is really risky for you. If this goes on longer than it should, you could die and I don’t want my best friend dying on me because of stupid emotions and flowers.” Lia points out as you let out a breath, nodding in response as you place your face into the palm in your hands.

    “I’ll just tell him whenever I see him. Next time, I’ll try not to get distracted by his stupid jokes and ways to make me laugh.”

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  • Labor of Love

    “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psm 119:11NIV

    Shortly after Lou and I married, I began to seriously make myself learn French. To live happily ever after with Lou, we had to understand our communication. The guessing games of ‘what did you mean with those words,’ quickly lost the fun side. He became infuriated, when he couldn’t get me to understand his words. I became infuriated for the same reason.

    An older couple joined Lou’s crew. She had nothing to do and spoke no English.  We shopped, did laundry, and cleaned together. All the while, I carried a tablet with me. I pointed to objects and wrote down the sounds of the words she said. Familiarizing myself with Lou’s French language was a labor of love. I constantly sought help. It took three hours of practice to pronounce the word for number 8, (huit), correctly. Don’t laugh. You try it.

    Later a second lady, who only spoke French, came into Lou’s crew. I believe God sent them both to teach me how to speak and understand the language of my husband. Understanding between us came because I painstakingly labored for three years to comprehend and speak sentences to my husband, We labored together in the evenings to bring our relationship to a new level.

    Many people don’t understand the Bible— Jesus was the Bible, aka the Word of God— born in human form. John 1:1-3,14NLT “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through Him… And the Word became human, and made His home among us…” Then, Jesus physically left earth and went to the Father. He gave Himself in written form and in the power of Holy Spirit. The greatest source to understanding the Bible is Holy Spirit.
    —John 15:13NKJV “…when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; …He will tell you things…”
    —John 15:25NKJV “when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify of Me.”

    For those who feel they cannot understand God’s Word, try again:
    ****Read the words with your mind, understand you’re reading Jesus.
    **** Wisdom is— asking God for Holy Spirit to come help you understand the Bible. Luke 11:13NASB Jesus said: “…sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” You ask. Expect. He will come.
    ****Follow David’s teaching: Hide— memorize, God’s Words with your mind and they will sink down into your heart.
    ****“I will MEDITATE on Your precepts And regard Your ways.” Psm 119:15NASB. Meditating on scripture, sometimes for a few minutes, other times for days or weeks, brings greater understanding.
    ****When understanding comes, your heart will be lit up with God’s flood light. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path,” Psm 119:105KJV.

    Like learning French for my marriage, learning-hiding God’s Word in your heart is a labor of love. Do you desire to understand God? Will you take the time to do so? It’s your choice. You choose.

    PRAYER: Holy God, Your Word is perfect, containing everything we need to live. For You are everything in life. Help us to desire to learn to speak Your language and understand what You’re saying to us, in Jesus’ name I pray.

    by Debbie Veilleux
    Copyright 2020 You have my permission to reblog this devotional for others. Please keep my name with this devotional as author. Thank you.

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  • What is that gives you what u deserve or require:

    -Law only entertains the proof(doesn’t matter otherwise)

    -Offices/bosses, are partial as they come

    Praying… That’s the last resort I guess…

    Then let me ask you, how should one pray?

    As loud as possible(like jagran in India), or just the intention matters. Because, ones who can’t speak or hear, they pray as well.

    But to whom does God listen to? The monks who meditate on silence or the people who do jagran out loud the whole night.

    But I get it somehow coz I never prayed out loud and it didn’t materialize as well, so should I try the other method then??

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  • I bargained with Life for a penny

    And Life would pay no more,

    However I begged at evening

    When I counted my scanty store.

    For Life is just employer,

    He gives you what you ask,

    But once you have set the wages,

    Why, you must bear the task.

    I worked for a menial’s hire,

    Only to learn, dismayed,

    That any wage I had asked of Life,

    Life would have willingly paid.

    - Jesse B. Rittenhouse

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    i just can’t help myself

    seonghwa desire aesthetic

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  • the sex hits different when it starts with daddy spitting in your mouth

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    SUBJECT: ROBERTO GASTONE Zeffiro Rossellini



    #baby tudor kennedy #nico racquel almanza #roberto rossellini #the flowers of st. francis #fear #germany year zero #escape by night #garibaldi#socrates #we the women #where is freedom #the age of medici #joan of arc at the stake #anima nera#desire#psychological#psychology#psychedelique#psychedelia#psychedelic#streetpsychedelic#streetdictator#street art#street artist#graffitisoul#graffitiartist#graffitiforsoul#graffitiart#graffiti#abstract art
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  • Dwudziestym dziewiątym opowiadaniem jakie polecam jest “Nieznany numer | L. H.

    On - sławny.

    Ona - przeciętna.

    Ale ich wspólne cechy charakteru sprawiają, że od razu przypadają sobie do gustu. Jednak nie we wszystkim się będą zgadzać… A w czym dokładnie?

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  • The Viaduct Variations 10/15/2008 03 – Blue Ridge Parkway near Grandfather Mountain, October 15, 2008

    Desire fuels fear and anger,
    terror and rage–
    and throws us into calculating,
    conniving our way
    through our life.

    “If we only do this,
    and that,
    like so,
    we can avoid this
    and achieve that,
    and acquire that over there!”

    And that is the formula
    for creating the heaving waves
    upon the wine-dark sea.

    Desire complicates everything.
    We have a stake in all of it.
    There is something to gain or lose
    in every moment.
    We cannot see the moment
    for being afraid and angry
    in response to the threats
    posed by the moment
    to our sense of well-being
    and our peace of mind.

    Seeing the moment
    means having nothing
    on the line in the moment.

    EMT’s can triage the situation
    and assess what needs to be done first
    as long as they don’t have a family member
    in the wreck.
    It goes all to hell
    when we have a vested interest in the outcome.

    Our desire for a situation
    leads us to manipulate the situation
    for our own good
    in stead of responding to the situation
    in light of what needs to happen
    for the good of the situation as a whole.

    The subjective overrides the objective.
    The partisan rules out the non-partisan.
    And we live like the beasts in the jungle
    to have what we want
    at the expense of every other thing.

    We have to grow up
    and be aware
    of all that is at work within us
    and with the situation at large–
    and act in light of it all.

    Growing up and living with (non-judgmental,
    compassionate) awareness
    is the solution to all of our problems today–
    and to many of those that don’t belong to us.
    It is the crucial first step
    to being the change that needs to happen
    in the here-and-now of daily life.

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