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  • Started my next detox - or as i like to call it my TEAtox 🍵 this week!! I can’t say enough good things about our latest product!!
    Run 🏃‍♀️ don’t walk this time!!
    Snag yours now while we still have some left! *we sold out in about a week last time 😲
    30 day money-back guarantee too!! What do you have to lose?! Well besides inches!!
    FYI…the inches I lost last TEAtox I’ve kept them off!! 🙌🙌
    I’ve got other #smartproducts too and samples to send out too!
    Message 📨 me!!
    #whatsinyourmug #slimtea #showmethetea #detox #blastthatbloat #revitalu #livingmybestlife #livingourbestlives #healthylifestyle #healthinfluencer (at Raleigh N.C.)

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  • DICA: Faça a água da lua primeiro, depois adicione as frutas e ervas, cubra com uma tampa e guarde na geladeira pelo tempo que desejar! Normalmente 1-2 horas para infusão de frutas. Às vezes, manter frutas e ervas infundidas por muito tempo pode fazer com que a água tenha um sabor estranho! Então, essa é uma pequena dica! 

    Água, fatias de limão (desintoxicante natural), fatias de morango (antioxidantes, amor e romance), hortelã (atrai prosperidade e dinheiro e reduz inflamação) e pepino (hidrata e “libera” toxinas do corpo)


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  • 🍏Kale-beet juice🍏.✅1 beet✅2 kale leaves✅1 cucumber 🥒 .✅1 lemon peeled✅1 green apple 🍏 .✅1 carrot 🥕 🥕🥕🥕✅1 betabel pequeño sin cáscara .✅2 hojas de col rizada (kale)✅1 pepino 🥒 .✅1 limón sin cascara .✅1 manzana 🍏 verde✅1 zanahoria 🥕 .#jugoterapia #juicing #anticancerfood #fightingcancer #jugosverdes #greenjuice #beetjuice #smoothies #tucson #catholic #hope #catequista #esperanza #fe #diet #detox #juicedetox #arizona #momof5kids #crossfit #running #boxing #chuzefitness #lafitness #kickboxing


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    Credit: @marcejuicingmx


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  • image

    For years now, the smartphone has replaced the famous map that was once an essential travel companion for every holidaymaker. And always the mobile phone has taken the place of other indispensable objects such as the camera or the simple sheet of paper on which to take some last minute notes. Isn’t it time to take a break from all this?

    If you feel ready for such a change, you could opt for a holiday on the Isle of Man, which offers a digital detox trail to anyone who wants one. The country’s tourism organization, Visit Isle of Man, has set up a special program for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature without thinking about what is the best photo to share on social networks or what to write to their friends on WhatsApp.

    The idea is as simple as it is brilliant: those who participate in the program will be invited, once they arrive on the island, to leave their technological devices off so as not to fall into temptation. In return, they will receive a Phonebox, an alternative box containing various analog objects that are very useful for an adventure holiday. Inside it there are several guides - dedicated to the itineraries of the Isle of Man, the identification of plants and birds and even the benefits of digital detox - and a map of the territory, so you don’t need to consult your mobile phone to get information about the places you are going to visit.

    There are also a set of binoculars and magnifying glasses, a travel diary, a notepad, a camera, a pack of postcards and stamps and a deck of playing cards. The idea is to offer not only the tools to explore the area without relying on technology, but also alternative forms of entertainment. In this way travellers will be less distracted and will be able to fully enjoy the wonders that the Isle of Man offers to all its guests.

    In fact, this little paradise halfway between England and Ireland is a true masterpiece for nature lovers, but also for archaeology and history. Here you can admire natural beauties such as the cliff of The Chasms, a magical place overlooking the sea where clouds are born. And a short distance away you can visit the small village of Cregneash, which still maintains the characteristic appearance of many centuries ago. To miss all this and get stuck in front of your smartphone screen would be a real shame.

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  • Entrevistamos a nuestros amigos de @rutam.alma_zen ,la cual puedes ver en cgculturagourmet.wordpress.com 🍃🍃🍃 🍓🍒🍑🍐🍏🍎🥭🍇🍈🍊🍋🍌🍍🥕🥔🍆🥑🥥🥥🍅🥝🌽🌶🥒🥬🥦🥜 #wheatgrass #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fitness #detox #vegan #superfood #organic #eatclean #clorofila #wheatgrassjuice #rumputgandum #wheatgrassshot #fit #detoxjuices #catlover #wheatgrasshot #mindfullness #fitlifestyle #pastodetrigoverde #mindfoodness #fitips #pastodetrigo #natural #matcha #comelimpio #alimentacioncon #lufitips #superalimento (en Las Condes, Chile)

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  • What IS a Twinkie ?

    #Repost @titusunlimited
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    Preservatives are wrecking havoc on our health. Processed foods do not belong in one’s diet.

    How many food additives do you eat in a day? The average American could easily eat over 25 additives in a single sitting and over 100 additives a day. You could also been eating the same additives repeatedly, several times a day.

    Imagine this possible scenario…
    You are eating the additive carrageenan (that is linked to intestinal issues and cancer) at every meal: in your morning coffee creamer and yogurt at breakfast, soup and deli-meat sandwich for lunch, and frozen packaged dinner.

    Even though the amount in EACH product is small, what is the TOTAL amount of carrageenan consumed in this diet?

    Are you consuming a harmful amount by the end of the day?

    What happens when you consume this same amount day after day?

    No one is evaluating that. This is yet another reason to eliminate heavily processed foods from your life. Stick to real food as much as possible… your body will thank you for it in the long run!

    Please #share this with someone

    #cleaneating #diet #healthylifestyle #wellness #nojunkfood #allnatural #organic #share #instagood #healthtipoftheday #holistichealth #holistic #detox

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  • Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and get out of here. My queue will finish tonight and tumblr will be blocked for me for the next 31 days. I know some of you have tagged me in games and things and I hoped to get them done before I left. But my anxiety is actin a fool rn and I really just need to cut off asap. I’m sorry, but I’ll put them on the list for when I come back.

    For anyone curious what I’m hoping to accomplish through this absence:

    • Focusing on my physical health cause damn this body needs a tune up
    • Becoming more aligned with my spirit, my universe, and my craft without distraction
    • Reading. Reading more. Reading so much more because I not only get immersed in new worlds and thoughts, but each one I read helps me grow as a critical thinker and as a writer. I have such a stack of books calling me. (Ok, not stacks because I have a Kindle, but you get me.)
    • Completing Koi no Yokan, a fantasy story including elements of fae lore (loosely), royalty, and magic, and like a drop of romance and smut. It will be my first fic featuring a dark-skinned female reader character and I’m enjoying exploring that very much
    • I’d also like to finish the next two chapters of Éffleurer, but people in hell want ice water and my muse is unpredictable at best so I suppose don’t hold your breath
    • Cracking open my Japanese textbook and relearning all the shit I’ve forgotten and more
    • More stuff prolly

    I’m not saying one month is time enough to accomplish any of this. But it’s definitely enough to start when you give yourself space and time to breath. So off I go to sunbathe in the window with my cats.

    I hope the second half of your year begins with kindness. To others and to yourself.

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  • You guys ever go through caffeine detox and realise your physically giving yourself depression and have to stop?


    Originally posted by excitementshewrote

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