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    21.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago
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  • christianprophecytoday
    21.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    God the Father - "If you decide in the morning to please Me by making Holy Love decisions throughout the day, I will honor your efforts and match them with My Grace - Your smallest decisions often carry the greatest impact in your personal holiness"

    God the Father – “If you decide in the morning to please Me by making Holy Love decisions throughout the day, I will honor your efforts and match them with My Grace – Your smallest decisions often carry the greatest impact in your personal holiness”

    Holy Love Ministrieshttps://www.holylove.org September 21, 2021 Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Children, your efforts at perfection in holiness will only be as efficacious as your surrender to Holy Love. If you decide in the morning to please Me by making Holy Love decisions throughout the day, I will honor your…

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  • vishapsking
    21.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Retuo’s Default Attitude/Views Towards People

    ( depth and specifics are subject to discussion and plotting )

    Morax/Zhongli - His benefactor and closest friend. Despite everything that happened, Retuo still holds Morax dear in his heart. Depending on the timeline, due to Erosion, his feelings may be conflicted. 

    Guizhong - Retuo truly admired Guizhong’s wisdom and kindness. Many of the contraptions and traps left behind in his palaces are based on designs engineered by the God of Dust.

    Havria - Her pacifist views were not suited for the era of war. As the God of Salt gave up more and more of her territory before retreating underground, Retuo almost felt pity for her. But it is the law of nature that only the strong survive. 

    Osial - Contrary personalities clashed like fire and water. Begrudging allies turned enemies through the collapse of war. 

    Cloud Retainer, Moon Carver & Mountain Shaper - He worked with them and the other adepti to help Morax protect Liyue.

    Ganyu - He recalls moments of her childhood under Cloud Retainer’s wing. Had helped the adeptus watch her on occasion. 

    Xiao + other yaksha - Was present at the time when Morax summoned the yaksha into action. His memories about the members are vague as the creation of the squad was closer to when his Erosion worsened. Generally friendly if not neutral terms. 

    Barbatos/Venti - As the closest Archon to Morax, Retuo often saw the Anemo God. Mostly neutral if not exasperated by Barbatos’ carefree nature. 

    Dvalin - Familiar and friendly terms as their regions neighbored one another. Retuo often saw the other dragon at Archon meetings. 

    Other Archons + Familiars - With the death of the other original Archons, he would not recognize the new Dendro, Pyro, Cryo or Hydro Archons and their Companions. Neutral until met. 

    Though considering Inazuma’s storyline, he might vaguely recall Ei and Yae Miko. 

    Hu Tao - It’s an exclusive plot with @riteburdened that Azhdaha works at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as an undertaker. Respects his boss and learns more about humans through her. He strives to keep his title as employee of the month (getrektzhongli). 

    #;hibernatking | ooc #;of chariots and lunar palaces | headcanons #//I guess #//i'll add this to my pinned post #//this is really just to help me keep track for plotting purposes #//purposely kept vague and open for the most part #//since i don't want to force hcs or assume anything for the other party #//these might not apply to those i've already plotted/spoken with as those are more developed
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  • thunderwhenhepurrs
    21.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Some behind-the-scenes thoughts about good old Bustopher Jones as he is in my and my friend’s main modern AU verse.

    This is long and rambling, but tl;dr: as haughty and opinionated as he can be sometimes, Bustopher is a joyful, generous man and a damn good uncle.

    Bustopher’s entire family was rich, and he grew up in the lap of luxury. He was the younger of two sons, the older of which was exactly like their father and was in every way the perfect son. Then there was Bustopher, who liked the theatre, and cooking, and fancy clothing, and also men. His parents were that low-key homophobic where “it’s all right but couldn’t you be more manly?”

    This internalized homophobia in his head, Bustopher decided to distinguish himself (and prove his manliness) by joining the Royal Navy. Coming from a pampered upbringing, it was a kick in the teeth. After a rough start, however, Bustopher found his sealegs and settled into his position, intending to be there for the long haul. He fell in love with another sailor, but kept that fact quiet.

    While he was in the Navy, tragedy struck his family multiple times. His mother passed shortly after he joined, and within a couple years his father followed her. Seemingly in a good position, his older brother, half-heir to a vast fortune, married and began living the socialite life. He and his wife had a daughter, Victoria, who Bustopher only saw very briefly during his home leaves but absolutely adored.

    Then Bustopher got the news that his brother and sister-in-law had died in a car wreck, leaving his eleven-year-old niece behind. Though it meant leaving the life he had built for himself and the man he’d fallen in love with behind, Bustopher got himself discharged on compassionate grounds and returned home to take over care of his young niece.

    Bustopher had never imagined or intended to have children, so adjustment to being a father figure of a grieving child was nearly as rough as joining the Navy first had. It did not help that as soon as he left the service, his long term relationship began to fizzle. But he loved Victoria and she fiercely loved him in return, and together the pair created their own life and dynamic together. He found great joy in raising her, but also in pursuing hobbies he was now free to without judgement — he invested some of his now great wealth in the theater and in restaurants, became a well-known critic (of both theater and food), and a dapper man about town that suddenly had the respect he never had gotten as a young man.

    Then, right after she turned sixteen, Victoria brought home a longtime friend. Bustopher at this point new Misto well; he had been the first friend Victoria had made after Bustopher had taken over her care and moved her to London. In Bustopher’s mind he was a fine young chap, but he had never been privy to how troubled Misto’s life was before then. Misto was all but homeless at the time, had gotten himself into trouble with the law, and was absolutely miserable as he waited to be shunted into yet another foster home. Victoria begged Bustopher to let Misto stay with them a while.

    Bustopher did her one better. He had plenty of money, plenty of room, and plenty of affection to give. Within a week he had greased the wheels enough to get official adoption papers for the boy. He felt that he had never quite managed father figure, but he was a damn good uncle, if he did say so himself.

    Now that Victoria and Misto are both grown and moved out, his life is a little lonelier than it was, but he has many friends and the pair have even prodded him into — goodness me — dating a little. They have a dedicated “family brunch” tradition for every Sunday (though occasionally it must be done via electronic means).

    Victoria inherited her share of wealth when she turned eighteen, and technically, Misto did too, as Bustopher had quickly put together a sizeable trust fund for him. Misto, forever stubborn, refuses to use it, so Bustopher regularly shows his affection with gifts or by finding sneaky ways to slip him cash that he cannot refuse, just to make certain Misto is taking care of himself.

    In personality, Bustopher is a bit haughty in ways — he’s very opinionated about matters that interest him, hence becoming a critic — and he greatly enjoys his life comforts now that he has them again. He’s very proud of his service and makes sure it is noted wherever appropriate. He thrives on being the center of attention. He has very classic tastes and puts an emphasis on order and manners.

    But he is also extremely generous, for which he gained his respect, and fair in his critiques. And when he loves something, he loves it with his whole heart and very loudly. Small restaurants have found themselves with a flurry of business because Bustopher Jones tasted their food and sang their praises to high heaven. He will talk up his niece and nephew to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen.

    He has his flaws, but in general he is a joyful, generous man who has earned the respect and praise he gets from his community.

    #cats the musical #bustopher jones #he’s a fine old dandy of a tom #he’s the brummell of cats after all #me: *sees productions where Bustopher is an ass* #also me: *throws them out the window* #there’s a reason misto looks up to him so much #this is way more meta and character development than anyone probably wanted for Bustopher #but by god y’all are gonna have it #long post
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  • whentherewerebicycles
    21.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    such a good day with the kids 😭😭 also I met today with one of the students who had to miss yesterday’s seminar and got the chance to walk her through the research brainstorming process I was attempting to teach them yesterday aha. it went really well and she was so into it and wants to bring me a fully mindmapped version of her research/project idea to workshop in more detail next week. it was good to get the chance to immediately practice fixing the parts that didn’t go well last night & I feel like it helped me figure out that the core process I’m trying to teach them is useful/effective—I just didn’t frame or introduce it in quite the right way (and I think I know what went wrong). I was also able to do some independent work with them in today’s advising meetings to clarify and help them brainstorm further, so I think ultimately it will still give us a useful shared process/framework to refer back to. anyway one of the parenting books I’m reading at the moment was like “don’t dwell on your many inevitable mistakes! within 24 hours you can count on there being a chance to either do it over or repeat the same mistake!” which I think is 1) hilarious and 2) excellent advice or for teaching too. even if a thing goes badly you will have the opportunity to redo it (or further entrench the original mistake) within a couple days lol.

    #50% of effective teaching is actually knowing how learning works and using that knowledge effectively #50% is developing strategies for managing your own emotions 😂 #but I get better at it every year! hey!
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  • chainsxwsmile-personal
    21.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I feel especially pugnacious today

    Chick-fil-a sucks

    If I wanted homophobia and conversion therapy injected into my chicken, I’d buy a chicken from the Catholic Church

    #it also isn’t that good anyway #I was also raised Catholic so before you take your torches #I’m paying for therapy for trauma developed in my Catholic school #I can talk as much shit as I’d like
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  • d2know
    21.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    A Step Ahead

    There is a saying: wherever you go, there you are. So, we may think our avoidance of any particular issue or inner psychology can save us from a certain discomfort, but we will surely meet up with it again somewhere down the road. This idea is expressed in this dream image, where the train awaits the dreamer at the next stop. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download…

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    #analyzing dreams for personal development #dream analysis#dream interpretation #running away from psychologies in a dream #what do chase dreams mean?
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  • dailytechnologynews
    21.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    A 198,000 Kilometers per hour Nuclear Rocket Could Reach Mars in Only One Month https://ift.tt/2W30igK

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  • dailytechnologynews
    21.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    New lab-grown coffee could solve sustainability challenges facing global coffee production https://ift.tt/3nYQIa7

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  • gamemakings
    21.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    SGD Jam: Day 2

    Busy day today; I wanted to get more stuff done, but I had some problems programming and outside of programming. Regardless: The Power Grid is done! It's going to be one of the main mechanics of the game so I wanted to get it out of the way early.

    Here's a tree, so you can see we're actually working on the art behind the scenes before the artist strangles me for showing off the shitty programmer art.

    What's the game actually about, you ask? I'll tell you all about it... tomorrow.

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  • not-capulet
    21.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    É com imensa alegria que damos as boas vindas à vossa alteza real, a princesa Julieta Diana Liliana Amarina Hemsworth Blanchett, da Austrália, de 29 anos. Fofocas dizem que ela se parece com a Ana de Armas.

    nome: Julieta Diana Liliana Amarina Hemsworth Blanchett

    nicknames: Julie, Lilibeth, Ju, Capulet

    idade: 29 anos

    Posição: Princesa herdeira da Austrália

    altura: 1,68m

    peso: 55 kg

    aniversário: 13 de Agosto 

    signo: Leão com ascendente de Escorpião e lua em Aquário

    mbti: Enfj- the protagonist


    ─  O sol nunca estivera mais brilhante como no dia em que a pequena Julieta veio ao mundo, o céu estava claro e o mar trazia uma brisa leve, o som da mudança chegando ao novo mundo. A família real não poderia estar mais feliz com o nascimento da sua primeira filha, a herdeira do trono, os olhos do Rei brilhavam a cada vez que ele os lançava sobre a pequena e doce princesa, com aquele sorriso cativante que trouxe a todos a certeza de que o futuro lhes guardava bons presságios. A nova herdeira fora apresentada ao povo um dia após seu nascimento, os pais queriam guarda-la só para si naquelas primeiras 24 horas vida, a Rainha fizera questão de não deixar o lado da filha, sempre com os olhos pousados sobre a aquela nova vida que havia sido gerada. Sua apresentação fora muito menos formal do que se esperava, e naquele momento toda a nação pode ver com seus próprios olhos que naquela garotinha estava seu futuro, e que seria um futuro bom.

    ─ E assim, Julieta cresceu, cercada de muito amor, ligada ao povo, sendo ensinada desde cedo que mesmo que um dia todo aquele reinado tivesse um fim, ela sempre teria sua família e o povo ao seu lado, e que nunca, nada seria mais importante do que aquilo. Fora com essa visão de união e igualdade que a pequena princesa passara sua vida, sempre preocupada com os outros a sua volta, em como poderia ajuda-los da maneira mais justa possível. E ela tinha um dom para isso, ajudar as pessoas, a princesa percebia tudo, sempre fora muito observadora, detalhista e ligada ao mar, era de lá que vinha sua essência, sua alma. Os cidadãos brincavam, dizendo, que as tempestades que assolavam o país vez ou outra, aconteciam quando Julieta ficava brava, o que eram poucas ocasiões, talvez nunca ninguém tenha sido tão amada por um povo como a princesa Australiana era por seus cidadãos.

    ─  Julieta, como qualquer pessoa, tinha seus altos e baixos, por mais que a Austrália fosse um país muito desenvolvido, pacífico e onde ela tinha suas liberdades, desde cedo aprendeu que o mundo não era daquela mesma maneira, que precisaria deixar sua inocência de lado, ser forte e encarar sempre de frente os problemas que surgiriam. Ainda havia muita revolta no mundo, e entender que não cabia somente a si mudar a realidade do universo, sempre foi muito frustrante para garota. E sabia que se queria ser uma rainha completa, capaz de levar seu país a diante, nem sempre seria com palavras bonitas e um coração bom, por mais que evitasse, sabia que teria de usar a força, mostrar seu poder aos aliados e possíveis inimigos, principalmente por ser mulher, os desafios viriam em dobro e todos os dias ela acordava determinada a vencer cada um deles.

    ─  Porém, como tudo na vida da princesa não eram flores, existiam aqueles que não aceitavam ou concordavam com o fato de uma mulher solteira assumir o trono, especialmente o irmão do Rei, que via em seu filho um rei muito melhor do que uma princesa qualquer. Para acalmar os ânimos desta parte da família e também de pequena parte da população, o rei decidiu enviar Julieta a Illea para acompanhar a seleção, dando a justificativa de que a princesa estaria em busca de um possível marido também da realeza, para fortalecer ainda mais o país. FilaPostar

    ─ Um espírito livre, independente e destemida, apaixonada por conhecimento e que não sabe receber ordens de homens. Justa e que ainda não entende porque tanta distinção entre as pessoas, tudo por conta do sangue, Julieta não vê o mundo desta maneira, e decidiu que se vai ser mesmo rainha, quer dar voz aqueles que a perderam, quer transcender as barreiras dos países, Talvez ela seja considerada sonhadora e liberal de mais para monarcas mais conservadores, mas ela considera isso um elogio.


    ─ Julieta é conhecida pela sua falta de filtro e pensamentos pouco comuns para uma monarca, é super a favor da democracia, e se dependesse apenas de si, teria acabado com a monarquia e em titulado um parlamento em seu país, porém entende a importância e simbolismo da monarquia, especialmente após duas grandes guerras. 

    ─ É completamente apaixonada pelo oceano, sabendo surfar muito bem, e tem uma conexão forte com o mar, tanto que seu sonho de infância era ser uma sereia ou vender sua arte na praia. 

    ─ Teve aulas de defesa pessoal, e sabe empunhar uma espada como ninguém. A família real Australiana busca a independência de seus filhos, lhes dando todas as oportunidades para aprenderem se defender sozinhos quando necessário. 

    ─ Julieta é vegetariana, como uma defensora da causa animal e também do meio ambiente, evita o consumo de tais alimentos, mas também não é de encher o saco dos outros, cada um com suas escolhas. 

    ─ Julieta, apesar do nome, não acredita em grandes amores a primeira visto, apesar de sempre ter assistido o casamento bem sucessível de seus pais, que continuam apaixonados até hoje, ela não acredita que vá encontrar alguém assim, e evita se preocupar com isso. Mesmo que no fundo, dele adoraria estar suspirando pelos cantos por alguém. 

    ─ Tem uma ótima mão para jardinagem, adorando passar longas horas nos jardins em meios as plantas. 

    ─ Julieta adora uma boa fofoca, vive conversando com os criados para saber quais as últimas novidades do palácio e também do que anda acontecendo em outros palácios pelo mundo. Quer saber da última? É só perguntar pra Julieta. 

    ─ Já teve sua cota de romances, tanto com homens quanto com mulheres, mas nunca se apaixonou de verdade e inteiramente por alguém. 


    ─ Austrália prosperou muito durante os anos, se tornou um mercado muito forte, e um dos países com melhores condições de vida para as pessoas, abrigando muitos refugiados de outro lugares. Ainda é considerada um dos países com maior taxa de educação e de cuidado com o meio ambiente, prezando muito por seus animais e florestas. Um país que ainda evita se envolver em conflitos bélicos, porém toma suas decisões de modo firme e mantém um tom de voz ativo sobre sua visão de mundo.

    ─ A Austrália é extremamente forte na agricultura e na mineração, exportando alimentos como carne, trigo, lã e minérios como bauxita, chumbo, níquel, manganês, tungstênio, além de ouro e prata. Tem uma taxa de desemprego baixíssimo e uma qualidade de vida muito alta também.

    ─ É visto como liberal por muita das outras monarquias, especialmente por conta do apoio a causa LGBTQ+, e outros assuntos considerados tabus em países mais conservadores.

    ─ Revoltas são pouco comuns, mas ainda existem muitos que não concordo com o modo que o país é governado, havendo extremistas. 

    ─ A família real australiana é formada por 4 filhos, sendo Julieta a primogênita e herdeira ao trono, dois garotos gêmeos 3 anos mais novos, e um garoto 7 anos mais jovem que Julieta.

    #🌹 ‘゚DEVELOPMENT  —— ‘ I don't wanna be the puppet that you're playing on a string
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  • jjeinn-tae
    21.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Extra days off

    Y’know, it’s nice to be paid to work on my game, PTO is nice.  Although, maybe I’ll get to the point where games can support me.  I doubt it, but I can dream.

    This is a weird update though, I don’t have much to report, game work has been just a process of continuous bug fixing as making the player the same object as the NPCs resulted in some reworking of many things.  So, the Player Controller and AI are now all descendents of a class called “AnimateController” (Animates are something I’ve been using in my game design tinkerings for literally a decade, they’re game objects that move on their own, in J’ardscape it’s basically anything with a statblock that can have AI).  And now the player doesn’t exist at map start.

    Cue some really weird difficulties in assigning public variables that are still needing to be tracked down.  Like, at the moment the Darknut AI (as it is inspired by Zelda 1 Darknuts, although it’s already more distinct in the Unity build...  slightly)  can’t have their player variable assigned through code?  Even though it worked before when the player existed at game start?  I’m starting to wonder if I should just start working more towards the AI I’m actually planning out, but that’ll be a big delay in actually getting the game to a state that I feel is playable, so I really don’t like that option.  While it’ll be quicker in Unity, the system I built for my AI to be able to do that took like a month to code in my engine.

    Also, not game design related (directly at the moment at least) but for my mental health, I’ve decided to get back into my linguistics studies.  Japanese has maintained-ish over my 5 year break due to anime, but nothing else has really stuck much.  Although I’ve been recovering a bit here from holiday.  I might start making separate updates in different languages as I become more comfortable again.

    I’m hoping to post some art here soon too, if I actually find time to draw, but we’ll see.

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  • stanabortion
    21.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago
    #i guess gerontophiles just attract each other. can’t tell if ur one since ur on anon #develop a crush on a tragically ugly old man and never shut up about it. that should catch her attention #personal#asks
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  • villain-academia
    21.09.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    It'll always be a shame how Hori handled Hawks' character. He could have been a dynamic character after the war arc but he really just ended up being incredibly static.

    #there isn't even any sign of him having any real development #or acknowledgement of his or the commissions horrific actions #not even batting an eye at endeavors actions #im not even saying oh he should have became a villain #no i just think there should have been some kind of effect on him??? #even a MOMENT of second guessing the actions that he chose #its really fucking sad
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  • holographings
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    looking for something that maybe never was 

    more concepting bs for the ahistorical balkan project thing in my head (i feel like it needs a name at this point i can’t just keep calling it that)

    #i'm trying to мечка страв мене не-страв drawing backgrounds and scenery clearly #balkan blogging#illustration#concept art#visual development#macedonia#original art#my art
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  • philipp-lahm
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #itv endeavour #what's the guy's name #Jack Laskey #i just think he's neat #just started season 2 #and the bastard man appears to be less of a bastard #commendable character development. i though he's just going to morse's doppelganger of some sort #to be* #but not literally obv like in the double but more like in onegin #like onegin to lensky idk if that makes sense #it probably doesnt but im excited is what im saying #i did a thing
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  • seidhkona7
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Admitting hard truths about oneself isn't an easy task but it's a necessary aspect of the path to healing and growth. We're not responsible for the trauma experienced or wrongs done to us, but as adults we are responsible for our healing and whether or not we continue giving our power away to negative, reactive and self destructive behaviours.

    My hope is that all who read this know you're not alone and it does get better.

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  • corvidsoup
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    anyone have any good oc questionnaires??

    #like base stuff for a planning a novel #and character development #dialouge#writeblr#writblr
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  • objection2001
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I was doodling dark world skelebros designs in class and then realized i was just making an au-

    #an au that I REALLY like btw maybe i'll develop it more and talk about it since i have papyrus brain rot 24/7
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