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    baby boy. baby.

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    #the devil judge #tdj wallpapers #yohan x gaon
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    02.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    I don't remember if anything (like she's dead) have been mentioned about her but sometimes I think about Yohan's mother, you know...

    I know the fact that she didn't want her son but an AU or something would be nice. 😔

    #the devil judge #kdrama#kang yohan #kang yo han #utsuutalks#whispers #with baby yohan's bestie #aka saeyi
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    [ID: A digital illustration of Nadja of Antipaxos from What We Do In The Shadows. Her hair is mostly down, with two spikes on top of her head. She looks to the right with a disinterested expression. End description.]

    The most murderous vampire ❤️

    #nadja of antipaxos #wwdits #what we do in the shadows #my art #i love her little devil horn/cat ear hairstyle it's so cute
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    now that I’ve stopped obsessing over this I’ll be around to do my things 💖

    #skells speaking ( ooc ) #under the rug it goes ( tbd ) #skells is doodling ( tag to blacklist ) #( this study was overall very successful I'm very happy at the results despite seeing some glaring flaws if I try to use this for a whole #piece BUT I WILL TRY ANYWAY AT SOME POINT ) #( one of the references - the bottom right one - was using a very bright flash and light and those are in fact the devil I've decided )
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    Devil’s nightmare

    Summary: the avengers are assigned to watch over a prisoner….you
    Pairings: Avengers x Reader { mainly Loki and Bucky }
    genre: comfort, found family, hurt to comfort, trauma recovery, romance
    Warnings: blood, mention of abuse, some 18+ content but not completely smut
    P: 1, P: 2, P: 3, P: 4, P: 5, P: 6, P: 7, P: 8, P: 9, P: 10, P: 11, P: 12, P: 13, P: 14, P: 15, P: 16, P: 17, P: 18, P: 19, P: 20, P: 21, P: 22, P: 23, P: 24, P: 25, P: 26, P: 27, P: 28, P: 29, P: 30, P: 31, P: 32, P: 33, P: 34, P: 35, P: 36, P: 37, P: 38, P: 39, P: 40, P: 41, P: 42, P: 43, P: 44, P: 45, P: 46, P: 47, P: 48, P: 49, P: 50

    Children ran around the village, laughing and playing with each other.

    Their life was easy, they had no responsibilities and only had to follow one strict rule.

    Act like you don’t exist.

    You licked your dry lips, following their bodies moving all around.

    The chain on your throat felt a little tighter than usual for some reason that day.

    “It’s spoiled now!”

    “Then throw it to the animals” the mother told her son.

    He was older than you.

    He looked annoyed carrying the hot pot over to the pigs.

    Or at least you thought it was for the pigs.

    Instead of dropping it to them he stop in front of you with a disgusted look on his face.

    “You’re the real pig” he said.

    He flipped the pot and let the food spill on to dirty grown in front of your bare feet.

    “Eat it.” he said

    You cried as he pushed your face to the ground forcing you to consume some of it.

    You struggled to breath but no matter how many times you screamed nobody even bothered to look your way.

    You were all alone…

    “Hey…wake up…HEY!” You inhaled sharply as Clint shook you up awake.

    “Hey, hey…are you ok?” You blinked at him before realizing your face was wet.

    You were crying.


    Clint didn’t buy that shit.

    “Look that might work on everyone else but I don’t like riddles young lady”

    “I’m older than you…” you said

    Clint rolled his eyes.

    “And you look as old as nat so that makes me older than you!”

    You stared at him silently for a few seconds before giving in.

    “It’s just a nightmare….from the past” Clint nodded.

    “You know, when my kids have nightmares I usually sneak out with them to have ice cream”

    Ice cream?

    By the look on your face he can tell you’ve got no idea what means

    “Ok, let’s make a pinky promise” he grabbed your pinky with his own.

    You looked even more confused.

    “This is a pinky promise ok, we have to do this promise no matter what ok?”

    You nodded slowly.

    “Let’s make a promise that, when you get better and we can get out of here, we will go and buy some ice cream together. Do you promise?”

    Out of here…yes.

    “I…pinky promise?”

    “That’s the spirit!, now seriously come eat they’ve been fighting over the stove for hours and I’m starving, and don’t look at me like that you’re not some wild animal”

    Hard to believe but whatever suits you archer.

    For the first time in…ever you were served colorful food.

    Like actually something that looks like it has flavor in it.

    “Dig in, me and these two troublemakers worked hard on it” Natasha pointed at herself then Loki and Bucky.

    “True, even though I’m still suspicious about those plants he used” said bucky

    Loki huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

    “For your information I spent a fair amount of time in our kitchens when I was younger” Thor snorted after that making Loki glare at him.

    “As punishments brother”

    “I like to learn from my surroundings”

    You licked your lips looking at your plate.

    It was just mashed potatoes with grilled steak and salad on the side.

    It looked way better than the boiled things you were used to consuming.

    “All of you stop, I would’ve gotten us burgers but all of you insisted on something homemade and I-” tony stopped talking when he saw you covering your face with your hands.

    Bruce, who was sitting next to you notice the tears sliding down your cheeks.

    “If you don’t like it we can always go with-”

    “No!” You stopped him “I’m just…I don’t deserve this”

    Loki sighed, he lifted his knife and fork towards his plate being the first one to dig in.

    “Food should not be earned, food is something you need, either being a god, a vampire or even…a witch. We all need to eat and it’s not wrong for you to enjoy the taste of what you’re having.”

    Sniffed a few, with soft rub on your back you removed your hands.

    Bruce gave you a kind smile before removing his hand away.

    “Thank you…” you said

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    @leschanceux​ sent -->  🎁 and got #50 --> dancing with the devil -- demi lovato

    “It’s just a little red wine, I’ll be fine.”

    #sir you do not look fine #hold me down under holy water; i fear i've been layin' with the devil (nevada thread) #hold me down under holy water; i fear i've been layin' with the devil (answers)
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    02.12.2021 - 52 minutes ago


    by @if-you-onlyknew & @katiekinswrites

    chapter preview…

    Billy finally stepped up into the entrance and froze.

    Big green eyes looked up at him curiously. The way the little girl had clung to Jefferson had caused Billy to pause. The stories Olivia had told about Jefferson painted him as a ruthless killer — unfeeling, mad — but as Billy watched the man with his daughter, all he saw was a loving father.

    He remembered how Odette used to cling to him that way when she was a child and he couldn’t help but feel his chest tighten at the memories.

    Clearing his throat, Billy stepped forward. “My name is Billy Lake,” he told Grace, crouching down to her level. “I’m Odette's D-”


    He tore his eyes away from Grace at the sound of the voice that had only ever given him peace. Billy sucked in air when he saw his daughter. Her hair was darker, her mother’s blonde locks colored — but those big blue eyes he’d recognize anywhere. He watched as his daughter's eyes filled with tears as she stared at him, in complete shock.

    “Hi Baby,” Billy said, his voice cracking slightly as he stood up fully.


    TAGLIST: @ocappreciationtag, @ocfairygodmother, @jewelswrites-ish, @occommunity, @captainrcgers, @darkwolf76, @eddysocs, @learisa, @cas-writesocs, @darylandbethfanforever9, @lokitrasho, @mer-writes … if i'm missing anyone, please let me know xx

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    good morning, everyone!

    #it's a good day today #so many willing muses... so many inboxes to invade KLNDJKG #anyway send me memes #Blue Foxy Devil [OOC]
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    #Aquillis Answers#Shady Guy #Sonic the Hedgehog #Devil May Cry #Dante
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    random DMC imagine I had while at work

    imagine Dante standing outside your window at 10:52PM on a Friday night with a boombox playing Bon Jovi’s Always

    #idk man somebody once said Bon Jovi would totally be a band he would listen to #and my workmates play it a lot at work #hence #devil may cry #Dante
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    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Top 50 Albums of 2021: #50-41

    For the music world, 2021 seemed to be a year of both uncertainty and recovery. During the first part of the year, it looked as though the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would continue to disrupt the industry, with music venues remaining shut and Glastonbury, amongst other festivals, still getting cancelled. Thankfully, in the second half of the year things slowly opened up, with live music finally returning along with some summer festivals going ahead. It felt like a gigantic sigh of relief for musicians and fans alike, as the community of live music brought everyone back together after a tough 18 months or so apart.

    However, the biggest thing felt this year for me was possibly the productivity. With the lack of touring and live shows prompting many artists to extensively write new music and head back to the studio, there seemed to be an abundance of incredible new music in 2021 compared to the last few years. With this being the case, the annual task of narrowing down 200+ albums to 20 favourites proved to be quite impossible - so this year, I’ve expanded out to a Top 50 for the first time ever.

    With these 50 albums coming from a wide multitude of genres (pop, rock, indie, hip-hop, R&B, metal, electronica - it’s all here!) there is a good chance you won’t enjoy everything on this list - however I’m hoping in the sets of 10, there is at least something for everyone. Of course, with these albums coming from different genres it also makes it difficult to rank, so don’t get too hung up on the placements. Generally though, I’ve favoured the albums that:

    Had the biggest impact on me and the wider music world

    Had ambition or something unique to offer

    I played the most during the year

    Ultimately produced the best front-to-back listening experience

    Ok I’ve waffled on enough now – here’s the first 10 albums that made the cut:

    50. Huffy by We Are Scientists

    Kicking things off then at #50, it is the seventh studio album from veteran NY-based duo We Are Scientists. The songs on Huffy are easily some of the band’s hookiest tracks to date, with their 2021 collection just a super fun, tightly constructed, 30-minute slice of indie rock perfection. Consistently solid and guaranteed to have you rocking out with the biggest smile on your face!

    Best tracks: Bought Myself A Grave, Contact High, Just Education

    Listen here

    49. The Art of Losing by The Anchoress

    In at 49, The Anchoress (Aka Welsh musician Catherine Anne Davies) released her excellent sophomore album in 2021. Melodramatic in the best way and bolstered by some soaring orchestration, The Art of Losing makes for a mightily fascinating and intriguing listen. This album particularly takes flight in the second half, with highlights including the incredible title track, Unravel and The Heart Is A Lonesome Hunter.

    Best tracks: Unravel, The Art of Losing, The Heart Is A Lonesome Hunter

    Listen here

    48. Seize The Power by Yonaka

    Brighton-rockers Yonaka delivered big with their eight-track mixtape Seize The Power in 2021, pushing their musical boundaries out even further and sonically defying genre to perfectly match up with frontwoman Theresa Jarvis’ ever-impressive vocal acrobatics. If you give this one a spin, expect relentless energy, glossy production, big anthemic choruses and stadium-sized sounds.

    Although this may turn out to be just a prelude to what will eventually be their second studio album, this still feels like a significant step in Yonaka’s captivating evolution.

    Best tracks: Seize The Power, Anthem, Call Me A Saint

    Listen here

    47. Grapefruit Season by James Vincent McMorrow

    A new laidback outlook on life has been key to singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow coping better with the anxiety he has dealt with his whole life, but also to unlocking the brilliant songs that are found on his fifth album, Grapefruit Season.

    This freedom and “embracing the chaos” attitude have clearly helped McMorrow to hit a new creative peak, with many of the tracks on this latest collection some of the very best he’s written to date. Arguably the album’s finest moment comes in the form of Headlights, a gloriously produced, synth-driven track, which also features some wonderful gospel-like vocals and bluesy guitars towards the back end.

    Overall though, with unfiltered, sincere lyrics and inventive sonic explorations, Grapefruit Season makes for quite the audio journey.

    Best tracks: Headlights, Hollywood & Vine, Planes In The Sky

    Listen here

    46. W.L. by The Snuts

    Next up, it’s the brilliant debut album from Scottish indie rock darlings The Snuts. Having discovered The Snuts at Dot-to-Dot Festival a couple of years back, this was a debut album I had been anticipating for some time and safe to say it did not disappoint.

    The record opens strongly with a beautifully string-drenched acoustic number, Top Deck, before business quickly picks up on Always, a wonderfully infectious tune powered by a buzzy guitar riff. From that point on the album doesn’t really let up, with soaring indie anthems packed in right the way through. In the end though it is Glasgow that stands out from the pack - a love song at the heart, the track starts softly but then erupts into a towering guitar-driven rock anthem, built to be sung out from the biggest festival stages.

    All in all, W.L. is simply just a great collection of songs, and a strong first outing for one of Britain’s most promising up-and-coming indie rock bands.

    Best tracks: Glasgow, Top Deck, Always

    Listen here

    45. Cavalcade by Black Midi

    Coming off the back of their highly acclaimed, Mercury Prize-nominated debut Schlagenheim, the pressure was certainly on experimental London rock outfit Black Midi to deliver big with their follow up.

    With Cavalcade, Black Midi returned at their experimental, genre-defying best, but at the same time more calculated and considered – dare I say it, more refined. To be clear though, this is not a cohesive listen – the band still erratically jump between fascinating elements of jazz as well as math, prog and art-rock. But that is not a negative point, that is very much a big part of this album’s charm.

    From the tense stuttering strings on opener John L, to the early-Wild Beasts theatrics of Marlene Dietrich and Chondromalacia Patella, to the psychedelic shoegaze of Diamond Stuff, Black Midi absolutely revel in the chaos that they paint here. Midi objectively set a high standard with their debut, but this expressionist masterpiece means they have somehow still exceeded expectations.

    Schlagenheim was easy to admire but hard to love, this time around with Cavalcade, for me at least, Midi achieves both admiration and adoration.

    Best tracks: Ascending Forth, John L, Marlene Dietrich

    Listen here

    44. Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine by Brockhampton

    Coming off the back of a somewhat lukewarm reception to their previous album Ginger, the rap troupe came out all guns-blazing on this one, tackling heavy themes of suicide, gun violence, racism and homophobia, balancing out the weighty lyrical content with pop and R&B style grooves.

    In fact, nearly every track here feels like a massive summer anthem, but with an important message or insightful personal story lying at its core. Brockhampton also upped-the-ante in terms of features and guest appearances this time around, with heavyweight names like Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky and Charlie Wilson lending their verses and voices to help elevate some of the key tracks.

    Most importantly though every band member is operating at the top of their game here, with no filler to be found as they deliver some of the best tracks of their career so far. From the frantic, energetic opener BUZZCUT, the whistling beat and 00s R&B groove of COUNT ON ME, to the acid-soaked club banger DON’T SHOOT UP THE PARTY, Roadrunner packs in the punches without ever affecting the album’s flow.

    However despite all the great moments here, its Joba’s two-part confrontation of his father’s suicide that hits hardest, with rock guitars providing the backdrop on THE LIGHT whilst the second part and album closer, THE LIGHT PT.II, offers up a more gospel-influenced, redemptive vibe. Overall, Brockhampton have rarely sounded as confident yet vulnerable as they do here and it makes for a captivating listen.


    Listen here

    43. Loss by Devil Sold His Soul

    Epic, ambitious and absolutely stunning, Loss was the first album in nine long years from London-based metalcore outfit Devil Sold His Soul, with this cinematic triumph acting as a glorious rebirth for the band.

    Having seen departures of several band members and personal losses during their hiatus, the central theme seems almost a given, with the band tackling the hefty subject across ten emotionally packed tracks. Switching effortlessly between clean and scream vocals, harder and more gentle moments, big heavy riffs to soft ambient instrumentation – in a year with some great metal albums, this one is right up there.

    In terms of highlights there’s plenty to be picked out, including soaring, rifftastic second track Witness Marks, as well as singles Burdened and Signal Fire. However, it is the album’s beautiful closer, the heart-breaking title track, that really stands out amongst the rest. Clocking in at seven and a half minutes, the song begins quiet and atmospheric, before erupting into an aggressive, climatic finale. It is quite special and perfectly caps off a mightily impressive return outing – hopefully they don’t leave it nine years before the next one!

    Best tracks: Loss, Witness Marks, Burdened

    Listen here

    42. TYRON by Slowthai

    With the album’s title sharing his first name, you’d be right in thinking this is a more personal and reflective record from UK grime superstar Slowthai, especially when compared with his politically charged first outing. Although there are still moments where ‘Thai aims his microphone outwards squarely at the establishment, there is also plenty of introspective moments where he reflects on his family, his upbringing and the events that have shaped his last couple of years.

    A wonderful contrast of humour, horror and personal reflection is one of the many reasons TYRON is such a fascinating listen, but there is plenty more on offer here. This is an extremely ambitious record, with the tracklist split into a double album format - the first half bringing the energetic, harder cuts, and the second half the softer, more melodic moments. There’s also a host of heavyweight guest stars scattered across the tracklisting here, including Skepta, Denzel Curry, Dominic Fike, A$AP Rocky and James Blake, just to name a few.

    However, the biggest takeaway from TYRON is just how much ‘Thai has matured as an artist, both in his musicality and his wordplay. The beats and production value are a step above his debut, and his bars are sharper than ever before. There are plenty of career-best moments here too, with aggressive opener 45 SMOKE and the ominous, defiant DEAD standing out in the first half. In the second half, it is the one-two combo of push, the acoustic-driven collaboration with Deb Never, and heartfelt single nhs, that hit home the hardest.

    All in all, TYRON is a brilliant sophomore effort, one that perfectly showcases Slowthai’s growing maturity as an artist. And although he offers a captivating glimpse into his softer side, he also shows that he’s not lost any of the tongue-in-cheek humour or provocative social commentary that made him such a star in the first place.

    Best tracks: feel away, push, nhs

    Listen here

    41. Sour by Olivia Rodrigo

    It is safe to say that the first part of 2021 well and truly belonged to Olivia Rodrigo, so it is only fitting that she finishes off part one of my Top 50 Albums of the Year countdown.

    Still amazingly just 18 years old, the High School Musical star blew up earlier this year following the release of her incredible debut single drivers license, which took her to number one in multiple countries and turned her into a pop sensation overnight. This was not without merit either as that track remains one of the finest of the year, seeing Olivia bare her soul with a tale of teenage heartbreak, with the emotional heft of the words powerfully propelled by her stunning vocal performance. It seemed it resonated with a lot of people too, as that track has finished as the most played song of 2021, topping the year-end UK and global streaming charts for both Spotify and Apple Music.

    With this being the case, it was great to see Rodrigo deliver big after all the hype with her fantastic debut album. Rightly kept concise to just 11 tracks and 34 minutes in length, everything on Sour is kept punchy and nothing overblown – a trap a lot of young popstars can fall into these days.

    Starting with a bang, Rodrigo immediately makes sure the listener abandons any preconceptions they may have for a debut album from a Disney star, opening proceedings with the punky riffs of brutal, on which she unleashes a barrage of teenage angst and frustration. From that point on, Rodrigo more or less continues the story of heartbreak she begun on drivers license, making for an emotionally rich journey that perfectly showcases Olivia Rodrigo’s songwriting and vocal talents.

    With the weight of expectation firmly on her, Olivia Rodrigo confidently delivered a brilliant debut album. Effortlessly bouncing between styles, her tale of heartbreak is the conceptual backbone that ultimately makes for a stirring and rewarding listen.

    Best tracks: drivers licence, brutal, hope ur ok

    Listen here

    The countdown continues on Sunday with #40-31!

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    Contribution to this fandom made by: My sis

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    Look, all I'm saying is that if it turned out I was actually a succubus...I wouldn't be mad. Or surprised.

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    Anime men: *exist*


    #i just love them #handsome 2D devils #kiri plz marry me #fumi you too #tai and tama come kiss me rn or ill cry #abby rambles#anime
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    Super Nova 💜 🌙 ✨

    New Character Key Art for Lunella Lafayette aka Moon Girl has dropped.

    Lunella is voiced by Diamond White as she sings the series theme song "Moon Girl Magic" 🌙   ✨

    Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Debuts February 2022 on Disney Channel & Disney+

    #Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #Laurence Fishburne#Helen Sugland#Jack Kirby#Brandon Wu#Disney Channel
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