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    pls why does everything i write about the archons have to do w their backstory think of something else dev wtf

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    JJK as Street Racers

    CW: contains some smut, 18+ minors DNI, explicit language


    - He’s a retired street racer now. Rumors of his reckless younger days follow him like a shadow. Now, he is Gojo’s acting manager and he co-owns the mechanic shop with Nanami. You and Toji frequent some of the underground clubs, and one night while Toji’s got a cigarette in between his lips and is running some poker game, you head over to the bar for a drink. A new bartender walks up to you and asks for your order, “I’ll add it to your tab.” he says.  The senior bartender overhears, “no”, he glances at you “that’s Toji’s girl. She doesn’t owe us anything.” As you’re talking to the senior bartender, he mentions that back in the day Toji used to be the king of street racing. “Crazy, fucking reckless he was. He used to pull the most unbelievable stunts. No regard for his own life too.” You don’t really believe that because of the way that Toji is always on Gojo’s ass after Gojo pulls some stupid stunt. 

    - Until one night, Toji takes you out on a late drive in his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. He’s got one hand on the wheel and the other one is traveling under your skirt. After getting handsy with you for a while he finally pulls over to the side of the road. It’s not an extremely busy area but it’s certainly not hidden. And as much restraint he tries to have, at the end of the day Toji is not a patient man. He all but throws you in his back seat and starts fucking you into his vegan leather. He’s going so hard, holding onto the door above you for leverage and the whole car is shaking. It’s obvious what the two of you are up to, and when a cop car drives past and then backtracks, you know you’ve been busted. Toji is not about to get arrested for public indecency of all things.

    - He tugs on your lip one last time with his teeth, swings into the driver's seat, and says “come on doll, get up here and buckle up.” He leaves you no time before he’s speeding back onto the road. A grin tugs at his scar, and the flashing lights behind you put a harsh glow on the snake tattoo creeping up his neck. The cop car is trying desperately to catch up with Toji at this point. When he gets to the highway he baits the police car as if it has a chance against Toji Fushiguro. You scream when Toji suddenly pulls the wheel and slides his car underneath a semi-truck to get across a lane of traffic. And after Toji pulls off that move with all the ease in the world and loses the cop, he lets out a sharp laugh. You curse yourself for thinking that Toji ever left his reckless side behind.


    - Gojo as a street racer can be summed up in two words: absolute menace. He drives thoughtlessly and at breakneck speeds. On top of that, he goes through cars like he goes through women. He’s got a new one every week. This is usually because he’s always trying out some new trick that he wants to pull during a street race, and he usually fucks up his car doing it. Toji is his manager/sponsor. He gets Gojo’s racing gigs and he also teaches him driving skills on occasion. Gojo infuriates Toji with the number of stupid stunts he pulls, because if Gojo loses his life… well then Toji loses one of his main sources of income. Gojo might have tried pulling Toji’s special move of driving under a semi-truck to get across a lane of traffic. He only really wanted to try it to prove to Toji that he’s a better driver than Toji ever was. Gojo just barely made it through and scraped up the paint job on his car. Toji yelled at him for a solid 30 minutes about it (secretly he was impressed that Gojo got that trick down on the first try, but Gojo never has to know that). 

    -The cars that Gojo drives are always super tricked out and flashy looking. He wants people to know it’s Gojo Satoru when he’s overtaking them in a race. And the best way of doing that is by having the most garish looking car. Vibrant colors, underglow lights underneath his car, and of course one of Geto’s beautiful designs on the hood. 

    - Gojo usually cycles through women but you’re a different case. You were one of the flag girls for a race, but promptly ignored Gojo the first time he tried to flirt with you (Sukuna never lets Gojo forget how you snubbed him). After persistent flirting, he managed to get you to agree on a date him. Whenever he wins a race he’ll do donuts around you and then parks his car, drags you over to it, and starts making out with you on top of the hood. 

    “That’s fucking gross, get some fucking tinted windows and fuck her in your car Gojo” Sukuna complains. 

    “Not enough room! And don’t act like you don’t want to watch” Gojo taunts with a wink.

    “Fucking exhibstionist.” mutters sukuna. And Gojo just laughs at that. 


    - Sukuna is driving around Tokyo with the loudest car he can get his hands on. He’s always playing bass boosted music and his car has mufflers on it, so it revs crazy loud. His cars during street races are painted matte black and it's basically impossible for other drivers to see him during races. He does this on purpose, the only thing alerting other racers to Sukuna’s presence is his loud engine. Once they hear it, they know he's about to take their ass down. It's terrifying, the way he acts in the shadows. Sukuna is extremely talented at drifting and brags about it nonstop. He’s known as the King of Drifting in the Tokyo circuit, and most people think he's the best drifter in all of Japan.

    - Sukuna and Gojo are enemies, turned to friends, turned to rivals during races. Sukuna is not managed by Toji, but he still goes to Toji and Nanami’s shop for updates on his car. He and Geto talk for ages about new motorcycles and Gojo is always sitting on the couch in the garage complaining about how Sukuna is stealing Gojo’s best friend (“shut up Satoru!” Geto will say. “Maybe I'd talk to you if you knew shit about motorcycles!”). Sukuna loves muscle cars and in his free time he drives them around Tokyo, windows down, aviator shades on, cigar in his mouth and you in the passenger seat. 

    -The hour before a street race starts, he’ll drag you into his car in the prep area. “Come here baby, you've gotta put your work in too.” He all but growls in your ear as he places you on his lap in the driver's seat. 

    “ ‘kuna, there's so many people around. They're totally going to know what we're up to in here.”

    “Blacked out windows baby, thank Geto for the extra dark tinting. No one will see a thing. You want me to win don't you? Now get to it.” Sukuna lays back, and puts his hands behind his head as he watches you bounce on his dick. After a while he starts thrusting into you from below, power bottoming you all while smoking on a cigarette. 

    After he wins the race, you jump into his arms when he gets out of his car. “Thanks for being my good luck charm baby.” he whispers into your head. 

    Gojo is complaining about unfair rules in the background and Sukuna laughs deeply shouting back at him “Just accept that you got your ass handed to you Satoru!”


    - He specializes in detailing the interior and exterior of cars. His signature art style is prominent; anyone can easily pick out a car that was detailed by Geto. Oftentimes he puts his original drawings on the hood of Gojo’s cars. All of the other guys in the shop get frustrated with how fast Gojo cycles through cars, but Geto secretly loves that his best friend is a menace. It means that Geto can try out his designs all of the time, and because of the practice, he’s become one of the most skilled and badass detailers in all of Tokyo. He’s an artist at heart and loves trying out his designs on your body too. “Baby, take your shirt off. I've got this new idea I wanna try,” he says. And then proceeds to paint a fucking dragon up your body and all over your chest. He definitely gets distracted and starts sucking at your nipples but that's a story for another time. He has two intricate tattoo sleeves running up and down his arms. They both depict two different colored dragons, with dragonflies perched around them. Your favorite thing to do is trace them when Geto has his arms wrapped around you at night.  

    - Despite being in the street racing circle, and working on cars; Geto loves riding motorcycles. He’s a killer at riding them too, he enters street cycle races once in a while just to make the competition sweat when they realize Geto Suguru is entered in the race. He loves bringing you on weekend trips around different beaches in Japan on his motorcycle. You guys will spend the whole day driving places and then usually picnic on a beach and watch the sunset, your back to Geto’s prized bike. 

    - He has a garage full of different bikes at his house and absolutely LOVES fucking you over them. It’s his two favorite things in the world, combining the both of them... what could go wrong? Well, you’ve definitely knocked over your fair share of bikes doing this and have damaged a good amount of them too. But Geto is absolutely addicted to seeing your body splayed out on his bike, and if this is his vice then he’ll just have to accept the consequences because he’s not changing anytime soon.  


    - He works at the shop as the main mechanic and repairman. He’s one of the best in Tokyo too. He’s always servicing Gojo and Sukunas cars because of how much those two push their engines. And the only reason their cars aren't beat to shit is because of Choso tricking out their engines with special parts. Choso always has some manner of grease all over his face (the first time you met him you thought the tattoo across his nose was just a grease streak.) You're always hanging around the shop and spending time with Choso while he tinkers on the cars. He doesn't mind, and your presence is always reassuring to him. Sometimes when you get especially bored, you’ll beg Choso to give you some attention. He’s laying back on a creeper under the body of the car, working on something and when you start whining he’ll slide out from under the car. He’s giving you a stoic expression but he pairs it with a “ ‘cmere angel.” He gets up and pulls you in for a sharp kiss and then gets back to work under the car. 

    -That satisfies you for a while until he moves to work on the engine. He has the hood propped up and you’re curious about what he’s doing. As you walk over to him he brings you in front of the hood and stands behind you while he starts pointing out parts of the engine. He plays it off like he’s helping you learn, but the short skirt you wore has been driving him crazy all day, and he’s at his limit. You lean over to look at some intricate part of the engine and suddenly his presence is right up against your back. His hips are aligned with your ass and Choso leans over you and begins to kiss up your neck. He’s rubbing his hands all up and down your body. 

    -” Choso.” you whine. “Your hands are filthy, you’re going to get grease all over my clothes!”

    “I’ll just buy you a new shirt baby,” he whispers

    “Choso - mpf!” He suddenly turns you around and smashes his lips against yours. He uses one hand to grip your waist and the other hand slams the hood of the car down. He pushes you onto the hood and towers over you while he’s kissing all over your face and neck. You’re panting, was it always this hot in the garage? Geto walks in and suddenly turns around. He does not need to see this shit on a Monday afternoon. He’ll chew Choso out later for making out with you on top of the hood he just detailed smh. 


    - He’s the co-owner of the mechanic shop with Toji and he primarily deals with all the payments, betting, and underground deals. The money from the shop alone can’t pay for the cost of buying out cops and all the racing cars the boys need (especially because Gojo is wrecking his cars every other week). So that means Nanami and Toji have to resort to dealing with illegal shit too. They’re selling drugs, weapons, and super rare race car parts. Nanami is definitely dipping his hand into Yakuza shit at this point. 

    - Nanami spends a lot of Friday nights in clubs making deals with other people in the black market. He brings you along to these because Nanami feels stronger in your presence (and he’s very weak to your puppy eyes begging him to take you with him). One night he’s meeting with one of the heads of a small-time gang. He’s got you seated in his lap, fingers rubbing small circles on the top of your thigh. You’re drinking champagne and you pretend to drift off while you’re listening to the men talk. You’ve been with Nanami a long time, and when you first started seeing him you would spend your Friday nights with the other guys at the races. At this point, you’ve seen enough races to last you a lifetime and they don’t bring the same thrill that they used to. Now you get your adrenaline rush watching Nanami make other men cower under his sharp gaze, quick wit, and threatening mannerisms. There are rumors of Nanami pulling out a gun if a deal goes wrong...you can neither confirm nor deny those.

    - After business is done, he’ll lead you, with his hand on your back, to his grey Ford GT. It’s not a super flashy-looking car for his status (not like any of Gojo’s), but it's sleek and fits Nanami well. It’s an easy way to brag about his wealth without attracting unwanted attention all of the time. Just like his car, Nanami plays you the same way. On the outside, he looks unassuming, but you know exactly where the night is headed with that look in his eyes. He’ll have you bent over the kitchen counter in his penthouse screaming his name soon enough, and you’ll pity the men who Nanami deceives with his schemes. If he’s this unforgiving with the body of the woman he loves, then his business partners stand no chance. 

    #jujutsu kaisen x reader #toji x reader #gojo x reader #sukuna x reader #geto x reader #nanami x reader #choso x reader #toji fushiguro x reader #jujutsu kaisen smut #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen scenarios #this is maybe inspired only bc I was imagining Gojo in devon aoki's outfit from 2 fast 2 furious but i'll only admit that if you put a gun #to my head oops #jjk headcannons
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    Choi Devon

    @wgs_devon FACECLAIM: Jung Soojung DATA DE NASCIMENTO E IDADE: 18 de maio de 1996 / 25 anos NACIONALIDADE: Estados unidos ETNIA: Coreana GÊNERO: Feminino ORIENTAÇÃO SEXUAL: Heterossexual ATIVIDADE: Acompanhante feminino no restaurante Lotus LOCALIZAÇÃO: Downtown TEMAS DE INTERESSE: Angst; Crack; General; Smut. TRIGGERS: -


    Devon era uma pessoa muito fácil de lidar na superfície e adorava conhecer pessoas, lugares e assuntos novos. Nunca se prendeu bastante em apenas um lugar ou nos outros, mas gostava de ouvir as histórias que pudessem lhe contar. Era uma curiosa nata, estava sempre preparada para o novo. Em contrapartida isto não a deixava criar grandes conexões com as pessoas à sua volta, também não as deixando ver quem ela verdadeiramente era.

    Apesar de adorar escutar sobre os outros, Devon era uma pessoa de poucas palavras quando o assunto era o seu passado. Adorava falar sobre o futuro e sobre onde queria chegar, ela realmente acreditava que conversar sobre o que passou era uma perda de seu tempo.

    Era uma pessoa muito desconfiada, sabia que todos tinham ambições e da mesma forma que ela estava ali para finalmente alcançar seu objetivo os outros também estavam e este era mais um motivo pelo qual tinha dificuldade para fazer grandes amizades, passando muitas vezes a imagem de ser uma pessoa distante e desinteressada, mas não era algo que ela dava muita importância, pois tinha total conhecimento de que sua beleza sempre abriria portas para si.


    Devon aprendera muito cedo sobre responsabilidade, sendo ela a mais velha de três irmãos em uma família que ganhava apenas o suficiente para poder ter uma vida minimamente agradável. Os pais sempre lhe foram muito agradáveis, porém rígidos – principalmente com a mais velha – com os filhos, pois o maior desejo era que eles pudessem realmente crescer na sua vida profissional e ter a vida que não puderam dar para os mesmos. Crescera na cidade de Seattle, onde passou boa parte da infância e da adolescência, mas fora pega de surpresa com a notícia de uma oportunidade de emprego na Coreia do Sul para o seu pai e, como eram uma família que sempre buscava uma melhora financeira, aceitaram a proposta. Com a mudança o senhor Choi finalmente pôde oferecer uma melhoria no estilo de vida dos seus filhos, mas aquilo ainda não era o bastante para a pequena Devon, que sonhava muito mais alto.

    A mudança não apavorou a garota, que sempre quis conhecer o país natal dos seus pais, mas o mais importante: fora lá que descobriu que a sua beleza poderia levá-la para qualquer lugar que quisesse. Devon trabalhava numa biblioteca quando fora notada por pessoas que lá trabalhavam, muitas vezes recebendo convites para fazer algumas fotos para lojas recém-abertas da região. A coreana adorava a atenção, realmente não podia negar, mas o que mais a animava era ouvir de outras pessoas que teria um bom futuro pela frente. Entre pequenos trabalhos como modelo fotográfica e bicos em cafeterias a garota levou os anos da faculdade de jornalismo, faculdade esta que lhe rendeu um grande amor pelo curso, mas que infelizmente ainda não havia tido a oportunidade de colocar em prática.


    Devon não tinha muitas reclamações desde que resolveu se mudar para a ilha, sabia que ali finalmente poderia conseguir tudo que sempre havia almejado na vida. O Lotus realmente havia aberto uma grande porta para a coreana que, agora, já se sentia no controle total da sua vida – especialmente o financeiro. Agora tinha uma vida bem diferente do que costumava ter e se orgulhava disso.

    O que mais a preocupava era o futuro e toda a cobrança que ela mesma colocava na própria vida. Sabia que precisava crescer e, apesar de feliz, sempre estava planejando o próximo passo que daria e observando qualquer vantagem que pudesse ter para alavancar inclusive a sua carreira como jornalista, que até então estava esquecida pela mesma.

    Não tinha planos de voltar a morar na Coreia do Sul, que por muitas vezes imploravam por uma visita ou outra; apesar de terem uma boa relação, Devon sempre estava presa entre um compromisso e outro, deixando – por muitas vezes – sua própria família de lado. Mas este era um fato que não a preocupava muito, sempre colocava os seus desejos em primeiro lugar.


    O maior desejo da Coreana sempre fora crescer na vida e dar orgulhos aos pais que tanto a amavam e tinha total foco nisto. Tinha grandes planos de viajar pelo mundo, conhecer o máximo de pessoas que pudesse e ouvir sobre todas as culturas; não era apenas pelo dinheiro, Devon tinha interesse pelo conhecimento. Como a carreira de Jornalista nunca havia dado certo, a coreana sempre se pegava pensando em finalmente poder exercer tudo o que havia estudado.

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    It’s impossible to express just how much Phoebe Bridgers’ music reflects the personalities of the Poetic Thursday members -- Her voice, the lower registers especially, are Devon’s vc and the lyrics are just so #sadbitch they could easily be written by Lorena. Not to mention all the songs about close mentorship relationships and sibling love like she has with El

    Then there’s her project with Conor who represents exactly the kind of lyrics that Roge writes and yeah, it’s just them to a T

    #ooc #I'm not a gamble you can count on me to split (Roge) #I'm just steering my life in the video game (Lorena) #you're just a regular Joe whose cover is blown (El) #you'll always be my favorite ghost (Devon)
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    I love them so much🥺

    #icons sem psd #icons twitter #no psd icons #devon carlson icons #jesse and devon #jesse and devon icons #jesse rutherford and devon carlson #jesse rutherford icons #matchings icons#couple icons
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    Starter Call

    Like for a starter with Devon DeLonge

    #starter call #you'll always be my favorite ghost (Devon)
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    OMG, Devon Sawa gives us the grey sweatpants / jump-rope experience we needed https://omgwh.at/3vOkY7W

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    “i'm waiting up, saving all my precious time losing light, i'm missing my same old us before we learned our truth too late resigned to fate, fading away.”


    #x playlist #( and we’ll hold on tighter til the afterglow ) devon & garrick
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    I need stuff for Lorena T_T I have so much muse for her

    #ooc #and Devon and the band generally
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    devon tags dump.

    #❝ ━ devon mirror. #❝ ━ devon anatomy. #❝ ━ devon interactions. #❝ ━ devon desires. #❝ ━ devon likes. #❝ ━ devon aesthetics.
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    The Devon Conway magic to Keshav Maharaj's hat-trick

    The Devon Conway magic to Keshav Maharaj’s hat-trick

    That man, Conway! New Zealand hit top gear in its World Test Championship final preparatory mode to crush England by eight wickets in the second Test in Birmingham. Since the first Test ended in a draw, the victory handed the Kiwis a 1-0 series win. New Zealand also tasted its first red-ball series win in England in 22 years and toppled India from the No. 1 spot in the ICC rankings. Fast bowlers…

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