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  • thewordfortheday
    27.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    PSALM 57:2

    I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.

    God has every area of our life covered, even things we can’t see. Therefore we can surely rest in Him. God has a purpose for your life. He will preserve your life and help you accomplish that purpose if you walk in His will and in His way. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. He is a faithful God. He will guide your footsteps and lead you to your every good He has prepared for you. No one can thwart God’s plan and purpose for your life. Fear not!

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  • childofmaryy
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Someone recently commented something weird and unnecessarily rude on one of my posts lately. They said something like Mary is Mother of God and not God Herself and that my beliefs are sick and twisted. What hurt the most was they posted it on one of my personal prayer posts to Mary not even on a post about Her being God or anything. This makes me want to explain that I believe Mary is both Mother of God/Jesus and a face of God the Mother. She’s both to me. I completely respect those who believe that She is only the Mother of God and I wish people would respect my beliefs as well. Idk. That comment made me feel weird and hurt and I feel like I have to explain myself now.

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  • trudith
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    God can shut the mouth of the lions!

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation that made you feel hopeless, as though things can only get worse from that point?

    Ya'll I was there last week; stuck in a rutt I couldn't not get out of (or so I thought). I had sleepless nights, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, anxious, confused, diarrhea, stomach cramps, pins and needles all over, and no hope in sight.

    But can I tell you something, the God I serve, the Lord Jesus Christ felt the pain, the struggle and the rejection I was feeling and stepped down powerfully into my situation. When I say powerfully, I mean, He did the unexpected for me. When I couldn't see my way out, the Lord:

    1. He sent someone to cover my back and to support me throughout the situation. This support person did not have to help me at all and could have rejected me. However, they literally dealt with the problem as though it was their own problem and checked in on me to ensure that I was okay.

    Lesson: God always places good people in the lives of His children to cover their backs in the midst of adversity. Look at the story of the Good Samaritan, look at Paul's relationship with Luke, Aquila and Priscilla, look at Ruth and Naomi, look at David and Jonathan..... I could go on.

    2. He gave me dreams and songs to remind me that at the end of the day, the victory was mine. When I had those dreams, I woke out of them with a pounding heart and based on what I experienced in those dreams, their meanings could not have been good. Funny enough, when I shared them with my mom, right there and then she said, " You're going to conquer your enemies, that's what your dreams are saying." I accepted what she said with my mouth, but in my mind, I couldn't see it her way. Nevertheless, songsafter songs of comfort came flooding my mind so I was able to keep my focus on God and trust Him to make a way of escape for me.

    3. He shut the mouths of the lions. Throughout the whole situation, the gossipers were on a roll. However, when I was in their presence, they were so "cool". I was told that I'd have to attend a meeting (my trial) to sort things out. When I informed my family, of course they told me to pray before I went and that they will be praying. Mom was actually on fasting that day and Dad told me that he had prayed specially for me that morning. I was too weak to say a proper and thorough prayer, but I was able to find the strength to say, "Lord please shut the mouths of the lions". My "support person" was not around when I was told about the meeting and so I told myself that I'd have to face the music alone. God had other plans. When this meeting was about to begin, my support came in and I mentioned the meeting to them and they said they'll come into the meeting with me.

    I kid you not, when I went into that meeting, and the "judge" said I was to state what happened, one of the lions started to reel out the whole thing and the whole truth came out. I did not have to open my mouth at my own "trial". Do you remember Daniel's account in the Bible when he was thrown in the lions den?

    Daniel 6:19-22

    "In the morning, at the earliest sign of daylight, the king got up and rushed to the lions’ den.

    20 As he approached the den, he called out to Daniel in a worried voice, “Daniel, servant of the living God, was your God whom you continually serve able to rescue you from the lions?”

    21 Then Daniel spoke to the king, “O king, live forever!

    22 My God sent his angel and closed the lions’ mouths so that they have not harmed me, because I was found to be innocent before him. Nor have I done any harm to you, O king.”


    There is no one or nothing who can tell me that Jesus Christ is unreal. There is nothing or no one who can convince me that He does not care about me. There is nothing or no one who can tell me that Jesus Christ has stopped performing miracles.

    My experiences with Jesus Christ have cemented my faith in Him.

    My encouragement to you today is to serve Jesus Christ. Serve Him wholeheartedly, and He will take good care of you. Fiery trials are going to come, no one is exempt, but He will work things out in your favour.

    God bless you!

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  • crazycatsiren
    27.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Sometimes, you need some time and space, and the gods will know and understand this, and gently step back to give you the time and space that you need.

    Sometimes, the gods know and understand this even before you do, and they will gently step back to let you know.

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  • crazycatsiren
    27.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    15 Days of Hestia - Day 14

    14. Day 14 -  Your Relationship to this Deity/How do they Influence your Life?

    Since I call Artemis my mother, I call Hestia my aunt. My relationship with Hestia is a familial one. She is home and family to me. She inspires me to keep the best home I can, and love my family in every way. She watches over me, the homemaker, the lady of my house, the mistress of my household, the matriarch of my home. She encourages me to make my home the safe and cozy place that it is, and I pray to her for protection of all those who dwell within its walls.

    #15 days of hestia #15 days of deity devotion #hellenic polytheism#hellenism#hellenismos#hestia devotee
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  • sincerityhavingpeace
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Not Good Enough?

    Wednesday, October 27, 2021 Sincerity Having Peace Instagram Post. 10/27/2021 8:00am Pointing to the Realities of Heaven 11-15 But when the Messiah arrived, high priest of the superior things of this new covenant, he bypassed the old tent and its trappings in this created world and went straight into heaven’s “tent”—the true Holy Place—once and for all. He also bypassed the sacrifices…

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  • piristephes
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    To Apollon and Helios

    Apollo, I heard them calling you Sun The ever-flaming son of Hyperion But how could they not, I ask? For starbright Helios resonates With thy unending brilliance.


    Apolo, ouvi eles chamando-te Sol O sempre-chamejante filho de Hipérion Como poderiam não fazê-lo, me pergunto? Pois astraluzente Hélio ressoa Com tua brilhância sem fim
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  • e-devotion
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Following Jesus is not a Sunday thing.  Following Jesus is not a some time thing. Following Jesus is not a some day thing.

    Following Jesus is a daily thing.  It is important.  He is like air.  We need Him.  And we need Him daily.  That is why I believe and share and live so that myself and others will come in to contact, will come to experience Him.

    Matthew 6:11  NASB

    Give us this day our daily bread.

    That is part of the “Lord’s Prayer” where Jesus taught those who followed Him that it is daily we need God to fill us, guide us and for us to daily come to Him.

    Psalm 145:2  NLT

    I will praise you every day; yes, I will praise you forever.

    It was a daily commitment from David to praise the Lord.  He couldn’t let a day go by that he would miss seeking God, praising God and spending time in His presence.

    Hebrews 3:13  NLT

    You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God.

    What happens when we don’t seek God and praise God daily?  Our hearts will drift another direction.  We may become callous toward God and His ways.  That is why we daily seek God and encourage others to go to God daily.

    It is important if you follow God to follow Him every single day.  Make that your commitment.  Daily.  Seek the Lord.  See how good He is.

    Psalm 68:19  NASB

    Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation. Selah

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  • encourager98
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Start Your Day Off Right Series 10/27

    Start Your Day Off Right Series 10/27

    youtube.com/watch 10/27–Start Your Day Off Right Series Quote: 10/27—I would rather regret the things that I have done and then the things that I have not Lucille Ball Story: 10/27–Trying win over a critic that can’t be impressed is a bad idea. We have to understand and accept that not everyone is going to like us and not everyone is going to agree with us. Twenty-Five Percent don’t like us and…

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    #Devotion#Purpose #Start Your Day Off Right Series
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  • letters-to-hermes
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i'm getting a devotional tattoo next week!! it's a tattoo for Hermes 🖤

    i wanted that tattoo for years now and finally today i called the studio and asked for an appointment for next year (lmao i thought they'd be fully booked for november and i can't get it between december and april bc of work) and they told me i can come in next week ajdjahdjahdd IM SO EXCITED

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  • hanjizung
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ♡ Dancing With the Devil ♡

    Seo Changbin x afab Medium!Reader.

    Word count: 6K

    ♡ Warnings ♡: Mentions of death, spirits & demons, references to witchcraft, alcohol consumption. Smut themes; making out, tipsy sex, oral (m), penetrative sex, overstimulation.

    A/N: This is a contribution for the Strange Devotion's collab (Organized by @/bearseungmin.) Remember to check the collab list to find more supernatural fics, and happy spooky season loves! :)

    Being born with a gift like yours, you had very strange encounters as your life progressed, some funny, some scary. Of course, you had to be careful who you told about your… special quality, some people got very scared of knowing you could do that, and others would want to keep you by their side to exploit you.

    Being a medium was no easy task; spirits everywhere tried to get your attention so you could text their family, or tried to prank you when they thought you couldn’t see them, that was when you got the most laugh, staring at their shadowy selves when they were about to drop something to scare you.

    With a connection like that to the spiritual world, when you grow up to a young adult you decided to get a career path that could help you develop and perfect that ability of yours, studying medicine and graduating from college as a forensic medic, getting a job at a funeral house and helping the trapped souls with unsolved problems in the real world.

    That was how you met him, an entity too solid physically to be dead but too somber to be alive. His existence perturbed you, you didn’t know who- what he was, or if he was aware that you could see him.

    You weren’t at work yet, you were walking out a coffee shop before walking home after your work shift when you saw him for the first time, getting inside a guy’s car not even bothering to secure the belt around him, fully concentrated on the guy driving and touching him before he could turn on the car, then taking a small journal and writing down something in it, saving it in one of the big pockets of his trench coat.

    He stepped out of the car, crossing his arms over his chest and resting against the door like he was waiting for something, and then you realized what it was that he had to wait.

    The driver’s spirit came out of his body, looking at his body resting in front of the wheel with a panicked face when the man with the trench coat placed a hand on his shoulder and told him something. You weren’t a lip reader, so you had no idea what it was that he told him, but judging from the spirit’s body language, he understood that he had died, a few tears falling from his eyes.

    The muscled stranger took the pen he had used to write on his journal and drew a rectangle coming from the floor, then he snapped his fingers and a door appeared magically; a portal to the undead realm, you imagined, and alas, both men walked through it and disappeared. You couldn’t believe you witnessed all of that like it was a movie, your drink getting colder as you stood still watching all that unfold before you.

    Taking your phone out, you dialed the emergency number to announce that there was a dead body in front of you, hanging up and continuing to walk to your home, still thinking about the man who caused that poor mortal’s death while sipping your beverage.

    It was strange to you, never before with your eyes that could see beyond normal sight had you encountered someone like that, so after getting home and turning on your laptop, you started to dig for information about that mysterious being.

    'Man who touches people and kills them' was what you started searching for. Many results popped in, none of them being even near what you were looking for, so you continued looking with different words.

    'Man dressed in black who kills people with a touch', 'killing people with a touch', 'entity that kills people with a touch' but still, you weren't satisfied with the info that showed in your bright screen, until your mind remembered something you had read in an old book in your house, a gift your mother had given you to help you understand your ability.

    Recalling the title of the chapter you had read long ago, you typed in; 'grim reaper.'

    This time, the title, images and link in front of your very eyes had more sense. That young guy, dressed in black who took someone's life in a non violent way and then wrote down about what he did was just doing his job, as a grim reaper.

    Closing the laptop, you threw your head back in the comfort of your couch, staring at the ceiling for you don't know how long.

    The sudden sound of keys outside your door made you turn to it, expecting your best friend and roommate to walk inside and greet you. Hopefully, his cheery personality would help you distract yourself from the grim reaper who had taken over your mind.

    "Oh, hey. How was work?" he asked you, closing the door behind him, holding something in his hands that he walked to place on the table and then sitting next to you.

    "It was fine, we didn't have a lot of bodies today. I saw something weird when I was coming home, though. How was the clinic today?" turning to face your freckled friend, you offered him a tired smile. He was quick to place a hand on your knee and massage you almost encouragingly.

    "Normal, a little boring to be honest. I'm more thrilled to hear about what you saw, was it related to spirit or normal, human stupidity?" Felix asked, getting more comfortable in his seat patiently waiting for you to retell what you experienced not too long ago.

    You did tell him, with all the details involved and also what you found out on the web about grim reapers.

    "You should've seen it, Lix, it was so weird! He summoned a door and then they were gone" you exclaimed, breathless. Your friend listened attentively, his eyes wide open just like yours when you saw that happen. The impression the otherworldly entity left on you too big, you didn't think it would be possible to be that surprised ever again.

    "That… sounds very astonishing, Y/N. I'd thought you'd be making all this out if I didn't know what you can do" you rolled your eyes with a playful smile, making him chuckle, stretching his arms and standing up and going to the table and picking up the forgotten item, a bag full of different donuts; he took one and brought you the bag to the couch, turning in the TV before sitting next to you once more.

    "... I think I wanna see him again" you whispered, looking at the donut in your hand before taking a bite of the delicious dessert in your hand.

    "What, the grim reaper? I– I thought you were happy with your life, Y/N! Why do you wanna see him again?" he choked after hearing you, a little scared because he didn't know whether you were being literal or not.

    "It's not because I want him to take my life, I'd… like to ask him a few questions, learn more about what he does," hearing your explanation, Felix visibly relaxed.

    "Oh, then that's a mission for you; mission death's door! Trying to find the grim reaper, huh? I hope it doesn't get too stressful" Felix said, finishing his own donut and licking the residue off his fingers.

    "Yup, it'll take time, I guess. Hey, what are you doing on Saturday? Do you wanna go to Cat's Eye, dance a little and get a few drinks?" you proposed, smiling and winking with your right eye, patiently waiting for his response.

    "Sure, it would do us some good to dance off some stress," he laughed, "and catch up with Minho while we're there. It's been some time since we went out."

    You nodded, agreeing with his statement. Felix and you started frequenting Minho's club when you were almost done with college, after your 24 hours shifts in the hospital with your nerves on edge and stressed because the doctors lectured you too harshly, Felix and you went there together to forget about life, drink your lives away and dance until your feet hurt, even getting laid sometimes and waking up in a stranger's house, hungover and with a horrible headache.

    Friday would be fun, for sure.

    The rest of the week went by quickly, the next morning after the incident the stranger's body was at the morgue and your night shift partner had examined him and wrote down the cause.

    What had been a simple touch on the shoulder to your eyes ended up being a brain dysfunction that ended with his life.

    You didn't say anything about being present when that person died, no one at work knew what you could do, afraid that they would fire you and prevent other places from hiring you. It was too bad, because thanks to your gift, the spirits helped you determine the cause of death.

    Luckily for you, the week passed by in the blink of an eye, and Friday evening after eating dinner, you took a shower and started getting ready, dressing up in a dress that didn't leave too much to the imagination, the tightness of the fabric favoring your beautiful body perfectly, then you continued to do your makeup, taking the necessary breaks to dance to the music coming from your phone.

    At almost 9 pm, Felix made a knocking noise with his mouth when he stepped into your room, stopping by the door and whistling when he saw you.

    "Looking good, Y/N! Are you all ready to go?" He got your attention. You turned around, looking at him and clapping your hands.

    Felix was wearing skin tight black leather pants, a see through black shirt with a few lacy details here and there, a choker and a jacket on top. From afar, his makeup wasn't visible enough but you knew that he looked good, he always did.

    "Wow, you're pretty handsome yourself! Yes, I'm ready to go, I just need a little bit of perfume…" you sad, grabbing your favorite one and spraying it on you as you spoke, "... And now I'm ready. Let's go!"

    Taking Felix's extended hand, walking through the door and leaving to get inside the Uber who was waiting for you, hopping in excited to get to Minho's club.

    After talking under your breath with Felix to not disturb the driver, you thanked him and hopped off, excitedly going to greet the bouncer, a buff man who got used to seeing you both and started letting you pass after seeing you close with Minho. After frequenting the place so much, you were like vip's.

    "Heeey, Felix, Y/N! Long time no see. Have a fun night, both of you" was James greeting you, opening the door and moving aside to let you in. The music wasn't too loud, mufflers by the door separating the entrance from the actual club, and when you finally opened the other doors, the party ambient made your bones vibrate with the urge to dance; neon lights flashing everywhere, people kissing, dancing, making out in the uncomfortable couches and others at the bar completely drunk morphed the place from just another bar to the most fun bar for young people like you.

    "Let's go for a drink first" Felix screamed in your ear so you could help him. You nodded and took his hand so you wouldn't get lost or separated on your way there.

    Your favorite bartender waved at you from afar when he saw you two approaching, turning instantly to start making the traditional first drink you and Felix had before rushing to the dance floor.

    "Glad to see you two here, how have you been?" said his lovely voice, placing your order in front of you.

    "Hi Chan, we've been good. What about you, how's been work lately? " you asked back, answering for both you and your best friend while he emptied the liquid elegantly.

    "I've been good too, work's been like normal, busy every weekend, you know, the usual? I'll let Minho know you're here, so don't be surprised when he sees you" he ended the small talk, going to another place in the long bar to take some girl's order.

    That was only the start of the night, drinking, dancing, running to pee, drinking more, dancing more, meeting attractive people to dance with, taking a break to chat for a while with the owner…

    You were coming out of the bathroom when someone's face seemed familiar. You couldn't quite tell where you had seen his face before, but he was attractive, body buff and well built, healthy.

    He was sitting by the bar, so you decided to take a seat close and pretend to chat with Chan, actually asking him for a drink and following the steps in which he prepared it, glancing every now and then to the handsome guy.

    Your telepathic game seemed to work, because half way done with your cocktail a string arm rested in the bar in front of you and the guy with the sharp jawline smirked at you, trying to seduce you. Little did he know, it was you actually seducing him to make him approach you. Mind games.

    "Hey, hot stuff. Do you come here often?" he asked as a way to compliment you. You looked him up and down shamelessly, taking the chance to take in his figure. He wasn't too tall, but he wasn't too small either, not that you didn't care, he was hot regardless of his height.

    "Not really, but if you do I might as well come on the daily. I'm Y/N, handsome" you winked, taking another sip of the alcoholic drink in front of you.

    "Pleased to meet you, gorgeous. I'm Changbin," he said back, then signaling to your almost empty glass. "You want another one?" you nodded at his offering, enjoying the way in which his voice raised to get Chan's attention.

    After a quick chit chat, he took your hand and brought you to the dance floor, body pressed against yours, hands traveling all around your body, making you flustered and provoking a heat between your legs; he was that irresistible, and he probably found you too sexy as well, whispering in your ear if you maybe wanted to go home.

    You accepted, taking his hand and guiding him to the exit, laughing happily and telling James to warn Felix that you were going home when he walked out the door. His only goodbye was the same as his initial greeting; 'have fun and be safe.'

    The taxi driver Changbin got would probably hate you for the rest of your life; after getting inside and shouting your address to them, and throwing your arms at Changbin, making out with him shamelessly. You felt a little bad for the driver, but your hornyness got the best of you.

    It was Changbin's fault for being so hot and for kissing you so good, he left you breathless every time his lips left your kiss bruised ones; kissing him felt like the most pure of sins, his tongue knew how to tease you, his plump lips felt delicious against yours, and adding to that how he was touching you, you were sure you'd made inappropriate sounds in the backseat.

    When the car stopped, you had no clue. All you knew is that you complained when Changbin pulled his body away from yours and stepped out of the taxi, taking your hand and helping you out too, fixing your dress so you weren't too exposed.

    With his hand holding yours, you guided him to the front door and struggled to find the key you and Felix left outside in case you forgot your own keys (you hoped Felix was taking care of your purse with your stuff back at the club.)

    Muttering a victory whisper when you found it, you opened the door and allowed Changbin to walk in before you, turning on the light, closing and locking the door quickly, suddenly gasping in surprise when Changbin slammed you against the cold material of the door and kissed you numb again.

    This time, his mouth didn't limit himself to kiss your lips exclusively, traveling to your jaw provoking your head to tilt so he could have ample access to your neck.

    "W–wait, let's go to my room" you pushed him away slightly, your hands on his chest making yourself feel things when focusing on the muscles under your hands, because damn, he was well built.

    Changbin understood, stepping back and following you once more behind another door. You were glad you'd decided to tidy up a little after dressing up or else your room would be a mess, not that you would care in the tipsy state that you were in right now, but the next day you wouldn't have energy to clean everything. Past you knew you enough to have in mind that you hated cleaning after looking for what to wear.

    Waiting by the bed for him to reunite with you, he took off his shirt, muscles flexing when he pulled over his head to throw it to the floor under your examining eyes. You bit your lips, because he had such an aura of confidence that made him 100 times more attractive. If you could play a loop of a moment you'd witnessed in your life, you'd have to choose between this one and the time when someone opened a portal in the middle of the street like it was nothing.

    "Fuck, you're so hot" you whispered when he was close enough with you. He grinned at your compliment, words that you were sure he'd heard a million times before, but he responded with a compliment for you, a simple 'I could say the same, doll' and going to nibble on your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

    Sitting next to you, he separated from you. His eyes were dark with lust, eating you with his eyes while he liked his lips.

    "Let me see you," his raspy voice ordered. Almost hypnotized, you stood up from the bed, standing between his spread legs and putting maximum effort in trying to seem sexy while taking off your dress, revealing that you were braless and had a thong on.

    His hands rested on the bare skin of your hips, bringing you towards him and biting the soft flesh of your abdomen, his face buried in your chest playing with his teeth, leaving kisses and bites here and there. You were about to straddle his lap, when you suddenly stepped back from his embrace and opened a drawer from your night stand, showing the confused man what you picked from there and giving it to him with a kiss.

    "Can I blow you?" you asked after the kiss, your lips lingering over his. He nodded, spreading his legs more for you to sit on the floor.

    Placing your hands on his thighs, you kneeled in front of him, the bulge inside his jeans seemed too tight for the erection it contained. Your fingers played with his zipper, finally working on it and setting his cock free; it was a lovely sight, rock hard with a pink tip, thick and veiny. Not too long, but you were sure the thickness would make up for the length, and besides, it wasn't as if you really cared. Sizes don't matter, but the way it's used, you always said.

    "Shit, it's beautiful," you muttered, licking your lips. Changbin smirked, looking down at you from above, his hands had moved from the bed, one resting on your head and the other holding the base of his cock, maneuvering to make his tip rub against your cheek and then to your bruised lips.

    Opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue, your hands made their way to rest above Changbin's bigger one, tongue playing with his tip, your head bobbing up and down and then attempting to take more of him inside your mouth.

    Changbin groaned, his hold on your head tightened and he grabbed a fistful of your locks, head thrown back in pleasure, hips thrusting into your mouth forcing you to take more of his length in your mouth. He started using your mouth, manipulating your head to move like he wanted you to. You moaned, it wasn't you working at all, but him manhandling you for his own pleasure, it was kind of hot for you, so much that you couldn't help and moved one of your hands to slip into your tongue and tease yourself, you were already incredibly wet from having him in your mouth.

    Groaning, his cock twitched inside your mouth, he was quick to remove himself from you, your other hand still on top of him and Changbin wrapped his own above yours so it was you stroking him to his release, and finally, he came. Hot spurs dripping on your face, heavy breathing and eyes closed so his semen wouldn't get in your eyes, you were such a delightful sight like this, his softening member getting half hard from looking at you.

    You wiped your face with your hand, cleaning his fluids on the sheets and standing up. "Put the condom on," you whispered to Changbin, rushing to the bathroom and cleaning your face completely.

    When you walked back to your room, he was sitting right where you left him, naked, condom on and cock against his abdomen, ready to please you.

    "Come here, gorgeous," he extended his arms for you and you complied with what he asked of you, taking the remaining clothing on you off, aligning his cock with your entrance and slowly allowing him inside you.

    Helping yourself balance on top of him, a hand on his shoulder and his face buried in your neck, you started controlling the pace the moment you got on top, bouncing on his cock and moaning in satisfaction from the friction.

    His length brushed your sweet spot, it felt enjoyable, but soon your legs grew tired from doing anything; Changbin must've noticed, because he started thrusting and meeting you halfway, his hands on the flesh of your hips trying to help you until you couldn't move like before.

    Then, he held you still carefully and moved you, shifting places with him. The new position with your arched back on the bed, hands holding his strong biceps and talons on his behind allowed him to be deeper inside you, reaching that magic button inside your tight insides more easily.

    "Fuck, this feels way better, you're so deep" you moaned, trying to push him even further inside you.

    "You're so tight, Y/N, you feel amazing" he responded back, continuing to roll his hips and enter you, his eyes focused on how well you took him. Truly, you felt fantastic.

    "Harder" you ordered when you felt that familiar sensation starting to create in the pit of your stomach. Changbin followed your order the best he could, grunting when he felt your eyes hugging him tighter, making you whimper when he stopped completely inside you.

    He bent down, allowing your upper half to rest on the bed and he spread his legs, getting more comfortable in the new angle. A growl left his mouth and he went back to work, harder and faster and just like that, you came undone around him, he kept the rhythm searching for his own release over stimulating you in the process.

    He came again, slowing down and pulling out of you, tying up the used item and following your steps from when you cleaned yourself to find the bathroom and throw it away, dismissing it.

    You supposed that the night had ended, and you didn't regret it at all, it had been a satisfactory session.

    "You can stay if you want," you told him when he came back from the bathroom, you sitting on the bed. He smiled from the door, approaching you.

    "You want cuddles?" he playfully asked, picking up his underwear and putting it on then lying on the bed and hugging your waist, pushing you on your back so he could hug you.

    "I wouldn't be opposed, but also because it's late" you laughed, hugging him too, your hands feeling how he laughed when his back vibrated.

    You stayed like that in a comfortable silence that soon was disturbed by a question.

    "Are you free tomorrow?" he waited for you to hum in approval, "Do you wanna go on a date?"

    "Sure, pick me up at 7" you agreed,and then the both of you fell asleep.

    The next morning you woke up to some snoring next to you, memories of what had happened ran through your mind and you turned to see the one occupying the other space of your bed. The sun rays clearing your room helped you distinguish his features, and your fully sober brain was able to tell why he looked so familiar now, he had been the one you decided to look for a few days ago.

    "Holy fuck…" you couldn't help but mutter.

    Changbin whimpered in his slumber, and in your amazement and excitement combined you placed your hand on the shoulder that you had dug your nails the night before and shook him awake.

    "Wake up, wake up!" you repeated, until he finally complained and opened his eyes.

    "What happened, what's wrong?" he groggily asked, rubbing his eyes.

    "You, you're a grim reaper!" his eyes widened when his brain comprehended your accusation, looking everywhere in the room while trying to make up an excuse. He couldn't invent something.

    "W–what are you saying? I don't even know what that is?" he babbled, making you laugh.

    "I saw you, liar. The man in the car? I was there, when you touched him and opened a portal. You should be more careful."

    "How do you know all that? Aren't you human?" His voice was full of confusion.

    "Yes, I'm a medium. That's how I was able to see you, I can't believe I found you, I wanted to ask you something" you smiled, still surprised that you had found him so quickly.

    "Alright, why don't you think of all you want to know, and you ask later tonight during our date?" you blinked twice, forgetting that you had agreed to it hours before.

    "Deal, then. I can't wait to see you tonight" Changbin stood up, collecting his clothes and getting dressed which indicated that he was ready to leave. You picked up a random shirt, putting it on to not be naked anymore.

    "See you tonight," he said, walking to you and kissing the corner of your lips.

    Contrary to how normal people would leave your house, he repeated the same motions and summoned a portal, walking through it and disappearing, leaving you amazed once more.

    Walking to the kitchen, you started doing breakfast for when Felix woke up, you couldn't wait to tell him the news.

    "G'morning" he greeted you finally coming out of his room. He looked wrecked.

    "Good morning, princess. When did you get here? You look…" he shot you a look, stopping you mid sentence.

    "Around 4 or so. I think I threw up everything I drank. Oh, your purse is in my room. How was your night, had any fun?"

    "Excellent, and I had more than just fun. I found the grim reaper I told you about, Lix!" The excitement in your voice was clear, which made your friend smile. You served him a place and handed it to him, along with a cup of coffee.

    "What? Really? How'd you do it, Y/N? That's great, congrats" he asked, then proceeded to stuff his mouth with your cooking.

    "Yeah, we uh… we hooked up, he stayed the night and when I saw him this morning I connected the dots. He asked me out today, actually," you informed him, joining him and eating.

    "Wow, I can't believe a night out led you to dancing with the devil and finding out that he was the one you were looking for. How romantic," Felix laughed after pointing that out, gaining a punch on the arm from you.

    The rest of the day went by quickly, you stayed on the couch with Felix and made sure he felt better after the night he had until the moment you had to take a shower to get ready for your date. You didn't know how long it took you to finish until you walked into the living room and saw Changbin and Felix awkwardly sitting in silence, both of them looking at the TV screen.

    Clearing your throat, both men turned to look at you, Changbin standing up with a smile.

    "Ready to go?" you smiled back at him, Felix standing up last and the three of you going to the door.

    "Bring them home by 11, they have work tomorrow," Felix said, staying behind the door making you and Changbin laugh.

    "Sure, sir. I'll take good care of them," your date said, standing in front of you. You could only roll your eyes, responding with a sarcastic 'thank you daddy', pulling Changbin's arms and walking away.

    Before you, Changbin presented a motorbike to you, handing you a helmet with a proud smile. You corresponded to it, waiting for Changbin to sit and doing the same yourself, hugging him and squealing when you started moving.

    He took you to a fancy place for dinner, a completely different environment from the club where you bumped into each other. The restaurant wasn't too full, it wasn't 5 stars either but it was well kept. It probably was an old place, and it was obvious that the owners cared about the place.

    When you were there, Changbin ordered for the two of you, and a long conversation started; you learned all you could about him, and he asked a question for each that he answered.

    Thanks to that, you learned about his origins; he used to be a mortal once, like you, but he died during a storm. When he woke up next he was in the underworld, a high rank demon took him somewhere else and they gave him the option to become a grim reaper. They explained that if he accepted, he would have to take people's lives and bring their souls down. He could also have somewhat of a mortal life, the longer time he spent up there, with humans, the more lives he would have to take when he went back down. It was a price he was willing to pay, and so, Changbin accepted, because he was curious about what powers he would get.

    You listened to him carefully, amazed by his story and telling him your own, about growing up as a medium and having to get used to dealing with spirits and entities, and when you were explaining another question popped in your head.

    "How can you be invisible to the human eye? Do you have a switch, or cast a spell on you or something?" he laughed, moving his head from side to side.

    "Nah, I need my work clothes. I have this, uh, a black trench coat. It is enchanted, when I wear it normal people can't see me, and it is also designed to keep… the tools that I need in its pockets. I supposed that you could see me because you're a medium and we have… a somewhat similar work with souls and all that."

    "It could be it, you may be right, Mr. Grim Reaper" you winked at him, drinking a sip of wine.

    After that one date, Changbin and you interchanged phone numbers. He was becoming a big presence in your life, taking you on lot of dates and doing variated activities. It was always fun to be with him, he had so many stories to share about the things he'd done, the places he had visited, and he liked hearing about your adventures when you helped lost souls cross to the other side in peace.

    You spent so much time with Changbin, that eventually he and Felix also started becoming friends. It was now normal for you to have movie nights at least once a month.

    It was inevitable when you had a mature conversation with him to discuss what you were. You occasionally had sex and you kissed on the lips from time to time.

    "I like you as more than a friend, what does that tell you?" he smirked.

    You shrugged playfully. "You love me as a best friend, then?"

    Laughing, the nodded and you pouted you needed to hear the question formally asked.

    "Alright, to name things… you like– no, that's not right. You love me, and I know so because I love you too, Y/N. So could I be your boyfriend? Formally, of course" his speech made you emotional, and then you nodded, thanking him contentedly.

    You continued with your adult life, working at the morgue and him doing his own thing –he revealed that he had a bank account where the superiors would give him more than enough money to live, as a thanks for the job he did– and he usually spent it buying you things or taking you out.

    Your growing relationship with him was the best you could imagine, one day when the two of you were lying on your bed you decided to tell him what your first impression of him had been.

    "I thought you were really handsome, and I still do" you paused, giggling. You were resting on his chest, a hand and leg across his middle. He had one hand on your back, rubbing it gently.

    "I saw you inside someone's car, and then he had died. I remember what shocked me most was that you summoned a portal like it was nothing? That was how I knew I wanted to get to know you, Binnie. And I'm so glad I found you at the club"

    "Why, baby?" he asked, making you blush.

    "Cuz I think you're the love of my life…" you confessed.

    "Well, that's… something I can kind of confirm. One month ago before we met I asked someone who knows about love stuff when I would find my other half. I was guided to you. So, yes. We were meant for each other" he explained.

    "Are you saying that you're stuck with me?" you moved, looking at him in the eyes to confirm that he was saying the truth.

    "Yeah, and to be honest that's the best thing I've done in my… life? I don't know if I'm really alive but you understand what I mean. I love you, my medium darling" he cupped your face, kissing your forehead.

    "Well, I never expected to kiss something from the other world, even less to have sex with them, and now look at me, I'm your soul mate!" you laughed, your eyes turning into crescent moons from the honest happiness of having Changbin in your life.

    "Your bad luck will be when you die. I'll go wherever you go so we can be together even in the afterlife," his tone was serious. You loved when he said stuff like that, calling you his and being so possessive of you.

    "I'd be offended if you let me go, knowing you can live either up with humans or spirits" you hit his chest with nonexistent force.

    He blew air dramatically, faking that he was hurt from your punch.

    "Of course, I'd go wherever you lead me. This is what you get after dancing with the devil."

    "You're not a devil, you're a fool," you stuck your tongue out for him. You'd had the conversation before, of him calling himself things to make you laugh and you shutting him up with a kiss, responding that all he was, was a fool. And he always responded with the same thing.

    "Yeah, you're right. I'm a fool, a fool for you."

    #strange devotion skz collab #collab#skz smut #stray kids smut #stray kids fanfic #skz fanfic #changbin x reader #changbin x you #changbin x y/n #changbin smut #seo changbin smut #mine#original content
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    Teach the whole truth

    Teach the whole truth

    The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.” (Acts 17:30-31 ESV) Итак, оставляя времена неведения, Бог ныне повелевает людям всем повсюду покаяться, ибо Он назначил…

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  • where-is-caithe
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    Rhowan and Yden Ladyhawke au....

    #screams.. #guess what i watched while my gf was sleeping #im yelling #its about the pining.... the devotion.... #rhowan is a white wolf at night... yden is a black hawk during the day.. #im gonna lose it
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    Daily Bible: October 27

    Daily Bible: October 27

    “Jeremiah 51: 1-53 Thus says the LORD: “Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, Against those who dwell in Leb Kamai,* A destroying wind. 2 And I will send winnowers to Babylon, Who shall winnow her and empty her land. For in the day of doom They shall be against her all around. 3 Against her let the archer bend his bow, And lift himself up against her in his armor. Do not spare her young men;…

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    Prayer Journal – 90-Day Spiritual Prayer Adventure for Women

    Prayer, the most important discipline a Christian participates in, is also a discipline frequently overlooked. Our lives; jam-packed from the time we wake up, until we end the day; often leave us with a nagging feeling that we raced through, having little or no, meaningful conversation with God.

    A proven technique to help develop an effective prayer life, is to utilize a Prayer Journal. Taking a few moments to record your spiritual thoughts and impressions, along with prayer requests, and answers to your prayers; will enlarge your prayer life.

    We have developed two options geared for women. The first is a 90-Day Prayer Journal. Included in this journal is a suggested daily reading guide that will take you all the way through the New Testament in 90 Days. Each daily page contains the suggested reading, with a check box to indicate the passages completed.

    The 90 - Day Prayer Journal will be using the A-C-T-S acronym to help focus on four aspects of prayer; Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Using the highly acclaimed NASB (New American Standard Version) of the Bible, a related Scripture verse is offered for each A-C-T-S segment that day; with space provided for you to write down your thoughts and impressions from your daily prayer time.

    The second Prayer Journal is a 365 Day Guided Prayer Journal; also using the A-C-T-Sacronym to help focus on four aspects of prayer.

    The 365 Day Prayer Journal includes a weekly devotional, and a handy Bible reading guide should you choose to read through your Bible in one year.

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    Quick Thought – Tuesday, October 26, 2021: I'll Be Back

    Quick Thought – Tuesday, October 26, 2021: I’ll Be Back

    Read 1 Peter 2:1-12 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9 Reflect Author Alex Haley, conducting research for his historic book, Roots, embarked on the freighter African Star sailing from Monrovia, Liberia, to Jacksonville,…

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    کبیر، کاغد کیری ناوَ رے، پانی کیری گنگ،

    کہے کبیر کیسو ترے، پانچ کُسنگے سنگ.

    مطلب :- یہ شریر کاغذ کی طرح ناشوان ہے جو سنسار رُوپی ندی کی اچھائوں-واسناؤں (خواہشوں) میں ڈوبا ہوا ہے. جب تک پانچ وِکار (کام، کرودھ، لوبھ، مایا، اہنکار) پر قابو نہیں کر لیا جاتا ہے تب تک سنسار سے مُکتی نہیں مل سکتی.

    #Message_Of_TrueWorship #KabirIsGod #Kabirvani #Satguru #Jagatguru_saintrampalji #SaintRampalJi #Santrampaljimaharaj #Kabirsahebji #Godkabir #DailyDevotional #सत_भक्ति_संदेश #SaintRampalJiQuotes

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    Even though Romana and Leela’s relationship has been the heart of Gallifrey since the beginning, I do think - in theory - it makes sense to focus significantly on Narvin and Romana’s relationship during the Time War. Partially because their personal relationship is so entwined with their shared professional duty to Gallifrey, so as Gallifrey becomes more monstrous and each of them have to decide how to respond, the effects of those professional decisions would naturally ripple into their friendship in interesting ways. (And Time War 2 does explore this.)

    But mainly, focusing on Romana/Narvin during the Time War makes sense because of how the Time War starts. Narvin provokes the Daleks and sets off a chain of events all because he can’t bear to lose Romana. Romana doesn’t tell Narvin what her plan is, so he assumes the worst - and now the universe is falling apart. Ascension is a Big Deal, and it should have major emotional consequences - especially for Romana and Narvin’s relationship.

    So it’s absurd that in sixteen episodes of Time War audios, the fact that Narvin sparked the Time War for Romana is never mentioned once.

    Does Romana even know about the mission to Skaro that Narvin ordered? If she doesn’t, is Narvin actively trying to keep it a secret? Does he feel guilty about hiding it? If she does, does she know why he did it, or did he lie or evade the truth? If she does know what happened and why, how did she find out? When? Shortly after Ascension? When she took over the CIA? When the Daleks first started escalating attacks? In the middle of the war? What was the aftermath? 

    How must it feel to know that the universe is burning because your friend cared about you too much? How guilty would you feel, knowing that? How angry? How must it feel to admit to your friend that you chose her life and freedom over the Web of Time you both swore to protect? How ashamed would you feel? How terrified that she would never trust you again? How do you even talk about the feelings that drove you to make that terrible decision? How does knowing about that great weight of emotion and its terrible consequences affect your friendship? Your working relationship? How do you move forward?

    I’ve written one version of an answer, and I could spend ages writing different fic takes on this, but the point is, that dealing with the emotional and interpersonal fallout of Ascension should have been a major part of Narvin and Romana’s relationship development in the actual Time War audios. I do love their CIA era relationship, I do love so many of the scenes we did get with them, but this is such an oversight.

    #throwback to when i 100% believed we were going to hear romana find out about theskaro mission #because how could they not overtly deal with the ramifications of something like that? #on each of them and on their relationship? #there is a reference to narvin starting the time war in tw2 but his reasoning is never brought up! #the mess of being so devoted to someone that you lose your moral grounding isn’t brought up! #this context is important and very much missing! #gallifrey audios#gallifrey spoilers#narvin#romana #narvin x romana #ramblings
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    [What Kind of “I Love You” Are You?] 

    Your Result: i love you, i've always loved you, i will always love you

    it's commitment, it's devotion, it goes often without saying, but is felt nonetheless. it's accepting that you would travel to hell and back for them if they asked and knowing that they would do the same for you. it's an old ache, long after they've burrowed deep into your chest and settled there like a weight- grounding, an anchor point. even when you're apart, you can still feel the shape of them, it's like phantom pain. neither of you can help but succumb to the other's gravity, yet neither of you fear the collision. it means that you trust them, that they make you feel safe, that they feel like home.

    Tagged by: @fourmarksmage​

    Tagging: all of y’all

    #;dash game#;headcanon#//fucking accurate #mans gets devoted as hell when in love
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