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  • skrtttt-6
    17.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Goth akko and goth diwana Uwu.

    Akko design by @/brownsh_hare on twitter.

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  • thefictionalmultiverse
    17.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dinosaur Witch Academia

    Okay, this isn't an AU idea or headcanon or whatever, this is just a stupid yet funny idea I wanted to post because I'm feeling particularly shitty today. Basically this idea is the witches turning into dinosaurs. This happens after the professors find out about dinosaurs or at least learn some up to date stuff about dinosaurs, and they get the students to turn into dinosaurs for a class test or assignment or whatever. And the students turn into dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures during that time period using Metamorphosis Magic, and the ones that they turn into are ones that unknowingly represent them the best. Okat, we got it? Alright, let's get this list started already, shall we?

    Atsuko (Akko) Kagari - Triceratops

    Lotte Jansson - Orodromeus

    Sucy Manbavaran - Dakotarapror

    Diana Cavendish - Tyrannosaurus-Rex

    Hannah England - Pteranodon

    Barbara Parker - Dimorphodon

    Amanda O'Neill - Allosaurus

    Jasminka Antonenko - Argentinosaurus

    Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger - Compsognathus

    Avery - Albertosaurus

    Mary - Dilophosaurus

    Blair - Plesiosaurus

    Wangari - Suchomimus

    Kimberly - Ankylosaurus

    Joanna - Corythosaurus

    Sarah Bernhardt - Sauroposeidon

    Elfriede - Tenontosaurus

    Chloé - Spinosaurus

    Sóla - Microceratus

    Rajani and Rashmi - Saurophaganax

    Shao-Yi - Giganotosaurus

    Catarina - Shantungosaurus

    Katie - Torosaurus

    Dorotea - Einiosaurus

    Irene - Microraptor

    Eleanor - Apatosaurus

    Bianca - Parasaurolophus

    Aileen - Shunosaurus

    Hilda - Acrocanthosaurus

    Heather - Carnotaurus

    Rosie - Edmontosaurus

    Daisy - Zuniceratops

    Katya - Baryonyx

    Carmen - Stygimoloch

    Maria - Miragaia

    Gaëlle - Mosasaurus

    Aira - Megaraptor

    Isabella - Ludodactylus

    Abigail - Therizinosaurus

    Rachel - Ornithomimus

    Rita - Dromaeosaurus

    Alice - Hypsilophodon

    Eliza - Tapejara

    Priscilla - Ceratosaurus

    Bice - Tyrannotitan

    Bridget - Pliosaurus

    Erika - Saltasaurus

    Michelle - Anhanguera

    Rina - Gorgosaurus

    Teodora - Centrosaurus

    Lin-Lin - Pachycephalosaurus

    Verde Shidariza - Chasmosaurus

    Catherine - Lambeosaurus

    Shiki - Saurolophus

    Marianne - Deinonychus

    Jeanne - Nothronychus

    Balsa McVinegar - Hatzegopteryx

    Zizi Delevingne - Gigantoraptor

    Molly McIntyre - Austroraptor

    Elsa - Croyolophosaurus

    Amelia - Herrerasaurus

    Aisha - Paralititan

    Esther - Ichthyosaurus

    Henrietta - Velociraptor

    Julietta - Rugops

    Teresa - Majungasaurus

    Alma - Dracorex

    Verochika - Giraffatitan

    Nina - Istiodactylus

    Francine - Oviraptor

    Elizabeth - Vampiric Carcharodontosaurs

    Monica - Kentrosaurus

    Samantha - Erlikosaurus

    And just for the fun of it, I'll list off the ones some of the professors turn into as well.

    Ursula Callistis - Maiasaura

    Croix Meridies - Quetzalcoatlus

    Headmistress Miranda Holbrooke - Brachiosaurus

    Samantha Badcock - Diplodocus

    Finnelan - Torvosaurus

    Nelson - Tropeognathus

    Lukić - Masiakasaurus

    Professor Pieces - Megalodon

    Unnamed Eye Mask Professor - Mapusaurus

    Unnamed Siamese Twins Professor - Camarasaurus

    And with that, yeah I'm done. This list was stupid, yeah. But, I was bored and felt like doing something stupid today. So yeah, enjoy. Bye.

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  • lauraluna98
    17.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Since I like a lot my OC Laura McLaren which is Diana Cavendish mother I like to put how was their dynamic on the years before Diana was born and before they are forced to be separated

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  • laurendisaster
    17.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Diana getting ready to deal with Akko.

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  • theshinyrod
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yo wtf were you guys thinking Diana parents/family were like before they showed it???

    #lwa #little witch academia #Diana cavendish #i cant remember what my thoughts were #i prob have it written down somewhere
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  • lauraluna98
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    So here we are with Diana mothers

    Since i Headcanon Bernadette as lesbian she had a GF called Laura McLaren and they both meet each other at Luna Nova in 1987

    "But how did they make them"

    I present you the Magic of the fertility stone which make this possible

    Laura is shorter than Bernadette so i did this art inspired on a meme i've seen about two girls a taller and a short one


    This is a cool one shot about How Akko find out the truth behind Diana's parents

    Here's another fanart of her when she was in her broom racing days in 1991 on a event like Formula 1 but on brooms

    Laurette walked the path to Diakko happen

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  • lauraluna98
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Well since Diana is scottish i tried to make her with scottish tradicional clothes

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  • artdemonst4
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #art#dibujo#fanart #artists on tumblr #diakko #akko little witch academia #diana cavendish #little witch academia #atsuko kagari
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  • shintorikhazumi
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago


    A/N: My dumbass didn’t post this a week ago. Good thing I already showed it to the person it was intended for in advance ;-;.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TITI. IT’S STILL YOUR BIRTHDAY, SHHH. (pls don’t say it’s late) @geekwithacuriousmind


    ~Shintori Khazumi



    "It's lovely, isn't it?"

    "Is it?" Diana smiled, taking Akko's hand in her own and pressed her lips gently to softened fingertips. The callouses that used to be there had long since gone away. Akko hadn't really done much physical activity the past few years, neither had she used her hands for much labor other than perform a few sparks of her beautiful magic for the occasional visitor.

    "Eehhh? You don't think so?" Akko giggled, a little ticklish. "Dianaaa~"

    "Whaaattt~" Diana responded cheekily, softly. Quite out of character. She never ceased in her affections, mouth tracing down to pepper kisses along Akko's wrist this time.

    "Since when were you so playful?" Akko laughed fully, feeling one of Diana's arms circle her waist, pulling her closer into herself as they lay together on the bed.

    "Hmm, since you?"

    "Now we both know that that's a lie. When we first met, we couldn't have been on worse terms."

    Akko reached over to pinch Diana's nose to make a point, but felt that she’d instead poked a spot just under her eye on accident. Diana had pulled away quick enough to be just fine, but she couldn't prevent the tiny, 'ouch' that had escaped instinctually.

    Akko's demeanor quickly changed, panic splayed across her features as her hands pulled away, the woman distancing herself as quickly as possible, limbs pushing her away from the middle of the bed. "OH MY GOD, I'M SO SORRY! DIANA-"

    "Akko wait-"

    If she kept moving back, she'd reach the edge and fall. Diana had to react quickly enough or else she'd get hurt.

    "Akko, please stop moving away. Come back here. It's all okay, I'm-" Diana had reached a hand out, cursing her body's inability to move quicker, faster to Akko's side- ...before she heard a dull thud.

    "...Akko? Akko?! Are you alright?!" Diana quickly pulled herself towards the bedside, arms moving her across the sheets that were all jumbled up from all their motions. "Akko?!"

    She hadn't heard a reply. She was beginning to feel anxious.

    A sniffle.

    Oh no.

    "Akko! Are you hurt? Sweetheart, hey! Are you-"


    Finally able to look over the edge, Diana saw her wife begin to rise into a seated position from the floor.

    "I'm... I'm s-sorryyyy!" She sobbed unceremoniously, legs fumbling to prop herself up. Diana held out her hands for Akko to take, to guide her and help navigate her wife back onto the bed.

    "Shh, Shh. it's okay. It's okay. It's fine."

    Diana encircled her arms around Akko and pulled her back to their lying position, moving the sheets over their forms to cover them up, holding her wife closer, tighter.

    "It's fine. It's all okay. See?"



    "...I can't..."

    And the ugly realities came crashing down. The reminders of their present truths. Truths they had struggled to bury in the backs of their minds rushed to the forefront of their thoughts, throwing those in disarray.

    Diana bit her lip, holding back a sob.

    "Oh, Akko." She whispered, hands cupping her wife’s tear-streaked face, thumbs gently caressing tears away from beneath Akko’ eyes.

    "I- I... I didn't want you... to be like me... and not see too..."

    Diana felt a hand rest on her waist, travelling down her hip, resting on her thigh, then stopping. Stopping because... there was nothing to trace down after that.

    "You already... lost one thing. I can't-"

    "Shhh..." Diana kissed Akko's brow, slowly closing those lovely red eyes, trying to not see the lifelessness in them and the light that didn't show. "It's okay."

    Akko continued to whimper against her chest, buried in Diana's embrace, struggling to calm, even as Diana stroked her hair in hopes of warding away some of the demons in her mind.

    Maybe... she should think of a distraction. Good things.

    "Hey, Akko?"


    "About earlier." Diana planted a kiss to her forehead. "When you said beautiful... when you said it was lovely. What were you referring to?"

    She had simply gone along with Akko’s statements earlier, knowing that the girl loved to work her memory as much as she could, see all the sights she ever had again and again, day-by-day, lest they be erased from her mind completely and she be left with nothingness.

    There was no immediate response. It was as though she were still searching for the right words to say.

    When Akko opened her mouth, Diana couldn't help but cry.


    Her tears flowed heavily down her face, staining Akko's hair and the sheets.

    "The last thing I saw... that I have a clear picture of in my mind... and the thing I will forever see... It's you."

    "....even if I'm incomplete?"

    "Even if I am too." Akko whispered, hands feeling for her face, cupping Diana's cheek and guiding her into a kiss.

    "Since we complete each other."

    A/N: I have mixed feelings about this. Flow-wise... but anyway. If y’all didn’t get it, Akko is blind, Diana i san amputee. You’re welcome.

    Again, Happy birthday tiiiiiiiiiii, You’re super awesome, and thanks for all the fun chats that allow me to geek out!

    ~Shintori Khazumi

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  • luzfan13
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • dailydianakko
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    I swear to god in this scene Diana thought Akko was gonna go in for either forehead kiss or full on smooch I can feel it in my soul

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  • dailydianakko
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Diana is the type to be scared on rollercoasters. Like, she is 100% fine on a broom and can replicate what a rollercoaster does with no fear! But the idea of being strapped in? Not being able to expect which way it’s going to go? No way to influence the movement? Never in 100 years will she get on “the devil’s handcart into hell”

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  • marth-98
    15.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Headcanon: Diana cares about Andrew so she made her owl Andrew's emotional support

    #lwa shitpost #little witch academia #i'm sorry for posting this #diana cavendish#andrew hanbridge #andrew needs a hug
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  • laulink
    15.04.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • shintorikhazumi
    15.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Pain Is Pretty

    A/N: Okay, a more serious fic than the brain seizure I had earlier.


    ~Shintori Khazumi


    Pain is a pretty thing.

    Oh? Don't you think so?

    It is a sad thing to know that not many people share her sentiments. Even though they are as beautiful as the glimmering auroras over the vast darkness of the north.

    Her mind sometimes can be scary, they all said. And yet, you don't think that either. How peculiar.  

    Just what is it then, that you think?

    As you watch her peacefully rest upon a sea of white silk, the low hums and thrums of mechanical companions, and their beeps not as pleasant as nature's birds, you frown.

    She rests so peacefully. Too peacefully. Almost as though she were dead.

    You admire it, and you hate it all the same.

    Some nights she jolts awake, encased in pain, clutching her hand over that damned heart that rarely cooperates. Groans and moans enter your ears and fill up the storehouses of your memory with so much pain. Not your own. But her pain.

    You panic in those moments. 

    You cry.

    You'd rather be her heart instead. Then she would only feel well, and loved, and safe.

    You don't know when time will stop ticking, or the gods think her clock has run out of batteries, and they can't be bothered to get her new ones.

    That scares you.

    Losing her does.

    You hear a sigh cut through the night.


    It's a rasp of a voice so warm, yet dry. You silently scurry on over to the bedside table, pouring her a refreshing glass.

    "Hi, love." Your voice is barely above a whisper. It's late at night, you don't want to disturb anyone, and you want to keep the peace for her.

    ...You also can't speak any louder lest your voice cracks and gives away the pain in your heart.

    "You should rest some more. Tomorrow's the big day." You try smiling. She laughs at you. It must be some smile you're wearing.

    "I'm scared." She admits so easily. So so easily, without missing a beat. "If I rest now... will I have enough energy to open my eyes tomorrow? And if I open my eyes today..." She looks at you with this indecipherable gaze. "Will I rest forever from tomorrow onwards?"

    "No!" You say, a bit too harsh, but not too loud. It's still late in the night. She had just woken up. No need to startle her, no need to overwhelm her.


    "No." You repeat in a gentler tone. "No..." In a hushed tone. "No." In a whisper.


    In your heart.

    "Come here?" She beckons, and you only now realize how lost you were in thoughts like a storming sea, capsizing your rationality, and drowning you in their abyss.

    You go.

    She embraces you. She comforts you. You're ashamed of that fact.

    "Please don't lose." It's a soft whisper. A silent prayer. It's your heart begging her to stay.


    She says it -again- so simply, so easily. Like she could do anything for you, as though she could grant your every wish.

    Your only wish was that she'd be okay.



    "Be okay."




    "I love you."

    You're pulled in even closer into her if that was even possible. She smells like antiseptics, and an apple she must have had for dinner, and a little sweat that mixes with her natural scent.

    You love it because it's hers. Because you love her.

    You cry because you do.

    "I love you." She whispers into your ear, planting a kiss there. Planting a kiss on your temple, down to your cheeks and jaw.

    There's a kiss on your neck, and you crane it back so she can access even more of your skin that's burning an eternal flame with the touch of her lips.

    She kisses over your collarbone, then over your heart.

    Your healthy heart.

    You cry even more.

    Oh, if only you could give her your own.

    "I love you." She whispers against your lips, kissing you deep and full as tears stream down your cheeks and you hurt even more.

    She wipes away every drop of pain, occasionally kissing the torture away from your soul.

    "Beautiful." She says. "You are, Diana. So pretty."

    Even when she was in pain.

    "Even when you're in pain.

    ... Your pain is still so utterly... pretty."

    A/N: Basically, Akko with a heart problem about to go into surgery.

    ~Shintori Khazumi

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  • paulacrackhead
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    a quick diakko bc I miss them :(

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  • vhalesa
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Jealous much?

    #diakko #little witch academia #diana cavendish#akko kagari#dianakko#pokemon#zigzagoon#galar zigzagoon#pokemon au#lwa#art#comic #I come to deliver you another diakko zizgagoon comic #diana and akko are still hard to draw for me #akko?... #akko what are you doing? I'm not mad at zigzagoon... #akko?!
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  • onhiro
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    LWA: Grimm War ch. 17

    Diana wasn't prepared for this. She had no idea how realizing her feelings for Akko would impact her life upon their return to Luna Nova.

    Great. Just one more thing to have to add to the wonders other students being twits, pending exams, the stress of being the leading cadet in their year group, and their looming leadership assignments over the incoming Term I students...

    Found on AO3, 9522 words

    CW: when life hands you lemons...

    #Little Witch Academia #grimm war#diana cavendish#akko kagari#ursula callistis #spicy chapter! #not to be read at work or school
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  • purplechats
    14.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    i luv u, WITCH !! i aint nvr gonna stop luving u, WITCH!!!!!

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  • shintorikhazumi
    14.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    “Good morning... I love you.”

    Situation: Akko just woke up and Diana is too pretty for her mind to function. Diana thinks Akko is so precious

    I actually tried spending time on a drawing. Okay. I’m happy with this. Hey, practice paid off woot.

    They’re so soft ;-; bbs

    #lwa #Little Witch Academia #diakko#diana cavendish#kagari atsuko #I actually tried #khaz can... SOMEWHAT draw #fanart? #fanart
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