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  • chatshir3
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    One thing Dickkory shippers gonna do is post how much they hate dickbabs instead of focusing on their ship. Like? No one gives a shit if you hate Dickbabs stop acting like a loser or close your eyes

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  • dailydccomics
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dick & Kory (in the past)

    Future State: Teen Titans #1
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  • not-so-mundane-after-all-97
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    WICKED GAME - by @wonderbatwayne & @not-so-mundane-after-all-97

    Fandom: DC Titans

    Pairings/Relationships: Dick Grayson/Kory Anders, Dick Grayson & Rachel Roth, Kory Anders & Rachel Roth, Rachel Roth & Garfield Logan, Graysonfam

    Chapter: 7/16

    Rating: Mature


    Everybody plays a game. Every move counts, anyone, can be a player. Some play dirty, some play nice, everybody's got eyes on the main prize.
    In a world of deception, money, and power, where women are forced to dance with the devil in the name of survival, where men need to break their oaths to do the right thing, Dick Grayson is on a mission to win. A man with a plan, with a goal and a target. Trigon Azarath needs to be eliminated by any means necessary. He's been playing a very long and calculated game, and it has to stop now.
    But what happens when a little ballerina with raven hair and a guarded heart, a girl who shouldn't even exist for all he knows, spins the table on him like the pirouettes she does on stage? When a woman with green eyes and a bloody past sets his world ablaze instead of being just a step on the road to victory? Will sticking to the rules be worth the outcome?
    It's a wicked game to play, indeed.

    Listen now, this is a huge one okay? And we don't just mean the importance of the events. We got carried away (as we tend to do) and technically this could be split into two. But we decided against it because this length and this lineup of events is important from a storytelling point of view and it had to go together. So you're basically getting a 2 for 1 deal! One chapter with a length of two because this beast is over 24K WORDS LONG. So take it slow if you need to, it's not going anywhere, it will be waiting.

    Enjoy. And maybe... get a pack of tissues just in case.

    If you want to be tagged, let us know!

    @undertheknightwing @legendsofentity @mejacinta @meetmeunderthestarrynight @escapism-through-imagination @lady-stirling @grocerylines @xburningbluex @ambelle @ffiamgoku @greatthingssmallworld @garsfavouritejacket @redhairgreeneyes1 @halliwellextra @happilyshanghaied @jerriandtheirfanfics @koryvndr

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  • aeligsido
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    The true rivalry between Jason and Tim is that Jason is a DickKory shipper but Tim is a DickBabs shipper

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  • blackloislane
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Working on a one shot of Dick reflecting on the Mar’i dream because I must (I know there are probably a ton of them but y’all know you want one more). Then maybe I’ll go from there.

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  • ablogthatishenceforthmine
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    “The Way Forward” WIP: Two Truths and a Lie

    In lieu of posting a sneak pic of my WIP “The Way Forward,” in which Dick and Kory go out to breakfast together post season 3, I’ve decided to post 2 truths and a lie one it. Here they are:

    Dick tells Kory about his vision of Mar’i

    Dick thinks about him and Barbara

    Dick and Kory have conflicting attitudes toward the future

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  • ambelle
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    #dickkory#anna diop#koryand'r#anonymous #keep hating though she'll keep getting that check
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  • mejacinta
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    No more near death experiences so Dick realizes he likes Kory. Please, no more. I need Dick to be conscious, alert and awake to what he feels for Kory. I need aggressive pursuit. I need continuity from where we left them off in season 2 ( "I like your hair").

    I've taken some time to fully process and my conclusion is this: throwing us the 'Dick died and had a dream of his future daughter with Kory so now he knows he actually likes Kory' story was LAZY. Especially after two whole seasons of Dickkory development were rudely interrupted with the Dickbabs storyline.

    Switching back to Dickkory gear after ruining everything was a weak consolation price. Next time, Dickkory moments need to be earned, not just thrown at us without prior serious buildup. Dick and Kory had barely looked at or talked to each other for half the season yet we're supposed to suddenly feel happy that he's finally seeing her worth after a near death experience? Really, writers?

    I'd like Dick to be a more active character, not a passive one. I need him in hot pursuit of what he wants, who he wants, while being present within himself and knowing that he's doing it.

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  • wonderbatwayne
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    WIP Wall Of Shame

    @halliwellextra - Thanks for the tag! I see this is doing the rounds again and I always seem to get tagged for it. Haha - “multiple somethings” - Girl, you are not wrong! This definitely will be a wall of shame!

    Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.  Send me an ask/reblog/message with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it AND tell you something about it. I’ve added a status update next to each one so if it’s only planned I won’t share a snippet but can still tell you the basic premise!

    Tagging: Whoever wants to do it I guess - I don’t want to put pressure on my fellow writers by tagging them if they don’t have a long list or whatever (I wish I could focus on one fic at a time! It would make life so much easier!) - The choice is yours!

    Here we go! Be warned - I have A LOT here, some will be familiar to you because I’ve had them in this folder for months - all Dickkory focused (a few with Graysonfam there as well but not all).

    - Who’s Gonna Love You Like Me? (Drafted)

    - Love Is Thicker Than Water (Drafted)

    - Dick and Kory (In Progress)

    - Take These Guns From Me (I Can’t Shoot Them Anymore) (In Progress)

    - A Love Language (Or The Tale of a Clothes Thief and the Man Who Loves Her) (Planned)

    - Tick, Tick, Boom (Drafted)

    - Velvet Was The Night (In Progress)

    - We’ve All Sacrificed So Much (Yet Have So Little To Show For It) (Drafted)

    - No Mercy (Drafted)

    - I Know It Hurts (It’s Hard To Breathe Sometimes) (Drafted)

    - Echoes of You (In Progress)

    - You Say You’re Numb Inside (But I Don’t Agree) (Planned)

    LOL not me having 12 fics in this folder! I don’t normally have this many but because of Wicked Game I haven’t been rushing to upload them at my normal pace - they are coming I promise!

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  • escapism-through-imagination
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Chapter 4 -

    As Kory woke up she remembered two things: one, she almost died yesterday and two, besides road trips, Dick Grayson’s love language was physical touch. They’d been pretending to be (or not be) whatever they were for so long now that she’d forgotten number two entirely.

    Oh, did she remember now.

    Kory had almost died and Dick had handled it as well as could be expected.

    Which was to say he hadn’t handled it well at all.

    OR: Dick and Kory find solace in the bedroom after a close call for Kory.

    Tag list: @meetmeunderthestarrynight @selinascatnip @wonderbatwayne @not-so-mundane-after-all-97 @ambeauty @koryvndr @reddborn

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  • selinascatnip
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Very informal Dick Grayson

    Calls all his kids by nicknames

    Gar, Rach

    Hardly by their full names

    Calls his dad B and Alfred, Al

    But when they are alone, he calls her Koriand'r

    The long syllables rolling from his tongue with reverence

    And works every time

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  • ambeauty
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Friend U Can Keep

    This is a mini fic based on the Kitchen Moment in Season 3 of DC Titans. Based on this song (F.U.C.K. By Victoria Monet) and Brenton’s dumb ass quote of Dick and Kory being “co-workers”.

    *Kory’s POV*

    Kory walks into the kitchen and notices Dick’s all black suit first and is immediately taken back by how good he looks dressed up for once. The wrinkled button ups and chinos get real boring, not that he was dressing for her viewing pleasure anyway. Instead of commenting on his physical appearance she brings up the reminder that he is going to a gala right? So why is he stuffing his face? She swears ever since they got to Gotham, Dick has been bulking but in the best way. Ok she should really stop objectifying him, but she can’t help it. He’s just so pretty. She knows they are just coworkers and friends when he’s not being a complete dumbass in Gotham. However, it’s hard to focus on the friendship, when she remembers the sex just as vividly.

    They continue chit chatting about that ugly ass T in the sky but whatever makes him happy and whatever makes Gotham PD (aka Barbara) happy because they needed to be trusted right now more than ever. Her mind continues to shift to what could be happening if they both weren’t so damn stubborn. Like him pushing all of the food and utensils off the island and taking her right there. How would anybody ever know? This house is too damn big for them to get caught right? Plus with their reflexes they could definitely sneak one in. Kory shakes all of the explicit thoughts out of her head but not before noticing Dick’s beautiful mouth with crumbs in the corner that she really wants to lick off or would look really good licking something off of her. Instead she hands him a napkin and tries to focus on being the best friend and co-worker that Dick can keep.

    *Dick’s POV*

    Kory walking into the kitchen while he’s in the middle of spreading vegemite on his toast with a batarang and he tries his hardest not to puncture the bread. She’s wearing a short skirt again. Why does she always have to wear the tiniest of skirts? He’s just trying to keep their coworking situation friendly? He even started seeing Barbara again to make sure that they don’t fall back into their ways. No matter how much distance he tries to keep between Kory and him, his thoughts always wind up back to that night in the hotel when they were super close.

    Hell he just invited Barbara over like five minutes ago. He has got to get control over this. Kory would start leaning over the counter, to give him an even better view of her perfect ass. He truly hates it here. If he had it his way, he wouldn’t be pregaming going to this stupid fucking gala. Instead he would march over to Kory, grab her waist, and pick her up and set that perfect ass right on the island. The skirt making this whole endeavor even easier. Conner and Gar are probably knee deep in cctv footage or a video game. Who even knows what the others are up to. Nobody would know… Kory hands him a napkin and he gives her his signature dimpled smile. He has got to work on their friendship because his thoughts are really out of hand, and Kory is definitely his kryptonite.

    I hope y’all enjoy this! The way this hit me was too strong. Dusting off 15 year writing hat off for these crazy kids!

    Thank you @selinascatnip and @escapism-through-imagination for the encouragement. 💜💙

    #my first fic #be nice please #feedback welcome though #idk if I’ll do this again #probably will though #maybe I’ll put some shit on my ao3 account finally #I just love them so much and want the world for Dickkory #dickkory#titans fic#koriand'r#dick grayson#kory anders#titans s3#character pov
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  • ambeauty
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    I’ve just been struck by inspo for a Dickkory drabble after listening to my Top 100 of 2021 and Victoria Monet’s F.U.C.K. played. Dick and Kory and definitely Friends U Can Keep….

    #i haven’t written since high school #let alone for others reading pleasure #and the dk fandom writers are so sweet #but I’m inspired #dickkory#titans fic #maybe?? #spotify wrapped #rating would be like medium nasty but not nasty nasty #Spotify
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  • not-so-mundane-after-all-97
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay, full disclosure, this thing didn't even exist before today. But the writing gods answered my prayers, my Queen @wonderbatwayne blessed me with some of her Dickkory magic and so this idea was born. I literally have nothing else beside what you're gonna read here (longest sneak peek ever?) and it probably won't see the light of day till like January because my December is packed but this fic hit me like a wrecking ball today at work and the idea wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. I dropped everything once I got home to write at least a little.

    I blame Wicked Game and my witchy writing partner for hooking me on that Dickkory juice.

    @escapism-through-imagination @meetmeunderthestarrynight @mejacinta I have a feeling you will want to know about this.

    "Look," she sighs, running a hand through her thick curls. Her heartbeat is breaking all speed limits in this city combined, but she needs to get this thing off her chest, otherwise it will suffocate her. So she sets her back straight, leans more firmly against the counter and lifts her chin, looking him dead in the eye. "I know we've decided to put pause on… whatever was going on between us, but it's becoming pretty clear we're having a problem sticking to that decision."
    A big problem. Something that used to be a needle in a haystack is now an elephant in the room, impossible to ignore. It's distracting them, messing with them, crushing them. They need to do something about it, come together with a resolution because it can't be like this, they can't go on like this.
    It seems like neither she or Dick have the strength to fight it anymore. She knows she doesn't, not when he's standing here looking like that, not when he's looking at her like that. 
    Like she's a dynamite and he's a match. 
    Or maybe it's the other way around.
    Either way, one is bound to set the other on fire, both are destined to burn.
    The space between them is already small, they somehow cornered each other into the tightest spot in the kitchen - she's perching at the short edge of the island, Dick is leaning his back against the counter on the opposite wall - but when the words leave her mouth, Kory starts to feel like this space is getting even smaller; like it's shrinking just to push them closer to each other. She digs the heels of her feet into the cold floor, but the floor is treacherous, slippery, doesn't let her ground herself the way she so desperately wants. It only tilts on its axis, forcing her to slide forward, to him.
    Dick is watching her intently, his head is tilted to the side, brown eyes focused but not without a hint of playfulness, lips curved in that goddamn smirk that makes her weak. She's really trying not to stare but her gaze keeps drifting there, pulled like a magnet to steel. Is he waiting for her to add something, thinking over what she just said or simply watching her watching him? 
    Because she can't stop watching him, she can't stop dragging her eyes over the square of his jaw, following the outline of his coiled muscles, basking in the warm tone of his skin. Is he thinking of what to say, planning a strategic response and forming a plan of handling their situation or is he simply relishing in the fact he's making her melt just by standing in front of her?
    Before she gets to decide which one is it, Dick moves. His glass, almost empty, hits the marble countertop behind him before he pushes himself off of it and slowly, painfully slowly, shortens the distance between them in two dragged out steps. His eyes glint in the light of the lamps above their heads but only when he's closer, Kory notices the tone of sweet chocolate turned into something darker, something stronger. She keeps her mask on, standing firm and confident, watching him from behind the rim of her own glass held at the level of her face - a weak barrier but a barrier nonetheless. Even when he steps so close she can feel the heat radiating from his body, even when he positions his feet on both sides of hers to crowd her and leans into her space with that fucking smirk plastered to his face, even when his nose is mere inches from hers and his eyes fall to her lips, she still doesn't budge. 
    His voice is a low rumble coming from his chest, his warm breath brushing her cheek when he speaks, "So what do you suggest we should do about it, Princess?"
    Kory has never been a weak willed person. She's never been easy to bend or tamper with. She always had the last word, the last laugh. When she set her mind on something, there was nothing in the world that would change it. She was never the one to easily break.
    She knocks the rest of her drink in one go, tipping her head far back so the last drop of tequila can roll down and burn her throat, then slams the empty glass on the island top beside her with a loud clank. "Press play."
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  • not-so-mundane-after-all-97
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sneak peek time!!!! Guys, it's getting harder to pick non-spoilery fragments, we're walking into uncharted territory, right @wonderbatwayne ? Wicked Game Chapter 7 is a big one, literally and figuratively. Here's a tiny bit of it to get you guys ready for Friday!

    In the small parking lot, empty at this time of the day, stands a small, silver Porsche and the sight of it makes Rachel almost leap from her seat. Dick is leaning against the hood of the car, all chill and grinning at them the moment he spots them, his arms crossed over his chest. Dressed in a plain black t-shirt and jeans, with a dark gray hoodie thrown on top he looks no different from an average Gotham citizen, but for her there is nothing average about him. He's the brightest spot in this entire view.
    Rachel flings the door open before the car even has the chance to come to a full stop. "Dick?"
    "Ladies," he greets them with a nod, taking off his sunglasses and hooking them over the neckline of his shirt. He lets out a loud, joyful laugh the moment she starts running his way. "Good to see you."
    Kory gets out as well, squinting her eyes at the sunlight. She struts to them across the parking lot, looking like a freaking model in her black jeans and matching leather tube top and a purple jacket, which makes Rachel want to laugh even more. Dick is here, of course, she has to show off.
    Judging by how Dick momentarily freezes at her side, it's working.
    "She's all yours," Kory tells him with a grin once she's close, her high heels clicking on the pavement. "As promised."
    "Right on time."
    They share a knowing smirk, a gaze loaded with stuff Rachel realizes she has no idea about. It's a clear set up but for what, no clue. The two adults keep gazing at each other like there's no one else around, like they've forgotten they are in the middle of a parking lot on a sunny Friday morning and Rachel starts feeling a bit ridiculous looking from one to the other with her brow raised, waiting for even a slice of an explanation.
    Eventually she can't take it anymore, she sets her feet firmly on the ground, arms crossed over her chest and asks, "What is going on here?"
    It's funny how her voice works almost like a bucket of ice cold water poured over their heads. Both Dick and Kory look like they just got abruptly woken up from a daydream, it takes them a second to come back to the present. Dick throws Rachel a confused look just to look back at Kory the next moment. "You didn't tell her?"
    She's too damn good at playing innocent. "I thought it'd be a nice surprise."
    The growing confusion must be written all over her face because soon Dick's hand lands on her shoulder, making Rachel turn to him and find him smiling at her softly.
    "You said you wanted to hang out, so we're hanging out," he says. "Just you and me, we have a whole day to do whatever we want."
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  • itsjustafia
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Dick Grayson and his inclination to watch Kory as she leaves the room.

    Gifs via @superohclair, @vanessarb & @dickkorysource

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  • battlships
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Conner 🤝 Artemis 🤝 Kori

    Bench pressing their batboys

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