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  • I find it a lil concerning Diego is my comfort character from TUA

    because yea- i got comfort characters for every fandom i’m in

    But seriously, my comfort character is an emotionally stunted knife boi.

    buT I LOVE HIM

    it’s not any of the others are that good choices

    Luther’s a shithead, Allison is slightly manipulative with her power, Klaus is on drugs, Five is Five(but we love it), Ben is probably the only ok one, and Vanya.. She’s a pure bean butt her powers-

    I do love all of them tho, no hate, except for Luther he can fuck his ape self

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  • I know, I know, it’s been out for ages but I haven’t gotten around to it

    What I know from various tumblr/instagram posts:

    • Diego has a crush some weird obsession with jfk
    • cube? maybe that’s season 3 idk
    • fishman? fish person?
    • baby pogo
    • c o t t a g e c o r e  l e s b i a n s
    • cult
    • ghost²
    • five reenacts the spiderman meme
    • luther is rocky balboa now? idk he boxes or something
    • Diego gets girlfriend who has powers
    • also her mom is his brother’s boss awkward much
    • Allison is a civil rights activist
    • reggie is a horrible person/father per usual
    • umbrella academy kids but make them slightly to the left
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  • #I was giffing something completely unrelated in ep1 #and was overcome with the urge to do this #and I am NOT sorry about it #diego hargreeves#crack#my gifs #I love one (1) knife boy
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    Five simply not jumping could have prevented the apocalypse.

    Talking about Ben, Five and Vanya being so close (I don’t ship it, but you are entitled to your own opinion), it got me thinking: Vanya lost her two closest brothers in less than a year (if the paintings on E01S01 are anything to go by). Of course it had an impact on her to cause the apocalypse. Now, what if Five never jumped? Would Ben still be alive, so she could have the two favorite brothers with her? Would she really resent everything so much? Thanks for coming to my Tedtalk.

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  • sir reginald hardgreeves kindly suck my ass

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  • The Umbrella Academy Headcanon: When Klaus is drunk, or high, or both, he has a multitude of nicknames for his siblings. Luther often becomes Lulu, Big Guy, The One And Only, or Reggie Junior. He knows how hurtful that last one can be, so he’s careful not to say it often. Diego is Mr. Grouch, Wannabe Number One, Mama’s Boy, and when he’s getting right to point, Stabby. Allison is Ally, Heartbreaker, The Actress, The Famous One, and Sis. When he comes up with a new one for her, it’s always more dramatic than the last. Five doesn’t have as many since he wasn’t around so much, but he often jokes he can be Little Man with how funny it is he’s so tiny despite almost being in his 60’s, and School Boy with the uniform. Neither of them Five like. Ben becomes Benny, Tentacles, Ghosty, Pain in the Ass if he’s being a downer about his partying, as well as Square and Party Pooper. Vanya, like Five, doesn’t have as many, but he definitely calls her Shorty for her height and The Chosen One, joking maybe a little too soon about the powers their father went to great lengths to hide.

    #i would so call luther lulu dont @ me :P #headcanon#klaus hargreeves #klaus hargreeves headcanon #the seance #the seance headcanon #the umbrella academy #the umbrella academy headcanon #umbrella academy #umbrella academy headcanon #tua#tua headcanon#luther hargreeves#diego hargreeves#allison hargreeves#five hargreeves#ben hargreeves#vanya hargreeves
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  • I cannot wait for season 3 to come out of Umbrella Academy!! If you can’t tell, Five and Vanya are my favs. I love them all though! They’re a lot of fun to draw.

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  • The legs 👀 I feel like I’m watching synchronized swimming.


    Gif @zavens

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  • image

    U cant tell me this is not the same people!

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  • image

    Not the best shot as far as lighting goes, but this is the best one I could get of the “Diego” tattoo on his arm. :)

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  • David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy (2019-)

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  • *• Moodboards •*

    ~ These are the moodboards I used for each characters masterlists! Please do not steals these. Ask before using ~

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  • Anyone got any fic recs that has angst/pining (from the reader) or anything for bucky or steve or diego hargreeves from tua??

    I want something to cry to tonight

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  • image
    1. “What Brings us Together: Funerals”

    All current and future work on this masterlist are/will be for a Hargreeves!Reader. I won’t write any kind of Allison-Luther situations.

    My main masterlist

    #tua x reader #Tua#tua fanfiction#tua imagine #the umbrella academy x reader #the umbrella academy fanfiction #the umbrella academy imagine #the umbrella academy #diego hargreeves fanfiction #diego hargreeves x reader #diego hargreeves imagine #diego hargreeves #luther hargreeves x reader #luther hargreeves fanfiction #luther hargreeves imagine #luther hargreeves #allison hargreeves imagine #allison hargeeves #Allison hargreeves fanfiction #klaus hargreeves #Klaus hargreeves imagine #Klaus hargreeves fanfiction #Klaus hargreeves x reader #number five #Number five imagine #Number five fanfiction #Number five one shot #Number five x reader #vanya hargreeves #Vanya hargreeves imagine
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  • The Umbrella Academy in interviews

    To begin with: All interviews are written, not filmed. Reginald’s request. The interviewers aren’t sure why, but they don’t ask.


    Luther speaks the most in interviews. For one, he has many positive things to say and, as the leader, feels like he should. Reginald knows Luther won’t say anything bad about him or the academy, so he encourages it. He also won’t stand silence. If the others don’t answer quick enough, he’ll answer instead. If they can’t do it then he, as the leader, should help out. He doesn’t typically interrupt the others (on purpose), but if they start losing their words or train of thought he’ll immediately jump in.


    In the beggining, Diego doesn’t speak much. He’s kind of shy, and his stutter makes him want to speak even less. As time goes on he starts speaking more, kind of to establish his presence and kind of to not be overshadowed by talkative number one. He copies the way Luther speaks quite a lot, but he doesn’t realize it.


    Allison, like Luther, speaks a lot. She loves the publicity, and is also a master at changing the subject. She will typically wait to be asked something personally to speak (and she’ll speak a lot), unless atough subject is brought up, in which case she immediately diverts the attention and starts talking about something else. She’s very good at talking. Even when it’s clear she changed the subject, the interviewers won’t say anything about it. A charmer.


    Klaus is the opposite of Diego. He speaks more at first, cracking jokes, being light-hearted. A fan-favourite, charming and everything. Gradually, he starts speaking less and less. Be it because he simply doesn’t feel like it anymore, be it because Reginald discouraged him (after he started taking drugs, he started being even more misbehaving and “embarrassing”, so he told him not to speak so much). Perhaps if the interviews were filmed, the fans would see how much his body language has changed and how much more out of it he looks.


    Five only ever got to be in one interview. He mostly didn’t speak unless spoken to. Intelligent, a bit cocky like Luther. Fans didn’t have the time to form an opinion on him.


    Ben didn’t speak if he could help it. He was never good at interviews, he was shy and quiet and didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, Luther tended to speak for the both of them. When seperated, he and Luther were usually paired together.

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  • l can’t quite remember what happened but i remember that five came back from the apocalypse and there was a scene where diego and eudora got into a fight. basically five was in diego’s car and patch asked him why five was so skinny and if diego was feeding him enough.diego was angry that patch thought he was starving five and snapped at her saying he’d only got fiev back a few days ago. i also remember five clutching leonards eye but then being devastated to find that meritech lab had been burned down. 

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  • obsessed with the idea of the hargreeves siblings having like really perfect cursive handwriting cause you know, ✨reginald hargreeves✨

    Ben’s handwriting is by far the best, super pretty and loopy and all of his homework looks like love letters from the 1800s. The most legible, if not a little shaky at times. 

    Klaus’s is weirdly a close second. He adds so many flourishes. So many!!! Even when he writes fast it’s nearly perfect. Super slanted. Like italics but x10. 

    Allison’s is weirdly just kind of mediocre. She still dots her i’s with hearts because she can’t break the habit. 

    Diego’s is pretty good, very uniform. His spelling is terrible, though, and completely skips over letters when he’s in a hurry. Text lingo, but make it cursive.  

    Luther’s is bad. Not completely illegible, but close. 

    Vanya stopped writing in cursive after her violin students told her they couldn’t read it and now just writes in all caps. 

    Five’s is the worst, prove me wrong. Literally cannot be read, even by him. 

    #i think about this a lot and i don't know why #klaus hargreeves #why does the last name hargreeves not suit klaus at all #it just sounds so gross ugh #allison hargreeves#diego hargreeves#luther hargreeves#vanya hargreeves#five hargreeves#ben hargreeves#tua #the umbrella academy #the hargreeves
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  • I kinda feel like Klaus has probably killed the last amount of people outta the Fam. I could genuinely go as far to say he might have never?

    I feel like he might not have wanted to add to the collection of ghosts following his siblings around the house? Like?? He doesn’t need that thanks.

    He’s always lookout on missions? So doubtful that he ever did anything then. He smol bby when they’re kids, where his power isn’t combat-suited.

    And in Vietnam, let’s be real, he’d have been going through crazy withdrawal at first, ah healing from hours of torture?? and then after that, its not like you become a good shot overnight? And even if he did? I see him aiming lower or missing rather than killing anyone? He’s too kind despite all the shit he gets. Bless.

    And then he’s a hippie cult leader so no murder in that part of his life??

    Idk, I just feel like, why would he ever think about adding to the collection of horror he has to see when he’s sober?

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk where I think Klaus is the only member of the family not to have killed anyone. 👏

    (pls correct me if I’m wrong and there’s ever a scene where he has and I’ve forgot!!!)

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