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    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Genshin modern AU things feat. Mondstadt characters + traveler.

    @berrisweet-panda is allowed to change mostly whatever they want.

    Note: all characters (besides Qiqi and Klee) are 18+! this includes Diona. I will not take criticism on this.

    Male traveler “Aether”: runs a part time daycare with his sister. good with kids. takes care of his younger sister Paimon at the daycare most days. is dating Ren and Albedo, maybe Kazuha as well.

    Female traveler “Lumine”: runs a part time daycare with her brother. not as good with kids as her brother, but still is rather good with them. takes care of her younger sister Paimon at the daycare most days. used to be in a relationship with Kaeya. is currently pining after Xingqiu.

    Amber: Mondstadt police. runs track on a competitive level. has a specialty in firearms. living in co-op dorms with her unit. may or may not be dating Eula.

    Kaeya: Mondstadt police. Lumine’s ex boyfriend. trains the police animals. does not get along with his older brother, Diluc, but can and will chug all the booze he brings with him when he comes over. can and will tease the shit out of Diluc for his crush on Jean. currently cohabitating with the rest of his unit. in an odd kind of fwb relationship with Kapow.

    Lisa: Mondstadt police. secretarial duties. can mainly be found in the archives, along with Albedo. co-habituating with the other people in her unit.

    Jean: Mondstadt police. current chief of police after former chief of police Varka was promoted (timeline: Diluc - Varka - Jean, who is current) is Klee’s current foster care taker. is very busy with her new position so she unfortunately cannot spend a lot of time with Klee, thankfully the rest of her unit with entertain Klee while Jean is busy. is in a fwb relationship with Diluc.

    Diluc: former Mondstadt police. former chief of police but has quit. quit when his father died. now owns a large brand of pubs and breweries left to him by his father. hates his younger brother Kaeya. is usually the one to pick up Klee from daycare because he is the one with the most free time. has a rather obvious crush on Jean. lives in a dorm-esc home with the Mondstadt police most days, but has his own manor.

    Klee: a young girl who Jean cares for. she dislikes Diluc because he stepped on and ripped her drawings once (and didn’t apologize!) usually spends most of her days at Aether and Lumine’s daycare. is mostly fond of Xingqiu’s story time.

    Eula: Mondstadt police. head interrogation officer. most people avoid her due to her harsh interrogation methods, but those do not reflect on her actual personality. lives in a dorm style house with the rest of her unit. best friends with Amber. may or may not be dating Amber.

    Albedo: Mondstadt police. crime sketch artist and lab director. also works at a school with his assistants, Sucrose and Timaeus. as well as works full time for Zhongli (he’s got a lot on his plate, but he likes it like that) is currently cohabitating with the rest of his police unit. is dating Ren and Aether, maybe Kazuha.

    Sucrose: Albedo’s assistant. double majors in college currently. a shy but all around very smart girl. the first person that actually got Albedo to open up and introduced him to his partners. lives in a college dorm with Albedo’s other assistant, Timaeus, as her roommate. has a crush on her roommate, as well as one on her friend Yanfei.

    Noelle: in Mondstadt police training, as well as a overwhelmed college student. is currently trying her hardest to pass police training, but keeps failing because she has too much on her plate. refuses to ask for help or to cut back on her work load. lives in a college dorm, is roommates with Razor.

    Barbara: a singer/song writer college student. takes great pride in her studies, especially her religious ones. currently living in a college dorm. is Jean’s younger sister so she sometimes stops by the daycare to drop off/pick up Klee if she has time. adores rock music, and is very interested in what her roommate, Xinyan, writes and sings. has a crush on Xinyan.

    Diona: the local bartender/mixologist. probably still has her ears and tail? I don’t know. crushing on Aether, Lumine, or Diluc. is a little bitch who tricks people with fake alcoholic drinks sometimes when she is feeling particularly petty. lives on her own in a small house beside the bar she works at. is incredibly short but could take you out in a fight.

    Razor: the local dog walker/sitter. lives in a collage dorm with his roommate, Noelle. he grew up training dogs thanks to his father, Andrius. runs a doggy daycare sometimes when school is out. met Chongyun while walking dogs in the park, at which the other was manning an ice cream stand. Razor was smitten as soon as he learned that Chongyun served dog friendly ice cream. managed to win him over (despite everyone’s terrible advice!) and is dating Chongyun.

    Bennett: a poor unlucky boy who is currently a college student. Bennett was homeschooled for most of his life by his fathers, but currently he is attending college, per his own request. Bennett has a dog named Sparky that Razor has taken care of, and thus the two became rather fast friends. he admires Fischl’s quick wit and is currently pining after her. he lives in a college dorm. Xiangling is his roommate.

    Fischl: an awkward girl with an odd way of expressing herself. Fischl spends most of her time at the local pub, as she is currently crushing on Diluc. Fischl is a writer, and with the help of her assistant, Oz, has published many a fantasy novel under different pen names. Fischl mostly seems to live in her own little world, but she is in fact very attentive to her friends. Fischl lives with Oz in an art studio the two rent.

    Mona: once a broke collage student, now a successful entrepreneur. Mona runs a magic shop, offers tarot readings, crystals, etc. Mona does astrology readings in her spare time, and if asked for she will usually preform them for free. she is currently estranged from her girlfriend, Keqing.

    Rosaria: Barbara’s vocal coach. an oddly pale and tall woman who doesn’t really speak besides to offer some insult. a vampire. Barbara is really the only person to show her kindness, and thus Barbara is pretty much the only person she tolerates. is often seen in winter without a jacket, though she can occasionally be seen wearing a bright colored one that it’s clear she did not buy for herself, and instead was a gift from Barbara. she went to pick up Klee once, but she has refused since, usually with a quick “that child is more evil than I could ever hope to be.”

    Venti: currently the near top social influencer. is in a partnership with a company run by Zhongli. can usually be found hanging with his flatmate and best friend, Ren. no one quite knows his past, especially not his followers as he keeps his personal life very private. as far as anyone can tell, Venti is single, but he is in fact married to Zhongli, and has been for a very long while. these documents are labeled with the names “Barbatos” and “Morax” though, so no one has currently managed to trace that back to Venti and Zhongli, which is what Zhongli prefers as he doesn’t want his husband to ever be accused of “sleeping his way” to the sponsorship or something. Venti loves Zhongli with his whole heart and takes his worries very seriously, but he do so wish he could show off his smoking hot husband. Dvalin is Venti’s most notable ex, but ya’ boi has several because he used to have a huge fear of commitment.

    #just mondstadt right now because this file was real intimidating #and it’s more manageable if I break it up at least my mind can get through it easier #it was also taking me *days* to write all this out so just have the mondstadt gang first #now that *that’s* not on my mind anymore! let’s see if I can actually get some sleep! #genshin impact#modern au#traveler#amber#kaeya#lisa#jean#diluc#klee#eula#albedo#sucrose#noelle #I DIDN’T FORGET SHE EXISTED THIS TIMEEEE #barbara#diona#razor#bennett#fischl#mona#rosaria#venti#Creame brabbling #texty toasty posty post #text post
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  • xiaocchi
    04.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    # SFW + taking you out on a date for the first time + ft. zhongli diluc xiao [ neutral gender ]


    'we should go out someday' these were the words zhongli pronounced a few weeks ago when you were both sharing your mutual feelings for each other under the bright sunlight of august.

    days passed and you almost forgot about it until the doorbell rang, calling for you to come downstairs open to your future boyfriend.

    he was standing, pretty well dressed and even if he was denying all the way down the restaurant, you knew he took time to prepare himself, making efforts to be perfect for you even if you actually could not find him no defects anyway.

    the restaurant was pretty stylish, people well dressed surrounding you; mainly couples. and you felt at the right place with the right person for the night.

    'don’t worry i’ll take you home after we eat.' zhongli reassured you and his face softened when his hand met yours on the table. his touch was so warm and the thought of him kissing you after he walked you home melted your heart.

    zhongli let you decide what to eat first and ended up asking for the same thing.

    when the waiter left, he winked at you 'i’ll trust your taste for today dear'

    the food was so good and between two bites of your meal zhongli’s laugh was warming your heart. at this moment you felt loved and you could stay in here forever as long as there was zhongli with you.

    after the restaurant closed, you both got out and he started walking right next to you on the way to your home where he previously came. the walk felt like it was endless.

    the night was surrounding you. no one was out at this time, leaving the whole street free for the two of you. zhongli seized your hand on the way, his fingers softly caressing the palm of your hand.

    it suddenly got quiet, none of you dared saying a word; not even him, him who always had some story to tell. he was quietly holding your hand and looking away getting closer to your address.

    after you arrived at the door, zhongli looked at you softly and pressed his lips against your forehead, caressing your hair with a hand and your cheek with the other. he took a step back, wishing you a good night and he promised you you’d have plenty of nights similar as the one you just had together again.

    # DILUC

    you were used to hangout with diluc a lot since you were already pretty good friends and this for a long time now.

    you got used to him preparing your drinks for you, only looking at you despite all these people seeking for his attention. women and men were attracted to diluc and he could not even notice it, too busy having his eyes on you.

    a few days ago, at a party organized by one common friend of yours, you told him you liked him more than a friend and even if he did not answer as you wished he did, he still suggested you two could go on a date and when you asked for the address of the place you two would go, you didn’t expect it to be his bar where you spent your days for years.

    you sat behind the counter, arms crossed. diluc was the same as always; gentle yet cold. he was serving his customers and the only thing you were getting from him was the delicious scent of his perfume.

    'hey' he threw at you, a smile painted on his kissable lips and it was making you crazy once again. 'bar is closed guys, it’ll open again in an hour or two' he added a bit louder, talking to everyone in the room except you.

    after everyone left, diluc put on some music he knew you liked and took his jacket off. he took a few steps to ask for you to come dance with him. he did not speak a lot, not because he had nothing to say to you; he just enjoyed seeing you smile and hearing your laughter when you told him about your day.

    at the end of the two hours alone, people came back and it felt like the everyday again yet your heart was filled with love and diluc’s promise of taking you out on a real date somewhere else someday; confirming he shared your feelings.

    # XIAO

    it was your first date and you weren’t together yet. xiao insisted for you to choose what to do but you left him with the charge of deciding which was something new for him.

    he had to think of what you would like to do and since he didn’t know you for a long time it was a hard task so he ended up suggesting going to the cinema.

    you chose the movie and you were paying attention to it for the long first minutes.

    it was quiet, no one was making any comments and you quickly understood the movie was going to have a sad ending.

    xiao was so focused on the movie; and you didn’t want to disturb so you remained silent, looking at him several times discreetly enough for him not to notice that you were focusing on his pretty golden eyes rather than the emotional scenes playing on the huge screen.

    you seized his hand, intertwining your fingers with his, resting your head on his shoulder. in an instant xiao lost his concentration; he found it so hard not to look at the top of your head trying to find the best spot to rest.

    his lips formed a soft smile as he rested his head on yours, looking at the movie again and he thought he could stay in this rather uncomfortable position for a long time 'cause he never felt that close to you before and he secretly enjoyed it.

    a/n. zhongli’s was a bit longer than expected oop ^^

    general taglist open if you’re interested

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  • sephione
    04.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Lost in Teyvay: The Wind's

    Chapter Summary

    To which the secrets start to unfold.

    Fandom: 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game)]
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: Diluc (Genshin Impact)/Reader, Kong | Aether/Xiao (Genshin Impact), Chongyun & Xingqiu (Genshin Impact)
    Characters: Diluc (Genshin Impact), Venti (Genshin Impact), Kong | Aether (Genshin Impact), Kaeya (Genshin Impact), Noelle (Genshin Impact), Klee (Genshin Impact), Razor (Genshin Impact), Mona (Genshin Impact), Barbara (Genshin Impact), Lisa (Genshin Impact), Amber (Genshin Impact), Katheryne (Genshin Impact), Sucrose (Genshin Impact), Bennett (Genshin Impact), Xiao (Genshin Impact), Albedo (Genshin Impact), Madame Ping (Genshin Impact), Zhongli (Genshin Impact), Keqing (Genshin Impact), Basically Every character in Genshin Impact
    Additional Tags: because we want more Diluc content, for all Diluc simps, Isekai, long fic, Silver hair, eventual angst, fluff?, tw:blood, Blood and Injury, Slight mention of archon war, Slow Romance, Flashbacks
    Series: Part 1 of Lost in Teyvathttps://archiveofourown.org/works/27980634/chapters/81683695
    #genshin impact#genshin venti#diluc #diluc x fem!reader #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #venti#zhongli#aether#xiao
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  • clouds-rambles
    04.08.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Welcome to Clouds prompt game!

    I’m so happy to see you all here!

    There are a total of 20 prompts and once one has been requested they are gone for good!

    For each prompt please only suggest one character!

    These prompts will only be about 500 words because this is just a small game to get me back into the swing of things!

    ‘Clouds prompts’ is the hashtag for this event!!

    When requesting please keep to the following scheme (or similar):

    “the prompt” - the character - the au (if there’s one you’d like to use)

    This is so I pretty much have complete freedom with what’s to be written!

    I may include au’s in these prompts so if there is an au you’d like please also feel free to suggest that!

    This is an x reader blog so naturally this will be x reader!

    Also please feel free to suggest both the men and women of genshin! I love them all here! <33

    This prompt list will serve as the master list for this event! So feel free to check in on this list in the future!


    “Maybe I never actually loved you!”

    “Stop comparing me to them! I’m my own person!”

    “No please, don’t come any closer”

    “I’m sorry for crying like this…”

    “Can you.. can you please come over?”

    “Just please, don’t leave me”

    “What’s the point of ‘trying’ when I’m the only person trying to?”

    “I can’t believe you just left without saying goodbye…” -Childe

    “You’re bleeding” -Yae

    “Please, please don’t leave me” -Baal


    “Archons you are so pretty”

    “Hey! That tickles!”

    “Have you ever kissed anyone before?”

    “I never believed in soulmates before you”

    “Is that my… shirt?” -Diluc

    “I think.. I think I’m in love with you” -Dain

    “Did you just… smell me?” -Yae

    “Would it be too cliché if we matched clothes?”

    “Stop moving and let me braid your hair already” -Kazuha

    “I forgot how to breath for a second there…” -Kazuha

    #clouds prompts#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact angst #genshin impact fluff #venti x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x reader #childe x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #beidou x reader #la signora x reader #hu tao x reader #ganyu x reader #ayaka x reader #kazuha x reader #gorou x reader #kokomi x reader #baal x reader #sara x reader #idk is this enough tags?
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  • sephione
    04.08.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Lost in Teyvat

    "She was known for many things The Dendro Archon, The Creator of Floreaum, The Goddess of Life, The Mother of the Yakshas, The Daughter of the Rock and Lilies..."

    "The Wind's Beloved, Seire"

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  • azumira-404
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #genshin impact#genshin fluff #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact childe #genshin impact oc #diluc genshin impact #kaeya genshin impact #genshin impact kaeya #genshin impact fluff #genshin angst #genshin impact angst #kaeya fluff #kaeya x reader #kaeya x gn reader #kaeya alberich #kaeya x y/n #kaeya x you #kaeya x reader angst #kaeya x reader fluff
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  • jayeeintheclouds
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Older brother! Genshin characters catch you reading smut

    aiyo the stressful week will be over in 2 days i nearly fainted and barfed from the amount of homework i got but all is fine now and i have cleared 80% of all the assignments !!

    so while i continue to edit the 2nd part of empty thrones and heavy crowns have this little brainrot

    basically this was inspired when we were being taught sexual reproduction in class quite some time ago and this girl. who is sitting next to me. wheels her chair up to me and deadass says “smut?”

    yeah. we’re literally minors.

    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao, Albedo, Kazuha

    Notes: suggestive themes, older brother characters, about to be disowned younger sibling reader, crack headcanons, chaotic really


    he wouldn’t question.

    he’s a respectful older brother who respects your boundaries and space so would walk in on you reading smut by complete and absolute accident. rip his poor eyes phoenix man did not sign up to see this shit today.

    diluc would probably take a double take at what you’re reading (and regret it because you were currently reading the climax of the smut fic) but and will have 10 million questions on his mind. how did crepus raise you? how did he raise you???

    he’d probably just go “ok you do you have fun don’t go overboard” and leave you alone. but if he catches you reading this multiple times he’d actually get concerned and pry into your love life discreetly or send you to therapy. lol.

    he’d join you 💀💀💀 end of discussion

    ok but when kaeya catches you reading smut, he will wiggle his eyebrows and go “ohoho? what is my little sibling doing ??” like he’d be the cockiest shit EVER seeing you reading smut and knowing that this is potential blackmail material. once he sees you reading smut, it’s game over. your life is immediately ruined. you will never, ever, ever live it down and he will make sure of that.

    he’d ask you about the fic with the most smug and irritating look on his face and would probably read it too. just to make himself suffer. because he is a psychological masochist i don’t make the rules <3

    probably the only one here to admit that he reads smut on a religious basis too.

    he won’t think about it too deep but will be worried if you’re a minor.

    (help why is it so blurry)

    pls save his soul he’d die inside and be genuinely concerned.

    childe wants the best for siblings and wants them to grow up happy and healthy and have a good life. so he wouldn’t know how to react when he catches you reading smut, he’ll probably think where he went wrong IM SORRY

    he’d lowkey think that your ambition is to be a prostitute and is almost ready to support you. i’m so sorry again

    he’d take it lightly the first and second time and joke about it, saying “you’re lucky its me who walked in and not teucer or tonia or anthon”, but if you continue to do it, uhh

    he is starting to sense a pattern he might not like.

    confusion, absolute confusion first. zhongli knows the existence of smut fics and all but he doesn’t bother with them. why does he need to anyway? he had liyue and the adepti to take care of, and now that he’s just zhongli, a lively funeral parlor director who wants to bury a zombie to take care of.

    will deadass admit that smut is “an...interesting form of literature” if you hold him at gunpoint and ask him about his thoughts on smut. don’t do this please he’s shaking.

    like diluc, won’t question it and let you be. if you read it religiously, he’ll get a bit worried and will ask if you’re feeling alright and stuff (as a good older brother should smh), and if you’re a minor will softly advise you to stop because yeah.

    he won’t have any big opinions on it, but if you ask him to read smut with you, he won’t even if his osmanthus wine is held hostage

    in no particular order, goes:

    “you are a disgrace”, scrunches his nose in disgust, grabs your phone and yeets it over the railings of wangshu inn, slaps your head, refuses to acknowledge you as his younger sibling for at least a whole fucking month.

    he’d be downright disgusted at you. will say “i can’t believe this is what you do in your free time. you are such an embarrassment to the adepti” im sorry he won’t stand for this behaviour.

    OK OK BUT he’d get curious and take a peek at the smut you were reading. HE JUST WOULD. and then quickly switch off the phone with flushed cheeks trying to erase the scene he just read. poor, poor innocent baby. please don’t let him catch you read smut.

    this man will have the most hilarious reaction ever.

    albedo will go like “oh? what are you reading”, be genuinely curious, and even asking if you can send the smut fic to him.

    then he’ll over analyse and annotate the smut fic and go “hmm humans are very interesting characters indeed. why have they resorted to writing such explicit stuff? is it to satisfy their natural body desires? is it to share their experience? or just to entertain people? oh? what was the word again? horny, was it? how interesting.” PLEASE HE’D ACTUALLY BAHAHGAHAHGSA

    “is the proper scientific name for the word “pussy” not vagina? why have they decided to name the specific sex organ of the female human body after a young cat?” i think i will pass away from imagining this alone.

    you’ll even forget the embarrassment you initially felt when he catches you reading smut, because he starts to get addicted to it, reading it on a daily basis, and not even in a horny way. its all out of pure curiosity and unironic interest. save this man’s soul before he gets blackmailed by kaeya over reading smut everyday.

    another concerned brother #save kazuha he’s been through so much shit first his friend dying next being wanted by the raiden shogun now his pure eyes have just witnessed his younger sibling reading smut

    i like to imagine he’s a teasing older brother who will relentlessly tease and pick on you but still be the most caring person ever to exist. so he’ll tease you for reading smut, and if he sees you reading smut continuously he’ll get a bit anxious and unsure if something happened to you without his knowledge.

    he’ll get like super, super shy if you jokingly offer to send the fic to him. please don’t bully your brother he can’t stand this kind of stuff.

    another person who will leave you alone in your uh, dirty fantasies, unless you’re a minor then he’ll advise you to stop as well.

    might go “stop reading the... fic you’re reading, i’ll recite a haiku for you instead.” yes pls kazuha i’m all ears pls read me a haiku. smut is temporary but kazuha haiku is eternal. know your priorities, kids.

    a/n: can you tell i had the most fun writing albedo’s part.

    #genshin#genshin impact#diluc#kaeya#childe#zhongli#albedo#xiao#kazuha #older brother characters #younger sibling reader #suggestive#headcanons#genshin headcanons#crack headcanons #minors please dont read smut or i hope you get def artifacts everyday
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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #[ 🌧 — xingqiu speaks ] #[ 🌧 — kin assignments; ] #diluc kin#albedo kin#sara kin#sara yttd#diluc genshin#albedo genshin#genshin impact #your turn to die #kimi ga shine
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  • incorrectgenshin
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Diluc: Any one else in here a man of constant sorrow

    #genshin impact #incorrect genshin impact #incorrect genshin impact quotes #character: diluc#source: tumblr #user wallaceandgromit specifically
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    #please diluc let me lose the 50/50 to you #ROSIE <3 #boo.mutuals #boo.reciepts
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    #genshin kaeya#genshin impact #genshin x reader #childe x reader #genshin childe#genshin #genshin x gn reader #childe x gn!reader #gn reader#childe#genshin diluc #diluc x reader #genshin impact kaeya #kaeya x gn reader #albedo x gn reader #genshin xiao #genshin impact headcanons #genshin headcanons#genshin albedo #xiao x gn reader #xiao headcanons
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  • jessmii
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    We know how tiny are anemo boys, right? Well everytime I go shopping and I see those little cars to carry your kids I wish I was able to fit in, so I thought that Venti will definitely try to get in one and actually fit in. Then I thought in a Modern Setting AU in which Venti goes shopping with Diluc and he has to carry Venti while shopping because Venti didn't shut up about how funny it is. I also thought about the same AU but now Venti goes shopping with Xiao, Zhongli and Hu Tao (they are roommates) and Venti gets in one and he wants Xiao to get in one to because he knows he can fit, Venti unsurprisingly convinces Xiao to get in one, so they end up with Hu Tao carrying Venti super fast and Zhongli carrying Xiao with an unamused face while he shops

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  • koebi-creates
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    MY FIRST C1 5* LET’S GO 

    #genshinimpact#genshin impact#diluc #didn't plan on using him at first #but it seemed like a waste to just let him collect dust #my razor can take a break once he's fully leveled
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  • kaeya-kisser
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #not a request #foul legasy #my fav one is 'diluc heart is as full as his bladder' or smth idk what i wrote LOL
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  • kincalling
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #diluc ragnvindr kin #full names in calls please #genshin impact kin #critdos#canon calls
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  • lucult
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


    I am finally FREED from writing 58 report cards, so now I can finally work on my genshin fics 💖

    Current WIPs:

    ✮ “Whispers of Love in the Wind” - Kazuha Fluff [childhood friends to lovers]
    ✮ TITLE TBD - Part II of Childe angst (“Hiraeth”) - [enemies to lovers? Idk how to describe it, but we’re going with that for now]
    ✮ “I’ll marry whoever gives me a jar of stars” - 2 part fic with Diluc and Kaeya (separate) - [childhood friends, unrequited love, general angst 😍]
    ✮ TITLE TBD - Kazuha [soulmate au, reincarnation, some angst, archon quest Act II spoilers]

    Please let me know if you would like to be on the tag list for any of these works! ♡

    Also I’m looking for moots, so don’t be afraid to ask to be moots! 💖💖💖

    #LETS BE MOOTS BESTIES #genshin impact#blog update#WIPs#current wips #WIPs sneak peek #kazuha#childe#diluc#kaeya#genshin fanfic #IN THE PROCESS #looking for mutuals #genshin #Ela is WRITING #genshin writings
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  • thormanick
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I spoke of the Genshin card!verse so now I am bound to make it real

    Welcome Diluc Ragnvindr, the King of Hearts, a noble man with a power of raging fire and yet a very calm soul.

    One of the four card spirits summoned by Mona. He is responsible for predicting the fortune relevant to love, emotions and family. Has been strangely reserved and cool lately. Mona is sure it's somehow connected to Kaeya, but she lets those two figure things out on their own. After all, all she needs - good and stable predictions, and Diluc has never disappointed her in that regard.

    Artist's notes: I am so happy that my initial classification of those four went really well with the meanings behind the cards in tarot/cartomancy(?). From what I read the King of Hearts signifies honesty and spirituality and represents a kind-hearted and fair man, which I think suits Diluc really well (even if he acts rather reserved and kinda cold). In regard of his design, I tried to keep it close to his original one in the game, but made it more medieval-ish and even more closed and warm. Most of the time he also wears gloves, and takes off his coat only while preparing to make a prediction (because of the fire coursing through him those are the only moments he feels really warm). While making a prediction he literally starts glowing, and his hair turns into flames (normally it just sparks a little).

    Here, however, he's just playing with his magic a little, so only the tips of his fingers are warm and glowing. It's a rather rare opportunity to see him like that, because he prefers to keep his magic away from others. We are lucky indeed.

    #genshin impact #genshin impact art #genshin impact au #diluc ragnvindr #genshin impact cardverse #drawing #genshin impact diluc #sketch#art #look I had to #man the posiibilities for this au are limitless and include Mona fischl and scaramouche and I’m just #bursting with possible ideas to tell and discover #afinna explores teyvat #mona megistus #genshin impact mona #genshin impact kaeya #kaeya alberich
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  • a-bio-genesis
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    unsent, unsaid.
    cw: angst, post-relationship things? not much really! hc format, modern au (hehe).
    summary: when you stumble upon a website where people write the things they wish they said, you find three boxes of letters catered to you. (or, what you see in the unsent project when you guys break up.)
    incl: diluc, kaeya, albedo, zhongli, venti, kazuha, xiao, childe.

    when your friend suggested to check out the website, you were rather wary at first thinking it's another one of their pranks. after being assured that it's nothing more than harmless fun, you typed in the url and visited the site.

    scrolling down at the archive you saw numerous letters, each very short yet heartfelt. some filled with adoration and friendship, while others bittersweet and laced with regret.

    out of curiosity, you typed in your name. a mixture of giddiness and nervousness welling in your stomach, anxious as to what anonymous people you've potentially met have to say about you.

    once the page has loaded, you were met with only 3 letters each in separate boxes but each sharing one color that seemed to allude to him. shocked, you read each letter carefully.

    DILUC RAGNVINDR (dark red, signed D.R)

    wine has always been a bit more bearable when i shared it with you.

    i still remember how it tasted when you kissed my lips the night you said i love you first.

    but all i can do now is to make sure the drink named after you never goes out of the menu.

    KAEYA ALBERICH (pale blue, signed K.A)

    i'm about to finish the many documentaries we had saved in my netflix lists.

    i was also close to concluding the long playlist of our shared music, the same one you teased me for

    i wonder still if you listen to those songs without being reminded of me, darling.

    ALBEDO (tan, signed AB)

    klee misses your presence dearly, always looking out behind me to see if you're there.

    she asks why you weren't playing with her and if she did anything to make you upset.

    unfortunately, she isn't the only one looking back behind me hoping to see you there.

    ZHONGLI (brown, signed ZL)

    my memory has never failed me, yet the very same tea we used to drink doesn't taste the same.

    perhaps it was the way you made it, or i had took the measurements wrong or used different utensils.

    but if memory serves me correctly, you always prepared it with a smile i so loved.

    VENTI (light green, signed VN)

    the songs i've written lately sounds rather melancholy. sometimes, i wonder why.

    the wine i drink didn't change, the strings of my ukulele aren't old either, isn't it strange?

    but, i am reminded as to why it is so when i wake up from a hangover without you beside me.

    KAEDEHARA KAZUHA (red, signed K.K)

    i've always adored the place i live in, the rooftop, and the many flowers that bloom atop there.

    i would talk with you there for hours on end, both time and the wind passing by quickly.

    it's odd now that the wind doesn't cradle my face, and time seemed to slow up here.

    XIAO (dark green, signed X)

    same faces at school, same old games i still play and the same routine.

    but then i get striked by a feeling of loneliness, and my soul feels lost.

    my heart yearns for a home, a home that i had when your arms were around me.

    CHILDE (grey, signed C)

    my siblings always ask for you lately, and my parents as well.

    i haven't got the heart to tell them of what happened to us, and why you no longer drop by.

    maybe it's because you took it with you when we fell apart.

    little note: go easy on me i suck at angst okay!!! but i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did writing it :D

    #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact x reader #kazuha x reader #kazuha x you #xiao x reader #xiao x you #albedo x reader #albedo x you #diluc x reader #diluc x you #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #zhongli x reader #zhongli x you #venti x reader #venti x you #childe x reader #childe x you
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  • akiyamaasagi
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ꧁~𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝒷𝑒𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔 𝓉𝑜 𝓂𝑒 𝓃𝑜𝓌~꧂

    Hi~~~ this is my first story and I think it's a bit embarrassing n_n but if u have any suggestions, tell me and I'll make the most of it :D

    synopsis: He met you some time now and he felt something in his heart that no person or thing has ever impacted this feeling in his life. He realized that feeling is because of you and he is going to let you know it

    Includes: Kaeya, and DIluc (I'll write more in the future pinky promise >_<)

    Warning: complety sfw so don't u worry :) but a bit of Kaeya preference sry :d and a bit long (with a bit I refer to ridiculously long)


    Everyone knew something was wrong with him and still couldn't get a finger in it, even I knew about it. He would usually make a joke or tease anyone with that smirk of his and drinking one glass of wine after the other and laugh all night long. Now he will just stare at the sky with a serious face, he gets bland talking to me and looking at me confused while I'm just doing my work, but I never thought much about it.

    I left the meeting room and Kaeya was still looking through the window, Jean was about to leave when "Kaeya, something is clearly on your mind" he got surprised and just replied "Haha... don't worry Grand Master, I just had a bit of a rough night" Her face showed a really worried side of her "Kaeya, I know something is wrong when I see it, you can be honest with me" Kaeya let a worried sigh and whispered " It's Y/N... I don't think I can see her like I used to when we first met, she somehow just changed me and made me like this somehow. I'm just overthinking what would happen if I told her this..." he realises Jean did heard everything and blabbed " Oh.. ahem don't get yourself over it, it's all alright now" Jean knew things are serious when the all mighty Kaeya gets nervous over something, but still smiled and said "I think she would like to know the truth, and I won't be the one to let her know that" he could only answer back "hehe I'll maybe give it a shot, and if it doesn't work, at least I'll tried"

    I was eating a small meal with a cup of tea at the new cafe they opened in Mondstadt when I packed up my stuff and left, I saw Kaeya out the door and got surprised "Oh, good evening Kaeya, do you need something from me?" he broke a small sweat and replied "haha well there's no need to be formal Y/N but I do want to ask for a request to you if you can... not that you need to" I got surprised he got to his normal tone in speaking after those bland conversations we had this past week "Y/N, you have been overworking recently and a lot of people have told you to take a rest and avoid taking a small break, I am requesting you to take a moment to come with me at the bar and take a small time off at least"

    My mouth dropped by that request especially when I did took time off right now "Well... I did take some time off right now, and I was planning to buy some things for work so that doesn't count as-" Kaeya interrupted me with his old smirk "Ah- Ah, eating is not a break and work has nothing to do with it either, consider this a favor for me, will you, cute thing?" he really did return to his normal self, probably that week was just something from my imagination "Well... if you really want me to... then I guess I will" I blushed as he took my hand and walked with me "Perfect~ then let's get going" we went to the classic bar he always used to go" we drink glass after glass and night was already with us, most of the people left and drunkard was crawling outside. It was me, Kaeya and the bartender...

    "Why did you wanted me to come here, with you?" I could realize he was very lightly tipsy. his ears were red and his eyes were lightly closed "hehe can't I take you for one day without having you thinking about work?" I quickly looked at the clock and realized I have been here all evening, I could've finished a lot of work at that hour! "SHOOT I- I'm sorry I need to leave now!" I raced to grab my stuff and leave the tavern when Kaeya also left and grabbed me strongly by the wrist and hugged me at the back...

    "No... please stay... I want you for the rest of the night~" My face was beet red and I got a little confused, what did he mean for the rest of the night? "W-what do you mean. I'm sorry Kaeya but I really need to leave now" He hugged me even closer and rested his head on my shoulder and caressed my cheek with his warm hand " I needed to take it off my chest sooner or later. I know you have been questioning my attitude recently. You are the best thing that has happened in my life and the most beautiful girl I have met, I love you, and I always did and I wouldn't forgive myself to lose you, I want to be the strong one in your eyes and the one that protects you and the one you can love back...if you allow me"

    I calmed myself and realized I was the reason he was acting like this the whole time. I picked his face with my hand and whispered "I used to think the same about you, but I never told you..." his face was even redder and his eyes shined with the moonlight "Why that...?" I felt weird in his arms, but safe, warm, and cozy I was so calm I only answered "You are way too teasing to have that loving sid-" he interrupted pulling me for a kiss, his lips were soft and warm. He bit my bottom lip to put his tongue on mine... he showed me his soft romantic side to me and only to me... "haha~ is that a yes?" I got too shy to respond I only looked away and covered my mouth. "I only want to be with you now Kaeya~" he rests his head on my chest and hugged me tighter "Let me be yours and you'll be mine. So don't escape from me~"how would I...dummy~


    I did the favor to Lianne to deliver the package to her cousin on the other side of Mondstadt. I like helping people in need so I don't mind, although I am running low on food, and it was extremely late. I saw a figure running towards me in the least of chances, and a whole group of hillichurls began to attack me. My energy was getting lower and lower swinging my sword everywhere when an abyss mage cornered me. When I gave up on fighting, a soft arm was holding my waist, I was so weak I laid unconscious on his arms, I felt like I could trust him whoever he was...

    I felt that strong and warm body carrying me until I woke up on a mattress in a room I think I am familiar with... I saw Adelinde open the door with a bowl of hot water "Oh, Y/N you are awake now!" I cocked my head in confusion "What happened? Why am I here?" Adelinde soaked some bandages in the water and carefully wrapped them around my arm "Master Diluc said he found you unconscious on a hillichurl camp. He told me to take care of your wounds until he returns, he said he'd wish to take care of you personally but he found himself on some winery's problem..." My face was red knowing he saved and a bit shameful knowing he came all that way to save me when I could've done it on my own.

    Some minutes of rest later, Diluc showed up at the door, worried "Y/N! Are you okay? Do you need anything? He hugged me tightly worrying that my wounds would ache more "Diluc, don't worry I'm fine. Thank you...for saving me..." I blushed and looked away when he smiled and brushed some of my hair away from my face and said "There's no need to thank me...watching you hurt aches me terribly, I'm just glad you are safe now~" Adelinde saw at Diluc with a confused expression. Diluc told me that he still had unfinished work and commanded me to get more rest and left the room.

    "Uhmm, Y/N, you know what's wrong with him?" Adelinde came to me with a worried look and I could only say "What's wrong with him, something happened?" Adelinde looked around to make sure no one was around and whispered "He would get really angry and snap at everyone. Right now he would be serious but seeing him with a worried expression weirds me out" I would normally think he is grumpy sometimes, but snapping at everyone is not his thing. Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know the truth about it...

    Diluc would come from time to time and told me to get more rest, although I did take rest for the past 2 hours, I still think he is hiding something from everyone. I would tell "How have you been?", "You should also rest" and "I'm worried about you, you should give it a rest" yet he always replied with "I'm more worried about you, I'm okay, and I'm just glad you're safe" If he'd really snap at everyone, then I'm into this situation. I already healed myself, so I thought I would just leave. I tried to find DIluc but he wasn't anywhere to be seen, I thought I could just leave and thank him when I'd found him.

    I was about to leave the entrance when I heard a soft voice behind me "Y/N what are you doing?! It's raining outside, you'll catch a cold!" Diluc looked at me surprised and concerned, putting a hand at the door, I haven't noticed it was raining until I saw outside the window "Oh, Diluc, don't worry, I am already feeling better, and I was planning to go quickly back to the city-" he hugged me tightly, his strong arms embracing softly my arms and whispered "Please stay, I don't want any threat to approach you, you'll be safer here~" I got slightly frustrated and pushed him away and complained "¡Why are you so worried about me! I did saw how you snap at everyone and get frustrated all the time, I know it's because you overwork yourself and you are tired all the time and keep pushing through, so, please... stop worrying about me..."

    His expression was shocked hearing how I complained to him, some seconds of silence later he looked away and got mad, he shut his eyes and murmured "Why do you think its because I overwork...If I had told you sooner you wouldn't be concerned..." I just realized I was throwing a tantrum and looked down "Diluc... I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-" He hugged me again, tighter this time, his warm arms around my waist and his head above mine, he stroked my hair and said "All those feelings, all those actions... are because of you~ Because I was denying I loved you, and I was insecure... I don't know who told you about this but... I was stressed out because I wanted to take this out of my chest. I didn't even mind work... I love you and I don't want to deny it anymore, I'm sorry... I made you feel that way~"

    He stayed shut and suddenly pulled my cheek to meet my lips with his. He was gentle yet passionate, I knew that he felt a lot of pressure off his shoulders admitting the truth~ When I was running out of breath, he pulled out and rested his head on mine. After a minute of silence, I teared up, he said all that and made me look like a brat complaining at everything "Y/N, please don't cry! Ignore everything I said! But please don't cry...I'm sorry" my tears ended up as rivers when I only cried out "Why didn't you told me earlier, I did love you some time ago... but I got scared, and I hid it from everyone... I didn't want to let you know, and if everything you've done for me today makes me look back at those days... I do love you too, I want to be your lover!" I jumped to his arms and he holds me, embracing me and burying his face on my chest "Please do... I love you Y/N~"

    GAAAAHHH I love them I had to >u< if u have any suggestion or other series u want me to write abt let me know. okie I'll go to sleep bc it's literally 3:30 am rn k bye~

    #genshin impact #kaeya x reader #diluc x reader #genshin romance
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  • alberivh
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    devotion (ROYAL AU) — pt.1 : realization.

    Butler! Diluc X GN!Reader . Royal! childe (as supporting character), butler! Kaeya (supporting cast ; in pt2 story line)
    contains : heavy angst, comfort/hurt, isolation, arranged marriage, major character death, mentions of blood, injuries, execution, abusive relationship, abandonment, ‘consumption’, false accusation, blades
    summaries : arranged marriage has always been one of your family ruthless tradition. You were allowed to love them you couldn’t reach, yet the feeling of being abandoned once and for all by those who you truly treasured was more than numbness could ever describe. Diluc who’s your lover need to accept this tradition, yet he, himself need to get his life down for your future sake.
    A/N : thank you for 100 followers!! It has been a wild ride since i’ve just joined this community. Thank you very much and as a rewards, here’s a token of heavy angst for y’all. I have a really bad writing block right now, so this might took more than you think hehe. So once again, thank you very much! ( i actually hate this, tyvm)

    “Your majesty…please allow me to hold y—“

    “No. I simply do not have time for people pleaser, please let yourself be out from here..” , you cursed your future-husband out of from your bounties. It startled all of the maids and butlers in your room, it even make your somewhat-fiancé looked awful. You were pissed by him, by the structure of his eyelids, the heavy breathe from who-knows-where and many more part of him you don’t even want to recognize.

    There’s no reason to deny that you hate this, all of this, Known as the maiden of the family, you were nothing but their only pry. It pissed you, it really does. How come you are holding the throne at the age of 25? Aren’t you supposed to check your garden instead taking all of your well-behave throne and the awful arranged marriage your family has made? No? What an unlucky person you are, the butlers thought.

    “Diluc please guide master tartaglia to the upfront door, i have no intention to see him now. If you already had brought him downstairs, get back to my resident immediately.”

    “this is the main reason why everyone despis—“

    “Please leave Immediately. My master have no further interest to speak with you, master tartaglia.” Diluc shouted your internal response to the group of scums in front of your sight. He heard enough of this small talk your future-husband has been talking about. Diluc wasn’t jealous, he was simply too disturbed with your disgusted face everytime tartaglia walks around your residence. just how much pressured you had been under to make you act so ruthless in front of the man you’ll called husband in no time?

    he silently observing him down the hall. Not wanting to have a talk with a scum like him, he avoid any sights of his ‘particular’ interest. After all, in his eyes, tartaglia doesn’t deserve any part of you. He acts too normally, there diluc suspicion of your fiancé grown. There must be something behind his motive. Tartaglia have recognize diluc’s gaze for a while now. Though, he pretend none of those bothering suspicion triggered his rage. And so, he fired him up with a quick straightforward awareness. Or as the citizen say, A threat.

    “mr. Butler..stop loving my future partner or tomorrow you’ll have the consequences..got it? And do not touch them..i’ve warned you when you were alive, i like my future partner to be a virgin ins—“

    “master tartaglia i have no relationship with the majesty, how come you assume such a thing from a humble butler like me? I was just simply following orders, hope you could understand, master tartaglia.” , answering his rage. Tartaglia found his emotion drains wild. It look like those bothering emotions he hide finally show diluc their true intention to spoiled you. Diluc’s eyes met your fiancé terrifying visions, the murderous aura in it explains his true intention. Diluc could only plea inside, let my majesty be safe.

    “don’t you dare say anything to your master, mr butler. My partner has been mine all along, stay away from our relationship or tomorrow would be your last day…”

    “Though, i simply wouldn’t mind, ajax.” , he gurantees tartaglia’s eyes.

    The night came. the breeze flew through your open windows, leaving chills through your spine. it was an unsurprisingly beautiful night, you quoted. Diluc was preparing your bed, as you humm through the southed area of your room. The melodical sound of your humming have always soothes his grudge from afar. It was always been his favorite sound.

    “ your majesty, the bed has been done. You may rest peacefully now..so please excuse m—“

    “Diluc…stop making it seems like i’m the only one who loved you..just stay here, i missed you a lot..” , in a sudden your arm was attached to his body, his dirty and ordinary body. You embraced him so tightly, as if diluc were going to some place you wouldn’t want him to cross. You were scared of losing him. You don’t want any of this marriage, you don’t want tartaglia to even acknowledge your presence. You just want diluc to stay by your side, even if you both have considered how selfish it is.

    You clunge onto his chest, pressing gentle kiss on his cheeks. Not wanting him to leave nor to leave you behind. So desperate of you to feel this way.

    “you’ve been doing great darling,i’m proud of you..”

    “please stay like this for a while, i love you. So please, don’t go..don’t go..” , diluc watch your flattering smile turns into a small-sobs, it cracks him, he doesn’t want to let you go either. He was simply following your fiancé awareness, he doesn’t want anyone to harm you, even if it meant for you to see him in agony. Diluc Carries your figure into your bed in return, not wanting to bare any of his emotions. Feelings are fragile and so do he. giving soft and gentle kisses to your forehead as he wiped your tears, whispering a ‘goodnight’ before he left you again. If he was being honest, he wants to be more selfish, he wants to be with you, forever.

    “hmm..i’ll be waiting for you, goodnight my beloved..”

    “What’s with the inconvenience…?” The loud atmosphere greet you with chills. What time is it? You don’t even know. All you know is the sunrise have yet to grown out from the wave of the clouds. but why must all of your maids gather themself on your room, something important? But why must them gather at the edge of dusk..? Did your mother fucked up again? But actually, what happened?

    At the same time, you mumbled a form of question. Where’s diluc? You asked yourself.

    “Y-Your majesty! d-diluc have now been courted by the queen, i-i don’t know what happened but please stay put i shall help you! Yes! I-i—“ courted? In sudden, you dropped your glasses. The broken piece of the glasses shard scarred your leg. It was painful, but you didn’t care. The blood shed of your scars leave the carpet of your resident turn into a red motives of blood. What did diluc do to make himself courted by your own mother? All he did was to love me, mother. The maid beside you were in all panics, trying to brag your arm from leaving the room. Although you declined the embrace of it, you were still running in pain, it made the maids panics turn into vomits.

    Rushing through the open corridor of your resident in sweats and blood shed, You found diluc. His hands tied with a rope, a slight red bruises covered his face. He was Courted by your mother because of an unknown letter that has been sent to the queen herself, it was dumb for her to court an innocent person like him. Though, at last, you found yourself screaming his name. The pain which hold onto your consciousness leave your body in a second. diluc was aware of this, Everything. His hands wanted to touch you and lead you to rest. but he couldn’t, the execution would be in front of his eyes in no time.

    “you did harm my child don’t you? Look at those blood on their legs! How come a butler like you harmed my precious child..?! They are unconscious because of you filthy butler. Know your degree, h—“

    “you abuse them, your highness. You abuse them, ever since their father die, you abandoned them and break them to pieces. How come you only care about them dying when their time to hold the throne came? They were dying because of you, those consumption they witness are all because of you. And you dare to tell me what to do when all i did was just to love them?!” He quoted every single words you wish you could say to your mothers face. You wished you have the audacity to tell her the truth, yet your weak body refuse it’s urge to make diluc out of the execution lines. I’m sorry, i’m really sorry.

    silence fill the room. You were laying in pain, as you heard diluc’s defense and your mother’s lies. You realized once more, you were nothing to them. Just a pry for the throne. none of the guards have pitied you either, they are too focused on never-letting diluc’s eyes or hands meet your figure in this state of time. Those scarred glasses on your legs have made you lose too-many bloods, it scared diluc. After all, as a lover he is, he has devoted himself to protect you in all cost. let them be safe and take me away. It’s his last hope for you to stay awake for him.

    “no execution needed. I have no reason to pay attention to fools like you. so isolation it is. This is all because of you, my child is dying and you’re the one at fault. Noticed how they haven’t even called your name again? They died because your lack of responsibility.” , spitting her mucus in diluc’s knees. You could barely saw diluc chills which you usually saw in his eyes. He’s about to cry..you think.

    “Guards, please take my child away and let them rest in their bed. And so for this butler, put him in the isolation room, make sure to let him eat only once in a day, understood? Ah..don’t let my child see him, i don’t want them to see an abuser like him crawling out their life’s on my window.” , orders from your mother are none to first. They couldn’t be disobey and you understand them. You understand how ruthless it is, you understand it. But why must diluc? Why him? You saw the sight of him, blades are all over his neck. For what reason actually? To let him never see you again.

    carried by the guards to your room and diluc was gone from your vision. He is not wrong, your highness. So why must those who loved me left my side, mother? Why won’t these bruises you add to my flawless skin never leave me? Is it because i’m a procession of your own sin? It was a cursed to fall in love with those you could barely reach.


    this is shitty, really shitty in fact. Though, thank you very much for reading this. Part 2 will come soon, if i had some energy to write the readers mother personality without getting pissed off. But anyways, see y’all soon at part 2 <3
    #diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #diluc ragnvindr x reader #genshin impact diluc #genshin impact diluc ragnvindr #genshin impact #genshin impact headcannons #genshin impact childe #childe x reader #tartaglia x reader #genshin impact tartaglia #diluc x y/n #diluc ragnvindr x y/n #genshin impact fanfic #diluc angst#diluc comfort/hurt#childe angst#childe comfort/hurt
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