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  • fandomlikes
    25.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    It’s my feminist and bisexual duty to objectify the men in Genshin Impact.

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    25.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago



    Pls diluc one chance 🤲

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  • voncouver
    25.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Diluc at the Dawn Winery [Genshin Impact]

    Do not use or repost anywhere else without my permission.

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  • meili-sheep
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    C-an I just talk about how I don't think the Ragnvindrs are of aristocratic blood. And how I think people of the Lawrance clan and nobles, in general, might very so casually forget that because... they got the money... they got etiquette... So it's like good enough...

    And Diluc puts up a nice face, but 100% is like, "if this person makes 1 wrong move, I will be the first in line to end them," and he's like that with anyone who calls considers themself a noble.

    And I think it makes Childe shit his pants laughing cause nothing will make Diluc cringe more. Then someone unironically calls themselves "better" than everyone else. Childe knows this. He also knows Diluc has to put up a good front and watching Diluc calmly interact with these people, while having a murder boner, is super funny to him.

    #childe#diluc ragnvindr#diluc headcanons#genshin headcanons#chiluc #Look i finally got around to doing Eula's quest #and a) me le gay and b) diluc interacting with any of these people #is so fucking funny to me #and this might be me but i would 100% laugh on the side lines well my so died on the inside from cringe
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  • dreamrlu
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    got my diluc doll today everybody say goodnight diluc RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

    #diluc ragnvindr #diluc genshin impact #genshin impact #shut up lu #LOOK AT HIM LOOK
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  • wheel-n-axel
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    equivalent exchange


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  • mymoira
    24.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Surprising them with flowers

    Pairings: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x reader (seperate)
    Warning(s): hints of angst
    A/n: I just love the thought of giving someone flowers, it’s something so simple and cliche yet it holds so much meaning


    Diluc loves to spoil you, it was his way to show his love for you so you decided to reciprocate it by giving him flowers. You contemplated what type of flower you should give. He was a man of sentiment so you wanted them to hold some special meaning. You did some research and found the perfect flower, red camellias.

    “For me?” Diluc looked at the bouquet of red camellias, mouth agape. You smiled and nodded. He stood there paralysed, shifting glances between you and the flowers. Diluc was stunned, he had never received a bouquet before in his life. You never failed to shower him with affection. He started to feel the blood rush to his face. His silence made you worry, “Do you not like them?” 

    “No, no, no, darling it’s not that. I’m just surprised” he chuckled sheepishly. He rushed into your embrace, hiding his flustered face. “Thank you Y/n” 

    “You deserve it, my love”

    Once you were gone, Diluc smiled at the flowers. Red camellias, he could almost hear you say “You’re the flame in my heart”. But the truth was it was your flame that thawed the ice around his heart and your flame that kept him warm through hardships and struggles. He called Adelinde, “Can you place these in my office and please make sure they last as long as possible”. 

    Throughout his life he’s faced scarring tragedies, it makes him ecstatic to know he has you and your endearing surprises to keep him going.


    You were assembling the roses you had picked while waiting for Kaeya to return home. He was having a tough week and you decided to surprise him. The sound of the front door opening sent you into panic as you scrambled to put the finishing touches. 

    “My, my, what’s got you so flustered?” Kaeya chuckled while leaning on the doorframe. You shrieked and hid the flowers behind your back, praying the surprise wouldn’t get ruined. Kaeya smirked as he sauntered in your direction, and he leaned close to your face. “What are you hiding, sweetheart”. Your knees felt weak but you needed to escape this situation and to his surprise, you bolted out of the room to hide the flowers.

    Now Kaeya was confused, but he chased you. You tried to jump over the couch but luck wasn’t on your side, you tripped and landed face-first on it. He swiftly took advantage and pinned you down on the couch. His smirk grew wider and his eyes twinkled when he glanced at the bouquet, “I didn’t know you were head over heels for me”, if you weren't already flustered then now you were. 

    The two of you sat up, “I know you’re having a tough week and when I saw these I thought of you” you scooted closer to him and held them out. After taking them He looked at the bouquet with a smile that reached his eyes. It was a simple declaration of your love, it made a deeper love for you bloom in himself and a love that he vows to protect. “You’re so cute you know” 


    You and Childe were strolling together in the outskirts of Liyue, a way to escape from the burdens of your jobs. With the pleasant weather, serenity settled in your hearts finally giving you a moment to breathe. Childe being his outgoing self was rambling about the most random of things, he had a different idea of what peace meant which made you chuckle.

    While he was talking, you were sneakily picking some gladiolus you would find in your path, slowly building up a small bunch of the flowers. You then started to climb the hill where you and Childe would spend your dates and free time. It brought the both of you ease, you made many memories there. 

    You were surprised he still hadn’t noticed the flowers in your hand. It seemed he had his guard down to notice them, you were pleased to know that he had some time to forget about his responsibilities. You snapped out of your reverie when he asked “What’s that in your hand?”. How ironic

    “Oh these, These are for you. I was picking these while we were walking”

    He grinned at you, making grabby hands, before chasing after you to the top of the hill. The sound of your and Childe’s laughter echoed. By the time he caught up to you, you reached the top.  He picked you up and spun you around then he started to pepper your face with kisses. Your laugh was so pure, he wanted to hear it over again and again for the rest of his life. “Stop being so irresistible” he pinched your cheeks before kissing them again. 


    You decided you would surprise Zhongli at work since his workload was increasing throughout the week. Maybe it would relieve some of the burdens. When you arrived at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour with the bouquet, you were greeted by Hu Tao.  She was practically bouncing on her feet when she saw what you were holding. “Is that for Mr. Zhongli!?”, you nodded and smiled at her. She squealed in delight, gushing about how cute it was. 

    You excused yourself and headed to his office. Before entering you brushed up your clothes, took a deep breath and knocked on his office door. “Come in”. When you opened the door you were greeted by the sight of Zhongli surrounded by paperwork with his head in his hands. 

    He looked up and his gaze immediately softened and he felt his shoulders relax. “You always seem to show up when I need you the most, my dear” he chuckled before he walked towards you. “And what’s this?” he marvelled at the bouquet, his smile growing wider. “I wanted to surprise my husband, is there something wrong with that”

    “There’s nothing wrong with that,” he chuckled, then kissed your forehead. “Dear, would you like to join me for lunch” 

    “Of course, I would love to”

    He then noticed the flowers were forget-me-nots, the sight pierced his heart. He is reminded of your limited time together. Did you think he would forget you when you brought him a silent request to not forget you? But the bright smile on your face proved otherwise, but he vows to keep your memory glow brighter than any other


    You were sitting alone under a tree, with the shimmer of the moonlight illuminating the dark sky. You knew he didn't prefer crowded places so you decided to have a picnic under the night sky. The flowers were neatly tucked behind the basket. You inhaled in the cool air, closed your eyes and called his name "Xiao, my love" and your lover appeared in front of you, with a small frown on his face. 

    "I thought you were in danger" 

    "I won't call you only when I'm in danger" you smiled. 

    He settled next to you, his gaze was trained on the glittered sky. 

    "I made your favourite" 

    "Mmm? Thank you" 

    While you were setting the picnic, Xiao took it as an opportunity to admire you. He thought about how patient and caring you were towards him, and he felt something flourish in himself. There was no one in all of Teyvat that loved him as much as you did, and he pondered what he did to deserve you. 

    He snapped out of his reverie by your voice "Xiao can you close your eyes" 

    "Why?" he sounded hesitant 

    "Don't worry, I just got you something. It's a surprise for you" 

    "Okay, I trust you" his voice was suddenly soft and you giggled 

    Once he closed his eyes, you took his hands, held them together and kissed them, you Then slipped the bouquet into them. "You can open them now" 

    He looked down to see a bouquet of red tulips, and his heart swells, he couldn't tell why. "Xiao, this is my declaration of my love to you, I hope you like them" you then kissed his blushing cheek. 

    He may find it hard to express his love for you, but he's willing to learn for you and he hopes one day that he can reciprocate it properly. "Thank you, Y/n" 

    Thank you for reading :)

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin x y/n #genshin fluff #genshin x you #diluc x reader #diluc ragnivindr x reader #diluc x y/n #diluc ragnvindr #kaeya x reader #kaeya alberich x reader #kaeya x y/n #kaeya alberich #childe x reader #childe x y/n #tartagalia x reader #zhongli x reader #zhongli x you #zhongli x y/n #xiao x reader #xiao x y/n #xiao x you
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  • softnangstt
    24.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    sometimes i make modern art it’s not big deal /j

    #shitpost?? shitpost i guess 😟 #kaeya alberich#albedo#diluc ragnvindr#genshin impact #im a public menace
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  • rankeryuan
    24.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Diluc simp

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  • brabbitbox
    24.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    my boy 🔥

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  • findinyourkin
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #canon calls #diluc ragnvindr kin #genshin impact kin
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  • aidendh
    24.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Here are some traced sketches I did at night / out of bordem

    RAU! Diluc


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  • mifuyumiis
    24.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    context: fumi wants to serenade diluc with a lyre even though she doesn't know how to play one

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  • hahaimnotdeadyet
    24.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Thursday visitor

    Diluc X Gn!Reader
    W: Mention of alcohol

    Regulars are someone good businessman should always remember. So yeah, Diluc definitely remembers to ask Kaeya and Venty to pay before they drink all dandelion wine stocks. And he perfectly memories this very one bottle of a pomegranate wine he serves to the table on the far side of the wall. On the first floor, so you can always hear the bard's gnawing song.

    It started so suddenly, yet the begging was so common for red haired man. You - he never saw you before, just another traveller - came to his tavern, luckily this one evening he was in a good mood enough to be a barman himself. Took one bottle of wine and came to the table. It was a professional habit to observe all the time, so Diluc was left discouraged when he realized that this evening no one would join you. You left the bar almost at midnight, with the half of the bottle untouched.

    Somehow, he always gets used to new people at his tavern. Doesn't matter how strange they are sometimes.

    One new costumer who always appeared on the threshold of his tavern, just after sunset, every two weeks on Thursdays. One bottle of wine, untouched, only for you. As a good businessman himself, after a month and a half he prepared this bottle at the bar, so you will not have to wait for it. This surprise and gratitude that you were remembered that showed on your face the moment he gave you a bottle even before you took out the mora, was definitely worth it.

    You always took the same table, and somehow it became some kind of a routine for Diluc. Small piece of stability he learned how to appreciate. He learned that you like pomegranate because it reminds you your home. You need it in the breaks during your mind blowing missions. It's a pure accident, but he saw scars covering your arms and heard your little drunk complains about those people memories of those you preferred to keep left behind. And you wait for this one silly bard's song each evening, because it always touches your heart. Not like you'd like anyone to know abot that. Song is silly, lyrics are too sappy, so you even feel ashamed. Diluc smiles politely when you ask him do not tell anyone. He thinks it's cute. Too cute for - even regular - customer.

    He finds himself liking this silly routine even more and more.

    Although he is kinda shy around you when he sees you at the city the same days. He is a barmen for you, right? So no messing between work and "friendship".

    He mentally breaks when you don't come the next week. And two weeks after that. And even in a month he doesn't see you either. So each Thursday's midnight he spasmodically squeezes the bottle, with dark glass and even darker liquid. Takes it back to the cellar. And prepares in the ice bucket in a week. Maybe you left, maybe something happened during your traveling. There is no chance for him to find out. Or probably he is afraid to check it up and find out the truth.

    He walks around the city this quiet evening. No mood to be at the bar, today is too overwhelming already. And he sees you. You rest your elbows on the railing and just enjoy the silence of the evening. The very first thought?

    Relief? Yes.

    He is nothing more but a barmen for you. But he is happy you are safe and sound.

    Diluc dared to come closer to greet you, only to notice familiar bottle in your hands. Only a quarter left. You smile, but not the same as all those weeks before. A little more tired, a little more broken. Maybe he imagines, but a little too warmer towards him. You offer the bottle, but he doesn't take it. Neither asks how your mission went. He knows the answer.

    But he smiles. "Welcome back" Not his lips, his eyes. You are here, you are safe. His favourite Thursday visitor.

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  • adrianasunderworld
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Theres something really fucking funny about the fact that Diluc and Kaeya are still estranged, they haven't worked anything out, and often fight. But they still hang out together. (As seen in Ventis quest) Kaeya still regularly visits The Angels Share, you would think Diluc would ban Kaeya from the tavern, but nope. He probably still gets the family discount. If he even has to pay at all. I bet Crepus was all, "no sons of mine have to pay for drinks in my tavern." And Diluc just never bothered to stop.

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  • x-xingqiu
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Diluc Lockscreens/Wallpapers! ˃̵ᴗ˂̵

    owner of the dawn winery . ୨

    ㅤlike or reblog if u like it! / curta ou compartilhe se gostar!

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  • bumbleklee
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    best part

    masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | pregnancy series
    pairings: diluc x gn!reader
    warnings: NSFW (minors dni), very very very soft sex, not detailed at all, in luv vibes
    a/n: background music is best part by daniel caesar

    Your arms are thrown around Diluc’s neck and you can’t stop laughing at nothing. You’re drunk and you’re weightless and you’re with your lover. Your hands tangle in his hair and find the ribbon that ties it together, pulling it loose.

    You're sitting on the top of the bar and the lights are turned off. Your only source of lumination is the moonlight streaming through the windows and Diluc can only think about how beautiful you look when your eyes catch the glow.

    “Let’s go upstairs,” You slur, sliding out of Diluc’s arms and making your way towards the spiral staircase. You hold onto the railing and twist your body, grinning at Diluc. For once, he’s indulged himself in his own liquor and his head is spinning. You look ravishing and so enticing. His feet follow you before his mind and he reaches out a hand towards you only for you to vanish in thin air.

    When he hears your addicting laugh again, you’re leaning over the railing. Diluc races upstairs and you nearly shriek when his arms snake around your waist. He pulls you away from the railing and your chest is starting to hurt from laughter.

    You can see a blush creeping up Diluc’s neck and, for a second, you wonder if he’s okay. But when he pushes his lips against yours in a manner that was only kept private, you knew he was more than so. You wonder if Diluc can hear your heart beating against your chest. It’s echoing in your ears.

    “Focus on me,” Diluc says and you do. You focus on Diluc and nothing but Diluc. His lips are warm and taste like wine and grapes and you want more. You open your mouth and Diluc’s tongue touches yours. Despite being intimate with this man so many times, this feeling is new and invigorating. You’re moving, you realize, and there’s a door behind you now.

    He breaks the kiss reluctantly to reach around you and open the door. There’s a small room inside, with just a bed and a table. It’s the room where Diluc stays some nights when he’s too tired to tread across Mondstadt.

    “How many people do you bring up here?” You ask, your words laced with playfulness.

    “Funny,” Diluc says in response. You pull yourself into the room and the door closes behind you. You fall back onto the bed and your boyfriend climbs on top of you, his hands lingering on the feelings of your skin. Your body is warm and your hips are pliant. As he runs a hand through your tangled hair, it’s soft.

    Kissing consumes you again and you decide you never want it to end. Diluc’s rubbing into you, grinding between your thighs with a newfound confidence and your legs spasm with sparks of pleasure. Your body feels electric and you feel like you’re sinking into the mattress.

    His fingers begin to unbutton your shirt and you pull at his own at the same time. It’s a confusing task, especially in your state of drunkenness, so you both end up removing your own clothing. You’re breathing softly, hands falling down the chiseled chest that you so adore. You’re wearing no undergarments today and Diluc stares at your chest for a quick moment before his hand rests on your sternum. Like the rest of him, his hand is incredibly warm.

    Diluc leans down and nips at your neck, searching for the right place to sink his teeth into. Instead of gasping when he does, you let out another giggle. “What?” Diluc asks, sitting up in confusion.

    “It tickled,” You say.

    He rolls his eyes and looks down at your body. Your hair is messy but pushed away from your face and, again, the only light in the small room is from the moon. Your cheeks are flushed and there’s beads of sweat gathering on your forehead. “Do you want this?” He asked, brushing a finger down your jaw.

    “I do,” You say firmly. Diluc shifts on your hips and tries to button and pull down your pants but ends up failing miserably. “There’s not enough room.”

    “I can see that,” Diluc says. His own cheeks are glowing red, presumably from embarrassment, and you both crawl to either side of the bed to fully undress yourself.

    “You’re not being flirty enough,” You chide, throwing your pants at Diluc.

    “So sorry, Darling,” Diluc says sarcastically. When his own pants are discarded, you find yourself pushing your boyfriend down onto the bed. Your lips are back on his and desperation is rising to the ceiling. There’s no foreplay needed tonight, the heat in your mind is enough. You press your body upwards with your knees and line Diluc up with your entrance before bottoming out. The electric pressure of your lover inside of you is enough to make you need to gain your composure back.

    Diluc is awestruck. His mouth is open in the shape of an O and his eyes are already half-lidded. You move slowly and Diluc doesn’t push. Tonight isn’t a fury of passion like most nights are. Tonight is a need for compassion and love and you’re going to give it to him.

    And he loves it. He loves watching you take control and give him intimacy that only you can give him. Diluc loves watching you shudder and whimper and indulge him. And when you clench around him, a cry stuck in the back of your throat, and come, Diluc falls even more in love with you. You call his name, craving him, needing him, and Diluc rubs your thighs to let you know that he’s here.

    You slump forward after Diluc finishes. Your breathing is sharp yet tired and Diluc reaches up to wipe away the sweat from your forehead.

    A sound tumbles from the depths of your chest and Diluc shakes his head in disbelief, “Still laughing? What’s so funny?”

    “Nothing’s funny,” You say, grinning, “I just love you so much.”

    Diluc lowers his head to press a kiss to your forehead. “Me too,” He murmurs. He captures your lips again and the kiss feels different than before. It’s softer but somehow makes you feel closer. He catches the next laugh that bubbles up your throat, “Me too.”

    (dedicated to eri <3)

    #genshin x reader #diluc x reader #genshin diluc x reader #diluc #diluc ragnivindr x reader #diluc ragnvindr #genshin x gn reader #genshin writing#genshin hcs
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