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    27.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Random Resident Evil Village Headcannons


    Moreau is partially Deaf due to the cadou, and all the other lords learned sign language so they could talk to him

    The dimitrescu daughter's also know sign language, they were actually the first one's to try learning, Alcina found it so touching that she made everyone else learn it

    Moreau was so happy when he learned, especially because he can't were hearing aids because of the candou

    Donna made a little wall hanging for all the lords houses, that shows the alphabet in both ASL and LSR

    Karl pretends that it was incredibly annoying to learn, but when Alcina called him to get him to learn, he panicked and didn't know which type of sign language to learn.. so he learned them all

    During Mia's time with the four lords, she signs to moreau in ASL, which she learned while working for The Connections

    Ethan also knows ASL because of Mia, and had Moreau and him not been battleing to the death that one time, he would have signed instead

    Miranda didn't even bother trying to learn anyform of sign language

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  • justanothersimp21
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    *First episode of Daniela’s Cooking Show*

    Daniela: Today, I will show you guys how to make a delicious meal with just one ingredient.

    Daniela: What is the ingredient? Behold!

    *Overly dramatic music and hand gestures*

    Daniela: A phone!

    Daniela: In which you use to call your local food guy to bring you…well— to bring you food! So-

    *A muffled shout coming from right outside the door*

    Lady Dimitrescu: Daniela! I specifically told you not to touch my phone!

    *Camera zooms in on Daniela’s panicked face*

    Daniela: Well, it appears that I have to end my show early today, tune it next time!

    *Camera quickly cuts*

    #I was bored #daniela dimitrescu #how I imagine Daniela’s cooking show to be like #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #exhausted mother and chaotic daughter #cassandra and bela are the camera and lighting crew
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  • bloodredlips
    25.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    #lady alcina dimitrescu #dimitrescu daughters #re8 alcina dimitrescu #alcina dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader #bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu family#house dimitrescu#lady alcina#lady d#lady dimitrescu#resident evil #lady dimitrescu gay #re8 #resident evil 8 #alcina x maiden #anon
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    25.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    #asks #the dimitrescu daughters
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  • arlanorr
    25.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Daniela, designated little shit, happily reporting for snowball duty.

    #resident evil village #dimitrescu daughters#my art #the stand-alone image #cassandra's vocabulary may be comprised of curses and insults #but the true bully of the family is 100% daniela
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  • hallucineugenics
    25.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    // character tag dump :3

    ☾🌞︎ ; arachne ;; woven webs [ DONNA. ] ☾🌞︎ ; atë ;; viper tongue [ ANGIE. ] ☾🌞︎ ; hephaestus ;; seething manipulation [ HEISENBERG. ] ☾🌞︎ ; poseidon ;; gentlest soul [ MOREAU. ] ☾🌞︎ ; medusa ;; wicked rage [ DIMITRESCU. ] ☾🌞︎ ; gorgons ;; insectile hunger [ DAUGHTERS. ] ☾🌞︎ ; hera ;; poison mother [ MIRANDA. ] ☾🌞︎ ; hermes ;; all knowing guide [ DUKE. ] ☾🌞︎ ; hector ;; man martyred [ ETHAN. ] ☾🌞︎ ; persephone ;; stolen weapon [ MIA. ]  ☾🌞︎ ; pandora ;; unleashed potential [ ROSE. ] ☾🌞︎ ; heracles ;; immovable bulwark [ CHRIS. ]

    #☾🌞︎ ; arachne ;; woven webs [ DONNA. ] #☾🌞︎ ; atë ;; viper tongue [ ANGIE. ] #☾🌞︎ ; hephaestus ;; seething manipulation [ HEISENBERG. ] #☾🌞︎ ; poseidon ;; gentlest soul [ MOREAU. ] #☾🌞︎ ; hera ;; poison mother [ MIRANDA. ] #☾🌞︎ ; medusa ;; wicked rage [ DIMITRESCU. ] #☾🌞︎ ; persephone ;; stolen weapon [ MIA. ] #☾🌞︎ ; pandora ;; unleashed potential [ ROSE. ] #☾🌞︎ ; gorgons ;; insectile hunger [ DAUGHTERS. ] #☾🌞︎ ; heracles ;; immovable bulwark [ CHRIS. ] #☾🌞︎ ; hermes ;; all knowing guide [ DUKE. ] #☾🌞︎ ; hector ;; man martyred [ ETHAN. ]
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  • theferalvampire
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    CW: None Just short and sweet

    After an exciting game of tag, the two of you retire to the library. You settle down with a book in your lap. Daniela is humming and floating about the library, before stealing the book from you and tossing it to the other side.

    “Cuddle with me on the couch.” “Dani-” “Please?”

    You groan and get up, allowing Daniela to lead you to the couch. You two take a seat in utter quietness. Daniela sighs and murmurs something in Romanian. “What?” You query, attempting to understand what she said. She pulls up your legs and puts them over the sofa horizontally. She then collapses on top of you, her head resting on your chest.

    “This is what I mean by cuddle.”

    As she nuzzles closer to you, her voice softens. She raises an eyebrow at you before huffing. She nods off to sleep after a brief time of adjustment. You observe her pleasant slumber before falling asleep yourself.

    #re daniela dimitrescu #re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil 8 village #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu #daniela dimitrescu x reader #dimitrescu daughters #daniela x reader #daniela x maiden #daniela dimitrescu x maiden #daniela x oc
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    23.11.2021 - 4 days ago


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  • arlanorr
    23.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    One Warm Snowy Day

    Some wintertime fluff with the Dimitrescu sisters at a young age.

    I’m sad that this likely wouldn’t hold up in canon, so I’m giving them a bit more cold resistance to make this more feasible.

    3K words.


    With the nervous energy of a young, excitable puppy, Daniela’s leg had been bouncing up and down for the better part of fifteen minutes as she peered longingly out into the large, softly-falling snowflakes.

    By her side, Cassandra attempted to block out the incessant movement by burying her face in a book, unable to focus on a single line. But eventually, of course, she snapped. She tore the book from her face, whipped her head around, and barked, “What?”

    “It’s only, like, zero degrees,” Daniel launched straight into her train of thoughts. “We could be outside at least for a little while – if we keep packed up really warm.”

    “That’s a stupid idea. Even by your standards, that is incredibly brain dead.”

    “I want to feel snow again,” she whined. “You hate it too! I know you do.”

    “Yes,” she gritted out, “but what we are now can’t be helped.”

    “Don’t you want to feel it again? We could do it! It’s not that cold! It’s snowing outside! If we do it right we could manage it, and we might never get such a good chance again!”

    “We will have plenty of winters to torture ourselves.”

    “But, I want to be in the snow now!”

    “That is your prerogative. If you want to hurt yourself, be my guest. I’m not hauling your statue back in.”

    “Don’t be so fucking negative. You want this just as much as I do.”

    “I don’t want to be in pain and lose a finger like last time, or more, thank you very much.”

    Hurt flickered over Daniela’s face, and Cassandra felt a pang of guilt at bringing that up again.

    “It won’t be like last time,” Daniela recovered and continued like there hadn’t been any dip in her mood. “We’ll both go out willingly, we won’t go as far out, stay just by the castle, and we’ll have each other. There will be nothing to worry about. We’ll be dressed appropriately. Last time was like minus fourteen degrees.”

    “It wasn’t that cold, dipshit.”

    “It was colder than it is now. Come on! We’ll regret it if we don’t take this chance! We can’t let this pass us by!” Ten of Daniela’s claws dug into Cassandra’s forearm. “You miss the winter! I know you do! Just come out with me! Please!”

    “Will you stop being annoying then?”

    “Yes!” she beamed.

    That was a promise she knew Daniela would never be able to stick to. Cassandra still asked her this time and time again, and time and time again, she relented.

    “Fine, okay.”

    “Yes?” Daniela prodded eagerly.

    “Yes.” She put the book down and stood up, Daniela jumping off the couch after her and giddily glueing herself to her side as they made their way to their winter clothes that had never seen snow before.

    “I will go inside once my skin starts going solid,” Cassandra stated firmly as they walked. “Without you. You can get your ass back inside on your own or suffer the consequences of your stupidity out there until mother comes back.”

    “Okay. Or until the staff takes pity on me.”

    “Heh, they’ll all be glad to be rid of you.”

    Daniela smacked Cassandra over the head.

    “Hey!” Daniela protested. “Stop laughing!”

    Cassandra kept cackling, and Daniela kept pouting. Cassandra didn’t tease her with more jibes.

    They got dressed in warm clothing under thick winter mantles with clasps reaching down half of the way in front, scarves, and gloves. On the way to the door, Cassandra said, “If you do anything hinky, I will throw you into the lake.”

    “Okay,” Daniela piped cheerfully.

    “Good luck getting out from beneath the ice.”

    “You’ll get me out.”

    She shook her head, bewildered.

    “Why? How? I’d freeze just as much as soon as I touch the water.”

    “You’d find a way.”

    “Why would I want to get you out though if I was the one who had tossed you in in the first place and I’d finally be rid of you?”

    Frowning, Daniela swatted at her.

    “Don’t be mean. I just want to spend time with you.”

    Cassandra leaned her head against hers briefly with a fond smile as an answer.

    They opened the doors and squinted at the gust that blew into the castle.

    It was cold. To them, it was uncomfortably cold, but it wasn’t cold to the point of screaming in pain yet. The only exposed part of them were their eyes, and though they stung unpleasantly, it was still bearable. 

    They let the doors fall shut behind them, and all the light that was left to illuminate them came from the castle’s windows, soft and warm, fighting feebly against the cold darkness of the garden in the late evening. 

    Daniela laughed besides Cassandra, and yanked  at her sleeve, bouncing excitedly up and down. 

    “I told you! I told you it was possible!”

    “We’ve been out here for two seconds, and it’s cold. I can feel my eyelashes crystallising.”

    “Don’t be dramatic. It’s not that bad yet.”

    “It will be soon enough.”

    Daniela took tentative steps farther from the safety of the castle, and the snow creaked softly under her boots once she reached the edge of the uncovered stone tiles. 

    Cassandra followed after until they were both standing in the circular space at the front of the garden in the falling snow. 

    Buzzing filled their whole bodies to fight off the cold.

    Cassandra blinked up into the falling flakes and regretted it, but the sight of watching them dance down slowly was worth the sting of pain that them falling directly onto her exposed skin brought. She wiped the melting flakes off her face and turned around in a slow circle, looking at the snow covering the garden, the hedges, the flowerbeds, the trees, the maze, the statues, the spiked garden wall in the distance. Seeing it from this perspective as opposed to from a window was nice. It was a shame that she wouldn't be able to draw a deep breath without the scarf over her mouth to feel the cold in her lungs without likely starting to curl in pain when her thin lungs in her sub-normally circulated body would start crystallising almost immediately. 

    Daniela’s smile widened impossibly behind her scarf as she saw her sister not paying attention to her. 

    Cassandra had never stood a chance. Impulse control had never been a question. 

    Snow burst against the cowl over the back of Cassandra’s head. A grunt escaped her that turned into a short scream. Her shoulders scrunched up, and she turned around to face the cackling Daniela.

    “You little shit! That hurts, you dick!”

    Daniela only laughed harder at her insults.

    Cassandra tried shaking the snow off without having to go anywhere near it with her gloved hands, finally did it anyway, and then ducked to gather snow herself and pelted the quickly-pressed mass against Daniela’s chest. 

    Daniela yelped and brushed the remnants away hurriedly. She resumed laughing and scooped up more snow that cooled her gloves down unpleasantly. To avoid being a target, she didn't stay in place, moving sideways while forming the ball. Cassandra didn't wait for Daniela to throw hers before she picked up more snow of her own and ducked under Daniela’s snowball before one throwing back. 

    Soon, the air in the garden was filled with flying snow, the sisters ducking and weaving out of the way. Their reflexes and speed allowed them to hardly get hit, really. Specks of snow still soon covered their mantles. 

    The increased blood flow from moving around did help against the cold, however. 

    Daniela had made her way closer during her circling. Close enough, she lunged the rest of the way around her and climbed onto her sister’s back. Cassandra dropped all snow. 

    Cassandra grabbed behind herself and got hold of Daniela’s cowl, grasping her hair through it, and tried to pull her forward and off of her back. 

    Daniela held fast with her legs around her ribs and grasped at her, with one hand digging into Cassandra’s shoulder and the forearm pressing against her throat, and the other hand scratching at her face, a cold finger then hooking into the corner of her mouth and pulling sideways. 

    Cassandra’s complaints and insults were muffled by that. 

    The garden doors opened and bathed them in soft orange light.

    Silhouetted against the bright interior, Bela stood in the centre of the doors. 

    “What are you doing?” she yelled in alarm and walked out to them, letting the doors fall shut behind her. She had only put on a thick winter coat in her hurry and wasn’t wearing any gloves, her hands pressed into her armpits.

    Both of the younger sisters stilled and looked up, Daniela’s hand still pulling at Cassandra’s face and Cassandra frozen in the position of trying to throw her off her back.

    “Fun?” Daniela asked.

    “Are you both stupid? It’s freezing!”

    The younger sisters glanced at each other peripherally. Daniela tugged at the corner of Cassandra’s mouth to signal for her to let her down, and Cassandra ungently pulled her off of herself over her shoulder. Her hood dislodged on the way down, and before landing with her back in the snow, Daniela caught herself on her feet and righted herself, coming to stand shoulder to shoulder with Cassandra. 

    “We are just having fun. We were having a snowball fight.”

    Bela groaned. 

    “The snow is not for playing.”

    “Yes, it is,” Daniela protested. She scooped up snow and held it out. “Look! It almost doesn’t hurt with gloves!”

    “Daniela,” Bela warned, “put that down right now.”

    Daniela closed her fingers and took her hand down, pressing the snow together behind herself. 

    “You should play with us!”

    “No, you two are going to get back inside now.”

    “It would do you good! We never get to go into the snow anymore. Come on, you’ve missed it too! Don’t you want to play with us?”

    “Not in this cold.”

    “Come on, just a few minutes,” Daniela pleaded.

    “Don’t make me drag you inside.”

    “You’re jus’ grumpy because you haven't been having fun with us,” she grinned. 

    “I am not grumpy, and you two will come inside right now. You are going to get yourselves hurt.”

    Daniela lobbed the snowball at her, and only Bela’s quick reflexes had it bursting against the side of her cowl instead of her face.

    “Daniela!” she screamed.

    Rattling to the bone with laughter, Daniela doubled over, and had she been in the castle, she would likely have ended up on the floor, curling in schadenfreude, but the snow on the ground was too cold for that.

    Bela made to brush the snow that was too close to her face for comfort from herself and shifted to do that with her sleeve when she noticed her bare hands.

    Seeing the way Bela then eyed the snow around her, Cassandra tossed her her right glove.

    Taking the hint of Bela putting the glove on, Daniela went to preemptively put distance between them.

    Bela hurled a snowball after Daniela, and Daniela yelped when it hit her back between the shoulderblades and scattered in her hair.

    She scrunched up her shoulders and let some of the snow fall off before she turned around and picked up snow of her own and then walked backwards while forming it. Bela had already stooped for more snow and stalked after her retreating sister. 

    “So, now the snow is good enough to play in?” Daniela called. 

    “Oh, I’m not playing. I won’t stop until you’re an ice sculpture.”

    She tossed hard, and Daniela ducked narrowly. 

    Cassandra wrapped her scarf around Bela, covering the lower part of her face, and picked up snow to throw it after Daniela. 

    “That’s unfair, two against one!” Daniela complained, mock upset.

    “Nope,” Cassandra said. “You started this.”

    Daniela dodged another of Bela’s throws and retaliated. 

    “You’re just ganging up on me because I’m the youngest!”

    “No, we’re ganging up on you because you’re a little brat.”

    Dodging two snowballs at the same time was harder than one, and the effort had Daniela yelping and giggling. 

    “This is an unfair bias!”

    “Consequences to your actions, young lady,” Bela chided. 

    “Yes, mother. I’ll never learn my lesson, mother.” She dodged snow aimed at her face.

    Daniela shrieked in delight and alarm when another snowball whizzed past her face, narrowly missing. 

    For several minutes, snow went flying back and forth between them. Daniela remembered to put her hood back on, and she got hit more often than either of them despite her displaying her abnormal acrobatic skill to dodge them both. 

    From behind a low hedge, Daniela raised her hands up over her head after a while.

    “I call quits! I surrender. I haven’t been able to feel my ears for five minutes.”

    Bela dropped snow from her hand.

    “Why didn’t you say anything?”

    “I was having fun! We so rarely get to just have fun and be sisters, and we never get to enjoy winter anymore.”

    “Okay, we can have less dangerous fun sometime. For now, let’s get your ears warmed up.”

    She brushed and shook snow off herself and then opened an arm for Daniela to step into. Bela’s skin wasn’t exactly warm, but it was warmer than the air and so resting the side of Daniela’s head against Bela’s cheek felt nice.

    Bela winced at the cold contact and suppressed a curse, but let her sister stay where she was and rubbed her arm. 

    Cassandra came over to them and bit into Daniela’s left ear. Daniela’s hand immediately surged up to cover it when she felt her at the side of her head and turned to look at her, startled.

    “Wow, it’s actually solid,” Cassandra commented.

    “What did you do?” Daniela asked in alarm. “I can’t feel my ear. What did you do? Is it still intact?”

    “Yes, it’s still intact,” Cassandra laughed. “Now, come inside. You’re not the only one who’s starting to crystallise.”

    The elder sisters took Daniela in between them and pushed the doors back open. The warmth of the castle greeting them was more soothing than a hot blood bath on a normal day and elicited loud relieved sighs.

    Their faces were a mix of – to them – unnaturally bright red and unhealthy grey. Cracks pulled through their skin, but still they were all laughing.

    On their way to the nearest fireplace, they came across their mother, who looked at them in concern when she saw the state of them.

    “Girls – were you outside?”

    “We’re all okay, mother,” Bela assured with a soft smile. She couldn’t remember when she had last felt this relaxed. Laughing with her sisters really was a miracle cure.

    “We’ve had a snowball fight! We can be outside like this!” Daniela beamed.

    “Daniela insisted,” Cassandra said.

    Alcina’s concern faded into a soft smile. 

    “I’m glad to see you enjoying yourselves, but please be careful with that. I do not want to find you frozen outside.”

    “We will. I promise,” Daniela vowed.

    Their mother put an arm around them and walked by their side on the way to the fireplace. 

    They all gravitated to their mother’s warmth.

    By the fire, they pushed the nearest couch closer in front of it. They sat down at its foot, with their backs propped up against the couch’s seats and their feet stretched out towards the flames. Their mother draped a blanket over all of them, and the three huddled together for warmth and pulled the blanket up over their noses, Daniela wedged in between her sisters. 

    Alcina straightened and took a moment to watch her three daughters, captivated by the flames and resting silently against each other.

    Finally, she said, “I’ll tell the staff to get you some warm blood.”

    The statement was met with a synchronised “Yes, please!” and wide child-like eyes staring up at her that reminded her of the early days after their rebirth. 

    Once she was gone, they resumed cuddling into each other and watching the flames. 

    With Daniela’s attention captivated, Cassandra bit into her right ear, and Daniela’s hand came up to protect it. 

    “Hey, I felt that!” she exclaimed. 

    Laughter rumbled in Cassandra's chest. 

    “Just checking. I can finally eat sister meat again.”

    Daniela stuck out her tongue, and Cassandra took her head to trap it in her arms and against herself, snapping her teeth in the air by her other ear. Daniela giggled and pushed against her. Cassandra nuzzled her hair, and Daniela relaxed in her arms, snuggling closer. Bela draped herself over her comfortably with a content smile, seeking their warmth and eliminating all chances for Daniela to straighten up.

    A while later, Alcina returned with a staff member carrying a tray with three mugs filled with steaming blood, warmer than it was supposed to be, but at a pleasantly warm temperature to thaw the three sisters.

    The blood was welcomed, and the sisters melted into the bliss of holding the hot mugs and drinking the blood that immediately helped them regenerate the damage. 

    Alcina sat down on the couch behind them and brushed her fingers through their hair, alternating, asking them about their day and listening to them, mostly Daniela, ramble about the snowball fight. 

    Daniela had gotten everything she wanted.

    She had done what they had believed to be unfeasible and had gotten them all outside into the winter with minimal suffering. She had also gotten not just one, but both of her sisters to spend time with her, simultaneously no less. Perhaps most astonishingly, she had gotten Bela to laugh and be carefree. 

    She couldn't be happier, peacefully sitting between her sisters in their mother’s company, clutching her warm blood. 

    #resident evil village #dimitrescu daughters#fanfiction #I'm a winter child i have to let them be able to go out into the snow from time to time at least #hoorayhoorayit'swinter'sday #i've posted some weird stuff so here is some fluff #except maybe for cassandra #who can get prickly in winter #you can't take her seriously. she loves her sisters. and they both know it #writing them fluffy (and angsty) are my favourite modes of writing them #i have slept btw
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  • homoo-wan-kenobi
    23.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    alcina, you, and the girls go to the amusement park and y'all convince alcina to get on the big scary roller coaster because y'all don't want to go alone! someone write it!

    #lady dimitrescu x reader #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu's daughters #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil 8
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  • dead-finch-420
    23.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Resident Lover! 

    Genre: GL, Sim Dating

    Welcome to Mother Miranda's All Girls College, get comfy. You'll need the rest.

    You're a new student, a freshman who got in through a scholarship, which is as daunting a detail by itself but… What's this?!

    The women here are… too damn attractive!

    You've only just moved into the dorms with your roommates, Daniela and Angie, who are bombshells in their own right but…

    Now this is just unfair! This is too much, too much for your poor sapphic heart.

    Their moms too?! What god did you have to kill to get this lucky? This really isn't the college life you expected.

    Here you are, your gay ass armed with nothing but limited braincells and a dream, but with the presence of all these frustratingly hot women, just how are you gonna focus on college?!

    // DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A REAL GAME, I DREW THIS ON MY PHONE OVER THE COURSE OF 3 DAYS. I AM UNFORTUNATELY NOT TALENTED ENOUGH TO MAKE MY OWN GAME. If you want to make one however, please tell me lol. I'm dying for content. //

    #re8 #resident evil village #my art#resident evil #resident evil 8 #bela dimitrescu#resident lover#lady alcina#lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu's daughters #lady beneviento#donna beneviento#angie beneviento#otome romance#not really #its a parody #alcina dimitriscu x reader #bela dimitrescu x reader #cassandra dimitrescu x reader #daniela dimitrescu x reader #donna beneviento x reader #angie beneviento x reader #re8 modern au #modern au
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  • arlanorr
    23.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    I was told sisters are the best pillows.

    And also, I like drawing the dimi sisters doing things I’m not doing: sleeping.

    #dimitrescu daughters #resident evil village #my art #the neck pain bela is going to wake up with? scheduled to arrive at my house in a few hours #also the headcanon that cassandra is the warmest sister is slowly n steadily growing in my head #mostly because mutating raises body temperature #and she is just too friendly with the beast #my lil gangrel bby #cass: 'what do you mean that's monstrous' #alcina: 'that's the beast and one must be careful with with' #cass - pointing at the beast: 'fren shaped' #the beast - figuratively smiling with too many teeth and a voice that is barely recognisable as one: 'yes. fren shaped.' #the mycelium or miranda functioning as a beast is an idea i like more and more #vtm references
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  • dead-finch-420
    22.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    hehehehehhe teaser for a kinda big ass project, look forward to it >:DD heheheheheh

    #re8 #resident evil village #bela dimitrescu#my art#resident evil #resident evil 8 #cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu's daughters #👀👀can you guess what it is?? #kehehehe#house dimitrescu#modern au #re8 modern au
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  • meadow-melody
    22.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    The Dimitrescu daughters in my DBD au: Are we boring? Sure. Social skills? None. But we’re loyal if you feed us and we will never leave you because well, we need the food.

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  • dimitresca
    22.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    whatever you do dont think about the keaton henson song You, and particularly  “and if you must die, darling, die knowing your life was my life’s best part”  in the context of alcina’s feelings for her daughters rip 

    #dimitrescu daughters. #lady dimitrescu. #ooc. #:) this is fine
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  • shydragonrider
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Part of the Family - Part 2

    Notes: I don’t see Heisenberg as the Uncle of the Dimitrescu girls. A lot of people ship Bela and Donna, so I’m imagining the girls and Heisenberg don’t have a familial relationship.

    Warnings:  fly swarm mutation, swearing.

    Karl hated having to visit Castle Dimitrescu. Hated having to visit any of his fellow lords, to be honest.

    But Alcina was the worst.

    He grumbled as the doors swung open, half hoping that he wouldn’t have to go in.

    But that bitch Miranda had ordered him too.

    As soon as the doors swung closed behind him, he heard a familiar, irritating buzz.

    Which one of the spawn is it this time? He wondered grumpily.

    “Twice in one week. And here my sisters said that you hardly ever visit.” The voice said, even as the fly swarm merged into Alcina’s newest daughter, Y/N.

    “Perhaps you just missed me?” She giggled, twirling her sickle as if it was a child’s toy.

    “Keep dreaming, Succubus.” Karl huffed.

    Y/N did not seem bothered by his dismissal.

    “If you wait here, I’ll inform Mother that you’ve arrived. Though I’m sure she can probably already smell you.” She said, dissolving back into flies, and disappearing up the stairs, not bothering to wait for a response.

    Karl paced around for a while, until he heard Alcina’s booming voice.

    “Let’s make this brief, shall we, Heisenberg?”

    “Suits me.” Karl grumbled, as giggles erupted at the top of the stairs. Two distinct clouds of flies came rushing down, melding into Y/N and Daniela, respectively, as the two giggled, chasing each other around the hall.

    While Y/N was smaller than her siblings, she was still nearly as tall as Heisenberg.

    Alcina watched her daughters with eyes full of love. Karl cleared his throat, and she turned to scowl at him.


    As promised, the meeting was kept as brief as possible.

    As Alcina headed back upstairs, Karl turned to leave.

    “I’ll show you to the door.” The voice made him jump.

    Y/N was standing only a few feet away from him, her yellow eyes bright with amusement.

    “One might think you enjoyed my company.” Karl huffed.

    “Ha. Don’t flatter yourself.” She scoffed. “I simply want you gone as soon as possible. And I don’t trust you to find your own way out.”

    Karl shook his head, scowling as he followed Y/N into the main hall.

    “I trust you can make it out on your own?” She giggled.

    “Of course.” Karl snapped.

    She can’t be in the cold. He remembered suddenly. That’s why she won’t come near the door.

    Y/N said nothing. Just dissolved into her fly swarm, and disappeared.

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    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dani dimitrescu #dimitrescu daughters. #daniela dimitrescu. #bela dimitrescu. #cassandra dimitrescu. #alcina is like :((( I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO BABIES!!! #SWEET SWEET NIGHTMARE MAN EATING BABIES <3 #blood cw#murder cw#drugging cw#cannibalism cw
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  • arlanorr
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Kids Are Doing All Right

    (Did someone ask for mental health angst?? :))) No??)

    This has no plot. They’re just short frames of poor mental health states for the dimi sisters, brilliantly hiding all their pain, as one should, as one should.

    CW – Severe mental health issues, suicidal ideation, explicit self-harm


    As the world breaks, in our darkest moments, we stand alone.



    She could have screamed. She could have torn herself apart. She could have died.

    Urges, self-destructive, most of them irreversible, warred in her head.

    She hated it. No thought could be heard through the impossible noise.

    For the moment, mercifully, she was still caught on the precipice of letting her subconsciousness make a decision for her that her conscious mind would not be able to, all reason, all coherence, all conscious understanding drowned out by the raging storm.

    No step forward, no step back, sharpened canines caught in a snarl, lengthened claws twitching before her.

    The temporary stalemate threatened to break any second now, and the indecision tipped, unfortunately, to the wrong side.

    She really did try to keep her claws from herself. It would be worse if she didn’t. She would rend herself to pieces that would take almost as long to heal as her rebirth had taken.

    Her chest tore open, and blood ran down her frame. Her nails scraped against bone, dug in between her ribs, curled under her sternum, pulled, and she tried to stop. She couldn’t think straight. Scratching, scratching, deeper and deeper. If she dug too deep, she knew, it would take too long to heal. Wearing clothing that covered her wounds didn’t work with a family that could smell them.

    It was all just too much. The need to do things right, to do them well, to do everything, even if she already did too much, to not let her mother down, to not fail her expectations, the need to make her proud, to make time for her sisters, to keep her emotions from lashing out at them, to not upset them, to never hurt them, to not fall apart, never in front of them, not be a burden, never a burden. They had enough to deal with already. She had to be strong, right? Intact. Be steady. For her sisters’ sake. Couldn’t let them see her falter, not ever, not anymore. Little things, large things, inconveniences, trauma, they weren’t permitted to faze her. She had told them she was fine, so many times, made it so convincing. She couldn’t let them see now how she had lied.

    It was all just too much. She let things pile on, minute and gargantuous alike, let them fester in forlorn ignorance. They grew into something horrible underneath, in the dark. They grew and grew, gathered and gathered until they became all just too much. Insurmountable. She would break. Never in front of them. With rare exceptions these days when she broke all too soon, never in front of them anymore. She broke down alone, each time wondering if she had put herself back together quite right afterwards or if there were cracks remaining that would show, possibly never heal.

    Locked doors and silent screams.

    The smell of her blood would be all too revealing soon enough. That she couldn’t hide, but it was just one more thing she couldn’t control.



    For someone so tall, she sure could become very small, curled up with her head between her knees and her hands tearing at her hair.

    It was dark in the room, and there was no flame in the fireplace. In this moment, the uncomfortable cold hardly bothered her. Only the hardwood of the door pressed against her back gave her any stability, any reminder of objective reality.

    Ignored, brushed away, ridiculed, belittled, insulted.

    Her sisters could really push it far with their emotional nonchalance.


    That’s what she felt – hated.

    She was hardly aware of how much she was really crying. Her tears dropped straight down to the floor from her lashes, and her thoughts were so much louder than any noise she released into the dusty stillness of the room.

    Alone, all alone she was. There was no one who loved her. Her – all of her, her entire being, her personality – seen as a nuisance by those she loved, a burden, something to be smiled down upon, something to be embarrassed by, something to be brushed aside like ash from the hearth – worthless, waste at best.

    But, her family was all she had. They were all she cared for. If they were gone? If they hated her? Left her? Nothing remained. The world – her world – would be empty. 

    What then would be the point in lingering?

    There was no point to anything if she didn’t have her family. 

    In an empty world, there was no place for her.

    In an empty world, she would not linger.

    She would leave it behind.

    A flicker. A flicker only kept her from that – a quiet voice, one she had always known, the silent, pleasant voice at the heart of her mind that told her all those thoughts were false. It had kept her from doing the worst innumerable times, each time one time too many.

    Oh, how she hoped that flickering flame would never blow out.


    She thought that the door had likely narrowly avoided getting shattered into splinters as she had closed it behind her. She tore at her collar, tried to keep her strength in check. Her throat was too stuffy, her clothes too tight. They itched all over her far too warm skin. It wasn’t supposed to be this warm. Usually so welcome, this particular warmth was repulsive. It was the vanguard to her body relinquishing control in exchange for desperate survival, and it was in its entirety unpleasant. Blood ran from her scar and into her mouth, and she could taste the uneasy fungus on her tongue, reading her body to defend against the imminent threat. A threat that wasn’t there.

    All that urged her body to think that it was at risk was rage, rage directed at no one but herself. All those emotions that she should have had, they weren’t there. She felt hollowed out to the core. Broken – that was what she was.

    She was supposed to love her sisters, her mother, and her lover. Right? She was supposed to be interested in them, to care if her actions hurt them, to make time for them.

    She felt nothing for them. She felt nothing for anything.

    Everything was just something.

    They were just things. Things like any other. There was no difference between the walls that held the castle upright and those who walked within its halls. They were all the same.

    The thought of hurting Daniela crossed her mind, just to test if her feelings were true. Would she really not care if she saw her in pain? Inflicted by her no less. How far could she push? Could she kill her? Would she? Would she care if she did?

    The answer was pure thought, no emotion – of course she would care. And she would never forgive herself. Not even for the slightest amount of pain she caused.

    But, she could scream at the thought.

    If she would care, then why didn’t she feel anything.

    The only thing reigning in her screams was the thought that they would attract attention. Being found would be the worst thing now. What if she really did lose control? What if she really did hurt any one of her family? What if things escalated because she wasn’t in control? When all they were trying to do was to be there for her.


    Sometimes, familiar fears are the worst fears.

    #resident evil village #dimitrescu daughters#fanfiction #content warnings always give me whiplash #because i don't realise what i've just put down until i write those #Cassandra is Mae Borowski äktschulii
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    i just pray to the lovely gods above that none of my family or friends ever discover my account

    because a bitch will fr bust a tit for a dimitrescu chick
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    The way people act like the scene where Lady Dimitrescu sucks Ethans blood isn't like. Common textbook sexy vampire babe 101 stuff

    #her daughters are even worse #like the whole 'oooh man flesh' thing is...normal! Average! #the whole 'the female villain is sexy and sexual' is average! #like sure they didn't think she was going to explode in popularity across the internet like she did #but they 'knew what they were doing' when writing Dimitrescu and her daughters because...it's all fairly standard stuff #I mean I'm not saying it's wrong to like her or anything but
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