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    #lilith replies#lilith rambles#anon ask #resident evil village #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #this is just crack #crack and fluff #dimitrescu family #hitting us with them family feels
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    23.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Bela: Come out with your hands up!

    (Y/n): *put hands up* I am gay for your Mother

    Cassandra: *choking on blood*

    Daniela: I beg You Pardon?

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    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tumblr wants to add paywalls as if over half their users don’t idolize thieves and villians

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    Deja vu, am I right @i-cant-sing?

    Don’t you hate it when you see yourself that was from another world?

    #would they be friends? #who knows? #only Snow would #re8 #yandere todoroki family #yandere shoto todoroki #alcina dimitrescu#re: trp
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    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    it was on top of the poll for a sec, and it was already halfway done (started a few days ago), so i decided to finish it first lol

    as a regular "monster" drinker, the idea of a 1L energy drink existing is deeply disturbing and concerning (as it is to karl's family)

    #IT WAS FUNNIER IN MY HEAD BUT I CAN'T CONVEY ACTION WELL #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #karl heisenberg#salvatore moreau#donna beneviento#angie beneviento#alcina dimitrescu#shitpost#doodle#my art #karl is the stupid little brother with no self preserverance instinct that the family has to constantly stop from doing stupid shit
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    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    Pairing: Karl Heisenberg x daughter!Reader

    Word Count: ~3200

    Summary: The term ‘family’ isn’t all that bad, as long as it is his one’s talking about.

    I could do that, Karl thinks, crossing his arms over his chest in the stead of scoffing as he watches Miranda commend Alcina over the new test subjects her daughters have lured into her feathery clutches. I could do better, he corrects, jealousy posing as reason, when he watches Alcina practically preen under the praise- her ego growing along with her smirk. (Why does Alcina get to have the three pests anyway? He would be so much better suited for that task- wouldn’t drive sticks up their asses and force uptight etiquette and misguided haughtiness upon them for sure.)

    It’s a half thought-out complaint, but he brings it up with Miranda regardless, because “Alcina gets to have her fly fuckers” so who is to say he can’t have a runt of his own too? (Miranda, apparently. She waves him off without as much as a second glance his way and Karl, anger and pride and all, is unbelievably grateful that Alcina has not been around to witness this particular interaction.)

    Months pass and the thought has all but become a distant memory when he finds you at the gates to his factory, curled up against the thick iron gates and shivering. Maybe he’ll nudge you with his foot to get your attention and maybe he’ll take pity after hearing your pathetic yelp at the contact. Either way, he needs you out of the way to open the gate so, do move.

    “Get up, you're getting snot all over my ground." (If he happens to leave the door open and you happen to follow, well, that is just a coincidence and not him inviting you in.)

    Throwing food your way and whistling you over towards the bathroom is easy enough. It’s dressing you that proves to be a problem. Lycans don’t have to wear clothes- most don’t- and the few scraps of fabric that cling to the remaining flee-ridden failures can hardly be labelled as clothing. (He’ll drag you to his bedroom- a workshop with a bed in the corner- and make you settle on the mattress as he throws open his closet and tries to find something usable. All the shirts- that he smells first and throws at you after- are too big, but you accept them regardless, thanking his back as he disappears as fast as he’s appeared.)

    It takes him less than a minute to determine that you look ridiculous in his clothes and a week after that initial conclusion to decide that yes, it is indeed more troublesome to watch you struggle with securing your outfits with belts, than calling the psycho doll bitch for a favour.

    “New project,” Karl mutters into the phone, giving Angie your measurements. The new clothes reach the factory not even two weeks later- comfortable fits replacing loose shirts that were more stains and holes than real material in the first place. (If Donna sends a few dolls along with the new wardrobe, then Karl only lets you keep them after decking them out in metal. If you were to ask, he’d say it’s because he doesn’t want the Lycans to chew on them and not because he doesn’t want the young Beneviento to think that he is stupid enough to let her spy on him.)

    Providing for you becomes easier with time. Your material needs are met with barely any effort on his part- clothes and food are always at the ready, along with Lycans to play target practice on, should you ever get bored- and soon enough you find your room flooded with trinkets and metal contraptions that you think were supposed to be toys. (Some are rusted over, but it is undeniably heart-warming regardless.)

    His is a lonely existence, you find. One where ownership is equated to love and genuine companionship is considered a pipe-dream. You wouldn’t dare say it out loud, but Karl Heisenberg- for all his obvious distaste for Alcina Dimitrescu- is the exact same as her. Because those are his glasses and this is his cup and his ground and his factory- just as it is her castle and her daughters and her stupidly large hat. Both will fight tooth and nail to keep it all, because there aren’t that many things that they can say that about- not many at all that they can claim- in a world where Mother Miranda plays god and owns people and objects like it’s her birth-right- often times forgetting to differentiate between the two.

    The first sign pointing towards him having grown fond of you, is him letting you share and make a home of his space. It’s your jacket hanging on the coatrack next to his and two matching hairbands on his wrist, instead of just one. It’s a cleaned-out room with a new bed in the quieter section of the factory and a second set of tools strewn around for him to stumble over and cuss at. It’s his factory- cramped and hot- hosting yet another living creature, only that this time Karl doesn’t actively hate the addition and the simultaneous loss of space.

    It’s emotions that he struggles with the most. Looking at you- a brat- in his factory- on the daily is odd enough as it is and it’ll be a cold day in hell when he wakes up not questioning his impulsive decision to take you in, but it’s even weirder to find that he now actively has to monitor his own actions and reactions. (Because you, Heisenberg decides, do not deserve to end up as screwed up as him and his siblings.)

    He doesn’t quite know how to go about it- how to show affection and make sure you turn out to be everything he is not- but he figures he can start by teaching you something he does well, making you tools and introducing you to some of his machines- showing you how to fix them.

    Quality time with the Heisenberg patriarch- more often than not- ends with you learning something new, and soon enough you are more intimately familiar with the inner workings of his inventions than you are with your own name. (He doesn’t want to show you his more gruesome projects, but he also knows that sooner than later you'll see them regardless of what he wants. It's bound to happen, so he chooses to deal with it on his own terms.)

    It’s as ridiculous as it is intriguing to see his hammer up close. Questions of why he insists on using it when guns are a thing aside, you would be lying if you said you hadn’t tried to lift it before. (It’s impossible- truly- the metal is far too dense and heavy for anyone to heft without having any sort of powers. But it doesn’t mean Karl can’t make you a matching one- lighter but no less sturdy- and offer it to you with a pleased smirk.)

    While not necessarily obvious at first, with time, it does become apparent that lord Heisenberg cares deeply about you. Metal is placed into everything he gifts you and you will be hard-pressed to find a moment in time where there isn’t at least one Lycan lingering in your general vicinity. He tries hard not to come off as overbearing, but he’d truly hate for something to happen to you- for one of the other lords or worse, Miranda, to find you. (They will, eventually, and as luck would have it, it is Miranda that stumbles upon you first. You keep silent while Heisenberg argues to keep you, vaguely ashamed to realize that you do not actually know the woman’s name, but also fairly certain that it is not “feathery fuck” as Karl would have you believe, with how often he refers to her as such.)

    The factory isn’t a safe place at the best of times, but Heisenberg does try to ensure that it at least becomes less of a hate-crime against OHSA when it becomes apparent that you’ll stay a permanent addition to his life. Rubble is cleared in places you frequent and shoved into places you don't. Rusty objects are kept out of your reach and overly hot rooms away from the few responsibilities you have. Smoking in your presence becomes a rarity and Lycans are to keep their distance, unless told otherwise, least they want to be skinned alive.

    It takes time to notice, but once you do, it becomes entirely impossible to ignore that there are cameras, speakers and monitors absolutely everywhere. Yes, Karl knows you’ve stolen his glasses. Yes, Karl does want them back. And no, he is not above kicking down your door.

    When not violating your right to bear stolen goods, the lord uses the speakers to make stupid jokes or mock your latest failures. “Where do you think you're going, junges Fräulein? I have at least three more funny jokes to make!”

    Head and shoulder pats replace congratulatory words whenever you succeed in something, later transforming into wolfish grins, thumbs-up and rough claps to your back when he doesn’t feel like vocalizing that you did good and he is proud. (When feeling especially affectionate, Karl has been known to call you loving nicknames like brat and little asshole. You call him dad in retaliation once and Heisenberg short-circuits for a solid minute.)

    Lycans learn to respect you with time. Heisenberg’s smell is all over you and confidence is worn boldly in the factory, so it’s difficult and dangerous not to listen and obey when told to “sit” or “roll over”. And if a mocking “good boy” is offered right after? Well, then who are they to stop themselves from feeling just a little bit of pride?

    Not many know, but there are, in fact, six love languages. The sixth one- sarcasm- is predominately used in the Heisenberg household.

    “Yes, child, I would like nothing more than for my invention to blow up in my face. So, yes, please do insert that metal cable into that red slot that I jokingly labelled ‘dangerous’.”

    You get a matching pair of glasses on your birthday “so you don’t fucking steal mine” and Karl pretends to not be happy when he sees you put them on for the very first time right after. Soon enough, it will become as much of a trademark of yours as it is his. (Heisenbergs, people will say in hushed whispers, always hide their eyes.)

    He considers you ‘his’ the moment he takes you in. Sentimental value only gets added with time. If someone were to ask, he’d say you’re a Heisenberg, but refuses to bring it up with you- wanting you to be the first one to bring it up. He’d hate for you to feel obligated to accept- wouldn’t dream of forcing you- never. The memory of what it was like to join Miranda's glorified freak show is still too fresh a wound for him to even consider it.

    The lord’s eyes shine in the dark, an eerie, but warm, gold. The few villagers that dare to wonder, speculate that yours do too, and that this is the reason why you wear your shaded glasses. They are wrong, and only the unluckiest of people will ever find out that the cruellest and most vicious of the Heisenbergs’ isn’t the patriarch himself, but his daughter. And that she hides not molten gold, but the most human of eyes, behind her pair of tinted glasses.

    Miranda, though considering herself to be a fairly patient person, cannot stand the mere sight of you for months. You’re too much like Karl and Karl, either wilfully unaware of or perfectly content with being a prick, is among the few people in the village who can drive her up the wall in less than an hour. Therefore, it seems perfectly logical to want to get rid of you- two Heisenbergs are one-and-a-half Heisenberg too many after all. Still, standing in front of you- staring into your defiant eyes behind the pair of shaded glasses- Miranda pauses, hesitates, before ultimately leaving entirely. You, she finds, are an interesting one.

    Her curiosity, while no longer dangerous, is still unnerving. She invites you over and drops by the factory more often too, sometimes interacting with you, other times just watching. You are headstrong and smart, quick with both your hands and wit- a true Heisenberg in everything but blood- and Miranda, for a single, horrifying second, dares to think that Eva would have loved you. (Miranda knows that a small part of hers already does. After all, you have so many of the qualities she wishes Eva would have grown up to have.)

    It’s the young Beneviento whom you meet next. Angie catches you in your own workshop, while Donna is picking up new needles and tools from the lord, and recognizes their clothes immediately- all hollers and shrill laughter- as she races off to find the veiled lady. As awkward as the first meeting is, you do come to enjoy the pair’s presence eventually. The doll is fun to be around and Donna, though mute for the most part, has taken to teaching you how to mend your clothes and offered to make you new ones.

    In turn, you help her around her estate, happily fixing anything that she is incapable of handling by herself or helping her around the garden. (It’s nice, Donna will think and Angie will vocalize far less tactfully, to no longer be alone.)

    Alcina, while originally amused by the idea of Heisenberg, of all people, having his own child, is no longer laughing. Because you are standing in her castle, and Mother Miranda has told her to show you the flickering lights in the cellar, instead of ordering someone from the village to have a look.

    "You smell just like Heisenberg." Oil, metal, cigars and smug confidence.

    "Thank you?"

    "It was not a compliment."

    Sending her daughters to keep watch over you, while you tinker with the electrical cables in the cellar, does turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes of Alcina’s long life. Because they find you “fun” to be around and getting them to shut up about you- much less to stop demanding that you come around again- does prove impossible. (“Fine,” she agrees, and it sounds like it pains her to say it. Knowing her, it just might.)

    The longer you hang around, the more Alcina reminds herself that Heisenberg is, in fact, an incompetent child who cannot even properly care for himself. Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that you are poorly cared for too. Is he feeding you accordingly? Are your nutritional needs met or are you living off cigar smoke and second-hand embarrassment from being associated with that flee-ridden man-thing? Have you gotten your tetanus shots yet? Felt the need to gauge your eyes out to spare yourself the pain of having to see him every day? Do you have your own room? A bed? Warm clothes? No matter, Alcina will pack you some of her daughters’ outfits just in case, the warm and comfortable ones of course. (She does not care. Not at all. This, she convinces herself, is just another area she excels in, and Heisenberg has no idea of. As such, it is her duty to make sure you do not die.)

    When you return from your stay at the castle, Karl notices the attire first. "Don't tell me this bitch has tried to make you into another one of her little flying fucks? Jesus, kid, warn me the moment you feel the need to start chopping dicks off.”

    While the thought does take some getting used to at first, the lord does grow a special liking to using her daughters’ obvious fancy for you as a means to annoy Alcina. It’s clear that the lady expected a dog when she heard of a Heisenberg heiress, so seeing her struggle to maintain her composure as he mocks her is more than just gratifying. (And while it pains her to admit it, Alcina would be a terrible liar if she claimed not to see just what it is that has her daughters so stupidly- and hopefully only momentarily- taken. Because you are a Heisenberg and those- when not called Karl- have an undeniable roguish charm to them. And with that familial confidence- well- Alcina can certainly understand the appeal. Still, Alcina would much prefer they reconsider, because she would most definitely rather hang herself than become in-laws with Karl Heisenberg.)

    You trace the scars on his arms when bored or anxious. It’s weirdly touching, and even though Karl would never admit to it, he does develop the habit of rolling up his sleeves whenever he notices you in a particular mood. If the situation allows it and you want to hear them, he’ll tell you the stories behind some of them. Most he recalls fondly- fun nights out or exciting projects gone wrong- but there are some that draw his face into harsher lines and leave him silent. Still, he never bothers hiding them- normalizes their existence even- because you’re bound to get some too with time and he’d hate to have set a shit example.

    When the time comes for your first experiment to blow up in your face or for a fight to turn ugly, Karl will treat your wounds first and touch them later- less tracing than annoying poking, but still more than gentle enough to convey the loving intent behind it. (He doesn’t need to vocalize it, to show you he’s proud. Proud to know you’ve bested whatever tried to fuck you over. Proud that you aren’t going to let a few scratches and bumps keep you down.)

    Moreau’s company is surprisingly pleasant, much to Karl’s endless dismay. You’ve stumbled upon the lord after another one of Miranda’s ‘bonding trips’ has taken you outside of the factory, and have taken to visiting him since. The copious bundles of cheese that are now in his kitchen aside, Heisenberg hates the smell and idiocy you bring home after every one of your outings. Since when are soaps considered anything other than garbage and who gives a shit about the love story of Fernandez and Maricruz anyway?

    When Ethan Winters arrives to lay life as they know it to waste, Karl isn't as elated as he thought he'd be. He still hates Miranda with a burning passion- sure- and he would still rather hammer nails into his eyes than spend time with his ‘siblings’, but he’s also got you now and things finally seem less bleak and dreary. He doesn't want to lose that, so when the chance arises, he triples his efforts to get the desperate father on his side.

    "Father to father," Karl drawls, cigar loose between his index and middle finger, "let's talk." It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ethan Winters is only given the illusion of a choice that day. There is only one right answer- accepting Karl’s hand- and when Winters refuses to do just that, he becomes a threat, and those are always dealt with swiftly in the Heisenberg household.

    Much later, sitting with his feet thrown up on your table as you tinker with one of your newest projects, Karl Heisenberg will realize that he, for the first time ever, has actively fought to defend the status quo. Watching your lips quirk smugly when you get something right, he also realizes that he doesn’t mind- not when he’s found something quite so worthwhile in it.

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    Karl tells on Donna 👀👀

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    Just thought about how Alcina had to watch all of her daughters slowly die one by one until she was left all alone before dying herself and wow that’s so fucking sad. Excuse me while I go cry

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    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #lilith replies#anon ask #resident evil village #about my fics #about my writing #writer ask game #dimitrescu sisters#dimitrescu family
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    𝔖𝔬 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔣𝔦𝔫𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔶 𝔠𝔞𝔪𝔢 𝔱𝔬 𝔰𝔢𝔢 𝔪𝔢….

    My Daniela Dimitrescu cosplay

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    @panickygoblin poisoned me

    #her teeth look just like the jerma meme i swear #they look like sus #<:-(#re8#resident evil#dimitrescu family#daniela dimitrescu#my art#doodles
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    Lady D: Goodness! Why are my hands so shaky today?

    Daniela: Your skeleton is ready to hatch!

    Lady D:

    Lady D: Well that’s fucking ominous, thank you

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    19.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    "Mother?" Daniela called, glancing around the Matriarch's bedroom, her head poked between the door and the frame.

    A noise came from the bed, followed by the rustling of the sheets, and the youngest stepped inside, gazing at the bed.

    "Mother? May I come in?"

    Alcina stirred again, one eye opened as she gazed towards the door and the small voice that spoke from beside it. She hummed in response, her golden eye blinking, before she moved the quilt aside and patted the space beside her on the bed.

    "Of course, little dove... Come here." She spoke, her voice still powerful although it was just a whisper.

    The youngest of the Dimitrescu daughters closed the door behind her before moving to the bed, crawling up beside Alcina before sitting at her mother's side.

    "What troubles you, little one?" Alcina questioned, gazing up at Daniela with furrowed brows. "Is it the storm outside?"

    Daniela hummed in response, grabbing the edge of the quilt and fiddling with the fabric between her fingers. Alcina, sensing her daughter's discomfort, wrapped her arm around her waist and pulled her down, pressing the young one's back against her chest, holding her close as a clap of thunder echoed outside.

    "I hate thunder..." Daniela whimpered, curling closer to Alcina. "It's so loud... And it hurts my ears..."

    Alcina gave a small chuckle before pressing a kiss to the back of Daniela's head, reaching down to pull the quilt up over the girl's body.

    "Then stay here with me, little dove... You need rest." Alcina breathed, her head returning to her pillow as her hold on Daniela tightened just a little more, though not enough to cause the young woman any discomfort. "Listen to my heartbeat, darling one... Let it sooth you."

    Daniela curled closer to Alcina, turning her head just slightly so that her ear was pressed against Alcina's chest, listening to the gentle thrum of her heart. Alcina began to hum a gentle lullaby, her voice low and strong, while the study vibration in her chest soothed Daniela closer to the cusp of sleep.

    When thunder once more clapped in the night sky, Alcina was quick to sooth her daughter once more, keeping her close to her body, increasing the volume of her humming.

    The sound of swarms came from outside the door, and she smiled, calling the other girls in when they knocked.

    Bela flew to her other side, while Cassandra curled up against Daniela, pressing her face into her sister's red hair, trying to drown out the sound of the storm.

    "Alright, my little ones... Settle in. Pull the quilt up."

    The girls did as instructed, burying themselves in the soft comfort of the quilt.

    Alcina wrapped all three of them up in her arms, pressing a kiss to each of their heads, before resuming her lullaby once more.

    Each girl slowly drifted off to sleep.

    Bela was the first, her face pressed against Alcina's side, wrapped in the safety of their mother's arms.

    Cassandra was the second to doze off, her eyes drifting shut as Alcina gently stroked her hair with her free hand, soothing the young woman until she could no longer stay awake.

    Daniela was the last the drift to sleep, her hands clutching the front of Alcina's nightgown, forehead pressed against their mother's chest, listening to the gentle song she hummed for them. When her eyes finally drifted shut, Alcina smiled, continuing the song she hummed until it drifted off at the end.

    She held them closer to her, allowing her own eyes to finally drift shut as the fire continued to dance in the hearth.

    #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#fluff#family fluff #cuddling and snuggling #lullaby #my HC is that the girls are afraid of thunderstorms #what better cure for their fears than Mother's arms? #Alcina is a very good mom #lady alcina#fanfiction#fanfic#re8: village
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    Hopes And Dreams XXIII

    “How can you be late when I called you 8 hours ago?”

    “I am a busy woman Heisenberg, and now I am here, so stop complaining.” You grumbled and herded Bela and Cassandra into the factory. The way to Heisenberg’s factory wasn’t pleasant, since something had the creatures in the forest on edge. You told Heisenberg as much, but he just shrugged and said that it happened every now and then. Still, you were glad that Alcina was going to pick you up later, since it made you feel infinitely safer.

    “By the way, I have a blood sample of Alcina with me. So I would like to get working as soon as possible.” You said, barely keeping you excitement at bay. The curiosity you felt was burning, you wondered how your mingled blood would behave.

    “Eager, are we? Before you get to work, I have a little surprise for you. Go to the room on the left of the elevator, I will join you soon. We have things to discuss before we get working as well.” Heisenberg said and lead Bela and Cassandra to the lab, promising presents and nourishment. You huffed, annoyed that you couldn’t get to work straight away, but also curious what the surprise was. Hurrying to said room, you almost squealed when you saw who was awaiting you.

    “DUKE! Maaan, it has been so long!” you said, grinning widely and threw your arms around him.

    “My, my, what a warm welcome! Although you took your time, little one.” Duke laughed and patted your head.

    “So much has happened! Where do I begin?” you almost babbled, but Dukes gentle chuckle cut you short and he said, “Oh, Heisenberg told me all about your findings while we were waiting for your arrival. I knew that you would be able to help him, but even I couldn’t imagine how much.”

    “Without Alcina and Heisenberg I wouldn’t be as much of a help though. Their knowledge on genetics and all that stuff is far more advanced than mine, but I do what I can.”

    “Oh? Lady Dimitrescu and you are on first name base now?” Duke asked, a cheeky glint in his eye as he glanced down at your neck and you flushed bright red, scratching your neck.

    “I am sure that she is my fated. Even though we can’t know for sure until I drink from her though, and that won’t happen until we know if it is safe for both of us.”

    “I am glad that you finally found her. I had my suspicions when I saw you staying with her, and I am glad that I was right. The two of you will become a force to be reckoned with, as soon as your curse is lifted. Which brings me to my next question: How are you, little one? Heisenberg told me that there was a… situation when you first met.” Duke asked, genuine concern clear on his face. It made you feel all warm and fuzzy and you gave him a gentle smile. You sat down next to him, stretching your legs out, and said, “Well, it was pretty much like the last time I lost control. Although, no, that’s not entirely true.

    Alcina was there too, and I had no intention to harm her, or Daniela, at all. There was just this raging feeling of I need to protect, and she actually managed to pull me out of it. But that isn’t even the weirdest thing that happened. I told you of my friend in the village, right? There was another situation, and I could feel myself slipping, but Alcina was there, and I didn’t lose control as much as the other times. She told me to hunt, and I did, almost fully in control, although my blood was boiling and all.”

    “Interesting. Do you really need more confirmation that she is your fated?” Duke asked gently, and you let your head fall on his shoulder.

    “Technically no, but… I don’t know. I am still scared that she won’t be, and I don’t know what I would do then. It’s not like the universe ever handed me something so willingly, and I am scared… I don’t want to lose her, or the girls.”

    “I wouldn’t say that the road to meet her was easy, little one. All the hardships you had to endure, everything that happened lead you up to her. You fought tooth and nail to stay alive and find your place in this world. And now you have, after everything that had happened to you. I would say it is high time that the universe gives you what you want.” Duke said, unusually gently and emotional. You didn’t know what to say, gaping at Duke, searching for something to say. But he wasn’t finished.

    “While I am unimaginably happy that you finally found your place int his world, I can’t help but to feel sad as well. It is rather lonely without you and your shenanigans, and I will miss your terribly.”

    “Duke… I am not dead. You can see me whenever you want, you will always be welcome at the castle.” You said, lump in your throat and tears threatening to roll down your cheeks.

    “I know, I know. After all these years it is just a bit hard to let you go.” Duke said and pulled you into his side. You couldn’t fight the sob that escaped you, even if you wanted to. Never before have you seen this side of the Duke, and you realized with a start, that he was the closest thing to a loving father that you ever knew.

    “Duke, I-“

    “You don’t have to say anything. Just let me have this moment for a little while longer, little one.” Duke sounded suspiciously choked and you buried yourself more into his side, hiding your tears. You stayed like this for a little while longer, your arms snaking around him once again, and to your surprise he didn’t stop it, like all the times before.

    “As I mentioned, I have something for you, and after what you just told me, it is high time that I give it to you.” Duke said, and his unoccupied arm shuffled around a few boxes, presenting you with a pendant that was hanging from a rather long chain. On this pendant you could see a delicately craved owl and the words 'l'argent défend le droit'.

    “This is a pendant with our family crest. My mother gave it to me, when I was very young, to gift to the one I wish to wed. And I did, oh so long ago, but she is gone now and I think it is time to give it to you, so that you can give it to your one.” Duke said and your heart exploded at the words our family crest. You gently took the pendant out of his hands, pulling it over your head for now.

    “Thank you. For everything. For taking me in when no one else would, for caring for me and everything. And never forget that you are a part of my family too.” You said gently, taking Duke’s hand and gently squeezing. For all his faults, and all the suspiciousness and secrets surrounding him, you could finally see how much you meant to him.

    “I realize that I wasn’t always a gentle or caring man, but know that I do care about you, very much so.” He said and you gave him your biggest smile. Funny how your life had turned out, now that you thought about it. When you killed your father and ran away, you had nothing. But now? You finally had a family. You had finally found your place and it filled you with all the more determination to see everything through.

    A sudden but gentle knock interrupted your gentle moment, and both of you instantly switched back into business mode. After Duke told him to enter, Heisenberg gently peeked his head into the room, Bela and Cassandra following suit.

    “Good, now that everyone is here, it’s back to business.” Duke said and opened his arms in an inviting gesture, but was met with a hissing Cassandra that was at your side instantly.

    “Why is Y/n crying?” Bela hissed, just as angry as her sister. Both glued themselves to your side protectively, while Cassandra gently wiped your cheeks.

    “Hey, it’s okay, you don’t need to worry, I’m fine. We just had a little… moment. Sorry Duke.” You said apologetically, gently holding the two girls to yourself. As if you needed any more proof that you were right where you were supposed to be. The love surrounding you overwhelmed you a bit, but it made you oh so happy.

    “It is quite alright. It is calming to know that you are cherished and protected.” He said with a smile that was way too gentle for company. Even Heisenberg was staring weirdly at him. Duke seemed to notice and was back in his business persona immediately, looking expectantly at Heisenberg.

    “Yeah, right, I better not ask. There will be a meeting of the Lords at the end of the week, and Miranda requested the presence of my elusive lab assistant.” Heisenberg said and you stiffened. You totally forgot about that.

    “You have a new assistant?” Cassandra asked, confusion evident in her voice. You started fidgeting and Heisenberg just stared at you incredulously.

    “You didn’t tell them?”

    “I forgot, okay? Can you blame me? A lot has happened in the last few days…” you said and scratched your cheek in embarrassment. Bela just stared at you, and Cassandra said, “Mother will be so mad when she hears about this.”

    “Uuuugh, don’t remind me…” you groaned and buried your face in your hands. Cassandra put a gentle hand on your shoulder and giggled, “Oh, Mother won’t be too mad at you. Heisenberg though… now, that’s another story.”

    Heisenberg’s gulp could be heard through the whole room, and any other time it would have made you feel better to see him squirm. Not in this situation though, because you were pretty sure that Alcina would have a few choice words for you as well, for forgetting to tell her.

    “Well, I have a plan to ensure Y/n’s safety. It is rather simple, but effective, I just need a few things, hence why the Duke is here.

    The plan is to disguise Y/n, fake make-up, new clothes, perfume to hide the Dimitrescu scent on her. It is a simple plan, but not less effective. Donna is actually working on something to cloak Y/n’s scent, so we just need some special effect make-up and some fresh new clothes. Donna and I will put some fake scars on her face, and I already forged a face mask.”

    “Then why the fake scars?” Bela interrupted, and you said, “In case she forces me to take the mask off. She would recognize me immediately, if we don’t change my features. I will need some contact lenses too, to change my eye color.”

    “Exactly. How long will it take you to get me everything from this list?” Heisenberg asked, walking over to Duke to hand him a slip of paper.

    “I will take care of it immediately. You will have the things by morning.” He said, sounding aloof, but you could see the fire in his eyes, that you now recognized as protectiveness. You were not going to lie, meeting Mother Miranda made you nervous for a buttload of reasons. But you trusted Heisenberg, Donna and Duke and were sure that no harm would come towards you. Now, you just had to tell your beloved…


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    If you wanna get tagged in future chapters, hit me up! I am so fucking sorry that i haven’t posted for so long, but a lot of stuff has been going on. There was school, family, and other private problems that basically killed my muse and kept me from writing. But hopefully I am back now, at least my Muse is alive again and I have a lot of stuff already planned out. thank you all for your patience! I also try to take on a few requests, so if you have any, hit me up and I’ll try to get to it between writing for this story! I love you all so so much!

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  • dimitrescu-supremacy
    18.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Heisenberg: Wanna hear a dick joke?

    (Y/n): Sure

    Heisenberg: Nevermind it is too long for you

    (Y/n): Very funny but do you wanna hear a pussy joke?

    Heisenberg: Sure?

    (Y/n): Nevermind You will never get it

    Alcina: *laughing and making fun of Heisenberg*

    Miranda:*choking on tea*

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  • mothermirandaapologist
    18.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Dimitrescu sisters and their s/o while the weather is warm headcannons

    it's insufferably hot where I live at the moment, uncharacteristicly so and I cannot tolerate heat, so I'm writing this to cope

    Included: Bela, Cassandra and Daniela


    She noticed your body temperature was far higher than normal before she noticed the actual heat

    "Darling? Are you alright? Are you sick? Do you have a fever?"

    You just laughed

    "No Bel, it's roasting, look out the window"

    She looked, and indeed it was, the sun was relentlessly beating down

    If you're going outside she makes sure you drench yourself in suncream

    Also makes sure you drink hella water

    Bela "responsible older sibling to everyone" Dimitrescu


    Will giggle at your discomfort in the heat

    Probably will drag you outside just to see how uncomfortable your human body can get with something as trivial as the sun

    If you got too hot she would have a waterfight with you to cool you down

    Would pretend she was only doing it to drench you in water but really she actually cares about your wellbeing

    She will not admit this

    And during the waterfight she is competitive

    "You can't even technically win a water fight Cass-"

    Gets squirted in the ear by her water gun midsentence


    Wakes you up, being super excited


    You groan slightly at the bright light and loud noise of your girlfriend's shouting

    "C'mon dummy, let's go!" she'd yell, pulling you out of bed

    Would cling onto you for the whole day, as usual, however it was especially nice today

    Her body temperature is very low

    Walking ice pack

    Would try to sneak out of the house with you to go on a beach date, but Bela would find out and snitch to Alcina

    Screams throughout the house while you're just trying not to get heatstroke

    "Are you mad? It'll get colder in the night and you'll die!"

    "I'll die beside my love!"

    "Why though?"

    #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x reader #cassandra dimitrescu x reader #daniela dimitrescu x reader #resident evil village #dimitrescu family#dimitrescu daughters #dimitrescu daughters x reader
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    (Y/n): When i grow up I want to be and priest like your Mother

    Heisenberg: Nawww you Are not gonna grow up

    (Y/n): I-

    Alcina: You stupid Child!

    Donna: It is alright (Y/n)

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