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    Y/N Dimitrescu

    This story is about the reader being the eldest Dimitrescu daughter because why not.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    You sighed and lowered your book to see Daniela shifting her feet in a nervous manner under your doorframe.

    Placing a bookmark on the last page you read, you set the book down on your nightstand and gave your youngest sister your full attention.

    "Yes, Dani?"

    She peered at you with a shy smile and rubbed her neck, "I was wondering if you wanted to hangout with me?"

    You blinked and sent her a dubious look, "Why would I want to do that?"

    A disappointed expression was her face as she looked away and cleared her throat. She turned around to leave and muttered something over her shoulder, "Never mind. Forget it."

    As she was walking away, you manifested into your fly shroud and quickly turned back to your human form to back-hug her just before she could fully walk out of your room.

    "Fine. I'll hangout with you but you better not tell Bela or Cassandra. They'll get jealous," You murmured softly into her ear.

    Daniela squealed, turning around in your arms and hugging you back before pulling away to bounce excitedly, "Yes! Come on! Let's go hunting together! Mother told me I could go if you came with me."

    You pouted, "You're just using me to go outside the castle? And here I thought you wanted to spend time with your big sis."

    Daniela's facial expression immediately dropped as she manically waved her hands around in a 'no' motion, "I didn't mean it like that! I do want to spend time with you! I-"

    She stopped talking when she noticed you holding back a laugh and staring at her with amusement dancing in your eyes.

    "You were just teasing me, weren't you?" Daniela scowled and lightly smacked your shoulder when you nodded your head in confirmation, "You're a meanie!"

    You giggled and wrapped an arm around her neck while smirking, "But I'm your meanie. Let's get to hunting."

    Daniela immediately brightened up again and started half tugging you, half leading you out of your room. The two of you soon manifested into your bug clouds to race to the foyer. Just before either of you could reach it, you both heard a commanding voice.

    "Dears!" The two of you froze and shifted back to your human forms to turn around and see your mother with her hands on her hips, an articulated cocked eyebrow angled at you, "Forgetting something?"

    You started inwardly panicking at her question as many thoughts spiraled in your head.

    What did we forget?

    She didn't find out about my secret stash of blood, did she?

    Did Cassandra finally tell her that I was the one who broke the window in the kitchen?

    Daniela, however, grinned and tackled your mother in a tight hold, "As if I would forget to give you a goodbye hug, mother!"

    You relaxed and gracefully walked over to join the hug, "Sorry, mother. It totally slipped my mind. It won't happen again."

    She simply chuckled and held the two of you closely in her arms as she gently bent down to your heights and kissed both of your foreheads, "Make sure it doesn't."

    You knew she was being playful but you felt disappointed in yourself to forget such a thing. Even Daniela remembered it which says a lot considering she sometimes forgets to put on clothes before leaving her room after sleeping.

    "Have fun, my dears," She patted your heads as she pulled away from the hug, smiling at Daniela before sending you a hidden stern gaze, "Do be careful."

    You already know what she meant by that.

    Watch after and take care of Daniela.

    "We will," You reassured as Daniela grabbed your hand and started tugging you as you both said your goodbyes to your mother.

    Making it past the foyer, the two of you were about to push past the front entrance when you heard the telltale signs of distant buzzing closing in.

    Daniela groaned aloud in annoyance as Bela and Cassandra formed behind you.

    "You're going hunting without us?" Bela frowned as she glanced between the two of you.

    Cassandra looked offended as she crossed her arms, "And with Dani of all people? We all know I'm the hunter in this family."

    You sighed as you notice Daniela growl aggressively at Cassandra, "Yes. She's going hunting with me and me only."

    This immediately started an argument between the two youngest sisters as Daniela got into Cassandra's face.

    This is exactly the reason why you were hesitant to say yes to Daniela when she asked to hangout with you.

    Bela looked like a kicked puppy, Cassandra looked incredibly pissed off, and Daniela looked about ready to burst into tears from frustration due to her argument with Cassandra.

    Just before you could intervene and stop the heated discussion, Daniela snarled and backed away from Cassandra.

    "You know what, Cassandra?! Fuck you!" Daniela screamed at the top of her lungs before wrapping her hand around your wrist and forcibly pulling you out of the front entrance with her.

    Your eyes widened in shock at her outburst. You looked over your shoulder to see that Bela and Cassandra were stunned as well.

    Daniela was never one to use explicit words, even when she was mad. So, for her to drop the 'f bomb' on Cassandra, it wasn't hard to figure out that she was absolutely livid.

    The doors closed softly behind you as the two of you went down the entrance stairs, the warm climate outside easily making itself known.

    Daniela continued to angrily grumble incoherent words under breath as her grip on your wrist tightened and was legitimately starting to hurt you a bit.

    With the speed Daniela was going, the two of you left the grand estate's grounds and were now in the middle of the woods in under two minutes.

    "Dani?" You tried to capture her attention because she had stopped walking out in the open and was breathing heavily, never once letting go of your wrist as you stood behind her.

    The two of you were still.

    "Dani?" You softly called again and maneuvered yourself in front of her to see her face.

    You let out a gasp when you noticed several tears were escaping her eyes and cascading down her face. You immediately reached your hand up to wipe them away when she suddenly backed away from you, dropping her hold on your wrist.

    She wiped the tears away herself with her sleeve and muttered a very weak, "I'm fine. Come on, let's go hunt."

    But you're not fine.

    She immediately turned into her swarm and flew down a random pathway with you quickly tailing her. Worry creeped in the pit of your stomach.

    Whenever Daniela gets emotional, she gets more reckless.

    You got confused when the large swarm of flies in front of you became less and less. You figured she was just going to shift to her human form and followed suit, shifting back into your human body on top of a fallen tree log.

    You froze when you realized that none of her flies were anywhere to be seen now.

    She tricked me! Where did she go?!

    "Dani!" You yelled out in concern, your voice echoing down the trees. There was no other call in reply. You slammed your fist down on the tree log you were standing on in anger and worry, easily breaking it into tiny little pieces, "Fuck!"

    You turned back into your swarm, breaking it up into four different groups and sending it down different areas so you could cover more ground.

    Please don't do anything stupid!

    Minutes turned into hours and you still haven't found your youngest sister. You swear you scoured the whole woods and didn't seem to have any luck. You couldn't even catch her scent anywhere.

    Unless...she wasn't in the woods.

    A sudden memory flashed into your mind.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    "Look! I hunted one of the lycans!" Cassandra came barging into the library while dragging a massive lycan carcass behind her.

    You, Bela, and Daniela stared at her in astonishment. The three of you were just hanging out in comfortable silence, reading individual books.

    "Wow," You nodded your head in approval, "Nice work."

    "I know," Cassandra tried to appear nonchalant but it was obvious your praise made her happy.

    Daniela clapped her hands excitedly, "Good job, Cass! You think I can join you next time? I want to try."

    Cassandra shook her head, "Sorry, Dani. I don't think you can handle it. I spent most of the time waiting to trap it and we all know you're not good with sitting still."

    Daniela immediately jumped to her feet and glared at her, "What do you mean?! I can hunt just as good as you can!"

    Bela placed her hand on Daniela's shoulder and tried to deflate the situation, "I don't think that's what Cass was trying to say, Dani."

    "That's exactly what I was saying," Cassandra bluntly stated.

    You and Bela quickly threw her a hard glare as Daniela growled.

    "One day I'll hunt down a lycan by myself and you'll see!" Daniela yelled and swarmed out of the library.

    You sent Cassandra a disapproving stare and shook your head before swarming out of the room as well to go after Daniela.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    You started panicking more when you realized where she was.

    The village.

    Where most of the lycans are usually spotted.

    You began shivering and realized just how late it was getting. The sun was almost set and the cold winds picked up.


    You turned into your swarm again and flew as fast as you could to the village. Some of your flies dropped to the ground but you kept going. Soon enough, you caught the familiar scent of lavender and followed it in desperation.

    Please be okay!

    You eventually came into a clearing near the village and shifted back to your human form. Your eyes widened in shock when you see that there were about nine lycans scattered around the clearing.

    All dead.

    The scent of lavender was strong, Daniela was here somewhere.

    "Daniela! Where are you?!" You called out and heard a groan of pain in response somewhere.

    You notice one of the lycans moving and grabbed your scythe, ready to defend yourself when you noticed it was moving awkwardly. You narrowed your eyes and approached it only for the smell of lavender to get even stronger.

    You immediately picked up the lycan to see Daniela underneath it with her eyes closed. You quickly threw the lycan a couple feet away and kneeled down to cup Daniela's cheek, "Dani?"

    She was covered in lycan blood, some of the blood was probably her own as well. She was lightly shivering.

    Her eyes fluttered open, there was a dazed look in her eyes when she focused on you. There was small smile on her face as she weakly gestured to the pack of lycan bodies around the clearing, "I-I did it. Told Cass I would and-and I did."

    Her body started trembling erratically as her eyes suddenly closed.

    "Daniela?" You tapped her cheek gently but her eyes remained closed.

    She passed out.

    You hurriedly picked her up bride style and half formed into your swarm to get back to the castle faster. You let out a whimper of pain as the cold air made more of your flies to drop to the ground. You let out an aggravated growl and was forced to fully transform into your human form when you were halfway through the woods.

    The sun was fully set now and temperature began to drop because the sun was no longer out.

    You kept a firm grip on Daniela as you ran/glided down the trails as you felt yourself start crystallizing. You chose to ignore the burning pain to get Daniela to safety.

    You worriedly looked down in your arms at Daniela to see her crystallizing as well, a look of pain on her unconscious face.

    Growling, protectiveness rolled off of you in waves.

    While running, you tore off your hoodie and placed it over her as a form of blanket. It wasn't much but it should be just enough. With both of your times limited without warmth, you were determined to make sure she would outlive you— no matter the cost.

    "Fuck," You whined weakly as your right arm under Daniela's thighs became fully crystallized.

    At least it was frozen in its last position, allowing you to carry Daniela in the same position. If it were to freeze at your side then you'd have to carry Daniela with one arm and there's no way both of you would make it if that happened.

    Your feet burned from both the cold and the pace you had set, tears streamed down your eyes as you bit your lip, the castle finally coming into view after you rushed out of the woods.

    Just a little bit longer!

    You took a quick glance at Daniela to see that one of her arms was just starting to crystallize underneath your hoodie. You panted heavily but kept going.

    The pain was excruciating.

    It was as if you had millions of tiny paper cuts all over your body and someone was dousing you in alcohol to clean them out.

    Making it past the gates, you felt your left foot start to crystallize.

    No! No! No! We're so close!

    You let out a desperate scream as you jumped up the entrance stairs three at a time. Just as your foot fully crystallized, you body slammed into the grand entrance, crashing it open. You landed on your left side inside the castle, with Daniela landing on top of you.

    The warmth inside the castle caused more tears to stream down your face, this time from relief and not pain.

    "Y/N! Daniela! My loves!" You heard the familiar relieved voice of your mother as you started to nod off on the floor, exhaustion seeping through your body.

    Tears kept cascading down your face as you held Daniela in your arms, refusing to let her go for any reason. Not even when your mother tried to gently pry your hands off Daniela to get a better look at her.

    You felt two other figures above you as tiredly opened your eyes to see Bela and Cassandra kneeling beside you with their own tears falling form their faces as they gazed at you and Daniela.

    You knew they were worried but you couldn't open your mouth to voice out a reassurance even though you really wanted to. Instead, you sent them a tired smile before your head dropped as you passed out.

    . . .

    You woke up drowsily in your sheets.

    You let out a little gasp as your gaze flickered all over the place, ready to take out your scythe.

    "I'm here, my dear," You relaxed immediately when you heard your mother's voice at your bedside and turned to look at her, "It's okay. Everything will be okay."

    Her eyes were red and puffy and her voice was slightly hoarse, making it known that she was crying. You frowned and reached out for her. She immediately leaned closer to you and ran her fingers through your hair as you wholeheartedly leaned into her touch, a small purr escaping you.

    You notice that Daniela was asleep next to you and smiled when she appeared to be completely fine.

    "You refused to let her out of your grasp so I had to bring her in here with you," Your mother muttered softly as she continued to comb her fingers through your hair, "I...I'm so glad the two of you are okay. When Bela and Cassandra informed me that the two of you had yet to return from your hunt, I immediately started to leave to look for you both only for you to come barging through the front entrance with Daniela in your arms. My dear, I was s-so afraid you weren't going to make it."

    You watched as your mother started crying in front of you, a wave of guilt and sadness surged through you.

    "Mama," You softly called and used your hands to wipe away her tears, "Please don't cry."

    "I cannot help it, my dear," Her voice shook lightly as she sent you a small smile, "Your right arm and left leg were completely crystallized. After you passed out, your body was still crystallizing— even after being in the warmth. I had to wrap you and Daniela up in so many blankets. You were too close to death, my dear. If you came just a second later into the castle, I'm not sure if I would've been able to save you."

    "I didn't come a second later though," You murmured and moved a little bit closer to her, allowing her to bring you into a hug as she buried her face into your neck, her warm tears falling on your skin, "I came just in time. Look, I'm okay now. And so is Dani. We're okay, mama."

    "Yes," Your mother agreed softly as she breathed in your scent before pulling away from the hug, "The two of you are okay. I noticed you gave your cloak to Daniela which made her warm enough to slow down the crystallization. It almost costed your life."

    "Yes," You whispered, "And if another similar situation arose, I would do the same exact thing. I would give my life for her, for Bela, for Cassandra. And for you, mama."

    "That's what worries me," Your mother revealed as she gazed at you intensely, "You're too selfless."

    "Like mother, like daughter," You chuckled lightly and sent her a teasing grin.

    She wrinkled her nose playfully and booped your nose, "You're a bit too much like me, my dear."

    "I'll take that as a compliment," You giggled before looking around your room, "Where are the other two?"

    "I banned them from coming inside because they were panicking too much and causing such a mess," Your mother hummed with a frown on her face, "I suppose they should be calm enough to come back."

    The two of you paused as Daniela started shifting and her eyes fluttered open, her golden eyes filled with fear as she sat up.

    You quickly pulled her into a tight hug and whispered comfortingly in her ear, "I got you, Dani. I got you."

    She relaxed in your hold and sighed in relief as she hugged you back, "O-Okay."

    "I would like to know what happened," Your mother added, making Daniela jump in surprise and pull away from your hug to look at her.

    Daniela smiled and jumped out of the bed and into her lap, hugging her, "Mother!"

    "Well, after Daniela passed out, I carried her back to the castle," You explained to Daniela with a causal shrug.

    It's probably best if Daniela doesn't know that you almost died. She would indubitably blame herself for it.

    Your mother sent you a look but didn't say anything about that, instead asking, "What happened before that?"

    You and Daniela tensed up.

    You cleared your throat, "Oh...Well we-"

    "I got reckless and purposefully tricked Y/n so I could finally prove to everyone that I can hunt just as good as Cassandra," Daniela interrupted with a frown on her face.

    "She killed nine lycans by herself before I found her," You added, trying to hype her up but she looked disappointed in herself, "Hey, why the sour face? That's an amazing accomplishment."

    "How is it an accomplishment if you almost died?" Daniela countered as she stared intensely at you from Mother Dimitrescu's lap.

    You paused.

    She knows?

    "I felt you take off your cloak and put it on me. I heard you crying. I heard you in pain. I tried my best to wake up. It was so frustrating to hear all those things but my body refused to comply," Tears started streaming down her face as she sent you a weak smile, "I knew...I knew it was getting cold...I thought I could finish the last lycan off and head back to you but my body was exhausted. It almost got me but I managed to stab it just as it jumped on me."

    That's why I found her underneath that lycan.

    "I was so desperate to prove myself that I put both of our lives in danger. I was selfish. I-I just didn't want to be known as the useless Dimitrescu anymore...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! I'm a terrible sister!" Daniela sobbed into her hands.

    Your mother frowned and combed her fingers through Daniela's hair, whispering sweet nothings into her ears that went unheard by Daniela.

    You got out of the bed to stand in front of Daniela and your mother, you placed your hands on Daniela's shoulders, "Hey. You are not useless! You are not a terrible sister! Who even told you that because I will beat the shit out of them and drain them of their blood! You have other amazing qualities that make you useful!"

    "Oh? Like what?" She sent you a glare.

    You opened your mouth to start listing them to her but she shook her head and turned into her swarm, disappearing out of the room.

    "Dani, come back!" You called after her but knew it was useless.

    You deflated and stared at your carpeted floor, wondering how long she thought such negative things about herself.

    "I will go speak with her but I have a feeling my words alone won’t be enough," Your mother muttered, standing up from her chair and leaning down to place a delicate kiss on your forehead before she walked out of your room.

    You sighed and dropped down on the floor, hugging your knees with your back to the bed frame as your mind started racing.

    I should've been more attentive to her. What kind of older sister am I?

    You heard buzzing and straightened your posture, trying to look fine as two swarms manifested in your room.

    Bela and Cassandra quickly tackled you in a tight hug as you gently hugged them back and patted their heads.

    "We-We thought that you were..." Bela trailed off, not wanting to finish her sentence.

    "Well I'm okay now," You smiled and tried to stand up but they refused to break their tight hold on you, "You two are awfully clingy."

    "You almost died!" Cassandra growled lowly into your neck, "Of course we're going to be clingy."

    "Aww. I'm touched, Cass," You teased as you purred lightly at the affection you were receiving from them.

    Bela immediately purred in response and nuzzled deeper into your neck while Cassandra settled on humming happily as she loosely wrapped her arm around your shoulder.

    She was never one to purr. In fact, you don't think you've ever heard her purr before.

    "Where's Daniela?" Cassandra murmured softly with a weird look in her eyes. It almost looked like guilt.

    What does she feel guilty for?

    "She's probably having a chat with mother somewhere," You replied gently and tapped on both of them, signaling to them to get off of you, "I need to go have a talk with her."

    They finally released you from their death grip and let you stand up.

    "Actually, do you think it's okay if all of us go speak with her? There's several things I need to say to Daniela," Cassandra questioned nervously and shifted on her feet.

    You and Bela shared a look.

    "I don't see why not," You hummed.

    . . .

    The three of you found her in the library, just staring into the fireplace even though no fire was lit. Her usually glowing eyes seemed to be dim. Judging by the scent, your mother had already been in here and had spoken to her.

    You grinned as you approached her, "If it isn't my favorite sister!"

    Bela and Cassandra both looked mutually offended and started pouting.

    "Don't worry," You whispered loudly and winked at them, "The two of you are still in the top three on my favorite sister list."

    They just looked even more offended which managed to get Daniela to crack a smile and shake her head at your teasing. You giggled in reply and took a seat to her right, smiling softly. Bela took the seat to your right while Cassandra took the seat on Daniela's left.

    So it was; Bela-You-Daniela-Cassandra.

    "Why didn't you say anything?" You question gently after a moment of silence.

    You already know she understood what you're talking about.

    Daniela looked down at her hands and fiddled with them before sighing, "Because it's stupid. I'm sorry for just leaving like that. I just...needed to be alone for a little bit."

    "Your emotions aren't stupid, Dani. I wish you mentioned how you felt at the very beginning. That being said, I would like to mention this again: You are not useless nor are you a terrible sister." You firmly stated in earnest, "Right?"

    Your gaze flickered to Bela and Cassandra, inviting them to join the conversation.

    "Wait. Who the fuck told you that you were useless and a terrible sister?!" Cassandra questioned, anger and protectiveness rolling off of her in waves, "Was it you?"

    Cassandra pointed a finger at Bela who looked baffled at the accusation, "Me?!"

    "You're avoiding the question!" Cassandra narrowed her eyes at Bela.

    Bela did a better job holding back her anger but there was a fire inside her eyes as she let out a shaky breath, trying to calm herself down, "No. It wasn't me. Daniela, tell us who told you those lies."

    Daniela pouted and bit her lip, "It...It was one of the newer maids. She-"

    "WHAT?!" The three of you immediately stood up at her answer, pure rage filling all of you up.

    Some maid thought she could say such things to Daniela Dimitrescu?

    The youngest in the family?

    The baby?

    "She didn't say it to my face...I just overheard her while I was in the library reading..." Daniela murmured, "Even so, she's right. I'm-"

    "Oh hell no," Cassandra growled immediately, interrupted her and cupping Daniela's face softly, "Dani, she's wrong. So wrong! I cannot believe she had the guts to even think something like that— let alone say it out loud!"

    "She won't have any guts left to spare after I'm finished with her," Bela muttered under her breath.

    Cassandra kept going, "Dani, you're an amazing sister! You make all of our days better! You're our own little personal ball of sunshine. Not only that, you're driven and passionate about certain things that capture your attention."

    "Yeah!" Bela agreed, "Whenever I'm feeling down, you always seem to notice and cheer me up! On occasion, you might get on our nerves but that's what makes you so endearing! We wouldn't have it any other way!"

    "Why does it seem like you hate me then?" Daniela directed the question at Cassandra— making everyone in the room to freeze, "You never seem to want me around you and continue to talk me down."

    "I-" Cassandra let out a deep breath and scratched her arm, "I'm not that good at showing affection. I know it may seem like I'm annoyed by you but I'm really not. In fact, I get happy whenever you bug me...I'm...I'm sorry that I made it seem like I hate you because I don't."

    "Woahhh," You whispered towards Bela, "Did she just say she was sorry? This is the first time I've ever heard her say that."

    Bela whispered back to you, "Me too. I didn't think she even knew what 'I'm sorry' meant."

    "Shut it," Cassandra glared at the two of you.

    There was a moment of pause before Bela leaned back over to you to whisper, "I think they heard us."

    You busted out laughing causing Bela to start giggling as well. Cassandra just stared blankly at the two of you while Daniela began giggling as well. You notice Cassandra biting her lip to suppress her own laughter as she rolled her eyes playfully.

    After the laughter died down, Daniela grinned brightly, the glowing light in her eyes was finally back as she pulled Cassandra into a tight hug, "I forgive you, Cass."

    Smiling, you and Bela quickly joined the hug. Daniela started purring which in turn caused you and Bela to reciprocate it. After a few seconds, the three of you heard another purr join in, it sounded unsure at first but when the three of you purred louder, it got more confident.

    Soon enough, you all pulled away from the hug to send Cassandra a teasing smile.

    "Did I just hear you purr?" You cocked your eyebrow at her with a smirk on your face.

    Cassandra scoffed and waved you off, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

    The three of you simply giggled at her, deciding not to push it.

    "Supper should be prepared soon," You smirked mischievously and took out your scythe, twirling it in your hand, "What do you say we all get the main meal for the chef to prepare?"

    "Yeahhh," Bela hummed in agreement, giggling, "Hey Dani, what was the name of that maid who told you those lies? She should join us for dinner."

    Daniela smiled, "Her name is Maria."

    The short, black haired girl with hazel eyes? I always thought she was rude.

    "Whoever finds her first gets dibs on the best tasting body parts," Cassandra immediately turned it into a game, "A team of two. Daniela is my partner."

    "Yes!" Daniela cheered and side hugged Cassandra, "The old ladies versus you and me."

    You and Bela stared at her, offended, "Old? We-"

    "Game starts now!" Cassandra interrupted you as she and Daniela disappeared into their swarms within seconds.

    "That is so not fair!" Bela shouted after them before grabbing your wrist, "We can't let them win! Let's go!"

    You chuckled as you and her turned into your individual bug shrouds, buzzing out of the library and down the halls in search of the one who had brought the youngest Dimitrescu down.

    This is going to be so fun.


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    Daniela. Mother’s secret favourite? #sistersunday

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    Bela. The eldest sister bears the burden! #sistersunday

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    @delusiela​ asked lady dimitrescu for advice

                    " mother ! my sisters don't want to play .. " / :(

              “ TELL Bela and Cassandra both that I WISH TO SPEAK TO THEM. NOW.”                                 She’s  NOT  mad,     she’s just  DISAPPOINTED .

    #delusiela #answered. #daniela dimitrescu. #this isn't even advice this is just the baby getting her two sisters in trouble with the LAW #the law here meaning BIG MAMA #lmfao dani is such a family baby i Have 2 Laugh
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    One Warm Snowy Day

    Some wintertime fluff with the Dimitrescu sisters at a young age.

    I’m sad that this likely wouldn’t hold up in canon, so I’m giving them a bit more cold resistance to make this more feasible.

    3K words.


    With the nervous energy of a young, excitable puppy, Daniela’s leg had been bouncing up and down for the better part of fifteen minutes as she peered longingly out into the large, softly-falling snowflakes.

    By her side, Cassandra attempted to block out the incessant movement by burying her face in a book, unable to focus on a single line. But eventually, of course, she snapped. She tore the book from her face, whipped her head around, and barked, “What?”

    “It’s only, like, zero degrees,” Daniel launched straight into her train of thoughts. “We could be outside at least for a little while – if we keep packed up really warm.”

    “That’s a stupid idea. Even by your standards, that is incredibly brain dead.”

    “I want to feel snow again,” she whined. “You hate it too! I know you do.”

    “Yes,” she gritted out, “but what we are now can’t be helped.”

    “Don’t you want to feel it again? We could do it! It’s not that cold! It’s snowing outside! If we do it right we could manage it, and we might never get such a good chance again!”

    “We will have plenty of winters to torture ourselves.”

    “But, I want to be in the snow now!”

    “That is your prerogative. If you want to hurt yourself, be my guest. I’m not hauling your statue back in.”

    “Don’t be so fucking negative. You want this just as much as I do.”

    “I don’t want to be in pain and lose a finger like last time, or more, thank you very much.”

    Hurt flickered over Daniela’s face, and Cassandra felt a pang of guilt at bringing that up again.

    “It won’t be like last time,” Daniela recovered and continued like there hadn’t been any dip in her mood. “We’ll both go out willingly, we won’t go as far out, stay just by the castle, and we’ll have each other. There will be nothing to worry about. We’ll be dressed appropriately. Last time was like minus fourteen degrees.”

    “It wasn’t that cold, dipshit.”

    “It was colder than it is now. Come on! We’ll regret it if we don’t take this chance! We can’t let this pass us by!” Ten of Daniela’s claws dug into Cassandra’s forearm. “You miss the winter! I know you do! Just come out with me! Please!”

    “Will you stop being annoying then?”

    “Yes!” she beamed.

    That was a promise she knew Daniela would never be able to stick to. Cassandra still asked her this time and time again, and time and time again, she relented.

    “Fine, okay.”

    “Yes?” Daniela prodded eagerly.

    “Yes.” She put the book down and stood up, Daniela jumping off the couch after her and giddily glueing herself to her side as they made their way to their winter clothes that had never seen snow before.

    “I will go inside once my skin starts going solid,” Cassandra stated firmly as they walked. “Without you. You can get your ass back inside on your own or suffer the consequences of your stupidity out there until mother comes back.”

    “Okay. Or until the staff takes pity on me.”

    “Heh, they’ll all be glad to be rid of you.”

    Daniela smacked Cassandra over the head.

    “Hey!” Daniela protested. “Stop laughing!”

    Cassandra kept cackling, and Daniela kept pouting. Cassandra didn’t tease her with more jibes.

    They got dressed in warm clothing under thick winter mantles with clasps reaching down half of the way in front, scarves, and gloves. On the way to the door, Cassandra said, “If you do anything hinky, I will throw you into the lake.”

    “Okay,” Daniela piped cheerfully.

    “Good luck getting out from beneath the ice.”

    “You’ll get me out.”

    She shook her head, bewildered.

    “Why? How? I’d freeze just as much as soon as I touch the water.”

    “You’d find a way.”

    “Why would I want to get you out though if I was the one who had tossed you in in the first place and I’d finally be rid of you?”

    Frowning, Daniela swatted at her.

    “Don’t be mean. I just want to spend time with you.”

    Cassandra leaned her head against hers briefly with a fond smile as an answer.

    They opened the doors and squinted at the gust that blew into the castle.

    It was cold. To them, it was uncomfortably cold, but it wasn’t cold to the point of screaming in pain yet. The only exposed part of them were their eyes, and though they stung unpleasantly, it was still bearable. 

    They let the doors fall shut behind them, and all the light that was left to illuminate them came from the castle’s windows, soft and warm, fighting feebly against the cold darkness of the garden in the late evening. 

    Daniela laughed besides Cassandra, and yanked  at her sleeve, bouncing excitedly up and down. 

    “I told you! I told you it was possible!”

    “We’ve been out here for two seconds, and it’s cold. I can feel my eyelashes crystallising.”

    “Don’t be dramatic. It’s not that bad yet.”

    “It will be soon enough.”

    Daniela took tentative steps farther from the safety of the castle, and the snow creaked softly under her boots once she reached the edge of the uncovered stone tiles. 

    Cassandra followed after until they were both standing in the circular space at the front of the garden in the falling snow. 

    Buzzing filled their whole bodies to fight off the cold.

    Cassandra blinked up into the falling flakes and regretted it, but the sight of watching them dance down slowly was worth the sting of pain that them falling directly onto her exposed skin brought. She wiped the melting flakes off her face and turned around in a slow circle, looking at the snow covering the garden, the hedges, the flowerbeds, the trees, the maze, the statues, the spiked garden wall in the distance. Seeing it from this perspective as opposed to from a window was nice. It was a shame that she wouldn't be able to draw a deep breath without the scarf over her mouth to feel the cold in her lungs without likely starting to curl in pain when her thin lungs in her sub-normally circulated body would start crystallising almost immediately. 

    Daniela’s smile widened impossibly behind her scarf as she saw her sister not paying attention to her. 

    Cassandra had never stood a chance. Impulse control had never been a question. 

    Snow burst against the cowl over the back of Cassandra’s head. A grunt escaped her that turned into a short scream. Her shoulders scrunched up, and she turned around to face the cackling Daniela.

    “You little shit! That hurts, you dick!”

    Daniela only laughed harder at her insults.

    Cassandra tried shaking the snow off without having to go anywhere near it with her gloved hands, finally did it anyway, and then ducked to gather snow herself and pelted the quickly-pressed mass against Daniela’s chest. 

    Daniela yelped and brushed the remnants away hurriedly. She resumed laughing and scooped up more snow that cooled her gloves down unpleasantly. To avoid being a target, she didn't stay in place, moving sideways while forming the ball. Cassandra didn't wait for Daniela to throw hers before she picked up more snow of her own and ducked under Daniela’s snowball before one throwing back. 

    Soon, the air in the garden was filled with flying snow, the sisters ducking and weaving out of the way. Their reflexes and speed allowed them to hardly get hit, really. Specks of snow still soon covered their mantles. 

    The increased blood flow from moving around did help against the cold, however. 

    Daniela had made her way closer during her circling. Close enough, she lunged the rest of the way around her and climbed onto her sister’s back. Cassandra dropped all snow. 

    Cassandra grabbed behind herself and got hold of Daniela’s cowl, grasping her hair through it, and tried to pull her forward and off of her back. 

    Daniela held fast with her legs around her ribs and grasped at her, with one hand digging into Cassandra’s shoulder and the forearm pressing against her throat, and the other hand scratching at her face, a cold finger then hooking into the corner of her mouth and pulling sideways. 

    Cassandra’s complaints and insults were muffled by that. 

    The garden doors opened and bathed them in soft orange light.

    Silhouetted against the bright interior, Bela stood in the centre of the doors. 

    “What are you doing?” she yelled in alarm and walked out to them, letting the doors fall shut behind her. She had only put on a thick winter coat in her hurry and wasn’t wearing any gloves, her hands pressed into her armpits.

    Both of the younger sisters stilled and looked up, Daniela’s hand still pulling at Cassandra’s face and Cassandra frozen in the position of trying to throw her off her back.

    “Fun?” Daniela asked.

    “Are you both stupid? It’s freezing!”

    The younger sisters glanced at each other peripherally. Daniela tugged at the corner of Cassandra’s mouth to signal for her to let her down, and Cassandra ungently pulled her off of herself over her shoulder. Her hood dislodged on the way down, and before landing with her back in the snow, Daniela caught herself on her feet and righted herself, coming to stand shoulder to shoulder with Cassandra. 

    “We are just having fun. We were having a snowball fight.”

    Bela groaned. 

    “The snow is not for playing.”

    “Yes, it is,” Daniela protested. She scooped up snow and held it out. “Look! It almost doesn’t hurt with gloves!”

    “Daniela,” Bela warned, “put that down right now.”

    Daniela closed her fingers and took her hand down, pressing the snow together behind herself. 

    “You should play with us!”

    “No, you two are going to get back inside now.”

    “It would do you good! We never get to go into the snow anymore. Come on, you’ve missed it too! Don’t you want to play with us?”

    “Not in this cold.”

    “Come on, just a few minutes,” Daniela pleaded.

    “Don’t make me drag you inside.”

    “You’re jus’ grumpy because you haven't been having fun with us,” she grinned. 

    “I am not grumpy, and you two will come inside right now. You are going to get yourselves hurt.”

    Daniela lobbed the snowball at her, and only Bela’s quick reflexes had it bursting against the side of her cowl instead of her face.

    “Daniela!” she screamed.

    Rattling to the bone with laughter, Daniela doubled over, and had she been in the castle, she would likely have ended up on the floor, curling in schadenfreude, but the snow on the ground was too cold for that.

    Bela made to brush the snow that was too close to her face for comfort from herself and shifted to do that with her sleeve when she noticed her bare hands.

    Seeing the way Bela then eyed the snow around her, Cassandra tossed her her right glove.

    Taking the hint of Bela putting the glove on, Daniela went to preemptively put distance between them.

    Bela hurled a snowball after Daniela, and Daniela yelped when it hit her back between the shoulderblades and scattered in her hair.

    She scrunched up her shoulders and let some of the snow fall off before she turned around and picked up snow of her own and then walked backwards while forming it. Bela had already stooped for more snow and stalked after her retreating sister. 

    “So, now the snow is good enough to play in?” Daniela called. 

    “Oh, I’m not playing. I won’t stop until you’re an ice sculpture.”

    She tossed hard, and Daniela ducked narrowly. 

    Cassandra wrapped her scarf around Bela, covering the lower part of her face, and picked up snow to throw it after Daniela. 

    “That’s unfair, two against one!” Daniela complained, mock upset.

    “Nope,” Cassandra said. “You started this.”

    Daniela dodged another of Bela’s throws and retaliated. 

    “You’re just ganging up on me because I’m the youngest!”

    “No, we’re ganging up on you because you’re a little brat.”

    Dodging two snowballs at the same time was harder than one, and the effort had Daniela yelping and giggling. 

    “This is an unfair bias!”

    “Consequences to your actions, young lady,” Bela chided. 

    “Yes, mother. I’ll never learn my lesson, mother.” She dodged snow aimed at her face.

    Daniela shrieked in delight and alarm when another snowball whizzed past her face, narrowly missing. 

    For several minutes, snow went flying back and forth between them. Daniela remembered to put her hood back on, and she got hit more often than either of them despite her displaying her abnormal acrobatic skill to dodge them both. 

    From behind a low hedge, Daniela raised her hands up over her head after a while.

    “I call quits! I surrender. I haven’t been able to feel my ears for five minutes.”

    Bela dropped snow from her hand.

    “Why didn’t you say anything?”

    “I was having fun! We so rarely get to just have fun and be sisters, and we never get to enjoy winter anymore.”

    “Okay, we can have less dangerous fun sometime. For now, let’s get your ears warmed up.”

    She brushed and shook snow off herself and then opened an arm for Daniela to step into. Bela’s skin wasn’t exactly warm, but it was warmer than the air and so resting the side of Daniela’s head against Bela’s cheek felt nice.

    Bela winced at the cold contact and suppressed a curse, but let her sister stay where she was and rubbed her arm. 

    Cassandra came over to them and bit into Daniela’s left ear. Daniela’s hand immediately surged up to cover it when she felt her at the side of her head and turned to look at her, startled.

    “Wow, it’s actually solid,” Cassandra commented.

    “What did you do?” Daniela asked in alarm. “I can’t feel my ear. What did you do? Is it still intact?”

    “Yes, it’s still intact,” Cassandra laughed. “Now, come inside. You’re not the only one who’s starting to crystallise.”

    The elder sisters took Daniela in between them and pushed the doors back open. The warmth of the castle greeting them was more soothing than a hot blood bath on a normal day and elicited loud relieved sighs.

    Their faces were a mix of – to them – unnaturally bright red and unhealthy grey. Cracks pulled through their skin, but still they were all laughing.

    On their way to the nearest fireplace, they came across their mother, who looked at them in concern when she saw the state of them.

    “Girls – were you outside?”

    “We’re all okay, mother,” Bela assured with a soft smile. She couldn’t remember when she had last felt this relaxed. Laughing with her sisters really was a miracle cure.

    “We’ve had a snowball fight! We can be outside like this!” Daniela beamed.

    “Daniela insisted,” Cassandra said.

    Alcina’s concern faded into a soft smile. 

    “I’m glad to see you enjoying yourselves, but please be careful with that. I do not want to find you frozen outside.”

    “We will. I promise,” Daniela vowed.

    Their mother put an arm around them and walked by their side on the way to the fireplace. 

    They all gravitated to their mother’s warmth.

    By the fire, they pushed the nearest couch closer in front of it. They sat down at its foot, with their backs propped up against the couch’s seats and their feet stretched out towards the flames. Their mother draped a blanket over all of them, and the three huddled together for warmth and pulled the blanket up over their noses, Daniela wedged in between her sisters. 

    Alcina straightened and took a moment to watch her three daughters, captivated by the flames and resting silently against each other.

    Finally, she said, “I’ll tell the staff to get you some warm blood.”

    The statement was met with a synchronised “Yes, please!” and wide child-like eyes staring up at her that reminded her of the early days after their rebirth. 

    Once she was gone, they resumed cuddling into each other and watching the flames. 

    With Daniela’s attention captivated, Cassandra bit into her right ear, and Daniela’s hand came up to protect it. 

    “Hey, I felt that!” she exclaimed. 

    Laughter rumbled in Cassandra's chest. 

    “Just checking. I can finally eat sister meat again.”

    Daniela stuck out her tongue, and Cassandra took her head to trap it in her arms and against herself, snapping her teeth in the air by her other ear. Daniela giggled and pushed against her. Cassandra nuzzled her hair, and Daniela relaxed in her arms, snuggling closer. Bela draped herself over her comfortably with a content smile, seeking their warmth and eliminating all chances for Daniela to straighten up.

    A while later, Alcina returned with a staff member carrying a tray with three mugs filled with steaming blood, warmer than it was supposed to be, but at a pleasantly warm temperature to thaw the three sisters.

    The blood was welcomed, and the sisters melted into the bliss of holding the hot mugs and drinking the blood that immediately helped them regenerate the damage. 

    Alcina sat down on the couch behind them and brushed her fingers through their hair, alternating, asking them about their day and listening to them, mostly Daniela, ramble about the snowball fight. 

    Daniela had gotten everything she wanted.

    She had done what they had believed to be unfeasible and had gotten them all outside into the winter with minimal suffering. She had also gotten not just one, but both of her sisters to spend time with her, simultaneously no less. Perhaps most astonishingly, she had gotten Bela to laugh and be carefree. 

    She couldn't be happier, peacefully sitting between her sisters in their mother’s company, clutching her warm blood. 

    #resident evil village #dimitrescu daughters#fanfiction #I'm a winter child i have to let them be able to go out into the snow from time to time at least #hoorayhoorayit'swinter'sday #i've posted some weird stuff so here is some fluff #except maybe for cassandra #who can get prickly in winter #you can't take her seriously. she loves her sisters. and they both know it #writing them fluffy (and angsty) are my favourite modes of writing them
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  • arlanorr
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I was told sisters are the best pillows.

    And also, I like drawing the dimi sisters doing things I’m not doing: sleeping.

    #dimitrescu daughters #resident evil village #my art #the neck pain bela is going to wake up with? scheduled to arrive at my house in a few hours #also the headcanon that cassandra is the warmest sister is slowly n steadily growing in my head #mostly because mutating raises body temperature #and she is just too friendly with the beast #my lil gangrel bby #cass: 'what do you mean that's monstrous' #alcina: 'that's the beast and one must be careful with with' #cass - pointing at the beast: 'fren shaped' #the beast - figuratively smiling with too many teeth and a voice that is barely recognisable as one: 'yes. fren shaped.' #the mycelium or miranda functioning as a beast is an idea i like more and more #vtm references
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  • yellowgem-ecto
    22.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Daniela: the obsessive one! #sistersunday

    ✋🛑 Reblogs are obviously welcome, but if reposting elsewhere, please don’t crop out or remove my watermark.

    VA and performance artist for Daniela: Nicole Tompkins.

    Tools used: Otis_inf Photomode mod, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop.

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  • yellowgem-ecto
    22.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Bela: the smart one! #sistersunday

    ✋🛑 Reblogs are obviously welcome, but if reposting elsewhere, please don’t crop out or remove my watermark.

    VA and performance artist for Bela: Bekka Prewitt.

    Tools used: Otis_inf Photomode mod, Fly Removal mod by Raq , Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop.

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  • hearteyeshope
    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Pov: Dani has a crush on the new maiden

    Lady Gaga's song Paparazzi it's Daniela's song, nobody can change my mind [repost for editing something, open for better quality]

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  • jmalchanceux
    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Masquerade (Imagine) - Daniela Dimitrescu

    Y/N never imagined that she would ever be invited to a party, much less to something as fancy and different as a masquerade ball, it was surprising that she, the daughter of a small merchant, would attract the attention of the noble Dimitrescu family, the richest and most powerful clan in the village, also owners of a fruitful vineyard and a large luxurious castle for all to admire. For the girl, it was like an early Christmas present. She heard rumors about the supposed sinful activities of the family members, but ignored all warnings about the place and its inhabitants. After the invitation arrived she spent weeks sewing her own dress, weaving a simple wreath and making a mask reminiscent of a butterfly, the end result really surprised her. It looked almost magical in her favorite color, (your favorite color). And not only she who admired the piece, but all the guests too, and even the Dimitrescu women themselves, especially the youngest heiress who could hardly take her eyes off it during the entire ball reception. Daniela was quick to ask, almost demand, her twelve dances and wrote her own name so large on the wrist card that it covered every line of the short list, making it clear that she would be the only person Y/N would dance with and woe betide anyone who dared to approach. The fact that she didn't know her intrigued her, and finding out the identity of the beautiful human became one of the goals of the night, not only out of curiosity, but also to find out who hooked her heart that barely beats, but for her, she even misses the beats so fast. Once Bela explained that this means to be in love, passion at first sight in this case. And they danced to the music one by one, talking, complimenting and flirting until their feet started to hurt, and although the redhead didn't feel the same tiredness or pain as the girl, she was understanding, offering to skip the second to last song to rest. Being tall and strong, she lifted the villager with ease, arrogant that everyone was looking at them, envious of both. Daniela, despite being the clumsiest and most carefree of the sisters, was dressed impeccably, in a tight fitting dark green dress and a detailed lacy mask.

    - Where are we going? - asked the girl after crossing a corridor and frowned when she realized they were climbing a staircase, Dani didn't answer, just let her see with her own eyes the privileged view of the cabin - It's like in the theaters... - Y/N whispered amazed and excited, she hadn't even realized that the hall had cabins like those at the opera houses, still in arms she pinched her own wrist to make sure it wasn't a dream.

    - It's beautiful, isn't it? - the younger Dimitrescu whispered in the girl's ear and smiled as she noticed the small body shuddering against hers - I thought we could spend a moment alone here.

    - It looks perfect.

    The girl didn't even notice that the door had been locked behind her, too distracted by the sight of the majestic hall and its exquisite guests, reveling in long dances and expensive wine. The matriarch doesn't seem to notice her daughter's absence, while the two sisters are lazily looking for her, more concerned with enjoying the ball. For Y/N it was as if she was experiencing an event worthy of Jane Austen's books, responsible for the few titles she has on her bookshelf. For a moment she felt completely out of place and wondered why and how she ended up being invited to something like this being a simple commoner, someone without much money and social status.

    - Mom loves these events, there's at least one a month. - The redhead comments nonchalantly and rests her left hand on the shoulder of the younger girl, wasting no time in caressing her admiring face with her other hand - I'm trying to remember who you are, but nothing comes to mind.

    - Well, even I don't know who you are other than that you belong to the host family, so we are on the same step.

    - I don't leave the house much, at least not during the day. - the two laughed and sat down in the cabin's comfortable, large, padded armchairs - Why don't you take off your mask?

    - I want to keep it a mystery.

    - But...

    - No, I won't, Miss Dimitrescu. - and smiled, expecting another smile in response, but received only a funny little frown.

    Daniela felt irritated for a few seconds because she is someone who is very impatient and even spoiled, no one has ever denied her anything, not even her mother, being the youngest she has always had small privileges and doesn't know how to handle the first no. She sulked and crossed her arms, part angry and part frustrated for not being able to see the mysterious girl's face as she had wanted to since the beginning of the night, she thought that by taking her to a private place she might be able to convince her. She tried to keep her concentration in the lounge and enjoy the view as the girl next door did, but it became impossible, especially with the animated gestures and small squeals the villager couldn't control, giving the tall woman the view of the dress descending gently at the height of the neckline exposing even more the collarbone and the beginning of the breasts, the apparent veins of the attractive neck and an irresistible smile. All irritation vanished quickly and something strange took over her, as if she were warm inside and felt her pale face blush, something rare. Not knowing what to do, she tried to hide her face between her hands to hide what she considers an embarrassment.

    - Do you really want to see my face that badly? - Dani almost jumped out of her chair when she heard the girl's voice close to her ear, too close even, and quickly raised her face, startled - Too cute for someone almost 6'3".

    - It's not my fault I'm pretty and cute, and you're short.

    -Okay, we can have a deal. - Y/N whispered after a few seconds of thinking about what to say after such a good argument.

    - A deal?

    - Yes, I'll take off my mask but you have to give me something in return. - The redhead immediately thought of something and then dismissed it without having the courage to propose something like that.

    - What do you want?

    - Whatever you give me.

    - Anything?

    - Yes, but it can't be material. - the girl blinked and smiled, trying to make clear what she intended or expected to happen.

    - A hug? - impossibly the younger Dimitrescu's hands started to sweat, something that never happened before even because since the transformation she hadn't had any of these so human and unknown manifestations, when Y/N denied with her head still smiling she suddenly felt nervous and sighed - A... Kiss?

    - Perfect!

    The girl closed her eyes and adjusted herself on the armchair so that she was leaning over, expecting to feel the soft lips against hers, but the touch didn't come, only a close rustle and a cold sensation against the cheek. When she opened her eyes she found Daniela's golden irises staring at her, almost glowing for being so close, without realizing the two leaned in and closed the small gap between them, meeting in a slow and shy kiss, Y/N doesn't quite know what to do since it's her first real kiss but at the same time every movement feels so natural and intimate. The air was needed after a few seconds, the redhead couldn't help but smile as she finished the kiss with a small bite on lower lip, being able to taste a metallic taste.

    - Oh my God! - Y/N whispered and also smiled, happy to have had her first kiss with someone so beautiful and kind, in the most magical place she had ever seen in her life - Thank you, I think...

    - Do you say that every time you kiss someone? - Daniela asked amused and propped her elbow on the arm of the armchair, putting her face between her hands.

    - No, I mean, it was my first kiss.

    - Mine too.

    And they exchanged a confiding smile, the girl sighed and plucked up the courage to finally reveal her face to the younger Dimitrescu, hoping it would meet her expectations. A trembling hand was brought up to her face and carefully she untied the ribbon tie that held the piece, letting it fall into her lap while keeping her face lowered, still not giving the full view of her identity. Daniela did the same, not as carefully as she did, the mask was practically ripped off after the ribbon formed a knot that was difficult to undo. Then after a few embarrassing seconds, Y/N raised her face and once again met the golden eyes of the redhead, this time with the full view of the soft and youthful face, she admired every little detail of the perfectly sculpted face, even the small scar near her upper lip. Daniela, on the other hand, was completely amazed by the girl's beauty and didn't even notice when she started to hold her breath suddenly shy.

    - Well, we haven't formally introduced ourselves, I am Y/N L/N.

    - And I'm ...

    - DANIELA! MOMMY'S LOOKING FOR YOU! - Bela shouts and knocks on the locked door, not expecting an answer before leaves.

    - Daniela Dimitrescu. I'm sorry about my sister. - she sighed and stood up, holding out her hand to the smaller girl - Miss L/N, I believe you still owe me the last dance.

    Buy the author a coffee / Masterlist / AO3

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  • justanothersimp21
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Daniela: [sniffles]

    Cassandra: Dani, are you okay?

    Daniela: [sniffles again]

    Cassandra: [hesitantly hugs Dani] If there’s something upsetting you, you can always come to me…Cheer up.

    Daniela: Um…I have a cold.


    Cassandra: [rips herself away from the hug] If anyone finds out about what happened in the last few minutes, no one will ever find you again.

    #cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #awww cass does care for her little sister #sadistic older sister comforts chaotic little sister #incorrect quotes #resident evil village
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  • mxndanemagic
    15.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    @rosestallion​ liked for a starter~

    “So this is where that atrocious smoke was coming from. I thought my sight was playing tricks on me during my stroll. I suppose getting fresh air isn’t likely with your newest playhouse around, is it?” 

    “My, I thought you would have scampered off farther with your tail tucked between your legs, dearest little brother~” Alcina’s words are brimming with amusement, pearly whites on display as she shows off a grin. 

    #muse;alcina dimitrescu#rosestalion #brother sister reunion off to a great start #laying on the condescending tone thick huh alcina
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  • thatzeta
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Boss Fight AIs

    So maybe this is just me and I’ve also not stumbled over anyone else mentioning this (though granted the internet is very big and I’m so late to the party, so I might have just missed it. Whoops!), but it looks to me like Daniela’s boss AI works different from Bela’s and Cassandra’s. From what I’ve seen so far, even after the kitchen’s window or the armory’s wall are broken down, Bela and Cassandra will keep attacking Ethan and rush straight for him while frantically flailing their sickle. Daniela, however, will actually run away while the skylight in the library is open? And only after the skylight closes down, she will go back to the normal chase-attack pattern. I first thought something was different because I decided to play on Casual and get into knife fights with basically anything that moved. So I did the daughters’ boss fights with the knife, which meant I had to get in close. Bela and Cassandra kept hitting me with the sickle, but I had to actually chase after Daniela to try and even hit her in the first place. Then I decided to check some video footage, but yeah, seems that even when using guns and playing outside of Casual difficulty, Daniela will somewhat run and hide while the Skylight is open?  From a head canon perspective this gives me some initial thoughts: 1. she’s either scared when she realises she can get injured due to the cold and thus tries to run away from the fight (this works with the “I don’t want to die” line) or 2. she’s smart and trying to buy time by running/hiding behind cover until it’s safe to come back out (and this in turn implies that she’s aware that the skylight runs on a timer and will close automatically, meaning she’s strategizing) 1. implies she’s actually not as brave as her sisters and maybe her behaviors are a façade 2. implies she’s actually able to be very aware and level headed when she has to be and will not recklessly throw herself into a fight The more I think about it, the more I like a combination of both.

    #it's 1am and i should be asleep #instead i'm discussing game mechanics from a character personality standpoint #resident evil village #daniela dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#dimitrescu sisters
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  • desyeuxdelilith
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #lilith writes #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu sisters #fluff without plot #just something cute i found before i start angsting stuff up #i mean what #;))) lmao
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  • ezeywolf
    10.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    Summary: From unceasing dreams that rekindled her curiosity of her mortal life, a suspicious maid, and three discreet ladies. Eris believes there was more to the Castle Dimitrescu's than everyone in it was letting her on.

    Warnings: None(?)

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    Lazily watching the tips of the cutlery easily poke through the delicate surface, juices oozes out of the punctured area while threads of tissues effortlessly ripped out of the chunk cooked on a blazing hot fire as it was still steaming in Eris's plate. Everything edible in it were enticing and vibrant, a dish she could call close to art at how everything is arranged deliciously in front of her. Nevertheless, the girl refused to consume presented to her. She doubts that it's an animal meat on her plate.

    "Is the food not up to your taste?" Bela --Gael's betrothed-- attentively inquires, her deep yellow eyes flits down to the girls plate seeing none of it being ingested, only prodded and played with.

    Eris sensed the hidden glances of his brothers, mainly Gael's glare, both knowing the reason and unable to say. For it was odd that creature's like them that lived off of humans-blood and more- Eris neglects herself with the pleasure. Her grip on the fork tensed the same as her body did when her eyes met Bela's. Her lips suddenly trembled while her eyes began to sting. She averted her gaze down, brows furrowing at the subconscious response her body manifested.

    "Do you not like the way it was cooked?" Daniela, the youngest Dimitrescu, assumes. Being situated next to the girl, she mindlessly leans close to examine the dish.

    A sound of glass hitting wood brought Eris's eyes across the table. The middle child, Cassandra, wiped the area under her black tainted lips with a napkin, ridding the stain of crimson liquid. "Don't hesitate to voice out any faults our servants make, we don't tolerate mistakes."

    Throat shifting, Eris gulps at the center of attention. "No..uh..I- everything's good, the food is great." It was not a lie, a faint waft of its smell made her mouth water.

    She was thirsty, starving even, the last time her stomach were filled was when she had a quick hunt for animals blood before she and Felix left training camp the morning- it was only half full glass of rabbits blood, imagine how hungry the girl was at the moment, the tempting smell coming from the meat wasn't helping.

    Eris unable to think any form of reply, she didn't want to tell the ladies an absurdity of her only eating out of animals. Fortunately for her a maid enters the dining room, pausing beside Gael with a bow of her head.

    "Their luggage's are settled in their rooms, my lord." informed the maid meekly, to which Gael curtly nods as his hand slides over to grasp on Bela's affectionately, barely giving his attention.

    Eris's jaws slacks, she glared at the meat before her and not a moment later it was steaming again, her mind instead pictured Gael's burning hand sizzling in her ears. This didn't go unnoticed by the red head beside her.

    "May I be excused." Eris blurts out, casting Gael a meaningful look. Her question and tone unmatched.

    She needed get out and hunt for food, her brothers knows it too without her explaining it, hopefully it was safe for her to step outside, if not, it wasn't an option, she needed to feed, she'll have her meal be it in dangerous ways than not. It was why she never desired to return to Romania, though it feels as if there was much more reason to it than her death and the weather.

    Gael simply nods, signaling to the maid. "Lead my sister to her room, let her be after."

    Eris stands up, too quick that her chair made a rough noise against the floor. She give each Dimitrescu sisters a small grin- a noticeable strained smile. "It was....a pleasure meeting all of you."

    And out she goes, never daring to look back to catch three pairs of eyes following her every move.

    Moonlight glints along the sharp edges that slices through the air with blinding speed, it zips past small gaps on tree trunk, shifting the calm atmosphere that the foliage brush. The blade gores in and out of a ligament, bones on it hooked on the wooden shaft while the connected blade shoots to another that binded the feet together. Eris leaps out of the dark, another arrow in hand, grabbing the immobilised deer around its neck then shoving it on the ground, she held it in place as the animal keeps thrashing to escape. She swiftly lifts the arrow above her then heavily strikes it on the animals neck.

    The arrowhead went straight to its lungs, instantly killing the animal in less painful way as possible. Showing no signs of retaliation, Eris retrieves the arrow out of its flesh, ignoring the blood spurting out of the wound like stream that it rained on the exposed front of her dress shirt under her cloak, and takes off the long bow hanging across her torso then set them on the ground.

    She didn't wait any longer and dug her fangs on its neck, her trembling fingers tightly clutching on the animal fur. It was as though her stomach was eating itself, now that she finally have something to consume the ache subsides. She was surprised she managed to catch a prey at her starved situation. The uncomfortable hunger would certainly drawn her out of focus.

    She can't even keep her hand steady to shoot.

    A sharp snap of twig reached her ears, Eris's eyes darts to the sounds direction. She sees a pair of golden eyes surrounded by the forest abyss stare at her curiously, it glowed stronger as the footsteps grew nearer. Stepping out of the shadows reveal the middle child of the Dimitrescu, and she looked like she came out of a bloodbath. There were red smears around her lips, blotches and streaks on her black dress and leather gloves, and already dried blood staining her sickle.

    Eris notices Cassandra's eyes flickering to her blood stained lips as she retracted her fangs on the flesh that left warmth dripping down her chin. Caught-literally- red handed and knowing she wouldn't be able to come up any excuse, Eris casually sits on the ground and crosses her legs under her thighs. She stares back to the silent woman's intense gaze on her.

    "Want some?" she offered coolly, waving a hand to the dead deer.

    Cassandra shakes her head, silently saunters closer. Shrugging, Eris uses the blade of the arrow to slice a large part around the deer's leg, making a block of meat that were skewered on the tip. The woman lowered herself across her, eyeing with the space between her brows crinkled in disbelief. It was as if Cassandra didn't believe at the Eris's existence when the young woman was right in front of her.

    Piecing out Cassandra's appearance and why she was nearby, Eris glances back to her. "You're hunting too, aren't you?" She guessed. "And I got to this first?"

    "If you're that hungry," She gestures a hand to Eris then on the prey instead of responding to the question. "Why is that you skipped dinner?"

    Eris eyed her carefully while taking a bite out of the meat, debating if she would tell her the truth or not. "I..."

    "Don't even try to lie."

    Eris rose a brow at her in amusement, head slightly tilting contemplatively, confused at the Dimitrescu's sudden inquisition. "Aren't you a curious one?"

    "Just checking, our family would be connected after Bela and Gael's wedding. So we might as well be acquainted with each other." Cassandra explains nonchalantly, but Eris could sense there's more.

    Finishing the last bit of her food Eris springs to her feet, snatching her bow and arrow from the ground beside her and the dead animals untouched leg on the other hand. She observes the area, her enhanced hearing can sense even beyond her eyesight; the crunching of dead leaves, scraping of barks, and hooves thumping on the soil. "What's the rarest animal you can hunt here?"

    "Wild boars." Cassandra frowns at her, displeased at her question left unanswered before perusing the curve of her weapon. "Little bitches are too small to capture."

    "I haven't had one of those." Eris grins at the woman. "How about this. Find me one and I'll answer your question."

    It was as if Eris was already expecting it, a wide smirk appears on Cassandra's lips as she eagerly jumps to stand up and twirl her sickle with a flick of a wrist. Her face fall in a thoughtful expression, dragging a low hum that vibrated her lips.

    "It'd be quite a challenge catching a boar, the reward should be more than answering one question."

    "Ask another one then that's it, no more." Eris proffers as she tugs the deer along with her, leaving jagged lines on the ground disrupting the flattened soil. If she were mortal she couldn't have done it easily considering how large her prey was.

    Eris looks up to the path that leads back to the castle then glanced at Cassandra at the edge of her eyes. Her lips slightly opens, her next words just rolling on the tips of her tongue, an inkling that Cassandra might not like what she was about to utter.

    Deciding to test, she says it anyway. "Good luck? I guess.."

    "Capturing a prey takes skill not luck," Cassandra mutters in distaste, spinning to the opposite direction. "Expect me before sunrise, there are other things I needed to do before getting you your breakfast."

    Eris watches Cassandra for a moment, a grin etching on her lips that she didn't notice forming. The woman drifts farther into the woods, her slender figure cladded in black melded in the dark and she disappears once again. No brushing of shrubs and breaking of twigs could reach Eris ears that normally indicated someone inside the forest, even she would made an inevitable sound of her presence. She was impressed at how silent the Dimitrescu moved --somehow she had already expected it, not like she hadn't already done it a few minutes ago.

    The way Eris knew Cassandra would willingly participate in her proposition, and proving herself right at Cassandra's displeased reaction to her parting words. She blankly stare at the void beyond, her grip subconsciously firming around the deer leg.

    Maids scurried past Eris in a haste with wobbling buckets filled with soapy water splashing out the rim and mops that began to wipe the marbled floor stained with staggering lines of blood trailing across the tiles from the entrance. She ignored the panicking humans and the sounds frantic swish of brush behind her, unwavering glare glued on the raven head tilted downwards. Eris guessed her to be the head maid, given that she only stood on a spot to supervise other maids to clean the mess Eris left in her passing.

    Eris tosses the deer by the head maids feet, crisp echo of heavy thud draws addled, dull blue eyes up to her glare. Even the noise ringing in the air disappears when maids halt and turns to look at them.

    The head maid briefly dips her head. "Is there something you need of assistance, my lady?"

    "Eris." The girl reminds, her eyelids shifting to slits to study the maid closely. "Your name?"

    "V-veronica, my Lad- Eris." Veronica sputters as she corrects her phrase.

    Eris observed the depression on the maids cheeks that her cheekbones were abnormally prominent on her face, and her uniform was too loose for her frame. Eris peers over her shoulder, looking at the others -that instantly returned to their duties as if they weren't caught eavesdropping- then averting her attention back to Veronica. Actually, all of their uniforms were a bit large on their body, goes to show how neglected they have been when it comes to food.

    "Its you who needs help." Eris boots the dead animal forward and it touches the tip of Veronica's bar shoes. "Do yourselves a favor-" She jots her chin towards the deer. "-and eat. Surely one of you knows how to cut meat."

    "I..I don't think the ladies would agree-"

    "Then tell them I told you to." Eris chimes, trudging past the maid, hand clutching tightly on her weapon. "If I have stepped on any boundaries tell them I'd gladly take the consequences."

    Eris didn't wait for any response and strolls down the hallway to her designated bedroom to drop off her weapon, then probably explore the castle after. The bow and arrows clatter against each other on the mattress, her eyes catching a glimpse of letters carved on the wooden grip. A faded 'G' next to a fairly new 'E', the first letter of Gael's name next to hers, a tell tale sign of who was the original owner.

    It was given to Eris the first year she had been revived by his father, same time her speed put into test. When the eldest son trained his sister to hunt, their very first hunting surprises Gael when he watches his sisters swift movements that led to catching her first prey in a span of an hour, the bears mutilated head dangles in the air while its fur curled in the crevice of Eris's fingers, specks of blood on her opened mouthed smiling face.

    A new blood wouldn't have a skill that the girl displayed, Gael considered himself astonished, hence the reason why right there and then he gave Eris his most priced weapon. It took an hour of persuasion before Eris gratefully accepted it. Since then both grew closer, crossing out every animal they find in the woods at the back of their manor. Then came along Felix who took longer to ponder his new fate than Eris—they were called twins— and the three formed a bond that would never waver.

    Or so they thought.

    Each finishing days that Eris counted, Gael grew out of their usual activities, frequently using majority of his time outside their family turf. It all began when their father sent him out for an expedition, when Gael returned from his trip he journeyed out again the next day, in his own will. Eris could not understand what changed, her eldest brother wouldn't even give her a spare of his time to explain, leaving her and Felix to learn their capabilities on their own.

    It was the shifting of climate or any supernatural causes that the weather became harsher and colder, everything was enveloped by snow that their father received a letter written by Gael, requesting to wait out the result of the snowstorm from where he was visiting. Meanwhile, the weather poses a grave threat to new bloods like Eris and Felix, the girl decided to talk themselves out of the country to where they wouldn't be harmed. Their father wasn't opposed to the idea, and a week later the twins migrated out of the country.

    Now, Eris learned the reason of Gael's unlikely behavior, she's attending an event that bloomed from it.

    Eris couldn't count with her fingers at how many twist and turns the castle has, she would most likely get lost if she even took a wrong turn. Fortunately for her, she stumble upon a room that instigated one of her interests. Rows of book cases perched across the majority of spaces in the room, while at the middle of the room were wooden pillars that followed the form of a round window above, a skylight that beamed starless atmosphere above.

    My beautiful story teller. Those words plagued Eris's mind when the pads of her fingers would trace every spine of a book; smooth with grainy hint texture of leather, and each time her reality drowns in the depths of piled over memories close to being forgotten, into pieces and beyond rebuilt. Far from reminiscing.

    “Eris? ”

    The aforementioned girl shift her attention from scanning book titles and towards the youngest Dimitrescu, Daniela if she can recall, sitting on one of the love seat in front of the cracking fire, a book open halfway on her lap. Eris purses her lips, suppressing her voice before she blurts out her thoughts.

    Don't you mean Merisa?

    It was no coincidence she was called the same name twice. Why would Eris disregard the fact that the name had an undeniable impact on her being as well, as if her soul —if she even have one at this point— wanted to charge out of her body.

    “Daniela,” The edge of Eris's lips curl, acknowledging her presence. “Pardon if I had disturbed your rea—”

    “No, no! uh..it's fine.” A blanket that draped over Daniela's lap slipped side-ward. She fixes it back then waves a hand to the single chair on her left.

    Eris silently situated herself, gaze flitting at the front of Daniela's book, the cover painted with shades of blue that shifts lighter reaching the bottom. “What're you reading?”

    “In the sea.” replied Daniela, gripping both sides of the book in her hands. “Its an old book.”

    Eris's head tilts. “I've wade through books that lived longer than the the age of mine and my brothers combined. Surely I'd remember if ever stumble upon that book.”

    “You read?”

    “Quite a lot, yes. Gael almost call it...unusual that I immediately picked up such habit.” Eris rest her weight on one side, leaning her elbows on the arm rest as she tries to peer at the book. “Mind telling me what the story is about?”

    Daniela folds the book and stare at the front of it, her thumb wedged between the sheets to mark a page. “Its about a human that lived in a reserve with her father, who protect the forest against any illegal practices. The human met a creature, a  monster as the locals call it, but it was far from what it was deemed by the people because when she saw it, it was human as well.”

    “Let me guess...they fell in love?” Eris speculates. “So you like romance books?”

    “Silly, I know.”

    “Not everyone have the same preferences.” shrug Eris nonchalantly. “I haven't dwelled in to that part of genre, though there's always a first time.”

    Daniela's mouth curl into a beam. “Want me to read it for you?”

    Blood rushed up to Eris's neck, caught off guard at the Dimitrescu's offer. “Uh.. sure, if you don't mind..”

    “Great!” Daniela exclaims, scooting to make space next to her and then pats it.

    Eris reposition beside Daniela, eyeing the girl flipping the pages back to start a little too quickly while a grin still reached her ears. A quiet chuckle escaped Eris's lips, making Daniela raise a brow at her.

    “I assume I'm truly witnessing the real lady next to me.” Eris told her truthfully, noticing how aloof and energetic Daniela is. “Were you holding yourself at dinner?”

    “Bela asked me to...she wanted to impress your family.” Daniela huffs in exasperation. “If I had known it was only going to be you I would've—”

    The youngest Dimitrescu catches the side of Eris's eye squint. “What?” Daniela questions.

    “Its just that,” Eris slowly shakes her head, still scrutinising the girl in utter intrigued. “You...sound like you've known me for long. ”

    “I..uh, well—what I mean is,” Daniela stammers. “If I found out earlier that Mother wouldn't be able to join us I wouldn't have pretended.”

    “Now that you mentioned it, why weren't she present?” Eris alters the conversation with suspicion lingering. “My father, too, were they in the meeting or something?”

    “You can call it like that.” said Daniela. “They want the wedding to be perfect, especially mother, so they're both busy preparing.”

    Eris nods, however, a inch of her heart twinge at the thought of the wedding. One of her hand dug its nails on the back of the other, she could feel her skin prick. Even though she wanted to the days to go quickly, somewhat her heart despise the wedding nearing.

    “Eris?” The girl blinks back to Daniela. “Are you alright?”

    “I'm fine.” Eris motions to the book. “How about we start?”

    Daniela nods enthusiastically and set her gaze on the book, mouth parting to read.

    “The only way to save your daughter is when someone gives her something you've been so selfish to give.”

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    my dream performances

    cassandra singing lalisa by lisa is now something that I need, sorry not sorry

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    daniela singing beam beam by soyeon of gi-dle

    dimiquartet singing BEcause and scream by dreamcatcher and cassandra does all the rap parts

    dimiquartet singing dun dun and la di da by everglow, alcina gets mia's solo part in dun dun

    bela singing solo by jennie

    dimiquartet singing don't touch me by refund sisters but alcina gets jessi's part where she says "you can look and stare but don't touch me"

    dimiquartet singing everglow's you don't know me with daniela getting yiren's part

    bela singing maria by hwasa

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    dimiquartet singing 마.피.아. in the morning by itzy

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