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  • steponmeasra
    04.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    The Babey...... He hath returned home..........

    #The Dimitri is in my possession once again #Bein stinky and demanding treats
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  • thegoldenlily
    04.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #anon this is truly iconic I LOVE this #thanks for popping in to chat anon! #vampire academy#va#adrian ivashkov#sydney sage#rose hathaway#dimitri belikov #the chaotic duo
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  • hellvire
    04.12.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    a rendition of monocle layton au as if written by a tabletop roleplay gm:

    Twenty years into the future, following Claire’s ‘passing’ and Bill’s actual, well-deserved death (🍾) ; London is an intensely dystopian, dieselpunk setting ran by the Prime Minister & Awfully Corrupt Gentleman - don’t call him that to his face - Hershel Layton. Rather than becoming an archaeological professor, he’s a rightfully intelligent & calculated man operating under his own accord.

    Hershel’s essentially a part of London’s underground, becoming their voice and the leader of his own mafia group after gaining control of London’s ministry and also - there’s no Queen here. The Royal Monarchy was either disbanded a long time ago or never existed in the Layton Times. Actually, the Royal Family is a thing of the past. Go figure!

    Rather than relying on modern electronics, London’s dieselpunk environment is wrought with visible crime & poverty - as this is the 1980′s in an Earth-like world. Akin to the Nest, as ex-Targent became involved in fighting against Layton (good job, Bronev) rather than searching for the Azran (thanks, Layton) in order to bring back Claire. This is due to Targent actually having influence, moving their headquarters over to London once Bronev had taken over and rebuilding there. Did the cops do anything against the militia? Not really.

    Aside from the setting ; Layton is a straightforward, malicious autocrat don disguised as a politician - throughout London, puzzles are an actual deterrent rather than a past-time. They’re used as warnings, torture devices, brutalist mind games to throw upon an unwarranted person whenever Layton’s interrogating for answers or when there’s an obvious time limit before something happens.

    “If you can’t solve this puzzle, why bother sparing your family?”

    Nonetheless, he still uses his archaeological knowledge to locate the Azran Legacies and is dependent on them to bring back his loved one. In the hopes that he could be brought back from the brink. To be fixed, in his own words, by her love. 

    He’s invested millions into technological advancements, considering how his goal isn’t to build a time machine - it’s to have power over London’s people.

    There are other things that have changed, as courtesy of this being both alternate universe & canon divergent:

    Clive Dove retains a facial burn scar on the right side of his face, as he was already near the apartment when the time machine exploded. It’s healed, but is visible and he’s blind in that eye. He’s not as desperate as Hershel and is actively leading a rebellion against London itself.

    London was already somewhat tense following Targent’s takeover, but became worse once Hershel took over. Enforced curfews. A team of disciplinaries - cops - 

    Aurora exists. She’s hadn’t been discovered by this time, but will be sooner or later if Hershel gets off his seat and GOES.

    Desmond Sycamore isn’t an archaeologist, but a revolutionary and undercover detective. He knows about Layton’s actual identity, but doesn’t think Hershel knows. Hershel does know, in fact, he’s the one who had Leon assassinated after coming upon his papers. (idk!! ok!!!) He’s all for Clive’s cause, but doesn’t think of him as a hero and rather, some kid who yelled before everyone else did. Wife & daughter are safe in an unknown location.

    Jean Descole, additionally, is Desmond’s alter who split off from serious  traumatic events ever since he was young. He’s overtly professional and cruel, has a way with words, speaks his mind, etc. His opinions aren’t sugar-coated, however he isn’t the greatest at child care and leaves it all to Desmond. Mechanical engineer, other mentor to Flora. Doesn’t like wearing the vigilante costume 

    Claire Foley is a main protagonist, attempting to stop her lover’s bullshit and fight against him in the hopes  that he gives up power. She’s confident and heroic, intelligent in how she wields her knowledge of physics and other scientific topics. She’s leader-like, maintaining her cool and goes by Celeste. Wears a different hairstyle. Is able to remain semi-permanently stable.

    Dimitri Allen is the main reason why Claire is able to remain in London. He’s not proud of what he’s done, often wallowing in misery. Is in custody of Flora, as he went after the Golden Apple due to rumors about the city. Obviously, he followed said rumors. Solved Puzzles. Is an underground scientist and double agent. Doesn’t have a love for Claire, simply thinks of the bygone days.

    Flora is the shared apprentice of Jean and Dimitri - she’s an excellent mechanic and Luke’s friend. Has a stronger identity here, in helping out the revolutionaries by creating gadgets and kits for breaking through things. Has a love for fighting.

    Emmy (Emmeline???) didn’t just to be Layton’s assistant, rather - she’s an ex-Targent agent who also trained Flora in martial arts and is double-agenting. Calls Layton be his real name - Theodore - and provides information to everyone else. Is responsible for espionage on both ends, but is a master thief as well.

    Luke is Clive’s younger brother, in a way, but his ability to converse with animals does exist - thank you, Mystery Journey - and he’s the scout / messenger. Clark is busy keeping Misthallery away from London contact, while Brenda is also helping out the Revolution. Is told to stay away from the front lines, guess what he does? Rush his dumbass to the front lines.

    #jin.txt #professor layton#monocle layton#clive dove#claire foley#dimitri allen #[dimitri voice] i'm sorry women #maybe i should get rid of the 'time machine explosion haha' part? and flesh out the fact he didnt suddenly turn 'evil' #perhaps claire went into a different timeline entirely #what if there arent azran legacies to uncover but the azran still existed (lol hollow earth) in a world that didn't need them #and aurora is a golem left behind from the civilization on the surface
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  • spec-tralarts
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    for day 7; i dont think they argue a lot, but they DO bicker frequently and it usually goes like this

    #dimiclaude #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #Claude von Riegan #fe3h #art n shit #it did in fact hurt a lot
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  • ilongforsleep
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I hate rendering /lh

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  • regical52
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Feral Dimitri with Astra is legitimately disgusting lmao. His damage is in the triple digits.

    Maybe now I have a hard counter to fallen Edlegard...

    In other news: still no legendary dimitri...

    #feh #fire emblem heroes #fe dimitri #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd
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  • konorai
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    One of the best parts about ByDue is that it’s Byleth and Dedue calmly having tea in the foreground while Dimitri has a years long character arc in the background /

    #pemdashitpost#FE3H#ByDue #Dedue x Byleth #Byleth Eisner #F!Byleth #Dedue Molinaro #Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd
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  • rhianwen24601
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Whatever their differences, I know in my heart that Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard would all be the kind of little kid who cried when they found out they had cavities, not because they're scared of the drill or the needle, but because they let down their dentist. :(

    #claude von riegan #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #edelgard von hresvelg #Fe3h #See Jaci project onto her fictional faves again! #I was absolutely That Kid
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  • kisant
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    An improved version of my last Dimitri drawing. I experimented a bit with watercolor pens and tried to give it more cold tones, too. 

    #fire emblem three houses #dimitri blaiddyd #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #kisant draws
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  • bishonenlover
    04.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Dimitri - Visual Prison episode 09

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  • saviourkingsimp
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    guess who FUCKING PITY BROKE ME AT 12,50

    YEAH. NÓTT. holy shit she's potentially at +4 now. my dimitri is now at +5. LIKE. TWO DIMITRIS ON A BANNER AND I PULL FOUR NÓTTS.

    #this cost me like. almost 400 orbs btw. deadass got nothing for a full 150. #im so angry rn. if those nótts had been dimitris he would have been at +9 #i have no fucking use for her!!!!! i already have her and she's just parked in ar def #maybe fodder her off to seteth idfk #feh #fire emblem heroes
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  • saviourkingsimp
    04.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ngl i might just give up

    #like #it's just making me super sad rn bc i saved up for months and im not getting dimitri #not getting ANYONE tbh. the last 100 orbs got me absolutely nothing #ive been sniping blue specifically bc idc abt anything else but man. yeah. it just really feels on purpose now #feh #im never getting that +10 dimitri 😭 #fire emblem heroes
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  • charles-aux-fraises
    04.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Iʼm proud to announce I finally chose my favorite VisuPri unit. Itʼs ECLIPSE!

    I have to say I like O★Zʼs music more but “Royal Crown” was really impressive. The notes were so high, but this is typical of ECLIPSE.

    Also, that bond between ECLIPSE members is just special, theyʼre in sync, they genuinely care about each other. Theyʼre so similar, yet so different, as Oggi magazine said. I feel like they gives off some Re:vale vibes. Theyʼre married and no one will change my mind. Besides, one of my favorite seiyuu (Massun) who is also the reason why I started VisuPri is in ECLIPSE.

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  • mattdom
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Animated characters wearing tuxedo/suit ✨

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  • rose--hathaways
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #vampire academy#va#dimitri belikov #POP STAN DIMITRI BELIKOV I AM SO HERE FOR IT
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  • vampirebitchfactory
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    there is not a single character here that can be spared from my love and affection for them

    #visual prison #literally i love all of them #guiltia my pathetic little meow meow #Dimitri break up with hyde and marry me #saga you funky little dramatic gay goth #eve my love #robyn my sassy little piece of shit #ange my babie boy #hyde you lovely motherfucker #jack you are also a sassy shit and legally my son #mist my mentally ill little honey pie #elizabeth marry me you put up with too much shit and i can make it worse #edit: how could i have forgotten david and pannya!? #they both are the backbone of this show #can hyde and Dimitri even function without david? #and who is OZ without pannya
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  • ask-the-tempest-king
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #fire emblem #fire emblem three houses #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #ask dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #queue are the ocean’s gray waves #// i still have no idea whether to tag this as a crossover or not- #// shinx is such a wonderful pokemon and i love its evolution line too #// i can't remember if i ever mentioned that but there it is #// oh and i hope you don't mind me putting the asks together i thought it would be best to answer them that way
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  • bishonenlover
    03.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Eclipse - Visual Prison episode 09

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  • artisticzaati
    03.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I didn't think my Dimitri art would get that much attention! Well, here's another sketch since he is still on my mind.

    #zaati draws #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #dimitri#fe3h dimitri #fire emblem three houses #three houses#fire emblem
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