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  • I thought it would be “Haha Funny” to write a Nyandalorian fic….. Look at me who got to into a joke and now have an over 2k word fic. W E L P

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    • Y/N: How old do you think I am?
    • Din: Y/N, age doesn’t matter.
    • Din: You can die any time.
    • Y/N:
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  • he comes home one night and finds you in his bed… with a stuffed toy, din figures the best remedy to an aching heart is to buy you another.

    content warning: din djarin/reader, just cute fluffy shit from din and our sweet girl reader.

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    Originally posted by waiting-for-motivation

    He notices it the moment he steps inside.

    In all honesty, how could he not? While sure it was in the middle of the night that he had returned, the lights were still bright and on in the hull just as it is in the cot.

    So, take a guess when he returns and finds you cuddled up inside where his bed is—a small stuffed bantha toy in your arms while there was one shaped as a porg in the small arms of the green little child.

    He wonders if you’ve had that toy for a while now or if you had gotten it while out during a food run. Surely, he would’ve seen you buy one, not only for yourself but for the child.

    Then again, you were good at hiding many things from him, thus another reason why he couldn’t find the many stolen shirts of his in your laundry basket. You probably figured out that he knew and attempted to hide the evidence.

    In all honesty, Din could care less, you could steal all the shirts he had, then he would buy more for you then just to repeat.

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  • just realised the mandalorian has the same vibe as regency movies. like you can see a bit of his wrist peeking out from him glove?? shocking!!! that moment when he tilts his helmet back and then there was a silver of his chin that came as fast as it was gone??? SCANDALOUS!!! he just took off his helmet and now we can see his face and the raw emotions that whizzes pass??? he might as well be NAKED

    #someone is swooning #it’s me i’m swooning #but moff gideon was on the verge of passing out because luke was there so there’s that #the mandalorian#din djarin#my post#marsrb
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  • this is gonna be controversial but TECHNICALLY baby Yoda/Grogu is a Disney prince(ss) because his dad is now the ruler of Mandalore….

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  • image

    My hogwarts au since I’m brimming with ideas.

    Yes, Grogu is an owl. Let’s just say Din will meet an orphan when he’s older and name him after his owl.

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    • Din: How old are you anyway, two?
    • Grogu: I'm fifty.
    • Din: Cool. I don't know anything about children
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  • din not trusting ig-11 because it’s in his nature to kill is so interesting when you realize the episode prior is all about din’s past life (with the other mercenaries) versus the kind of man he is now. the first season really is about din stepping into his role as a parent and realizing he doesn’t have to stay in his past as a hunter.

    #i’m totally not crying or anything #god this is a good show #din djarin#the mandalorian#candy talks
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  • A Simple Bounty | Chapter 4: The Promise

    “Han?” Luke all but yells, eyes focused on the figure making its way towards them.

    No turning back now, Din thinks, and rotates on one heel to look at the ship, holding Grogu so he can see Han walking towards them as well.

    Han had taken the time to clean up, his shirt wrinkle free and hair apparently combed, his face clean shaven. He’ll miss the beard a little bit, but he does have to admit this fits Han better.

    Din notes that Han let him come out here, armor singed, looking like he just climbed out of a sarlacc pit, just so he could clean up and look good for his ex during his dramatic entrance. Irrational fondness springs up in his chest. Asshole.

    “Luke Skywalker,” Han says, arms wide open, a deliberately charming smile on his face. “Bet you never thought I’d find out you lent my ship to your Mando boyfriend,” he says.

    “Oh my god,” Din says under his breath, blush rising on his cheeks. “This is going to be interesting,” he says just for Grogu’s ears.

    #EHEHEHEH#skymandolo#dinluke#handolorian#skysolo #this chapter is still. very heavy with din/han #but definitely more dinluke than before #and some cute skysolo cuddle times #my fic#my oc#luke skywalker#han solo#din djarin#ot3#grogu djarin-skywalker-solo #im not too happy w this gifset but here we are
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  • “Hoe don’t do it…….. oh my god.” ~Din Djarin, internally, probably

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  • #Not only was Din not willing to accept any rewards for his efforts, he was also ready to give up anything to save Grogu #he didn’t want the almighty laser sword or power or the throne #he just wanted his little green son back #nothing was truly valuable to him except for Grogu #Din Djarin - best dad in the galaxy

    #themandalorianedit#mandalorianedit#swedit#starwarsedit#themandaloriandaily#themandaloriansource#strwrsdaily#the mandalorian#din djarin#by*ks #he was so desperate to save his son my heart is breaking for him cause now he is all alone again
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  • Bit of Dinluke for the dash:
    Luke is overwhelmed and Din is trying his hardest.
    Ashley is indoctrinating me to the Dinluke way of life and I wrote this in like 10 mins…

    Din was sitting on the bed watching Luke pace back and forth. He’d been talking for a good twenty minutes. Most of it went right over Din’s head, he was able to get a general idea though. A group of young men- young p-p… Padawans?- some of the first that Luke had started training were reaching the age where they felt like they knew everything about the galaxy.

    Din had seen it countless times with foundlings when he was growing up. Not him- he was always the type to keep his head down and do what he was told.

    Yes sir.

    No ma'am.

    This is the way.

    But kids like these were common, and Din had seen that spirit beat out of too many children to begrudge them their desire to push boundaries.

    He knew Luke felt the same way, deep down. It was all just overwhelming, so much rested on his shoulders.

    Luke huffed and put a hand over his face. Din could see the Jedi’s shoulders slump slightly.

    “They’re children,” Din said.

    “And I’m just one man,” Luke said, spinning around, desperation clear and present in his voice.

    It was still hard for Din to know how to react when Luke’s eyes were on him- the real him. With no helmet to hide his reaction he was often scared to show any at all.

    He wasn’t sure what Luke saw in his face but his expression softened slightly and he took a step toward Din, tentatively.

    Luke was always tentative with him, letting Din set the pace. Sometimes he wished Luke would just let go and push him onto the bed without warning, but mostly he was grateful for the caution.

    Din raised a hand and reached out for Luke who came to stand between his legs in an instant.

    Din wrapped his hands around Luke’s lower back and rested his forehead into the hard muscles of his stomach- it was easier not to look Luke in the eye when they were this close.

    He felt arms circle around the back of his head and upper back as Luke relaxed into the embrace.

    Din wasn’t ready to say it out loud, but he liked this- he liked being able to touch people- to comfort someone he cared about.

    They stayed like that for some time before Luke spoke again.

    “I just don’t think I can handle this on my own anymore.”

    Din finally pulled back and looked up at Luke. His eyes were glistening, blue eyes like the sky just before you broke out of the atmosphere and into the inky blackness of space.

    “You’re not alone, Luke,” Din said, trying his hardest to keep eye contact, difficult though it was.

    Luke blinked down at him for a moment before placing a hand on his cheek.

    Din finally let his eyes close and leaned into the familiar pressure.

    He didn’t jump when Luke’s lips met his, they only kissed when Din’s eyes were closed. Din wanted to open them- kriff he wanted to- but he couldn’t, not yet. Someday, but not yet.

    “I know that,” Luke whispered as he pulled back from the kiss.

    Din felt the pressure of Luke’s forehead on his and tilted his head side to side, nuzzling slightly against Luke.

    “I know that,” Luke repeated, “I’m sorry.” He took a step back, letting one hand find Din’s. Din gripped tightly to the point of contact as he opened his eyes. “I’m glad you’re here.”

    Din gave the Jedi’s hand a light squeeze before letting it go.

    “So am I.”

    Also on AO3

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  • Mandalorian gear comes in quite a few variations, and it can vary based on things like era, clan, status and taste of the wearer. There are, however, some basics that can be helpful to understand how it all fits together. Let’s start with the soft parts, part 1:


    A normally one piece suit that goes over underwear and stuff like thermals, and the like. We do see characters in partial ones, like Sabine Wren, however considering she was a teenager on the run & that she later acquired one would perhaps indicate that it was not a choice but rather out of necessity.

    There are several variations of flightsuits, but the basic types we see are the classic Boba Fett based type with extra sleeves & a type that is more like the stormtrooper/clone trooper undersuits/blacks and equally tightly fitted.

    Bo-Katan for example wears the first type in live action, but the second type in animation. (Also of note is that the blacks type has so far only been worn by female characters. Gee, I wonder why.)


    Fabrics, like a cotton twill or denim for the Boba Fett style suit. Softshell, strechy fabrics & thicker athletic wear like for the blacks type suit.

    Visual References

    Here’s concept art of Sabine Wren in the two main types, blacks type to the left and in the middle with a flak vest. Boba Fett style to the right with a flak vest:


    Boba Fett (OT):


    Flak Vest

    Flak vests come in a myriad of variations. Normally made out of a tough material that you use to attach you chest, back & neck pieces too. Sometimes the shoulder pieces as well, depending on the type. In The Mandalorian most mandos seem to favor variations of the sleeveless vest type.


    Heavy duty fabrics, quilted fabrics, canvas, leather, rubberised cloth, etc.

    Visual References

    Bo-Katan in a t-shirt style flak vest over a blacks type flight suit & Bo-katan in a vest type flak vest with leather reinforced shoulders & a Fett style flightsuit:


    Boba Fett in his OT flak vest (sandy color vest type with flaps to attach shoulder armor to) & Boba Fett in his new flak vest (black with pleated shoulders that stick out over his armor, shoulder armor attached to sleeves that on close inspection appears to be pleated as well and attached to the flak vest, so far this style is unique to him):


    Jango Fett, wearing a leather or rubbery looking flak vest with attached flaps for shoulder armor & a blue Fett style flightsuit:


    (Interestingly during the empire era several female mandos switch to a style with no flak vest, notably Clan Wren, while Bo-Katan favors what looks like black leather like material in a t-shirt shape that might simply be a part of her flightsuit, but concept art implies it’s a separate piece. This might simply be because of the sleek look of Rebels animation)


    Round or square toed. Work boots, manchester ankle boots, tall boots. Chunky soles, often covered with spats and/or armor.


    Leather or leatherlike, spats material can vary.

    Visual References

    From left to right, from the top: Din Djarin (altered light brown manchester boots with brown spats), Boba Fett OT (manchester boots with spikes, worn greyish black), Fenn Rau (black with blue spats), Sabine Ren (tall black boots with slight chunky heel), Bo-Katan Kryze TCW (ankle high black combat boots, chunky sole), Ursa Wren (brown, grey spats)


    Koska Reeves and Axe Woves, both are wearing dark brown ankle boots covered in spats made of a leather like material.



    Combat gloves, leather gloves, fingerless gloves. Usually with a handplate. At least long enough to hide edge under the bracers.

    Visual Reference


    Part 2, armor. Coming…. whenever I have the time. 

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    Originally posted by b-n-a-o

    So, Din would be kind of a nervous guy (Although, he’ll keep the anxiousness under wraps) when he’s about to meet his S/O’s parents; especially your father. Knowing how fathers can be when they find out their daughter is in a relationship with a boy (rightfully so cause they want the best for their daughters), Din would try extra hard to be respectful at all costs. He wants to make a good impression and because he loves S/O, he’d do anything for that person. Even if boils down to putting himself in the spotlight.

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  • Here’s yesterday’s video!

    It’s not Mandalorian related, but it is Pedro related!

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  • Pairing: Din Djarin x Luke Skywalker

    Rating: Gen for now, going UP to Explicit in the next chapters

    Warnings: N/A

    Summary: Din Djarin is a caring, loving dad, and it’s exactly what Grogu deserves. When Grogu’s therapist suggests that he practices a sport or something to let him explore his true personality more, Din decides to bring him to Luke Skywalker’s dojo, to learn kung fu.
    Everything seems to be going fine for a few weeks until one day Luke hits up a super hot man on Grindr without a face picture, without realising it’s Din himself. They both know Grogu’s a priority, but there’s nothing wrong if they sext a bit, right?

    The kid is holding onto his father’s leg, his presence strong, unmovable, like an anchor keeping a ship steady while the wind blows and the sea foams and roars. The man, tall, broad, dark eyes, dark hair, olive skin, looks down at his son.A broad hand strokes the kid’s light hair gently, tucking a strand of curls behind one of his ears: they’re big, flushed red in this moment, like the kid’s pale chubby cheeks. His wide eyes, dark as his father’s, seem to swallow the space whole.

    Notes: I told myself I wouldn’t have written another fanfic that’s not a commission but here I am self indulging in DinLuke hell lmao

    Read on AO3

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  • i love the idea of han and din becoming friends bc it’s essentially the idea of an extrovert adopting an introvert. han isn’t used to someone letting him be snarky & dramatic without becoming immediately irritated so he finds himself talking to him all the time and din just lets him. occasionally din is snarky back but han is always taken back & it makes him like him more. chewie also adopts him immediately bc he bothers to have extensive wookie knowledge & they both value family

    #din: *says something witty* han: so true bestie #screaming at the idea of this #luke doesn’t want them to hang out anymore #han solo#din djarin #orian.txt
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