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    Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum, cyare.

    Din Djarin - @kaijuscientists Boba Fett - @kaijumittons Photographer: Robkabob Photography

    #bobadin#the mandalorian#din djarin#boba fett#star wars #the book of boba fett #ok i know i'm a dincobb shipper #enjoy a little bobadin with me and my husband #💕💕💕💕💕💕💕#cosplay #the mandalorian cosplay #star wars cosplay #youmacon #din djarin cosplay #boba fett cosplay #i know the armors don't match what they should be #but i had my heart set on season 1 pre beskar Din #the beskar is coming next #the photos Rob took came out so good tho i'm YELLING #kaiju cosplays
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    #dincobb #pokemon in star wars au #why did i write about two gay dogs who are really getting tired of the owners avoiding their feelings for each other #hahaha more fics for my ao3
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    #sound on ! #bobadin#mandomera#dincobb #this is....... #the mandocule#din djarin#the mandalorian#my stuff#migs mayfeld #a preview of a project i started but i probably will never finish cause there's too many things that don't work in the rest of the song #is this too niche or-----
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    Dincobb soft edition

    #*me drawing #hmmm what is it missing? #more pillows :) #always need more pillows #and a sheepskin for the wonderful cakes #cakes if u see this #that’s for u #dincobb#the mandalorian#my art#dio draws#mandalorian fanart#cobb vanth #din djarin fanart #din djarin #cobb vanth fanart #dincobb fanart
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    Dincobb scene 👀

    #the mandalorian#din djarin#dio draws#my art#cobb vanth#mandalorian fanart#dincobb #din djarin fanart #cobb vanth fanart #I love dincobb #tw: scars #body worship time babeyyyyyy #what? dio doing a background?! #unheard of #will still continue to not color tho #18+ #<- just tryna be safe here folks
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    Din and Cobb doodles 😈😇

    #the mandalorian#din djarin#my art#dio draws#mandalorian fanart#cobb vanth#dincobb #din djarin fanart #cobb vanth fanart #haha they’re in tights
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    Fanfic:: become so mangled

    Din returns to Mos Pelgo, without the Child, but with a new weapon.
    Cobb can't admit to himself that Din has come back... wrong.

    In October, when I was supposed to be working on my big bang fic, my brain said “haunted din!!!!” and I was helpless to follow my muse.

    So, here’s haunted!Din, post season 2 with a hint of dincobb!

    Haunted!Din, of course, originates from these lovely people. Title inspo from this tumblr post. Huge thanks to Izzy and Bat for betaing!

    Link to AO3


    Mando had changed since he first came to Mos Pelgo.

    There were the obvious ways; his lack of a Child, the spear on his back, the hilt at his hip he refused to talk about. He was quiet before, but now he was silent. Cobb rolled with it; he understood what grief could do to a person, even if Mando hadn’t named it as such. They managed, sharing the small space of Cobb’s house, getting by on Din’s body language and Cobb being more than prepared to fill stretched silences.

    And then there were the other ways, ways Cobb can’t be sure were real.

    It started when he woke up to an empty house, to a cold side of the bed. They were both far past the point of being able to sleep on couches, especially Cobb’s ratty one, so neither had much issue sharing Cobb’s bed. Cobb just had to push aside those pesky feelings and deal with it.

    Waking up to an empty bed wasn’t unnatural. Mando was restless, up before the sun, pacing the room, or sitting in the kitchen, staring at nothing in particular. Waking up to an empty bed at three in the morning, with no sign that the other man was in the house? That was odd.

    The front door was locked, so he could assume Mando wasn’t kidnapped. He at least hoped he would have woken up for something like that. He knew Mando was his own man and could handle himself, but that didn’t stop him from pulling on his boots and belt and throwing his poncho over that.

    Outside, the air was cool, with both of Tatooine’s moons peering down at him like eyes. He pulled the flashlight from his belt, and pointed it low, scanning the area. It was times like these he wished he had his old armor back, with the helmet’s HUD that functioned nicely in the dark, but this wasn’t the time for that. There was no obvious movement, but he walked slowly down the street just the same. He kept the beam of the flashlight low; there was no need to alert the whole town. He felt like the only soul awake. It didn’t take long to reach the end of the houses and look on at the endless stretch of desert.

    There were stupider things he could do than walk out into the desert at 3am, but nothing came to mind as he stepped into the open plains.

    The desert never settled, not even at night. The winds whipped around his poncho, animals called out to one another. The light from his flashlight skittered across the ground as he pointed it here and there, wherever there was movement.

    The beam fell on twin dunes. His heart pounded in his chest as sand fell as something moved from behind. He reached down to grab the knife in his boot, but stopped as he recognized the glint of the familiar t-visor in the moonlight. His shoulders sagged in relief, something unnamed uncoiling from his stomach.

    “Mando! You gave me the fright of my-” He stopped as Mando stepped into the beam of light.

    His armor looked red with all the blood covering it, dripping onto his boots and into the sand. His movement was jerky, small spasms as he moved toward him.

    Cobb was moving before he realized it. He had his hands over him immediately, breaking past unsaid boundaries to look for wounds. Up close, he saw the blood had seeped into the flight suit. There was so much blood, the fabric squished under his fingers.

    “What in the hell happened to you?” he mumbled.

    He checked Mando’s arms once, twice, but there wasn’t a scorch mark or tear on him. His eyes scanned the rest of his body and still, there is no sign of any cut on the man.

    Mando gently bought his hands up to grasp onto Cobb’s wrists. He held them between their bodies, gently squeezing.

    “Cobb,” he said, in a voice much deeper and rougher than the one Cobb first heard all those months ago. That pulled his gaze to his helmet and the infinite blackness in that t-visor. There wasn’t a drop of blood on his helmet, Cobb realized belatedly.

    “Okay,” Mando said. 

    Cobb couldn’t tell if that was a question or a statement.

    So, he squeezed Mando’s hands in turn and said, “C’mon, let’s get you inside.”

    He helped Mando take off the armor, setting it on the make-shift armor stand he still had from his old armor. He took off all of the bloodstained clothing but the helmet. When Cobb hand reached for it, Mando had taken his wrists firmly, and brought them back down. He suspected as much, and turned to find some clothing that would fit Mando. 

    They fell into bed, back to back, like they had hours before. The domesticity of it all was almost enough to banish thoughts of Mando drenched in mystery blood as he fell back asleep.


    He kept an eye on Mando after that. Started noticing how Mando would space out and stare at nothing before violently shuddering and turning back to the conversation like nothing happened. How the krayt dragon meat that was still in his conservator disappeared after a month of living with the guy. How Mando’s voice continued to sound deep and gravely, how that wasn't how deep his voice would sound even with disuse.

    He tried explaining it away. Mando was thinking of the Child in those moments, Cobb wasn’t used to feeding two people, or he was out of practice talking to folks.

    The image of the blood stayed in his head.

    Cobb went on patrol that next morning, casting a wider circle than normal, but found no evidence of a mercenary camp or animal remains in the area where Mando had emerged.

    Scavengers, he told himself, to rid himself of the chill that ran up his spine.

    None of it was enough to kick the man out of his home, though. He could still feel Mando’s hurt like a physical thing, and he wasn’t about to force the man to spill what had happened.

    “If you ever want to talk, in whatever form you want to, I’m here, alright?” he’d told him. 

    That had gotten him a nod, which he had taken as a success.

    Mando still disappeared sometimes. It wasn’t always at night. Sometimes he’d be searching for the man and walk all the way around town, only to find him right at his doorstep, a splash of blood on his bodysuit. He never came home with as much blood as he had seen that first night.


    And then… and then something happened in broad daylight.

    With the krayt dragon gone, Mos Pelgo was finally able to install solar panels. It had been a group effort, digging the hole for the foundation, gathering the credits, carting the supplies all the way out here. Everyone helped make it happen, so everyone was there when they were put up.

    Cobb leaned back against one of the houses as the last panel was put into place. They were large, made of black glass, tilted so they would catch most of the suns at this time of day. A cheer went up as the last one snapped into place. Cobb searched the crowd and found Mando on the other side, leaning much in the same way he was. He caught his eye, and Mando nodded.

    It brought a smile to his face.

    There was a small celebration after. Some of the parents had cooked, one bringing out a tent so they could celebrate outside and not worry over the suns. Kids had a longer break from school. They stood in front of the glass, looking at their reflections in it, pulling faces. One tried to drag Mando into the fun. From his body language, Cobb could tell he was considering it, but refused all the same. Cobb smiled at their antics.

    Then Mando walked from one end of the party to the other and Cobb saw something that made his hair stand on end. He waited, frozen in place, hoping that it would pass, but it didn’t.

    He elbowed his deputy. “Jo? Do you see that?”

    She looked at where he was pointed at the panel and did a double take much the same as he did.

    They locked eyes and Jo let out a nervous laugh.

    “Trick of the light, Marshal. That’s all.”                         

    No, no it wasn’t. No kind of angle or anything would make it look like Mando had no reflection. Cobb checked, making his way around the party, talking to folks, but keeping one eye out for Mando the whole time. He made it to the other side and still, he saw no reflection from the Mandalorian.

    He spent the whole party rationalizing it, but there was nothing to rationalize.

    Something was wrong with his Mandalorian.


    A few days after the panels went up, Cobb heard the telltale signs of mercs outside Mos Pelgo, wild whoops and the sounds of speeders revving their engines.

    He sighed, grabbing his carbine and slapping the helmet on his head before leaving his house. He hoped that when he set up Freetown in the middle of nowhere, that’d mean that people would leave them alone, but that hadn’t proven to be the case.

    The suns were setting behind him, bathing the world in red-orange light. There were six of them, none of them kids, but still wild enough they might be trying to get into some gang but taking down Mos Pelgo. They had on mismatched clothing, with no identifiable mark or signet to be seen.

    He waited until they were done driving circles around their small town.

    “Now listen here, I’m the Marshal of Mos Pelgo and you boys should think before you make another move.”

    One of them, a human, snorted and said, “Oh yeah, where’s your Mandalorian pet?”

    Cobb grit his teeth. Mando had left in the middle of the day, without a word as to where he was going. As much as he’d appreciate the back-up, but Cobb didn’t need him.

    “Don’t matter. All you gotta do is focus on me.”

    A Rodian rolled their eyes, dismounting from their speeder. “Out of the way, old man.”

    Quick as a blink, Cobb pulled up his carbine and shot the Rodian in the leg. The man swears before pulling out his own heavily modified blaster. He turns to go for cover, but then a blast aimed at his feet knocks him over.

    Cobb hit the ground hard, hard enough his helmet went flying off his head. He scrambled back on his feet, heart pounding. He had to protect his town and the people. He wouldn’t be brought down by some mercs, he wouldn’t-

    His thoughts and hands stopped when he heard a strange humming. He looked at the mercs and they had stopped too.

    One of the mercs yelled out, “What the-!” before the world went dark.

    The lights that had been on in people’s homes faded into nothing. The suns, previously just above the horizon, are gone – not replaced by moons, but gone.

    It was then he saw the crackling sword. It looked like someone put a piece of the night sky into this endless void they were thrown into. And Mando was the one wielding it.

    Mandomoved with inhuman speed, Cobb was only able to make out what he was doing by the glow of the blade and the screams of the mercs. The air filled with the smell of burning fresh, the sounds of hissing and growling. Cobb didn’t realize he was moving until his back hit the wall of the house behind him.

    The screaming stopped. Mando’s helmet, lit by the white glow of the sword, turned to face him. All the blood drained out of Cobb’s face as he went light headed, hands fruitlessly gripping onto his blaster on the ground. Fear tore at his throat. 


    He wasn’t sure what happened, but the world shifted. The blade of the sword retracted, disappearing into the hilt. With it, the world turned back on, the suns reappearing in the sky where they should be and the lights in people’s homes slowly turning back on.

    Cobb’s knees finally gave out and he slid down the wall of the house. Mando faltered in his step, like he tripped on air, as he walked toward Cobb.

    He knelt down and Cobb tensed as Mando held his hands out. He regretted it immediately, as Mando shrank away. 

    “No, no, Mando,” he said, his throat dry. He reached out, tentatively, not knowing if it would be accepted. “Mando, I- what happened?”

    Mando reached for him, slowly pulling him close to his chest. He was still breathing hard as he pulled Cobb flush against his chest.

    “Safe,” Mando said, his voice the normal timber Cobb remembered from his first visit. “You’re safe.”

    He loosened his grip just enough to press his forehead to Cobb’s. On instinct, Cobb let his eyes slide shut. He held onto his cape, knuckles popping with how tight he held it.

    “Oh, Mando,” he whispered, pulling him closer. “What happened to you?”

    Cobb had never expected Mando to come back after their first initial meeting. He had daydreamed, in those months between, about picking back up where they left off. Seeing if that spark was still there, hoping Mando had felt the same. And now here he was, shivering in his arms.

    Whatever was wrong with him, they would figure it out together.

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    #asks#dincobb server #if the link doesn't work lmk
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    #dincobb#din djarin#cobb vanth#the mandalorian#fanart#my stuff #de-stressing by drawing some guys in love
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    In Calm Or Stormy Weather - Chapter 13

    You can also find this on AO3!

    Summary: “Ah, yes, you may call me Russ,” Mando’s brother said. “Third child of the Mand’alor, ruler of the country of Mandalore, and third in line for the throne. My companions are Coruk, Akaan, Wolf, Raven and Farsight.”

    His companions nodded or made some sort of indication to show who they were when their names were called, but Cobb, again, couldn’t give the situation enough attention. A child of the Mand’alor? If Ruus was Mando’s sibling, then wouldn’t that make Mando a Prince?

    Notes: So... I've been sick. Fun times? Either way, I'm finally better and decided to celebrate with a chapter!

    TW for mentions of abuse and torture (very vague).

    Chapter 12


    Just... don’t be mad

    Cobb stood at the top of the stairs leading into the castle, watching as the strangers rode into the courtyard. There were five humans in all, each of them armed in some way, and their armour probably would have shone had it not been covered in almost a month’s worth of dust and grime. He didn’t like how aloof they all looked, the way they looked down on his people simply by remaining mounted in his city, and he drew his shoulders back.

    Mando, who was ever at his side even after Cobb had made it clear that he would be excused from this if he wished to be, shifted his stance, his fingers curling tighter about the hilt of his sword. He had asked Mando if they should go to meet his brother, to help guide him through Tatooine safely, but Mando had refused.

    "The less said about Ruus the better," Mando had said. "Make sure he doesn't get attacked or misled, but otherwise, if he wants to come here, he can find the way himself."

    Cobb hadn't asked much about his family after that, and he had a feeling that, if he did, he wouldn't like what he'd hear. Mando hadn't offered much either, though he had seemed on the verge of speaking multiple times over the weeks it had taken for the Mandalorian party to arrive.

    "Just… don't be mad," he'd said when news of their arrival had reached them. "I'll explain everything, but I just… That's not who I am anymore, and it's hard to think about."

    Cobb could understand difficult pasts and wanting to leave them behind, so he'd kissed him and reassured him that he would keep an open mind before leading the way out to greet his new guests.

    The Mandalorians dismounted expertly and, much to Cobb's surprise, removed their helmets to reveal their faces. He kept a careful hold on his glamour and that of the one he'd placed on Mando and made sure not to look in his champion's direction, but he heard the scuff of his boots as he shifted uncomfortably.

    The man at the front of the group had to have been Mando’s sibling, their hair not quite the same, though they shared a similar colour, but the shape of their eyes and nose were almost identical. This man was as stern as Mando had appeared when they’d first met, but with more haughtiness and confidence.

    The others were much the same in their bearing, though their appearances varied. It was Ruus that Cobb focused on though, secure in the knowledge that his friends and the other guards would keep an eye on them.

    “Welcome, travellers!” he called in greeting as they stepped forwards, finally catching their attention from where they’d been examining their surroundings. “Y’all look like you’ve come a long way.”

    “Indeed,” Ruus said, and Cobb was almost impressed that he managed to look down his nose at him while having to look up stairs. “Who might you be?”

    “Ah, where’s my manners?” Cobb said with a smirk. “You can call me Vanth; I’m the ruler of this here country, and it’s my castle y’all’re about to step foot in. Now how about you return the favour and tell us who you are before I change my mind about offering some hospitality.”

    Watching the Mandalorians squirm as they reassessed their situation was a sight Cobb was sure to cherish for many years to come.

    “Ah, yes, you may call me Russ,” Mando’s brother said. “Third child of the Mand’alor, ruler of the country of Mandalore, and third in line for the throne. My companions are Coruk, Akaan, Wolf, Raven and Farsight.”

    His companions nodded or made some sort of indication to show who they were when their names were called, but Cobb, again, couldn’t give the situation enough attention. A child of the Mand’alor? If Ruus was Mando’s sibling, then wouldn’t that make Mando a Prince?

    Whatever the case may be, he would get answers later. For now he had a show to put on.

    “A prince and his companions,” Cobb said. “Aren’t we lucky? Now, I can see y’all are mighty tired. We’ve set up some rooms for you to rest and wash before a welcome feast.”

    “That is… very kind of you, your majesty,” Russ said with a shallow bow.

    Cobb hummed, not bothering to correct the man in his assumption of his title. If they wanted to call him ‘your majesty’, then they were welcome to. Plus it might teach them a little humility, though he doubted it. He turned and headed towards the door, Mando falling into step just behind him, and he had to smirk when he heard the Mandalorians scurry to follow.

    “There’s fresh fruit and water in your rooms,” Cobb said, breezing forward, though Ruus caught up quicker than he’d anticipated, matching his pace at his side. “I’m mighty curious as to why you’ve decided to visit my home after such a long absence though. What made you consider stepping across our border?”

    Ruus was silent for a few moments as they walked, and Cobb could see him sucking at his teeth from the corner of his eye before speaking. “One of my brothers has gone missing,” he said. “He vanished from the castle some weeks ago now, and we have been looking for him all across the kingdom and have not found any sign of him. There was no sign of a struggle, so we suspect he left of his own will, but it’s possible he might have gotten lost and stumbled onto your lands.”

    “Is that so?” Cobb asked, carefully keeping his gaze from the man at his left shoulder.

    “We also suspect that he might have… borrowed something as well; a precious artifact that’s been in our family for generations,” the Prince continued. “We need to retrieve this artifact and return it to the Mand’alor, for its continued safety and integrity. The sooner it is returned the sooner we can protect it.”

    A precious artifact, huh? Cobb’s thoughts turned briefly to the child, and he couldn’t help but agree that he was precious, but to call him an artifact, to compare him to an item, a thing, was disgusting.

    “Y’know, it kinda sounds like you’re a lot more concerned about this artifact than you are your brother,” Cobb said as they came to a stop outside the rooms he had assigned them.

    “No,” Ruus said a little too quickly. “It’s just very fragile, and I don’t want a piece of our history to be lost forever.”

    “Ah, I see,” Cobb said with a nod. “Well, this is your room, and your companions can take the rooms along the hall.”

    “My thanks,” Ruus said with another shallow bow before stepping through the open door.

    Cobb gave his shadow a nod in return and stepped away, heading back towards his own rooms with Mando in tow. It was a short walk, only a few minutes away. But he could almost feel the tension in Mando like a wave of heat on his back, and the questions inside him wanted to bubble out. He took a deep breath as he stepped through his door, careful to keep his frustrations under control until the door had closed behind them.

    Mando’s silence suddenly felt like too much, and his grip on the glamour slipped. He had no doubt that he looked almost wild, his wings flitting with unspent energy as he started to pace. A prince? Mando was a prince ? Why hadn’t he said anything? Surely that was something that he should have been informed of. His family would surely have been looking for him, and here they were!

    “Please don’t be mad,” Mando whispered, and Cobb finally looked back at him.

    Mando looked like he was trying to make himself look as small as possible; his shoulders were hunched, his head was ducked down, and he was pressing himself back against the door. It was enough of a sight to bring Cobb up short, and he was filled with guilt.

    “Oh Mando,” he said, stepping closer with his hands out. “Can I hold you?”

    The question seemed to catch Mando by surprise, raising his eyes enough to nod, and Cobb wrapped his arms around him. The man was stiff in his arms, but after a few minutes of being held he started to relax, pressing his face into the crook of Cobb’s neck.

    “I’m sorry,” he said, words muffled by Cobb’s shirt. “I’m sorry. I should have said something.”

    Cobb kissed his ear. “It’ll be okay.”

    “It’s not.”

    “It will be,” Cobb said again. “Why don’t you explain things and maybe we can work through it, yeah?”

    Mando nodded again, and Cobb gently led him to sit next to him on the bed. His champion didn’t move for a while, likely gathering courage, but eventually he pulled back enough to meet Cobb’s eyes.

    “I… I’m not a Prince,” was the first thing he said, much to Cobb’s surprise. “I might be the son of the Mand’alor, but I am not an heir. I was born to a spinster in a village in the South of the kingdom, several leagues from the capital. The Mand’alor didn’t even care I existed until I showed some aptitude with weapons, then… then I was taken from my home.

    “My siblings… When I was introduced to my new family, they never let me forget that I was a bastard, that I was only there because I had an ‘innate talent’.” He scoffed. “I tried to let my skills go, but the Mand’alor wouldn’t let me. I would be put through… through vigorous, brutal training and trials. Oh, are you sick? Not enough training. You broke your arm? Training. You look like you’ve got too much time. Training, training, training!”

    Mando sniffed and looked away, chuckling in a chilling way. “I didn’t even get a real ‘name’. Ruus, Raven, Akaan? No, I’m just ‘Mando’, just another piece of Mandalore. I didn’t get to go to my buir’s funeral when they died, didn’t get to have a bed until I’d earned it, didn’t get food unless I’d done as I was told. It wasn’t until about five years ago that I was given any freedom.”

    “And you used it to go to the orphanage,” Cobb said, drawing a smile out of him.

    “I did,” Mando agreed. “I just… I wanted to keep them safe.”

    “You did.”

    Mando nodded, but then his face crumbled again, and Cobb wanted to kiss the pain from him.

    “I couldn’t keep them safe.”


    “The child, he arrived at the castle with his parents,” Mando explained. “They… They wanted shelter, the father was sick, probably because of all the iron, the mother had only recently given birth and… they killed them.” He covered his mouth. “They just wanted to stay the night before heading on their way, but my… the Mand'alor, they locked them away. I… I tried to get them out, but I had to be so careful. The child's father died after a few days, before I could get a chance, and the woman…"

    Mando was crying now, the tears welling in his eyes, and Cobb, heartbroken and infuriated as he was about everything, about the bastards who had done this to this man, just wanted to swaddle him and protect him from the world. "You can stop."

    "No," Mando said with a shake of his head. "She doesn't deserve to be forgotten. She was so strong, Cobb. She never let them break her. She always kept the child safe." He sniffed and allowed Cobb to wipe his cheeks with his thumbs. "They made me watch sometimes, to make sure I knew what would happen to those who 'consorted with that sort', they made me hold the child and… I heard them talking, about how they were going to-to-to use him, to make him some sort of weapon, or slave. I know she heard it too because she just… looked at me. I couldn't leave them there."

    He paused, swallowing hard. "By the time I got to her cell she was already dying, but she saw who I was, she knew, somehow, that I wanted to keep her child safe, and we swapped him for a bundle of rags." He frowned. "She told me his Name. Why would she do that?"

    Cobb, feeling his own tears trickling down his cheeks, kissed Mando softly and smiled. "Because she could see the good in you."

    Mando sniffed and smiled back at him. "I left that night. The rest you know."

    Cobb nodded and kissed him again. "You are so much stronger than you appear."

    "We have to keep the child safe."

    "And we will; you're both here, under my protection." The reminder brought Mando some relief, and he leaned more willingly into Cobb. "I don't blame you for wanting to forget a lot of that. You've been through so much already, and you just wanted a fresh start." He threaded his fingers through Mando's hair to continue to soothe him. "We'll get to the bottom of what they want, and then we'll make sure they never touch your child ever again."


    Whuf. No promises as to when the next chapter will be, but these boys... Poor Din. I also notice this is the second time I've killed off Grogu's parent(s) in one of my stories...

    Mando’a Translations:

    Ruus -- Rock Choruk -- Stone Akaan -- War

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    Hey Disney I know you are a cowardly bastard so I'm going to let you make dincobb canon between seasons, just make sure din is wearing cobb's red scarf when season 3 begins, enviar tuit

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    I completely forgot that I can post this piece now for the @dincobb-big-bang

    For Chapter 8 of the wonderful Kappa’s amazing fic

    There’s A Place For You Here

    Go check it out!

    Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Post-Season/Series 02, Mand'alor Din Djarin, Planet Mandalore (Star Wars), Mandalorian Culture (Star Wars), Culture Shock, Trans Cobb Vanth, Trans Din Djarin, Discussion of past enslavement, Discussion of the Mandalorian Purge, Slow Burn, Miscommunication, Idiots in Love, Panic Attacks, Canon-Typical Violence

    #The Mandalorian#Star Wars#DinCobb #dincobb big bang 2021 #Din Djarin#Cobb Vanth #Aya draws stuff
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    Me after read all DinCobb Bing Bang fanfics and waiting for more ♥️

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    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    camping across the galaxy

    #so din is definitely taking cobb on adventures all around the galaxy and showing him different planets #because they both deserve a break #dincobb#din djarin#cobb vanth#the mandalorian#fanart#my stuff #UGH all i wanted to do was draw cobb sleeping on din's shoulder #but then it got out of hand and for some reason i felt committed to finishing it #so it took way too long #i'm so sick of this now lol #i definitely do not enjoy trying to figure out how to draw metal #why must din be so shiny #ANYWAY please imagine that shirt with the wolves looking up at the full moon #but instead of wolves it's din #halfway through making this i realised that was kind of the vibe here and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it since
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  • sunfishstick
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    finally getting around to posting my art for staranon’s fic In His Sorrow for the dincobb big bang!! yay!!!

    important tags:


    graphic depictions of violence

    angst, hurt/comfort

    past relationship(s)

    minor character death

    past, implied/referenced rape/non-con

    tatooine slave culture


    #dincobb big bang 2021 #fanfic#the mandalorian#star wars#dincobb#my art#cobb vanth#din djarin #dont look at me i kept pushing this off #in my defense the last chapter just went up #big hugs and kisses for star and cakes for helping me brainstorm and dealing with my being an absolute menace #and also just being really cool and awesome
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  • godtier1
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    DinCobb Big Bang 2021 (part 2!)

    Finally posting my second piece for @andraem and their amazing fic! Thank you SO MUCH Cillian for your patience with me! It was such a pleasure to work with you and your fic is top tier! <3


    #dincobb big bang 2021 #tw: injury #tw:blood and gore #tw:medical whump#DinCobb
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  • razorflame45
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Wow same art twice? Haha but this one colored !! Oop!

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