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  • Hi friends who read wreck my plans, that’s my man! It’s looking like the ‘schedule’ for will be about every other week, publishing most likely happening on the weekends. I make no official promises for updates, since I am a college student with three different jobs that are asking for my time, as well as other commitments.

    But for your patience and your love (some of y'all have left really sweet comments and trust me when I say that I re-read them when I need a pick me up while writing), during off weeks I’ll drop a excerpt here on tumblr! Anyways, here’s this week’s excerpt, underneath the cut! much love :D

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  • Han: You know nothing about Luke.

    Din: Try me.

    Han: Ok… What’s Luke’s favourite scent?

    Din: Vanilla.

    Han: His favourite song?

    Din: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by ABBA.

    Han: His favourite food?

    Din: French toast.

    Han: His favourite position?

    Din: Sitting on my lap facing me whit his knees on… NO, wait… What you mean?

    Han: You know…

    Din: Luke! We need to talk!!!

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  • someone said that luke and din already know each other and luke dropped of the grid while din was looking for new force sensitive kids( if you kno who @ them pls i’ll try and find it) i’m obsessed so just imagine

    din upon seeing luke: luke you beautiful blond bastard next time you go missing you better hope i don’t find you cause i swear to god i will end you, i was worried you bitch you made me worry

    luke:i’m so so sorry hun it’s just i had to find a temple for the padawans that no one could find and i needed to make sure i wasn’t falowed i’m sorry to make you worry please don’t be to mad i still have to deal with leia i’m so sorry love

    din under his breath: fucking husband making me worry **normal tone** your so god damn lucky i love you


    #cara is having a meltdown bo katan is wondering how the fuck she's gonna get the saber from a man who's MARRIED TO A FUCKING JEDI #and grogu is just like '' yuh two dads i'm cool as hell'' #dinluke#skydalorian#luke skywalker#din djarin#cara dune#the mandalorian#star wars
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  • din, referring to vader: i don’t know who that is, but I’m glad they seem to be on our side, they’re fucking terrifying

    luke: yeah… dad can be a little overprotective

    din: that’s your… dad. of course he is your fucking dad

    #din djarin #the mandalorian au #incorrect mandalorian quotes #the mandalorian#luke skywalker#star wars#dinluke#skydalorian#dad vader #this is stupid
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  • Check out my beautiful-bestest-beta-buddy’s DinLuke coffee shop AU fic!! It’s so gooooooood - hilarious and so sweet and romantic, I love it. You’ll love it too!! 🖤


    Luke is taken by a handsome father who comes into the café where he works. He often brings his adorable son with him, and Luke can’t get enough. Luke is clueless and Din is awkward, but eventually they understand each other.

    Modern setting dinluke fluff story - humor, misunderstandings and eventual smut.

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    • all i want is for Din to help Luke find force sensitive children. It’s all I want. Like even just 5 minutes of that in Season 3. PLEASE….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
    • Like, Din has to meet Luke again, because there is NO way we’re going 8 episodes without Grogu, disney merchandise cash cow.
    • If they end up making a Skywalker Disney+ show, the plot HAS to be Luke finding/rescuing force sensitive children. Let him travel the galaxy finding scared force kids and being like “hey, little one, oh! no no no, don’t be afraid. the empire messed up your life, I know, but I have a temple with my husband and you can make new friends there and eat blue macarons because we have a lot of those for some reason.”
    • It won’t ever be that sweet and actually good, it’s okay dinluke runs along a different better timeline
    • also, on that note, if they recast Luke (like they did for the Solo movie which i haven’t watched) like. can you imagine? Can you imagine S3 Mandalorian with an adorable unheard of new actor as Luke StarSkipper
    • anyway
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  • image

    I’m just trying to get out of an art slump, not super happy with this but it is what it is.

    #dinluke#skydalorian#din djaren#luke skywalker #I’m just trying to draw something at least every other day #wish I was more patient
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  • I made the digital version of my earlier drawing of Luke’s wedding outfit.

    Here was my original drawing https://swinging-through-the-stars.tumblr.com/post/644254937389400064/an-idea-my-boy-is-getting-married-in-this-i

    #luke skywalker#star wars#dinluke #i have officially planned out a fictional character's wedding more than my own lol
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  • #i posted the second chapter!! #this was a lot of fun but also a lot of pain #third and final chapter will be up soon #skydalorian#dinluke#luke skywalker#din djarin#star wars#the mandalorian#my fics
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    The Hutt throne has fallen, people.

    And all of us knows what that means.



    Originally posted by samesaysjames

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  • Luke: How is it possible that you’re single, Din?

    Din: Because I don’t want to be in a relationship…


    Din: And why are you single?

    Luke: Because you don’t want to be in a relationship.


    Boba: I want to be in a relationship. You hear me? with any of you guys, or both at the same time, not kidding. Just call me.

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  • image

    dinluke vibes

    reblogs appreciated!

    #its funnier with the helmet on #boba was the chaperone on the date #reluctantly brought out the umbrella for them #the mandalorian#din djarin#luke skywalker#boba fett#dinluke#gayasses #chanel boots skywalker
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  • This doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s a modern AU where Din and Luke are both in politics and serve on the same committee together. (Look, Din didn’t even run for office–everyone just wrote his name in on the ballot because why wouldn’t they.)

    Fic will be rated E, but the snippet isn’t.

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    #six sentence sunday #star wars fanfic #dinluke#skydalorian #din djarin/luke skywalker #din djarin#luke skywalker#my fic
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  • (I’m sorry I do so many of these, I’m trying to break through a writing wall. I’m tagging these Dinluke Dialogue from now on if you want to block that tag!)

    Din: Uh, hey droid.

    Artoo: Oh hey.

    Din: Uh, so

    Din: I’d like to ask for Luke’s hand


    Artoo: THE FUCK U SAY

    Din: What

    Din: Oh for



    Artoo: Oh.


    Artoo: Yeah, ok.

    Din: Now listen, I—

    Din: What really?

    Artoo: But let me be clear about this

    Artoo: It’s not because I like you

    Artoo: But because I love him

    Artoo: And for some reason he loves your stupid ass

    Artoo: So yeah sure go ahead and marry him

    Din: Oh.

    Din: Wow. Um, thanks?

    Din: Thanks a lot, droid—Artoo.

    Artoo: It’s cool.

    Artoo: Go on, he’s waiting.

    Din: Right, ok. *flees*


    Artoo: I give it a month.


    Din: A month you said?

    Artoo: ok FINE you made your point

    #dinluke#dinluke dialogue #sorry for all the artoo #no i am not #he is my fave character in the entire franchise #and most certainly part of clan djarin #fight me #artoo detoo naberrie skywalker-djarin #just let me live ok
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  • Just realized that have written 4 dinluke fics and 3 of them are nsfw.

    #i just to be family friendly author #what happened? #dinluke
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    It’s a little messy but I cannot stop thinking about the last chapter of What the Stars Let In by @thewriterowl 😭😭

    #dinluke#skydalorian#star wars#the mandalorian#din djarin#luke skywalker #what the stars let in #cant wait to see what happens next
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  • image

    My dear friend @bitch-butterfly had the beautiful idea that Luke is really touchy and likes to kiss Din (especially when he learns that maybe just perhaps his bf is slightly very Touch Starved) but obviously in public he can’t do that except for the Keldabe kiss. So he would take Din’s wrist and kiss it right at the edge of his sleeve and his glove. Like the inside of Din’s wrist ‘cause thats the most easily accessible bit of skin on this tin can of a man. Obviously, Din gets very flustered 'cause Luke will hold his hand so gently and reverently while doing so. As if that one bit of skin is the most precious thing in the Galaxy and to Luke it might as well be because he knows it’s just for him.

    And then she bullied me into drawing it and here we are~

    Hope you enjoy! :)

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  • Ch10 - Jade Roses - is up! 🤩 And Luke makes a startling realization!


    Din is there, beskar polished and gleaming in the bright white light of cold storage, and Luke’s breath is stolen even as his smile widens. “Whatever he’s been telling you, it isn’t true.”

    Din holds up the bunch of nova lilies he has in his hand, tilting his helmet towards the flowers in thought. “Hmm, you don’t need these?”

    Luke huffs a laugh and reaches his hand out for the flowers. “I suppose not everything, then. I do need those.”

    Din stands there, posture relaxed - beautiful, bright white lilies contrasting against the silver of beskar in one hand, and the other resting on his hip - and Luke is more than a little weak in the knees. Din has to know how effortlessly handsome he is.

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  • if the OT gang had a party and they also invited din it would go something like this: han and lando would get drunk together and have a dance off for like three hours straight, leia would just chill with chewie, luke would try to get din, who’d be quietly sipping alcohol through a straw, to dance with him

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