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  • jamesgurneyart, May 25 2020.

    A pirate and a dinosaur monk, back cover detail from “Dinotopia Lost.” #oil #oilpainting #montage

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  • jamesgurneyart, June 8 2020.

    Did Allosaurs have tiger-like coloration? Did they feed hatchlings in the nest? There’s not much evidence for either idea. But paleontologist Robert Bakker thought so, and I was illustrating his article for Discover Magazine, so it was my duty to visualize his ideas. Later used the piece in a Dinotopia book. #illustration #allosaurus #dinosaur #paleoart #oilpainting

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  • jamesgurneyart, April 30 2020.

    At the end of a perfect day, the pod village of Bonabba is bathed in misty light. The image appears in Dinotopia: The World Beneath. It’s now available as a signed, high quality art print “Twilight in Bonabba,” 19.5 x 14 inches, link in bio for more info. #dinotopia #twilight #magical #podvillage

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  • image




    i think, based on the Scott Boys’ character traits, they should have switched outfits

    1. David is the shy nerdy one, and Karl’s original outfit portrayed that personality more which is why i was so confused as to why Karl was ever wearing it
    2. Karl is much more of a swashbuckler and hooligan, meaning he should absolutely be wearing that flowy pirate style shirt that David originally had on
    3. Marion is perfect.

    please excuse my horrible horrible photoshop skills

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  • jamesgurneyart, June 9 2020.

    Concept sketches for the hang gliders used by Waterfall City’s wing ambassadors, fountain pen and blue marker. #hangglider #conceptart #dinotopia

    #james gurney #james gurney art #dinotopia#concept art#waterfall city#hang glider #dinotopia: a land apart from time #queue
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  • jamesgurneyart, May 28 2020.

    Arthur’s submersible is visible beyond the strange ancient sea life of the Devonian period. #dinotopia #theworldbeneath #underwater

    #dinotopia #dinotopia: the world beneath #underwater#devonian#james gurney #james gurney art #queue #prehistoric marine life
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  • jamesgurneyart, July 7 2020.

    “I learned that we are on an island named Dinotopia, that all humans here are descended from shipwrecked men and women, brought to safety by the dolphins, and, most astonishing of all, that Dinotopia’s main population consists of all manner of dinosaurs, most of them peaceable, living as equals with the humans.” From Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time, linked in bio. #dinotopia #oilwash #illustration #painting #imaginativerealism

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  • Obscure Pop Culture I Love That Nobody Talks About

    Consider this entire post a series of recommendations, especially if you’re bored in quarantine.

    1. Quantum Leap


    Starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, “Quantum Leap” is a sci-fi show from the 80s and it’s one of the most progressive shows I’ve ever seen. The plot’s a bit complicated so I’ll be quick: A scientist named Sam- in an attempt to travel back in time- accidentally gets trapped in the bodies of different people throughout time. He can only leap from body to body when he changes a point in history (most often, he has to stop a death).

    The reason this show is so amazing is because of fact that no matter what body he leaps into, we always see him as him. My favourite episode (called “What Price, Gloria?”) is about how Sam gets stuck in the body of a beautiful female secretary. We watch him undergo the sexual harassment of the workplace and see how ridiculous it really is as every guy thinks he’s a girl. It’s terrific seeing him in women’s clothing because it’s very normalized in the show and is used to further explain sexism in gender constructs of clothing.

    There’s about five seasons and sadly, it never got a proper ending. It’s quite sad and can be difficult to watch but it’s beautiful and I love it.

    2. The RED Movies (RED and RED 2)


    I love these movies. And sadly, there’s only two of them. A lot of people dislike the second one and whild it isn’t as good as the first one, I still think it’s a lot of fun. They’re funny, they’re action-packed, and they’ve got an incredible cast and yet no one’s seen any of them.

    The movies follow ex-CIA agent Frank Moses and his adrenaline-hyped girlfriend Sarah Ross as they travel the globe with other retired agents and contract killers to stop bad guys and it’s AMAZING. I originally watched them because of Anthony Hopkins being in the sequel but then it turned out that I loved them both so much.

    They’re also very well-written and require a lot of attention. And the jokes make that really rewarding. Both of these films are on Amazon Prime and they’re so much fun. If you need more convincing, there’s a scene when Helen Mirren tasers Anthony Hopkins and then several scenes after, they kidnap a pizza guy-

    3. Dinotopia


    The books by James Gurney reign supreme but I love the five episode (or six??? I dunno, there weren’t a lot) TV series. It’s very mediocre and super low budget but I enjoy the characters and the overall world (even if the books are better).

    I’d like to mention that there’s also a three hour-long miniseries featuring the same characters but with different actors. While there’s more dinosaurs and David Thewlis, the acting is really bad and that’s where I prefer the TV show.

    I’d also like to mention that the TV show has the character of LeSage, a morally grey antagonist who hates dinosaurs and will occasionally team up with the mains when the rules suit her. She’s an excellent character and the highlight of the show.

    4. V (1984)


    Hey, so, you know Freddy Krueger? Yeah, of course you do. Well, this was the show that made him famous.

    Two miniseries (a two-parter and a three-parter) and a fourteen-episode TV series. This show was HUGE in the 80s and yet, for some reason, everyone seems to have forgotten it (but we did get Funko Pops so…victory!).

    The show is about an alien invasion of earth but it’s not just an alien invasion: it’s an invasion from evil alien lizards that serve as an allegory for Nazis. It’s got amazing characters, especially amazing female characters. It deals with moral decisions and the horrors of war. While it does get more campy as it progresses and doesn’t have a proper ending, 90% of it is low-budget but compelling sci-fi with great characters (and the found family trope, especially once they bring Robert Englund aboard).

    Be aware: there are some elements of body horror regarding a pregnancy and an ab*rtion attempt in the second miniseries so if that stuff bothers you like it does me, I promise that it has a happy ending and everything turns out okay. I love love LOVE this show and I wish more people watched it.

    If you’re curious, it’s located all on archive.org.

    5. Monk


    One of the only three cop shows I actually watch, “Monk” is an incredible show starring Tony Shaloub as an ex-homicide detective who suffers from OCD. As someone with a diagnosed anxiety disorder, I just feel so…seen with this show. Tony Shaloub does an excellent job at portraying someone with anxiety and he’s written so wonderfully that I often find myself saying out loud- “Me too, man. Me too.”

    Don’t let the fact that it’s a comedy throw you off. They take Monk’s illness pretty seriously and most of the laughing comes from the sadness that comes with the way he reacts to the world. Often when something goes wrong because of his anxiety, it funny but also doesn’t shy away from the character trying to deal with the way his mind is wired. No characters really laugh at him in the show and those who do are portrayed as jerks (because they are). And Monk is incredibly courageous and it’s inspiring to see him triumph.

    It has 8 seasons and it’s on Amazon Prime. It’s brilliant and fun and sad all at once. It’s also set in the same universe of “Psych” (another amazing show) but this wasn’t established until years later once both shows were over.

    The bonus to watching this show is for the character of Monk’s friend Captain Stottlemeyer played by severely underrated actor Ted Levine. And if that name sounds familiar, it’s because he made a mark back in 1991 as a serial killer who owned a pet poodle and went by the name of Buffalo Bill. He’s so funny in this show and his friendship with Monk is one of my favourite parts.

    So that’s the post! I hope you found something that you’re interested in and that your quarantine remains filled with fun, fictitious content! Stay safe!

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  • jamesgurneyart, July 12 2020.

    The helicoid geochronograph is a water-powered timepiece that reconciles cyclical and linear conceptions of time. Time marches on…but history repeats itself. #time #dinotopia #timepiece #clock #oilpainting #illustration

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  • James Gurney, Skybax Rider, 1992. Oil on board. Painted for Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time (Turner Publishing, 1992).

    Our shop: https://bookshop.org/shop/manyworldspress

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  • jamesgurneyart, June 18 2020.

    Gideon Altaire, Dinotopia’s first skybax rider, with his hoverhead Fritz. #dinotopia #oilpainting

    #james gurney #james gurney art #gideon altaire#dinotopia #dinotopia: first flight #oil painting#queue
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  • jamesgurneyart, June 1 2020.

    Endpaper design for Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara, hand drawn in pen and ink. The multi-lobed ginkgo appeared in fossils around the same time as dinosaurs. #penandink #artnouveau #2D #dinosaur #artnouveau #ginkgo #handdrawn #endpaper #designs #orderfromchaos

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  • Typical Ivan posture. 😉 I find it appealing to notice those little trademarks that an actor impresses on his roles even when they’re worlds apart, mastering the art of being a chameleon & still leaving your unique stamp. 👌👑 .
    posted on Instagram - https://instagr.am/p/CJydQfLndMp/

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  • jamesgurneyart, May 23 2020.

    The seafloor near entrance to Dinotopia’s World Beneath is littered with sunken ships. This oil painting is about 12 x 18 inches, with a narrow color gamut ranging from pinks and magenta to blue to blue-green, leaving out yellows and yellow greens. It’s blend of transparent and opaque passages over a pencil preliminary drawing. #underwater #sunkenship #marine #submarine

    #dinotopia #dinotopia: the world beneath #james gurney #james gurney art #underwater#sunken ship#marine#submarine#queue
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  • yoo did any of y’all also play the pc game called Dinotopia Game Land Activity Center when you were a child and then completely forgot about it until inevitably remembering it many years later and spending hours trying to find the actual name of the game on the internet just to see it once again or am i just weird im—

    #snsbdndnnddn hELP I FINALLY FOUND IT WOOOOOOO #dinotopia#video games#game#my childhood
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  • I’m watching the Dinotopia Tv show and I hate Karl with unending passion. Hope this dick gets eaten by one of the featherless T Rex soon

    #Hes just such a fucking dick all the time #bitching and moaning #wah wah my daddy is dead so I'm gonna be a racist #dinotopia #Dinotopia tv show
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  • No particular occasion, just feeling nostalgic haha.

    …That and I just discovered you can link GIFs into Roll20, and I have a character that rides a pterosaur haha

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  • LOST Dinotopia AU

    An AU in which the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 find themselves in Dinotopia. While some are more reticent than others, they all eventually come to accept their new lives in Dinotopia. They end up finding the love and happiness their old lives lacked. Of course, there’s plenty of adventure along the way. Other LOST characters end up in different roles: Desmond is the one to initially greet them, Juliet runs a nursery, and Ben Linus is the librarian, for example.

    (Sadly, Vincent the dog does die in this AU, but Walt ends up getting a dinosaur companion which he names Vincent, after the dog.)

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  • Yo, this has GOT to be THE MOST TUMBLR like meme EVER! Ya’ll, this is GREAT! CHB, Narnia, Midde Earth, and Hogwarts being close by, WOW. 

    (I hope I spelled the names in the tags right!)


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