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  • keingleichgewicht
    24.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    ok quoting the tyger in tags of that dio art may have been a little genius brain of me actually. when the stars threw down their spears and water'd heaven with their tears: did he smile his work to see? did he who made the lamb make thee? the story of the poem is, essentially, how do we come to terms with a god who would construct a predator so terrible as you? how do we cope with aeality that made a death so beautiful? and you are something evil that should not exist, and you are something hungry that will eat everything we love, and you have eyes like fire and no heart of your own, and you burn so bright, tyger, tyger! you are built with fearful purpose, you were made with awful skill, and what can you even have come from? what world was willing to create a thing like you, and do it so lovingly, and so well? can we reach any conclusion except that something - life, god, fate, whatever - wanted you that way, wanted you to be here, wanted you to do what you have done; can we reach any conclusion except that the universe doomed us all to all of this from the beginning?

    #i love queue. i love regiving myself brain worms on a week delay #jojo#jjba#it speaks #mostly jojo is about -> WHO FUCKING KNOWS -> but sometimes its about fate. and family. and generational trauma #also somebody ask me someday about how vampirism made dio brando first and foremost a force of nature #which is all he ever wanted and which ruined any chance he had at personhood #it knocked all his limiters off and he lost himself forever
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  • renexxnn
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #jjba #my fan art #dio brando
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  • vocal-traitor
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Angel and Devil

    Jojotober prompt gave me this idea and I'm quite happy with them

    #just pretend they match better im bad at planning #jojo#jjba#dio brando#jonathon joestar#jjba fanart#dio#dio fanart #dio brando fanart #joestar #jojos bizarre adventure
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  • gucci-giogio
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • hircinedraws
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Feel like I could have done better,but here is a Manga redraw of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

    #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #dio brando#jjba #jojo stardust crusaders #anime#gladio draws#gladio art
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  • merumely
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #ya'll know who I'm rooting for #lulu kick his ass #hellsing#hellsing ultimate#alucard#alucard hellsing#dracula#count dracula #no life king #jojo's bizarre adventure #dio brando
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  • 2-dsimp
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #illustration #artists on tumblr #artgallery#artwork#comics#procreate#anime #jojo bizarre adventure #jojo bizzare#jojo dio#dio brando #kono dio da #dio x you #dio x reader #dio x y/n #jojo part 1 #tw: suggestive#anime boy #brain go brrrr #yandere dio#yandere jjba #yandere jjba x reader #yandere dio x reader #jonathan joestar#jjba jonathan
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  • lolobizarreadventuresshatpost
    24.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jotaro hanging out with Star Platinum, animation cell Jotaro fighting a possessed Kakyoin, animation cell Jotaro fighting Dio, animation cell

    Thank you Davidpro

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  • pitter-patter-esikars
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    my friend has never seen jojo and has no interested in jojo, but this is absolutely hysterical

    #i love their headcanon that jolyne carries an immense amount of medication and she knows it all by the generic and #that she can tell the mg from touch #hell on earth. also im watching thus spoke kishibe rohan again and this is. ROhan what is your problem. #happy birthday to me!!! dio is lactose intolerant #txt#unsanitary#dio brando #their other hc is that joot is allergic to everything n is just like 'yeah the potato sweats and the strawberry itches. love that'
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  • magihero-yara-san
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    EoH Anime Scenarios: My Father's Eyes

    Once more imagining scenarios... this time, about Giorno Giovanna going after DIO during the Holy Corpse's second pursuit, and coming to terms with his bloodline and his parental issues.

    Despite him feeling the evil in DIO, his inner feelings are still quite conflicted... after all, he finally got to see his father in person, and it was basically a god version from an alternate world.

    So, after Narancia attempts to comfort him with the Torture Dance, both him and Jonathan team up to find the next corpse part, Speedwagon and Buccialatti tagging along. Jonathan's already aware that DIO stole his body, and like everything that happened so far, he's putting things together to understand.

    Gio acts a bit distant despite Jonathan's attempts to comfort him over what he found out about his dad from the others, and the monster they're going to face soon... and muses over and over aout how he didn't have a family until he met his friends.

    Meanwhile, inside Mr. President, Joseph gets scolded by his younger self by what he just found out about Josuke's origins (idea description in the link placed a while ago).

    Dio attempts to lure his future son with both the resonating of the corpse part and his words; Giorno obviously isn't on board with his views and the glorification of DIO Over Heaven, but can't help himself but to listen every word and observe the man he never knew in his life.

    Bruno fears that Dio might succeed in manipulating him, but Speedwagon comforts him.

    "He doesn't reek of Brando... Beyond the obvious resemblances, his eyes are not piercing and cold like Dio's. His heart is loyal and his blood... his blood is Joestar."

    Sure enough, once they all reunite to find Dio, Giorno refuses his offer to help destroy the Joestar lineage, showing him his star birthmark, and forsaking his father. It all culminates in an all-out battle, which finishes with Giorno being the last one standing and repeating once more his forsakeness of Dio and this time, reaffirming his lineage:

    "Signor Brando, I hate repeating myself, so I'll be direct... your attempt to lure me is useless. Your future self might've made me... but he was never my real father. My real father... is JONATHAN JOESTAR!"

    Dio retreats after a furious beatdown, leaving behind the Holy Corpse part. After healing everyone, Jonathan, who has witnessed the final battle, notices that Giorno wants to apologize for his coldness... and says he's proud of him.

    But before they can take their leave to reunite with the others in Mr. President, Giorno is hesitant, processing the words Jonathan told him... he breaks, tearing up, and hugging his father, while also struggling with his pent-up issues.

    "D-do you... do you know... You know what I would have given to hear this ONCE in my life? Do you know how it felt to have a childhood suffering in silence and not being able to do anything to change that? Knowing that no one would come to help you, no matter how sad you were, how lonely you were... Y-you know how this feels... Padre?"

    "...yes, I do."

    With this, Jonathan shows him the ring his father gave him before dying, and Giorno resumes crying in his embrace; this time, Bruno reassures Speedwagon that this was a long-overdue need for Giorno.

    Narrator: "DIO's hand on twisting the fates of the Joestar line in an unavoidable factor... but the family bonds Jonathan's descendants treasure will always prevail."

    TO BE CONTINUED... (not really, but you get the meaning, right?)

    #jjba #jjba eyes of heaven #giorno giovanna#fatherhood#daddy issues#parental issues#jonathan joestar#anime scenario#idea#dio brando #dio over heaven #emotional #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken
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  • sammystep
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    No One Lives Forever- CH16

    (AO3 link)
    Stardust Crusader Wolf Pack AU
    [From the beginning- CH1]

    A dwindling number of party attendees twirl on the ballroom floor, weaving between light and shadow of the burnt-out candles of the chandeliers overhead. Intoxicated stumbling of patrons is compounded with the hazards of broken flooring and the occasional chunk of ceiling falling onto the gathering. From the darkest shadows otherworldly creatures lurk closer to the festivities, ready to pluck dancers from the crowd as they pass.

    The main feast table is more barren than ever, scraps of meats and heels of bread leftover on large platters. The fresh dishes lack the elegance and garnish of before and are now immediately recognizable as humanoid. Other body parts belonging to werewolves and other supernatural creatures are intermingled on the plates, the chefs apparently uninterested in disguising or cooking the hunted game.

    The witch Enyaba makes her way to the lone figure at the head of the feast table, her cane clacking over stones as she ignores and passes the creatures of the dark. In contrast to his deteriorating surroundings, Dio seems to radiate energy, his eyes sharp as ever as they fall on the witch. He waits patiently like a snake coiled to strike as she bows before him and awaits his signal to rise.

    “Arise, Enyaba.” Dio says with a chuckle, “What news do you bring me this time?”

    “My Lord, some of the foot soldiers sent out have successfully encountered the Joestar pack on their way back to the city. I have instructed the rest to close in and find their new den.” Enyaba grins and grips her staff tighter, “But the most exciting news is yet to come. Please, follow me and I will show you.” She turns from him and waves her hand to motion him her way.

    He rises from his throne without objection and lets her lead the way through dim corridors and broken hallways. Parts of the castle are crumbling away and revealing the courtyard beyond the walls. They quickly reach Enyaba’s instrument room, a large mirror sitting center stage and surrounded by impossibly complex runes carved into the stone floor.

    A quick incantation and the mirror’s surface flickers as a new image appears. The reflection of a city street takes form for only a moment before it fades and a view of what looks like a building lobby takes its place. This too fades and is replaced, the mirror cycling through images as Enyaba curses. “Damn them. They must have the protection of another sorcerer on their side. They are thwarting my attempts to see!”

    “This is what you wanted me to see?” Dio’s eyes narrow as he glares at her, “You interrupt my meal for this?” he hisses.

    “N-no my Lord! This is merely a setback, but this- this is what you must see.” The surface of the mirror ripples once more before setting on a new view. This one seems to be the reflection of a police car’s rearview mirror, metal caging obscuring some of the backseat and a dense forest outside its windows.

    The view is suddenly shaken as something slides across the trunk of the vehicle, leaving a wet trail in the moonlight. A human-ish hand is the only thing clearly visible as a shadow follows the path of the thrown object. Its fingers give away the fact that this shade is clearly not human though, easily twice the size of a normal human hand and tipped with wicked claws. A single reflective eye is visible as the creature turns for a brief moment towards the mirror before it is gone out of view again.

    Dio is startled from the vision as Enyaba cackles and pointe her cane at the mirror. “Ha! Behold my masterwork- my greatest creation yet!” Dio quickly composes himself before the old witch turns to him, ignoring the uncomfortable bead of sweat that rolls down the back of his neck.

    “This creature, your ‘masterwork’. How exactly is this of benefit to me?”

    “Ah, this is the next phase of my plan, my Lord. While the expendable lesser creatures search and aim to flush out the Joestars, this creature will instead act as a lure. You see, my child and the silver wolf Polnareff share a common history, though they have not yet met in person.”

    “And you are confident this… thing will be enough to defeat my enemies?”

    “You have my word, my Lord! My son and the other assassin I sent to these woods will be the demise of the entire Joestar pack. Yes, yes,” Enyaba rubs her hands together as she chuckles to herself, “My son the wendigo will make quick work of whomever he encounters.”


    The waning mood provided little light as the state trooper tried desperately to reach his car. The dispatcher had warned of the possibly dangerous scenario, but nothing could have prepared him and his partner for the scene they stumbled upon.

    The cabin door had been ripped from its hinges before they arrived, light from inside spilling out over the porch illuminating numerous puddles of blood, a trail leading to the woods surrounding the camp. With pistols drawn, the officers first searched the cabin but no signs of life were found. The interior looks undisturbed, the occupants not able to reach its safety in time.

    The officer quickly put a call in for more backup before turning to investigate the entry to the woods where the blood trails led. Approaching slowly and taking care to scan the environment was not enough to save the first officer from the creature that lunged from the shadows with a hideous shriek.

    Blood sprays across the second officer’s face and chest before his instincts take over and he tries to retreat to the safety of the squad car. He’s not fast enough and the creature outpaces him within a few steps and suddenly he’s airborne from the force of the hit to his side, he slides across the back of the car and is barely conscious enough to turn over to face his attacker. A scream bubbles in his chest as the last sight he sees is a skeletal humanoid with razor sharp teeth in its protruding maw descending upon him to strike the killing blow.

    Author's Note:
    Yup, DIO up to no good. I decided to make the hanged man into the scariest creature I know of just in time for Halloween! I got my rhythm back for writing, real life has been in flux for a while of work requirements changing, roommate moving in, I got side tracked by some craft projects (still jojo related, cant escape the jojo brain-rot). BUT I have a production plan in place again, I'm planning on posting a new chapter every other weekend!
    Also if you have any questions or want some info about this AU in general feel free to send me some asks! I'd love to talk about this more in-depth!
    #dio brando#enyaba#werewolf au #jojo's bizzare adventure #jojo part 3 au #jojo fanfic#wendigo
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  • ahoge-fish
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • treeman429
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Made this at a uni party last night and it turned out pretty good considering I didn't have a reference and they only gave us those super cheap 100% plastic brushes

    #this is also the first time ive painted in years #like the last time i touched paint was in elementary school #im proud of it #jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #dio#dio brando#my art
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  • snapdragonjuice
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dio sits on his own at night for a bit, listening to the sounds of the city he's in. The general sounds of people existing - people walking past and talking to each other, singing coming from the local pub, wind rustling the trees nearby, rain sometimes too

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  • daydreamxio
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I put my cat on the mic🎙️😾

    Repost lol, they were playing Minecraft ⛏️

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  • xx-katisnothere-xx
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    Just some random Jojo character drawings.

    I don’t draw Trish that often. It should be considered a crime.

    I don’t think I’ve ever drawn Abbacchio before, I should fix that.

    Giorno fell down the stairs and he’s just enjoying the moment.

    No worries, Bruno called him out later.

    Best SpeedWeed! This is a redraw of that Sticker I made last week. I fixed up his hands and he looks a lot better.

    A redraw of a Rohan I did back in February.

    Phantom Blood Dio is so underrated. He’s the cooler Dio because he has laser eyes. ;(

    #long post #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba#jojo fanart#jjba fanart#jojo trish#trish una #she’s pink and pretty #jjba trish #jojo golden wind #golden wind #jojo vento aureo #vento aureo#leone abbacchio #best wine dad #abbacchio fanart#jojo abbacchio#phantom blood#jjba dio#dio brando#speedwagon jjba#speedwagon#rohan fanart#rohan kishibe #jjba diamond is unbreakable #diamond is not crash #diamond is unbreakable
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  • bbypeachhaz
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I want to write more head cannons for JJBA ships so I’m taking submissions!

    You can submit anonymously if you’d like! Feel free to customize your request!

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