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  • gravityfallsrockz
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    This one girl from Inside Job is wearing Dipper's outfit!

    #cartoons #netflix inside job #inside job #the inside job #gravity falls#gf#dipper #gravity falls dipper #dipper pines #gravity falls reference #reference#outfit#same outfit#parallels#similarities
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  • shadeyrain-today
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    >BilDip Week Day One!!<

    I choose a haunted painting as my “urban legend.” I slaved on this literally since I woke up, but I’m still a little disappointed in myself. I really wanted to start my BilDip week off with a bang, but this is more like...a bubble wrapper.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    (pssst...blink and you’ll miss it ;D)

    #billdiphalloween#billdip#bildip#gravity falls #its a gif #i worked so hard to animate that you would not believe #human bill cipher #adult dipper pines
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  • mother-ofthe-universedraws
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Stan’s reaction to getting shot (Vengeance AU)

    I’m also on Twitter!

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  • the-last-hipopotamovolador
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Okay, big question time: which is the most dysfunctional kid's cartoon family? The watterson or pines?

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  • spacey-acey-06
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Step one: Take a disney movie where romance saves the day

    Step two: Replace romantic love with familial/platonic love

    Step three: Adjust plot where needed to allow for two sets of twins

    You just made a Gravity Falls AU

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  • the-writer71
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Day 1 - Mythical/Urban Legend

    Dipper had a lot of books on the Urban Legends that not only existed in Gravity Falls but the entire world. He adored learning about these things and studying them, made even better by having a boyfriend who knew a lot about these things. It was one of the main things that brought the two together and they were very happy together. They had been dating for a little less than a year but they were very happy. They spent nearly every day together. Though what they were planning and was definitely not something his family was expecting and not something he would normally plan.

    A road trip around the US to see the different supposedly hunted spots. Dipper had always wanted to do that and he had a job that allowed him to work remotely so he figured now was the best time to do it. Plus he had a boyfriend to go with him and spend time with him. They had rented an RV and had been driving for days at this point from the sleepy town of Gravity Falls, Oregon to different states. Currently, they were nearing West Virginia to see the moth man statute. The two were laughing about the fact their home had the true moth man.

    “Are we really going to see that stupid statue when we have the true moth man?” Bill asked as he sat in the passengers’ seat while reading different articles on his phone.

    “Yep, I wanna see if I can get a good recording of him visiting it,” Dipper said. He had done that at every place they visited. It was fun to try to get a decent recording of the different Urban Legends that could be true. He hadn’t gotten the chance to get a good recording but he didn’t care. He was just enjoying getting to know his boyfriend better.

    “Are you really going to try that again?” Bill asked. “You’re never going to do that. All those creatures like to stay hidden and know when someone is recording them.”

    “I know, but it’s still worth a shot,” Dipper said. “Besides, it’s fun either. We can stay up late under the stars.”

    “That does sound nice,” Bill mumbled while looking out the window.

    After only a few more hours of driving, the two reached their campgrounds for the next week. Dipper quickly got out of the RV and stretched, his body stiff from having driven for so long. He didn’t mind the driving but it definitely left his body sore and tired. Just as he stopped stretching Bill jumped on his back.

    Dipper chuckled and leaned his head back to get a small kiss.

    “You’re adorable,” Dipper said.

    “Am not,” Bill said, sticking his tongue out at Dipper.

    “Are too,” Dipper said, kissing Bill’s cheek. “You’re like a cat, jumping on my back and demanding attention all the time.”

    “I’ll act that way,” Bill said.

    “And I wouldn’t change that for the world,” Dipper said.

    The two spent the rest of the morning getting breakfast and checking out the local town. They bought a few typical tourist items such as shirts and snowglobes. It was fun and the two enjoyed spending time together. As the night sky began to take over the two made their way to the statue. Dipper set up his camera and trained it on the statue while Bill went to go get them some drinks.

    When the two reconnected they set their gifts down before sitting on the sidewalk nearby.

    “So what exactly are you hoping to see?” Bill asked which only earned him a shrugged.

    “Whatever I get, I get. No point in wanting something when the paranormal is so hard to control.” Dipper said. “You prove that everything.” He joked which earned a laugh from Bill.

    “Oh, you’re so funny.” Bill teased as he playfully shoved Dipper.

    That was how the two spent their night, talking and laughing. Around 2 in the morning, Dipper grew too tired to stay awake and they packed up, going back to the RV.

    The following morning, Dipper looked over the footage they had captured as the two had breakfast. He smiled a bit at what he saw. He showed Bill that somehow, the camera had switched positions and began showing them. Bill thought it was hilarious and apologized to Dipper for missing out on something special. Though as they continued to watch, they noticed a familiar shape flying behind them. The two didn’t see the night as a total waste, with or without the interesting footage.

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  • tikki-tano
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    found a recipe for Mabel juice online.

    it’s taking everything in me not to make it

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  • weird4life
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Imagine witch dipper but he's like one with he forest or something like the forest dies he gets so weak till he dies and he can communicate kinda with the forest and turn wood grass ect and the actual forest into creature things like the possessed tree thing you sometimes see just stuff like that but he has to use souls from people who died around or in the forest and with the souls he makes the wood/grass ect creatures and if the creature dies the soul has a chance of getting damage or get killed again(?) But it could also escape without injury and he is basically a forest spirit/god/protector/guardian but he's a witch he just is similar to those things. So he protects a village in his forest and has a cottage in the forest but the towns people don't know this and luckily hasn't gotten him or really tries ( a few did and more in the past tried but their attempts were useless) and also a kinda Hansel and Gretal(that how you spell it?) Thing is going on and bill and will(or Jill anybody really) are abandoned and come across the cottage but dipper instead dof hurting them actually help them and after a while when they get stronger and are able to leave(not to much stronger they where only there for a few weeks two months at the most and they basically just get some experience in living in the forest and fending for them selves in a village cause dipper doesn't go into the village anymore) so a long while after they are adults and come back to the village and don't remember to much about dipper they just know he was a witch a male and was nice(maybe a few ideas on his looks) and they they meet up after so long. One way they could meet up is the village was attacked by witches to try to lead dipper out and kill him cause he protected humans and was a really strong witch compared to most. But bill and will was there and like Hansel and Gretal they are witch hunters but they try to only go after ones who go after humans which is most and they are really good at their job. So the whole village isn't slaughtered in minutes some still died but bill and will helped lowering the numbers by a lot. Imagine the town was on fire and witches were everywhere like in the movie. Dipper does come though and fight against the witches which surprised the humans and bill and will cause they didn't recognize him(also they are fighting kinda hard to get a good look) dipper also has his forest creatures and SURPRISE he can even turn some into actual flesh creatures but not all cause it takes a good bit of magic. dipper defeats the witches and collapse bill or will go sees if he is okay and the other follows. They then recognize each other and sadly have to part for sometime again only a few days or a week and half cause dipdop gotta rest and the village gotta fix well the village. They then meet up to you if you want it or not but either bill or will starts dating dipper and yeah.

    Got inspired by a story called follow the bread crumbs on manta. The story is a comic and is more of a girl eats a cake gets put into a world where she is the witch and meets Hansel and gretal takes care of them and that is all I was inspired about. Also it's totally free don't even have to make a account(not all stories are free some you get a few chapters then you have to pay a 3 or 4 dollar sum subscription to read the rest but only for well.. I think most stories you have to pay but trust me there is a lot of good stories that you don't have to pay for!

    #Inspired by follow the bread crumbs #Billdip #If you want of course #Hansel bill cipher #Gretel will cipher #Hansel and gretal au #Ish#Writing prompt#I think #Nice dipper pines #Magic dipper pines #Witch hunters will and bill #Witch hunter bill cipher #Witch hunter will cipher #These are a lot of tags #Kinda what to make a post that's all just tags and I mean a whole ton of tags cause why not #Am I the only one that calls the white and yellow looking oreo things albino oreos? #I like turtles #I like trains. #Ruuuuuuuuu splat. #Idk ima stop now by have a good day good evening and good night that's was a show reference cam anybody guess from what show? #Can somebody tell me how to do the pretty tags? I'm probly going to look it up so uh nevermind
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  • guardianjameslight
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Exactly 6 years the first part of Weirdmageddon premiered. To me it feels like it was centuries ago.

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  • cerinelle-stellarium
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    'Not What He Seems' missing moment:

    Dipper: I can’t believe you would do something this stupid!

    Stan: I think we can all believe that I would do something this stupid.

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  • ventus-the-fox
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Day 25: Pine Trees

    I obviously had to draw Dipper and Mabel Pines for this prompt!

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  • jackyjackdraws
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Monochrome commission for @nour386 based on a fic he is making

    Dipper watching his lover dance made him realize that he was feeling something for Wirt

    #gravity falls #Over the garden wall #Pinescone#Dipper Pines#Wirt #I would have posted this earlier #But yesterday I got sick and wasn't able to post it #Oh well #Glad I was able to work on this
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  • strawberrrybones
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I’m making a Gravity Falls AU but British!!

    I have two going on at the moment and I shall explain how they are different at a later date. However, I will also just be posting about regular Gravity Falls as well.

    The one is basically Gravity falls but if it was set in the UK and I will call this the✨Mystery Shed AU✨

    Me and my lovely Fae friend expert will be adding more of a Celtic twist to this well loved cartoon

    What can you expect from this blog?? Hmm well I think a mix of character interactions/designs, storyboards and some set design. I was also thinking doing a short set comic for but I can’t promise anything…

    I am always welcome to hear feedback, this is something I want to be inclusive to Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English mythology.

    So please, if you have anything to add please message me, there’s only one fae expert and one artist working on this so there is only so much we know…

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  • the-mystery-kids
    25.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Lili : Hey. You 2 okay ?.

    Coraline : Yea.

    Dipper : Why you ask ?.

    Lili : You've been acting weird.

    Coraline : Oh.

    Dipper : We're.....

    Coraline : Dating.

    Dipper : Ye-Wait what ?.

    Lili : You aren't lying.

    Coraline : No. I'm not and you can read my mind.

    Lili : Yea. you're being honest.

    Coraline : Thank you.

    Lili : Anyway. How did this come to be ?.

    Dipper : Well she and I were investigating that old barn and the doors where the roof if had swung open and I saw Coraline fall out so I ran under her and I caught her. In the moonlight she looked so beautiful and thats when I fell in love with her.

    Coraline : Awww.

    Lili : That has to be the most romantic thing I have ever heard.

    Coraline : I have always loved Dipper since we first met.

    Lili : Thats actually really adorable.

    Dipper : I also liked Coraline and Mabel would tease me none stop about it.

    Lili : thats Mabel for you. Anyway I gotta run. so catch you both later ?.

    Coraline : See ya Lils

    Dipper : Bye Lili.

    Lili leaves as Coraline and Dipper look at each other with worry.

    Coraline : What can we do ?.

    Dipper : I don't know......I can't keep Bipper in much longer and I know that you can't keep Button Coraline in much longer neither.

    Coraline : We can't just tell the others about our problem !.

    Dipper : Either we tell them or they find out via watching our eyes change and you're body morph !.

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  • spicy-potatoes
    25.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Progress for my Bipper Cosplay/Costume for halloween, I’m styling the wig, hope it turns out great!

    I got so excited to see myself on the mirror, Sock Opera is burned into my memories bc I loved it so much and used to watch it all the time. I’m living my fantasy

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  • the-mystery-kids
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Raz : Okay. we all need a plan to stop whatever Bill and the rest of the Villains have planned for us.

    Norman : But.....how ?.

    Dipper : I have no idea. Mabel ?.

    Mabel : We could-.

    Lili : I read her mind and its about glitter and glue and other Mabel stuff. Neil ?.

    Neil : Food ?. I'm out of ideas so....Wybie ?.

    Wybie : I....have no idea.

    Coraline : We could go into the basement. Theres bound to be something there that can be useful to us.

    Lili : She is not wrong.

    Mabel : Everybody to the Mystery Cave !.

    The kids walk into the basement while Dipper holds the lantern to light the way. They get to the bottom where Dipper flicks a switch. The lights turn on as everything in that basement was on show ready to be used if needed. Coraline's eyes dart towards the rift to that won't help but her eyes darted towards a sword. She walked towards it and she stares. She was about to grab it when she heard.

    Dipper : Thats it !.

    Dipper yells. Coraline jumps as the kids run towards the sword. He picks it up and he pushes a button then blue flames appeared on the blade. Coralines eyes widened

    Coraline : What does it do ?.

    Coraline asks.

    Dipper : It opens a portal to other worlds. Things can enter and exit whenever its used but you gave us all the best thing to trap the beldam !.

    Dipper says excitedly.

    Coraline : As in ?

    Dipper : The beldam can go in but we'll close the door behind her. Sealing her in for all eternity !.

    Dipper smiles. Coralines eyes look at the sword as she snatches it.

    Norman : Hey !.

    Wybie : What the hell Jonesy !?

    Lili : Guys....Thats not really Coraline.

    Dipper : What do you mean ?.

    LIli : Have any of you noticed her behavior change since she came back from the woods ?.

    Mabel : Yea.

    Neil : Kinda I mean-

    Norman : She was acting strange-

    Wybie : She was also being extremely nice towards us all-

    Raz : She isn't really as stubborn as she usually is.

    Lili : Before she went into those woods she was completely fine. Stubborn and Controlling as usual. But when she came out she was extremely different. She was being overly nice. To happy and she knew the exact time of everyones deaths. A human cannot guess that. So let me ask you this. You're not really Coraline. Are you?.

    Boraline : Well. Took you long enough Firestorm.

    Lili : Bill.

    Everyone : WHAT !?.

    Mabel : What a plot twist !.

    Lili : Did you make a little deal with Coraline?.

    Boraline : Yes. I did.

    Lili : How did you do it ?.

    Boraline : I just made a false promise and....She was all mine.

    Lili : What promise ?.

    Boraline : If she got me the sword. I would have protected you all.

    Lili : It was a total lie i'm guessing.

    Boraline : Yea. She accepted the deal and by that point she was now my puppet.

    Mabel : B-But Coraline isn't stupid !. She knows what you're like !. She'd never make a deal with you !.

    Boraline: Oh. I knew that so I made a plan. I'd break her until there was nothing left to be broken. You guys didn't even noticed what she was going through !.

    Mabel :I-....poor Coraline.....

    Boraline : I win. There will be no more kids getting in the way of my plans !. Weirdmaggedon is happening !. And it will be a never ending party !.

    Boraline disappears leaving everyone stunned.

    Mabel : We gotta get her back !.

    Dipper : And I know how to do it.

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  • disregardcanon
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    nostalgic for disaster

    Fandom: gravity falls

    Relationships: an ambiguous Dipper & Bill that might be not so platonic and are also very toxic, Dipper & his sixteen mental problems, Dipper & his family

    Summary: A year and a half after his college graduation, Dipper is living alone hours away from any of his loved ones. He's lonely, depressed, and unwilling to admit to any of it. He doesn't want to burden his friends or family with his emotional state. Bill Cipher might be sealed away, but that doesn't mean he can't break into minds he's familiar with, especially when they're addled.

    Add paranoia, depression, and an unwillingness to admit to having a problem together, and Dipper might just make a deal. It won't go well, but.... At least he won't have to admit that anything is wrong, right?

    A.N: heyoo so your girl’s mental state manifested in... this. i’m feeling better after resigning from teaching tho!

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  • cerinelle-stellarium
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wendy: Are you going to do the thing?

    Dipper: Give me 7 minutes, I'm busy overthinking...

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