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  • justdaphne
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The crows decorating for Halloween

    They finally convinced Kaz omg


    Nina: *tosses* from above


    Matthias: *rolls eyes* *holds ladder firmly*

    Inej: *carving pumpkins with her knives*

    Wylan: *making bomb effects*

    Kaz: *helping wylan*




    Inej: It was me I did it

    Kaz: .. say thank you coz this was a lovely idea ‘Nej

    Everyone else: *grins* ..lovely indeed.



    Kaz: *raging silently*

    Inej: *giggling*

    Jesper and nina: *rolling on the floor laughing*

    Matthias: ..this was a terrible idea

    Nina: *glares*

    Nina: go help draw the decorations, love

    Matthias: *raging but sits in corner drawing more decorations*

    Inej: nice werewolves Matthias

    Matthias: thank you

    Nina: *vibing to the music*

    Kaz: Helvar, one of these ‘ghosts’ is too far from the rest

    Matthias: my ghost doesn’t associate with your ghost

    Jesper: *finishes decorating* GUYS I CREATING THIS. I. ME.

    Wylan: so darn proud of you jes

    Jesper: as you should be merchling. You’re lucky you have someone as talented as me *winks*

    Wylan: *rolls eyes*

    Inej: you know what would be nice? If there was a dart board but screw darts I got knives


    Matthias: *silently* like the demjin’s

    Kaz: or YOURS Helvar

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  • kazbiter
    19.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    some of you are very bold to get on the public internet and say that kaz is the gaslight gatekeep girlboss character in Six of Crows like Kuwei Yul-Bo’s messy ass isn’t right there

    #he’s a menace to society and I actually applaud him for that #grishaverse#the crows#leigh bardugo #six of crows #crooked kingdom#the dregs#soc kaz#dirtyhands#kaz brekker #bastard of the barrel #kuwei yul bo #kaz rietveld #six of crows duology #soc duology#ketterdam#the barrel#girlboss
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  • fallenmindz-blog
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    From Louisiana to Texas. Back on the road!

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  • justdaphne
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Kaz: I don’t cook I don’t clean

    Inej: *existing*


    Kaz: yes I do the cooking yes I do the cleaning

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  • cristalbeesnow
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Before and after....

    #fantasy fanart#fantasy#fantasy books #kaz dirtyhands brekker #kaz brekker #six of crows #shadow and bones #shadow and bone #kaz x inej
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  • cristalbeesnow
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    #fantasy fanart#fantasy#fantasy books #kaz dirtyhands brekker #kaz fucking brekker #kaz brekker #shadow and bones #shadow and bone #six of crows #ketterdam
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  • ketterdam-it
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    Kaz turns into the biggest baby when he gets sick

    "Dearest Inej, treasure of my heart, won't you do me the honor... OF PUTTING ME OUT OF MY MISERY?!?!?!."

    "No Kaz, it's only a cold, If you had put a coat on when I'd asked you, you'd be fine right now."

    "No, I'm dying, I'm sure of it, just kill me Inej."

    Inej just rolls her eyes, because he's such a big baby but she loves him.

    "If you don't do it, I'll call Matthias, he will."

    "Oh will you just shush."

    And Inej acts irritated to tease him, but she really doesn't mind taking care of him, aside from his constant complaints of course.

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  • ketterdam-it
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just imagine someone telling Kaz he was the chosen one.

    Kaz: No the fuck I'm not

    #Sorry for the language #It is true though #six of crows #shadow and bone #fanfic#inej ghafa #kaz x inej #kaz brekker#soc #my darling inej #kanej#kaz#kazzle dazzle#kazoo brekker #kaz dirtyhands brekker #jesper fahey #Wylan van eck #Nina zenik#helnik#wesper#captain ghafa#captain inej#soc fandom#soc fanfic #incorrect six of crows #crooked kingdom#grishaverse#Leigh bardugo#ketterdam#the crows
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  • ketterdam-it
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    A Poem By Kaz, for Inej

    At the end of the world

    At the edge of the universe

    I’ll meet you

    Hundreds of thousands of years from now

    When our stars go dark,

    And our Sun, supernova

    Before the end of our existence

    And the beginning of the new Big Bang

    When the asteroids collide

    With out beloved earth

    We too, will collide

    On our own extraterrestrial plane

    Before the end

    And beginning

    Of new

    Of old

    Life as we know it.

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  • shawty-writes-a-little
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #kaz brekker x reader #kaz brekker #kaz fucking brekker #kazzle dazzle#jesper fahey#inej ghafa #shadow and bone #six of crows #six of crows x reader #kaz brekker fluff #dirtyhands #wylan van eck #nina zenik #shadow and bone show #grisha verse#freddy carter#halloween event #freddy carter x reader
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  • paintsandquests
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I just think that Kaz loves his crows when he knows that nobody is watching

    #are there parks in Ketterdam? I dont care #I just think he loves those crows and his own crows and idk if he'd ever smile like this but i just think it would be sweet #I like to imagine they keep him company and he loves it #kaz brekker#dirtyhands #six of crows #kaz#freddy carter #ty freddy carter again for your face #soc#crooked kingdom#grishaverse #shadow and bone #six of crows fanart #the crows remind him of his crew and he goes ;;;;;;; #happy kaz brain go brrrrrr #moments where Kaz Rietveld doesn't seem so gone #i love glaring kaz but i want him to smile ;;;; #pls ignore how seriously out of place this scenery is i just wanted grass okay
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  • justdaphne
    15.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Kaz, dying: and Jesper...

    Jesper,tearing up: y-yes?

    Kaz: *exhales*

    Jesper: what is it

    Kaz: m..make sure the crow club stays strong. You are not allowed to gamble there. I set up a list of things you need to do and things you cannot do. If you do one thing wrong I will haunt you constantly. I asked one of the dregs to personally grab you by the collar and throw you out if you gamble. Literally. Istg if we get bankrupt I will kill you

    Jesper: ...

    Kaz: *continues list*

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  • spiteandmytears
    15.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    this is insane

    #bastard of the barrel dirtyhands etc etc #how are they even the same person #freddy carter #shadow and bone #post*
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  • ketterdam-it
    15.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Short Kanej Fluff <3

    Set four-ish after Crooked Kingdom

    The smell of cinnamon filled the air as Kaz Brekker awoke. He was confused to find himself alone in bed, Inej was gone. But before any sort of worry could reach his drowsy mind, he noticed the cinnamon in the air. A warm and homey smell, someone was baking something.

    Like a small child on Christmas morning, Kaz pulled on a soft sweater, sliding on slippers, he shuffled out of his room and down the hall. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and tried to fix his hair.

    By the time he reached the kitchen the cinnamon was thick, and other smells filled the air. Lovely, wonderful smells and Kaz smiled to himself, still warm from his long sleep. Nutmeg swirled in the air as the sunlight danced into the Kitchen.

    Then he saw her, her long hair pulled into a loose bun, quietly singing what Kaz realized was an old Suli song. The golden light streamed into the kitchen and onto her bronze skin. Inej seemed to glide through the kitchen and he could hardly bring himself to look away from her. But his hunger got the best of him. Cinnamon rolls. Kaz's smile grew and he didn't even try to hide it. She truly was a sight, his Saint.

    Inej turned, and for a moment didn't register that he was there, but once she did she smiled and walked over.

    "Well good morning sleepyhead, or maybe... Sleepyhands?"She giggled and Kaz had to stop himself from laughing out loud.

    "Don't call me that." He said, grumpily enough to make Inej laugh.

    "What? "Sleepyhands"?" She teased.

    Kaz rasied an eyebrow, "Yes Inej, "Sleepyhands""

    "You're adorable, you know that?"

    "Excuse me? No." He replied as he stood there, the Bastard of the Barrel in his pajamas and slippers, drawn to the kitchen by the smell of cinnamon rolls.

    Now Inej raised her eyebrow, "Mhm, not at all." She opened her arms, offering and asking him silently, and he closed the space between them. She hugged him, though he was taller, he rested his head on her shoulder as she ran her hand along his back.

    "I've never had an investment make me cinnamon rolls before." He said, intending to tease her in return, in his own, weird way. Inej pinched his arm just barely and laughed with him.

    More often lately he’s let himself laugh, and smile, especially now that me had such a beautiful reason to smile beside him each morning. One with long, dark hair, and lovely brown eyes of bitter tea and hot cocoa.

    She began to hum once again, a beautiful melody and Kaz allowed himself to sway in her arms. He let her hold him like that for a time, the slight chill of early morning surrounding them, the two most dangerous people in Ketterdam, together.

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  • justdaphne
    15.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    I just know for a fact that when Kanej gets married they will both say:

    I would come for you, and if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you and no matter how broken we were we’d fight our way out together

    Knives drawn

    Pistols blazing

    Because that’s what we do, we never stop fighting

    imagine them taking turns in that one vow 😭

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  • ketterdam-it
    14.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    Part Three of Four of the Mini Series
    TW: Angst, blood, gore, bodily harm, violence, death
    Monor spoilers for Crooked Kingdom
    Thank you @emmaannaelisabeth for your help and suggestions! And to everyone else who gave their ideas! Also, a brief apology to @justdaphne , none of the Crows are safe and you can't stop me.

    It weighed down on him, the pain and suffering of his friends. He felt it in ever nook and cranny of his heart. The memories of Jordie flooded his mind in a way they hadn't in years.

    In every fiber of his being was rage, and every part of his soul, fear. Beekhof would pay, but first he needed to save his family. He made his way down the hall, searching for Matthias, deeper into this house of terrors. No-one else had stopped him, it made him wary, it was this easy for a reason. He knew the chances of him scraping this were slim, but he would fight until he died.

    His leg felt as though it was on fire as Kaz ran through the halls, and for each moment that passed, the shadow he cast grew. Even in the darkness of the Manor, a certain depth of shadow followed Kaz Brekker, it stemmed from his heart, taking root and flooding the house. Beekhof would not survive this, Kaz knew that he wouldn't let him. But if the crows didn't make it out, would Kaz be able to live without them? His only family? He'd lost so much already.

    These thoughts ran through his mind and the darkness grew, Dirtyhands was hungry for vengeance, and Kaz Brekker was an injured animal, Both dangerous, both thirsty for blood.

    This time, Kaz Brekker didn't die when Dirtyhands came out to play. Tonight the two conspired, and only one thing could be left in their wake. Damage.

    Another open door stopped him in his tracks. He took a deep breath, slowing his pace, and made his way to the door. Kaz could feel the sweltering heat coming from the room as he approached. Within was Matthias, and a small wolf pup curled in his lap, a knife lay beside them on the floor. Matthias was sat there, stroking the pup, ever so gently between wiping small tears from his eyes

    Nothing bound him and Kaz wondered why he was still in the room.

    "Matthias." Kaz said his name, almost as if it were a question itself.

    Matthias did not look up, nor did he open his eyes, "She's gone Demjin. They took her from me, they're all gone, and now they want me to kill this little one." He finally looked up, and Kaz was met with the face of a broken man, one almost too young to be considered anything but a boy.

    "Nina is alive, they lied to you," Kaz shook his head, Beekhof was toying with all of them, "Let's go get her Helvar, let's get our girls, and our brothers." Matthias looked at him, and the small seedling of hope that grew in their hearts could nearly be seen in their eyes as Matthias stood, picking up the knife and calling the wolf to follow them.

    "I hope you have more tricks up your sleeve Demjin, this man-" Matthias shook his head, "You may have met your match Brekker."

    "We'll see about that Helvar, we will see." ~~~~~~~

    They headed toward Nina's room until a shot rang out through the darkness. Beside him Matthias fell to the ground, Kaz dropped to his side as the wolf pup ran away

    "Go Brekker, it's only my shoulder, save them, save Nina." Kaz gave him a grim nod, Matthias was a brave man, but the fear of a child was in his eyes as he spoke those words, and it unsettled Kaz.

    His leg may give out if he kept this up, his body threatened to betray him and he willed himself to keep running.

    When he reached Nina's room it was empty, he frantically searched the others but they were gone. Jesper and his Zemeni revolvers, Wylan with his blood still dripping down the piano, soaking the keys, and Inej, his Wraith. Gone.

    He ran back from whence he came, searching for Matthias but all he found was a small pool of blood where he had fallen. His friends were gone.

    He walked down the hall once again, toward Matthias' room and further until he found one last room. In the center was a bathtub full of water and ice, a table beside it. And to the right of it, a man sat in a chair, arms crossed and a smile on his face. Beekhof.

    The man whistled an odd sound and the door to the room behind Kaz opened. A group of men brought his friends in. Each of them bloodied, bruised, and shaking, tears in their eyes, broken beyond what Kaz could bear to see. He blinked away his tears and faced Beekhof again.

    "What business?" Kaz asked, his head held high, even in his singed and bloody clothes, even with pain tearing through his entire body and heart.

    "Get in the tub." Kaz felt the cold metal of a gun press against his head. He walked toward the tub and Inej shuddered somewhere behind him, his head pounded, the taste of fear on his tongue, everything inside him screamed to run, but instead he walked forward. Step by step, "Put out your hands.

    He did as he was told and Beekhof walked over to him, pulling Kaz's gloves off his hands. He threw them to the ground and slapped Kaz hard across the face, skin to skin, pain split through his head, he clenched his teeth and steeled himself. The waters rose to his ankles and Beekhof put his hands around Kaz's neck, squeezing hard.

    The edges of his vision darkened and behind him, from afar it seemed, he heard Inej scream. Beekhof pushed him in the tub and Kaz was back in Reapers Barge, once again he was only 9. He could feel the bodies atop him as he did his best not to scream.

    A small word passed through his lips, "Help." Everything went dark until another stinging flash of pain hit him in the face. He looked around to find himself in Beekof's hellish house once again.

    "Luuk, hand Mr.Fahey his revolver please." Just as Kaz attempted to force himself out of the tub, a cool blade pressed against his neck.

    "Please." Wylan said as Jesper took his revolver. With a gun pressed to each of their heads. He had to obey. Kaz watched as Jesper took the gun and turned it to himself, before Beekhof cut him off.

    "Not quite yet, no, he's first." Beekhof motioned to Wylan.

    "Please, no, not him." Jesper pleaded but he was in no place to make deals and Beekhof just shook his head, grinning. The waters rose around Kaz further pulling him in, filling his lungs as Jesper pointed the gun at Wylan.

    "I love you." He reached out his hand and Wylan took it

    He held back a sob as Wylan nodded, "I love you too," and he pulled the trigger.

    Click. It seemed to echo in the room, and for a moment Kaz could breath, just barely. Jesper sighed, and smiled sadly as he turned the gun to himself. Kaz could see Wylan squeeze Jesper's hand as he pulled the trigger once again.

    There was no click, all he heard was Wylan's scream and his own as Jesper dropped to the floor, no light left in his eyes. The thud echoed of the walls, and Beekhof pushed Kaz below the surface, holding him there. For a moment he didn't even fight, but he remembered Inej, his Saint and the rest of his friends still need him.

    He was ripped from below the water, soaking and coughing up the water in his lungs. He looked to Inej, a single look, one they used only when death was certain. I love you they told each other silently until Beekhof spoke once again.

    Wylan was cradling Jesper in his arms, limp and lifeless, Kaz was suffocating, choking on the death that filled the air.

    "Ms. Zenik, come here won't you?" Beekhof said in a sickly sweet voice, more of an order than a question. Matthias squeezed her hand and she stepped forward. Beekhof produced a large, rusted knife and gestured to Matthias.

    "No, I- I can't. Please-" Nina begged but Matthias cut her off.

    "Nina my love, it's alright, I am not afraid." Nina walked to him, hugging him for only a moment before she was ripped away by a guard. Wylan looked at them and Kaz knew, it was more than he and Jesper got.

    "I love you." Nina said sobbing, her hands shook as she raised the blade.

    "I love you too." Matthias said, any fear he had, was absent from his face, any pain, long gone. He wore a small smile as Nina drove the knife through his heart.

    "May Djel receive you." She dropped to the floor beside Matthias, restrained just out of reach from him as his smile dissipated and everything in him relaxed.

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  • ketterdam-it
    14.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    Part Two of Four of The Mini Series
    TW: Angst, blood, gore, bodily harm

    His cane hardly hit the ground, despite the immense pain coursing through him. Kaz Brekker was running through the alleys, he didn't know what he'd face when he found his friends. But he was going to do it, for them, for Inej.

    He turned a corner and saw Rotty on his way back from the Harbor.

    "Hey Boss-" He tried to catch up to him. Kaz gave him one look and Rotty saw the darkness in his eyes, the hatred, and most of all, the fear. Kaz did not stop running.

    He couldn't help but imagine Inej's limp body, grey and cold. He shuddered and did his best to shake off the thought, but it clung to him, burrowing in his heart and eating away at what hope was left in him.

    After what was eternity for him, he arrived at the bank, where he had been, not more than an hour ago. He smoothed his hair and slipped into the alley beside it, pulling himself up the to top of the shop next door. He went in through it's roof door, intending to use the secret passage under the building.

    He passed down two flights of stairs, gave the guard who had a suspicious look the password, and continued down. The password, the roof entrance, the underground passage, the same thing Inej had done, less than three hours ago.

    Kaz was inside the bank now, and he knew who he needed to find.

    "Where are they?" He asked, he had his oyster knife to the man's throat.

    "If they're still alive-" He laughed, so much confidence from a man in a life or death situation, Kaz pressed the knife down harder, two small beads of blood trickled down the man's neck before he wheezed out his answer, "The Beekhof Manor."

    Like that, Kaz was off again, leaving the man shaking in his chair, he didn't have time to deal with him. ~~~~~~~~

    Beekhof liked living near his money, and Kaz had thought he might take them there. Kaz made his way around the building, and what he saw unnerved him. The back door was open, a small slip of paper at the entrance, he was expected.

    Kaz took a breath, looking at the sun, sky, and city that surrounded him just once, before entering the house. He knew his chances were slim, and his saint was not here to protect him. As he slipped through the door, he said one small prayer, not for himself, but for his friends. If they are alive, protect them when I cannot.

    The house was dark and as he made his was down the hall he knew he was being watched. A small breath was all it took, Kaz gripped his cane and swung it to his right. There was thud, and following it, a movement to his left. Kaz felt a fist collide with his jaw and pain shot through his head, making his teeth rattle. He shifted his cane to bring the head of it to what he hoped was the face of the figure in front of him. Another thud.

    Kaz picked up his pace, taking a right and walking through hall after hall, until he saw an open door. Light streamed out through the door, every window in the large room was open. He scanned the room, nothing, until he saw a small figure in the darkest corner of the room. Inej.

    He ran to her, not another care in the world.

    "Inej!" She didn't look up, her legs were outstretched in front of her, she was slumped against the wall, shaking ever so slightly.

    "Inej!" He called out to her again, squatting down to her level, he touched her leg gently with his cane. Eliciting a scream from her, she awoke, yelping, tears streaming down her face. Ghezen, had he hurt her? Somehow? He'd only touched her.

    "My legs," She looked up to see Kaz, "Oh thank the Saints... Kaz, they... Kaz they broke my legs." Tears streamed down her face and Kaz's heart dropped, they broke her legs. The rage inside him grew, a forest fire, it ripped through him, screaming to be released.

    Inej looked back down, and Kaz thought his heart may break, guilt filled him as he dared to wonder if the child was alive. "Did they know, about..?' Kaz trailed off, cursing himself for asking. Inej shook her head. She was weak, her movements slow and labored. He sighed. They didn't know.

    Her wrists were bruised. They must have had to hold her down somehow. Dirtyhands began to bargain his release, as did Rietveld.

    "Inej, darling, where are the others?" He said, his heart broke for her, but she was alive.

    Inej let out a small whimper as she shifted in her spot on the floor. "I'm sorry, I- I don't know."

    "Don't be sorry Inej, you've done a wonderful job," Kaz had to swallow back the tears that threatened to form, there was no time for that now, "I'll find them Inej, I will be back for you. I promise." It was a promise he hardly dared to make. Inej nodded and shivered, wincing at the pain that flooded through her when she did. Kaz gave her his jacket, covering her, and leaving them there with the lightest touch of a kiss on her head, and all the love in his heart.

    He knew he only found her because he was allowed to, he was being toyed with and he knew it. He was not in control tonight. He walked down the hall, turning on occasion, he felt like a rat in a maze. Another open door, he made his way to it, looking around before entering the room. Wylan sat in front of the piano, and questions filled Kaz's mind.

    Wylan turned to see him, "Kaz, no." He said but he was too late, Kaz stepped through the door, foot hitting the trip wire attached to the oil lamp beside him. A distinct pop filled the air, hot oil soaked Kaz, flames licking at his skin. A small scream escaped him as he dropped to the ground, rolling to put out the flames before they made their way up his neck.

    He slapped at the flames, and called to Wylan to help him. But Wylan didn't move. Kaz rolled until the last of the flames went out, holes were burnt in his trousers and his waistcoat was severely singed, burns patterned his arms.

    Kaz used his cane to push himself from the floor, pain dancing across his arms. "Wylan, why didn't you-" He stopped, the words dying in his mouth when he saw Wyalns hands, still on the piano keys.

    Nails, nails are what bound Wylan's fingers to the keys. Each finger with one in it. Tears stained Wylan's cheeks as he apologized to Kaz. "Is Jesper?" Alive was the word he refused to use.

    "I don't know yet," Kaz looked to Wylan's feet and he let out a small gasp as he did. Two large metal spikes were stuck through his feet, binding them to the ground. Kaz looked up to meet Wylan's eyes.

    "Save them, come for me last, just save Jesper, please Kaz, please." He begged Kaz, who shuddered as he looked at Wylan's fingers once again. He nodded to him, he didn't want to leave him like this, but he was alive.

    Kaz had underestimated Beekhof, and now the Crows were paying for it. He made his way, running down the halls, through the kitchen and toward the servants quarters.

    Once again, a door was open, this room was less grand than the others, and in the center of it was a table. Jesper was seated facing it and Kaz, blindfolded. From what he could see from outside the doorway, he was bound to the chair with barbed wire that was digging into his skin, and one of his revolvers lay in the center of the table, just out of reach. Russian roulette.

    He didn't dare enter the room this time. "I told you, I'm not ready yet. Please.." Jesper's voice broke as he uttered the last word.

    "It's me Jesper, it's Kaz." He said to him, as much kindness as he could muster filling his voice. Everything in Jesper seemed to relax, then tense again.

    "Is Wylan okay?"

    "He's alive." Jesper sighed, realizing a tad until the barbed wire bit into him.

    "It's Russian roulette." Jesper said, laughing bitterly.

    "I'll be back for you Jesper." At that Jesper shook his head, and Kaz continued down the hall.

    The next door wasn't far off, Nina was there, surrounded by 5 other people. Each of them looking incredibly sickly, laying on the floor, moaning and grabbing at her. Nina was sitting in a corner, crying, all her hair had been chopped off and she looked badly bruised.

    "Nina." She looked up to see Kaz in the doorway.

    "Don't come in, they'll get you. I can't help them Kaz. I can't help any of them.." She sobbed, "Where is Matthias?" The pleading in her voice sunk Kaz's heart as much as the others.

    "I know, learned the hard way," He said gesturing to his singed suit,"I haven't found him yet, the others are safe," Kaz took a deep breath, the guilt of leaving them all in their personal hell weighed on him, "I'll be back for you okay?"

    Nina nodded, letting out a small sob and Kaz continued on. He needed Matthias for this part, hopefully he was in better shape than the others.

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  • justdaphne
    13.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Okay imagine Kanej but with the “you wrote me letters?”-trope

    Kanej are having a fight.

    They shouted here and there

    “You didn’t even reply to a single one of my letters” Kaz blurts out. He was not suppose to say that.

    Inej freezes.

    “No, YOU didn’t even reply to one of my letters” she replied.

    Kaz freezes.

    Inej wrote me letters?

    Kaz wrote me letters?

    They both fell silent, processing about what just happened

    She broke the silent with the “you, - you wrote me letters?”

    Kaz nods slowly, looking down at his shoes. He didn’t dare meet her eyes. “Everyday” he said softly.

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  • dreamingofhelnik
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Random Kaz Brekker Headcanon

    Kaz loves to read. He would never admit it to anyone in the barrel because it would give him a sense of vulnerability, but it’s one of the few things Kaz actually enjoys. Jordie used to read to him when they were really little- Before everything changed. 5 year old Kaz was intrigued by the stories, and as a teen, he still is. 

    Ketterdam is a brutal place, and reading transports Kaz to a world where he can be more than just the bastard of the barrel. His favorite types of books are mystery… They always give him better insight into how to plan the next heist. 

    The only person who knows about his love for books is surprisingly not Inej. It’s Wylan. The merchling had once walked into Kaz’s room while he was deeply engrossed in the newest book he had stolen. (Because why would he ever BUY books?)

     “Get out,” Kaz had snapped, but Wylan had simply frowned, his eyes trained on the book in Kaz’s hands.

    “You don’t have to be embarrassed about it.” Wylan said simply, and Kaz had remembered that Wylan was dyslexic. He almost felt bad about the shame he’d felt. Kaz had been about to tell Wylan to leave, but the merchling wouldn’t have listened anyway. Instead, he sat down next to Kaz on the bed. “Read to me.”


    “You heard me.” Wylan repeated, and there was determination in his blue eyes. .”It’s good to have people to share the things you love with. And I’ve always wanted to hear what stories are like.”

    “You won’t tell anyone about this, understand?”

    “It’ll be our secret.” 

    And it had been. And none of the other crows are ever going to mention the strange way that Wylan and Kaz exchange glances when they pass by a bookshop or enter one of the rich mercher’s library. Because why in the world would the two of them have any interest in reading?

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    Wraith and Dirtyhands 

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