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  • bravelittletayster
    23.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Want severe autism get new name not want high function people think can say how am for us anymore

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  • bravelittletayster
    23.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    People always say have friend do aba how no am bad and them friend do aba long long long long long long time go or them make it up from actual autistic liar not really them friend am just copy what else say instead listen people like tay that actual do aba whole life and just listen liars never do aba because stupid idiots think all bad when never do in own life not get diagnose autistic ever or not until am grown up then not do aba and not know am like shut up stupid idiot liars hate you if have severe autism am happy have therapy try teach stop hit bite self understand what brain feeling learn do thing own because sucks not do thing own self not got friend bite hit self over over over all time and friend do aba million thousand year go not same do now now now now now now now now

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  • wyldstallyn
    23.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    me: getting a job in no way will fix my situation

    someone every fucking time: well getting a job helped me:)

    #ok bozo the clown i have no lisence or ged in a backwards maine town with no public transportation living on a street ive been hit on by #ppls car mirrors while walking on the very edgs bc we have no fucking sidewalk #i live w someone whos physically assaulted me told me to kill myself robbed me lied to my friends etc so im living in survival mode 24/7 #im not eating or showering enough im burned out simply being alive #i have no irl social outlets bc my idiot piece of shit sister as well as her friends are all antivaxxers so im not exposing people i care - #- about to that. im physically and mentally disabled without any diagnoses so every job ive had have thought im just lying #my old job would make me do 3 peoples jobs at once and id collapse regularly and need extra breaks which they HATED #one time i threw up and when i told my manager she tried to convince me to keep working #im already running on empty rn selling my body to some corporation that wouldnt care if i dropped dead has never been the solution lmfao #not to mention being visibly trans gay and autistic in a shitty maine town that looooves to harass workers for anything #i cant do shit from home bc home is unsafe #quitting benzos cold turkey fucked me up and all ove been exposed to simce then is more trauma i cant go anywhere without panic attacks #like if your family never had to live paycheck to paycheck shut the fuck up on peoples money and job situations
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  • rizosrojizos
    23.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    The absolute disrespect.

    I went out with mom today. We parked in a disability spot. Immediately, a lady parked right next to us, also a disability spot, in such a way that she blocked me from exiting the vehicle.

    I waved at the woman, but I don't know if she saw me. My mom waved at her and told her to please park better, so I could get out--my mom was outside, with my rollator ready.

    The woman in question decided to go out of her way to park even closer to our car, traping me inside. Completely arrogant, with no care in the world. By this point, my mom was ready for murder, and the woman ran away from her.

    I don't think she had any physical disability at all, considering she was a good runner.

    Mom had no choice but to move our car so I could get out. We looked, and the woman had plenty of space in her spot, unused.

    It's 2021, and disabled people like me still face disrespect.

    PS: Because of situations like this, I want car stickers with the word "PIG" in handy. Preferably ones difficult to remove.

    #personal#disability#rollator walker #when we will be seen?
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  • im-traumatised
    23.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    I'm wondering if i should look into getting a service dog...

    Will have to wait until i can apply to NDIS and can get help paying for it, but I've had several people suggest it at this point for several reasons... and I'm starting to understand why...

    #mine #idk just been thinking about it a lot this morning #i just hope i can actually get accepted to ndis #although have to get all these other official paper diagnosis stuffs first #idk hmm#tourettes#wise #and also like #mental health wise #trauma#actually cptsd#disabled
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  • autisticcassandracain
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It's probably petty but I just really can't stand the 'I am not less, I am more' quote like. Yeah out of context it's fine I guess but the arc it was in was horribly written with some very unimpressive Cass characterization and it was a response to Lady Shiva, who was being actively character massacred. I just think Cass has so many iconic quotes you can use ones that like, don't come from shit arcs.

    #I get that its a powerful sentiment for a disabled character but like #If u have to massacre an existing character to get another character to say a mildly cool line then like #It rlly ruins the effect #My posts#Cassandra cain
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  • disabledprincesses
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me, a chronically ill college student: I feel like crap and I feel like theres nothing I can do about it while I live on campus and don't make my own money

    Doctors: just eat healthy

    Teachers: just eat healthy

    Media: just eat healthy

    Healthy people: just eat healthy

    Parents: just eat healthy

    Every on-campus food place:

    (Yes these are actually from one of the places to buy food on campus)

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  • aggressive-positivity-network
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • ruins-in-vanity
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i have no voice, ive screamed and screamed for you but im never heard, and i was finally starting to see a chance and now im afraid im getting sick again. ive struggled to eat for a few days and today i just havent bothered because i wont keep it in for long, my body is so tired and cold all the time...i was so close to getting the chance to look for you, to meet you halfway but if i get sick again im afraid ill never find you. i can barely leave as it is. please, just find me and help me already, i cant do this again and i certainly can't do it alone.

    i feel like im screaming at nothing and getting drowned out. the only way i know how to find you anymore is to hope you see me here, since i dont have a life out there. i wanted to find you so badly but im suffering and i need you now. i write to you so often hoping youll read it soem day but thats not enough because those letters cant call you to me now, you cant recognize soemthing thats hidden inside my dresser but maybe youd see this? somehow we could cross paths and cut the waiting time, even if we lose our meet-cute or our littler fairy tale start, youd still be able to sit with me until the worst is over if you were just here now. please, i dont know what to do and i cant afford to get sick again. i cant even pay for medications let alone any little tattoos that would finish my appearance and make me feel like myself. but even if i cant have either of those at least i wouldn't be alone.

    id never ask for you to pay for anything for me, nothing like that, just keep me company because i feel like you hold my luck and my happiness, but you cant hear me crying for you ever damn night im forced to fall asleep alone, cold, and in pain.

    i swear id call you by name if i even knew it

    #delete later #for my love #i feel like shit and i feel sick to my stomach #idk what to do if i do get sick again #and the fucking tribunal sent soemthing that im not supposed to get until after the decision has been made and i reject it #but I haven't even had the court date yet #im not even fucking asking for money i just want them to acknowledge im disabled #but i dont have insurance and i cant work enough to afford the medication that would at least ease the physical pain #the emotional pain would linger but the unhappiness and loneliness #and hatred of being stuck in a rat race city would at least be eased if i could hold your hand #i have people who care for me but its not the same and its not enough #my heart still feels so hollow and my stomach feels burned through from front to back #my head is splitting and i wish i could get on medication to help but i cant afford anything and certainly not as long #as im paying for hrt #where are you why have i had to wait so long for you #we're old souls who've been together always there not a shred of learning or growong we need to do at this point #and we're adults and more mature than half the others we know #so why arent you here #why cant you find me #i need you so badly now
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  • phoenixonwheels
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    How is “defending ableism on my posts will earn you an autoblock” not clear enough and also if you write your “antivaxxers are an oppressed class” bullshit on my posts I will personally hunt you down and kill you.

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