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  • This year I want to take my needs more seriously. I want to be more open about my issues and not feel guilty about it. I want to be able to say “no, sorry, I will be too tired” or “I can only do this if I cancel the other thing so let me think about it.” I want to stim whenever I need it, regardless of what people might think. I want to take naps when I feel I could use one and not keep myself awake by scrolling through social media.

    Do you have any resolutions/plans like this? Share them with me!

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  • TW Eugenics

    Welp my sister did it again. Its awfully funny though how this time when she was telling mom her life plan, she left out the eugenics part because I got offended. As if I shouldn’t be offended she sees me and any genetic makeup of me as a burden. She also told her friend, but I’m not sure if she left the eugenics out.

    It’s fucking hard to just lose yourself in something, enjoy yourself, and live your life when all you hear is how you’re a burden.

    Just give me peace.

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  • “Look up some outtakes and blooper videos and have a good laugh watching them.” 

    There are some awesome bloopers around from all the Marvel films - those always make me laugh! It’s a great activity for days when you need a laugh but don’t have much brain power.

    You can get your own Energy-Saving Self Care cards here: https://buff.ly/35pfKoE 

     [Image description: Card includes a photo of of part of a keyboard where the centre key is labelled “Oops”, a glyph representing the five senses, and the above quote.]

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  • Friendly reminder that just because you’re ‘functioning’ it doesn’t mean you aren’t ill or diasbled. Being able to function doesn’t mean that there’s nothing wrong with you.

    If you have a disability- physical or mental- or an illness that is seen as being 'invisible’ simply because you’re able to take care of yourself and/or hold down a job, because you can be a functioning member of our society, doesn’t make your struggle’s any less valid or any less real.

    I see you and I love you.

    This post is brought to you by the person who’s impostor syndrome won’t allow them to ID as chronically ill.

    #disabilties#disability#illness#chronic illness#mental disability#physically disabled#functioning#'functioning' #just because you can function in society doesn't make you any less diasbled/ill #my impostor syndrome won't let me id as chronically ill #even though when i think about it it's kinda obvious that I am? #yet it took seeing a post about how chronically ill people act when they're in pain for me to acknowledge that #for fucks sake #shut up mars
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  • there are few things that make me angrier than when people think people who use wheel chairs sometimes and can walk sometimes are “faking their disability” or whatever like what the fuck

    #like. its not hard to understand that people might use mobility aids on days they need them and then not on others #if i see one more meme with an empty wheelchair and like a 'omg a miracle xD' caption i will lose my shit #ugghhhhhhg #and i dont even use mobility aids i can't imagine how frustrating it has to be for those who do #shut up daria #disability
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  • This is a post I should have made months/years ago, but imagine if I was still a kid, in a classroom, and two new kids came in. Kid #1 saw my wheelchair and instantly began to mimic wheeling around, making insensitive comments, and being blatantly ableist, but instead of pointing out that ableism, half of the classroom was just like, “Yes but Kid #2 could potentially do something in the future that could perhaps upset you, too, so they’re the same, really.”

    That’s how some of you sound, right now.

    That’s how some of you have sounded for years.

    #''Yes but what if Biden figures out how to strike a match?'' ''TRUMP HAS ALREADY PULLED THE TRIGGER ON THE FLAMETHROWER!'' #disability#disabled#politics#us politics
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  • I’m disabled and I never got a stimulus check and I’m still working on getting accepted for SSI/disability

    If you could share my Gofundme, and help me make it through this pandemic alive, it would be amazing.

    Gofundme here or my PayPal is here

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  • What makes you feel good about yourself today?

    I’ll go first:

    I’ve been able to get my quiz done and study for a while!

    That’s not necessarily the part I feel good about, but I feel good about myself for feeling interest in things again. I feel really good about being able to do something not only because I have to, but because I genuinely want to 😊

    Do you think you could tell me what’s making you feel good today?

    Alternatively, what would make you feel good about yourself if you’re not feeling good already?

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  • Describe whether the requirements of disability eligibility under ADA and ADAAA are applicable in this circumstance, and discuss whether or not the woman has any valid claim and is entitled to any accommodation. Support your position using federal and sta - Assignment Help

    Describe whether the requirements of disability eligibility under ADA and ADAAA are applicable in this circumstance, and discuss whether or not the woman has any valid claim and is entitled to any accommodation. Support your position using federal and sta – Assignment Help

    Please be sure to use the link to access the information as a resource for this assignment, being sure to back up the information with federal and Arkansas state law.

    Describe whether the requirements of disability eligibility under ADA and ADAAA are applicable in this circumstance, and discuss whether or not the woman has any valid claim and is entitled to any accommodation. Support your…

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  • Okay so I know Airfryers are kind of a meme rn, and this is probably going to sound silly and over dramatic, but I’m serious when I say it’s pretty much a life saver for me. 

    As someone who suffers not only from chronic physical pain, but also chronic depression, cooking healthy meals is not easy for me, I often rely on takeaway pizza or frozen chips, processed food that’s just not giving me what I need. But recently I learned I can cook pretty much anything in an airfryer, so I went and bought some fresh meat and potato balls from the butchers, and all I have to do is stick them in the airfryer for 25 minutes at most, and I have a healthy, tasty and nutritious meal. 

    If my pain is really bad that day, I only have to be standing up for two minutes, or I could even sit on a chair and put my food on. Yesterday I was making breakfast and I was in a lot of pain, but since I just had to wait 10 minutes for my food to cook in the air fryer, it was fine. I could lie down on the couch, then get my food and go have it in bed. 

    If I don’t have the energy to mess around with pots and pans (which is most days) I can just take some fresh chicken and throw it in the airfryer, minimum energy required and I’m still getting nutritious food.

    There’s not much point to this post other than I love having an airfryer and it’s really helped me be able to get good food into me, when other wise I just don’t have the means to. 

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  • What is a Spoonie?

    What is a Spoonie?

    By Valerie Rice | January 17, 2020

    Photo by Jonathan Andrew on Pexels.com

    I realize now, a little late in the game, that some of you may not be familiar with this term. How egocentric of me. My bad. I will correct that error today! Or, in my favorite terms “You gonna learn today!” Wheeeee! This is also one of those “let me sing you the song of my people” moments because I am a spoonie.  Whether…


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  • I know I’m super not active on here rn but I’m popping back to say disabled mspecs i love u

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  • Caregiver post - uhh a little help?

    Hi there, its CG Alex. This post is mostly pointed towards Caregivers because I’m in need of some help/advice.

    TW: regarding eating issues, trauma

    So the thing is that my Little refuses to eat while he’s small. He has no eating issues while big (besides executive disfunction making it hard for him to care) but while Little he just doesn’t want to eat and trying to gently nudge him to eat something its becoming a big fuss and he stops responding at all. Me and other CGs tried everything to get him to eat- his safe foods, foods in fun shapes, formulas, fairy bread, sweets and all kind of different things but he just won’t.

    I don’t want to push him but it’s really concerning me especially when he’s in the littlespace for a long amound of time. I know he’s had a time over a year ago after a t*aumatic event where he didn’t eat at all and even though he’s been coping with it better im scared that he’s gonna relapse.

    Please help me out, ifeel helpless and im really concerned for my Little.

    -CG Alex

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  • more on disability in Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory

    like academic analysis? relate to the Once and Future King because you, too, are always sleeping? read on 😉 

    this is a continuation of my previous post summarising Sitting on the Sidelines: Disability in Malory by Kristina Hildebrand - same as last time, cw for both in-text and out-of-text ableism, and also a note that i’m disabled and the views expressed in this article don’t necessarily align with mine 💚 

    Part 2 - Sir Urre

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  • “Normal” People are Devils!

    “Normal” People are Devils!

    Some people might think ableism is just the flavor of the month, yet another tool Social Justice Warriors like to use to be “professional victims” Isn’t it obvious that the only two types of isms in this country are racism and sexism? Those are the holy pillars of the oppression hierarchy that society has deemed worthy of attention. Any other “ism” is just trying to coat-tail off of their…

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  • OKAY I feel like I should have done this before I started posting about my tourettes but I’m doing it now so that anyone who doesn’t know much about it understands a little better.

    Tourettes Syndrome is a disorder that causes involuntary movements and vocalizations, called tics. It is also known as “the swearing disease” by people who don’t know much about it, but swearing tics (called coprolalia) only affect about 10-15% of the total number of people who have TS. I’m part of that number, but it’s actually a relatively rare symptom.

    If you’re wondering what ticcing feels like, it feels very similar to a sneeze or a yawn. It doesn’t feel like something else has taken control of your body, and sometimes you get a bit of warning before it happens, and you can technically hold it off, at least for a short while, but it gets painful or at the very least extremely uncomfortable very fast, and you can’t hold out against it forever, sooner or later that thing is gonna happen

    Vocal tics can be anything from a grunt or a sharp inhale to a full phrase, and they are not what the person with tourettes is “secretly thinking.” Sometimes there are triggers for tics, but a trigger for a tic can be anything if your brain makes the connection for a split second. A trigger for a vocal tic could be realizing there’s a child nearby, or an animal, or listening to someone speak that you know you REALLY shouldn’t interrupt. Or seeing the person you got the tic from, because if you have tourettes, you can “catch” tics from someone else.

    Motor tics are when you have body movements as a tic, and can range from jerking your neck or winking to touching someone else’s face or throwing things. Again, it’s not what you “secretly want” to do. Triggers for these tics can be any listed above, and any listed here can also be triggers for vocal tics; for example, someone standing too close to you, knowing that it’s important NOT to tic in that situation, etc etc.

    Also, tics can potentially cause injuries! Please don’t trigger tics on purpose.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! I’ll be glad to help educate.

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