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  • I miss writing secret love letters to you.

    #disgusting #i love her #i hate this #love#mine
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  • I can’t remember the last time I showerd but I smell disgusting. I look disgusting. And everyone is disgusted by me. And it’s all my fault.

    #deppressed#deppresion#deppresive#anxious#anxeity #i’m so fucking exhausted #im tired #i am so fucking tired #tired#exhausted#executive dysfunction #i procrastinate too much #disgusting#dysphoria#body dysmorphia#dysphoric #i hate my body #i hate being this way
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  • If I gain one more kilogram, I am legit going to shoot myself.

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  • So my friend accused me of holding grudges for too long and pshhh.. Do I… I don’t hold grudges? But then I remembered.. This one time I refrained from drinking any Starbucks for a year and I was exited about breaking the spell on a holiday and because it was October, I wanted to finally try the PSL for the first time and it was so disgusting and disappointing I never went to Starbucks ever again… This was 3 years ago. I’m still angry and I’m still glaring at every Starbucks I see.

    #Who ordered a boring ass story? #But seriously who drinks this poison? Yes I am attacking your personal taste #Starbucks#Starb#Psl #Pumpkin spice latte #Devil's favourite drink #Disgusting #It was funny tho
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  • fruit (derogatory)

    - me, talking about bananas

    #they taste so fucking bad #how do you guys do it #i think about a banana. i retch #disgusting
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  • Fear foods are something, that shouldnt exist. You should not be afraid of eating something. But if you’re like me and struggle with overcoming this fear, here is what helped me and might help you as well:

    Eat it in combination with something “helathy” or what you dont consider as a fear food.

    As an example: I really struggled with eating white bread, so I decided to have a big salat-bowl for lunch and have a baguette with it. It was sooo good and I didnt feel bad at all, because I knew that I also had something “healthy”.

    So if you struggle with fear foods, give this a try. You might need a few tries, but at the end of the day it will be worth it, I promise you!

    Stay safe and have a lovely day!💕

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  • It was just a bad dream and bad things

    Happen to good people

    I don’t believe any of that, I’m not feelin equal

    To the ones who can decide…

    The ones who dare to try…

    The ones who actually fall asleep at night..

    My head is full of nightmares and flare guns.

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  • I’ve never hated myself more than I do right now

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  • #i felt hot for 5 mins and now i think i Look kinda basic #disgusting #— zuranswers ♡! #— bestiez ♡! #— sanrio bffs ♡! #— precious val ♡!
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  • Dave Grohl Recalls Visiting Lemmy’s ‘Disgusting’ Home

    Dave Grohl Recalls Visiting Lemmy’s ‘Disgusting’ Home

    Dave Grohl vividly recalled visiting Lemmy Kilmister at the Motorhead bassist’s cluttered Los Angeles apartment. “I was shocked at how fucking disgusting it was,” the Foo Fighters frontman said in an excerpt from the new issue of Classic Rock.
    “These aisles of magazines and VHS tapes, stacked three to four feet high, Lemmy sitting on the couch, in his black bikini underwear with a spiderweb on…

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  • Throw Back! When’s this Corona Shii Gonna End? This was March 2020! To whoever eat the Aardvark or bat 🦇! I’m Gunnin 4 you MO! #smh #disgusting #corona #fuck2020 #newyork (at New York, New York)

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  • I’ll have you know im NOT pineapple pizza.

    #sus#pineapple#disgusting #why would i the be the pineapple on the pizza #cherri-xxx #i exist day 1
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  • image

    I’ve also been informed that satanequalstruth-blog is doing THIS (a hindu ritual) and called it satanic. I cannot express this enough, this is what JOS does. Nazis steal everything I stg.

    Hinduism isnt satanism. Please do not call it as such, people who practice Hindu have their own gods and goddesses, satanism isnt involved and we cannot claim them to be ours.

    While hindu is not closed, it is a religion one must be initiated into. Again, not satanic, never was satanic, and cannot be claimed as such.

    Please report this blog and block. Thank you.

    Edit: this is an extension to another post I made avout this blog. I am not using the word nazi in vain. JOS followers ARE nazis.

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  • while I was manic I got the bright idea to Get My Life Together by?? bullet journalling??? okay whatever. anyway I asked everyone if they wanted anything since I like spending money in large chunks and I ended up buying stuff for everybody else and then had a breakdown when I saw all my options for office supplies. so I didn’t get anything I wanted which is fine I guess bc I no longer have the motivation to journal but I’m like Very deep in depression now and figured I’d buy two notebooks just to Feel Something and my purchasing decision did not bring me even a fleeting amount of joy so I guess this is serious.

    #mine#actuallybipolar #I spent twenty dollars one something I rly wanted three days ago and just got waves of self hatred #disgusting
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  • A bunch of sessriners are praising HNY for “Sesshoumaru’s family” in the google review page and I’m like 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

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  • An Amazon delivery guy was caught going for a number 2 outside a customer’s home after delivering a package

    #amazon#delivery#delivery guy#nasty#disgusting#cctv #caught red handed #caught on cctv
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  • Bruh Insta has been a hot fire mess due to the character Instagrams going down and the much more ship war over the what I like to call a “nope ship” that is known as Stovia

    And yes, it’s the ship between Stolas and Octavia.

    And yes, it’s…..gross.

    Even giving the people the greatest benefit of the doubt I can give them and say they only ship it when Octavia is aged up (18 or older) and in an au where Octavia and Stolas aren’t related its still hella weird

    Even if Stolas isn’t Octavias real father he clearly still thinks of her as his daughter and raised her as such. To think of their interactions as otherwise is….disturbing.

    However, for the love of God don’t harrass these people. Yes I don’t support the ship but two wrongs don’t make a right. Simply block or report them. Don’t stoop to their level. Pretty sure these people just want that attention cause it gives them some validation.

    Plus I know some of you guys might think less of me, but in the end it is fiction. Portraying something doesn’t mean supporting irl. Doesn’t make is any less gross but I really can’t care that much as long as these fuckers don’t touch any actual family members or minors.

    I might actually just give an ‘ew’ and block out the tag, not even make this post if it hasn’t caused so much trauma so-

    Harrassment is bad. Just block them and don’t give these deviants anymore validation than they have. I’m sure some people will use this hate to promote and even justify their ship like many have done with other ships.

    Inc*st and p*dophillia is bad if you want to ship it, (i dunno why but what the fuck ever) acknowledge it is at least bad, should never be done irl, include warnings and don’t shove in others peoples face to make them uncomfortable. Smh. If you’re gonna do down with a deviant ship at least go down with a shred of decency ya gross fucks

    This Fandom is hard sometimes-

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  • Fate bloom smells very neurotypical

    #and not an art kid #disgusting #fate: the winx saga
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  • Oh no, I missed sinday.

    #lightning & fire: out of character #only because I had to sleep #disgusting
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