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    Robin Hood Little Golden Book (1973)

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    #shipping #elena of avalor the fandom #disney junior #sofia the first the fandom #tangled the series #lady bug and cat noir #twitter #respect each others ships #psa
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  • barryjohnson77
    14.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Gag drawings spitballing possible punishments for Hades at the end of Disney Hercules, including becoming the new Underworld Ferryman, selling used chariots, a janitor at the museum from the start of the movie, and locked in the Titans' pit with Pain and Panic.

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  • idia-and-ortho-shroud
    14.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I have "Jamil's nameless faceless younger sister" brainrot toniht

    I like to think that if Jamil is to help the eldest al-asim child, his sister has to care for the youngest one (out of 30+ kids)

    I literally don't have anything else about her i just think shes neat

    #twisted wonderland#twst #disney twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland oc #jamil viper
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  • fairestwriting
    14.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    title: piece of my world
    word count: 1562
    summary: Phoebe shuts off the game before she goes to bed, but it doesn’t seem to end there.
    commissioned by @invaderphoeb ! hope you enjoyed it and thanks so much for the support <3 also available on ao3 here !
    guidelines for commissions are here, in case anyone else is interested

    That game had an interesting prologue.

    Phoebe chuckles when she switches the phone off, letting her face meet the mattress for a second, smiling. She had fun with it, there were more chapters to look into later, but for now the prologue would have to be enough — It was that long already, all of its parts stretching far into the night.

    She yawns, turning around on the bed, now laying on her back instead of her stomach. It had been her friend’s idea to have her play it, knowing her love for Disney movies and its villains, and she’s grateful for the recommendation. It had been a fun night.

    But naturally, everything needs to come to an end, and this far into the night, Phoebe really needed to get some sleep.

    Hopping off the bed, they leave their phone on the nightstand and dig into their closet for a couple moments before retrieving their favorite pajama set, changing without thinking about much of anything. They hang the clothes they’d been wearing previously on the chair near the desk, then get under the covers, snuggling up until they’re comfortable.

    Pip, their dear teddy bear, had been resting on the nightstand, next to the phone, but soon enough it’s in their arms again, squeezed tightly as they nuzzled it with a small smile.

    It’s funny seeing how the personalities of the villains translated into these characters, how they held that sort of familiarity she felt when she watched the movies, but turned into something new and refreshing. She didn’t know exactly who was who yet, just a handful of scattered names her friend had mentioned to her, but seeing some elements on the character’s designs, she had a couple of guesses here and there.

    It was an interesting game, really. Phoebe was excited to play some more in the morning, she thinks, and drowsiness began to cloud her mind.

    That cat, Grim, with his blue flames a boasting, prideful dialogue, and the headmaster Dire Crowley, with that mask and flashy blue clothing, stay in her mind for a bit. Kind of like they’re staring at him through water, Phoebe sinks into the pool of her thoughts, slowly fading away as sleep takes over, and they don’t leave.

    What a funny game. She wonders which characters she’d get to know in chapter one — Which villains were personified there, and how. Crowley’s words, in that specific tone of voice he had, echo along incomprehensibly, and she thinks of this one red haired boy who had chased after Grim in the story.

    In Phoebe’s blurred vision, he’s running like that, in those robes. She wonders where he was headed, briefly.

    . . .

    “What happened here?”

    “Where the hell did this come from… who is this person?”

    “Are they conscious? Everyone, step away…!”

    The world blurs and unblurs, everything darkened with the still not faded unconsciousness of Phoebe’s brain — Not many thoughts run through her mind, is she dreaming? The place around her can barely be seen, but it doesn’t look like her room.

    No, it doesn’t look like her room at all.

    It’s purple all around, odd lighting comes from a chandelier and hanging lamp lights in a sort of lavender or reddish tone. There are windows on the walls, decorated with intricate framing that looped in all sorts of arabesque-like designs, long dark purplish curtains covering their corners, mirrors all around.

    Near those walls, coffins floating ominously, emanating glow from a circle on their very centers that kept fading in and out, with all those people around him too, Phoebe notes vaguely, but he can barely move. He feels something poking at him, first at his wrist, then on his face—

    “What are you doing? Don’t touch them like this, or it’ll be off with your head…!”

    What…? Phoebe tries to open his eyes, but it’s difficult. The voice is eerily, slightly familiar, the line definitely so, taking her way back to watching the classic Alice in Wonderland in a rainy night, curled up in blankets and holding her—

    The teddy bear. Where was it?

    “Oi, it looks like they’re waking up…” A rougher, deeper voice comes into play after a couple of steps, Phoebe still can’t see right, but she knows there’s a man looming over her, intense eyes that stand out between darker skin and hair.

    Her vision unblurs slightly, for a moment. She sees the slash of the scar across his eye.

    “This looks strange…” A faraway mutter by an analytical voice, quiet yet it calls for Phoebe’s attention, she sees another tan man on the borders of the crowd, long hair cascading over his shoulder. A shorter one with white hair and red eyes standing by his side. “Kalim, stand behind.” He says, it comes out commanding, misplaced when it came to the image he got through

    “Ehh, Jade, what’s going on? Did the entrance ceremony just get interesting?” Another faraway sound, a giggle among many other mutters.

    “Mm, it seems so, Floyd.”

    Blur again, but it doesn’t last too long before it leaves again, and the faint shapes of other people come back into Phoebe’s field of vision. The voices around Phoebe don’t stop talking, gawking at them like they’re some sort of lab rat to be experimented on, they want to stand up and tell them to back off, to ask where the hell they are, what sort of dream is this? But they can’t move at all, every limb feeling like it’s been cemented onto the floor.

    Despite the way their eyes kept darting around, not even their lids could stay fully open—

    “What the hell is that…” Someone else is giggling, leaning forwards, a sly smile with orange hair and red eyes.

    “Shush, you’re gonna get into trouble, and we didn’t even get sorted yet..!” A person nearby, short dark hair and eyes of the same color, scolds them.

    Phoebe is mostly trying to move. Wiggling fingers or toes, squirming, but it’s like they’re trapped into their own body, fading in and out of consciousness, only one foot into the bizarre dream, and the other…

    “Has the headmaster not said he’d check where that person came from?” The voice near the one Phoebe could link the name Floyd to asks, just a tad closer, had he taken a couple steps towards them? “I don’t believe I see him anywhere.”

    “Super weird, huh. I like it.” That Floyd drawls, sounding just on the edge of a giggle. “Hey, Jade, d’you think they’re from anywhere we know? Maybe some first year who just passed out here?”

    “What are you… you two, get away from them, what excuse would you tell if they found you hovering over an unconscious body?” A new, unfamiliar voice perks up. Looking around drowsily, Phoebe finds the source of that duo, two tall teal-haired young men, a third, smaller and silver-haired one popping up between them through the crowd. “Keep away. This is not our problem to solve—”

    “Eh, but Azul likes getting up on other people’s businesses, doesn’t he.” Floyd laughs.

    “Now’s not the time for this!” A new voice scolds — the boy who’d said that familiar phrase, off with your head, she finds out he’d been small, red haired, and…

    Realization hits even through the haze. Was that the game’s prologue?

    “Really, where is that headmaster…”

    “You know you can’t trust that guy, all he cares about is…”

    “But it’s more interesting like this, right? Entrance ceremonies are so boring…”

    Murmurs and more murmurs around them. Phoebe resigns herself to the dream. Maybe she’d wake up. Maybe she’d tell her friend about it tomorrow morning, laughing about how easily the game had trickled into her head, turning into this weird frenzied fantasy.

    Because it wasn’t real, right? There’s no way something like this could be!

    “Silence!” Another voice — One easily recognized, even before the eye-catching figure of a man in flashy garments and a bird mask steps in hurriedly. It’s that headmaster Crowley, his eyes glowing slightly in the dim light. “Don’t crowd around the unconscious person like this—”

    “But do you know where they come from?” The scarred man with a deeper voice says, but takes a step back anyway. The headmaster looks around, frantic.

    “Of course! Of course I do, perhaps they’re a student, just…”

    “Is that… is that teddy bear glowing?”

    The headmaster gasps, Phoebe feels a spark of energy hitting her mind again — Her teddy, she pleads in the back of her mind, trying to move, to look around, and she finally sees Pip, laying right next to her, who would now, but a soft glow emanates from the plush of its body. Phoebe’s efforts go towards stretching her arms to grab it, just hold it again, but it’s still impossible.

    “This doesn’t look good.” The headmaster says in an uncharacteristic, quiet voice. “Students! Kindly do step back, I’ll be taking them to the infirmary?”

    “But are they a student?” The bossy red-haired boy questions. “Headmaster?”

    The voices begin to melt and muddle together like ingredients stirred into the same strange syrup — Phoebe sees glowing eyes through a mask very clearly as her body is picked up, internally panicking before the teddy bear is also taken from the floor and placed within her arms.

    It doesn’t take too long for everything to go black again.

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    #I just realized how weird that is #Ones are from a disney kidgame thats younger than me #And the other one is a horror game with canibalism and shit #Its is super weird #Lux answers #A beautifull night it is - Bing tag
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  • sparkwoodhq
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    the town of sparkwood is awaiting you, NEVADA ‘CALCIFER’ SAUNDERS. you have twenty-four hours to send in your account. if you need any guidance, you can always take a look at our checklist. make sure not to delay, you don’t want to miss out on anything !

    [ Casey Deidrick, cismale, 34] Let’s give a warm welcome to one of Sparkwood’s finest, Nevada 'Calcifer' Saunders !! Before coming here, he/they once lived on the pages of Howl's Moving Castle. Though now they currently spend most of their time as a(n) Music Education Teacher. If you ask the townsfolk about what they are like, you will hear that they are Loyal but also Stoic. If they had a theme song it would be Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash. Let’s see how their story unravels this time. [ Fern, 25, CST, she/her ]

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  • moon-spirit-yue
    14.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Please I remember seeing something that basically said that Raya thought dep la meant best friend so it got me thinking. What if dep la means different things in Fang and Heart? In Heart dep la means best friend but in Fang dep la actually means strangely beautiful. Oblivious Raya headcanon series:

    Namaari, eating dinner with Raya and Sisu: hey dep la can you pass me the meat?

    Raya, hand her the meat: sure thing dep la

    Sisu: hey what exactly does dep la mean?

    Namaari, at the same time as Raya: strangely beautiful

    Raya, at the same time as Namaari: best friend

    Sisu, now confused: I’m sorry would someone kindly clarify

    Raya, also confused: uhhhh dep la means best friend

    Namaari, even more confused: what dep la means strangely beautiful

    Sisu: well is it possible that it means different things since you guys are form different lands?

    Raya:…..hey Namaari have you been flirting with me?

    Namaari, nodding: for the past six years but thanks for noticing

    Tgalist: @faithfulwarrior-og, @isitbussinjanelle, @tigerlillyruiz

    #raya and the last dragon #ratld#rayaari#raymaari#rayamaari#ratld namaari#ratld raya #raya of heart #raya disney#disney raya#raya namaari #namaari x raya #namaari of fang #raya and namaari #namaari #raya x namaari #ratld incorrect quotes #raya incorrect quotes #oblivious!raya
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    14.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Cruella was both cringe and amazing.

    #Emma Thompson slayed #soundtrack was fire #Cruella#disney#Emma stone#movie#film
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  • moon-spirit-yue
    14.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Little idea low key inspired by @snorlax891.


    Namaari: I mean if it’s with your thighs I won’t complain


    Namaari, sweating nervously: I SAID IM GONNA CAPTURE YOU AND GET YOU MAIMED

    Raya: something tells me I should just move on from that statement-

    #raya and the last dragon #ratld#rayaari#raymaari#rayamaari#ratld namaari#ratld raya#raya namaari #raya of heart #raya disney#disney raya #namaari x raya #namaari of fang #raya and namaari #namaari #raya x namaari #ratld incorrect quotes #raya incorrect quotes
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  • nuitthegoddess
    14.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Leona and Aliah at Disney

    I forgot i made these doodles X””D IT WAS TOO ACCURATE

    Inspiration from this video

    #ugly ass doodles but i did them for fun XD #twisted wonderland #Leona X Aliah #twst leona kingscholar #Leona X OC #from youtube video #Boyfriend at Disney #Aliah Derosiers #yes i forgot his scar #my sketch#my art
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  • artstudioandselfinsert
    14.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    a birthday gift for my big sis :D  

    She wanted to have her dog interact with her favorite Disney Puppies :)

    #my art#Disney#fanart#101 dalmations#bolt#Patch#Rolly#Koda#OC #I had fun drawing it #despite how hard it was since its my first time drawing dogs X"D
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  • maleficusbonum
    14.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    There are two types of people in this world:

    Those that grew up knowing, full-well Anastasia (1997) was not a Disney movie

    And those that cleary never paid attention to opening credits, so therefore thought it was a Disney movie

    I believe u can tell which one I was

    #and for some reason it annoyed the crap outta me when people thought it was 🤣 #tbh it still kinda does 🤣🤣🤣 #anastasia #WAS FOX NOT DISNEY #though now i guess those lines are blurred lol #disney#princess#disney princess#princesses#animation#cartoon#cartoons#the 90s#90s#nostaglia#nostaglic
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    Cruella is the next in a long line of Disney films designed to exploit their previous properties and put a reboot Twist on them. So although there are Dalmatians in this film the movie is not really about the dogs. This is an attempt to reimagine Cruella de Vil as a sympathetic character gone wrong. In the long run not much is going to change on the main stories except our perceptions of these…

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    Choose your fighter: The Fish Saga

    #the fish saga #i didn't make these gifs so if you did let me know and i'll credit you #happiest season#dan levy#daniel levy#loki #loki glorious purpose #loki ep 1 #loki episode one #loki disney+#Disney#disney+#disney plus#clea duvall#marvel#mcu #choose your fighter #john happiest season #happiest season movie #casey#loki casey#eugene cordero
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