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  • ricosbrainrot
    24.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    help the encanto, security breach, tick tick boom, genshin fixation is going to meet a new friend called twisted wonderland help help help—

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  • thatfreak03
    24.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Another dumb angsty idea of mine

    Mirabel singing Not Your Seed from The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals to her family.

    #encanto#encanto mirabel#mirabel madrigal#starkid productions #the guy who didn't like musicals #crossover #starkid the guy who didn't like musicals #Disney
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  • looking-for-neverland
    23.01.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    they did this on purpose i fucking swear

    While one relationship was fixed, the other one faced it's worst time ever.

    #and again #deal with me comparing encanto with other characters #encanto#disney#frozen #elsa of arendelle #anna of arendelle #isabela madrigal#mirabel madrigal #has this been done yet part 2 #i need to stop but the MOMENT this scene came in i just #i couldn't thing abt anything else #another good reason to compare isabela to elsa yeeeee #one was finally ready to change everything #while the other one didn't
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  • hilli98215
    23.01.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    First of all, go check out Howard Ho's other videos they are awesome. He looks at the musicality of musical theater songs though most of them are Hamilton videos they are still worth watching.

    In this one he looks at the musicality of 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' from Encanto and why it works. I learned a lot from this video, especially with what a Madrigal is and how Lin-Manuel Miranda uses the idea of that genre in the song. He also explains music theory in a way that is easy to understand for those who aren't exactly knowledgeable in that area.

    He gets off track at times but it all leads back to the point of the video. Why does this song work and why is it so popular?

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  • camileeon
    23.01.2022 - 38 minutes ago
    #disney encanto #camilo x reader #encanto fanfic#camilo madrigal#encanto headcanons #encanto x reader #camilo madrigal x reader #camilo encanto x reader #encanto fic#camillo madrigal #camilo x y/n #camilo x reader fluff #camilo x you
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  • chatsrefugee
    23.01.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    do non-latinos know how hard it is to re-watch encanto when you can clearly see yourself in the characters? I cry every time

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  • raspbrrytea
    23.01.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    Hey nice!! Who wants to make my milestone?

    Here is the finished mirabel btw! Y’all really liked the sketch

    Nights change the toucan later, I’ll see how I’ll feel

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  • pixzasimp
    23.01.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Y/N: Hey, Camilo?

    Camilo: Yeah Mi Vida?

    Y/N: I adopted your little brother as my own for now on. Now i will go find some food for his animals since they are hungry.

    Camilo: Ah, Cool.


    Camilo: Hold on..WHAT

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  • andrea-does-art
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Disney fan art Twitter meme, it was nice to practice some more humans

    #disney#encanto#frozen #the owl house #tangled #atlantis the lost empire #treasure planet#fan art#meme
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  • encantoheadcanons
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Felix may reprimand Camilo often, but he's Camilo's biggest comedic influence

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  • the-awkward-feistypants
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Luisa, Isabela, Mirabel

    #yes isabela is a punk goth dark girl #always have been but she just had to hide it behind her perfect pink façade #isabela madrigal #bad girl isabela #luisa madrigal#mirabel madrigal#encanto#disney#disney encanto
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  • wickie-roy
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I think that Julieta might have had a hard time watching her kids grow, because she KNEW she could heal them from mostly anything with some delicious food, but Alma talked to her about sometimes pain is important to make us grow, and deep inside she already knew that.

    It must have been hard for her, to be able to cure them but at the same time, to understand that growing pains exist for a reason.

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  • destinywritessometimes
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Snowmen Aren’t Sentient

    Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader

    He/Him for Camilo, She/They for Reader

    I keep finding winter prompts and I just have to write them all
    Also I wrote this like at night it was meant to be fem but I use ‘they’ for the reader sometimes
    Edit after the loss of motivation post: so I decided to actually finish it so I’d at least have one thing from my upcoming posts list crossed off, hope you like it :)) sry if it’s not great I’m still tryna get back into the swing of things, ofc I’ll be coming back and editing as I usually do 🌺

    “Antonio just let it go and we can get home!” Camilo complained.

    Camilo and Y/N had ended up leading Antonio around in the middle of a cold winter night, searching for snowmen.

    “I told you we shouldn’t have told him that story! His imagination is probably running wild,” Y/N looked down at Antonio, who’d made himself comfortable hidden behind the two of them.

    Eventually Camilo did feel a twinge of guilt about the whole thing, “Right, right I’m sorry.”

    Y/N gasped, a bit louder than they need to, “Is the estupendo Camilo apologizing! That’s simply unheard of.”

    “Come on, I’m not that bad,” Camilo knew he probably was that bad, especially when it came to apologizing.

    “Of course you’d think so! You aren’t your own amor, how would you know?” Y/N tried to hide her smile.

    “Right, bet I’m awful,” Camilo went straight to dramatics, “Camilo Madrigal, encanto’s worst cariño! How could he ever be loved?”

    The two of them laughed.

    “Is that one of them?” Antonio’s quiet voice was heard.

    Looking ahead they saw a figure appearing, and indeed it was a snowman.

    “Are you sure you don’t want me or Cam to test it for you?” Y/N offered, but Antonio nodded.

    He was absolute. He’d have to test this snowman himself with skills he’d learned earlier that day.

    Holding out a flower, he waited for his answer.

    ~ Earlier ~

    Every Madrigal had plans for Friday night. Every one except for Camilo and Antonio that is. So of course seeing that they’d be the only ones home Camilo got stuck babysitting his little brother. And Y/N had been the oh so lucky one of his friends that got to listen to him lament about it.

    “Cálmate! You’ll be fine,” Y/N reasoned as they walked back to casita, “Antonio’s an easy kid.”

    “Ah! Of course you’d say that!” He shook his head, “you don’t have to live with him. He puts on this front to make himself see all cute and adorable but he’s anything but.”

    Camilo continued on about the absolute pest Antonio was, and how no one truly knew him like he did.

    “Dios mio! Weren’t you literally crying the other day over how much you missed him when he was away at friend’s?” She gave him a look.

    Camilo was speechless for a moment, “That’s uh, not important, what truly matters is how skewed your image of my hermanito is.”

    Y/N noticed that look in his eye, the particular way it sparkled whenever he was planning something, “What are you suggesting?”

    “I’m suggesting,” Camilo motioned to casita, “you come over and help me babysit Antonio tonight.”

    She was skeptical.

    “Come on,” he spread his arms wide as he spoke, “think of all the possibilities! We can could make hot cocoa, stay up as late as we want after Antonio goes to sleep-.”

    “You would have less work to do, you wouldn’t be alone with Antonio, I get what you mean,” Y/N put a hand on her hip and Camilo looked guilty.

    “Those are just some added perks, but the main thing is,” he grabbed their hands, “I get to spend quality time with mi vida.”

    Y/N couldn’t help but smile when he calmed them that, “Fine, but you’re doing most of the work.”


    “I promise he won’t bite, just pet him,” Antonio urged as Parce tries to nuzzle Y/N.

    “Right, right,” Y/N found it kind of comical that he was saying that about a jaguar but just as he said Parce didn’t bite.

    “I think he likes!” Antonio got excited when he saw that they’d become a acquaintanced, “lemme go get one of my other animal friends!”

    Antonio got up and ran over to another group of animal, practically disappearing in them, leaving Parce to gently rest his head on Y/N’s lap.

    “Alright! Then you have to go to bed!” Y/N called after him, before looking down at Parce, “aren’t you just the cutest thing?”

    Camilo was laying on his stomach next to them, and a slight frown formed on his face, “He’s not that great.”

    They were confused by this, “C’mon just look at him!” They put their head next to Parce’s face as they started rubbing his head and he started purring.

    He just rolled his eyes, “I mean sure.”

    It was just then that they realized why he was acting that way.

    “But you of course no one could replace you,” they held his face, “with your pretty eyes and soft hair, tan lindo, mi sol.”

    Camilo smiled, content with the attention he’d received.

    Soon Antonio came back with a toucan on his arm, “This is Pico!!”

    “Aw!” Y/N held out there arm and Pico hopped on it.

    Camilo watched how she cared for his hermanito and eventually tuck him into his hammock, without one complaint.

    He couldn’t help but fall for her just a bit more.

    “But I’m not tired!” Antonio said, not in a whiny tone, but more pleading, using his adorable voice to his advantage.

    Y/N couldn’t bring herself to say no to him, and Camilo would be no help, he was already half asleep,“What would help?”

    “Maybe,” Antonio was trying to think of what he could say that would allow him to stay up the longest, “a story, that’d help me fall asleep.”

    Y/N shrugged. She was sure she could whip up some fantastical tale that’d get him to sleep. Should be easy enough.

    “So let me tell you one about the servicial snowmen,” she’d heard this one a lot growing up and it always got her to sleep with how long it was.

    She wasn’t even sure she’d ever heard the end of it. Essentially how the story continued on was you could make up countless things that the servicial snowmen could do.

    Plus it had a bit is singing that went along with it that made it half story, half lullaby.

    When she said this, Camilo perked up, with a sparkle in his eyes.

    What was he planning this time?

    “Cami?” she said questioning.

    “Nothing! I’ve just heard this story before and I think it’d be better with a bit of,” Camilo stood, “performing.”

    “And how will this get Antonio to sleep?” despite how impractical it was she couldn’t help but smile at the idea. Antonio was already sitting up in excitement.

    “It’ll tire him out,” He was somewhat pleading with his voice, “please? It’ll be fun I swear.”

    Y/N saw where Antonio got his coaxing skills from.

    “Fine,” they waved it off, “but don’t go overboard.”

    “Alright,” Camilo nodded vigorously, knowing he would probably go overboard anyways, “and I’m surprised you chose this story as a bedtime one.”

    She furrowed her eyebrows for a moment. This story was a bedtime story. What else would it have been?

    Turning her attention back to Antonio, she began, “Once upon a time in the village of Encanto, some kids decided to make some snowmen, these kids decorated them all nicely, with pretty plants and flowers.”

    Camilo shifted into Isabela, flowers falling from her hair in a circle around him.

    So this is what he meant.

    “That night when the children had left and the snowmen were all alone, they decided to help their human designers.”

    Camilo began putting the flowers in bouquets and setting them next to Antonio in his hammock.

    “The servicial snowmen went around many things for the children, they made the food and left it out on the table.”

    Suddenly Julieta was making invisible arepas.

    Now for the musical part. She sang, “be sure to thank the servicial snowmen.”

    “Be sure to thank the servicial snowmen,” Camilo echoed her with a lot more, pizzazz as he would call it.

    Smiling at his antics, she went on, “The servicial snowmen went around doing many things for the children, they went to the garden and watered all the plants.”

    Antonio turned to see Camilo transform into their mother, “Be sure to thank the servicial snowmen.”

    This continued on, Y/N making up random chores for the snowmen to do, while Camilo acted out the different scenes as they happened.

    Soon enough Antonio was drifting, and soon Y/N had reached the part of the story that she didn’t know.

    Turning to Camilo she mouthed, “Keep going.”

    He nodded, but Y/N had no idea what she’d just given him permission to do.

    “The children woke up to all the wonderful things, their house was clean and the food was warm,” he waved a finger at Antonio, “but they never thanked the servicial snowmen.”

    What? Y/N was always certain that they had, but then again she’d always fallen asleep before the story ended.

    Camilo dance around as he spoke, “The servicial snowmen ruined many things for the children, they poisoned the food left out on the table, be sure to watch for the servicial snowmen.”

    She now knew why he’d wonder why she’d chosen this for a bedtime story.

    Apparently, the servicial snowmen burned their crops, broke their windows, and many other very unsettling things.

    “So be sure to listen,” he shifted into Dolores, “and be attentive of your surrounding, be sure to thank the servicial snowmen.”

    Camilo gave Antonio was smile before ending his performance.

    Y/N was glad she never heard the end of it. It would’ve traumatized her.

    However it didn’t seem to affect Antonio, if anything he was eager to get them out of the room and go to sleep.

    “See!” Camilo started as they left Antonio’s room, “it tired him out, and I got to display my skills, everyone wins.”

    Y/N rolled her eyes, but she had to admit it did work.

    Or so she thought.

    That night she’d been resting in the nursery, not quiet asleep when she heard creaking outside her door.

    At first she assumed it was just Camilo, but they seemed too light to be his.

    Rubbing her eyes and getting out of bed, she went to see what was going on.

    It was Antonio, dressed in his winter clothes, sneaking off towards the entrance of Casita.

    “Antonio?” She called, questioning.

    He stopped and turned around, “Hi.”

    “What are you doing up?”

    “I wanna go find the servicial snowmen! Make sure they aren’t servicial to us!” He continued on his way, “I don’t want them breaking the windows.”

    “Antonio Casita will keep them out.”

    “No I have to!” He shook his head, holding up a flower he had from when Camilo had shifted into Isabela, “I have to see if it’ll come alive!”

    After a few more tries, she relented, resolving she’d just go with him.

    But she was not about to do so alone.

    “Camilo!” She started banging on his door.

    “What?” He swung the door open, “it’s the middle of the night.”

    “We’re going to go help Antonio get to sleep,” she motioned the boy standing by the front door, “since someone scared him.”

    Camilo wore a guilty smile, he had gone overboard.

    Soon enough the three of them were outside, hunting down a particularly servicial snowman.

    ~ Now ~

    “I have to admit his fear is kinda of,” Y/N turned to look at Camilo, before trailing off, “endearing.”

    She understood Antonio looking afraid, but she didn’t expect to see Camilo seem a bit uneasy himself.

    “Are you scared?” She asked with a slight smile forming on her face.

    “Of course not!” Camilo looked appalled, “mi vida, this is kids stuff, why would I be scared?”

    “Tell that to your shaking hands.”

    He was quick to put them in his pockets, before smirking at her, “Wish you were holding one don’t you?”

    Y/N rolled her eyes, but did end up taking his hand. They were still shaking, just now for a different reason.

    Antonio ran to hide behind Camilo after he put the flower on the snowman, and waited.

    The two older kids shared a look, but still humored his antics.

    “It didn’t move!” Antonio sounded shocked, running up to poke the snowman a few times, and then turning to smile at the two of them.

    They both returned it.

    After they’d arrived back at Casita, they were going to put Antonio to sleep when a question came to Y/N’s mind, “Cam, Is that actually how the story ends?”

    He didn’t seem like he wanted to answer, “Well, technically the ending is up to the storyteller and-.”

    She started smacking him on the arm, “You scared him on purpose!”

    “I’m sorry, ow, I’m sorry!” he was laughing as he spoke.

    She stopped hitting him, “Actually I’m sorry too, you were just as scared as he was.”

    “Come on Y/N!” Camilo shook his head, “Snowmen aren’t even sentient.”


    First time writing a Camilo x Reader and idk how I feel about it honestly, but I still feel like it’s kinda cute so I decided to post it :)
    Also first thing crossed off the upcoming projects list lol
    Have a nice day and night !! ☃️
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  • tending-the-hearth
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    listen, we all know i have So Many Emotions about Mirabel and Antonio's relationship, and i just need to talk about some of my favorite scenes that i think highlight their relationship perfectly:

    Antonio Hiding/Mirabel giving him the plushy: The first thing about this moment that gets me is that Antonio is hiding underneath Mirabel's bed. Not his own. Of course, his bed is pretty much empty and cleared away, but he hid in a spot that obviously only Mirabel knows about (seeing as she knew exactly where he was while no one else did). After she gives him the jaguar plush, Antonio just falls against Mirabel, and the way she watches him just screams how vulnerable they're able to be around each other. She's Antonio's favorite person, and he's her favorite person.

    The Gift Ceremony: Antonio saying "I need you" to Mirabel is something I've talked about before, but it's such an important moment, and something that probably meant the world to Mirabel. Antonio doesn't care what everyone else will think, he doesn't care about how things are supposed to go, he just cares that he's nervous, and he needs his Mirabel. And while Mirabel is obviously worried, mostly about what everyone will think, she tosses all that away to make sure Antonio is okay, because he needs her, and that's all that matters.

    Antonio offering his room for Bruno to use: Antonio didn't even know who Bruno was. He probably heard that name in passing a few times, but he never met Bruno, of course, and Pepa probably never talked about him due to the memories being too painful. The moment the rats come to him and mention Mirabel's name, he absolutely agreed to help, because even if there's a stranger living in the walls, Mirabel trusts him, and that's good enough for Antonio, and he wants to help his Mirabel.

    Mirabel returning to Casita/"All of You": The way they both just reach for each other as soon as they see one another makes me want to cry, because I fully believe Antonio was absolutely terrified when Mirabel disappeared. They've probably been around each other since the moment Antonio was born, so not having her near him definitely was a not-nice change. The way that Mirabel immediately drops down to Antonio's level in the moment, holding onto him, with a look on her face that only Antonio gets, just open and vulnerable, it's so sweet.

    Mirabel going to her door: sobbing, crying throwing up, the parallels in this movie make me die. Antonio holds onto her hand the same way he did during his ceremony, but this time, it's him who's encouraging Mirabel to go to her door, he's the one that's leading her, because now she needs him, and all Antonio ever wanted for his Mirabel was for her to get her own door, and now it's happening, and he's just so happy and excited for her, and that's all that matters to him.

    TLDR: Antonio and Mirabel are each other's person, and their relationship is one of the sweetest in the movie.

    #encanto#disney#mirabel madrigal#antonio madrigal #SHE'S HIS MIRA #AND HE'S HER ANTONIO #THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS #obviously do not tag as ship #if you tag as ship you will be blocked #character relationships #i've been reading way too many mama mirabel fics and i think it's showing
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  • destinydrawssometimes
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    How I Imagined the Readers in My Favourite @dos-oroguitas Stories Pt. 1

    Idk what else to say lol, reminder that this is my opinion and you can disagree but even with readers I have a habit of giving them an appearance not exactly like my own
    There will be three parts to this so I don’t spam her @ lol
    Anyways here’s the drawing !! click for better quality
    The main drawing based on the reader in Fight for you, and the smaller one is just a little sketch I added for her in Wait for you, with the dirt mark on her dress from crashing into the cart. I tried to make the older one’s dress look more uniform in a way than the other characters because she went to a fancy school in the city, while keeping some details consistent like her bow and colors :) and I added the fan because of the scene wear she uses it to hide her face. Also kept all her accessories red for the aesthetic. And ofc I had to add the ‘hola, camilo’ with the hearts around it bc they’re in love
    Hope you liked the drawing!! I’ll try to get the other parts posted this week :)
    links to the stories: wait for you, fight for you
    Have a nice day and night !! 🌸
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  • artandfandomstuff
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    (Bruno, Pepa, Julieta as kids)

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  • wishing-syar
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I think I just noticed something in Encanto 

    agustin and mirabel have the same type of glasses. So my personal head canon is when the family found out that mirabel needed glasses her dad gave her one of his

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